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About a month ago I asked a former colleague in the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office what Hague saw as the endgame in the Julian Assange asylum standoff, and where the room for negotiation lay. My friend was dismissive – the policy was simply to wait for the Presidential election in Ecuador in February. The United States and allies were confident that Correa will lose, and my friend and I having both been senior diplomats for many years we understood what the United States would be doing to ensure that result. With Correa replaced by a pro-USA President, Assange’s asylum will be withdrawn, the Metropolitan Police invited in to the Embassy of Ecuador to remove him, and Assange sent immediately to Sweden from where he could be extradited to the United States to face charges of espionage and aiding terrorism.

I have been struck by the naivety of those who ask why the United States could not simply request Assange’s extradition from the United Kingdom. The answer is simple – the coalition government. Extradition agreements are government to government international treaties, and the decision on their implementation is ultimately political and governmental – that is why it was Teresa May and not a judge who took the final and very different political decisions on Babar Ahmad and Gary Mackinnon.

CIA supporters in the UK have argued vociferously that it would be impossible for Sweden to give Assange the assurance he would not be extradited to the United States, with which he would be prepared to return to Sweden to see off the rather pathetic attempted fit-up there. In fact, as extradition agreements are governmental not judicial instruments, it would be perfectly possible for the Swedish government to give that assurance. Those who argue otherwise, like Gavin Essler and Joan Smith here, are not being truthful – I suspect their very vehemence indicates that they know that.

Most Liberal Democrat MPs are happy to endorse the notion that Assange should be returned to Sweden to face sexual accusations. However even the repeatedly humiliated Lib Dem MPs would revolt at the idea that Assange should be sent to face life imprisonment in solitary confinement in the United States for the work of Wikileaks. That is why the United States has held off requesting extradition from the United Kingdom, to avoid the trouble this would cause Cameron. I am not speculating, there have been direct very senior diplomatic exchanges on this point between Washington and London.

There was confidence that the Correa problem would soon pass, but the State Department has since been shocked by the return of Hugo Chavez. Like Correa, senior US diplomats had convinced themselves – and convinced La Clinton – that Chavez was going to lose. The fury at Chavez’s return has led to a diktat that the same mistake must not be made in Ecuador.

CIA operations inside Ecuador are in any case much less disrupted than in Venezuela. I learn that the US budget, using mostly Pentagon funds, devoted to influencing the Ecuadorean election has, since the Venezuelan result, been almost tripled to US $87 million. This will find its way into opposition campaign coffers and be used to fund, bribe or blackmail media and officials. Expect a number of media scandals and corruption stings against Correa’s government in the next few weeks.

I do not have much background on Ecuadorean politics and I really do not know what Correa’s chances of re-election are. Neither do I know if any of the opposition parties are decent and not in the hands of the USA. But I do know that the USA very much want Correa to lose, were very confident that he was going to lose, and now are not. From their point of view, the danger is that in upping the ante, their efforts will become so obvious they will backfire in a nationalist reaction. My US source however is adamant that the Obama adminstration will not actually use the funds to incite another military coup attempt against Correa. That has apparently been ruled out. Assange being expelled into the arms of the CIA by a newly installed military dictatorship might be a difficult sell even for our appalling mainstream media.

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  • Jose

    First of all, Anonymouse, whatever you think you’ve found about Ecuador is irrelevant to the issues being discussed. It’s like saying that Chen Guangcheng should not have sought refuge at a US consulate, because of Amnesty’s and HRW’s reports on the US. Total nonsense.

    Now, while I think it’s totally ridiculous to try to compare a third-world country’s report with one of an industrialized country, that Amnesty report on Ecuador illustrates how Amnesty just doesn’t have a presence in Ecuador and how its reporting simply intends to paint the most negative picture possible in certain countries. I’ve been reading news reports about the dam evictions incident, as someone else brought it up in this thread. Unsurprisingly, there are multiple versions. The government needed to build a dam near the city of Chone, in order to prevent flooding. President Correa was adamant about this, as it was a project that benefited about 20,000 families. Does it seem likely that 1700 families would be affected by a dam? How big would it have to be? I’m not sure where Amnesty gets that number. The serious reports I’ve read talk about 80 to 150 families affected. The government expropriated those properties, which involves compensation according to a valuation. It’s not like the government just stole the land. Of course, there were still some families who were opposed — about 18 actively participating in protests. Eventually the only options were to cancel the project or evict the families, clearly. I don’t know if evictions were carried out in the most appropriate manner (apparently people did get injured) but I don’t see that anything illegal or unconstitutional was done at the state level in this case.

