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104 thoughts on “Miliband Plays Racist Card

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  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Looks to me that England, especially its Labour Party, is getting worried that the Yes vote will win in the referendum.

    Miliband is panicking, playing the No vote before it becomes necessary. England will have to see what immigration policies an independent Scotland adopts before it considers borders.

  • craig Post author


    Your last sentence breached the vague connection to sanity criterion and has been deleted. Can remove the rest of the comment if you wish.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    You can do what you want with what remains of my post, but what happened in South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and Malaysia when it comes to man-made disasters is a matter of record, not simply a creation of my alleged crazy brain.

  • ESLO

    “I think it’s certainly the case that we would have to look at the issue of a border if you have different immigration policies.”

    You forgot the qualifier that Miliband gave – are you saying that Scotland would have different immigration policies were it to vote for independence? We tend to hear very little of what Scotland would actually do differently if it were independent compared with attacks on those who are against independence.

  • Herbie

    I’d say that it’s Scotland that may have to beef up its borders, against English refugees.

    Milliband’s a joke. Cameron’s a joke. Clegg’s very obviously a joke. The BBC and UK mainstream media more generally are now the saddest sickest joke in all human history, after US media.

    Will the real leaders please stand up, and show that you have the faintest clue what’s going on in the world today, and say what you intend to do about it.

    Otherwise, we’re all off!

  • guano

    In the big photo he is showing his teeth – long match ban.
    But in the other photo he’s got a Nuri Maliki long face on – I’ve done everything I’ve been told – how many more years of this rubbish before I get my pension?

    It can’t be nice being criticised by your party when all you are is an animation.

  • Greg Dunn

    I think Scotland will need a wall to keep out extreme right wing politicians and those who elected them!

  • antony goddard

    Alarming stories. Will it end being a border or a cease-fire line ?
    Will Scotland become a version of North Korea ? Or will Scotland constantly complain about disruptions to communications run by foreign owned companies ?

  • Hector

    “are you saying that Scotland would have different immigration policies were it to vote for independence”
    “Yes” campaigners have often emphasised that they would encourage more immigration into Scotland, ESLO.
    The problem is- as the proportion of immigrants in England especially compared with Scotland shows- that much more immigrants want to go to England than Scotland. So, an independent Scotland will either have to admit immigrants on the same basis as England, make Scotland much more attractive to immigrants, make sure immigrants do not quietly move to England or face strict border controls at the English border.

    To the people who talk of renovating Hadrian’s Wall: do you propose to hand over large chunks of Durham and Northumberland to Scotland? The Antonine Wall would be a much better candidate for adaptation.

  • Andrew Leslie

    Trowbridge etc
    That’s fine. It means an independent Scotland gaining part of northern England and part of Newcastle.

  • John Edwards

    I think Miliband is making a serious point. Getting into England via Scotland would be an obvious way to evade immigration controls if the relevant rules were to diverge. Nothing to do with racism.

  • Anon

    Scotland is yet to enjoy the full fruits of enforced enrichment. You can therefore be forgiven a certain level of naivety, though our host ought to know better with his disparaging remarks about the English working class.

  • Jives

    Hector ^,

    Antonine wall????

    So just give England a large chunk of the Scottish Central Belt and Lowlands??


  • CanSpeccy

    There’s nothing racist in the indigenous people of Scotland or any other territory claiming the exclusive right to decide how their land is used and the right to benefit from those uses, subject to the restriction that the uses must be consistent with the enjoyment of the land by future generations, such right clearly entailing the right to exclude people from elsewhere who might want to occupy the territory and benefit from its use.

    Such a position is just basic democracy, something we know liberals hate, determined as they are to genocide the European peoples through mass migration, multi-culturalism and the suppression of the actual will of the people.

    Or are you saying that the recent Canadian Supreme Court ruling defining the territorial rights of Canada’s indigenous peoples in precisely the terms I have just used is racist?

  • CanSpeccy

    Or as in the case you cite, there is nothing racist in the indigenous people of England claiming the exclusive right to decide how their land is used, i.e., the right to exclude immigrants from an independent Scotland, among other places, whether they be black, white or khaki.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    I think that the following exchange, between Jemand and Mr Scorgie, is so important that it needs to be reproduced here lest it gets lost in this rapid succession of new threads.

    ““I am a secularist Jemand and I stated that in the post you refer to.”

    That’s not really an answer, Doug. You might have also said you are a stamp collector with equal evasiveness.

