The Currency of Hatred 87

The No campaign is convinced it has won the referendum over the question of what currency will be used in an independent Scotland. Being convinced they have won, they are starting to show their true feelings.

Everybody in Scotland should read the comments section on this report by the Labour supporting Guardian. That truly horrible, sneering tone is a foretaste of what is in store for Scotland if it votes No in the referendum.

States have currencies. Ireland, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, all have currencies, some unique and some shared. Scotland might keep the pound. Otherwise the Scottish economy is perfectly strong enough and Scots perfectly capable of taking another of the many available options. It is entirely a media construct that this is the issue that can halt independence – a construct initiated by George Osborne in cahoots with Darling and their media lackeys.

What is undeniable is that these people actually would act with deliberate malice towards an independent Scotland. The hatred of the Scots is there for all to see. This is not the Telegraph or the Mail. It is the Guardian. Read the comments and judge of their tone and intent. Do you really want to get down on your knees before this hatred, and surrender?

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87 thoughts on “The Currency of Hatred

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  • JimmyGiro

    “Do you really want to get down on your knees before this hatred and surrender?”

    Are you appealing to the Highlanders, or Lowlanders?

    Paranoia has no national boundaries, once set loose, it stampedes all before it.

  • MEF

    ‘The hatred of the scots…’ – a bit of propaganda of your own…

    Come on we should be better than this.

  • Hetty

    I cannot bare to read the dross coming out of the guardian, as I know decent folk who still read it and seem to believe the lies, even here in Scotland. What I do wonder, is just how clued up or educated people really are about economics at all? I mean, having been to a very large state school in Gateshead, where we had absolutely no education about politics or economics, I can still see through the utter lies about currency when it comes to Scotland’s Independence.
    I hope in an Independent Scotland, that we can ensure that all children have a grounding in politics and economics, or at the very least, that they are shown how manipulative the media can be, and how easily they can be brain washed.
    And the more I see the hatred toward Scotland from her neighbour, the more I wish Jackie Baille was right, if we only we really could just be more geographically distant, if only.

  • mary V

    What a bunch of obnoxious morons, who have absolutely no clue. I am sorry to say I have never voted SNP but Alec and his deputy Nicola are the best politicians by far in the UK, miles ahead of the rest. I see Dumfries is ahead in the polls, survation I think. We WILL win.

  • Hetty

    oops sorry the typos in my comment, tired. Oh and I was referring to the Wings Over Scotland article today which had a J Baille recording where she says that immigrants would be more ‘geographically distant’ in England, if we were Independent., or some such idiotic comment. My self and my son were aghast!

  • Mau Mau

    The British ruling class will stop at nothing to thwart peaceful self-determination of their first colony. HMG will stuff the ballot boxes, increase violent repression, assassinate leaders. The referendum is only the beginning. Slovenian special forces veterans and the IRA can help you with next steps.

  • Stevenson

    There is a disturbing amount of ugly abusive anti Scottish comment on Referendum articles in the London press. The Independent is the worst, by far, but the Guardian can claim a surprising number of illiberal lounge bar bigots as readers of its online articles. It is impossible to say how representative ithat is of English opinion but i have never seen an anti English comment in the same threads, indeed the words England and English are virtually absent from these comments and from the debate in Scotland. It is not about England. The standards set by the respective spokesmen for the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ sides may have something to do with that situation.

  • BrianFujisan

    Fuck sake…Too many to Chose From…i went back to Page one looking for the “Scotland dose not own the crown jewels ” comment…i think its in Moderation.. Some bunch, hard going.

    “Gets funnier and funnier. Can we delay the referendum for a year and watch Salmond’s mental breakdown play out in glorious tartan technicolour?”

    “What a desperate idiot Salmond is. A dangerous little fat rabble rouser. It’ll take two generations to get over the damage he’s already caused.”

    “And it is Salmond who wants to split up the UK. Scotland are not in a position to dictate what bits of the UK it wants to retain were they to opt to leave.”

