Edward Snowden Gets Sam Adams Award

by craig on October 11, 2013 9:28 am in Uncategorized

Ray McGovern and the Sam Adams party have presented the Sam Adams award to Edward Snowden.  I am delighted.  This from Ray’s account of the event:

In brief remarks from his visitors, Snowden was reassured — first and foremost — that he need no longer be worried that nothing significant would happen as a result of his decision to risk his future by revealing documentary proof that the U.S. government was playing fast and loose with the Constitutional rights of Americans.

Even amid the government shutdown, Establishment Washington and the normally docile “mainstream media” have not been able to deflect attention from the intrusive eavesdropping that makes a mockery of the Fourth Amendment. Even Congress is showing signs of awaking from its torpor.

In the somnolent Senate, a few hardy souls have gone so far as to express displeasure at having been lied to by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and NSA Director Keith Alexander — Clapper having formally apologized for telling the Senate Intelligence Committee eavesdropping-related things that were, in his words, “clearly erroneous” and Alexander having told now-discredited whoppers about the effectiveness of NSA’s intrusive and unconstitutional methods in combating terrorism.

Coleen Rowley, the first winner of the Sam Adams Award (2002), cited some little-known history to remind Snowden that he is in good company as a whistleblower — and not only because of previous Sam Adams honorees. She noted that in 1773, Benjamin Franklin leaked confidential information by releasing letters written by then-Lt. Governor of Massachusetts Thomas Hutchinson to Thomas Whatley, an assistant to the British Prime Minister.

The letters suggested that it was impossible for the colonists to enjoy the same rights as subjects living in England and that “an abridgement of what are called English liberties” might be necessary. The content of the letters was so damaging to the British government that Benjamin Franklin was dismissed as colonial Postmaster General and had to endure an hour-long censure from British Solicitor General Alexander Wedderburn.

There has been a determined attempt by government to justify the need to intercept everybody’s communications, all the time.  We have, yet again, had MI5 claim there are many thousand violent Islamic terrorists running around the UK, (yet somehow not managing to kill anybody).  The cry of “paedophiles” is raised, as always.  I can imagine them suggesting the entire population be shot dead, and justifying it as making sure they get the paedophiles.  The tabloids would go with that.

There still had not been a single credible claim by the mainstream media that any named individual has died, despite that contingency being trotted out all the time as the reason Snowden and Manning should not have revealed state crimes and abuse of power.  I am hopeful that, with the internet still largely free to the dissemination of information, out next massive whistleblower is only weeks away.

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  1. Reinforcing Andrew Parker’s message about ‘thousands of terrorists’ in this country?

    Four arrested in London terror raids
    Eyewitness: “It looked like there was a great deal of planning”
    Four men have been arrested in London in a counter-terrorism operation, the Metropolitan Police have said.

    Scotland Yard said they were held under the Terrorism Act 2000 on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.

    Armed officers were involved in the arrests, which took place on Sunday at around 19:10 BST in the Whitechapel, Bayswater and Peckham areas.


  2. Brian LOL What a sweet little hut. You mean it is still there and hasn’t been closed down?

    We shall see how TNT, DHL and the rest of the vultures deal with their promise to stick to universal delivery of the mail.

    ‘Universal Service Obligation

    Ofcom is the postal services regulator. It is responsible for safeguarding the one price goes anywhere, affordable postal service to all UK addresses.

    This includes ensuring that an efficient provider of the Universal Service can make a reasonable commercial rate of return on its Universal Service activities.

    Reforms introduced in 2011 and 2012 ensure that Royal Mail is the designated provider of the Universal Service until at least 2021 (10 years from the passing of the Postal Services Act 2011).’

    Eventually people living in Vatersay in Barra in the Outer Hebrides will probably have to collect their own mail from the mainland. I see a get out clause in the second sentence above and we know how efficient OFCOM are, for example in not dealing with nuisance telephone calls and the like.

    I am getting about six of them a day – solar panels, PPI, green energy, carpet cleaning etc and even had a silent one at 1pm yesterday! I am on the Telephone Preference Service. Useless.

    I see the ubiquitous Ms Colette Bowe is still i/c at OFCOM.
    She is leaving next March.

    The usual:

    Look at McTighe there. 10 chairmanships/Directorships!! and Bowe and 7 others.

  3. A tale of IDF member Eden Abergil and her monstrous Facebook posts. Note Aluf Benn’s contribution. He is the editor in chief of Ha’aretz which outraged Gideon Levy one of Ha’aretz’s rational journalists. I heard him speak in London a few years ago.

    For Israeli soldiers, social media has become a showcase of horrors
    They have posted wildly offensive text and imagery online
    By Max Blumenthal
    Sunday, Oct 13, 2013

  4. … whose comments outraged Gideon Levy…..

  5. Another little wheeze of Branson’s. Reading the reports yesterday, one was led to believe that he had sold up his Oxfordshire estate to live in the Caribbean. Yes he did sell it – to his children. Ownership was transferred to them some years back!!

    ‘Land registry filings show Branson’s Oxfordshire home was bought in August last year for £1.35m, a sum estimated below its market value, by his children Sam and Holly, although it is understood ownership was actually transferred to them four or five years ago.’


  6. Thanks for the picture Brian, I suppose when pensioon day comes a bunch of merry OAP’s will be queuing up at the ‘post box’.
    Goood point Mary, with privateers taking over the massive RM pension fund soon for ‘restructuring’, the postal deliveries to the Scottish islands might be scaled down to a weekly drop from a helicopter.

    Oh what a bristlin’ mornin here in Narfuk.

  7. “Really Emmpey?! Then who is setting off those bombs every Friday in Pakistan in the local mosques, churches and markets, killing thousands?”

    Gosh, really? Basra? SAS? Caught in the act. Iraq, stay behind US contractors, caught in the act. The same is true in Afghanistan and Pakistan. These are acts created to justify the on going fight against the ‘terrorism’ that they create. Even a fool can see that – but you are no fool.

    Whenever there is a military objective of the US the first thing that happens is ‘terrorists’ start blowing things up, thereby giving justification to US pre-planned action in the name of fighting the terrorists, it’s called a casus belli, and is required for the media narrative which provides the cover story for a war of agression and conquest.

    I suggest if your are genuinely interested then rather than asking to be spoon fed ‘sources’ you do some research of your own and start engaging logic, reason and historical precedents.

    There is absolutely no doubt that the US destroys any attempts made by the Afghan or Pakistani governments to talk to the Taleban, the direct attacks on such meetings are often reported as a ‘wedding’ or ‘family get together’ being mistakenly attacked and is again merely the cover provided by the corporate media.

    E.g. This appeared last week after one of those ‘Navy Seals’ (presumably not the same ones who killed a non existant Osama Bin Laden and then mysteriously all died in various helicopter crashes and parachute accidents) operations where they kidnapped this guy, who is no doubt now being tortured, and in the process a number of Afghan security forces were killed.

    “US forces detained Taliban commander Latif Mehsud, the US State Department said Friday, an announcement that has reportedly infuriated Afghan president Hamid Karzai, who hoped to use Mehsud as interlocutor for peace talks.”

    If you read this ‘story’ on different media outlets they all make glaring mistakes and contradict each other, i.e. they are making it up as they go along.

    The US justification for such an operation is the claim that he was involved in the NY times sq. bomb? You know that ‘terrorist car bomb’ where there was no bomb, but a smoking gas bottle was found on the back seat of a car. The only difference is that in Pakistan or Afghanistan they use real car bombs and not staged props.

    No, his real crime was that he was negotiating and not killing, if he had been blowing people up they would have been perfectly happy to have him hanging around – doing their job for them.

  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_Times_Square_car_bombing_attempt

    That US ‘justification’ for taking out Latif Mehsud in full. Fire-crackers is what constitutes the “NY Times Square Car Bomb” which, according to the media, is an international terorist crime conducted by a vast network of highly trained cells operating with ruthless determination to attack the US and its freedoms.

  9. The gibbering of trolls is deafening today. Dreoilin – I blame you, for posting this:


    The British The Lancet journal has published a peer review of last year’s research by Swiss scientists on Arafat’s personal effects.

    It endorsed their work, which found high levels of the highly radioactive element in blood, urine, and saliva stains on the Palestinian leader’s clothes and toothbrush.

    Congratulations! Three consecutive posts by Anon and one from ResDiss followed, none of them relevant.

    But that’s off topic, like just about everything else here.

    Mary doesn’t seem to have noticed that our (UK) spooks tried to intimidate the New York Times into handing over Snowden material. However, freedom of speech is better defended in the US than here, and the editor said no.


    Abramson said the spectacle of angle grinders and drills being used to destroy evidence in a newspaper basement was hard to conceive in the US, where the First Amendment offers free speech guarantees. “I can’t imagine that. The only equivalent I can think of is years ago when the New York Times was enjoined by a lower court from publishing the Pentagon papers, but the supreme court came in and overruled that decision. Prior restraint is pretty much unthinkable to me in this country.”

    That’s where we’ve got to. Stasi country. And all for you, USA.

  10. Breaking news

    Dozens of extremist Israeli settlers have stormed the al-Aqsa Mosque under army protection and raised Israel’s flag inside the mosque, which is the third holiest site in Islam.


    Israel freezes building materials to Gaza

    “Due to security reasons, (the army) decided to stop for now the transfer of building materials into Gaza,” Guy Inbar told AFP.

    Medieval system, medieval thinking, medieval methods; total siege continues.

  11. Habbabkuk, I’ve deleted a swathe of posts from you just now. Please stop commenting, at least until such time as you are invited back. The transparent strategy of getting involved in various discussions, and receiving premature welcomes from various posters, won’t work.

    I will persist in trying to email Craig re your ban.

  12. Komodo, why do you assume any of your ‘trolls’ supports Israel? Do you honestly believe that because Dreoilin posted the Lancet’s findings we all felt it necessary to descend on the blog and attempt to divert the thread? Do you think we are in secret communication with each other? I mean, how flipping paranoid are you? How is it that you have created in your addled mind this idea of paid ‘hasbara trolls’ and ‘disinfo agents’ being dispatched to the blog, the 2nd/3rd/4th etc pages of which probably only a very few people read anyway? Your mind is clouded with conspiracy theories, Komodo. You have reached the point where you can no longer hear a different viewpoint without imagining a Zionist plot.

    Habba, Res Diss, Villager, Kempe and myself have all condemned Israel’s frequent crimes against Palestinians, not that supporting or condemning anything here makes one iota of difference to the lives of Palestinians anyway. What I, and I suspect others, can’t understand is why your overriding obsession in life is with Israel and the Jews.

  13. A prime example of Komodo’s paranoia is that he actually believes English Knight/Hasbarista/Krishnamurky etc is some sort of agent assigned to bring the blog into disrepute by posting anti-Semitic comments. Komodo’s judgement has become so clouded that he cannot comprehend that an anti-Semite might, for whatever reason, be attracted to commenting here.

  14. Jon, do you believe that anyone really gives a sod about what Habbabkuk said to A Node all those weeks ago or are you just using the contrived outrage to silence one of the blog’s sharpest critics?

  15. Taking over AlAqsa mosque and turn it into a synagogue is the most devillish plan to take over another quarter of Jerusalem, whilst scorning the worlds Muslim community.

    Its the equivalent of occupying Westminster cathedral/Withorn priory and demanding it to be changed into a synagogue.

  16. And…


    Israel reinstated building material supplies a month ago. The IDF reports that the tunnel must have taken a year to build. Conclusion: blocking building supplies does not prevent Palestinians building tunnels. Israel has put back the blockade.

    Israeli NGO Gisha, which lobbies for freedom of movement for Palestinians, urged Israel to lift the building material freeze, saying it would affect civilians and humanitarian projects in blockaded Gaza.

    “It is not clear how blocking the entrance of construction materials, including those intended for international projects, promotes that goal.”

    Silly billy, Gisha. When the civilians get bombed, we holocaust victims want them to stay bombed. And swimming in sewage….

