The Tough Life of a Dissident 101

Ray McGovern always advises me not to accentuate the negatives in becoming a whistleblower. I always talk of the inevitable unemployment – no employer, not even those you might think of as moral, will ever employ a whistleblower as the quality an employer values in an employee above all others is loyalty to their employer. I also talk of the persecution and harassment. Those are very real indeed, and I think of Bradley Manning constantly.

Ray’s excellent point is that we need more whistleblowers not less, so I should accentuate the positive and talk of how great I feel, how I can sleep at night, how I am recognized all round the world, etc. – all of which is true.

On top of which, I am at the Cannes Film Festival with my incredibly beautiful and talented Nadira.

It’s been a bit hectic getting here straight after Istanbul, so will post on the Mavi Marmara tomorrow.

101 thoughts on “The Tough Life of a Dissident

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  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    It’s all very well for Ray McGovern wanting more whistleblowers, and you constantly thinking of poor Bradley Manning but the sad truth is that potential ones are increasingly thinking of what happened to Dr. David Kelly, former Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, GCHQ/MI6 agent Gareth Williams, his associate Gudrun Loftus, astrophysicist Steve Rawlings, etc.

    It’s become a deadly business.

  • Exexpat

    I’m with you. Unfortunately most companies and orgs are cliques. And senior management is a superclique. “Are you with us or against us?” style.
    Anyway relax and enjoy Cannes.

  • altmann

    i think this problem can be resolved if people make a distinction in their minds between having a (part-time) day job and pursuing their real work or career, which does not necessarily involve getting paid. in a diseased society it is not likely that a person will get paid for doing the things that really need to be done. so, a way out is to wash dishes, do secretarial work, do private tuition, or whatever on a straight quid pro quo basis, free of office politics and moral dilemmas, to get just enough to get by on, and then have both energy and time left for more demanding work, done for its own sake, not for money.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    I certainly didn’t confuse my career with my personal identity.

    I forced my resignation as a college professor, so I could freely research and write about what really bothered me about covert affairs, but that didn’t stop the spooks from trying to kill me on several occasions. They only failed because of trying to be too careful in their efforts, and my having a cardio-vascular system of a youth.

    Then DCI Leon Panetta tried to have one of his hit squads hunt me down in Sweden for what I was writing about its other assassination efforts, the Pentagon’s development and use of laser weapons, and Angela Merkel’s work as a KGB and Staasi spy, thinking that I was someone’s spy or leaker, and it only was stopped by the Swedish Security Service, Sapo. It was working then with the Bureau, trying to fit me up as Colleen LaRose’s aka ‘Jihad Jane’s while/Muslim assassin of cartoonist Lars Vilks.

    With a free spirit having to put up with these deadly efforts, you can just imagine what a real spy or leaker is confronted with.

  • altmann

    It would be good if people who are thinking of taking on any professional post were encouraged to develop an Emergency Exit Plan, so that they can resign, or risk dismissal, if some morally problematic situation arises. Mortgages of course have the opposite effect: keep your job or lose your house more or less immediately.

  • fedup

    ….. GCHQ/MI6 agent Gareth Williams, his associate Gudrun Loftus, astrophysicist Steve Rawlings, …..

    Could you please elaborate on these individuals, and perhaps point out the subjects of their concern.

    This would be very much appreciated, for those of us less informed on these issues.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    @ Trowbridge or whatever : Fedup made the following request of you

    ” ….. GCHQ/MI6 agent Gareth Williams, his associate Gudrun Loftus, astrophysicist Steve Rawlings, …..

    Could you please elaborate on these individuals, and perhaps point out the subjects of their concern.”

    I second Fedup’s request. I should be particularly interested to know (in general terms, if you wish) what secrets all the people you mention had or were about to reveal and who you think killed them.

    Presumably you make the public’s flesh creep not only on your infrequent visits to this blog but also through the medium of a book or two? If so, could you please refer us the the titles and publishers?

    Thank you.

  • Lube for you

    Only Google’d you Trowbridge, but you comment above seems really out there, and probably has the makings of a Hollywood movie.

    I was reading more about you on a blog in Sweden, and one of the comments about a Stalin debate involving you said:

    ‘Trowbridge then threw one of his trademark hissy fits, accusing us of all kinds of hilariously nefarious schemes against him. Kang decided she’d had enough of Trowbrige’s crap, and called the whole thing off.’

    Do you have any viable proof to those ‘deadly efforts’ you mentioned above?

  • April Showers

    Well done as ever for standing up Craig although at some personal and financial cost.

    You are wise also to give us (and the spooks) a rough outline of what you are doing and where you are so that you have high visibility thus preventing the dark actors have any ideas.

    btw Is Nadira in a film?

