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A mainstream media source has finally plucked up the courage to publish the widespread concern among MOD, Cabinet Office and FCO officials and military that the Werritty operation was linked to, and perhaps controlled by, Mossad – something which agitated officials have been desperately signaling for some days.

“Officials expressed concern that Fox and Werritty might even have been in freelance discussions with Israeli intelligence agencies” write Patrick Wintour and Richard Norton-Taylor in the Guardian.

As I have been explaining, the real issue here is a British defence secretary who had a parallel advice structure designed expressly to serve the interests of another state and linked to that state’s security services. That is not just a sacking offence, it is treasonable.


It seems to me the questions now starting to be asked about the connection to Israel and possibly to Mossad might well have had a major effect on Fox’s sudden throwing in of the towel. If he did not believe that resigning would stop some further investigation, he might as well have toughed it out over the weekend; nobody has ever accused Fox of being thin-skinned.

The need for answers to my questions to Matthew Gould is in fact now greater, not less.

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  • Kit Green

    Officials expressed concern that Fox and Werritty might even have been in freelance discussions with Israeli intelligence agencies.

    That seems to be the only line in the articlwe that could be seen the way that you imply. A bit thin don’t you think?

    I will wait and see, while others with contacts have a root around.

  • Philip

    Fox Admits Treasonable Behaviour “Inappropriate and Unwise”

    Embattled defence secretary Liam Fox appeared to repudiate his membership of the Tories’ Hang and Flog Brigade when he expressed regret at the treason which has come to light over recent weeks.

    In mitigation of his offences, Fox pointed to his personal victory over the forces of evil in Libya and, in an emotional appearance with David Cameron, agreed fervently with the Prime Minister that “everyone above a certain income bracket deserves a second chance” …

  • colin buchanan

    Yes, Craig, it is treasonable. but it reflects a deeper underlying reality. The British state is a Jekyl and Hyde outfit: the good doctor represents the lawful, constitutional front, Werrity the links to a shadow state directly representing transnational, oligarchical and imperial interests. This is not new , witness Rhodes’ Round Table, but it is becoming increasingly visible. Increasingly, things just can’t be left in the hands of state representatives and Coulsons and Werritys will be cropping up everywhere. For Britain to become a functioning democracy the role of the shadow state must be exposed, as you are doing. Casting the light of day into these murky shadows will send them scurrying. This is the meaning of transparency.

  • martin

    “…..Records at Companies House show Hylton, who runs Hintze’s charitable foundation, is the only director of Pargav, which is registered at 60 Goswell Road, London. The company has yet to file any accounts……”

    Front company. Nothing unusual in that. In the political underworld: if it has a tail, four legs and barks it’s a dog.

  • mike cobley

    At the very least, Foxy has behaved like a self-centred loose cannon while in charge of one of the great offices of state. Should be booted out of office in short order. Case closed.

  • Tom Welsh

    Colin, for Britain to become a functioning democracy it would need a brand new constitution for a start. The present one can in no way be called democratic (except of course that it is).

  • mary

    The old saying is that a week is a long time in politics. It is not even a week yet since Craig wrote on October 11th about Fox. {}
    but we missed Rupert Neate in the Guardian on August 18th last year.
    Liam Fox’s friend set up crucial legal meeting
    Adam Werritty organised talks over row with 3M on MRSA technology

    Rupert Neate, Thursday 18 August 2011 21.04 BST Article history
    Defence secretary Liam Fox. Photograph: Andy Rain/EPA
    Liam Fox relied on a close personal friend rather than his team of official advisers to broker a crucial meeting at the heart of an explosive legal battle involving the defence secretary, it has emerged.
    A Guardian investigation into Fox’s role in an alleged threat to withdraw a knighthood from a businessman has revealed that Fox sought the advice of Adam Werritty, a long-term “friend” who ran a charity set up by Fox which was later suspended by regulators.
    Werritty, who purports to be one of Fox’s official advisers but is not a government employee, organised a “private meeting” for Fox to discuss a highly explosive legal case that centres on life-saving MRSA technology the MoD and its private equity partner, Porton Capital, sold to 3M, the US Post-it note maker.

  • Brendan

    Lordy, Mr Murray. Patrick Wintour simply isn’t a journalist. He is, judging by his laughable ‘journalism’, a ridiculous pravda-esque apologist for … whatever. Every ‘liberal intervention’ article by this sad, embarrassing, stooge of power just makes me laugh.

    In fairness, Mr Murray knows this, and I guess the post is about the lack of MSM investigation of the issue.

  • craig Post author

    Kit Green –

    What this proves is that UK government officials have expressed, separately to the Guardian and to me, concern that the Fox-Werritty arrangement may have been connected to Israeli intelligence services. I am confident my source did not speak to the Guardian, so that makes multiple UK government official sources. I am told that this concern is widespread.

  • Larry Levin

    Also is the UK a sovereign nation, a sovereign nation makes its own laws and controls its borders, I am pretty sure we are no longer a sovereign.

  • Larr Levin

    Is not Murdoch and Israeli citizen? they bow to Murdoch, so what if Fox bends over for Werrity. Is not the whole of the US congress in the pockets of the Israeli Lobby,

  • Speculator

    Perhaps, amongst other things, telling him how he could re-model the British Armed Forces into a facsimile of the Israeli military, i.e. a high-tech small force? Seem to recall that Rumsfeld was similarly (disastrously) advised pre Iraq. For a man with high ambitions, thwarted by the inertia of the existing top brass and MoD, such insightful and doubtless detailed policy advice might have provided a useful edge during those strained departmental negotiations.