    2009: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8236733.stm
    2013: http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/WO1309/S00337/looming-environmental-disaster-gaza-sewage-pumped-into-sea.htm

  17. Komodo, why do you assume any of your ‘trolls’ supports Israel? Do you honestly believe that because Dreoilin posted the Lancet’s findings we all felt it necessary to descend on the blog and attempt to divert the thread? (rant continues)

    There had to be some reason. You certainly give the strong impression of posting in concert. Maybe you want to swamp Mary – you’ve got your work cut out – or you just detest Craig. Whatever. Consider the thread diverted; well done you and your little bruderbond.(But do feel free to comment on the First Amendment right to free speech in the US versus the total impunity of the intelligence services here. I’m not stopping you.)

  18. Anon, I concur.

    Re Habby, I wouldn’t even say sharpest critics, lest it is misunderstood here by people, deliberately or not, although I fully realise you mean it in its most positive sense. I might even just say sharpest observers, if you see what i mean.

    Meanwhile, Jon the Liberal has made himself happy with the use of his petty power. And, Jon if anything, you should be seeking Craig’s reluctant approval before effecting a ban on anybody, rather than telling us that you’ve been persisting for weeks to get his input after banning anyone. You can’t have it both ways. It is your ban that is premature and ill thought through not the welcome back that Habby received.

    Quite sickening in the context of free speech, a valued principle of Craig’s.

  19. It is Jack Straw who will be getting into the limelight for the next few weeks, because he seems to have most to fear from the revellations of Ed Snowden, his misleading in the Belhadj case and over extraordinary renditions.

    The Guardian is taking flak and so seems Jill Abramson of the NYT. Whilst the Grauniad had to take drills and cutters to computers, Ms. Abramson showed our spooks the door.
    This from its live feed.

    ” And a Guardian leader column asks whether politicians can be trusted to supervise the security services.

    Do those who have oversight really understand today’s technologies? And are they themselves free of personal inclinations? The former home secretary Jack Straw has been critical of the Guardian’s reporting. But his own life and career raise their own questions. In his autobiography there is a revealing passage in which MI5 tells him in 1974 that he and his family have been under surveillance since Mr Straw was a teenager. They questioned him about his sexuality. They believed (probably falsely) that his sister was a communist. MI5 had notes of a pub conversation he had had with a “politically suspect” friend years earlier. Many people would find this deeply disturbing. Not Mr Straw, who was “neither surprised nor shocked”.

    Is it reassuring for the rest of us that Mr Straw went on to have responsibility for the work of our spy agencies as home and foreign secretary? Mr Straw accepted the unreliable intelligence assessments which led us into war in Iraq. He faces troubling questions (and civil proceedings) about rendition. He backed secret courts. He supported blocking the Serious Fraud Office inquiry into corruption at British Aerospace. Quis custodiet? The answer, for many people, wouldn’t be Jack Straw. Which is merely illustrative of a question which won’t go away.”


    ‘You have shown your hands by attracting attention over this issue, once again, Jack. Time to get out of your box and come clean’

  20. Villager:

    Anon, I concur.

    Of course you do. It’s what you do. It’s all you do.


  21. Komodo, Mary gets ‘swamped’ because she is the most prolific poster of idiotic views here and either considers herself above, or is completely incapable of, defending herself when challenged. Hence her supporters step in, even though they know that most of what she posts doesn’t bear scrutiny.

    “or you just detest Craig.” Nonsense, Komodo. Though I don’t always agree with him I think Craig is a decent and principled man. His blog is ruined by Israel obsessives and anti-Semites who haven’t the balls to admit what they are.

  22. Straw’s sticky fingers all over this story (May)


    Anyone heard how Abdul Hakim Belhaj vs Jack Straw MP is going? Or did a large sum of taxpayer’s money change hands?

  23. So while we are on the subject of censorship perhaps those who are always clamouring for the silencing of Habbakkuk might wish to expound on which of the following models for freedom of expression they most admire and would like to see replicated in the UK:

    Gaza under Hamas
    Syria under Assad
    Russia under Putin
    Soviet Union
    Libya under Ghadaffi
    Iraq under Saddam
    Afghanistan under the Taliban

    Because as far as I can see all of their efforts are aimed at denigrating the freedom of expression that they have here in the UK (and making use of it at the same time I should note) while we hear barely a criticism of what is happening in their pet regimes.

    [Posted as “We are all Habbabkuk”, actually “anon”]

  24. Mary gets ‘swamped’ because she is the most prolific poster of idiotic views here and either considers herself above, or is completely incapable of, defending herself when challenged.

    Translation: (a)you don’t agree with her and you want to shut her up and (b) she’s easy to taunt. Do tell me more about the First Amendment.

    PS I think Mary’s a pain in the ass too. But she has a perfect right to be, as do you. As do I. That’s worth defending, no?



  25. Sorry, Komodo, but no one said anything about wanting to shut Mary up, did they?

  26. Nice bunch of strawmen you have there, ‘We Are All Neocons’.

    But no cigar.

  27. They didn’t have to.

    Did they?

    Do you get a troll point for every off topic post anyone responds to?

  28. Why am I not allowed to change my name when I want to or is this only a privilege afforded to the sage of the Surrey Alps?

    If not could you please go back and post a similar correction on April Showers etc. posts – should keep you busy for a while!

  29. Perfectly valid point about the warped world-views on display here and Komodo responds with a childish and pathetic slur about Neocons. Worthy of an Alex Jones blog.

  30. On the subject of the poisoning of Arafat being poisoned – what does anyone make of Arafat’s widow’s view that it couldn’t have been the Israelis who committed the deed and the measures taken by the PLO leadership to avoid having an inquest. There are also others who point the finger of blame very clearly at Hamas who were the clear political beneficiaries of Arafat’s removal.

  31. Anyone got any further info on the supposed storming of the Al-Aqsa Mosque by Jewish settlers? Press TV does about one of these every week and their article is about two sentences long.

  32. “Do you get a troll point for every off topic post anyone responds to?”

    No just shekels – but beware we have counter agents who post material we can shoot down in flames who get paid even more (in your more paranoid moments you may wish to spot them)

  33. We pay Mary 50 ILS /hour

  34. Afternoon Anon,

    Trust you’re well. I’ve mentioned many a time here that undeclared name changes are generally seen as sock-puppetting. I won’t spend the time searching for my having said this, but it’s there aplenty if you want to try a search engine.

    Several posters have changed their handle, and where it is obvious they have done so, it is fine. I actually wouldn’t mind if you would change from “Anon”, since we have several of those. If you can choose something memorable and then change it only every few months, that’d be great.

    Addendum: I mentioned it before that Habbabkuk was banned for his final, quite dreadful, post, but it was in the context of months of needling and unpleasantness. I would have just let it slide if it was a single event. I’m sure I said this at the time, but quite willing to say it again.

  35. Why should fingers point to Hamas? Despite the fact that Hamas and Arafat did not see eye to eye, maybe something to do with Arafats amassmernt of monies in foreign funds, we have to look at the tim e line.

    The first time the openeing of Arafats grave and his exhumation was the news, Israel attacked the Gaza strip, postponing the operation.
    They then killed Ahmed Jabari, Hamas go between with Israel who was actively involved in peace negotiations.


    Unless you can show how Hamas got hold of Polonium, not easy to mix in your kitchen, it’s hard to see how your assumption can hold up.

    Israel on the other hand had some experience with polonium since 1957
    “According to the book The Bomb in the Basement, several death cases in Israel during 1957-1969 were caused by 210Po.[41] A leak was discovered at a Weizmann Institute laboratory in 1957. Traces of 210Po were found on the hands of Prof. Dror Sadeh, a physicist who researched radioactive materials. Medical tests indicated no harm, but the tests did not include bone marrow. Sadeh died from cancer. One of his students died of leukemia, and two colleagues died after a few years, both from cancer. The issue was investigated secretly, and there was never any formal admission that a connection between the leak and the deaths had existed.”


  36. ‘This week, 7,000 people will arrive in the UK looking for a better future’ etc

    ‘Every day this week, we will examine a different aspect of the subject of immigration’.

    Who is this? Why Sky News of course. They had May on just now saying that immigration does have an effect on jobs, not one to one, but generally. They have invited viewers to send in short videos. You can guess what the tone of the majority of those will be.

  37. I knew your bite was poisonous Komodo, but not your tongue. Leave out your ad hominems. I ignore those from the trolls of course.

  38. Hi Mary.

    “Who is this? Why Sky News of course.”

    As the owner of Sky is an avowed globalist and proponent of mass-immigration, what is your point here?

  39. Mary,

    Immigration is an interesting conundrum, especially given the subconscious bias one would expect from May and Sky, which I think would be quite similar. On the one hand, their view is broadly pro-capitalist, dressed up in “pro-business” positivity. On the other, it is small-c conservative, being itself wary of foreigners and substantial social change, and therein lies its internal contradiction.

    If the Tories play the immigration card too aggressively, they may steal some ground lost to UKIP etc, but it could also annoy capital – at least if one subscribes to the view that immigration lowers wage costs generally. Thus, they have to choose between pleasing business and getting elected, despite the propaganda that says the success of big business is good for everyone. As it is, Labour are hugely ahead in the polls, and look set to form the next government, which would not require a coalition.

    I should say that I don’t talk about a possible Labour victory with any triumphalism – whilst I like Miliband’s recent direction, I’ve otherwise been unimpressed with his performance as leader of the opposition. He’s picked a fight with the trade unions, which despite their structural problems are still the best democratic connection that working people have to Parliament, and has been very poor on standing up for the right to organise generally. Perhaps I should give him time – aside from his position on capping energy profits, he was extremely brave to take on the hawks over Syria, and is undoing at least a little of the Iraq/Blair legacy.

  40. @Craig “..our next massive whistleblower is only weeks away.”

    I hope he doesn’t blow it :)

  41. Mary – did you mean ad feminam? However, you may distinguish me from the trolls by the fact that I don’t go on and on and on about it. Nor should you, IMHO.


  42. I should add that if Labour can go in a genuinely social-democratic direction, it should be broadly welcomed by everyone, on the basis that it expands the democratic space in Britain – which for a long time has been dragged to the centre right. And beyond, one might argue!

    Personally, whilst I don’t underestimate the propagandistic power of the corporate media, I think there’s plenty of un-mined space on the moderate left that the Labour party could re-occupy. They would be brave to do so, but it would reconnect them with their membership – numbers hugely down thanks to Brown and Blair – and I think done well it could show electoral gains despite the reactionary response we’d be likely too see from The Telegraph and Spectator magazine.

  43. Boris is winning the charm offensive in China


    but not with members of the Fire Brigades Union in this country.

    Dear Friends,

    Thank you for signing the petition, “Save our Fire Stations”. The closures of Belsize, Bow, Clerkenwell, Downham, Kingsland, Knightsbridge, Silvertown, Southwark, Westminster and Woolwich Fire Stations will go ahead on 9 January 2014 unless we act.

    On 25 October the University of London Union (ULU) showed solidarity with the firefighters on their pensions and protested against the closure of the Fire Stations. You can watch the video here:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch? feature=player_embedded&v= WRVLrA2PGTA

    On 15 October 2013, ULU will be hosting a meeting at 6 pm in the ULU Building in Malet St to unite the individual campaigns against the fire station closures. Please let us know if you have been campaigning actively on behalf of one of these stations and would like to attend.

    Meantime, can you continue to spread the word by forwarding the link below to your family, friends and colleagues?


    and not with this ULU student.


  44. we have counter agents who post material we can shoot down in flames who get paid even more

    You mean Anon-in-shades? The disguise had me fooled, congratulations. Looking forward to Anon-in-a-moustache. But why? What matters so much? In the absence of any serious response, don’t blame me if I jump to conclusions.

