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That rather horrible bipolar episode seems to have passed, like a cloud over the sun. It makes you a candidate for Pseuds’ Corner to be depressed by the neo-con monopoly of power and the media narrative. But in fact it is the very enormity and power of what we have to fight, that makes the fight necessary.

Iran is firmly in the sights for the next neo-con war, while the siphoning off of resources from ordinary people to the ultra-rich is accelerating with every new measure to “support the markets”. Support for dicatorships and human rights abuse abroad becomes ever more blatant. The twist on all of these as they are presented to a docile population by a media whose terms of debate are circumscribed and manipulated, is blatant but effective.

Let’s get kicking back again.

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  • Beeston Regis

    As soon as the Bullingdon Dolt was ensconced in No.10, Mark Thompson
    was summoned to receive his instructions. Though I am not sure that
    was really required. Aunty (almost) always marches lockstep with the
    government and even the slightest deviation off message is met
    with howls of protest.

  • Colin

    I think the Andrew Gilligan affair has had enormous repercussions for journalism within the BBC, not for the better. While I love the fact we have a public broadcasting service that is, in many fields, far superior to anything produced elsewhere (e.g. the BBC Natural History Unit) the license fee and the Goverment’s ability to intimidate the BBC by threatening to reduce or remove it is enormously damaging to serious journalism. The Beeb needs to decide 9and I’m sure these debates go on internally) whether it wants to compete with Al Jazeera or with Fox.

  • MikeD

    It is depressing for anyone who takes time to understand what is going. The corpporate medias role is of course to provide anti-depressants to the general public thru trash reality TV shows etc.and of course hiding the truthful diagnosis of the patient/ the general public the true nature and extent of the disease.

    When I feel down I find the writing of Chris Hedges uplifting and hope inspiring 🙂

  • mary

    From Medialens Message Board
    Craig Murray: up and running again
    Posted by The Editors on November 10, 2011, 11:10 am
    But don’t we need to talk more about this kind of thing that so often gets overlooked: the struggles, emotions, afflictions that we all have to deal with?
    ‘Up and running’? Great! But we can’t just focus on war, human rights abuses, propaganda, the media. It can’t all be about policy, facts, statistics, strategy, coalitions and the like. Let’s also deal with the underlying reality of what it means to be human.


    Anton – Brilliant news! Glad he’s well again x

  • mary

    Spotted in the Daily Mail at the hairdressers this morning.
    Camilla I do not want to be Queen.
    Israel will attack Iran within month
    Cost of security at Zara’s wedding was £400,000
    blah blah

    and a shocking picture of the aftermath of Cllr Balls and his baliffs at Dale Farm. Bastards. Where are all those dispossessed people now?


  • mary

    More bastards at work in Tel Aviv. Like a cat playing with mice. Hassan Ghani is still missing.
    Irish Ship to Gaza
    Press release, Thursday 10 November 2011, 9:45 am

    The seven Irish human rights activists due home in Ireland this afternoon at 2:25 pm were at the last minute prevented from boarding their flight out of Ben Gurion airport by Israeli armed guards. They had been taken last night to a holding cell and were ready to board their 7:40 am flight to London this morning when at the last minute they were prevented from doing so by Israeli security forces and returned to Givon prison. All seven are now being detained indefinitely, with no further news available from Israeli authorities or the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs about when they will be released.

    An Irish Ship to Gaza shore team coordinator spoke briefly on the phone with Fintan Lane before communication was abruptly cut off. Lane said: “This is a deliberate and calculated attempt by the Israelis to break our spirit. It won’t succeed.”

    Lane also reported that the seven had been subject to “continuous harassment and repeated, humiliating body searches” and were shackled and “denied sleep”.

    Gay Lawlor, Zoe Lawlor’s brother, spoke briefly with Zoe, who described what was happening as “sheer malice” on the part of the Israelis.

    The families of the detainees are phoning member of the Irish Ship to Gaza shore team this morning in great distress.

    Laurence Davis, Irish Ship to Gaza spokesperson, commented: “We are outraged by this latest attempt by the Israeli authorities to break the morale of the human rights activists, their families and their supporters, all of whom had been looking forward to the homecoming this afternoon in Dublin. This is yet another example of the cruelty and arrogance that the Palestinians face every day.”

    Irish Ship to Gaza spokesperson Claudia Saba added: “It is particularly distressing for the families to learn that their loved ones won’t be coming home as they had expected, and distressing that they have no update as to what exactly is happening or when they will be finally freed.”

  • Uzbek in the UK

    Good to hear that you are back to the rank, Mr Murray.
    Please do not take any disappointments too close to your heart and mind, spare yourself for your family and those who love you.
    If only there were more men like you, world would have been better place. But unfortunately this is not the case.

