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50 thoughts on “BBC Bias – The People Have Noticed

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  • Mary

    Protest Against BBC Scotland Referendum Bias 2
    29 Jun 2014

    Protest Against BBC Scotland Referendum Bias @ BBC Pacific Quay Glasgow 29/06/14
    1080P HD

    The film features interviews with Yes Supporters on their experiences of bias and views on BBC coverage of the independence debate. They also give their views on the BBC post-Yes and there is a clear and unanimous desire for change. I am always impressed with the articulacy and depth of the views given.

    This is the follow up protest that saw numbers grow from a few hundred to over 2000. There was a great festival feel to the Protest with speakers and song. The protest was more of an occupation with people filling the entire facing square and entrance at Pacific Quay. As usual the Protest was made up of a huge variety of people and there were plenty of families with children. Credit to Police Scotland who did an outstanding job, standing by calmly in the background and chatting with Protesters.

    I had a person keeping a rough head count. While it is difficult to be accurate at an open event like this, there was a core of around 1,600, an additional estimated 5-600 came and went over the two hour period. The BBC reported the event and stated there was ‘several hundred’ protesters and denied any bias coverage of the referendum debate.

    Good mainly young people.


    This is Phantom Power’s previous video made 2nd June 2014.
    Protest Against BBC Scotland Referendum Bias

  • Tony M

    I’ll just copy my post yesterday, from the hidden, lost orphaned thread, to here.

    It makes we wonder about other events in more recent memory are what they seemed. Does what the media told us happened back whenever, correspond even remotely with what actually took place? I’m not disputing in the following that Chinese governments have not killed millions of people at times in their history, as have so many governments, but exceptionally bad criminal ones, it’s not the norm.

    A photo of a lone person stood before tanks in Tiananmen Square has been used recently in another blog, Scottish Independence related, on which the comments facility seems broken, but if commenting were possible, I’d likely be assailed as trolling or against Independence by posting a gripe. People now accept that the media in Scotland are telling huge whoppers, deliberately, maliciously, with the No campaign participating in and the beneficiaries of the stream of dishonest shit that sprays from our tv screens and dying print media. Yet seem unable to discern that they’ve been subjected to this their entire lives and what they think they know about almost any situation or event is as often as not likely to be untrue.

    Quoting from:

    “The facts of Tiananmen have been known for a long time. When Clinton visited the square this June [1998], both The Washington Post and The New York Times explained that no one died there [in Tiananmen Square] during the 1989 crackdown. But these were short explanations at the end of long articles. I doubt that they did much to kill the myth.”

    All the signs are that this (new to me) website is a ‘socialist’ one, or purports to be, you never can really tell these days, even New Labour make this claim still when it suits, and the usual suspects will cry foul on those grounds and perhaps rubbish it, but the same article can be found word-for-word on places like too, which has also received criticism, though it simply carries articles from many other places.

    I contend then that no massacre ever at Tiananmen Square, no students peacefully coincidentally present in the square were killed, injured or even involved in violence, as victims or perpetrators; an organised 200-strong armed gang launched an attack on a Chinese barracks nearby which included setting unarmed soldiers on fire in the street, and tried to launch a coup attempt in the capital, a gun battle ensued with casualties on both sides, in which the authorities prevailed eventually, this disturbance, was deliberately and falsely reported in our western media as a massacre of students, the immediacy and uniformity of the western media ‘massacre’ tale told suggesting prior knowledge and preparation of this fabricated cover story, most western governments and media would now grudgingly admit that they perpetrated a huge falsehood in fabricating a massacre that never was, a story that bore no relation to whatever did actually take place.

    Our media contrived picture of the world – even in our local part of it, where our senses directly contradict their fake reality – as it is in the relentless anti-independence message they pound, is founded on falsehoods.

  • Iain Farrell

    I was there and I agree with Mary’s description of the event. That is, in my view, a very accurate assessment. It was particularly satisfying to get to shout at the BBC – much more so than the usual outburst of anger directed at my TV screen, on the rare occasions when I force myself to watch BBC news.

  • Mary

    Sorry Iain. That was the script from the You Tube not from me. Sorry to have confused you.

    I have been to a protest against the BBC, but in London when they had refused to air the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal for Gaza following the Israeli Cast Lead shoah in 2008/9. We threw shoes into their main entrance.

  • Courtenay Barnett


    Why is it that the mainstream media finds it difficult if not impossible to focus in a timely way on the obvious? America is on a war trajectory and few if any of the mainstream journalists seem willing to address the obvious and evident.

    Anyone with half a brain can reason as follows:-

    A. America has some 700 or more military bases around the world.
    B. Terrorism in not a new phenomenon and has been know to humanity for centuries. So, since the Soviet Union collapsed no nation is likely to threaten America directly; no serious and sentient being believes the official 9/11 story – that a man hold up in some cave in Afghanistan could have masterminded the attack ( it was a “false flag” operation) ; and it is not credible to suggest that some rag-tag terrorists around the world pose a greater security threat than say the Soviet Union at full strength.
    C. But – no Congressman or woman ever seems to come up with the bright ideas:-

    i) Since FDR was able to create jobs by increased government spending on projects at home – why shouldn’t we do the same to address the consequences of recession/pending depression?
    ii) What sense is there in continually increasing the war budget while domestic legitimate needs of housing, jobs, medical care etc. continue to go unmet?
    iii) By funding wars around the world in the billions – is it the American people who ultimately benefit – or – are other interests being served at the American taxpayers expense?