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    On the assassinations I mentioned, I suggest you read my articles on, especially those on Dr. Kelly, Stephen Hilder, Jurgen Mollemann, Williams and Loftus, Jorg Haider, Pim Fortuyn, Alexandr Litveninko etc. Most of them were done by Meir Dagan’s Mossad to satisfy the killers in London and Washington.

    Kelly and Mollemann were killed because they threatened to become leakers/whistleblowers of the contrived wars in the Middle East, Hilder was assassinated to make Mollemann’s unprecedented killing look common place, Williams Loftus and Rawlings were killed because they knew too many secrets, were leaking them, and were helping the West’s alleged enemies, Haider was killed because he threatened to make a comeback for Austria’s Far Right, Fortuyn was killed because he threatened to make Holland less Islamophobic, and Liteniniko was poisoned, like me, because he threatened to blackmail London and Washington over who killed Sweden’s Olof Palme, and almost lost the Cold War.

    The West is now killing anyone who now causes it any serious problems.

    As for problems with Sweden’s The local, it banned me ultimately for suggesting that the Mossad’s William Hershkovitz killed the Al-Hillis and Mollier in France last September as part of his duties to join the agency permanently.

  • April Showers

    Some of the G4S charmers involved in this sad case were found to have exchanged racist jokes. There was a report on the inquest by Kurt Barling on the BBC London News tonight.

    Jimmy Mubenga inquest: he was asking for help and did not get it, wife says
    Mubenga, who was being deported to Angola, died on a plane at Heathrow airport after being restrained by security guards

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    As for the books I have written, they are:

    Albert Venn Dicey: The Man and his Times (Barry Rose, Chichester, 1985.

    Henry Brougham and his World (Barry Rose, Chichester, 1995)

    Chancellor Brougham and his World: A Biography (Barry Rose, Chichester, 2001)

  • Indigo


    Cannes is THE place for an anti-Zionist ‘dissident’ to be seen.

    Really? Not out of season, I would have thought, when Cannes is peopled not with beautiful people but with little old Jewish pensioners walking up and down La Croisette in the afternoon!

  • Sophie Habbercake


    This thread is killing me slowly. At least in Miss Entwhistle’s English grammar class we can watch the minute hand with its slow promise of deliverance.

    Why are you copying Dad and getting all pedantic about spelling and grammar? Does a word or two mis-spelled or the inevitable occasional grammatical error really invalidate, or in the case of Dad, validate, what they are trying to communicate. Or are we so dumb that we can’t understand a sentence because its writ rong??

    Surely Dad’s posts are entertaining more because of their inimicable* superior tone and pure bloody-minded stupidity than because even he, High Priest of the Order of Pedant-Trolls, occasionally commits the same literary slips as the rest of us.

    *Does she mean harmful or superlative or both? Yes pedants, a gift for you all!

  • Indigo

    Bet you looked great in your kilt, though, carrying those shoes while Nadira posed on the red carpet!

    Like that image …

  • April Showers

    Why is Agent Cameron farting about in the US? What is he doing there? Should be at home tending to his wayward flock of sheep.

    Cameron survives humbling EU revolt in parliament

    By Peter Griffiths

    LONDON | Wed May 15, 2013 9:54pm BST

    (Reuters) – Prime Minister David Cameron suffered an embarrassing blow in parliament on Wednesday when more than a third of his Conservative MPs voted against him in protest at his stance on Britain’s membership of the European Union.

    Though the revolt was defeated, it could undermine Cameron’s leadership, as scores of his own party’s MPs took the highly unusual step of voting to criticise his government’s legislative plans, a week after they were first put before parliament.

    The rebels are angry that the government’s policy proposals did not include steps to make Cameron’s promise of a referendum on Britain’s EU membership legally binding.


  • doug scorgie

    15 May, 2013 – 7:01 pm

    “….. GCHQ/MI6 agent Gareth Williams, his associate Gudrun Loftus, astrophysicist Steve Rawlings, …..”

    “Could you please elaborate on these individuals, and perhaps point out the subjects of their concern.”

    “This would be very much appreciated, for those of us less informed on these issues.”

    Do you not have access to Google?

    Do you not have an enquiring mind Fedup, or do you have to be spoon-fed information?

  • Sophie Habbercake

    Sorry folks.

    What kind of idiot posts on the wrong thread? (9 50pm belongs on BBC thread)

    I ask you to bear with me on account of my tough

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    I’m surprised you didn’t help Ray out with a link, Craig.

    Yes, ‘whistleblowers’ as opposed to ‘leakers’ and they shouldn’t be confused. Leakers usually have a covert agenda and require anonymity. Whistleblowers invest everything they have to do the right thing no matter where the chips fall.

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