  • John Goss

    Arbed 11.03 pm, 25 Oct. Truly disturbing. They are really after Correa. It stands to reason they would be truly after Assange too. And this made up rape affair would not be the only way.

    (Anonymouse 1.23 pm.) will really have his work cut out when he comes back posting as Göran Rudling. What you need to do is flatly deny that you are not one and the same person as I invited you to do in my previous post. I did not willy-nilly pluck words out of the air. I particularly chose the words “don’t know” and “don’t understand” because I had previously searched these phrases on former posts by Göran Rudling on the ‘Why I am convinced Anna Ardin is a Liar’ blog post. Figures:

    The only person to have used the phrase ‘don’t understand’ on this current post is Anonymouse and me repeating what Anonymouse wrote.

    Go to the ‘Why I am convinced Anna Ardin is a Liar’ post.

    All these comments are Göran Rudling’s. The emboldening is mine.

    18 Sep 2012 1.00 am. like most people you don’t understand anything
    18 Sep 2012 3.29 am. I just can’t believe you don’t understand
    20 Sep 2012 1.21 pm. … and tel me if there is anything you don’t understand
    22 Sep 2012 7.14 am. If you don’t understand the basics
    24 Sep 12.39 pm. I know you don’t understand the case
    and When you don’t understand something
    24 Sep 9.44 pm. Sorry I don’t understand your reasoning
    p 5
    6 Oct 4.39 pm. It seems that you don’t understand the High Court ruling.
    and That you don’t understand is evident.
    10 Oct 9.43 pm. You’ve been telling us for a while that you don’t understand

    On 24 Sep 2012 at 11.47 pm Göran Rudling wrote ‘John Goss, with a Sherlock Holmes brain, has no problem of understanding which text it is and roughly when it was sent.’

    There are currently 827 comments on the ‘Why I am convinced Anna Ardin is a Liar’ post. The only person to use the phrase don’t understand is Göran Rudling. So does what made Anonymouse smile so much now want to make him cry?

  • Villager

    John Goss, my friend, you don’t understand. Anonymouse is so desperately boring that she (judging by her image) could not possibly be Goran. At least Goran was entertaining and knew how to make a point. Please stop throwing any more cheese towards her.

  • John Goss

    Villager, Göran, Anonymouse, Já Þýðir Já, Samtycke and whatever other epithets you choose to bestow upon yourself and your close allies, thank you for coming clean.

    Your approach is not new. Erasmus Darwin in the eighteenth century used to get his friends to (pseudonymously) write letters to the Gentleman’s Magazine to generate a debate. The trouble is, and I realise that there are different degrees of rape in Sweden, that Assange has been accused on a false premise, but his life and reputation are at stake here, while the Swedish prosecution service are trying to devise ways of getting him to the US via Sweden. It is as simple as that. I trust the family history account you gave regarding your mother and understand why you believe, as I believe, that real rapists should be punished. I ask you in all honesty why do you think Women Against Rape spoke out against these trumped up charges?

    They spoke out because they want justice for people like your mother. You need to decide where you really stand. If the decision is the right one, and I think you are basically a good man, then you can be my friend. But despite my cartoons the matter is not a flippant one. Another good man’s life and reputation are at stake.

  • Villager

    John Goss, now i really must question your powers of comprehension. Perhaps you should re-read my comment. In the morning when you are sober.

  • Arbed

    “There’s a lovely rebuttal of that canard here from attorney Greg Callus”

    That’s interesting, and super-fast qualification as an attorney, because a little over a year ago Greg Callus was a lowly CIF moderator for the Guardian newspaper. Could have been moonlighting, I suppose.

    Worth checking the Justice For Assange website for his name too, US Extradition page. He’s cited on there for, I think, suggesting a possible way around the “temporary surrender” situation. Have his views done a complete three-sixty since then?

  • Arbed

    I’m with Craig about Anonymouse – the more she/he posts here in such minute detail, the more preposterous the allegations against Assange and the Swedish judicial system look to a reasonable person.

    There’s something really offputting about someone who constantly resorts to a ridiculing tone, with dollops of smart-arsery on top, to win arguments. No one likes a smart arse.