    “Threatening to renege on Scotland’s share of the debt, what an utterly repulsive person Salmond is.”

    “That’s right, Scotland would have zero control over its currency and no credible lender of last resort.
    And this is the Nats’ vision of independence? What a fucking joke”

  • Richard

    Here’s a particularly obnoxious comment I found there:

    “It is really disappointing that the Yes campaign leadership , with which I have some large element of sympathy , have simply failed to grasp , either at the time of the Edinburgh agreement or now , that the issue of currency and independence are critical to each other. They look petulant , underesearched , and lacking in a basic grasp of economics. Of course Scotland can use the pound , but it will have no economic sovereignty , of course it can renege on its share of net debt , but the bond markets and the EU will close to it. There won’t be a currency union because it would be stupid for HMT to guarantee the fiscal policy of another country. So Sillars is completely right , plan B is a Scottish currency , always was , and it would require honesty with the electors of Scotland as to what that meant , difficult but wholly possible. But how can Salmond now say that with 6 weeks to go , his lack of preparedness on this central point will produce a No vote , and the Yes supporters deserved better from someone who is portrayed as so clever .”

    God, where do they get these racist, homophobic bigots from?

  • Tony M

    I don’t know why you might think the Guardian (a scurrilous pull-out section of the high-brow AutoTrader Magazine) differs in any way from the Daily Heil or the Torygraph, or even the Busted BritNat Broadcasting Corporation’s nauseous deathbed emissions. The Guardian has stood behind the Labour Party as it lurched off further right than even Mrs Thatcher took the Tories; Martin Kettle and Michael White for a time and probably still do every few weeks tout some hilarious attempt to re-habilitate their own mass-murdering war criminal accomplice: Tony Blair. They beat the drums for war ceaselessly, with Iraq, with Iran, in Syria, no doubt too in East Ukraine/Donetsk and assailed us with a megaphone in promoting every false pretext justification for gung-ho indiscrimate slaughter of ‘them’; readers could understably be mistaken they’re reading their supremacist porn stash of Hotspur and Victor comics, as they’re dishing out deadly Kapows! Thuds! and Thumps! to dusky foreign types the world over, daily. They have a homeopathic methodology in respect to truth, every rare article on Palestine for example that touches on the crux of the issue, is a tiny atomised droplet in an ocean of lies, the pretence of balance exposed by its unwavering backing for the Zionist enterprise from its conspiratorial inception, through to its near realistion of a comprehensive pre-meditated genocide of the whole Arab world. It represents a danger to peace and to humanity a thousand times worse than anything the German (and we might add Ukranian) Nazis could dream of, and Israel itself is hardly any less dangerous than The Guardian has become. Their surviving demographic probably have multiple pre-paid funeral plans in case they’re resurrected and stuck for a coffin and a hole in the ground, and like ancient warriors would be buried with the things that would matter to them in the afterlife, their Andrew and Fergie crockery, a ride-on-lawnmower, sundry masonic regalia, a portrait of Churchill, and a pile of those same ultra-violent militaristic comics for boys and girls exploitable urges implanted to kill and be killed on behalf of Empire.

    In other words, nobody cares what the Graun, the BBC or U-KOK say or do. Let them clatter their gums together, Scotland’s future is cast and they’re not in it. They represent much that is wrong and is bad in the toxic vanity state that was the imploding UK. As the rest of the UK’s docile masses awaken from their over-long slumber and scent real democracy on their doorstep, they’ll soon fashion some for themselves and with that leap, leave these hopelessly tainted and shameful organisations to wither in the wake of human progress.

  • kathy

    Craig, I fled from that thread in complete shock at the bile and hatred so your post was balm to my soul. Any Scot who could vote No after reading that must really have no self respect.

  • Jives

    Why you surprised Craig?

    The Grauniad is just another Zionist/Unionist rag full of servile stringers.