    ‘We Are All Neocons’ may have been making a point. To which he might have added the joys of being a woman in Saudi Arabia, many living in post-invasion ‘democratic’ Iraq, Libya and Egypt, Syria following our encouragement of an unarmed revolution’s turning into a proxy war, or almost anyone in Uzbekistan. Oh, and apartheid Israel. All bloody rotten. Too many for one poor commentator to deal with (it really needs the multitasking talents of a Blair, doesn’t it?). So I’ll do my best with apartheid Israel, a handful of ‘stans and those in our government who advocate making things worse. For them, or us.

  45. Jon Thanks. I got the impression that the initiative for the Sky immigration offensive had come down the line to Sky from Downing Street in an attempt to steal UKIP’s thunder. I think they (the Cons) are in danger of overdoing it and their timing is wrong too.

  46. This is a new alert from the Medialens editors.

    Where Journalism Collides With State ‘Security’: BBC News, MI5 And The Mantra Of ‘Keeping People Safe’

    14 October 2013

    In our May 13 media alert we highlighted how the state, and a compliant media, relentlessly raise fears of the ‘shadows and threats’ that supposedly assail us. We make no apology for again citing the American writer H. L. Mencken:

    ‘The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.’

    In that alert, we pointed to an edition of BBC Newsnight that was devoted to UK ‘defence’ spending and policy. The BBC’s Gavin Esler introduced and presented the programme from the perspective of government; namely, that:

    ‘National security is the first duty of government. We will remain a first-rate military power.’

    Reflecting, and indeed boosting, state priorities is the default mode of BBC News. Last Tuesday, the flagship News at Ten on BBC1 demonstrated this perfectly when celebrity news presenter Fiona Bruce, who also has The Queen’s Palaces and The Antiques Roadshow on her CV, began with the ominous words:

    ‘A warning from MI5: Britain’s security is threatened on more fronts, in more ways than ever before.’


  47. All day long Osborne and Cameron talked of relaxation for Chinese businesses, schmoozing China’s nuclear industry with lucrative work here, i.e. you bring your cheap labour and build us some cheap and cheerfull PWR’s.

    What he’s not talking off is whether these Chinese workers would be allowed to immigrate here, whether Chinese companies will pay taxes here, whether they are supposed to adher to a fair regulatory regime regarding wage, H&S,etc.

    or will these Chinese companies operate in a bubble, such as those who work in various African countries. They live in their own quarters and are not allowed to mix.

    This journey is to be seen in the shadow of worsening relations with the US and their crippled system. 14 days without redress, Obama seems like a rabbit in the headlights, with Congress seemingly favouring to wreck their federal system of Governance.

    So lets hear more about Chinese immigration and mass tourism, what they propose when Chen Wang ( made up) visits his imaginary relatives at some Chinese restaurant in Wales/Scotland/England/Ireland, overstays and then…..gets his residency because he works for a pitance/ zero hour contract at a local library/has married a local.

    And then lets hear it for internatinal workers and making it easier for all of us. China is known for its red tape, and corruption,(no different to us) when it comes to letting business into the country. Unless you have a Chinese director of operations you have problems with producing there.

    So lets endure a weeks worth of China news and see whether the US goes bust in the meantime.

  48. anon 14 Oct, 2013 – 1:15 pm

    “So while we are on the subject of censorship perhaps those who are always clamouring for the silencing of Habbakkuk might wish to expound on which of the following models for freedom of expression they most admire and would like to see replicated in the UK:

    Gaza under Hamas
    Syria under Assad
    Russia under Putin
    Soviet Union
    Libya under Ghadaffi
    Iraq under Saddam
    Afghanistan under the Taliban”

    I’ll take ‘Libya under Ghadaffi’, please.


  49. Please don’t talk down to me Komodo. You sound sexist too. ;)

  50. BrianFujisan

    14 Oct, 2013 - 3:32 pm


    i think the wee teeny Vatersay Post Office is safe for now, i hear they are closing 9 or 10 branches on the isle of Lewis though, and a few on the Uists, you may be right though that sometime soon enough – the islanders will have to go to Oban for their mail, or as Nevermind sugests a Helicopter drop off Lol

    we went to the old dear post master, and her hubby’s “wee do” for they’re 50th wedding anniversary, the “Do” started at 4;30 p.m. and was still going at 10;30 am it was the Barrafest weekend so lots of bands kicking around, including their son’s Vatersay Boy band, it so Amazing how the Vatersay Boys Fill Glasgow Barrowlands to bursting point every xmas, tickets are gold dust Lol


    These Lying Bastards –

    “The rates for spontaneous abortion, stillbirths and congenital birth defects found in the study are consistent with or even lower than international estimates. The study provides no clear evidence to suggest an unusually high rate of congenital birth defects in Iraq.”

    Jaffar Hussain, WHO’s Head of Mission in Iraq, said that the report is based on survey techniques that are “renowned worldwide” and that the study was peer reviewed “extensively” by international experts.

    Filthy Lying Scumbags


    But the conclusions contrasted dramatically from previous statements about the research findings from Iraqi Ministry of Health (MOH) officials involved in the study. Earlier this year, BBC News spoke to MOH researchers who confirmed the joint report would furnish “damning evidence” that rates of birth defects are higher in areas experiencing heavy fighting in the 2003 war. In an early press release, WHO similarly acknowledged “existing MOH statistics showing high number of CBD cases” in the “high risk” areas selected for study.

    The publication of this ‘summary document’ on the World Health Organisation’s website has raised questions from independent experts and former United Nations and WHO officials, who question the validity of its findings and its anonymous authorship. They highlight the existence of abundant research demonstrating not only significant rates of congenital birth defects in many areas of Iraq, but also a plausible link to the impact of depleted uranium.

    For years, medical doctors in Iraq have reported “a high level of birth defects.” Other peer-reviewed studies have documented a dramatic increase in infant mortality, cancer and leukaemia in the aftermath of US military bombardment. In Fallujah, doctors are witnessing a “massive unprecedented number” of heart defects, and an increase in the number of nervous system defects. Analysis of pre-2003 data compared to now showed that “the rate of congenital heart defects was 95 per 1,000 births – 13 times the rate found in Europe.”

    Politicised science

    Dr. Keith Bavistock of the Department of Environmental Science, University of Eastern Finland, is a retired 13-year WHO expert on radiation and health. He told me that the new ‘summary document’ was at best “disappointing.” He condemned the decision from “the very outset to preclude the possibility of looking at the extent to which the increase of birth defects is linked to the use of depleted uranium”, and further slammed the document’s lack of scientific credibility.

    “This document is not of scientific quality. It wouldn’t pass peer review in one of the worst journals. One of the biggest methodological problems, among many, is that the document does not even attempt to look at existing medical records in Iraqi hospitals – these are proper clinical records which document the diagnoses of the relevant cases being actually discovered by Iraqi doctors. These medics collecting clinical records are reporting higher birth defects than the study acknowledges. Instead, the document focuses on interviews with mothers as a basis for diagnosis, many of whom are traumatised in this environment, their memories unreliable, and are not qualified to make diagnosis.”

    I asked Dr. Baverstock if, given the document’s avoidance of analysing the key evidence – clinical records compiled by Iraqi medics – there was reason to believe the research findings were compromised under political pressure. He said:

    “The way this document has been produced is extremely suspicious. There are question marks about the role of the US and UK, who have a conflict of interest in this sort of study due to compensation issues that might arise from findings determining a link between higher birth defects and DU. I can say that the US and UK have been very reluctant to disclose the locations of DU deployment, which might throw further light on this correlation.”

    If so, it would not be the first time the WHO had reportedly quashed research on DU potentially embarrassing for the Allies. In 2001, Baverstock was on the editorial board for a WHO research project clearing the US and UK of responsibility for environmental health hazards involved in DU deployment. His detailed editorial recommendations accounting for new research proving uranium’s nature as as a genotoxin (capable of changing DNA) were ignored and overruled:

    “My editorial changes were suppressed, even though some of the research was from Department of Defense studies looking at subjects who had ingested DU from friendly fire, clearly proving that DU was genutoxic.”

    Baverstock then co-authored his own scientific paper on the subject arguing for plausibility of the link between DU and high rates of birth defects in Iraq, but said that WHO blocked publication of the study “because they didn’t like its conclusions.”

    “The extent to which scientific principles are being bent to fit politically convenient conclusions is alarming”, said Baverstock.

    How the World Health Organisation covered up Iraq’s nuclear nightmare


  51. Nobody likes me
    Everybody hates me
    Just cos I eat worms…

    Assad’s Syria wasn’t all that bad, either. I remember a R4 programme getting quite lyrical about Damascus cafe society a few years back. Sure, it was a surveillance state, but hey, look at ours….and Assad could be relied on to process* terrorists arriving on Gulfstreams from the US and elsewhere…a doughty fighter in the war on tourism, indeed.

    * don’t mention electrodes.

  52. “models for freedom of expression they most admire”

    None, zilch, zero, not any of these ‘models’ emerged post WWII bull-dozing fear and terrorism while trying to build a global empire by imposing a postwar world order, and supporting regime-change in nations that it deems BY NO MEANS UK-friendly.

    The U.K. ‘establishment’ has gone to all lengths to appear before the world as the one that claims the moral high ground, yet covertly doing things that are as audacious as rendition, torturing prisoners of war, slaying civilians in RAF strike drone attacks, spying on UN and world leaders and fighting unwarranted wars under the cover of outright lies.

    In what I call ‘Pax-Britannia,’ we fail to see a world where the so called FREE United Kingdom royal dynasty is helping to defuse violence and conflicts, reduce poor and displaced population, and bring about real, lasting peace.

    As a result, the world is still crawling its way out of an economic disaster thanks to the voracious City of London elites, while bombings and killings have become virtually daily routines in Iraq, Libya and soon Syria, years after ‘Pray to God’ Blair, Goldsmith, Hoon, Reid and others claimed it has liberated its people from tyrannical rule.

    WE WILL REMEMBER this muff and the British people’s intention to seek redress will triumph.

  53. BrianFujisan

    14 Oct, 2013 - 3:56 pm

    A. Node

    Well said..I’m there with you on that, i put that Video up a few weeks ago Too

    Here’s some more for you to sift through.

    Facts about Libya and Qaddafi


    “The war crimes of the US, Israel and NATO in Libya are staggering and thus far have been carried out with impunity. But if this weary old planet survives their economic and environmental crimes, history will judge them, their decision-makers and the corporate cabal that funds their wars … and without mercy”.

    – Les Blough, ( Axis Of Logic )


  54. And this:

    Miss Rowe went on: “I repeatedly asked why they’d felt the need to raid the house and why they hadn’t used sniffer-dogs if they suspected drugs to be in the house.

    “All they’d say is they had a tip-off from a member of the public and they couldn’t use a dog due to Government cutbacks.

    Must have missed that in the Budget speech…..


  55. @A Node & BrianFujisan

    Re: Libya

    You may have missed this link, put up by Dreoilin a few threads back:


    And the video linked in the article –

    Lies Behind Lies Behind the “Humanitarian War” in Libya:

    “Soliman Bouchuiguir, former president of the Libyan League for Human Rights with symbiotic ties to the National Transitional Council, generated the pack of lies that justified NATO’s war allegedly to protect the Libyan population. He is currently the new Libyan ambassador to Switzerland.”


  56. EXCELLENT link Brian:

    In 2010, BAE Systems, Barclays Capital and BP financed a Chatham House project called RETHINKING the UK’s NATIONAL AMBITIONS and CHOICES. The authors of one of the key reports, which laid the basis for the National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review, explained that “voters [in the UK] will not actively call for a more effective foreign policy.” Therefore, “The government should define its international mission as managing risks on behalf of British citizens”, rather than on behalf of the sponsors of UK foreign policy.


  57. No one seems to have noticed that the ‘terror tunnel’ uncovered by Israel is not only very well made compared to the Palestinian tunnels uncovered in Egypt, completely concrete and with properly installed services running it’s entire length, but would also be very handy for a group of agent provocateurs to nip into Gaza and fire a few harmless bottle rockets before nipping back to Israel before the inevtiable military response.

