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98 thoughts on “Jim Murphy and Eddie Izzard – Here’s How to Do It

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  • John Goss

    “Murphy didn’t have speakers to amplify his voice . . .”

    So the Labour Party has run out of cash? More likely he does not want voters to know what’s in store for them should he be elected. It does look stage-managed to me.

    Qatar gets right up my nose! So does catarrh.

  • Mary Vasey

    It has cost the UK, up to now, £10mil to police the Ecuadorian embassy. Disgusting waste of money

  • John Goss

    Murphy’s rhetoric on Qatar’s slavery I assume to be genuine, not a recent fad.

    Nevertheless Qatar has not had its right to host the 2022 world cup revoked.

    Today I heard an announcement that the French were supplying Qatar with a range of fighter jets.

    Qatar is the state to which the Supreme Court English Judge, Lord Nicholas Phillips, took up a post a month or so after he forced Julian Assange to seek refuge in the Embassy of Ecuador. Nice man – nice lucrative job in Qatar.

  • Daniel

    “It has cost the UK, up to now, £10mil to police the Ecuadorian embassy. Disgusting waste of money”

    How many police are permanently based there, two-hundred?

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Whilst history is incredibly important..its 2015 now…and these things need to be done live..or as close as you can get…

    Otherwise you are just reading a book.

    who would you have come to your party incognito…

    David, Ed or Nicola…not talking politics or anything..who do you think would have a spark..who do you think would send the party alive?

    and come and talk to you behind the bike shed?

    We want a Leader not a piece of useless shiit.

    She says Yes Tony..but I am only Doing Scotland…

    Ahh Go on Love Do England Too..But You Need To Take Elocution Lessons..There is No Way You Can Speak To The Queen with that Accent..just mellow it a bit and curtsy to the new not mess with these things..and you will be O.K.

    You see.. They all Love Royalty..maybe because The Kings & Queens Didn’t Fuck Over us Peasants Like These Politicians Do..

    I notice these things.


  • Tony_0pmoc

    You see, I am not related to Royalty..well not so far as I know…but My Girlfriend was obviously a Princess the Moment I saw her. Her Grandmother and Her Sister (Her Great Aunt)..both insisted independently…and They were born about 100 years ago..That King Henry VIII had shagged their Great Great Great Grandmum..and they were the Result…..


    I looked at The Entire Family..and Compared Them With Catherine Ashton..The Baroness of Upholland…who no one in Skelmersdale, Upholland or Wigan claimed to know….

    Nah Not Her..No Relation whatsoever…

    So we move down south..and these two old girls come and stay with us…and We Take Them Around Hever Castle…and the Girls run through the royal gardens as if they were at home…..

    And I get on like a House on Fire With Them…

    So I ask her…is it O.K…if I Marry Your Granddaughter..My Princess

    She says well O.K….I suppose it will be O.K…are you going to make Babies Together???well maybe

    So We Got Married in Scotland.


  • glenn

    The Independent has come out in favour of another 5 years of ConDem slash & burn :

    Quick analysis:

    That’s right. The Independent wants to see another 5 years of Cameron in charge, working for the upper echelons of the super-rich. It hopes the LibDems will make it “much more liberal” – Yeah, right. Bound to happen.

    Just what the country needed – another Tory rag. Unbelievable.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    And did I try and Kick Craig Murray…

    FFS do not mess with these royal things…

    not becaue one new born is any different to any other new just have to go what we have…and most of them want to know the name of the new baby..what is it?

    You got to be a Bit Polite if You want Your Knighthood..and not question whether or not it is going to eat pork..and what colour it’s blood is

    They are all colour blind anyway aren’t green..they can’t tell the difference.


  • Tony_0pmoc

    They all Swear Allegiance To The King or Queen..Not Just The Army – But The Police Too.

    They Don’t Swear Allegiance To Any Fucking Politican.

    So Respect That.

    Its Probably One Of The Real Foundations of Democracy.

    Think About It.


  • Mary

    TPC Troll post count

    Habbabkuk 8/39

    Anon1 Absent. On other duties

    We still wish to know why Habbabkuk and Anon1 changed their e-mail addresses at the same time. Answers please.

  • Mary

    Lebedev/Independent is probably annoyed with Liebour for planning a mansion tax. He might also be a non dom so probably sees the Tories as the softer option.

  • Mary

    The voters of Buckingham are disenfranchised from voting for the main parteis by virtue of the fact that by convention they do not put up candidates against the current Speaker who holds his post ‘at Her Majesty’s pleasure’.

    Very Ruritanian and antediluvian.

    They have a choice of voting for UKIP or Green Party candidates in addition to Bercow.

    Last time Farage stood there and came third.

  • YouKnowMyName

    Are we talking here about the same Jim Murphy referred to in this February 2009 Herald article?