    All this to say – the world is being propelled to war – and Obama is at the helm.



  • DoNNyDarKo

    Good to see protest. I hope that it grow’s in the weeks to come.Nevermind’s post said it all.Why should we be surprised?
    Great seeing all our different flavours saying YES and dispelling this racial nationalist nonsense that NAW Together foment.And I do believe that all parts of the Union will be better off when we do say YES.
    Altho’ I’m just back from Scotland and unfortunately quite a few of my friends are very pro union.It started off in Fife and it ended up in tears, so we just decided not to talk about it.The problem is that Scotland’s enjoying a prosperous period through a downturn in the UK economy…. at least where I’m from. Diageo have invested loads and employed more people.Wind turbines and Modules for the North Sea being built, not to mention those friggin Aircraft carriers.And then there’s the Crossing beginning to poke it’s towers up from the Forth. Aberdeen is jumping. There’s no talk about oil running out up there.
    There are new fields and new technologies to get the stuff.

  • Mary

    The sickest of people with the blackest of hearts yet the BBC support them in their propaganda.

    Israel drops anti-Hamas Ramadan lollipops on West Bank cities
    30 June 2014
    ‘RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Israel has dropped hundreds of anti-Hamas lollipops in two of the West Bank’s largest cities, in a renewed attempt to incite Palestinian popular opinion against the Islamist political group.

    Palestinian residents of Nablus and Ramallah noticed on Sunday morning that hundreds of lollipops had been dropped in the streets and alleyways of the city, decorated with the phrase “Ramadan Kareem … Some sweets, after Hamas has made life in the West Bank bitter.”

    Witnesses in Nablus told Ma’an that they saw Israeli soldiers throwing the lollipops in the streets.’



    ‘It’s not over, ’til it’s over’ or ‘it’s Deja Vu, all over again’

    {cue the bias tape}

  • BrianFujisan

    Nice One Craig

    Thanks for the wee Foot note Mary

    Hardly a day goes By I aint Kicking n Screaming about the Evil Fkers at the bbc

    O.T for – Tony M Regarding Tiananmen Square

    China said that reports of the “massacre” in Tiananmen Square were a fabrication created both by Western media and by the protest leaders who used a willing Western media as a platform for an international propaganda campaign in their interests.

    On June 12, 1989, eight days after the confrontation, the New York Times published an “exhaustive” but in fact fully fabricated eyewitness report of the Tiananmen Massacre by a student, Wen Wei Po. It was full of detailed accounts of brutality, mass murder, and heroic street battles. It recounted PLA machine gunners on the roof of Revolutionary Museum overlooking the Square and students being mowed down in the Square. This report was picked up by media throughout the U.S.

    Although treated as gospel and irrefutable proof that China was lying, the June 12 “eyewitness” report by Wen Wei Po was so over the top and would so likely discredit the New York Times in China that the Times correspondent in Beijing, Nicholas Kristof, who had served as a mouthpiece for the protestors, took exception to the main points in the article.

    Kristof wrote in a June 13 article, “The question of where the shootings occurred has significance because of the Government’s claim that no one was shot on Tiananmen Square. State television has even shown film of students marching peacefully away from the square shortly after dawn as proof that they were not slaughtered.”

    “The central scene in the [eyewitness] article is of troops beating and machine-gunning unarmed students clustered around the Monument to the People’s Heroes in the middle of Tiananmen Square. Several other witnesses, both Chinese and foreign, say this did not happen,” Kristof wrote.

    World Cup …Another African team steps forward…Come on Nigeria.

  • John Goss

    Well done this Scottish grass roots movement against the BBC. There are small but growing movements like this around Western Europe. Some of us have been opposing this media bias, some a lot longer than me, but now it is starting to catch on apart from the idiots who troll this blog defending misrepresentations everywhere. Here is another movement which stared in Berlin and has spread to 100 cities against the federal reserve system telling news outlets what to broadcast, perpetually supporting war, as Courtenay writes above.

  • Mary

    I have those same thoughts John.


    Another ‘Craig’ who seeks the truth and exposes the injustices.


    This year’s Martha Gellhorn Prize has been won by Iona Craig. A freelance journalist reporting from Yemen, Iona Craig receives the prize in 2014 for her courageous, insightful and humane reporting from Yemen — journalism exemplifying that of Martha Gellhorn herself. Often alone, and risking her life, Iona has for almost four years given voice to the ordinary people of Yemen, especially the families of the victims of America’s ‘war on terror’. Her eyewitness investigation of a drone attack on a travelling wedding party, in which 12 people were killed, is truly a ‘view from the ground’ and rare evidence of the ‘unpalatable truth’ that Barack Obama’s worldwide ‘war by drone’ is killing the innocent. Her achievement is set against a record number of entries for the Prize, including remarkable journalism from across the English-speaking world.

