The Tough Life of a Dissident 101

Ray McGovern always advises me not to accentuate the negatives in becoming a whistleblower. I always talk of the inevitable unemployment – no employer, not even those you might think of as moral, will ever employ a whistleblower as the quality an employer values in an employee above all others is loyalty to their employer. I also talk of the persecution and harassment. Those are very real indeed, and I think of Bradley Manning constantly.

Ray’s excellent point is that we need more whistleblowers not less, so I should accentuate the positive and talk of how great I feel, how I can sleep at night, how I am recognized all round the world, etc. – all of which is true.

On top of which, I am at the Cannes Film Festival with my incredibly beautiful and talented Nadira.

It’s been a bit hectic getting here straight after Istanbul, so will post on the Mavi Marmara tomorrow.

101 thoughts on “The Tough Life of a Dissident

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  • fedup

    Do you not have access to Google?

    Do you not have an enquiring mind Fedup, or do you have to be spoon-fed information?

    To find such a presumptuous tosspot, who has long disappeared up his own nether regions giving lectures on google is really funny. Tosser! Google is a compromised source and does censor based on the local imperatives, at least learn some facts of life before letting it rip.

    Kindly fuck off and stick your lectures up your arse.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    The Obsessive Poster to Craig :

    “You are wise also to give us (and the spooks) a rough outline of what you are doing and where you are so that you have high visibility thus preventing the dark actors have any ideas”

    Is there any bandwagon, be it so absurd, onto which the Obsessive Poster won’t leap? Any crackpot theory (in this case, Trowbridge’s) which she will not eagerly espouse?

    But hey, let’s ask the man hilmself : Craig, do you live in daily fear of assassination by the dark forces of MI6/the CIA/Mossad?

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    It’s been rumored there is a silent agreement twixt the Security agencies and the Administration that some places should not be visited.

    Of course, I am referring to the reticence to chase down the war mongers/criminals attached at the hip to Bush Gang.

    It was also rumored that GITMO is extant because the message from CIA was implicit in the day-timer with WH schedule found in the gutter. “Remember JFK”. Obama does.

    I wonder if this is a shot heard throughout the Virginia Farm?

  • Fox Mulder

    At Cannes eh?

    Watch out for the CIA. They’re the ones with the wigs, Bic lighters and GMAIL sales-pitch. They may have heard of your recent Yahoo troubles and see a way in.

    Still, if there’s a free Bic lighter in it.

  • fedup

    I wonder if this is a shot heard throughout the Virginia Farm?

    Check the link, either you have made a mistake, or the “cleaners” have been at it: “page not found (404)” is the message.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    works….go for it, while it’s available.


    “Cannes is THE place for an anti-Zionist ‘dissident’ to be seen.”


  • Jimmy the Seagull

    Slightly OT, but given Craig’s connection with Dundee I’d like to highlight a likely victim of austerity in nearby St Andrews, where Fife Council has decided to cut funding from St Andrews Botanic Garden. Unless a solution is found it’ll close in September.

    It’s a very beautiful garden, not huge but with an immense variety of well-labeled plants and trees. The local schoolkids use it a lot as an educational resource too.

    They have an online petition going. The deadline is only a few days away. Please sign:

    And here’s the site of the Garden itself:

  • Dreoilin

    Atlantic Wire links seem indentical to me … but the story is from Jun 30, 2011?

  • Fox Mulder

    For the paranoid.

    Wondering about the new Facebook share on the blog. Check the source. It’s totally passive and the share image is stored on Mr. Murray’s server. The blog isn’t reporting every post you read back to FaceBorg HQ. Unlike many other sites.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Dreoilin @ 11:34

    I am embarassed.

  • Dreoilin

    “The UN General Assembly [today] voted to pass an Arab-backed draft resolution that strongly condemns the Assad government and embraces the political viability of the Syrian National Coalition. Russia’s UN envoy characterized the resolution as “counterproductive.” …


    “The draft resolution further welcomes the establishment of the Syrian National Coalition “as effective representative interlocutors needed for a political transition.”

    “The document noted “the wide international acknowledgment” that the main opposition group is the legitimate representative of the Syrian people.”

    Meanwhile, I saw Tim Marshall’s report on Sky News:

    “Syria: Civilians Come Under Fire From Rebels”

    Apparently they were Syrian refugees attempting to return to their homes, but they wanted the ‘rebels’ out. And they were shouting slogans to that effect. The ‘rebels’ said they “would’t allow” such a demonstration, so they began firing on them.

  • Sophie Habbercake


    Links are the same. Ben corrected it while I was finding and reading it.

    As for old story from June 2011. Isn’tthe point that no more has happened since then. Where did that investigation go?

