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Israeli economics minister Naftali Bennett has claimed of Binyamin Netanyahu that “The prime minister is not a private person but the leader of the Jewish state and the whole Jewish world.” Really? Netanyahu is the leader of all the Jews in London, or California, or Ethiopia, who may never have set foot in his state?

This extraordinary remark by Bennett lays bare the fundamental flaw in the very concept of Israel. It is not a modern state, defined as a territory and comprising all the various citizens of whatever descent who live within it. It is rather a vicious racist construct, defined absolutely by race, refusing territorial limits, and with an aggressive theocratic overlay that claims tribal superiority over the entire rest of the world.


Here is a picture of the New Zealand cricket team. In the last twelve months, New Zealand cricket teams have fielded payers including Hamish Rutherford, Peter Fulton, Colin Munro, Dean Brownlie, Ross Taylor, Rob Nicol, Corey Anderson, Grant Elliott, Jimmy Neesham, Kyle Mills, Adam Milne and Mark Craig, not to mention the McCullum brothers. But if I told you that Alex Salmond was the leader of all Scots around the world, including the Black Caps, you would quite rightly call me a nutter.

We would not tolerate the level of racism in any other country that we tolerate from Israel. There was a huge outcry against Labour MP Paul Flynn who dared question whether it was sensible to send a strongly professed Zionist Jew as British ambassador to Israel, but when the Israeli government itself proclaim the political leadership of all Jews all over the world, it is a logical impossibility not to ask the question.

I wish nothing but good to all people, including all Jewish people, but by their increasingly hardline racialist approach, their unceasing encroachment on Palestinian land and their rigorous adoption of all the racist mechanisms of an apartheid state internally, I feat that the window of opportunity for a peaceful future for those Jewish people living in what is currently Israel is closing fast.

It must be universally proclaimed: there is not a single racial group in the whole world from whom worldwide racial claims of political allegiance, or an internal racially based legislative order, are acceptable. Bennett’s remarks are beyond the limit of civilised political discourse.

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  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    I watched this film, Echelon: The Secret Power, when it was first released in 2002. Now it’s old news but back then it was the first I’d heard of Echelon. Its main message, however, was to alert the public to the coming information war. Military force would become secondary to controlling what people learned about the world. New technologies would make it possible to manipulate people in ways Goebbels could only have dreamt about. The battleground of the 21st century would be information control.

     Since then, barely a day has passed when I haven’t been reminded of that message. Today’s reminder is courtesy of Facebook:

    “Facebook Conducted Another Secret Experiment On Users
    Facebook quietly tweaked the news feeds of 1.9 million users before the 2012 election so they would see more “hard news” shared by friends.
    That change may have boosted voter turnout by as much as 3 percent, according to a little-known study first disclosed Friday by Mother Jones.
    For the study, news articles that Facebook users’ friends had posted appeared higher in their feeds — the stream of status updates, photos and articles that show up when you first sign on to the site. The researchers wanted to see whether increasing your exposure to news stories shared by friends before an election would convince you to vote.”

  • MJ

    “The ever reliable Veterans Today attributes the information to Snowden though”

    Why “though”? Snowden is surely the best and most reliable source of real information we have. Who would you prefer? The Sun? Frank Gardner? Mickey Mouse?

  • DoNNyDarKo

    105 Israeli ex-generals, spy chiefs call on Netanyahu to make peace with Palestinians
    “We’re on a steep slope toward an increasingly polarized society and moral decline, due to the need to keep millions of people under occupation on claims that are presented as security-related,” reserve Major General Eyal Ben-Reuven told RT.

  • Kempe

    ” Snowden is surely the best and most reliable source of real information we have. ”

    Perhaps, if he actually said it and I’ve not seen any evidence that he did. It wouldn’t be the first time something has been falsely attributed to him. Point was Daoonydarko’s link attributed the story to a completely different source!

  • Mary

    Leftists Draft Letter to PM Calling for Peace Talks

    Signatories say peace talks would prevent war, claim negotiating with Hamas-PA government is a ‘courageous initiative.’

    ‘Over 100 former high-ranking Israeli army members, police officers and spy chiefs have called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to pursue peace with the Palestinians, media reported Monday.

    “We, the undersigned, reserve IDF (army) commanders and retired police officers, who have fought in Israel’s military campaigns, know first-hand of the heavy and painful price exacted by wars,” 105 signatories said in a joint letter addressed to Netanyahu.

    Excerpts of the letter were published by the Yediot Aharonot website.

