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Israeli economics minister Naftali Bennett has claimed of Binyamin Netanyahu that “The prime minister is not a private person but the leader of the Jewish state and the whole Jewish world.” Really? Netanyahu is the leader of all the Jews in London, or California, or Ethiopia, who may never have set foot in his state?

This extraordinary remark by Bennett lays bare the fundamental flaw in the very concept of Israel. It is not a modern state, defined as a territory and comprising all the various citizens of whatever descent who live within it. It is rather a vicious racist construct, defined absolutely by race, refusing territorial limits, and with an aggressive theocratic overlay that claims tribal superiority over the entire rest of the world.


Here is a picture of the New Zealand cricket team. In the last twelve months, New Zealand cricket teams have fielded payers including Hamish Rutherford, Peter Fulton, Colin Munro, Dean Brownlie, Ross Taylor, Rob Nicol, Corey Anderson, Grant Elliott, Jimmy Neesham, Kyle Mills, Adam Milne and Mark Craig, not to mention the McCullum brothers. But if I told you that Alex Salmond was the leader of all Scots around the world, including the Black Caps, you would quite rightly call me a nutter.

We would not tolerate the level of racism in any other country that we tolerate from Israel. There was a huge outcry against Labour MP Paul Flynn who dared question whether it was sensible to send a strongly professed Zionist Jew as British ambassador to Israel, but when the Israeli government itself proclaim the political leadership of all Jews all over the world, it is a logical impossibility not to ask the question.

I wish nothing but good to all people, including all Jewish people, but by their increasingly hardline racialist approach, their unceasing encroachment on Palestinian land and their rigorous adoption of all the racist mechanisms of an apartheid state internally, I feat that the window of opportunity for a peaceful future for those Jewish people living in what is currently Israel is closing fast.

It must be universally proclaimed: there is not a single racial group in the whole world from whom worldwide racial claims of political allegiance, or an internal racially based legislative order, are acceptable. Bennett’s remarks are beyond the limit of civilised political discourse.

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543 thoughts on “The Racist Concept of Israel

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  • Tony_0pmoc

    It’s these moments such as this…that make life so worthwhile..I was going to say rare moments of bliss..what else are you hoping to find…

    Just a Few Moments of Love and Bliss…

    Well, they ain’t rare..sure I know the world is going to hell but what can we do…

    Don’t Be Stupid…

    You are Not Actually Going To Vote for any of These Arseholes ..are You…????

    And she whispers in my Ear..well what if I put myself up for election…You what..Do You Think I am Going To Vote For You..And No I wouldn’t though it seems nearly everyone else did..Yes..I can give you the inside goss of the Liberal Democrats…well she might tell me..She kind of thinks as my wife as her other Mum…kids and stuff..growing up…

    Tony..Behave…look I never touched you..well just a bit of a I was your Dad…and she say’s that is not my recollection…I know you did..but we were Dancing at the front…oh yes and I did it again..only a couple of days ago…but I reckon they both really liked it..I was very gentle..I just very briefly whilst in a clinch..stroked their bums..yes I know..I am a man and you are A Girl…Yes My Wife Does Notice. Beady Eye..they go both ways Dear…so how many recruits so far…for next year???

    Well none actually..but My Wife and I are going…

    Do you understand, why I am afraid…


  • Tony_0pmoc

    Sorry, I wasn’t that bad was see if I signed this Tony & (My Wife’s Name)..well she didn’t write any of it..I am just so in love with her and I try and protect her in the best way I can…Look She is The Girl..who gets Photographed By The Professional Photophrs in the local Newspapers..Cos She is Doing It..She is Working Her Guts Out Growing Fruit and Vegetables with her Mates at The Local Community Allotments (yes some of them are privately owned..and My Wife helps her out too ..she is not prejudiced..are you Tory or Labour???..The Girls Look at Each Other..and She Comes From Yorkshire…Looks Like Us Girls are The Labour..what are our Husbands Doing..Whilst Us Girls are out Growing The Food?

    We are just watching you Girls.

    O.K. Do you remember Andy Pandy, and Bill and Ben and The Flowerpotmen..