  • jan z. volens

    Because it arouses less suspicion on the ground – Germany is now the “Trojan Horse” of the U.S.-Brit-Vatican alliance to keep “control” over Latin America. Since years, Germany, whose foreign relations, and intelligence are essentially primarily “wired” to the U.S. and not really under the control of Germany’s government – has groomed since years Alberto Acosta, who now has been activated in Ecuador as candidate for a fake “real left”(pro NATO) to run against President Correa’s nationalist coalition in the Feb. 2013 election.


    The naivete of these writers is the best proof of why evil triumps. Wasting their time by giving superficial and ignorant opinions, sometimes seemingly informed and educated, but completly outside of the real world power situation. Chavez, Morales, Correa, and others who appear to be anti imperialistic “revolutionaries” enemies of the US, are nothing more than puppet agents, directed by the principal agent and brain, Fidel Castro of Cuba, in the service of the Council on Foreign Relations based in New York, the Trilateral Comission and the Bilderberger…the three main bodies constituting the real power of the New World Order government, to implement the plan laid out by the “Linowitz” US STATE doctrine, formalized in the early seventies, for the total, but gradual, domination of the countries of the Iberoamerican continent, from the Rio Bravo (Grande) to the Patagonia, by the destruction and elimination of private enterprise and property, and the coming into power of authoritarian govenments (disguised as “democracies” in the present first phase) through elections, legitimate or fraudulent (like the recent one in Venezuela)… governments that with socialized state capitalism would be entirely dependent on the support of the NWO US power for their survival.. There is more than enough proof of this conspiracy manipulated by the up to now occult world power which is suppressed by the controlled western impact media, but available to the few concious students of deep history that exists, beggining with professor Carroll Quigley’s magnum opus; “Tragedy and Hope”…. and Mexican historian’s Salvador Borrego’s: “Derrota Mundial” (World Defeat)…Unfortunatly very few people have even a slight suspicion of the monstrous reality, given the almost total control of the information channels by a few conglomerates owned by the elite conspirators and their use to disseminate lies an misinformation and promote the dumbing down of the general population, as shown in the comments of the naive, misinformed writers above…at this stage only a miracle can save Western European civilization, unfortunately accompanied by horrible violence and suffering, including a coming civil war in the US.

  • Badi

    Correa will win, every Ecuadorian know that, even the ones who will not vote for Correa.
    Unfortunately, there is NO decent candidate of the opposition.
    I , as an Ecuadorian, fear what will come if Correa stays….he claims change but I fear
    alienation and injustice.
    For example, thanks to this new revolution many people associated to his party has
    acquired jobs in Ministries. Take for example the Ministry of Foreign affairs, the diplomacy
    school has been closed and now entry to diplomacy has been open to less privileged
    minorities …. arguing that these positions should be also opened to these minorities.
    It would be nice if they will make this new rule clear and explained like Brazil does….but
    they are abruptly putting people by chance in this position…which will lead unfortunately to
    horrible consequences and shame to Ecuador in the future.

    I like Correa because he is brining hope like never before…but I hate the bad team he has
    and how chance is being undertaken in Ecuador….its like if they want to appear good now in
    the present taking the most abrupt and sometimes absurd decisions… claiming transparency
    but knowing this is not the truth.

  • Anonymouse

    Hahaha, now I’m Villager also! Before long, half the blog is going to be me! 🙂 WE ARE ANONYMOUSE OF BORG!

    “It is as simple as that. I trust the family history account you gave regarding your mother”

    I’ve said nothing of my family. Nor my own personal history in this regard for that matter.

    “I ask you in all honesty why do you think Women Against Rape spoke out against these trumped up charges?”

    The only reason you and all of the Assange rape-apologists have focused on this statement by *two people* from a group almost nobody had heard of before is because they said what you want to hear. So, for example, when RAINN, the largest anti-rape organization in the US and possibly the world, railed against Assange supporters who think what happened wasn’t rape and want Assange to be able to make excuses to get out of a trial:

    Not a peep from you guys. I mean, could you get any more telling?

  • Arbed

    Rainn’s statement was obviously made in December 2010, well before the leak of the police protocols in February 2011 showed there was no real evidence that Assange had committed any crime at all – as agreed by Eva Finne, the first prosecutor to look at the women’s allegations. Women Against Rape (the UK’s most established anti-rape organisation) had the benefit of additional information Rainn didn’t when WAR made their statement in support of Assange.

    From Rainn’s statement in that link:

    “The organizers plan to at least match Moore’s $20,000 donation, and hope to raise the total amount of Assange’s bail ($315,000).

