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98 thoughts on “Jim Murphy and Eddie Izzard – Here’s How to Do It

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  • Hieroglyph

    Gutless shiny-suit careerist knobber can’t take it when the going gets rough. Makes you wonder how he’ll do when the US State Department puts the pressure on. I’m no advocate of violence – I certainly don’t think a politician is somehow fair game – but a bit of shouty and abuse is surely just part of the job? Can you imagine Bill HIcks running off stage when he got some heckles? Nope.

    Jim Murphy has always come across as a slimeball, to me. And this long predates his ascension to the Scots leadership. Luckily a lot of Scottish voters are about to send his party into single figures. I personally think the SNP will get a clean-sweep, and Murphy will be little but a strange footnote in Scottish politics. Look forward to the election, for possibly the first time ever. Just think, politicians will have to negotiate, make deals, make compromises, and accept the views of others! The devils work for sure.

  • Abe Rene

    @ Craig “I am not going to pretend I approve of this” (snp
    candidate asking tories to help her claim jim murphy’s scalp)”

    Imaginary conversation at Torrie HQ, E. Renfreighshire

    KO: Oh Tory, you want to finish Jim Burpy the Labour candidate right? I’m your woman! (No brown envelopes please, I disapprove of such methods)

    Tory: Finish him? My dear woman, Labour is stronger here. We’re SUPPORTING him, in the interests of national unity. the main thing is to take the scalp of the SNP 🙂 ”

    KO: 🙁

  • Clark

    Mary, good morning, and best wishes to you, too. I hope you get good news at your appointment on Thursday. I’m physically well, thanks.

    Yes it’s just the https protocol. If you enter the site by a “front door” like a full article or the home page, your browser checks the site’s encryption certificate, finds it valid for that address and marks it “trusted”; you can then proceed anywhere on the site with it. But your direct links to other pages are like “side doors”, so the certificate hasn’t been validated “on the way in”.

    The “Untrusted certificate” warning must be taken seriously if it appears on any page where you give private information to a site, like payment pages, on-line banking pages or accessing your e-mail.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Clark 5 May, 2015 – 9:39 am : “Robert Crawford, it’s because the link leads directly to a page that the website constructors expected to be accessed from one of their pages rather than from a link on this blog. [….] You can add a temporary security exception if you want.”;

    I remove the “s” at the end of “https://” to make “http://”.
    Sorts the problem and it doesn’t seem to have caused any security issu## # >>>>>>>$3>>>>>>>unknown$error>unknown$error>unknown$error

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    “Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)
    4 May, 2015 – 11:53 pm
    Mary (23h41
    Shut up, dear, it’s way past your bedtime.

    As can be seen from the above, male chauvinist piggery is alive and well in Troll La La land.”


    Well, it might have past quite a few bedtimes (for hard-working families at least)!

    But no, sincerely, I am concerned about you: you should be recuperating and getting early nights and not wasting your time sending provocative meassages.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    “My voice and breathing are permanently impaired sadly but I manage.”


    Well, there’s something you share with the BBC’s Nick Robinson, about whose voice you commented recently on here.

    I am sorry about that for both of you and wish you both well.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Abe Rene

    “No-one’s shouting you down, and the police seem to be looking away. Possibly they know who you are, and the fact that they’re on camera..”


    Which is more or less what I was saying a little while ago.

    But anyway – is it not grotesque that, two days from election day, this blog should be focussing on tactics, procedure and process rather than on more important issues (of which there are enough, for Heaven’s sake)?

  • nevermind

    ‘this blog should be focussing’…..

    please post the link to your blog so we can give you some tips on what to focus on, I’m sure there would be a plethora of pressing missing issues. Why don’t you write your own blog, Schmarotzer?

  • Mary

    Very much on topic in the light of Craig’s fine speech on video.

    Snowden, Assange and Manning statues unveiled in Berlin
    By Joanna Gill | With AP, REUTERS


    RT Times reports that Alexanderplatz square in Berlin has become the stage for a provocative art piece which celebrates whistle blowers and encourages ordinary citizens to speak out.

    “They have lost their freedom for the truth, so they remind us how important it is to know the truth,” says sculptor Davide Dormino. The life-sized statues of the three whistle blowers stand upon three chairs, as if speaking in an impromptu public meeting. Next to them is a fourth, empty chair. “The fourth chair is open to anyone here in Berlin who wants to get up and say anything they want,” says the artist.