    Well That Sunflower in The Middle of The Photograph is My Wife


  • Daniel

    “No it isn’t. That is illegal.

    If Israel wishes to be part of an international community they should abide by the rules of that community. If they don’t abide by the rules of the community they can’t complain about being outcasts.”

    Indeed. The irony is Israel is a signatory to the the kinds of rules it frequently breaks. However, not only is it not punished for doing so, but conversely, it is rewarded. In fact, the pariah state has broken more UNSC resolutions than the entirety of all of the nations of the world combined.

    There is no place at all within the international community of nations for a rogue state like Israel.

  • Mary

    You can follow the Physicians for Social Responsibility group at the link below. They entered Gaza yesterday and will remain for nine or ten days. Please post widely to your groups. Greta
    (photos at

    Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility has traveled to Gaza since 1993. Since 2009, following the Cast Lead invasion by Israel, WPSR has sponsored eight medical delegations to serve the besieged, imprisoned and war-torn people of Gaza. Saturday evening as we prepared for the bus trip to Gaza, Amos Givertz of “Don’t Say We Didn’t Know” joined us for dinner at Neve Shalom to speak about the work of Israeli peace activists.

    Today, we journeyed once more to Gaza. Nine medical professionals entered through the Erez Checkpoint – hosted again by the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme (GCMHP). We miss those who have traveled with us in the past and welcome new members of our team. Our thoughts are with Dr. Rich Grady and his wife, Dr. Laura Hart as Rich recovers from major surgery. Many in Gaza will miss them during this visit.

    Entry through the Erez Checkpoint is complex – requiring a time-intensive (weeks) application process and patience from all sides to gain entry permission. The physical entry is arduous, comprised of numerous entry and passport checks and a long walk (or ride on a tuk tuk – see photo) through a metal cage – overseen by the armed Israeli guard towers along the separation wall.

    We were greeted on the Gaza side by staff of GCMHP and after clearing the Palestinian checkpoints; we began the stunning drive through Beit Hanoun – site of numerous summer bombings. We heard from our hosts stories of loved ones who were killed or tragically injured during the 51 days of warring in July/August. Driving through Gaza, destroyed buildings appear in shocking frequency. Sites such as the Ministry of Finance were targeted – see before and after photos.

    A quick check-in at the Marna House was followed by a loving greeting at the GCMHP Center. Friends and colleagues welcomed us and told of their summer of sorrow. Gaza Community Mental Health staff work constantly to help the traumatized people of this seacoast enclave. Densely populated (1.7 – 1.8 million people in 340 sq. Km), the people of Gaza live with the continuous knowledge that air, land and sea attacks can begin again at any moment. The echoes of death, injury, destruction of homes, businesses and schools haunt them.

    Work begins: the three surgeons, one cardiologist and one emergency/family practice physician met with colleagues to plan the days ahead. The nurse practitioner and stress management provider will be busy. The psychologist in this group has served before in Gaza and will work with the GCMHP staff. My work will be varied and I look forward to time with women empowerment groups, the cochlear implant staff, orphans, schools, a new arts/culture/library center director and other interactions that will involve many members of our team.

    Generous donations from people in Iowa and Oregon and Washington have provided the critically needed medicines and medical supplies, books and toys that filled our luggage. We look forward to giving these gifts from so many who care about Gaza.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    As Gaza continues in limbo – much aid promised, but no way of getting it in past Israel’s obfuscation (and see Tony Blair, Quartet representative); while ebola rages out of control in Sierra Leone (see Africa Governance Initiative, prop. Tony Blair); while dodgy dictators gleefully pick up on investment opportunities available with the overt participation of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation (see), and the direst warnings yet on climate change emerge (see the Climate Change Initiative, prop. Tony Blair, but don’t expect any recent updates)….where was I, amid the bewilderingly multiple expressions of facile opinion whose common theme is all-too-obviously the profitable conjunction of hedge funds and Tony Blair (see)?…ah, yes. Tony’s educational sideline is becoming increasingly visible. This is what he was doing at the Broad Academy jamboree this year:

    (and see links on site, particularly if you are American. Though the aims of this bunch are eerily similar to what’s going on in UK education, if less driven by official policy)

    Blair’s friendship with the similar, but international, education group Laureate was reported earlier.

