Rennard Conundrum 112

I have known of allegations of sexual pestering against Chris Rennard for at least five years, and I find it impossible to believe Nick Clegg has not known for longer.

But I am baffled as to what the current fuss is about. The allegations of which I know are not of criminal offences, but the sort of inappropriate workplace conduct which should lose you your job. And it was always my understanding that was why Rennard resigned as Lib Dem Chief Executive four years ago. Unless there are new allegations which are actually criminal (and I have still not heard that alleged) what is actually supposed to happen now?

Why the allegations about Rennard were not published at the time, I don’t know. All the senior political journalists knew of them. There are some things, like Prince Phillip’s love life or Jack Straw’s visits to a South London address, which are well known but our corporate media somehow decides to hold back on. One group of people who do know every detail of such matters are the Metropolitan Police’s close protection officers, one of whom allegedly committed suicide recently.

Several things are happening with the Rennard “news”. Clegg has lied. The Tory media have dug up very old, stale news especially for the Eastleigh by-election. The current hysteria about all sex-related allegations (lead news story – Rennard; next item some dodgy Archbishop; next item BBC/Savile) propels this bit of old nonsense effortlessly to the top of news programmes. Meanwhile the bankers are still getting all our money courtesy of the state, Israel is devastating Palestine, the Bahraini despots oppress their people, Saudi and the US stoke terrible war in Syria. But evidently none of that is nearly as important as Rennard’s alleged rather pathetic attempts to get laid.

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112 thoughts on “Rennard Conundrum

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  • nevermind

    I’m with November on this one. Its utterly futile, self generated election prating which only shows the real extend of the so called coalition trying to govern; derived by speed dating, they now shown themselves up as just another back stabbers club, boys playing their political games in the media, whilst the great unwashed here is miming their words.

    What this does, is, shit on people’s intelligence, its a piss take and general diversion from the real news which is the state of inflation, the failed austerity policies and Osborne’s next eyewash budget in two weeks time. News media management stumbling from one hole to the next.

    I urge everyone to get ready to stand up for whatever you believe there to be left of public local life, this May, if you don’t, then please address your woe’s and disaffections to some agony aunt in the Sun, it will get more inconsequential readership there than on this blog.

  • Dreoilin

    ‘Stand up for what you believe in, even if you are standing alone.’
    Sophie Scholl, executed by Nazis, 22 Feb 1943.

  • Herbie

    Sophie Scholl was attempting to awaken resistance to the Nazi regime and its crimes.

    She wasn’t actively assisting them in distracting from that, by playing along with their musical chairs.

  • Mary

    @ ‘One group of people who do know every detail of such matters are the Metropolitan Police’s close protection officers, one of whom allegedly committed suicide recently’

    BBC report just now. Note the last sentence. ‘Move along. Nothing to see here’.

    25 February 2013 Last updated at 10:58
    Police protection officer found shot in Camden named as Colin Smelt

    Related Stories
    Police officer died from gun wound
    Police protection officer found dead

    A Metropolitan Police protection officer found shot dead at a property in north London has been named as Colin Smelt, an inquest into his death heard.

    PC Smelt, 43, was found with a bullet wound at his home at King’s Terrace in Camden on 19 February.

    St Pancras Coroner’s Court heard that officers forced their way into the property after the officer failed to turn up for work.

    The PC died from a gunshot wound to the chest, a post-mortem examination found.

    Police are investigating whether a police weapon was used in the incident.

    The death is not being treated as suspicious.

  • Mary

    Justin Welby AoC has just been admitted to the Privy Council. What is it for? How many dozens on this list and how and why are they selected?

    The oath.

