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104 thoughts on “Miliband Plays Racist Card

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  • Mary

    Miliband was hosted by Standard Life. A nice lunch in the directors’ dining room was provided presumably.

    ‘Edinburgh-based pensions firm Standard Life, which has nearly 4 million customers in Britain and 5,000 employees in Scotland, has said it will take “whatever action necessary” to protect its business in the event of a breakaway vote, including moving its operations to England.’

    CBI backs no vote in Scottish independence referendum
    Business lobby group accused of failing to consult members before formally registering position, with two firms resigning

    The speech is even worse in print.

  • guano


    I get knocked down. Then I get up again. Genocide is the mass slaughter created by neo/colonial-sponsored ethnic hatred.
    I have heard one of the most senior UK imams call for it in a heated moment, bujt we never heard from him again. I think he got promoted.

    Craig, don’t be daft. Miliband is a stooge. He doesn’t have a racist bone in his penis. Anyway what is it with this penis obsession of yours? Kilt thrill? Twirl it a bit faster, and can you face the audience like a ballet dancer between spins. Ask you wife for lessons.

  • Abe Rene

    Ireland and the UK are part of the “Common Travel Area” and people travel freely within it without the need for a passport. I’ve no reason to doubt that an independent Scotland would be part of it. Why, O why does Milliband talk BS like this?

  • Tony M

    The last I heard, the Scottish Government after the Yes Vote and thus the government post the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections, which in all probabilty will be majority SNP, were committed to the existing Common Travel Area (CTA) currently existing within the British Isles, including the largest island, Ireland, and smaller ones such as the Isle of Man, external controls all remaining the same. It is irresponsible for the No parties – Labour-Tory-LibDem – to initiate scares such as this latest nonsense. They are saying one thing in Scotland, where they have no hope now or in the future of ever governing again, thankfully, and saying another in England, where sadly for my brothers and sisters there and elsewhere in the remaining parts of the UK, one or another or a combination of this ultra-right troika will govern for the forseeable future until they can mothball Westminster and march its indignant malignants, the troughers and war criminals off to face the collective justice that must go with collective responsibility for their actions.

    There is no advantage and many disadvantages in residual-UK scrapping the CTA after Scotland’s independence, therefore it won’t happen and if any equivalent system were introduced it would be in the interests of all parties that their is little or no change, those involved wouldn’t be just Scotland and London alone (if disappointingly Westminster were still governing all of England by then), but representatives, from Wales, from Ireland, from many political and geographic entities, the remnant Westminster zombie government, bypassed and impotent, would be in a minority at plenipotentiary level and their ‘lockdown’ views would not be shared by the people at large throughout the British Isles, resisted and impossible to implement. As to your granny and sister’s husbands in-laws being ‘foreign’, how will they cope with the implicit backwardness and skittishness or the shame and distress such pejoratives from repulsive British Nationalists would cause them, they might ‘go native’ and start eating one other! We’ll all still be British, all still be Europeans, no one would suggest for example that the people of France conjoined by geography to the European continent are any less European because they partly or wholly self-identify as French.

    Take heart Miliband and Cameron (Clegg and his party already a footnote) will, neither of them, be around much longer; in Scotland they’ll be a distant bad memory, yesterday’s Nobodies, sooner than later, as soon as September 17th dawns this year, but now the prospect looms they’ll be gone from all our lives even before then. Whatever they say now, negotiations between independent Scotland’s elected representatives, between the referendum this year and the next Scottish Parliament elections in 2016, will be with whatever sharks replace them, the dream team Boris Johnson and Son of the manse, the man of the people whizz-kid bankster/accountant from leafy Bishopton, representing the poverty hotpsot of Paisley South once held by the suicided Gordon Macmaster with majorities over 20,000, but now held by Alexander by the skin of his teeth, a few thousand mugs.

  • CanSpeccy

    Genocide is the mass slaughter

    Bollocks again.