    Privatisation, privatisation, privatisation.

    You got to pick a pocket or two – oo.

  • Iain Orr

    Mary – going back to your comment of 1 Nov at 9.11 pm – about the Blair property portfolio – plus Abe Rene’s and your further remarks at 9.15 and 9.44 am on 2 Nov, I wondered: “Is political judgement more distorted by having too much or too little money and property?” Of course there’s the truism of “It all depends on each person’s character, history and on the vividness of their imagination about others in different circumstances”. Circumstances matter. Cherie Blair seems to have been understandably scarred by the poverty of her childhood. Generally, those who are hungry and penniless are more likely to shoplift from a supermarket; which attracts heavier penalties than does the pick-pocketing from millions of bank accounts by light-fingered bankers. But there’s a political dilemma: how best to ensure that there is no more than a light and representative scattering of millionaires among our legislators and ministers?

    I agree with you not to waste energy envying the rich; but they do need to be distrusted when their sticky fingers grasp towards the public purse – ie, how we fund education, health, welfare, defence. Can any creative mathematician come up with a weighting formula for parliamentary votes on matters that affect public spending, so that each MP’s voting strength is in inverse proportion to his/her combined income, savings, investment and properties? Instead of the Conservative/ UKIP slogan of “English Votes for English Laws” (EVEL) – which is really “English Votes for Illiberal Laws (EVIL) – let’s campaign under a reversed LIVE banner: “Living Income Voting Equalization”.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    With thanks to Mary 03/11/14 1:30 am

    It seems to me very likely that Fiona Woolf actually stood down from her recent appointment in order not to have to respond to these kinds of enquiries. It also defies belief that, given the very specific responsibilities she is required to consider as a solicitor, evident from these two enquiries:

    – the Home Office offered this position to Ms Woolf in the first place, and that:
    – she accepted the appointment at all.

    This unfolding story strikes me as a very important insight into the way that government works. We do not usually know very much about who is appointed to chair an inquiry and why. Because this case is so sensitive and high-profile, we are able to see as clearly as daylight that these appointments have obviously made for reasons completely other than suitability and expertise. In how many other cases has this been true?

    Kind regards, John

  • nevermind, there's a future, still

    Thanks for the excellent piece re max kaiser and the Ukraine Brian, the more blogs talk about what the BBC board is up to with their BICOM leadership, the more people will read it.

    It is important that the BBC realises that they have lost the plot to deceive.

    The internet news works far better. The story about the drugs report the Tory’s wanted to bury, appeared on the internet first before anybody else cottoned on to it. The BBC due to its bias and favouritism is actually demeaning its own capacity to broadcast an exclusive story, not that they have any intention to broadcast anything that is not permitted by the MI’s.

    @ Mary That Clinton story made me wretch, how much more will the US public stomach of these empire builders? who think nothing of rubbing out a nation or two to get their goals.

    got to go

  • Iain Orr

    Further to my comment at 8.51 am, I see that Boris’s article on the London Living Wage in today’s Telegraph is characteristically fluent and opportunistic. It neatly ties together spaced-out Branson and who should inherit Churchill’s mantle as a protector of the poor (!) Pellucid Chutzpah piled on Ossified Ottomans in the service of naked political ambition!!

    That made me look again at how best to weight parliamentary voting against the over-privileged. A Swiftian scheme would be the most dramatic: those who earn their constituency’s living wage would have one vote; those earning less would have a proportionate fraction of a vote; while those earning and owning assets worth multiples of the living wage would have proportionately multiple votes.

    A partially equalizing alternative might be to give a double vote to those earning less than the living wage; while those earning more than the living wage get half a vote most days but no votes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Other suggestions?

  • nevermind, there's a future, still

    Looks like the International Football Association is OK with racism. This petition to stop segregated training, due to Jewish families complaining about their children having to kick balls with Palestinian children, that their children are ‘unhappy’, and the ruling sides with this pure racialism

    kICK RACISMN OUT OF FOOTBALL I say, out of any sport for that matter.