    It called on Netanyahu to embark on a “courageous initiative” and make peace with the Palestinians and other Arab states.

    “We fought bravely for the country in the hope that our children would live here in peace, but we got a sharp reality check, and here we are again sending our children out onto the battlefield,” it said.

    “This is not a question of left or right. What we have here is an alternative option for resolving the conflict that is not based solely on bilateral negotiations with the Palestinians, which have failed time and again.

    “We expect a show of courageous initiative and leadership from you. Lead — and we will stand behind you,” said the letter.

    The website said the letter was the brainchild of major general Amnon Reshef, a former armored corps commander.

    It added that Reshef was “sick and tired of a reality of rounds of fighting every few years instead of a genuine effort to adopt the Saudi initiative.” This refers to the Arab Peace Initiative drawn up in 2002 by oil kingpin Saudi Arabia, which called on Israel to withdraw from Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria, in exchange for a normalization of ties with Arab countries.

    Monday’s letter is the latest in a string of leftist letters to Netanyahu published in the Israeli press in recent months.

    The first “war of letters” began in March, when 50 leftist teens sent a letter to the Prime Minister expressing objections to the mandatory draft for ideological reasons.

    Zionist teens – over 200 of them – drafted a counter-letter in response, which quickly went viral.

    Then, in September, 43 left-wing reservists sent a letter to Netanyahu decrying the “crimes” of the IDF against Palestinians. Shortly afterwards, some 200 past and present soldiers in the unit signed a counter-letter debunking the claims and expressing anger at what they said was a politically-motivated smear against the army.’

  • Tim

    Are you saying that this is why she was moved out of DFID?

    Lynne Featherstone: Forgive me if I do not give way, as I have only two minutes left to conclude my remarks. A stifled Palestinian economy is not in Israel’s security interests. Poverty and hopelessness drive radicalisation. The restrictions on legitimate trade drove transactions through the tunnels, which benefited Hamas to the tune of some £90 million a year in taxation.

  • Rehmat

    Sharansky: No Jewishness without G-d and Israel

    David Bezmozgis in his novel, The Betrayers, has compared Sharansky with Israeli foreign minister Avidgor Lieberman, a fanatic Zionist Jew.

    In 2011, Sharansky, during an interview with Wall Street Journal, said that Barack Obama is better on Egypt than he did on Iran. May be Sharansky is disappointed with Obama for failing to find Crypto-Jew Gen. al-Sisi in Iran.

    When Moscow expelled Sharansky for being traitor to Russian people in 1986, he ran to Israel where he was appointed deputy prime minister of the Zionist entity. Sharansky, since then have cultivated close friendship with Muslim-haters like Dubya Bush, Tony Blair and former US secretary of state Condoleeza Rice.

    Sharansky’s two main assignments are; 1) whining about Holocaust and almost non-existent anti-Semitism in Europe, 2) bring new Jew immigrant to occupied Palestine. Last month, Sharansky claimed: “The way things are developing in Europe, Jews will increasingly start to feel there is no future there. The leaving of French Jews is very symbolic.” It’s hilarious claim considering French president, prime minister and four other cabinet ministers are Jewish while the majority of the remaining cabinet ministers are pro-Israel.

  • Mary

    “In my language I know of no word or words sufficient to describe the scenes we saw today as we drove through the Sujayea area of Gaza. Around us, thousands of bombed-out wreckages of homes; before us, the shattered remains of the Al Wafa rehabilitation hospital. Imagining the families whose lives were forever changed in those brief moments of summer 2014, and then watching as family members now walked between the shards of their homes will remain with me forever.”

  • nevermind, there's a future, still

    ‘Today Virginia has spoken, we want a prosperous middle class’, she said.
    America has voted stalemate, not very much will happen for the next two years, the BBC will be foaming at the mouth in their zest to cover the long and tedious billionaires presidential campaign to come/on the way.

    Now this has made Netanyahu’s day as he is looking forward to getting re-elected, as is our UKIP/Tory coalition here, a trinity of right wing rebel rousers who will try their best to take the EU apart and to start a war with Russia.

    The US will carry on sporadic bombing IS long drops, and their jewish led army will carry on fighting Assad for us and then turn their beady eyes on Iran. That will be the moment the world breaks apart as Russia takes sides, so will many other countries, according to whoever twists their arms and hey presto, US arms contractors, currently selling us a the F34B jet fighter, a dangerous aircraft for any pilot due to lack of back sight, useless and far too complex, they will be rubbing their hands.