    The crime of the Reich in wantonly and deliberately wiping out whole peoples is not utterly new in the world. It is only new in the civilized world as we have come to think of it. It is so new in the traditions of civilized man that he has no name for it.

    It is for this reason that I (Raphael Lemkin) took the liberty of inventing the word, “genocide. … …As Von Rundstedt has suggested the term does not necessarily signify mass killings although it may mean that. … More often it refers to a coordinated plan aimed at destruction of the essential foundations of the life of national groups so that these groups wither and die like plants that have suffered a blight …

  • guano


    Genocide has been the norm in Iraq under Nuri Maliki for the last seven years. More petro genocide sponsored by NATO and Saudis in revenge at the hands of ISIS taking place as we speak.

    The Sunni residents of Syria or Baghdad have always tolerated ethnic and sectarian pluralism. Or as the Kurdish tell me, Microwave radiation from phone masts is not dangerous, being hung upside down, beaten and electrocuted by Arab dictators is dangerous.

    Genocide is what happens when the Western petro-neo-cons step in.

  • kashmiri

    CanSpeccy, you only forgot that the majority of today’s Englishmen/women have very little in common with “indigenous people”. Back to history classes? Or you rather prefer genetic anthropology?

  • guano


    Gonads! It’s the same word in the whole of Indo-European civilisation from London to Lahore. If your ancestors hadn’t had wanderlust, you wouldn’t even have been born.

  • Tony M

    So if a recent immigrant living and working in Scotland say with their family or a friend wished to visit England’s say or Wales’ or Ireland’s many tourist attractions and fine scenery, Miliband’s not having it. What an idiot, I think he’s crying for help: “someone please topple me, oh why have you forsaken me St. Tony of Blair?”

    Is there any Labour Party left.

  • CanSpeccy

    Of course Canspeccy’s might find it more difficult to justify separation when we are all pretty much the same genetically

    John Buchan, when at Oxford, was among Scotch students forming a Hibernian Society. Some English students were prompted by this to form a society for Anglos. However, on investigation they were unable to find anyone whose ancestry was not in some degree contaminated by Scottish blood, so they had to give up on the idea.

    To the Romans, the people of Britain were all Picts or Picti, painted people. Later the Romans referred to the English by their tribal names, but as they never conquered Scotland the people there continued to be known to the Romans as Picts. Hence, the widespread misconception that the Scots were a totally different breed to the English.

    In fact, there are racial differences, North Eastern Scotland, for example, still being occupied by fair-haired blue-eyed Vikings like those who settled Iceland, whereas the Western Isles are mostly inhabited by Celts closely related to the Irish while the lowlands are dominated by Anglos, people with names such as Bissett, Boyle, Colville, Corbett, Gifford, Hay, Kinnear and Fraser …

    Personally, I’m against Scottish separation because it will weaken both England and Scotland and reduce them to greater subservience to the undemocratic EU and NATO (to which Scotland will certainly have to belong).

    But I recognize the democratic right of the Scotch to separate and also of the democratic right of the English to keep out of England anyone they want to keep out, whether from Scotland or anywhere else.

  • CanSpeccy

    CanSpeccy, you only forgot that the majority of today’s Englishmen/women have very little in common with “indigenous people”

    Ha! The voice of the true settler. The English most of whom could by genome analysis trace their descent from those inhabiting England for thousands of years, are just crap suitable for immediate genocide, apparently.

  • Anton

    “Ed Miliband: Labour will close the land border with independent Scotland lest black people and other foreigners get in.”

    Craig, you must surely know that that’s a straightforward lie. Why do you post such racist nonsense?