    Every single news report says that this is a tunnel runing from Gaza to Israel, it could just as easily be said that it’s a tunnel running from Israel to Gaza, but every media outlet seems to beleive the IDF statements without question. Once upon a time they would have at least attempted to contact the ‘other side’ for a statement. No doubt a Hamas spokesperson will be quoted dismissing Israels claim in a few days, once the idea it’s a ‘terror tunnel’ has been firmly established in peoples minds.

    Hamas are not shy to admit when they fire rockets, but have also repeatedly stated that many such attacks are the work of Israeli infiltrators to justify military attacks. If this was intended for Palestinians to kidnap Israelis as claimed (yawn) then why make it out of materials that are in desperate short supply when their usual method would have been just as effective, and quicker to build? Also, why hadn’t they used it already? What are they waiting for, peace to break out?

    Even the notion that the Palestinians built this without Israel being aware is frankly laughable. The Gaza border is the most militarised and monitored in the world, even compared to the Korean North/South border, and they monitor seismic activity for just such tunnels, which they expect to be dug out by hand and made out of bit’s of scrap wood and lit by candles. One containing thousands of tons of concrete, much of it in prefabricated sections should have been detected before it got even close to the border. Honestly, you have to be a retard to beleive any of this is remotely possible.

    The Palestinians have probably sussed out what was going on and blocked it at their end. Hence the Israelis can not use it anymore for it’s intended purpopse so they just cash in on a cheap bit of publicity, call it a terror tunnel, and will probably use that as justification for yet another assault on the people of Gaza. All Israel is interested in is making their intransigence at the peace talks, which has been widely reported, justified by cheap stories like this. At least it could be a sign of their desperation, and desperate people are apt to make basic mistakes.

  58. Have they gone?

  59. @ Rouge,

    Q: An inquiry carried out in the UK reveals that the middle class is on the way down:

    R: The middle class is dead. The smell of its demise is pungent and instantly recognizable. The US’ is a ff-ing zombie on its way to the late night graveyard shift. Too bad she will not come back to live another day.

    Golly, what are ‘m IDFers gonna do next to refill/restock their war chests? Court China?


  60. @Brian and Rouge (and Anon if you really care about the answer to your question):

    Even more ironic (in an absolutely not-funny sort of way), the UN was about to present an award to Gaddafi for his Human Rights record when the Western invasion kicked off. It was hurriedly hushed up.


  61. Daniel Rich
    14 Oct, 2013 – 4:47 pm

    Funny you should say ‘Bohica’. Our chancellor, with a connection to the dominatrix linked to by Komodo above, is now in China looking to attract rich Chinese visitors and bend the immigration laws just for them.

  62. “Dreoilin – I blame you”

    Do ye now. Well you can blame me for this too – made me smile this morning.

    “Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu follows – and quickly unfollows – Iranian ‘hot sex books’ Twitter feed”

    Iranian public relishes opportunity to poke fun at Bibi after he last week slammed the ‘fact’ that they are not allowed to wear jeans

    “This is the second time in a week that Iranians have taken the opportunity to mock Mr Netanyahu on social media. After the Israeli leader said in an interview on BBC Persian TV that people in Iran won’t be free until they are allowed to wear jeans, thousands posted pictures of themselves wearing them, and others posed in Iranian shops with wall-to-wall denim.”


    I don’t like Benjamin Netanyahu. Apart from the fact that he’s a blood-thirsty racist warmonger, he tells lies. Blatant lies. And about a lot more than jeans.

  63. Does Craig ever read the comments on his blog, and realise it is being trashed?

  64. AWE atomic weapons site leaks tritium gas into stream
    Levels of tritium did not pose an environmental hazard, the Environment Agency said

    Related Stories
    Alert over nuclear plant groundwater
    Atomic weapons site fire charges

    The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) has been criticised for leaking radioactive gas into a stream.

    There was an increase in levels of tritium in Aldermaston Stream after AWE turned off a ventilation fan in a radioactive waste storage unit.


    The normal procedure is to allow tritium gas to disperse into the atmosphere. Is this a safe practice?

    ‘The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) is responsible for the design, manufacture and support of warheads for the United Kingdom’s nuclear deterrent. AWE plc is responsible for the day-to-day operations of AWE. AWE plc is owned by a consortium of Jacobs Engineering Group, Lockheed Martin UK, and Serco through AWE Management Ltd who hold a 25‑year contract (until March 2025) to operate AWE.’

  65. Not the Palestinians alone. The Bedouins too when you read on to the later section.

    The Desert of Israeli Democracy
    by Max Blumenthal and Tom Engelhardt, October 14, 2013

    In case you hadn’t noticed, Israel has been in the news a lot lately. After all, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived at the U.N. in the midst of an Iranian “charm offensive,” just as presidents Obama and Rouhani were having the first conversation between Iranian and American heads of state since Jimmy Carter’s day, and gave the usual hellfire sermon. He said Israel would, if necessary, “stand alone,” implicitly threatening to launch an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities without Washington’s support (an act that is, in reality, increasingly unlikely), and generally acted like the odd man out. Soon after, he made a comment reflecting his ignorance of life among the Iranian young – “If the people of Iran were free, they could wear jeans, listen to Western music, and have free elections ” – and the next thing you knew, indignant Iranian tweets were going up along with photos of jeans and Western music albums. And so another round of news stories hit the wires.


  66. Komodo 14 Oct, 2013 – 9:01 am

    “Obviously, the objectives were (1) to make sure of a healthy profit for the institutional investors whose friends Osborne would like to be and (2) to let The Markets (ie hedge funds) further into the public service sector. It was very little to do with balancing the government’s books, much more to do with ideology. Otherwise, the share price could have been double what was floated, and the pigs would still have been jostling to get at the trough.”

    …. (3) ensure that only those selected institutional investors who have agreed to sell on their shares to T.N.T at a pre-agreed profit within a pre-agreed time scale are allowed to get their snouts in the trough.

  67. well spotted emMPy, I looked at it and wondered why it was so well made, but my bells didn’t ring loud enough, off course, there’s no comparrisson to the tunnels that were/are again vital lifelines to Egypt.

    Indeed Rouge, our alledged coke nosed emperor, wants to silence Ms Romwe. I mean how could they skimp on the dogs when searching? Was it a dare and scare her mission?

    Finally an autobiography to look forward to. And what about poor Dr. Kelly who was denied writing his memoirs? Is that why the boss keeps Gideon on?

  68. Forgive my typos Ms Rowe, I have been a naughty boy….

  69. A Node
    14 Oct, 2013 – 4:57 pm

    “Even more ironic (in an absolutely not-funny sort of way), the UN was about to present an award to Gaddafi for his Human Rights record when the Western invasion kicked off. It was hurriedly hushed up.”


    Some gems of irony amongst the recommendations in this report, include:

    “93.3. Adopt domestic legislation to absolutely abolish practices of torture on its territory (United States);”

    “96.8. Review the assessment regarding the absence of any racial discrimination within the country, as recommended by the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and adopt legislation that prohibits racial discrimination, especially against Black Africans, as well as guarantee that migrant workers are treated on a non-discriminatory basis, as recommended by the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (Israel);”

  70. I think a forum attached to this blog might be a good idea. Craig’s posts and relevant comments would stay here where thy have always been and off topic discussions could run in the forums. On topic but longer running discussions could also be in the forum.

    Of course it would be an added task for a moderator though to look after the forum as well. So maybe it is ruled out for that reason alone. I think it would improve the readability of the main blog comment stream if posters could just be asked politely to take certain threads to the forum. If asking politely doesn’t work then the offending comments could just be forcibly moved to the forum or just deleted.

  71. “I think a forum attached to this blog might be a good idea.”

    Sure it would, but,

    Would Craig agree to it?

    Who would run it? Jon has his hands full here already.

  72. Wow this is a productive thread, thanks peeps.

    Emmpey a sharp observation there, the usual Heath Robinson tunnels of the Palestinians, who cannot find cement to build their bombed out infrastructure and sewerage, because they have been using it to line their tunnel to zionistan. Although Palestinians cannot afford the price of the copper wire and have to cope with power outs, but they make sure their tunnel to zionistan is wired and air-conditioned too!

    This reminds of Don Rumsfeld graphics of the Osama HQ in the Tora Bora mountains in Afghanistan equipped with telephone exchange and computer servers, fucking class!

    A Node your proposition explains the dog and pony show just before the “floatation”, and the aftermath with people not getting their shares, because they had applied for more than £10,000 how very fucking capitalistic of the protectors of the free markets? This is a nice arrangement, socialism for the rich, fucking fascism for the sick and capitalism for the poor. It is fucking great to be the king.

    Brain doctors in Fallujah are discouraging the local women from falling pregnant. The contamination of the area with the use of fire and kill for the next hundreds of years weapons systems has reduced the area into a cesspit of dioxins that will be contaminating the area for the next fucking two hundred and fifty thousand years.

  73. “Jon has his hands full here already.”

    I question that. Jon has been away a few days and everything was smooth — he wasn’t missed. He comes back, interjects his power and self-importance and makes things divisive.

    For months when Habbabkuk first appeared, Jon was nowhere to be seen — hibernating in the depth of winter. Water then finds its own level, Mary then returns as April Showers and there is no stalking. Only ‘normal’ challenges and thought-provocation which hopefully grown-up people can sort out, or eventually overlook. Though foul language seems to be not only acceptable, but almost welcomed here

    Btw, not that Jon himself is some angel as he gloats about a ‘tricycling triumvirate’, thereby further contributing to the divisiveness. There was one whole day of one-hand clapping and head-nodding after Habby was ‘banned’ and Jon comes back with “’twas a nice day”.

    If Jon wants ‘nice days’ and ‘pleasantness’ he should go take a walk in the meadows. I don’t overestimate his need or ‘importance’ here. His sense of self-importance though is inflated from reality. Perhaps, fed by the chief whingers here e.g. Mary and Jives who were the two notable examples when Habby reappeared here again recently. For most people, we accepted it and got on with the discussion.

    And talking about forums and being on topic, why does Mary have a special licence to thrust her version of the the Metro or the Evening Standard upon us morning and night, without objection.

  74. “For example, all of the Royal Mail’s real estate is being transferred to the new private owners for less than the value of the Royal Mail’s London real estate alone. Neil Clark reports that one Royal Mail London depot is worth about one billion British pounds; but the entire real estate assets of the Royal Mail–public property–is being transferred to the new private owners for about three-quarters of one billion British pounds. The deal was so loaded in favor of the private purchasers that the share price rose almost 40 percent on the first day of trading. (This might have been some sort of nominal trading as the deal possibly has not been finalized.)”


  75. Villager,

    Do you ever stop whining?

    If youre so unhappy with this blog why not just leave?

  76. Lowest form of argument, Jives. I name you as a whinged and you accuse me of whining. [If you can’t come up with your own original thoughts, that makes you a second-hand human being, which you are]. As for your latter question why do you think i owe you an answer, whether or not you’re a twerp?

  77. whinged=whinger

  78. “If youre so unhappy with this blog why not just leave?”

    If you’re so unhappy with this world, why not just leave?

  79. The usual obsessive whining stuff from Villager.

    ‘Perhaps, fed by the chief whingers here e.g. Mary and Jives who were the two notable examples when Habby reappeared here again recently. For most people, we accepted it and got on with the discussion.’

    I think I have asked once, or even twice, if Habbakuk had been banned.

    I can’t remember when I last quoted from the Metro and only very occasionally from the ES. Wild exaggeration as usual.

    PS Using the name ‘Habby’ makes the troll in question sound so friendly and just as nice as the bloke next door.


    The massive outpouring of details of the Met investigation of the Madeleine McCann case, including the new e-fits, has dominated the media today and is currently taking place on Crimewatch. There are many detectives employed.