    This issue with Moore has nothing to do with Julian Assange — like any alleged rapist, he deserves a fair trial. The problem is that Moore doesn’t believe the charges should even be investigated or go to trial. That’s a dangerous precedent that excuses perpetrators and further harms victims.”

    1) Did they manage to match it? They don’t say.

    2) How does throwing out false allegations of rape well before they reach a trial set “a dangerous precedent”? I would’ve thought the really dangerous precedent would be in insisting that police and prosecution services are never allowed to screen out obviously malicious false allegations, and in insisting on formal prosecution and trial every time no matter how obviously unjust that is.

    The stigma of false rape allegations never goes away and victims of it have had their lives destroyed by it. In the UK making false allegations of rape is treated as a very serious crime in itself. There have been one or two cases where the perpetrators of false allegations have been jailed for six years.

  • John Goss

    Very good Arbed, but you forget that consensual sex equals rape in Sweden! Not a place as a young single man I would have wanted to spend a holiday.

    Anonymouse, perhaps you are not Villager. But you still have not categorically denied being Göran. In the introduction to Göran Rudling’s police statement he refers to his mother being a victim of rape which is why he has (you have) such a strong interest in rape law in Sweden. Göran further writes:

    ” . . .I am extremely concerned at any false allegations made by a person relating to sexual misconduct because it devalues genuine complaints and forces police to devote time and resources that could be used to catch real offenders”.

    This is pretty well what Women Against Rape were saying in the link I previously posted which Anonymouse tried to denigrate as being unrepresentative of the movement in general. So I ask him to show where Women Against Rape have retracted that Guardian article. As Arbed has pointed out “There have been one or two cases where the perpetrators of false allegations have been jailed for six years.” There have also been imprisonments for perverting the course of justice, which is what Anna Ardin tried to do when she deleted valuable information in the form of tweets that Göran passed on to Assange’s defence team. At that time he was singing from the same hymn-sheet as Women Against Rape.

    Now if Göran has changed his view, which comments on this blog show he has, he might also want to change his name to Anonymouse so he can comment in a totally adverse way to his original witness statement.

    So come on, flatly deny that Anonymouse and Göran are one and the same person.

  • Duqu


    there are rumors that you have copies of the sms-traffic logs between the two girls that got Assange into trouble.
    As swedish Flashback to 95% has disclosed most of the hidden details to the world press, we kindly ask you to put these sms in public or post it on: so we can resolve if its genuine or bogus.

    regards from Sweden

  • Duqu

    By the way, I forgot, be careful with mr Göran Rudling, he´s today a taxidriver that states that he knows more than the English Court, and thats wrong. He accessed all the removed twitters that was posted on Flashback, then mailed mrs Ardin about her action, then reported it to the police and got involved in the courtcase. He´s background is disturbing with a firm that got bankrupt 3 times, he was into golf before this happended, in the 70ths he was a salesman of high end hifi, and he claims that his hompage was started up due to what his mother experienced a long time ago, but his mother died in the 90ths,and he started up at the same time as Assange made his 1st visit to Sweden, so the majority of us here thinks he´s bogus with a hidden agenda. As an extra twist, the woman he lived togheter with in 2010 was the pressattache at swedish migration office- that denied Assange a permanent stay in Sweden.

  • wtfuk

    Mr Hurtig, Julian Assanges second lawyer in Sweden about the textSMS:

    “From what I have read, it is clear that the women are lying and that they had an agenda when they went to the police, which had nothing to do with a crime having taken place,” Mr Hurtig said.

    “It was, I believe, more about jealousy and disappointment on their part. I can prove that at least one of them had very big expectations for something to happen with Julian.”

    Mr Hurtig said he had asked Swedish prosecutors for permission to disclose more “sensational information”.

    “If I am able to reveal what I know, everyone will realise this is all a charade,” he said. “If I could tell the British courts, I suspect it would make extradition a moot point.

    “But at the moment I’m bound by the rules of the Swedish legal system, which say that the information can only be used as evidence in this country.

    “For me to do otherwise would lead to me being disbarred.”

    We also know he said the woman were speaking of earning money by going to the tabloid Expressen before going to the police, coincidentally the same newspaper that broke the story.

    So you see we are very intrested in the SMS and how they got into Mr Galloways possesion. We are sceptical by nature.

    Regards from Sweden, Flashbackthread

  • John Goss

    Wtfuk, Duku and others. I am sure you are right about Mr Hurtig’s information. The whole case has been a charade of justice with no intention but to get Assange on Swedish soil to be delivered to Sweden’s great ally the USA.