    Since we are in the pay of BIBI and doing his bidding would it not be adequate to give these returning jihadies fuelling this fake war/attack on Syrias minorities, an Israeli entry visa and send them to their master?

    We, the worlds positive thinkers, need to oppose these warmongers, not just with words, and start getting active unless we want to see our grandchildren enslaved to multinationals, unless we want to see a nuclear conflict.

  • Mary

    Trouble erupts at Al Aqsa Mosque. All sorts of provocation is taking place.

    Clashes rock Aqsa compound
    Published today (updated) 05/11/2014 13:09

    Israeli security backdropped by the Dome of the Rock mosque
    during Friday noon prayers in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of
    Ras al-Amud on Oct. 31, 2014 (AFP/File Jack Guez)

    JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Israeli police clashed with Palestinian worshipers inside Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque compound on Wednesday and right-wing Israeli Jews toured the holy place, witnesses told Ma’an.

    Palestinian guards of the mosque said dozens of Israeli officers raided the compound, entering through the Moroccan and Chain Gates and firing stun grenades and rubber-coated bullets to disperse Muslim worshipers.

    The guards said several youths suffered from excessive tear gas inhalation and were injured by rubber-coated bullets and shrapnel from stun grenades.

    Witnesses added that two of the youths were badly injured — one in the head and another in the eye.

    A doctor and nurse were allowed to enter the compound an hour later.

    Israeli forces raided the al-Qabali mosque, where Muslims conduct Friday prayers, and later closed the mosque with chains and steel barriers as right-wing Jews prepared to tour the compound, Azzam al-Khatib, the director of the Jerusalem department of religious endowment, told Ma’an.

    Additionally, restrictions were imposed on Palestinian worshipers entering the compound. Men under 50 years old were banned from entering and women were forced to hand over their identity cards upon entering.

    The clashes quickly spread into the alleys of the surrounding Old City, an AFP correspondent reported.

    Near Lions’ Gate, one of the seven entrances to the historic heart of East Jerusalem, Israeli police fired tear gas and stun grenades to disperse a large crowd of Palestinians.

    Dozens of children on their way to school were affected by the gas, the correspondent reported.

    Israeli police confirmed the clashes.

    “Dozens of masked protesters threw stones and firecrackers at security forces who then entered the Temple Mount and pushed the demonstrators back inside the mosque,” the spokeswoman told AFP, using the Jewish term for the compound, which is revered by both faiths.

    The clashes came amid continued tensions over right-wing Jewish demands to be able to pray inside the compound despite being off-limits in mainstream Judaism, in addition to the expansion of Israeli settlement building in Palestinian East Jerusalem.

    Jerusalem car attack injures 14, driver shot dead
    Israeli border police kill man suspected of ramming car into pedestrians in Jerusalem and attacking passers-by with iron rod.

  • nevermind, there's a future, still

    Thanks Mary, more International human rights broken by the bucket load.
    Israel should be condemned worldwide as a pariah, a failed fascist state.

    The 1947 UN agreement on partitioning Israel should be rescinded, it has no value anymore, Israel has broken the Balfour declaration agreement and should be expelled from Israel, if need be by disinvestment, worldwide sanctions and if need be, by force.

    Send them back to Russia Europe and the US, unless they grow up, grovel and start a fresh book, rather than relying on some scriptures from the past without no relevance to today.

    What would that be called if this sort of harassment be carried out every Saturday in front of Synagogues throughout Europe?

  • Iain Orr

    Nevermind: that’s the apocalyptic vision. I don’t discount it, but there are other futures, especially if we live in a Multiverse. One alternative future is this. Two years of a Republican Congress and a lame-duck Democratic President – plus a 2016 Presidential Election between two annual income millionaires backed by asset billionaires – will start to suggest to US citizens why the rest of the world sees the USA as an inefficient and deeply corrupt version of democracy. They may not realise that this probably results from an ancient mutation of what may in future be called the Greek Gene. It’s the one that made opinion-forming Greek citizens regard slaves in the same way as US citizens – certainly the majority of Congressmen and Senators – regard foreigners: good when they are loyal, worthless when they get uppity.

    The rest of the world also sees the USA as living beyond its means on money borrowed from China and elsewhere. People will start to ask questions about the coherence and reliability of neo-liberal economics and social policies. Changes will start to happen. The centre will not hold, in the US or in Europe.