  • john stack

    Some points
    The USA has the most powerful military and resources now
    The US cannot supply the oil it needs to survive now or into the future.
    A person threatened by another standing on his necessary Oxygen supply will kill to secure the Oxygen .
    The US will kill anyone anywhere to secure oil for the long term future .
    International Law has no relevance to an all powerful force which sees no reason to defer to anyone
    Us will use all its vast resources, including a nuclear armed Israel, to dominate the world
    As power corrupts the US will carry out corrupt Power/Control /Prestiege acts.
    In the name of good the US has carried out great evil ..Vietnam,South America, Iraq, Afganistan………
    They are not alone but they are the biggest example that if followed would produce a terrible world.
    The people controling this huge Power have massive resources but the are no brighter than most of us.
    Logical arguments are seen purely as debating points. Power alone decides in their eyes.
    All Power comes to an end. They all leave it too late. The US may one day be a force for good.
    Right now other forces are developing counters to the US threat. They will succeed. Leading to more danger.
    All forces will one day defer to a UN as we get more civilised. Force will be democratically used.

    Civilised people will light the candle and sow seeds now. They will grow and overcome the weeds.
    Trust, believe, act. The best is yet to come. And you Craig are part of it and are in great company.

  • craig Post author


    Strangely, without his father there young Murdoch comes over to me as quite likeable. I am not saying that I believe everything he says, but his personality does not seem cruel or unpleasant.

  • Komodo

    “He either has extremely white nails or else uses white nail varnish. Weird.”
    A doctor writes: This could very well be due to kidney or liver malfunction. We live in hope.

  • Vronsky

    “This could very well be due to kidney or liver malfunction”
    Or he might be a classical guitarist with silks superglued to his nails – is it only on the right hand? But I doubt it.

  • angrysoba

    Quite dull without Wendi Deng in the backgroubd
    That’s true. She was great. I think she may rule the world one day. She’ll have Murdoch’s empire and take over China.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    I agree John Stack – I do find it is easy to become philosophical yet knowledge is key. I keep banging on about deception to advance neo-con influence on a naive and anxious joe public.
    Research, lateral thinking and mental strength are qualities found in the majority of contributors right here on Craig’s board. We lack a dusting of whistle-blowers like Craig who through experience can attempt to lever duplicity from openness.
    We can rely on Annie Machon for advice on intelligence-related and civil liberties issues and she has told us that British intelligence plant stories in newspapers(Telegraph) and the mainstream media(BBC) by feeding willing journalists with misinformation. Shayler unfortunately has lost the plot although he did say that information known to SIS could have prevented 7/7. He confirmed high level control of the money supply to create depressions and recessions.
    British intelligence has a department that is currently working on ways to achieve occupation of Iran. They are working with agent Cameron and a British think-tank I am researching.

  • Stephen

    “A doctor writes: This could very well be due to kidney or liver malfunction. We live in hope.”

    And Komodo comes across as a cold blooded reptile!

  • Stephen

    “He confirmed high level control of the money supply to create depressions and recessions.”

    Well at least they are no longer monetarists – so who says the establishment cannot be changed.

  • anno

    ‘He confirmed high level control of the money supply to create depressions and recessions.’
    Does that mean we just sit tight in our seats in the big wheel and climbed out again a little wobbly on our feet further down the line. In which case the Greeks would have been very well justified in telling the speculators in their bonds to f*** off through a referendum.

  • mary

    Craig I think young James has got to you. I think he is as hard as nails but probably not as ruthless as his old man. Economical with the actualité too. I see that News Intl. have swamped the Met with 300 million e-mails from their archive. They should gum up the works nicely.
    Rebekah Brooks went off with £1.7m, a chauffeur driven car and an office in a posh London location. A good return for her networking I would say.
    Meanwhile the bankers’ coup in Greece is nearly complete. The new interim PM is a former vice president of the European Central Bank, Lucas Papademos, under whom a new interim government is being formed.
    Very glad you are feeling much better by the way.

  • Komodo

    “And Komodo comes across as a cold blooded reptile!”
    You spotted that? No flies on you.

    Craig: were you watching young Murdoch, or listening to him? Generally speaking you get a more accurate picture of someone’s probity if you hear them without seeing them. Not a lot of people know that.

  • mary

    The white nails were noticed by several people in July. One of their tweets
    clair shepherd (@Totsrus81) on Twitter

    michaellegge Leave James Murdoch alone. He DOES NOT have white fingernails. That’s just his embarrassed skeleton trying to leave his body. …

  • Michael Culver

    So psychopathic in their greed.The Al queida (spelling?) flag now flutters in Benghazi Sharia law is to be the democratic way forward! Will Israel and U.S. attack Iran? If so this flatlining economy will dive into the abyss but I doubt the Masters of the Universe are troubled they have their resources tucked safely away.Meanwhile Clinton makes another speech of sickening hypocrisy re; Democracy in the Arab world which will of course be reported as magnificent by the Brainwashers.Keep up the great work,not too many sites as good.I hear Dr Halpin has managed to get a hearing of some sort at the High Court re;David Kelly’s death.Ayone know anything about this?

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