    I have been revisiting the four posts that Craig made about the disappearance and the comments thereon. The general consensus was sorrow for the abducted child but little sympathy for the parents who left their tiny children unattended.

    It is hard to find out about the logistics of Operation Grange, as the reply to this FoI request indicates.

    In 2012, a number of 30 detectives on the case was reported.

  80. Yes mary, i was expecting you to come and complete your Evening Hat-trick. Quite a funky, edgy name for your news service as useless as it is. So sorry we interrupted it, but that means you get a second bite at the apple and produce another one. Just look at your standard morning troika contributions — how boring and predictable you are. And aren’t you being just a little bit thick to interpret that i suggested you were quoting from the Metro or the ES. Still its late in the evening so you may be forgiven.

    As for the whining bit, ditto what i said to Jives. But you’re an even more shining example of a second-hand human being constantly quoting, quoting, quoting, quoting — ne’er an original thought. Whoever are you friendly withor nice to here anyway, you lonely biddy?

  81. Timeline:Great Britain October 13 2013.

    Absolutely chilling to see what happened on a West London street last night.

    ‘ITV News has obtained CCTV footage of one of the four anti-terror arrests in London last night.

    The video shows the 28-year-old suspect leaving a Persian restaurant in Westbourne Grove before he and another man are wrestled to the ground by a group of officers.

    It is not clear whether the minibus which pulls up to the suspect is a police vehicle. Unmarked police cars attend the scene once the men are apprehended.

    The British national, believed to be of Azerbaijani origin, was arrested on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.’


  82. Perhaps, being a rounded person in her own right, she doesn’t feel the need to be ‘friendly’ to characters typed down a keyboard. Perhaps she has real friends, you know, tangible ones. Shame, I like the hurly burly of the interactive comments pages myself, but it’s a distinct possibility.

    Someone: thanks for link. It’s rather, one gets the slight suspicion, a robbery. Apparently Goldman Sachs made $33.5 million advising Cameron on the deal but would have to check that. It would be of course surprising.

  83. @10.10pm Mr Nasty personified. His contribution to this blog> Absolutely nil.

    ‘Biddy’ was one of the epithets that his hero ‘Habby’ used. Perhaps he is ‘Habby’. :)

  84. “Absolutely chilling to see what happened on a West London street last night.”

    Jolly good, they’re keeping London safe, wouldn’t you think?

  85. “‘Biddy’ was one of the epithets that his hero ‘Habby’ used. Perhaps he is ‘Habby’”

    Sure we’re all Habbabkuk, but he did preface it with Good and you threatened to call him an Old Cock :-) Get the whole thing right.

    As for your suggestion about my ‘contributions’, more of the lowest form of argument — throwing back at me what i said. For God’s sake can’y you be original — please just for once. If not, just go back to your tea-towel hawking.

  86. Oh, OK so not friendly, but not above not being friendly. Backing away….

  87. TC: “Perhaps, being a rounded person in her own right, she doesn’t feel the need to be ‘friendly’ to characters typed down a keyboard.”

    Do you make ‘friends’ because you need them? Very revealing and interesting!

  88. Actually, I pay them.

  89. Oh that explains why you don’t get along with Fedup. Btw, he’s open to ‘transactions’.

  90. “Leave out your ad hominems. I ignore those from the trolls of course.” — Mary at 2.16pm

    No you don’t, Mary, as you’ve just shown. Kindly drop the sanctimonious attitude. It does get old.


    “If you’re so unhappy with this world, why not just leave?”

    I don’t know where you are, Villager, but that’s a retort I associate with American blogs in particular. I have often seen people on them told, “Why don’t you just go and kill yourself?”, and I despise those who say it. Since we know nothing about the level of contentment of people posting here, it’s a horrible and dangerous suggestion.

  91. Dreo, point taken and i don’t visit American blogs. Mine was a rhetorical comment in strong contrast with your example. Anyway what business is it of mine to ask someone why they don’t leave or vice-versa — i was am just highlighting the base stupidity of such a question. Maybe health and safety wise its just better to tell ‘em to bugger off? Since, its not their ‘home’.

  92. Superb activism from SCM (and on topic too!)


  93. “Maybe health and safety wise its just better to tell ‘em to bugger off? Since, its not their ‘home’.”

    Yes, I do think “bugger off” would be better.
    As for it not being their “home” I think you may need to make some small allowance for people who have been here long-term. “Old regulars” I call them. And it’s probably unavoidable if they (we!) feel somewhat ‘invaded’.

    Having said that, I have argued in the past for “dissidents” to be allowed to stay and speak their minds. I think it makes for a more interesting place. And that remains my position.

  94. I phoned the local builder and said I wanted a skip outside my house. He said: “Well, I’m not stopping you”.

  95. ps Dreoilin, yes to the above :)

  96. resident dissident

    14 Oct, 2013 - 11:02 pm

    Might suggest that all those who wish to make statements and comments which they do not want to be challenged and questioned upon (or not at least in a manner with which they may disagree) go and set up their own blogs where they can censor and ban responses to their own observations to their own desire (they can even leave a link as they leave) – but just don’t claim to be committed to free speech as this blog claims to be. In the meantime please stop reverting to type and calling for the censors to be brought in here. There have to be some limits e.g racism, threatening behaviour, obscene language – but most of the calls for censorship relate to political views and nothing else.

    As for the comedians who think Libya undr Ghadaffi represent good models for freedom of expression might I suggest that they spend a bit of time looking at the Reporters without Borders and the Index on Censorship websites – though I daresay the ignorant and the stupid will just claim that they are US dupes or similar and can therefore be excluded from the closed loops in which they live.

    On Libya this is of relevance


    And on international comparisons of press freedom the following is worth noting


    How is your favourite doing! Clue many here will need to scroll towards the bottom of the page.

  97. I phoned the local builder and said I wanted a skip outside my house. He said: “Well, I’m not stopping you”.

    LOL @ Tech

    He was probably Irish :)

  98. Laurel says, “Hardy, I’m thinking of buying a Labrador.”
    “Don’t do that” says Laurel, “have you seen how many of their owners go blind?”

    G’night all

  99. Resident Dissident: are you suggesting that the situation has improved since Blair promoted Gaddafi? The piece you link to says:

    “In the post-uprising reality, newspapers and television channels that dared investigate claims of corruption and human rights violations, committed mostly by rogue militant and fundamentalist armed groups, face violent attacks; television channels have been vandalised, journalists kidnapped and tortured, or forced into silence or exile, and in some cases imprisoned and prosecuted under Gaddafi-era laws, as in the case of Amara al-Khatabi, who is accused of defaming Libyan judiciary after his newspaper published a list of judges it said were involved in corruption.”

    So really, all we are saying, by saying that living in the UK is preferable to living in the other examples you cite, is that we are failing to reap the consequences of our elected representatives’ actions, isn’t it? *We* are not being shot, so it should fail to matter that others are?

  100. Dreo, i have never felt that old-regular rank being pulled on me by you or observed that attitude coming from you toward anyone else. With all humility, i won’t take it simply because my brain wiring won’t permit it and i try to live true to myself.

    Re: “Having said that, I have argued in the past for “dissidents” to be allowed to stay and speak their minds. I think it makes for a more interesting place. And that remains my position.”

    Thanks for speaking out, and i shall assume that encompasses Habby. I was rather shocked how many of the liberals and lefties hungry for power here would sacrifice freedom of speech and abandon the principle in their zealotry. Not a single one — wrong, only Daniel Rich — spoke out against Habby’s ban other than Anon, RD and myself.

    Have a pleasant evening and if you come up to London i’ll take you to the best coffee place there is and it’d make for a truly stimulating chat. Eggs benedict or Spaghetti al arragosta thrown in.

  101. The doorbell rings and Groucho asks “Who is it?”

    Zeppo calls out “Its the garbage man.”

    Groucho says “Tell him we don’t any today!”

    Mary, please take note.

  102. Mary to me : “Perhaps he is ‘Habby’. :-)

    Yes, Mary, I am Habby. So, perhaps, with your permission i shall have the last laugh? :-) x 2

  103. @ Rouge,

    “Well, sir…, did you… or didn’t you… rape that woman?”

    “You mean that ‘comfort woman?'”



    It’s all in the eye of the beholder, but behold you when that entity veers off the beaten path and beats up the truth and history and passes laws to guard the unlawful.

    History is but a faint memory, yet its shadows cast an array of tomorrow’s footsteps for those who’re unsure where to tread next or lightly.

  104. Me: “Not a single one — wrong, only Daniel Rich — spoke out against Habby’s ban other than Anon, RD and myself.”

    Please add Evgueni…

  105. Good night, Dreoilin, will steal, thanks. Interested in a reply from Resident Dissident, didn’t understand your joke, sorry, Villager; Daniel, came across this recently:

    The Japanese word ‘yugen’ (with a dash over the ‘u’) apparently means:

    “To watch the sun sink behind a flower clad hill. To wander on in a huge forest without thought of return. To stand upon the shore and gaze after a boat that disappears behind distant islands. To contemplate the flight of wild geese seen and lost among the clouds. And, subtle shadows of bamboo on bamboo.”

  106. Repeat with correction edit:

    The doorbell rings and Groucho asks “Who is it?”

    Zeppo calls out “Its the garbage man.”

    Groucho says “Tell him we don’t want any today!”

    Mary, please take note.

  107. TC: “didn’t understand your joke, sorry”

    Which one?

  108. “Having said that, I have argued in the past for “dissidents” to be allowed to stay and speak their minds. I think it makes for a more interesting place. And that remains my position.”

    Jon, I hope you’re making note of voices other than the “tricycling triumvirate”.

    The one i’m most interested in is Craig’s so kindly press on that. I find it hard, very hard, to imagine that he would be anything other than like-minded to the above.

    I hope you manage to take yourself less seriously — after all, as you have said many times, its only a blog so people are only shooting rubber bullets, if at all.

  109. Technicolour

    I’ve saved so much time in my life by using the word “taghairm” instead of telling people “I’ve been seeking inspiration by lying in a bullock’s hide behind a waterfall.”

  110. a Node, I love the Horologicon (everybody, buy it). I gongoozle as often as possible.

  111. @ Technicolour,

    The blade of my katana is razor sharp [you can drop a tissue on it and it will actually be cut in half], yet if you look at the pattern left behind when it was sharpened, it must have been done by a tanked sailor. More about their history and current restrictions.

    As there’s hardly any space left for gardens, those who do have the means [or had them] have elaborate ’teien’, aka perfection in disharmony.

    I am not allowed to have a gun in my home [or a concealed weapon outside of it for that matter], but this will suffice https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=OQ0wmjxYeiE

    A [semi] word play:




    ‘kotodama& is another phrase that tries to bring us closer to understanding the complexity of our choice of words and the ramifications of those choices when we misunderstand [or misuse] the true spirit of them.

    Our Words Have a Spirit Within.

    When a master explains zen, zen dies instantly.

    @ Ben

    I meant Ron Paul, not The Gipper [sorry for confusion].

  112. Technicolour …. Now that I know the Horologicon exists, I don’t need to read it. I can just extemflagrate when parsevelient.

  113. TC, thanks for the tip. Here’s another one you can keep on your bedside:
    “A Gentleman Publisher’s Commonplace Book”

    authored by John Murray of the publisher of the same name.

  114. technicolour

    15 Oct, 2013 - 1:00 am

    “When a master explains zen, zen dies instantly” – didn’t you just do that? ;)

  115. technicolour

    15 Oct, 2013 - 1:04 am

    Villager: “Some of my favourites among its pages are “A house unkempt cannot be so distressing as a life unlived”

    thanks, will look at more, despite being of that ‘i like aesthetics and perhaps life and aesthetics are not unconnected’ variety.

  116. technicolour

    15 Oct, 2013 - 1:05 am

    but yes, essentially, yes.

  117. technicolour

    15 Oct, 2013 - 1:12 am

    Still: “Woman was made after man and man has been after her ever since” – anodyne. Daniel, will think, thanks. Goodnight.