    Remember, what Alfred the Great (Wegener) saw was only that the continents seemed to have moved, just as our politics and economics seem to be undergoing earthquakes. But since initially no-one could see what mechanism could make Wegener’s continents drift around the globe, it took a long time to develop a theory that explained what was happening.

    So, Nevermind, be of good cheer. Things are changing. quite probably for the better, even though the timescale means most of the results will be experienced by our children.

  • Mary

    Call for action: No Association with Occupation!

    November 4 2014

    This summer, Israel carried out a deadly massacre of Palestinians in Gaza. More than 2,000 people were killed as Israel deliberately targeted civilians and civilian infrastructure.

    More than 300 trade unions, NGOs and other civil society organisations from across Europe have called on the EU to end its support for Israel’s crimes, including by suspending the EU-Israel Association Agreement.

    The EU-Israel Association Agreement is the main framework for the very close relationship between the EU and Israel. It grants Israel preferential access to European markets, allows Israeli ministries and weapons companies to receive EU funding and provides Israel with the political support it needs to carry out its crimes.

    By allowing the agreement to remain in place despite Israel’s persistent war crimes, the EU is sending a clear message to Israel that its massacres of Palestinians will be tolerated.

    You can find more information about the EU-Israel Association Agreement here.

    Take action now: Urge your MEP to call for the suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement!

    Please visit our campaign website and select your country to find your MEP’s.

    It’s time to act now!

  • Mary

    The new leader of the Senate is Mitch McConnell, Rep Kentucky.

    He has a net worth of $9.5m – $44m thanks to a rich father in law.

    He is also an aficionado of the terror state in the ME.

    even to the extent of putting a funding bill through for the Iron Dome in July of this year.

  • Mary

    ICC set to declare attack on Turkish aid ship a ‘war crime’

    It happened four years ago.

    Craig wrote –

    The Mavi Marmara Murders
    by craig on May 16th 2013
    I can claim to have had a small hand in instigating the legal complaint to the International Criminal Court by the Comoros Islands against the murders by Israeli troops on the Mavi Marmara. The Washington Post writes: In a filing, lawyers from the Istanbul-based law firm Elmadag argued that the events that took place on […]

    Mavi Marmara: Footage Hidden From the Israelis
    by craig on Jun 11th 2010
    Israeli Attack on the Mavi Marmara, May 31st 2010 // 15 min. from Cultures of Resistance on Vimeo. Lara Lee managed to hide this footage from the Israelis when they confiscated all the evidence from passengers. This video shows plainly a bloodstained ship before any commandos boarded, and that the passengers were not terrorists preparing […]

    Why Was the Mavi Marmara Reflagged Just Before Sailing?
    by craig on Jun 3rd 2010
    Contrary to virtually all media reports to date, it appears the Mavi Marmara was reflagged from Turkey to the Comoros Islands around 20 May, shortly before heading the peace flotilla. This is very important. While the Israeli attack remains illegal, it means that the injured party – and the party with legal jurisdiction over the […]

    For Cengiz Songur
    by craig on Apr 4th 2011
    This afternoon I visited the family of Cengiz Songur. Cengiz died, age 47, when he was shot in the chest from point blank range by an Israeli soldier on board the Mavi Marmara. Cengiz was unarmed. he had never been armed in his life. Cengiz lived in a small but clean apartment, occupying the middle […]

  • Mary

    Absolutely appalling. Israel goes scot free again on the Mavi Marmara slaughter. Remember Goldstone and Cast Lead?

    No Israel charge over Gaza ship raid
    A UN-backed court says it will not take action over Israel’s deadly raid on a Gaza-bound ship in 2010, even though it believes war crimes may have been committed.

    The ICC chief prosecutor is Gambian –

    The ICC President is South Korean.

  • Mary

    Sacks taken to task for his nonsense.

    November 05, 2014
    Stuart Littlewood

    Jonathan Sacks, preacher of Israeli hasbara
    “When ancient theologies are used for modern political ends…” (Gospel according to Rabbi Lord Sacks)

    In a House of Lords debate on the Middle East the other day Lord Risby, who opened proceedings, set the tone and spoke of moving to “a final acceptance of the Palestinian reality”. He reminded the House that he and other members had written an open letter calling for the formal recognition of Palestine by the United Kingdom.

    The former chief rabbi in the UK, Jonathan Sacks, got up and made a speech I found so preposterous that I reproduce it here in full.