    Christ,they even give Aaronovitch space to spout his bought and paid for genuinely insane guff.

    Nuff said.

  • Hell hath no fury like a nation scorned

    If the result of this referendum is that you Scots tell us English and Welsh to fuck off, that we’re not good enough for you, do you seriously expect us all to smile nicely and say “well done Jock”?

  • BrianFujisan

    “Who cares?
    All of this talk about what will happen to the Scottish economy, the pound, the EU, oil, etc etc are little more than a distraction.
    After a yes vote Scotland will carry on much as before and so will the rest of the UK.
    The real, and best, reason for Scotland to vote yes is emotional.
    Scotland doesn’t like being governed by Westminster. So fine, they should leave.
    I visit Scotland often and am surprised at the hatred of the English I have encountered.
    We are better apart. Everyone I know in England wants Scotland to vote yes.
    So, please vote yes Scotland. Please.”

    I mean WTF

    Look, i have never in my life seen Scottish people show Hatred towards The English…Nor would i stand for it in my crowd..but it is a false rant… There are Numpties out there…And the Media sure Know how control them…

    Example…The one and only time i encountered a direct challenge of racism, was because i was/ am in the habit of wearing the desert scarf on my head… The half drunk Bitch did not expect me to be Scottish and Local… There were, as always plenty of English around, including one of the two guys i was with… Plenty Goths n Heavy rockers too… but only one soul wearing a desert scarf on the Napper…No excuse but Brainless.. However..we all Know that The The bbc…and MSM Push these sentiments with the fake War on Terr Ect.

    Tony M

    Very Nice Last Paragraph there. Well said

  • Jives

    Hell Hath No Fury Like a Confused Eejit,

    “If the result of this referendum is that you Scots tell us English and Welsh to fuck off, that we’re not good enough for you, do you seriously expect us all to smile nicely and say “well done Jock”?”

    Jesus,ive read a few but that’s genuinely the most abysmal and deranged troll post for a while.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    On this question of currency – I make the following observations.
    1. Saddam Hussein – I believe – had his mind made up that once the UN sanctions were lifted he would then trade Iraqi oil for Euros – and not the previous US dollar payments.
    2. Colonel Gadaffi – had a plan to launch an all Africa currency backed by Libyan gold. The African Union ( AU) had bought into and accepted the plan.
    Then we are compelled to question, without any unipolar attempts at explanation for the commencement of the disastrous “Mission accomplished” wars ( both in Iraq and Libya) and decide on a global power structure to maintain the traditional currency architecture – thus continue with currency status quo ( i.e. following sterling the US now is and shall remain the world’s reserve currency).
    Challenge – then – war – “Mission accomplished”.
    Any thoughts anyone.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    George F. Kennan can be described as the architect of the “cold war”. An American diplomat and thinker and here are some of his most famous quotes:-
    “Were the Soviet Union to sink tomorrow under the waters of the ocean, the American military-industrial establishment would have to go on, substantially unchanged, until some other adversary could be invented. Anything else would be an unacceptable shock to the American economy.”
    ― George F. Kennan
    “We should cease to talk about vague and unreal objectives such as human rights, the raising of the living standards, and democratization. The day is not far off when we are going to have to deal in straight power concepts. The less we are then hampered by idealistic slogans, the better.”
    ― George F. Kennan
    “In the face of this situation we would be better off to dispense now with a number of the concepts which have underlined our thinking with regard to the Far East. We should dispense with the aspiration to ‘be liked’ or to be regarded as the repository of a high-minded international altruism. We should stop putting ourselves in the position of being our brothers’ keeper and refrain from offering moral and ideological advice. We should cease to talk about vague — and for the Far East — unreal objectives such as human rights, the raising of the living standards, and democratization. The day is not far off when we are going to have to deal in straight power concepts. The less we are hampered by idealistic slogans, the better.”
    ― George F. Kennan
    My point here is that what we are seeing unfolding in the world is not something that was not anticipated and perceived far ahead of time.
    The problem is the wars when the time comes – and we are getting there very fast – and I bring it together in this way…
    All comments are welcomed.
    Educate me.