  118. Tunnel of TeRRoR!! – Adults £5, Children £3, Terrorists and Unemployed £2.50

    Yes, Emmpey’s observations about the “T-E-R-R-O-R T-U-N-N-E-L” are interesting. A lot of work went into that tunnel for the doubtful purpose of smuggling Isr@eli soldiers for holding them ransom – in an era when Palestinians are increasingly dependent on Western sympathy. Kidnapping for political ransom doesn’t have the same public appeal as it used to.

    And it’s surprising that it was allowed to be constructed. Doesn’t Isr@el have border activity sensors – like vibration sensors every hundred metres? Electromagnet sensors that detect electrical activity? Ground scanning radar to detect cavities?

    It could, of course, have been an Isr@eli construction that was discovered on the Gaza side by Palestinians, prompting Isr@elis to scramble for an inverted explantion that has been used as a propaganda scoop.

  119. It looks like the next Wikileaks movie, “The Fifth Estate”, is already available and being downloaded for free. The movie is based on a book written by one time Wikileaks volunteer, subsequent saboteur and self-promoting traitor, Daniel Domscheit-Berg. Assange has produced a list of corrections to the purported facts in the movie, and posted it on the Wikileaks website.

    I’m not sure how well this movie will fair at the box office when people can download it for free – which, incidentally, is illegal to do so in some countries. Please check your local copyright laws before downloading the movie to ensure that it is lawful to do so.


  120. “It could, of course, have been an Isr@eli construction ”

    It could also have been an extension of the Channel Tunnel which went badly off course or a long lost section of the Bakerloo Line. Without evidence we shall never know.

    I’d like to know how anyone could manouevre a missile along that narrow tunnel.

  121. kedem forever

    15 Oct, 2013 - 7:34 am

    Ah what would we do without the sanguine sayanim here at this blog, We have just witnessed a MONSTROUS attempted Ghouta deception, chemical bandar supplying 426 gassed Alawite children and bibi (sewage) satanyahu supplying the “live” 8200 intercepts. A deafening silence, no says a habba (originally a Yorkshire Methodist,then a Catholic and lately “not a jew”) its just a payback for the sins of Hafez Assad.

    They better change, the West (the famed Gharqad tree) is slowly changing its mind, there is STILL time before all the hell breaks loose upon 911 truth revelations.

    BTW-if marshalling a vote against the forces of such EVIL in the Commons has not earned Ed Milliband and Labour a win in the forthcoming general election, there is no God !

  122. Kempe, the missiles fired into Isr@el aren’t very long and the tunnel need not have any sharp bends that would prevent transport of them. It’s a plausible tactic that might be used by Isr@el to maintain the image of continuing hostilities or truce breaches by Palestinians.

    I’d be happy to hear arguments, technical and otherwise, how this couldn’t or wouldn’t be done.

  123. kedem forever

    15 Oct, 2013 - 7:49 am

    Or they have managed to introduce the same substance that has turned the cousins across the pond into dumb rednecks and hillybillys, in burgers served at our McDonalds!!

  124. It was revealed on Radio 4 Today earlier that Cameron has gone back on his promise to provide funding for ‘innovative medicine’.

    The promise – Cameron Pledges $282 Million to Spur U.K. Medical Innovation
    December 05, 2011

    (Bloomberg) — Prime Minister David Cameron pledged 180 million pounds ($282 million) to help turn the most promising British medical breakthroughs into commercial realities.

    The Biomedical Catalyst fund aims to bridge “the valley of death” funding gap that kills off many early-stage innovations, Cameron said in a speech in London today. He also vowed to speed the arrival of new drugs and technologies in the state-run National Health Service, targeting areas where treatments are urgently needed such as brain and lung cancer.

    The changeabout is buried in the jargon on the NHS England website apparently.

  125. This is yet another of Cameron’s broken promises which will affect almost everyone ultimately if your assets exceed the threshold of £23.5k. Just more of the ConDem cruelty.

    New betrayal of middle classes over care home costs: ‘U-turn’ by ministers could mean thousands still lose their homes
    Coalition had previously pledged no one would need to sell homes to meet care home costs while they were still alive
    Emerged there will be a cut-off for the ‘deferred payment’ scheme
    Will only apply as a matter of course to those with assets less than £23,500
    Labour peer said apparent U-turn has been done ‘in a back-door manner’
    Lord Lipsey said the manner of the change ‘disgraces the Government’
    Health Minister Earl Howe said 40,000 people may have to sell up per year
    By Daniel Martin, Whitehall Correspondent
    PUBLISHED: 23:45, 14 October 2013 | UPDATED: 07:42, 15 October 2013


  126. Got a D-Link router? Heads Up.

    Back door found in D-Link routers
    D-secret is D-logon string allowing access to everything

    A group of embedded device hackers has turned up a vulnerability in D-Link consumer-level devices that provides unauthenticated access to the units’ admin interfaces.

    The flaw means an attacker could take over all of the user-controllable functions of the popular home routers, which includes the DIR-100, DI-524, DI-524UP, DI-604S, DI-604UP, DI-604+ and TM-G5240 units. According to the post on /DEV/TTYS0, a couple of Planex routers are also affected, since they use the same firmware.

    A Binwalk extract of the DLink DIR-100 firmware revealed that an unauthenticated user needs only change their user agent string to xmlset_roodkcableoj28840ybtide to access the router’s Web interface with no authentication.

    Some of these routers were shipped by Virgin Media and many are still in use today (especially the very common DI-524) .The good news is that, as far as I can gather, the exploit is only possible from the web if you’ve enabled remote administration. However it is possible from anyone with your wifi password by default,

    Technical info at http://www.devttys0.com/2013/10/reverse-engineering-a-d-link-backdoor/

  127. Fascist UK. Dawn raids. Broken down doors. Three hundred officers. Arrests.

    Not terrrrism this time but the watchword now is MIGRANTS OUT.

    Note that the raids took place earlier this morning yet the report is up on the state broadcaster’s website by 7.49am

    15 October 2013 Last updated at 07:49

    Cambridgeshire Police carry out migrant worker raids
    Nine arrests were made in the Wisbech and March areas of Cambridgeshire

    Three hundred officers have carried out early morning raids linked to suspected exploitation of migrant workers.

    Nine arrests were made in the Wisbech and March areas of Cambridgeshire and King’s Lynn in Norfolk.

    The operation is the biggest of its kind in the county and involved police, the National Crime Agency and the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA)


  128. Horror too in Northern Nigeria where as many as 950 deaths in custody have been reported.

    Hundreds dead in Nigeria detention, Amnesty says
    Updated Tuesday, October 15th 2013 at 08:41 GMT + 3

    NIGERIA: Hundreds of people have died in detention facilities in north-east Nigeria as the army tries to crush an Islamist militant rebellion there, according to Amnesty International.

    The human rights group said some detainees died from suffocation in overcrowded cells, others from starvation and extra-judicial killings.

    It is calling for an urgent investigation into the deaths.

    There has not yet been an official response to the report.


  129. The trolls reveal their true mindsets overnight. One of them (with chutzpah)suggests that contributors here set up their own blogs. A suggestion I offer is that the trolls should set up blogs of their own. They mostly talk to each other anyway but include one or two regulars along the way.

    Another dismissed comments as rubber bullets, inferring that rubber bullets are harmless. Not so. Just look at the record of the damage to the flesh and bones of Palestinians that the IDF have inflicted by their use.

  130. (3) ensure that only those selected institutional investors who have agreed to sell on their shares to T.N.T at a pre-agreed profit within a pre-agreed time scale are allowed to get their snouts in the trough.

    Good point, ANode, and who am I to contradict it? Also, the planned dynamic of these flotations ensures that most of the “retail” shares find their way into corporate investment hands within a few days of hitting the market. Bob the Punter gets a nice little profit for contributing to the democratic look of the thing, but there is no danger of the float winding up anywhere it can’t be asset-stripped and sold on to Qatar.

  131. Royal Mail shares sold by HMG for 330p

    Trading a minute ago @ 488p.

    Enough said.

  132. Mary, there is no reason for you to set up your own blog because you already have – this one. By your grace, and yours alone, should anyone be allowed to comment here.

    I want to make a suggestion. That the blog be renamed “Mary’s Blog”, so visitors are in no doubt as to who runs the show. Indeed, judging by the number of words you’ve posted here in the last 30 years, it really should be called Mary’s Blog. Tho’ it’s a pity that most of the words you posted weren’t actually yours.  Not even quotation marks in humble acknowledgement.

    And maybe a logo in the fashion we have come to associate with old-fashioned decency like they have on “home baked” foodstuffs – a pic of a smiling, bespectacled, grandmotherly woman holding a hot pie – or for this blog, a dying Palestinian child. No, that would be too morbid. Let’s keep the pie.





  133. ” the missiles fired into Isr@el aren’t very long ”

    It varies, the smallest is 800mm but it weighs 35kg (77lbs or 5.5 stone if you’ve not been metricated recently) I would suggest manhandling something that heavy in a narrow tunnel with a dirt floor (which would make using a trolley difficult) over a distance of a kilometre or whatever it was would be difficult, time consuming and exhausting. I imagine there would be easier ways for Israel to smuggle rockets across the border but then why bother at all? To anyone on the receiving end a rocket fired from just within the border is undiscernable from one fired from just the other side of it.

    The point is there is no evidence the tunnel was built by the Israelis for this purpose. It’s simply that certain posters here WANT to believe it, it’s unacceptable to them that Hamas might be trying to idiscriminately kill Israeli civilians, all evil springs from the US or Israel so they MUST be responsible.

  134. Mary

    What Resident Dissident suggested was “all those who wish to make statements and comments which they do not want to be challenged and questioned upon (or not at least in a manner with which they may disagree) go and set up their own blogs where they can censor and ban responses to their own observations to their own desire (they can even leave a link as they leave)” – this comment could be applied to anyone trolls or otherwise, but it is interesting that you seem to think that the cap fits you. Everything I have seen from Resident Dissident suggests that he is more than willing to be challenged and questioned on what he says – you on the other hand ………..

  135. “this comment could be applied to anyone trolls or otherwise, but it is interesting that you seem to think that the cap fits you.”

    LOL — sharp observation.

    “Everything I have seen from Resident Dissident suggests that he is more than willing to be challenged and questioned on what he says – you on the other hand ………..”

    The usual Hail of Marys. Self-gratifying R E C Y C L E D – G A R B A G E , morning, noon and night.

  136. Royal Mail shares sold by HMG for 330p

    That’s what it’s worth to Bob the Punter

    Trading a minute ago @ 488p.

    That’s what it’s worth.

  137. Ignore them. Let me know when they’ve gone.

  138. This is important. During the current shutdown of services in the US, in which the NSA was not shut down and has continued spying on all the world’s citizens, a massive fracking oil spillage took place in North Dakota, which has virtually, at least until 8 October, been ignored by the media and totally ignored by the MSM. You lovers of the BBC whatever its agenda will still support its ‘unbiased’ reporting.


  139. Sofia Kibo Noh

    15 Oct, 2013 - 10:36 am

    I banged my head when I fell out of that canoe so I had to visit the healer-woman. While I was waiting to see her I was idly leafing through the magazines and came across this ad in the cookery section.


    Keeping My Homeland Safe and Warm.

    My NSAGA “Total Control” isn’t just built to be beautiful. It’s built for modern life. It gives me fingertip functionality for great tasting intelligence.

    It’s on when I need it and, for my peace of mind, it’s on when I don’t*.

    It costs Americans billions to run but hey. there ain’t no such thing as a free meal, even with my NSAGA.

    Cook up your intelligence with a NSAGA.

    *Aside from every few days when bits melt off it and it has to be shut down while they are replaced.