  • BrianFujisan


    Here’s one worth checking out…on a Musical note…i like some of this kinda thing… but you may appreciate the cause –

    Peter Gabriel’s reasons for contributing to the album echo the kinds of frustrations that have exhausted so many of us at times, “Although I am sure both the Palestinian and Israeli people would benefit enormously from a just and fair two-state agreement based around the ’67 borders, we have watched the Palestinians subjected to more and more suffering for far too long, especially in Gaza.”

    And I love his resoluteness; “Meanwhile their long held land is repeatedly stolen by force for illegal settlements. I am not and have never been anti-Israeli or anti-Semitic; I am anti-Israeli government policy, anti-injustice, anti-oppression and anti-occupation. There is clearly a growing movement around the world willing to speak out, including my own country’s Parliament. I am happy to be one of these voices now asking the Israeli government, ‘Where is that two state solution you have so long said you wanted?’ and more simply, saying, ‘Enough.’”

    – See more at


  • Vronsky

    Seeing Tweets claiming that Craig will stand as an SNP candidate in the General Election. Comment, Craig?

  • Mary

    The situation is building to a Third Intifada. There is a video of the killing here.

    8 November 2014
    Fatal Israel police shooting probed as video emerges

    Israeli police are investigating the fatal shooting of an Arab-Israeli man in northern Israel, as video emerged raising questions over the events.

    Police said the man, 22, tried to attack officers with a knife in Kfar Kana and, “with their lives in danger”, fired at the suspect.

    Video shows the man hitting a police vehicle. An officer then gets out and shoots the man as he walks away.

    The incident comes amid weeks of unrest, mainly in Jerusalem.

    Four people have died in two separate attacks on pedestrians in the city in the past two weeks. Two attackers were also killed.

    Tyres burned

    The town of Kfar Kana is in Galilee, about 5km (3 miles) north-east of Nazareth.

    Police had arrived before dawn on Saturday to arrest a relative of the man, named by Israeli media as Khair al-din Hamdan.

    The Jerusalem Post quoted an initial statement from Northern District police as saying Mr Hamdan was carrying a knife and tried to attack the officers. They fired a warning shot in the air, police said, and that “with their lives in danger the officers fired at the suspect”.

    The newspaper also carried what it said was video footage of the incident.

    It shows the man hitting the police vehicle on the side windows, possibly with an object in his right hand.

    The man backs away and an officer emerges from the van. The officer raises his gun and fires as the man turns his back.

    Three other officers then emerge from the vehicle, drawing guns.

    The Jerusalem Post says no warning shots can be seen and that, in a longer version of the video, “the wounded man can be seen still moving as police pick him up and place his body in the patrol vehicle”.

    The man died later in hospital in Afula.

    Ynet said the shooting had sparked protests, with youths burning tyres and blocking roads.

    It quoted the family as saying: “The security cameras clearly show that there was no danger to the lives of the officers.

    “The video shows him running away from the officers; this horrifying incident could have been avoided, but unfortunately they decided to kill him in a cruel way.”


  • Mary

    Now an Israeli woman has been stabbed to death in the Occupied ‘West Bank’. The incident occurred near the Alon Shvut Jewish settlement. A Palestinian has been arrested.

  • Mary

    Dahiya Doctrine – that it came out of INSS and that is part of Tel Aviv University. Vile.

    If I was an international lawyer, I would judge Cast Lead, Protective Edge and the Mavi Marmara in conunction with this ‘doctrine’. If the Nazis were in the dock, I am sure that doctrine would weigh in the scales. Or the coalition of the willing in Iraq.

    INNS some old friends like Saban. On the board is Indyk. An international cast even as far as Zionist Australia.

    Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) | 8 November 2014

    Israel’s Universities: A Pillar of Occupation and Apartheid

    Israeli Universities are an intimate part of the Israeli regime, by active choice. While Palestinians are not able to access universities and schools, Israeli universities produce the research, technology, arguments and leaders for maintaining the occupation. (Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s statement of support of the 2011 University of Johannesburg’s boycott of Ben Gurion University)

    As Archbishop Tutu and other South African visitors have observed, and contrary to perceptions and arguments about the “liberal” nature of the Israeli academy, the truth is that Israeli institutions of higher learning are deeply entwined in Israel’s regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid against the indigenous Palestinian people.

    It is no surprise that virtually every Israeli academic institution came out in support of the Israeli military during the summer onslaught on Gaza, and universities promised faculty and student reserve soldiers actively involved in the massacre in Gaza various perks and privileges as rewards for their contribution to the state’s “security.” The list of complicity is too long to recount here. Some prominent examples include:


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