    Adalah petitions District Court on behalf of a family against segregation of Arab and Jewish teams in children’s football league
    Red Card Israeli Racism
    London, United Kingdom

    3 Nov 2014 — The IFA has reorganised youth leagues in the Al-Shomoron area so that Palestinian teams are segregated from Jewish teams. It hints that this was in response to calls from Jewish parents. This action flies in the face of FIFA Statute 3 and UEFA Statute 7.7 which stipulate suspension or expulsion for racist actions. Adalah [an independent human rights organization and legal center] has petitioned the District Court to cancel this reorganisation. We see this as yet another reason that the IFA be excluded from FIFA until Israel respects the human rights of Palestinians and observes international law.

    The text below is the Adalah record and the IFA response is given at the end:

    On Tuesday, 21 October 2014, Adalah filed a petition to the Tel Aviv District Court on behalf of a family demanding the cancellation of the decision by the Israel Football Association (IFA) to divide the children’s national football league in the Al-Shomoron area (the Triangle area) into “Shomoron 1”, comprised of 12 Jewish teams and 2 Arab teams, and “Shomoron 2”, comprised of 13 Arab teams. The division effectively imposes segregation between Jewish teams and most Arab teams.

    In the petition Adalah argued that the IFA’s decision runs contrary to previous years when Arab and Jewish teams in the same area were merged into the same leagues. The petition contended that segregation between children based on their national belonging delivers a negative message that Arab teams are unwanted and are not skilled enough to play with Jewish teams. This message is offensive to children and violates their right to equality with Jewish children. Additionally, Adalah demanded the enactment of equal and clear standards for the distribution of teams in children’s football leagues in different areas and districts.

    Adalah petitioned the court on behalf of Attorney Muhammad Lutfi from Umm al-Fahem, who spoke to the IFA after discovering that the team on which his son plays, Maccabi Umm al-Fahem, was merged with a group consisting of Arab teams only, although in previous years they had played with teams from Jewish towns as well. For example, the teams for the towns of Iksal and Jisr az-Zarqa were incorporated into the same league as Maccabi Umm al-Fahem, although the towns are 50km away from each other. At the same time, teams from Jewish towns that are closer to the Arab towns instead play in another league.

    Adalah Attorneys Sawsan Zaher and Muna Haddad stressed in the petition that the decision of the IFA to segregate the teams, even if only in certain areas, reinforces discrimination and prejudices against Arab citizens of Israel. Furthermore, the IFA’s decision to not distribute teams according to objective general standards, regardless of national belonging, will strengthen and perpetuate the lack of respect and lack of acceptance of others. This is particularly important in the matter of children’s sports, where it should not only teach children to be successful but to also teach them the values of mutual respect for different people. Attorneys Zaher and Haddad added that the IFA is subject to the principles of Israeli public law, which clearly prohibits segregation based on national or religious belonging or gender, in any area. This segregation negates the right to equality and dignity.

    In its response on 22 October, the IFA hinted that the division of the teams was based on requests from Jewish families. The response stated that: “we will not contradict the desires of the clubs (regarding the divisions), and we will not force a child to play in a league that is not joyful for him/her and that does not help his/her professional development”. Judging from this response, it seems that the IFA preferred social considerations and the desires of Jewish families over the principle of equality between the teams. Adalah will continue to follow-up on this case.

    Case Citation: Civil Case 31842-14-10 Jad Mahajni v. The Israel Football Association