  • Kebz

    Nick Robinson of the BBC said that the ‘wealthy backers’ who paid Werritty saw him as someone 2 champion Eurosceptic, pro-American and pro-Israeli policies. Remember, the zionists were first to approve of the large scale killings of Tamil civilians, when they destroyed the Tamil Tigers, and weapons were reported to have been sold by Israel to Sri Lanka. I wonder how many of those arms deals involved British middle men?

  • angrysoba

    Remember, the zionists were first to approve of the large scale killings of Tamil civilians, when they destroyed the Tamil Tigers, and weapons were reported to have been sold by Israel to Sri Lanka.
    The Sri Lankan government has Israeli-made planes but I doubt very much that the Sri Lankan government needs the approval or the urging of “Zionists” to attack the Tamil Tigers or kill Tamil civilians. As it happens when this went before the UN Human Rights Council – or whatever the body was called at the time – the countries that insisted it was an internal matter and nothing to do with the international community were Egypt, India, China and Cuba.

  • Chris

    [i]Is not Murdoch and Israeli citizen?

    No. Whatever gave you that idea???[/i]

    My guess is he’s muddled him up with Robert Maxwell.

  • DLJ

    I know that he is unlikely to have many friends on this blog but Guido Fawkes is reporting that there is a spin operation in full swing, with kind of smoke screen about the hedge fund CQS, this being the suggestion of ‘impropriety,’ it makes it sound more financial than strategic.

    One further point: the question as to whether Werrity was an agent of influence. Isn’t it more likely that he was a lobbyist, or a kind of back channel, as the identity of an agent of influence, and their affiliations, are unknown to the people they try and influence whereas here it more likely that Fox knew who was paying the bills.

  • Komodo

    Looks like anyone with access to AB/ALEC/BICOM could buy a piece of Fox’s influence. The CQS allegation in plain is here –

    Werrity was simply a stooge, on this reading. He may even have been carrying fat brown envelopes of cash through Customs for Fox. I’m joking. (I think… If cash actually changed hands that would be too good to be true.)

  • Sunflower

    OT: The Death of Dr. David Kelly, interesting backgrounder:

  • deepgreenpuddock

    The issue of whether this is a ‘money’ thing or an ‘intelligence’ thing is important. Werrity does look like a stooge of some kind, or kinds. There is no reason to think that Werrity is just a money stooge, or an intelligence stooge. He can be the happy amalgam of both.
    The essence if the affair, however, is wider than just Fox. It is becoming apparent that Fox is part of an unofficial, slightly sub-surface international network of neocon agitators, with financial backers, lobbyists and activists. The objectives of this group are not subject to any kind of democratic process. Fox has adopted a policy position which has circumvented the processes of elected government and exposed our governance to be a charade. Certainly this network is merged with intelligence systems. And now it looks as if Fox has wilfuly merged official British foreign policy with those of an unaccountable and semi-secret quasi-commercial network. Cameron and the rest of the Tories must know this. Fox’s personal position is not a secret, although his promotion of a private position within a cabinet government is either a sacking offence, ( it cannot have any other outcome), or it is a commonly understood subterfuge shared by the cabinet and therefore some kind of conspiracy. Indeed, most of the political system, (like Nulab) must have some awareness of this matter.
    (Milliband as usual to waken up).
    That this process has been allowed to develop under the watch of Cameron is very serious as it points to a blurring of not just Fox’s commitment to an independent and democratically regulated foreign and defence policy but also that of the other cabinet members.

    We( posters on this blog ) are virtually all people who recognise and oppose the huge dangers of lurching into the fascism that Fox represents, and is actively agitating and manoeuvring within and without government to achieve.
    If Cameron does not act decisively there will be big trouble as the full story is leaking out even with the best efforts of the BBC and others, to damp down the story.We are cetainly aproaching some kind of tipping point when we take into account the continuing lunacy of their economic policy, which is also so clearly not concerned with the well-being of the nation.

    The point here is that the unseen agendas and affiliations that prominent politicians develop, on the basis of hidden ideological and/or financial activities or dispositions, rarely come into the view of the public and even when they do become visible, are skilfully shrouded.

    Blair (and his other nulab slothery) has been too clever to be caught with his pants down, and has so far evaded being called to account. His luck is holding (for the moment) but here we have an example of someone nowhere near as clever, where the shrouds and devious distractions are so clumsily deployed, that Fox’s, filthy drawers and stinking mingery are being exposed. It is not a pretty sight. his squalid skidmarks ( or is that hallmarks)are everywhere.
    in my fantasy moments, I see Fox being ‘harshed’ ( the interrogation technique he defended in parliament) by military intelligence. The irony is sublime.

  • mary

    And also a blog called Jews in Sri Lanka and a Wikipedia page entitled History of Jews in Sri Lanka.

    Deep Green – Did you see that Channel 4 link I sent the other day about a Colonel leaving the army to become a priest after he had failed to get the interrogation methods changed?

  • mary

    Cameron is doing so much supporting, firstly of Fox and now of Letwin, he is in danger of becoming a pillar. I said ‘pillar’! There are so many jokes doing the rounds now, mostly about Fox, some of them quite near the knuckle.

  • John Goss

    Sunflower, Dominic Grieve, I’m now convinced, should resign as well as Liam Fox having just watched the Dr David Kelly youtube link in your comment. I was glad to learn from it that Margaret Hindle has set up an inquest fund and checking this discovered that £33,000 has been raised in a week to pursue private inquest proceedings. All money will be returned should an inquest not be proved possible.

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