    I’m sure too that the Flashback site, responsible for recovering the Anna Ardin deleted tweets, is great. I just wish I could understand Swedish.

  • Arbed

    Duku – 30/10/12 4.34pm

    Hi Duku – I’m not a member of Flashback or a Swedish speaker but I read it often (Google translate) and have appreciated your personal contributions there.

    As far as I know, no one here (commenters on Craig’s blog, I mean) has those SMS texts, but it was me who mentioned that British MP George Galloway claims to have some of them in his possession.

    A couple of months ago there was a huge rumpus in the British press about a Podcast that Galloway did defending Julian Assange and saying he was only guilty of “bad sexual etiquette”. Galloway has since been decried as a “rape apologist” by all and sundry and there was an attempt to ban him from speaking on UK university campuses by the National Union of Students. He’s suing. Now, at the time of the original media outcry the mainstream press only showed a 2-minute snippet of Galloway’s Podcast. This was disingenous in the extreme as the full Podcast makes clear he had a very strong basis for his remarks. Here’s the full Podcast:

    He mentions at around the 25-minute mark that – despite his remarks earlier in the broadcast when he said “even if the allegations are 100% true Assange is not guilty of rape, otherwise you bankrupt the term ‘rape’ of all meaning” – “I don’t believe these women’s stories at all, I think they’re lying and I’ve got texts between the women, and between the women and Assange, to back me up”

    Perhaps you could contact Galloway direct to ask him to copy Flashback what he has? If that’s not possible, post here again and perhaps one of the commenters to this blog can help?

  • Arbed

    Hi again Duku and Wtfuk,

    You might like this video too. It’s George Galloway speaking at the Oxford Union just a few days ago. In this segment he talks about knowing specific things about the women which the audience and the general public do not yet know (but, he says, they will do in the not-too-distant future). One word of warning: Galloway talks about what he knows about Woman A, but do not automatically assume this to mean he’s referring to Anna Ardin. The earliest reports of the allegations over here in the UK back in (I think) September 2010 (a Daily Mail article) referred to Sophie Wilen as Woman A and Anna Ardin as Woman B.

    It’s very clear he has access to specific factual information not yet in the public domain.

  • Arbed

    I’ve just seen in Flashback that some people there are wondering “can it be true? Is it possible that George Galloway has copies of (parts of) SMS traffic between SW and AA?” and I want to reassure the Flashback forum that it IS indeed possible. I do not know where he will have sourced them from (though I think the UK security services, MI5, etc are unlikely candidates…) but it IS very likely he has what he says. Galloway is no bullshitter. He’s highly intelligent and really knows his stuff.

    I imagine his source (or the original source for his source) must somehow be from within the Swedish Prosecution Authority, as they’re the ones who’ve retained the text messages – only letting Hurtig view them briefly and not make copies – so the question is how the SMS, or some of them, could have gotten loose from there. You could try asking Hurtig if he managed to commit any of what he saw to memory and later transcribe them, but that doesn’t sound too likely. I think a more direct way to find out exactly what George Galloway has is to ask him:

    Be aware that UK parliamentary rules forbid MPs from dealing with people’s cases unless that person lives in their own constituency. So you could find someone living in Bradford, UK, to ask your question perhaps. Or there might be ways of posing your question in broader terms, and not putting it in terms of a ‘case’ that you want the MP to take up. Sympathetic MPs do sometimes find clever ways to offer support in ways which don’t break the rules.

  • Arbed

    Hi John Goss,

    I think Flashback agree with you about Goran Rudling adopting various aliases to spread his disinformation. Posted in Flashback today:

    “Columnist Lisa Magnusason writes in Metro today. Note that Metro is Sweden’s largest circulation newspaper:
    “… I was one of those who helped WikiLeaks edit out names from the U.S. secret documents so they could disseminate information about the war in Afghanistan without any innocent was hurt. On a few occasions I even brokered contact with the media for the organization. I disliked that WikiLeaks was gradually becoming synonymous with Julian Assange, for me, it was the essence of the organization as a cluster where everyone helped each other. Then came the rape allegations, which of course is all about Julian Assange as an individual, but treated as if he were a political prisoner, where he sits in his pathetic ecudorianska rättshaverist exile. WikiLeaksvännernas hatred towards those he is said to have raped is tremendous. Famous women like MIA, Lady Gaga and now Vivenne Westwood closes up – on Julian Assange’s side. They want to show their support, they say. Support for what, exactly? Julian Assange is not Wikileaks, he is his own. And nobody knows reasonably what happened except he and those he claimed to have gone on. The only ones who “show their support” shows is that they hate women, or that they sacrifice women at info-Jesus Assange altar because they are so in love with him, or that they do not care at all about women but want to pick up popularity points as that they can sell more CDs and clothes. Disgusting it is, regardless. .. ”