    Dormino, who came up with the idea together with the US journalist Charles Glass, specifically chose a classical bronze statue for his depiction – and not an installation or abstract piece – since statues are usually made of establishment figures. According to Domino while men who order others to their deaths get immortalized, those who resist are often forgotten, so “the statue pays homage to three who said no to war, to the lies that lead to war and to the intrusion into private life that helps to perpetuate war.”

    Activists and members of Germany’s Green party unveiled the life-size bronze statues on May Day.

  • Mary

    ‘Well, it might have past quite a few bedtimes (for hard-working families at least)!’

    Methinks a script writer at Tory HQ – the hard working bit. How many times have we heard that phrase during these last few weeks? Theresa, who seems to have had some sort of makeover, repeated it this morning. The Tories, Red or Blue, are very tiresome.


    Whilst out in the town (not Dorking!) I was sitting having a coffee and watching the pigeons on the rooftop opposite. One of them only had one leg but seemed to be as active as all the rest as she hopped around, Quite a plucky little bird I decided and inspirational too.

  • Robert Crawford


    Pure dead brilliant!!!

    I would like to see Craig standing on the other chair outside Buck. House, or, Downing Street.

  • Mary

    May 05, 2015
    The Sturgeon Factor
    The Scottish National Party and the British Elections


    “I’m just facing up to reality. A minority government can’t govern without support from other parties. Either Ed Miliband will accept that or he won’t.”

    -Nicola Sturgeon, SNP Leader, The Guardian, May 3, 2015

    Linked from Medialens

    with these sentences in bold.

    ‘The policy platforms of the SNP show that it is no midget force in the scheme of British politics.’

    ‘The foreign policy tendrils of the party are worth noting. It maintains a strong policy against the utility of Trident, the long in tooth nuclear submarine fleet that David Cameron has promised to overhaul should he win office. A sore, and a sucker, it bleeds resources from the sceptred isle, with an expected bill of £20bn issuing from the coffers to replace four Vanguard-class submarines. The total cost, however, is likely to come to £100bn.’

    ‘There is a firm stance about the issue of recognising a Palestinian state.’

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Re. ‘hard-working families’, I think the image we need to concentrate on is that of the six-year-old learning to clean chimneys on a zero-hours contract. Also mandatory in any Tory speech is, increasingly, “our country”. Rubbing it in or what?

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    “please post the link to your blog so we can give you some tips on what to focus on, I’m sure there would be a plethora of pressing missing issues. Why don’t you write your own blog, Schmarotzer?”


    Be careful, Nevermind. Be very careful. You risk replacing Macky as the dullest knife in the drawer.

    You ask me to post a link to “my own blog” (= I have a blog) and then say “why don’t I write my own blog (= I don’t have a blog).


  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Has Gerrard ‘Jock’ Davison been conveniently murdered in Belfast to scare off potential republican voters, especially SNP voters in Scotland?

    Davison has long been framed as the IRA killer of Robert Mccartney, and his killing now seems to be a calculated act to put all republicans on the defensive.

    Campaign starting to look quite violent.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    “‘Well, it might have past quite a few bedtimes (for hard-working families at least)!’

    Methinks a script writer at Tory HQ ”


    No. I doubt if they could afford me.

    I just put in the expression – which of course adds nothing to the substance of my post and which, actually, I find boring, trite and shitty) – to get a reaction. I knew a few people would bite.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Trousers is at it again, having strayed beyond the confines of Squonk’s blog.

    One must ask oneself : has any public figure ever died a natural death?

    Or, to vary on Private Fraser just a little, are they all doomed?

  • Mary

    Yes the post IS boring, trite and shitty. Also it seems to be short of a bracket. Like trolls they come in pairs as one knows.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    The expression, not the post.

    Massaging the truth a little, eh?

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    No point bending the truth just ‘coz you were one of the fish which bit! 🙂

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Hard to imagine a killing in Northern Ireland than the Davison one which will get republicans and unionists at one another’s throats, some regular republicans thinking that some dissident ones did it, unionists delighted with the result, etc.

  • Mary

    Trolls of course are well known for their fishing skills, usually carried out under their bridges.

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