  • oddie

    would appreciate if any whistleblowers can shed light on the owners of The Grove Hotel, Watford, Ralph Trustees directors, Stuart & Daniel Levy:

    7 May: Watford Observer: The Bilderberg Group to meet in The Grove Hotel in Watford
    The Bilderberg Group will be meeting in The Grove Hotel between June 6 and June 8…

    google has held their secretive annual zeitgeist meetings at the Grove since 2006 when David Cameron made an appearance (& are doing so this year around the time of the Bilderberg meeting) :

    Dun&Bradstreet: Stuart Mark Levy – All registered records for Stuart Mark
    Director Parkspa Securities Limited
    Director The Ralph Levy Charitable Company Limited
    Director, Ralph Trustees Ltd,
    Director United Jewish Israel Appeal

  • A Node

    Fox Mulder 15 May, 2013 – 11:37 pm

    For the paranoid.

    Wondering about the new Facebook share on the blog. Check the source. It’s totally passive and the share image is stored on Mr. Murray’s server. The blog isn’t reporting every post you read back to FaceBorg HQ. Unlike many other sites.

    If anybody else has tried the new Facebook share button, Jon would appreciate your feedback on the ‘Virus’ thread.

  • Jives

    Enjoy your dissidence Craig,

    You’re very lucky,i think.

    Most,these days,as another poster alluded to,end up dead-sorry to say.

    More power to ya.

  • Jan Wiklund

    Few leaders are as intelligent as Swedish chancellor Axel Oxenstierna. When all his competitors promoted loyal incompetents he always promoted the skilful, however independent they were. As a result, he was defended by the best talents in the country when his competitors were defended only by their incompetent henchmen. And as a result, he was able to keep his post for 50 years.

  • English Knight

    Giles and Paradox “Cannes is THE place for an anti-Zionist ‘dissident’ to be seen.”

    Polite reminder to all sad sayanim and hapless hasbarista, at this rate you are losing even the slim chance of ending up safe in Manchester like Gerald Kaufmann !

  • Frazer

    Craig..seems you had a bit of a shower there…maybe just best to head for the bar and educate our French friends on the finer points of the National Drink! Enjoy the better weather today according to the forecast, you might want to zip over to Monaco just up the road for a day trip. That is where all the real fat cats hang out so you might run into a few of them..anyway..enjoy yourself.

  • April Showers

    Laughing in our faces, contd

    Amazon’s corporation tax bill less than it gets in grants despite £4bn UK sales
    Internet giant faces new round of condemnation for total bill of £3.1m on UK sales of £4.2bn

    Agent Cameron visits Amazon depot Sept 2012 video

    Prime Minister David Cameron praised the workforce of Hemel Hempstead during a visit to internet retail giant Amazon.

    Mr Cameron was in town to officially open the company’s distribution centre in Boundary Way and to celebrate Amazon’s announcement that it will create thousands of jobs in the UK over the next two years.

    He said: “We are recovering from a deep recession. It’s a big hole we have to climb out of. Hemel has some great advantages – very skilled, hard-working people, very good connections with the motorway and rail network, all of which we are committed to upgrade, and a government that is friendly to business.”

    The Amazon MD is an American, Chris North. He speaks of the depots as ‘fulfilment centres’ and has plans to open two more in the UK.

    Nice one Amazon and Mr Bezos whose net worth is $25 billion.

    Last night Iain Dale was explaining how Amazon purchase books at 60% discount, leaving the author with very little after the publishing and other costs. Think of all the independent book shops that have closed down.

    He writes here

  • April Showers

    Gideon to the CBI yesterday.

    “You told us you needed an education system that equipped young people for the workplace.

    So we’re transforming education – we’ve opened 2900 academies; started 1 million apprenticeship and we’re directing a quarter of billion pounds of skills funding direct through employers.

    In the face of opposition – from vested interest groups and unions.”

    Presumably the CBI is not a ‘vested interest group’.

  • Komodo

    Talking of the Mavi Marmara, I see the ICC is taking a sniff round –

    Situation’s complex, but it seems that the relatives of the dead are looking at up to £100K (and down to what?)in compensation from Israel: this, naturally, requires that said relatives drop all charges and Turkey shuts up about Gaza. Meanwhile, Comoros ( Craig knows where it is, I certainly don’t) which is a party to the ICC and is where the Mavi Marmara was registered, initiated the ICC preliminary enquiry.

    Israel* has very wisely, in view of its behaviour, refused to “ratify, acknowledge or adhere to” the ICC, so keep the champagne on chill for the moment.

    Craig, it’s almost impossible not to enjoy Istanbul, and I hope it keeps fine for you.

    *and the US, obviously

  • Komodo

    oops…pedants, that should of course be İstanbul. I shall ignore the Greeks.

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