  • Tony M

    Football is pure idiocy, for most people of average intelligence their fascination with a ball ends by the time they are about five or six years old, why society by an organised effort seeks to return to, almost enforces a state of infantilism escapes me. Frankly the exposure given to this game and many other sports is way out of all proportion to its relevance and the status and wealth given to its participants is exceeds a thousand fold their worth, they are really in the entertainment ‘business’ the object of which is to part people from their hard-won cash in exchange for something of no value whatever. Scientists of medicine and every other field labour in vain yet to find a cure for football and other sports, for the poor victims harm not only themselves but others unafflicted are made to suffer for others’ bewildering obsessions, it has even been known in rare cases to be contagious. Football costs, extracts from the economies, even of smaller countries, tens of billions pounds equivalent per year, for outcomes which are totally unproductive, indeed are destructive and divisive, the transportation costs to attend games alone are heavy and the resultant pollution kills many thousands per year, most of whom have no interest in this game, for them it is a silent, stealthy killer; time lost from work also is considerable as those needing their fix of ‘sport’ by standing or sitting immobile for hours at a time, at the inquitous sports grounds, shouting themselves hoarse or slumped on sofas consuming unhealthy foods and often dangerous amounts of alcohol to make the experience even remotely tolerable, adds greatly to the toll of absenteeism. I favour a ban and the confiscation of all the spherical balls which bewitch so many and lead them into a spiral of meaninglessness and despair. Football truly is a public menace, a moral hazard and societal blight.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    why society by an organised effort seeks to return to, almost enforces a state of infantilism escapes me.

    Bread. And. Circuses.

  • Silvio

    why society by an organised effort seeks to return to, almost enforces a state of infantilism escapes me.

    Bread. And. Circuses.

    And since the reliability of the “bread” supply for many seems to be increasingly precarious, this would be a really bad time to try to do away with the other half of the equation – circuses.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Thanks for the Clinton Foundation link, Mary. Which had escaped me completely, among all the other schmoozing he was doing in NYC that week. Just as an I see Shimon Peres was there in addition to two Blairs, three Clintons, Shinzo Abe, Matt Damon, Goldman Sachs, Uncle Tom Cobbley Global Corp and all.

    Blair and Clinton are well established as a partnership, btw. Blair patently modelled his spread of investment opportunities philanthropic institutions on Bill’s network. Here’s Bill addressing the for-profit corporate student monetiser, Laureate Universities, of which he is vice-chancellor. Blair has spoken at nine Laureate sites.

  • MJ

    Tony M: I think you must be a Man Utd supporter. £150m spent over the summer and only tenth. Ha.

  • doug scorgie

    Ben E. Geserit Muad’Dib Further Confounding Gender Speculators

    2 Nov, 2014 – 4:56 pm

    “sock-puppet at 4:49?”

    Zionist tossing troll at 4:51

  • DoNNyDarKo

    This is why ISIS is no threat to’s real name is Simon Elliot or Elliot Shimon and was born to Jewish parents and trained in espionage and psychological warfare against Arab and Islamic societies.

    al-Baghdadi’s real name is Simon Elliot or Elliot Shimon and was born to Jewish parents and trained in espionage and psychological warfare against Arab and Islamic societies

  • nevermind, there's a future, still

    maybe you have came across the real reason for the silence of our local lambkins, Donny, no need for pretence anymore, the cat is out of the bag.

  • Kempe

    ” al-Baghdadi’s real name is Simon Elliot ”

    Of course it is. The ever reliable Veterans Today attributes the information to Snowden though. I can’t see how a Dutch agency responsible for fighting cyber crime would find this out.

  • Mary

    Norman Baker is quitting as Home Office Minister. He is critical of May.

    Breaking news Norman Baker quits as Home Office minister
    Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker has resigned as a home office minister with an attack on Home Secretary Theresa May.

    Mr Baker told the Independent working in the department was like “walking through mud”.

    The MP for Lewes was appointed to the Home Office in October 2013.

  • Jives

    Tony M.

    Bro,you write beautifully,wisely and passionately.

    No question at all,i love what you express.

    But,with my failing eyesight may i be so bold as to request you fashion more paragraphs in your noble writings?

    Thanks dude :.)

  • nevermind, there's a future, still

    dearest Tony M., although I used to be able to shoot over very long distances,
    its becoming harder to fix ones eyesight on moving objects scaling a distant hill, I would second Jives courteous request for more paragraph in your posts.

    It just an easier read for our precious eyes..

  • Iain Orr

    In case people missed it, here are two crisp answers by Miriam Margolyes to questions in the 1 November Guardian magazine interview:

    To whom would you most like to say sorry and why?
    To the Palestinians. Because Jews, who were victims, have made the Palestinians victims. Because I am Jewish, I have to take collective responsibility.
    Which living person do you most despise and why?
    Tony Blair. He betrayed us all.

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