  • Tony M

    HHNFLANS (Hell Hath …):

    Hell, like heaven, and god(s) are fantasies of cruel indoctrination. You there believer in ‘hell’ seem to think Scotland’s Independence is rejection of our brothers and sisters, neighbours living amongst these islands, far from it. Anyone would wonder how you got such bizarre ideas, no-one person could come up with anything so preposterous, this level of ignorance takes help from professionals, however much he might claim such prize muddled thinking is all his own work, it’s a copy for sure of some other unionist scholars of bedrock repute. Though his or her more detailed analysis of the UK’s democratic drought is I presume, still to follow, and their manner seems powerfully repulsive, I’m sure this is just awkwardness, a sort of shyness manifesting in aggression and uncomprehending misdirected rage, some glandular thing which a cup of tea and soothing sounds of sweet birdsong would assuage. Will ye no come back agin, we’ll get some nice biscuits in, do tell us please, ought vermin in ermine aye determine a’thing?

    Independence is though a final rejection in unequivocal terms – after trying for decades within the UK – to be be rid of the most awful governments which were chosen for us by raffle and which are anathema to most of our political insights and long cogitated ideas, governments unwanted consisting of execrable crooks, inhabiting the sewers of Westminster and the rogue state within a rogue state of the City of London that pillages all of Britain and all its people for the enrichment of an ugly grasping elite few that too long arrogantly presumed they’ll always go unchallenged, uninterruptibly compelling the whole of the host population to render unto them all, in perpetuity.

  • Mary

    Forget the Guardian muck. Take time out to listen to the beautiful playing of Nicola Benedetti. I went to one of her concerts this year. Absolutely breathtaking and her smile is like sunshine.

    Homecoming – A Scottish Fantasy

    Released on 7th July 2014

    “This recording is deeply personal. It’s not often that a classical musician from Scotland has the good fortune of playing music from home, an opportunity I have greatly cherished over the last six months.”

    1. Scottish Fantasy Introduction
    2. Scottish Fantasy Scherzo
    3. Scottish Fantasy Andante Sostenuto
    4. Scottish Fantasy Finale
    5. Ae Fond Kiss
    6. Auld Lang Syne Variations
    7. My Love is Like a Red Red Rose
    8. Spey in Spate and The Hurricane
    9. Dean Brig o Edinburgh and Banks Hornpipe
    10. Aberlady
    11. Mouth Music and Tunes set
    12. The Gentle Light That Wakes Me
    13. Coisich a Ruin
    14. Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond
    15. Ashokan Farewell
    16. Chan e Caoidh Mhic Shiridh

    11/08/14 Edinburgh at Edinburgh Festival
    22/08/14 Edinburgh at Edinburgh Festival
    02/09/14 Seoul at Seoul Performing Arts Centre

  • BrianFujisan


    YES… You guys out there Living the Fkn Wars..Craig… Yirsel..Defending wee souls…

    And you Know where most of the rest of us are with you…Just trying to survive..but we are at least HERE…and with you.

  • Courtenay Barnett


    You may not believe me.

    I have said it before. Two death threats and one indication of arson on my home because I do actually have a conscience and care.

    If I can care more for you and all the suffering then maybe read this..

    As I said – it actually is unfolding as I type. Thanks – George kennan..
    Check it out..
    “Obama’s War Against Russia Backfire

    By Eric Zuesse
    August 07, 2014 “ICH” – U.S. President Barack Obama’s war against Russia isn’t only causing Russia to cooperate more strongly with the other BRIC countries to break the U.S. dollar’s reign as the global reserve currency, but it’s also causing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s job-approval rating in Russia to soar, and the confidence that the Russian people have in their own Government to soar likewise.”

    Educate yourself.

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