    As an example of the media climate in Sweden in terms of JA ……!ihMYzIi5Uypc/

    Damn, what fun it would be if Vivienne Westwood or Lady Gaga got to read this …

    They do not care, Sweden is a backwater and Lisa Magnusson is just another in the pile, actually believe that she is as mythomaniac as Rudling, who got the game again yesterday and threw shit at 2 to, well timed – Lisa Magnusson is yet another in crap throws flock. However, it appeared yesterday that Rudling made a fool of himself in the English chat rooms where members could prove that he had at least two different nick except his real name, his agenda is thus quite clear now.”

    With regard to this Lisa Magnusson, I think Flashback is right: she must be a mythomaniac (love that word…). No one, but no one, who was involved with Wikileaks’ production of the Afghan War Diaries would out themselves. Unless they want to end up in the US on espionage charges, that is!! It came out in the documents released by Wikileaks over the complaint they made to Ofcom about the smear documentary “Secrets & Lies” that it was the job of the media partners’ journalists (ie. journalists from the Guardian, the New York Times and Der Spiegel) to highlight which fields in the data needed redacting. That’s how 100 names slipped through and were published by Wikileaks in the AWD – the journalists had not done their task properly. So, in that context how did Lisa Magnusson of Sweden’s Metro newspaper get involved? The main players of the media partnership were so frigging on steroids about their ‘exclusives’ they would never have tolerated the involvement of someone from a rival news organisation.

    Lisa Magnusson speaks of Assange’s “hatred of those he is said to have raped”. This is in direct contradiction to EVERYTHING he has ever said publicly about the women. He has stated specifically that he would not diss the women. Even in his ‘autobiography’, while he denies raping anyone, he expresses bafflement, puzzlement – not hatred. In a recent, long Daily Mail interview held within the Ecuadorian embassy he said he would not discuss the allegations as that might lead to the idea “that a crime had been committed”. He continued “a gentleman doesn’t complain”. That’s the strongest statement against the women – that subtle hint that THEY might have committed a crime – I’d ever heard him say.

  • John Goss

    Thanks again Arbed. I’m as sure as I can be that Göran Rudling and Anonymouse are the same person, and have been sure for some time. It was the Göran Rudling style I recognised in the comments of Anonymouse. That’s why I did a search on key terms and the term “don’t understand” was one which only Göran Rudling and Anonymouse had used among 1,000 comments on this blog (till Villager, after the fact, added his/hers). I’ve tried without success to extract a denial.

  • John Goss

    Wtfuk, I tried to log into Flashback, but of course I need to create an account, Unfortunately I don’t know how. Arbed wrote:

    “it appeared yesterday that Rudling made a fool of himself in the English chat rooms where members could prove that he had at least two different nick except his real name, his agenda is thus quite clear now”

    I was trying to find out what pseudonyms he used on Flashback. Perhaps somebody could let me know. Thanks.

  • Arbed

    Gosh, I’m hoping that some people from Flashback are checking here every so often. At the moment they are suggesting writing an open letter to Anders Perklev about the DNA-free condom and the issue of false ‘rape certificates’ from a particular hospital clinic. There’s one already written – and translated into Swedish – here:

    It just needs the first sentence deleted (because that’s now out of date) and a sentence or two about the ‘rape certificates’ added in and it’s good to go.

    Hope this message reaches Flashback somehow.

  • Snap

    Hello Duqu and wtfuk and other flashback’ers,

    Welcome and nice to have you here.

    There have been a number of earlier threads here on various aspects of the Assange situation recently in August, September and October. See the Archive Menu at top right.

    I have been raising some questions and dropping some crumbs of material I have come across and asking about matters needing some consideration by motivated Swedish readers. So rather than repeat my questions, allow me to give a link to some of these.

    Perhaps the following is a good starting point to link to; see also the following page. The “treasure hunt” was particularly aimed at flashback readers (see the clarifications on page 5 also).

    Much appreciate your input.

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