    “In legal and political contexts, then, “indigenous” has to be understood as a complex term that is conditional on current circumstance, not as an absolute and unchanging descriptor for a state of being. It specifically recognises that a people or tribe has become marginalised within the dominant society thanks to a history of conquest, colonisation, and/or absorption into a nation state. As the sociologist and anthropologist Mathias Guenther puts it: “Indigenous is a term applied to people – and by the people to themselves – who are engaged in an often desperate struggle for political rights, for land, for a place and space within a modern nation’s economy and society.” This is why there is frequently a dual emphasis on a group’s describing itself as indigenous, and its acceptance as such by other indigenous groups”

    I guess some feel the word ‘indigenous’ is synonymous with ‘I’ve got mine so screw you”.

  • fred

    A state having border controls on it’s border?

    Who’d have thought of it?

    Whatever next?

    How racist.

  • CanSpeccy

    It’s the same word in the whole of Indo-European civilisation from London to Lahore.

    Guano to that.

    Try learning at least a little bit whereof you speak. There is no Indo-European civilization from London to Lahore.

    Try Samuel P. Huntington, the Clash of Civilizations, for example. You don`t have to accept the political ideology of the author to understand that the peoples of the world are of many civilizations. Aryan Shiite Muslim in Iran, Aryan Hindu in India, Aryan Christian-derived in England.

    Civilizations are not defined simply by predominant religious tradition but the religious tradition strongly influences culture and civilization. If you doubt that read Francis Fukuyama, the Origins of the Political Order, before making fatuous assertions about the universality of human culture.

    Of course the universalization of America`s crap culture is the objective of the New World Ordure of which Craig Murray is a staunch advocate. Hence his refusal to address the issue of genocide by mass migration and multiculturalism.

  • jock wishart

    Scotland has an emigration problem not an immigration problem. In an independent Scotland we, the people of Scotland will fix that.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    A volcanic eruption in Iceland’s Hekla volcano could create a disaster for Scotland like the Laki one in 1783.

    All you would need is something to trigger the eruption of the magna, and Scotland would have a food crisis within months – what UK volcanologists are already planning for.

  • fred

    “Craig, you must surely know that that’s a straightforward lie. Why do you post such racist nonsense?”

    Because he’s a rabid fanatical Nationalist.

    As I see it either Scotland would have to agree a common immigration policy or people travelling from Scotland to Britain would have to answer questions like “what is the purpose of your visit?” and “how long do you intend to stay?”.

  • fred

    “Scotland has an emigration problem not an immigration problem. In an independent Scotland we, the people of Scotland will fix that.”

    Yes, we’ll keep them Jakies at Waverlie not Victoria.

  • YouKnowMyName

    1) I agree with Miliband that there will be an Anglo-immigration problem with New Scotland. There’ll be long queues to get in, but this will eventually be solved with the secession of Northumbria/Yorkshire and the other northern counties over the next fifty years.

    2) Btw the Commission is having quiet words with Helvetia over Schengen, something will be mutually worked-out. COM works on a slightly different time-frame to national governments.

    3) Did anyone in the UK notice that the Austrian high-court has confirmed the EC Court of Justice ruling that the Farr/Cheltenham sponsored ‘spooks charter’ Data Retention Directive is invalid, you’ll hear about it when the judgement is published!

  • Hector

    “Scotland has an emigration problem not an immigration problem. In an independent Scotland we, the people of Scotland will fix that.”

    The way the German Democratic Republic did, Jock Wishart?

  • Jemand

    Craig, please don’t censor Trowbridge’s comments. Apart from you, he is the only person who has survived working in the state apparatus and survived to inform us of what evil lies within the great, evil machine. Those death-ray earthquake lasers really are scary. And without him blowing his own whistle, which is a remarkable feat in itself, we would know nothing of this matter.

    WRT porous Scottish borders, Oz has a bit of a problem with NZ being fairly liberal with some of its policies. As a result, it is considered the backdoor to Oz – so to speak (and joke).

    Don’t be surprised to find illicit whisky stills being set up on the Scots side of the border and moonshiners running crates of the Fake McCoy by specially outfitted vehicles across state lines with angry cops in hot pursuit. It might sound all glamorous and what, but that cheap liquor really does burn in the back of your throat.

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