    It was formerly regarded by the Privy Council as criminal, and possibly treasonous, to disclose the oath administered to Privy Counsellors as they take office. WTF!! However, the oath was officially made public in a written parliamentary answer in 1998, as follows:

    You do swear by Almighty God to be a true and faithful Servant unto the Queen’s Majesty, as one of Her Majesty’s Privy Council. You will not know or understand of any manner of thing to be attempted, done, or spoken against Her Majesty’s Person, Honour, Crown, or Dignity Royal, but you will lett and withstand the same to the uttermost of your Power, and either cause it to be revealed to Her Majesty Herself, or to such of Her Privy Council as shall advertise Her Majesty of the same. You will, in all things to be moved, treated, and debated in Council, faithfully and truly declare your Mind and Opinion, according to your Heart and Conscience; and will keep secret all Matters committed and revealed unto you, or that shall be treated of secretly in Council. And if any of the said Treaties or Counsels shall touch any of the Counsellors, you will not reveal it unto him, but will keep the same until such time as, by the Consent of Her Majesty, or of the Council, Publication shall be made thereof. You will to your uttermost bear Faith and Allegiance unto the Queen’s Majesty; and will assist and defend all Jurisdictions, Pre-eminences, and Authorities, granted to Her Majesty, and annexed to the Crown by Acts of Parliament, or otherwise, against all Foreign Princes, Persons, Prelates, States, or Potentates. And generally in all things you will do as a faithful and true Servant ought to do to Her Majesty. So help you God.

  • Mary

    Note the autopsy results. Terrible.

    Palestinian detainee Arafat Jaradat’s funeral held

    The funeral of a Palestinian whose death in Israeli custody on Saturday fuelled riots has been held in a village in the West Bank.

    Mr Jaradat, from Saeer, near Hebron, was arrested last week for throwing a rock which injured an Israeli citizen, Israel’s internal security agency Shin Bet said.

    The father-of-two died six days later at Megiddo prison, from what the Israel Prison Service (IPS) said appeared to be a heart attack.

    Palestinian officials, however, said an autopsy, carried out by Israeli physicians showed he had suffered two broken ribs and had bruising.

    “[Arafat Jaradat] faced harsh torture, leading to his immediate, direct death. Israel is fully responsible for his killing,” Palestinian minister of prisoner affairs Issa Karake said.

  • Mary

    February 16, 2013

    Arch-Zionist gets top BBC strategy job

    The incoming director-general of the BBC, Tony Hall, has put a notorious Zionist apologist, James Purnell, in charge of strategy at the corporation.
    Continuing BBC bias

    The BBC’s history of bias towards Israel is well documented, and the reasons for this bias have long been the subject of serious academic studies, the best known of which is Greg Philo’s and Mike Berry’s More Bad News from Israel. In fact, an independent report commissioned by the BBC’s own governing body concluded in 2006 that BBC coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “does not consistently constitute a full and fair account of the conflict but rather, in important respects, presents an incomplete and in that sense misleading picture”.

    The appointment of arch-Zionist James Purnell to the BBC’s top policy and strategy job will make sure that it stays that way.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    @ Mary at 11h19 today – the death of the Metropolitan Police protection officer:

    Mary asks us to “note” the last sentence, which reads “The death is not being treated as suspicious”.

    Mary, is there any reason for us to treat this death as suspicious? Can you supply us with any information or details which could lead us to believe that this apparent suicide was actually something else?

    BTW – if you do, I feel you should also share your info with the investigating authorities as quickly as possible.


    La vuta è bella, life is good!

  • Michael Stephenson

    @Michael Culver (Presuming you’re the actor)- I just want to say, despite being broadcast a decade before I was born I still regularly watch and really enjoy Secret Army, and your portrayal of Major Brandt was excellent.

    It’s a timeless series that really deserves to be rebroadcast much more frequently than it is.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    @ Mary on James Purnell, “arch-Zionist” :

    I’m curious to know what are the characteristics which distinguish an arch-Zionist from a mere Zionist.

    Perhaps Mary, who is obviously a bit of an expert on Zion, could share her insight(s) with us?