    Alistair Carmichael, Liberal Democrat Scottish affairs spokesman, has written to Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy asking him to release any details and ensure that Scotland’s airports are not used to move suspects for torture.

    More details, about torture, not Jim, on this infographic, just released:

  • Gravitas

    Until our bercows come home like J Street, I am afraid we are headed for war under the conservatives. We even had one of our pollards on the beeb brazenly and shamelessly spin us Assad killed a Muslim imam in Wembley as he used to practice as a dentist there all those years ago ! That is the extent of the spell the cinema of Satan has over us.

  • Porkfright

    Excellent, Craig. Of course it helps that you are a far better orator than the useless LibLabCon apparatchiks. All of the dailies reporting the “Official Line”. One thing is certain. You last few posts have clearly identified the foxes in the wolves’ territory. They certainly earn their money the hard way here.

  • Mary

    Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)
    4 May, 2015 – 11:53 pm
    Mary (23h41
    Shut up, dear, it’s way past your bedtime.

    As can be seen from the above, male chauvinist piggery is alive and well in Troll La La land.

  • Robert Crawford

    Craig Murray.

    Your name must be “mud” in high places.

    Keep going, it is high time they got back some of what they put out, with impunity!.

  • Robert Crawford


    A lot of your links are coming up “untrusted” on my computer.

    Including this last one.

  • Mary

    So Cameron et al have never used a helicopter, usually provided by rich donors it should be said.

    Nicola Sturgeon’s helicopter tour of Scotland on pre-election weekend

    On board with the SNP leader as she travels from Aberdeen to Inverness

    SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon’s helicopter Photograph: Guardian

    3 May 2015

    SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is undertaking a whistle-stop tour of a dozen target constituencies by helicopter over the bank holiday weekend.

    Nicola Sturgeon’s helicopter tour of Scotland video

    The maroon Eurocopter Dauphin, which seats up to eight people and is emblazoned with Sturgeon’s image and the “Stronger for Scotland” motif, was hired by the SNP from Inverness-based PDG Helicopters.

    It is flown by the same pilot – SNP supporter John McKenzie – who flew former SNP leader Alex Salmond around the country during the final days of the referendum campaign last September.

    It has, of course, been observed that a liveried helicopter doesn’t exactly scream “anti-austerity”, but the party will only comment on its cost to say that details of campaign expenditure will be published in the usual way.

    There is even this front page of the Guardian today.

    and last night in the paper review on Sky News they were giving it large. There was some unpleasant reference to the helicopter as a ‘Krankiecopter’.

    How low can the corporate media go?

  • Clark

    Robert Crawford, it’s because the link leads directly to a page that the website constructors expected to be accessed from one of their pages rather than from a link on this blog. It’s not a virus warning or anything. It would only matter if you were buying something or giving the page your e-mail address. You can add a temporary security exception if you want.

  • nevermind

    I’m surprised that Eddie Izzard is up for being manipulated in such a way, does he hold more than sympathy for Murphy, how come he has turned into a red Tory?

    The nausea of it all…..
    Meanwhile further down south the whinny desperate voice of Nick Clegg is being amplified by the BiBiCe, ad nauseum and disproportional to his support.

    How come the Liberal Democrats, having less members than the Greens or UKIP, are being selflessly promoted by our unbiased, (retching noises), impartial and fair Leviathan? not

    The stark truth in Sheffield Hallam is that Jack Straw can not help Nick this time, its the Tory voters who are being urged to save Nick Clegg in a desperate move by the Tory’s to hang on to their best malleable tool ever.

    One wonders what the Conservative voters of Hallam think of their party and the games it plays with their mandate.
    Could Cameron possibly ask them to stand on their head and clap their toes for Nick Clegg, in unison, c’mon, say it loud ‘we are all together now’….

    What a shameless farce FPTP elections have become, just watch the addicted manipulators try and wriggle, whilst declaring their unwillingness to work together with other representatives.

    Ditch the lot and vote SNP or Green, not one of them deserves to be saved.

  • Mary

    Nothing surprises me Robert. E-mails to a relative are taking 15 hours to arrive. They probably go via Morwenstow!

    Thanks for asking about me the other day. Getting there. Treatment is complete now and I see the oncologist and the surgeon on Thurs so hope for good news. My voice and breathing are permanently impaired sadly but I manage. Hope you are well.

  • Abe Rene

    No-one’s shouting you down, and the police seem to be looking away. Possibly they know who you are, and the fact that they’re on camera..

  • Mary

    Thanks for that explanation Clark. I have often wondered why all the lights come on and the bells and whistles sound. 🙂 Hope you are OK.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Ms Oswald, a human resources worker who joined the SNP in June last year, said:

    Ah. She’s a suit, and she’s been in the SNP five minutes. Wonder if she mentioned her willingness to sup with the devil at her selection meetings? This is not the way to eject Murphy. Murphy’s record is.

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