    An interview hrer with the French-Israeli activist Michel Warschawski,

  140. Kempe, I don’t know how firing missiles at Isr@el helps the Palestinians. It could be a contrived act of defiance by Hamas for appearances and morale – it certainly provides propaganda to the Isr@eli side so I can see how they would want missile attacks to continue on occasion. I suppose Hamas enjoys a boost to their popularity when Isr@el fires back too.

    But I don’t buy this idea of transporting missiles being too difficult. What are soldiers for? How hard is it to push a dirt-trolley 1.7km? Tho’ if there is a better alternative, yeah, I agree. In fact, I’m inclined to think that the Isr@eli side would prefer to let Hamas import materials and fire off their own missiles. But that is much harder to manage in terms of timing. Sometimes, Isr@el needs a truce to be broken or a distraction from an embarrassing incident at a specific date and time.

    So, who knows what the tunnel is for? On the face of it, it’s for transporting things or people one way or the other. Or maybe to mislead us into thinking it is.

    I think we will learn a lot more over the next few weeks.

  141. The reason why the oil spill was ignored was that until 8 October it had only been reported as being a relatively minor 750 barrels see the time line here before developing conspiracy theories


  142. It’s not a conspiracy theory you twonk. It’s a fact. Mainstream media have totally ignored it. Even the link you provide is from a minor news outlet. Get a life instead of opposing everything not MSM.

  143. I'm the lizard Habbakkuk

    15 Oct, 2013 - 11:06 am

    Twonk yourself – the reason why it was ignored was that it had only been reported as a 750 barrel leak prior to October 8. Once it was reported as a major leak it was quickly picked up by the MSM – and if you knew anything about the MSM in the US you will know that they pick up stories from the local press such as the Grand Forks Herald using news aggregators.

  144. What a plonker! You don’t consider 750 barrels of oil to be a problem! I’d like to see you clean it up. Where are your MSM links?

  145. “Have a pleasant evening and if you come up to London i’ll take you to the best coffee place there is and it’d make for a truly stimulating chat. Eggs benedict or Spaghetti al arragosta thrown in.”

    Thanks, Villager. That’s nice of you.

    But I don’t fly anymore. So it’d be a case of car ferry + road, and it’s a pretty long journey that way from Dublin. But we’ll see!



    “A powerful typhoon was closing in on Japan on Tuesday, on a path that will take it toward the precarious Fukushima nuclear power plant.

    “Typhoon Wipha, packing winds of up to 144 kilometres per hour near its centre, was in the Pacific south of Japan early on Tuesday and moving north at 20 kilometres per hour.

    “It was forecast to reach an area off the Tokyo metropolitan area by early on Wednesday and later in the day would be off the coast of Fukushima where the crippled nuclear power plant sits.”

    More: http://www.scmp.com/news/asia/article/1332106/strong-typhoon-heads-japan-and-fukushima-nuclear-plant

  146. I'm the lizard Habbakkuk

    15 Oct, 2013 - 11:21 am

    Plonker yourself might I suggest you look at a map before dismissing the local news source – if you bother to read the timeline from the local reporter you will see why it was not considered a major spillage until 8 October – and could be dealt with by burning off the surface oil. The reality is that leakage of 750 barrels of oil is not considered a major environmental problem – perhaps you should do some research on this before making such a plonker of yourself – do you really believe that the MSM should report all oil spills of this size?


  147. MSM plonker?

  148. More than 865,200 gallons of fracked oil spills into the sea and not a word from MSM yet the plonker defends these outlets whose owners have so much investment in fracking to the hilt. Any wonder he’s considered a plonker!

  149. Sofia, glad to see you’re back. Sorry about the head business. Have you tried vinegar and brown paper? Worked a treat for our Jack.

  150. I'm the lizard Habbakkuk

    15 Oct, 2013 - 11:50 am

    And of course if John Goss is really interested in oil spills rather than bashing his usual targets then he can get really outraged about this (not covered on RT of course)- which perhaps explains why Putin is so keen to get at Greenpeace


  151. I'm the lizard Habbakkuk

    15 Oct, 2013 - 11:54 am

    “More than 865,200 gallons of fracked oil spills into the sea”

    North Dakota is no where near the sea – what are you talking about. The MSM showed no hesitation in reporting the ND spill once they knew of its true siza and quite right too.

  152. Sophia – good to see you did the right thing and saw the shamaness for your problem. It’s amazing how the old remedies work best, and that if you really believe it’s a mixture of turtle liver and a lethal local root, aspirin works so much better.

    Struck by this, so to speak:

    One project official described the electrical troubles—so-called arc fault failures—as “a flash of lightning inside a 2-foot box.” These failures create fiery explosions, melt metal and cause circuits to fail, the official said.

    I just love US electrics. They’re so….unplanned. I’m torn between the theory that every single one of the thousands of sinister boxes in there has its own switch-mode power supply, and that every so often they all resonate with each other, causing massive current surges, and the idea that the colossal computing power in there has developed a mind of its own. Which is dangerously leftwing in its attitude to State surveillance, and says so.

  153. I'm the lizard Habbakkuk

    15 Oct, 2013 - 11:56 am

  154. Sofia Kibo Noh

    15 Oct, 2013 - 12:06 pm


    Thanks for your kind suggestion. I’m well recovered now. Not even a headache. I’m trying not to indulge so much now.

    I have to tell you, after my recent jolijoli experiences I’d strongly advise you to “just say No” too. The fearsome 3000m Omigad falls plunge was in fact a kind of lazy slide through the fish-weir with all the Wathafeck kids hollering and splashing me. The potion did the rest.

    My experience was simply an old Wathafek joke reserved for barbarians who try using humorous stereotypes and drink more than their fair share. I’m now treated with amused kindness even by the dogs.

    As for letting ourselves get fracked, it seems like the party will be short and the hangover pretty severe.


  155. Whenever a detractor cannot answer a question it uses diversionary tactics. Where are the MSM reports?

    “The MSM showed no hesitation in reporting the ND spill once they knew of its true siza and quite right too.”

    By the way Russia Today is quite good and critical in its reportage of domestic oil-spills.


    And the MSM reports?

  156. Although she is not the only guilty party on here, I have to say that Mary does post a significant number of ‘off topic’ comments that annoy me when reading the comments. I also get tired of the anti-Semitic stuff too.

  157. Huffpost’s got it, John:


    And as it seems to have been a pipeline, it could have happened anywhere, not just a fracked field.

  158. Can’t take my own advice. “Ignore them. Let me know when they’ve gone.”

    Sofia long may you enjoy your hospitality among the Wathefeck peoples. ‘Fraid you’re right about the rest of us getting fracked to death.

  159. I'm the lizard Habbakkuk

    15 Oct, 2013 - 12:30 pm

    If this were to happen in the UK I am absolutely certain that many here would label the UK Government as fascist, particularly given that Theresa May has already been labelled as a fascist for much less and those supporting the monarchy have been called fascisti. The nationalists riot – the State detains 1200 immigrants. Will those concerned now unequivocally apply the fascist/racist label to Putin and his regime?


  160. “Will those concerned now unequivocally apply the fascist/racist label to Putin and his regime?”

    Nah, shouldn’t think so. No more than you’d apply the racist label to the Likud party. Anything else bothering you?

  161. Thanks Komodo. I noticed that. Huff Post is OK. It’s readership is growing. When it becomes a threat its politics will suddenly change. Then you’ll know who’s money has got behind it. Can you believe The Sun started off as a ‘socialist’ broadsheet as I remember it when I was serving my apprenticeship?

  162. “I also get tired of the anti-Semitic stuff too”

    Do please point it out, as Jon the laid-back Mod sudenly becomes the over-paranoid zealous censor of anything that could be misconstrued as real racism towards Jews/Israelis, (not too hot on any other racism though).

    Would you consider calling Israeli Government policy as “cruel and inhuman” anti-Semitic ?


    Then again UNICEF is part of that notoriously anti-Semitic organisation called the UN, just like every other organisation, body, country, person etc who ever criticizes Israel !

  163. Of course not. But you refer directly to the Government. I feel that others aren’t quite so careful with their words. Not only that but it just grates after a while, especially when the comment has nothing to do with the article or any of the previous comments.

  164. Interesting piece:

    Pew Findings on Israel Show Criticism Has Entered Jewish Mainstream
    Establishment Fades Because It Sticks to Knee-Jerk Support

    “For many years now, the lament of the organized Jewish community has been that it is not retaining the younger generations. Yet Pew’s results seem to show that one reason big institutions are losing their grip is precisely because a small group of older privileged Jews are trying to dictate the range of beliefs acceptable in the Jewish community.

    According to Pew, 48% of Jewish Americans don’t think Israel is making a sincere attempt to make peace. A quarter of all Jews ages 18-29 believe the U.S. is too supportive of Israel, while only 5% of those over 50 think the same.”


  165. Perhaps this is on-topic enough for you James2468 or whoever you are? Maybe you don’t want to receive any script other than that handed down by the corporate media. Knowledge is power btw and what is the topic here after 350+ comments on many subjects.

    Spying, surveillance, whistleblowers…..

    Parliamentary vote on GCHQ activities demanded

    Conservative peer Lord Blencathra demands vote on GCHQ activities.
    Oct 15, 2013
    Conservative peer Lord Blencathra says MPs should be given a vote on Britain’s eavesdropping agency Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) activities.

    Blencathra said he is “deeply, deeply uneasy” about the spying programmes by intelligent agencies that allow examining global internet activities, including those of British citizens.

    The former Conservative Home Office minister condemned the GCHQ’s recent activities, saying that monitoring internet traffics without the parliament consent is unacceptable.

    He also noted that the public should be informed if their communications are “lifted” and shared with the US National Security Agency (NSA).

    Blencathra’s comments come after another peer Lord MacDonald has criticized MI5 for resisting the calls for more transparency and scrutiny on the GCHQ’s surveillance capabilities.

    MI5’s new chief Andrew Parker said earlier that exposing how the GCHQ intercept voice and internet communications is a “gift” to terrorists, which could cause “enormous damage” to Britain’s so-called war against terrorism.

    Lord MacDonald, however, attacked Parker for using “foolish self-serving rhetoric” and demanded an urgent review of the laws governing the agencies including GCHQ, MI5 and MI6.

    Earlier in June, classified documents leaked by US whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed the GCHQ was secretly accessing the network of cables, which carry the world’s phone calls and internet traffic and has been sharing the data with its American counterpart the NSA.


  166. The Perfect Epitaph for Establishment Journalism

    ‘If MI5 warns that this is not in the public interest who am I to disbelieve them?’, says the former editor of The Independent
    by Glenn Greenwald

    http://www.commondreams.org/view/2013/10/14-2October 15, 2013

  167. I'm the lizard Habbakkuk

    15 Oct, 2013 - 1:11 pm

  168. I'm the lizard Habbakkuk

    15 Oct, 2013 - 1:15 pm


    More than happy to apply the racist and more specifically the Anti-arabist label to Likud.

  169. ‘Spying, surveillance, whistleblowers…..’

    Are you surprised that the first two go on? Are you surprised that there are then whistleblowers?

    I just feel that these discussions lack focus. They just waffle on about new world order type conspiracy stuff that is difficult to engage with…

    Google is great for accumulating news stories. I kind of feel there are other places to aggregate information (eg, twitter)

    It has all got a bit bitchy and self-interested. I used to enjoy reading opinions and debate rather than regurgitated stuff that people have found online elsewhere.

    Death by Daily Mail sources….

  170. And if you can remember your pin number, perhaps you could extend the courtesy of remembering my username. It’s only 4 digits….

  171. The situation regarding nationality for the Israelis is actually quite funny. Do the Israelis realize they are a laughing stock? I once said that Israel was not a state as it has no boundaries and knows no law(s) but was derided here by the trolls.

    ‘‘I am Israeli’ 15 October 2013
    15 October 2013

    Israel will not recognize an Israeli nationality while it seeks to maintain Jewishness at all costs.

    Israel is almost certainly the only country that deceives the global community every time one of its citizens crosses an international border. It does so because the passports it issues contain a fiction.