    La vita è bella, life is good! (no fan of James Purnell, horrible man)

  • nevermind

    Grammar is the difference between knowing your shit, Habbakuk, and knowing you’re shit.

    Was ist das mit Deiner Fixierung, kannst du keine Frau finden? Ist das Nachdenken ein bischen schwerer im Alter? Oder kannst Du nicht mehr so richtig?

    The Triumph of will kissing the maker of Gatekeeper

  • doNNyDarkO

    Habbakuk: What do you get paid per hour for all this nonsense that you get up to ?
    Can’t you find a real job ? Stacking shelves too good for you too ? You seem to be the one with the Zion fixation.

  • Mary

    Clegg has fouled up again.

    Baroness Parminter, whistleblowers’ listening ear extraordinare, only appointed last week, now removed and replaced with Public Concern at Work.

    Neil Sherlock her husband. Also a Clegg donor.

  • CE

    Yes Mary,

    Please do share with us, I too am interested in the difference between an arch and bog standard Zionist?

  • Mary

    How many police are engaged in carrying out investigations of one sort or another at the moment?

    25 February 2013 Last updated at 19:16

    Lord Rennard case: Met to look at claims against ex-Lib Dem chief executive

    Scotland Yard says it is looking at “whether or not criminal activity has taken place” after claims of sexual impropriety by former Liberal Democrat chief executive Lord Rennard.

    In a statement on its website, the Met said its Specialist Investigations Command had been “approached by officials in the Liberal Democrat Party following recent media reporting”.

    A number of women have accused the peer of sexually inappropriate behaviour.

    Lord Rennard denies the allegations.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    Oh, Nevermind (should that perhaps be Never in right mind? Just asking…), isn’t it rather elitist of you to write your insults in a foreign language which might not be understood by all the other Eminences?

    Surely you would not wish to deprive readers of an insight into the profundity of your thought and an opportunity to savour fully the elegance of your phrasing?

    And a resounding Goetz v. B. to you too, Walter.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    @ DoNNyDarkO :

    In reply to your 3 questions :

    1/. £12.99 an hour (paid in new shekels), with a £5 bonus every time I get Fred to write “fuck” or a variant thereon

    2/. I did try once, but this is much more interesting and I meet such amusing and Eminent people here

    3/. No, not at all. Honest labour is noble and you should try it some time.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    “A number of commenters have accused Saint Mary of inappropriate blog behaviour”

    Amoung the charges are continually interrupting threads to go off-topic; making sly allusions; intolerant reactions; making off-colour and hurtful attempts at “humour”.

    Quite a few commenters are currently engaged in scrutinising the perpetrator.

  • GeneralGiap

    Not only that but after 54 posts and over 24 hours still no mention of the noble Lord being flown to Israel and back courtesy of the Israeli Government . Not a Zionist angle to the ‘allegations ‘ but a Zionist angle to his Lordship however .

    “PS You know that this post of yours will have disappointed more than one of the Eminences, because apart from the mention of the Israel/Palestine war, there is no Zionist angle to foam about” (Habbabkuk 7.04 pm 24th February)

  • BrianFujisan

    mary, thanks for post on nhs…all the girls i know are employed by nhs…Stay Kool, and good on you for ignoring you know who….P.s Avon is good for Midgies

  • Jives

    It’s all a blackmail scene to pressure Agent Clegg back into line as he may’ve been getting seperatist ideas above his agreed station.

    Of course the whole political,religious,media,military scene is a game of Masonic power blackmail.

    Somebody wrote ‘Jack Strawture”…very apt.

  • Mary

    Brian and General Giap. Thanks for your comments which are appreciated. The intent of the ‘presences’ of course is to blight the blog and to bore people so stiff that they give up coming here. They certainly do not add anything to our knowledge or contribute.

    I have been looking around on Rennard. Guido Fawkes (Paul Staines) was on to him in 2009.

    In 2011 They linked to Rennard being a consultant on this outfit. How about Ashdown’s comment?

    The founder.

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