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by craig on July 9, 2014 3:33 pm in Uncategorized

The BBC has … started its news broadcast as usual from Ashkelon in Israel, highlighting rocket attacks on Israel. There is no mention on the BBC – there has never been any mention on the BBC, or anywhere in the Western mainstream media – that for at least 4,000 years Ashkelon was an Arab town, until in 1948 the entire, Arab population of 12,000 was driven out by armed force, many being massacred. Doubtless some older inhabitants of Gaza are refugees whose home is Ashkelon.

Israel is exercising its right of self-defence in precisely the same sense that Hitler was exercising the right of self-defence in Normandy in 1944 – ie not at all. Why the world puts up with this blatant ethnic cleansing and prolonged, agonizing genocide of the Palestinian people, I have no idea. It is not just about bombs and rockets and deaths now. It is about the shepherds being pushed out of their village in 2012 as part of the same process as the massacre of Ashkelon in 1948, all a process of genocide of the Palestinians in which Obama, Clinton, Cameron and Hague, as two whole generations of western politicians before them, are actively complicit.

I blogged this on 21 November 2012. Today every single BBC News bulletin leads with precisely the same trick, from precisely the same stolen Arab village. There is evidently a BBC policy to bias coverage of massacre in Gaza by basing it in the stolen town of Ashkelon. Every single BBC news programme is led by a report of the terror of people in Ashkelon at the rocket attacks which have killed and maimed – precisely nobody. There is then a brief “balancing” mention of the continual bombing of Gaza, which sometimes does and sometimes does not mention that at least 25 people have been killed, and hundreds maimed. Of the five reports I have seen, not one has mentioned that many of the Palestinian dead are women and children (although I once saw it on the strapline underneath). Rather the BBC says that “the Israeli government states it is targeting militants and weapons factories”.

The time given to the attacks on Palestine is abut 25% of that given to the rocket attacks on Israel. The coverage is also very different – we see human interest coverage of Israelis hiding from rockets in cafes. There is nothing remotely similar of the Palestinians under infinitely more deadly attack. There was one showing of funeral footage from Gaza, not of any of the women or children killed but of someone the BBC told us was simply a “militant”.

It is so blatant it is absolutely sickening. There are decent people I know in the BBC. Why do they put up with this?

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  1. A Tale Of Two Titans – Jon Snow of C4 News And Jeremy Bowen of BBC News
    The Medialens Editors 9 July 2014

  2. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    11 Jul, 2014 - 4:24 pm

    Mr Scorgie

    “Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !
    10 Jul, 2014 – 5:26 pm

    “Warning civilians to leave an area likely to come under military attack is quite obviously an egregious beach of international law and, as such, fully merits Mr Scorgie’s condemnation at 16h04 above.”

    “That’s right isn’t it, Doug?”

    The Israeli tactic Habbabkuk, is to frighten civilians into leaving their homes in order to destroy them, leaving them homeless.

    Extensive civilian deaths lead to bad PR.”

    Now make your mind up between those two reasons – are the Israelis issuing those warnings in order to save civilian* lives (meaning avoiding bad PR) or is it so that they can destroy homes (thereby leaving civilians homeless)?

    BTW, if it’s the former, then they’re not making a good fist of it, are they? Cf the number of destroyed or heavily damaged houses mentioned by one of the Excellences on a more recent thread)


    “However Habbabkuk, as you will know, bombing civilian homes and infrastructure is still against international humanitarian law.

    Do you not condemn such practices?”

    In principle I do indeed, Doug, as I hope you would the Hamas practice of embedding “military” installations in densely populated civilian areas (which I believe is also contrary to international law?).

    Hope that helps.

    BTW, the Master has spoken! (Baal, 11h30)

  3. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    11 Jul, 2014 - 4:31 pm

    From Baal to Mr Scorgie, presumably about me* :

    “Doug, please stop quoting its idiot objections to everything everyone says.”


    Probably desperate that his Habbabreak isn’t working properly or blacks out too many other comments.

    Quite the little dictator isn’t he, worried about the gaps on his own personal separation wall.

    * I suppose that if he calls me by name he’d be hoist with his own Habba-petard and wouldn’t be able to read his own appeal LOL

  4. I often used to wonder what a lost prophet was. Now I know what a totally lost prophet is.

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