    The Martha Gellhorn Prize is given in honour of one of the 20th century’s greatest reporters. It is awarded to a journalist whose work has penetrated the established version of events and told an unpalatable truth, validated by powerful facts that expose establishment propaganda, or ‘official drivel’, as Martha Gellhorn called it.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    “Another ‘Craig’ who seeks the truth and exposes the injustices.


    This year’s Martha Gellhorn Prize has been won by Iona Craig. A freelance journalist reporting from Yemen, etc, etc, etc”

    Has she written anything about female genital mutilation in Yemen, Mary , or does she limit herself to drone strikes?


    Habbabkuk for more balance and less hysteria.

  • Kempe

    Ms Craig has been Yemen correspondent for The Times since 2012 and has broadcast on Sky and the BBC.

    She is therefore not only an active participant in the MSM and its “lies” but one who has taken the Murdoch shilling. Shame on her and the Martha Gellhorn people.

  • Hector

    “The film features interviews with Yes Supporters on their experiences of bias and views on BBC coverage of the independence debate. They also give their views on the BBC post-Yes and there is a clear and unanimous desire for change.”

    Er…if there is an independent Scotland, what makes these people think their views would have any effect on the B.B.C., which would then be a broadcasting organisation owned and run by a foreign country?

  • Mary

    This is really sad news and bad news too because of the inevitable repercussions that will follow.

    30 June 2014 Last updated at 18:56
    Missing Israeli teens found dead near Hebron
    Naftali Frankel (16), Gil-Ad Shaer (16) and Eyal Yifrah (19), found dead near Hebron on 30 June
    The three teenagers went missing on 12 June
    The three Israeli teenagers who went missing earlier this month in the West Bank have been found dead.

  • Mary

    A reminder for the record.

    ‘Aslan is the second Palestinian shot dead on Friday. The killings come on the one week anniversary of the disappearance of three Israeli youths from the Jewish settlement of Gush Etzion. Since the disappearance, Israeli forces have killed three Palestinians and injured dozens in a massive search operation across the West Bank as well as nightly bombings of the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military said on Friday that in the past week, they have raided 1150 “locations,” including homes, charities, universities, and offices, and detained 330 Palestinians, out of which 240 were affiliated with Hamas. Israel has also imposed widespread closures in the southern West Bank region of Hebron, where Israeli authorities suspect that Hamas-affiliated kidnappers may be hiding.

    Israeli soldiers have killed 3 Palestinians in week since teens went missing

  • Phil

    Faecebook successfully manages users emotion in massive secret online experiment. Guardian commentator says:

    “Facebook, I agree with the experts, this little test of yours is DISTUBING!! We are not here for you to use as rats in a lab! Keep pulling this crap and you will lose us all to Google!!”

    It’s got the lot. Google. Caps. Double exclamation. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  • Andrew Leslie

    That crowd peacefully protesting has been accused by Jim Murphy MP of bullying the BBC!


    It’s a tragedy those boys were killed. The tempo of reporting with breathless alarm is also a tragedy, considering it would take the simultaneous death of hundreds of Palestinian children for them to take notice.

  • King of Nothing

    Terrible news about those poor Israeli boys. How can people do such terrible things? And now the repercussions will probably mean more tragedy and suffering.

  • BrianFujisan


    Trying to get into Alcanon’s Joint you Know if its down

    i would prefer to to reply to Ingo over there


    same for me Bri and Clark. I’m glad he came out of his cave after i prodded him with a stick. 🙂

  • mark golding

    The truth is of course very difficult to find and Craig unintentionally or elseways has affirmed a need to correctly frame a story based on actual events.

    Essentially we realise the MSM is only serving the interests of the corporate and political elites. Here lies the rub considering most times the MSM set the agenda which dominates the conversation. An excellent example was the lies fed into the media and reported in the run-up to the Iraq war ie we were 45 minutes from doom or armageddon.

    I myself believe we are at a MSM/New Media tipping point because lost revenue has resulted in bureau closure and therefor less correspondents on the ground. We have seen a rise or expansion of New Media as the Internet has grown to provide feeds such a ‘twitter’ etc and video streaming through services such as ‘Bambuser’ and also social media. Leaks such as WikiLeaks, Global drop and SecureLeak and many others have resulted in a radical transparency without the MSM prism of filtering and lies. The trick here is to EDUCATE people best we can to consume such output. More and more citizen journalism is becoming de rigueur; as an off-ball example I use amateur radio to obtain information from citizen observations on the ground as available in a number of countries.

    We must remember that electronic communication may have started the landslide that gave us a ‘No’ vote in Parliament against the NATO bombing of Syria.

    In truth we are a small open-minded community here at Craig and I accept we must develop and expand. The push-back from our military/security state is gathering more powers. NSA/GCHQ is not looking for terrorists.

    NSA/GCHQ is looking at us, the people.

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