    Do you have any objections to Iran being a theocracy? I’m sure you would prefer that it were a liberal secular state, but given that it is not, can we count on you to criticise the ongoing retention of Iran’s theological foundations for its government and the inevitable intolerance of minority religions that goes with state-sanctioned primacy of one religion over all others?”


    Jemand’s question echoes a similar one I put to Mr Scorgie. The point of the question was to see if Mr Scorgie opposes the theological regime in Iran with the salme vigour and passion as he opposes what he claims is a future theological regime in Isarel (Isarel as a “Jewish state”).

    This is your chance to clarify in just a minute,, Doug, without hesitation, deviation or your favorite evasion!

  • craig Post author


    The SNP have made very plain that they intend to have a more liberal immigration policy than England. Alex Salmond has said so repeatedly. The SSP and Greens support this too.

  • guano


    It’s a Racist Card. It’s only politics. It doesn’t mean anything. Immigration is only politics, staving off the old Eastern Bloc, and opening trade to Afghanistan and beyond and back again.

    By my own observation, in the quiet street I live in in Birmingham, the Eastern Europeans are massively respectful of the peaceful law and order they suddenly find themselves in. The Asians will not hesitate to call the police if they feel their UK rights have been infringed.

    Commonsense states that immigrants will not only absorb the values of this country over time but also export them.

  • guano

    Ireland has had had a more open immigration policy than the UK for years, and many Somalis have headed for that as an easy option for immigration. There are huge council flat estates which used to be disaster areas in Nechells which have basically been civilised by the calming force of Somalian Islam.

    Everybody likes picking on neo-colonial-sponsored violence of Islam, created by Western agents who want the oil and minerals under Muslim lands. Let’s never forget the ear-biting episode of the worshippers of football as a collective group of out-of control competitive violence, created by the same elite that makes wars in Somalia and Sudan.

  • OldMark

    An independent Scotland would have to negotiate its own ‘opt out’ of the Schengen area- and given that the EU envisages that even Romania, Bulgaria, & Croatia should join the area at some point, I can foresee the Eurocrats playing hardball on this one.

    If that is the case, an independent Scotland within Schengen, unlike the RoI, would cease to be part of the ‘common travel area’ hitherto covering the British Isles.

    Schengen is, along with the Euro, one of the central pillars of the EU project. Mind you, the whole edifice may collapse before we get to the point of Scotland seeking EU membership as a separate state; Switzerland is a Schengen member, and its decision earlier this year to require work permits from the citizens of some member states has so far elicited no response from Brussels.

  • craig Post author


    Personally I look forward to Scotland joining Schengen. If the Tory Ukippers want to cut England off, very much their loss. I am merely pointing out Miliband is just another Little Englander racist.

  • CanSpeccy

    Immigration is only politics

    Bollocks. On the scale its occurring in Europe it’s genocide.

    Commonsense states that immigrants will not only absorb the values of this country over time but also export them.

    What’s that to do with the the exclusive right of the English to decide how their land is used and their right to benefit from those uses by excluding millions of immigrants as the great majority wish to do?

    Objecting to immigration has nothing to do with one’s views about immigrants as law abiding or civilized people, it is about whether a country is to be occupied by one’s own or posterity or that of a mass of people from elsewhere.

    Mass immigration is the destroyer of diversity. If you love diversity you must respect the right of every nation to a homeland where it remains itself rather than being mongrelized out of existence, a process known technically as introgressive hybridization.

    Anyhow all those Muslims in Britain, including MP’s, demanding a Muslim dominated House of Commons and Sharia law are not respecters of British culture. They are settlers intent of remaking the land in their own cultural and racial image.

  • Mary

    The ‘news’ from Westminster becomes ever more surreal. The coalition is in its death throes and the ambitious but useless Miliband attempts some point scoring. He fails.

  • CanSpeccy

    Miliband is just another Little Englander racist.

    Let me ask it again, since you refused to answer the first time:

    Are you calling Canada’s Supreme Court racist for stating that Canada’s indigenous peoples have the “he exclusive right to decide how their land is used and the right to benefit from those uses,” and if not, on what possible basis can the principle underlying Milliband’s position be deemed racist, when it is clearly in keeping with the wishes of the great majority of the people of England. Christ, even most immigrants in England thing there are too many immigrants.

  • Jives


    “He fails”

    Almost as if that was the plan from the start…perish the thought :.)

  • Anon

    “Christ, even most immigrants in England think there are too many immigrants.”

    Never enough for Craig. They must be waycist.

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