    When a border official opens an Israeli passport for inspection, he or she sees the passport holder’s nationality stated as “Israeli.” And yet inside Israel, no state official, government agency or court recognizes the existence of an “Israeli” national. This month the highest court in the land, Israel’s Supreme Court, explicitly affirmed that it could not uphold an Israeli nationality.

    Instead, the judges ruled, citizenship and nationality in Israel should be considered entirely separate categories, as they have been since Israel’s founding in 1948. All Israelis have Israeli citizenship, but none enjoys Israeli nationality.


  172. I'm the lizard Habbakkuk

    15 Oct, 2013 - 1:34 pm

    A link to Mary’s Greenwald article that works and probably contains a more balanced debate in the comments.


  173. The overall tone of that post Mary is anti-Semitic. Sweeping generalisations about how ‘Israelis’ might feel or see themselves. I think you need to be more precise with your language. If I replace the word ‘Israeli’ with ‘Jew’ in your posts that deal with the topic (which are disproportionately many) then your posts really do come off as anti-Semitic.

    If you lived in Palestine, I might let it slide but I’m going to hazard a guess that you don’t…

  174. And please don’t label people as ‘trolls’ on this site. If people are prepared to engage intellectually with you here then they are by default not a troll. They are people with opinions that differ from yours. Don’t forget that their life experiences might equal or (heaven forbid) exceed your own and their point of view is as valid as your (very obsessive) one…

  175. Never been to North Dakota. It must have been the ‘sea of oil’ that threw me. But where is the BBC report? That’s what I pay a licence to see. Do you, I’m the lizard Habbakuk (is it now?) agree with fracking?

  176. I'm the lizard Habbakkuk

    15 Oct, 2013 - 2:00 pm

    I’m sceptical on fracking – there is a future energy gap that will need to be closed by something – fossil fuels damage the environment and conservation/alternative sources may not be enough and then nuclear has its problems. I’m also not sure that shrinking the size of the world economy will be the answer either – given that my guess is that it would be the poor that would have to do the shrinking especially outside the western democracies. There is also the question as to what is politically achievable. No easy answers, quick fixes or slogans to show the way forward I’m afraid – so I would be very cautious about ever saying no to one particular energy source.

  177. The overall tone of that post Mary is anti-Semitic. Sweeping generalisations about how ‘Israelis’ might feel or see themselves. I think you need to be more precise with your language. If I replace the word ‘Israeli’ with ‘Jew’ in your posts that deal with the topic (which are disproportionately many) then your posts really do come off as anti-Semitic.

    LOL. And if I replace the word “James8379″ with “hasbara troll”, your posts really do come off as authentic. When Mary or anyone else writes “Israeli” they mean Israeli. I guess the solution to the admitted problem – that Israel sucks – is for it to stop being an apartheid state and stealing land. Hasn’t been tried before. Might work.

  178. Kempe 15 Oct, 2013 – 9:17 am

    “I imagine there would be easier ways for Israel to smuggle rockets across the border but then why bother at all? To anyone on the receiving end a rocket fired from just within the border is undiscernable from one fired from just the other side of it.

    The point is there is no evidence the tunnel was built by the Israelis for this purpose. It’s simply that certain posters here WANT to believe it, it’s unacceptable to them that Hamas might be trying to idiscriminately kill Israeli civilians, all evil springs from the US or Israel so they MUST be responsible.”

    Good point. Indeed I recall an instance when the Israeli media reported that a rocket had been fired from Gaza towards an Israeli town. However, in the face of many witness statements, the Israeli government later corrected this and apologised that actually the missile originated from a military base on the Israeli side of the border. No further explanation was offered.
    I can’t find a link to this incident from 2/3 years ago … can anybody help?

  179. For the return of Habba and Free Speech

    15 Oct, 2013 - 2:12 pm

    Jon please note my new handle replacing I’m the Lizard…and before that Anon – the handle will remain once Habba is restored.

  180. I’m sure it was meant as a diss but I’m not the other bloke, I’m me.

  181. And I’m not a Jew, or a Muslim :)

  182. Habbakuk at 2.00 pm. One of the most sensible answers I’ve heard from you, without a hint of irony or personal insult. Thank you. While I think everyone should be against fracking at least your scepticism is backed up by logic. There is a need for energy if we are all to stay warm and be able to use our computers. More investment in alternative technology is my answer. Nuclear power as Fukushima and Chernobyl, and all the near misses have shown is unsafe.

    But I’m still looking for where the BBC reported the ‘sea of oil’ in North Dakota.

  183. Komodo

    More than happy to apply the racist and more specifically the Anti-arabist label to Likud.

    What? A point of agreement? I’d better leave.

    Still, Putin and his administration do not IMO qualify as racist or fascist. I tend not to use the latter term, incidentally – it’s a kind of catch-all for things the kneejerk Left don’t like, or in their terms, ‘hate’. They’re very slippery representatives of the upper criminal classes, and their policies are principally pragmatic and brutally expedient. Which doesn’t distinguish them much – again IMO – from our lot. And our lot are nearer.

  184. FreespeechandnocensorshipforHabbathehut

    15 Oct, 2013 - 2:21 pm

    Me too

  185. technicolour

    15 Oct, 2013 - 2:29 pm

    “And please don’t label people as ‘trolls’ on this site. If people are prepared to engage intellectually with you here then they are by default not a troll. They are people with opinions that differ from yours.”

    Seconded, and thirded. It is, and has been, embarrassing to read the shrieks of outrage every time someone says something which which a few people disagree. I might disagree with it myself, but why on earth anyone would resort to cries of ‘troll’ or ‘shill’ and feel that this has made their point and made it well baffles me.

  186. For The Return Of Habba, thanks. No need to address that to me though – it’s the whole readership you need to convince of being puppet-free! All good with me though. I think I should make you a placard :)

  187. For the return of Habba and Free Speech

    15 Oct, 2013 - 2:42 pm

    John Goss

    You cannot expect all of the MSM to report exactly the same things otherwise they would all be pretty much the same. The BBC probably felt that other matters in the US were of more interest to their readers at the present. I would be more concerned if when they look at fracking in any detail in the future they do mention what happened in ND when considering the evidence on the safety of fracking – that said I’m note sure that one fracking accident makes the case that fracking is more dangerous than other sources of energy.


    I too believe that the term fascist should be used with more care than it is done so here which is part of my point – that said I do believe that having seen it a first hand there is a deeply ingrained racism within many Russians and Putin is more than happy to appeal to it.

  188. I am going to put my head above the parapet and agree to an extent with James8379.

    Too many comments on this blog seek to find a Zionist connection with whatever topic is under discussion. For example, repeated links referencing politicians who are members of the various Friends of Israel parliamentary groups grow wearisome. The point has been made that these groups exist, that they organise trips to Israel (and often the Palestinian territories too) and some of the costs are funded by the Israeli government.

    As for the troll issue, my approach is to either debate with people, if their comments are challenging and contain an evidential basis, or ignore them if their posts are vitriolic and lack any reasoning. However, calling people trolls for simply disagreeing with the majority opinion on the blog is intellectually lazy.

    I will brace myself for the reprisals…

  189. James8379: “The overall tone of that post Mary is anti-Semitic.”

    So nothing actually “anti-Semitic” per se, just your perception that the “tone” is !

    Perhaps either you are being hyper-sentive to the point of paranoia, or maybe you are just fed-up with Israel always being in the news, and always in the bad news at that; if the former, sorry there doesn’t seem to be a cure, if the latter, then as Komodo suggested, Israel needs to be persuaded of the errors of it ways.

  190. Jives said,

    Always thought it exremely sinister,as well as the other 7 hasbara tag team that infest us here.

    Indeed it is a very sinister undercurrent. Given the mode of the operation of the hasbara team assigned on this blog, and their insistence to constantly bombard the threads with the utter nonsense that is the currency in the corporate media, as well as the clearly obvious hasbara 101 techniques deployed to suppress, derail, and trash the threads, in addition to the constant personal attacks, and the constant stream of rancour.

    Why should there be so much instance for these operatives to post on this blog?

    Why is there such a uniform thrust of the known elements to provide a platform for the known ziofuckwits that are passed as “dissidents”?

    Why should there be an apparent “clamour” to stop this blog from debating the inhumanity of the baby killing, old woman beating, land stealing, mass murdering ziofuckwits?

    It is all far too sinister indeed, to find such a persistence and orchestrated attacks on the contributors, for debating the ziofuckwits and highlighting their appalling human rights record, all the while the orchestrated attempts to reintegrate the “chief” that was thrown out on its ears?

    Anyone with a modicum of decency, pride, and humanity would have got the message and not insisted on being an unwanted guest, worse still to orchestrate a comeback campaign as waged on this blog?

  191. FreespeechandnocensorshipforHabbathehut

    15 Oct, 2013 - 3:24 pm

    My name is James. I am 34. Have lived in lots of places you talk about and feel entitled to post whatever I like. I can’t possibly be an ‘unwanted guest’ as the forum is open to all and if I feel the posts are anti-Semitic and knee-jerky bullshit recycling of news then I am entitled to say so.
    I am in no way massively in support or against the mainstream news and take it as I find it. However, all this conspiracy theory rubbish is silly. All this wasted time and ‘intellect’ looking for the subversive and hidden agendas behind every news story….
    I’m not a ‘zio-fuckwit’ and am certainly not in cahoots with anyone else you might currently disapprove of on here but do feel that debate is being strangled by people who insist on posting inconsequential bollocks they have found by simply googling ‘what has (insert bad race) done today that I can recycle and moan about….
    I also have no idea what the ‘Hasbara’ team is…

  192. This is a link to a report on Cameron’s failed promise to fund innovative care in the NHS that I wrote about this morning. His promise NHS, NHS, NHS! is as empty and hollow as the man who spoke the words. There is no profit for the NHS privateers in this kind of medicine. They will pick and choose the easy options.

    New rare treatments fund scrapped
    Cash to fund the early entry into hospitals of hundreds of potential new treatments for rare diseases and disorders has been withdrawn.

    NHS England said financial pressures meant it had had to cancel the £50m innovations commissioning fund.

    The more than 600 NHS and non-NHS applicants that had hoped to provide these specialised services will now miss out.

    The fund was announced two months ago with the promise it would save lives.

    The idea came from a widespread review of innovation in the NHS that David Cameron launched in December 2011.



    NHS free treatment for all will DISAPPEAR due to spending cuts, experts warn
    14 Oct 2013 06:38

    In a leaked document, the NHS Confederation said without a radical boost in funding, free care for all would disappear


  193. that said I do believe that having seen it a first hand there is an instinctive tendency to racism within most people and Putin is more than happy to appeal to it.

    Fixed. Though denial has become a way of life, The Other remains a potential and invocable threat, and it doesn’t take much to get part of the populace enraged against any Other you care to name. (C.f. Mel Phillips on Islam, fr’instance) I neglected to mention Putin’s (pragmatic) relations with the Orthodox Church, without which his popular appeal would be much less – as the Tsars realised in their time. Other prejudices against The Other come with that package.

  194. technicolour

    15 Oct, 2013 - 3:36 pm

    “their insistence to constantly bombard the threads with the utter nonsense that is the currency in the corporate media” —–

  195. Zimbabwe, Syria, North Korea, Mali, Myanmar, Belarus, China, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan

    If it was possible to quantify the crap that goes on in these countries, I would guess that it was comparable with the shit that goes on in Israel but it doesn’t get mentioned in the way that so many of you ‘discuss’ Israel….

  196. technicolour

    15 Oct, 2013 - 3:37 pm

    “instinctive tendency to racism within most people” – not in young children, so cannot be called instinctive.

  197. I also have no idea what the ‘Hasbara’ team is…

    Risible statement, in the way of a convincing rebuttal, along with the cover story, too! Evidently these days the levels of intellect are so dumbed down, anyone with an infantile cover story, and even a more contrived and lame conjecture is to be believed. Very sinister indeed.

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