Royal Baby? Fuck Off 177

Another over-privileged right wing little tosspot is born to live off our taxes. I wish harm to no baby. But every one of the babies the UK killed in bombings in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya was worth just as much as this one. If the murder of one of those babies by the British state had received a ten thousandth of the attention of the birth of this baby to live high on the British state, the world would be a slightly fairer place.

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177 thoughts on “Royal Baby? Fuck Off

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  • John Spencer-Davis

    The poor little mite didn’t ask to be born, Craig. And it didn’t choose its parents.

    How do you know it will turn out right wing?

    I’m in perfect agreement, however, that it is worth exactly the same as any other baby born anywhere else in the world. No more, no less.

    Kind regards,


  • craig Post author

    How do I know it will turn out right wing? Oh, just a wild guess. Long shot I know, with such an egalitarian and intellectual background…

  • Anon1

    The last one you named “privileged wanker” but now we have “over-privileged right wing little tosspot”.

    At least there’s a recognition in there somewhere that the first-born will perform some kind of public service, even if it is only by not wanking in too privileged a manner.

  • Giyane

    One day, with only-half-buttoned-up Charles as grand-father the little blighter might rebel against the blue-blood myth. I am the purple Disney fairy godmother to wish him/her the ability to listen to their heart and follow Islam. I will look for encouraging signs like pushing all their toys out of the pram and temper tantrums.

    A|ll babies are born with the fitra/ innate intelligence of Islam, which is slowly destroyed by circumstance and programming.

  • John Berbatis

    The notion of royal personage belongs only in fairy tales. ‘It is a self-evident truth that we are all created equal’; but let free education be the great equalizer.

  • Beeston Regis

    At least with the Succession to the Crown Act she won’t be forced to squeeze out another parasite, as she will have the ‘heir and spare’ sorted.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Paul Foot was educated at Shrewsbury. Tam Dalyell went to Eton.

    Kind regards,


  • craig Post author

    Yes, but both of those did come from families with an intellectual tradition, not a gormless bunch of intellectually challenged German militarists.

  • fedup

    How do I know it will turn out right wing? Oh, just a wild guess. Long shot I know, with such an egalitarian and intellectual background…

    Thanks for the laugh Craig.

    The over analysis and almost pernicious “balanced view” itself can be a weapon in the world of Soros sponsored ‘isms, and ‘ists, all in the way of leaving the musical chair/arrangements untouched.


    Contemporaneous data convey that whilst the Libyan aerial bombardments were under way, pregnant women started to go into premature labour due to the fear and stress induced by the bombings, and their beleaguered kin were at a loss how to find doctors and midwives to deliver these babies saving their lives and their mothers’ lives. Sadly most of these died and none were ever mentioned, anywhere.

  • Villager

    “But what can a human being do – what can you and I do – to create a completely different society? We are asking ourselves a very serious question. Is there anything to be done at all? What can we do? Will somebody tell us? People have told us. The so-called spiritual leaders, who are supposed to understand these things better than we do, have told us by trying to twist and mould us into a new pattern, and that hasn’t led us very far; sophisticated and learned men have told us and that has led us no further. We have been told that all paths lead to truth – you have your path as a Hindu and someone else has his path as a Christian and another as a Muslim, and they all meet at the same door – which is, when you look at it, so obviously absurd. Truth has no path, and that is the beauty of truth, it is living. A dead thing has a path to it because it is static, but when you see that truth is something living, moving, which has no resting place, which is in no temple, mosque or church, which no religion, no teacher, no philosopher, nobody can lead you to – then you will also see that this living thing is what you actually are – your anger, your brutality, your violence, your despair, the agony and sorrow you live in. In the understanding of all this is the truth, and you can understand it only if you know how to look at those things in your life. And you cannot look through an ideology, through a screen of words, through hopes and fears.

    So you see that you cannot depend upon anybody. There is no guide, no teacher, no authority. There is only you – your relationship with others and with the world – there is nothing else. When you realise this, it either brings great despair, from which comes cynicism and bitterness, or, in facing the fact that you and nobody else is responsible for the world and for yourself, for what you think, what you feel, how you act, all self-pity goes. Normally we thrive on blaming others, which is a form of self-pity.”

    K: “Freedom From the Known”

  • Becky Cohen

    I guess there’s an argument that on one level though, with regard to feminist theory, by being born female no matter how rich or powerful her parents are she’ll always be less privileged than a male in a patriarchal society.

  • Guy

    Of course it will go right wing….. it will will not have free will in the, so called, House of Windsor…..

  • glenn

    But… but… this was the top news! The BBC saw fit to make this the World’s Number-1 story, occupying at least half of the hourly bulletin. Not content with making the announcement, stating the weight and so on, they went to their Special Royal Correspondent, who repeated the same, then we go outside to hear the grateful masses themselves.

    Usual bunch of flag-waving, slack-jawed halfwits – “By gaw…. Gawd bless ya Ma’am! I’ve bin waitin’ 3 days out here to this – an I can’t tell ‘ew ‘ow ‘appy an’ proud this makes me!” – and so on and so forth.

    Let the rejoicing begin!

  • Phil

    If you quantify power by how much you are permitted to oppose it, and you should, the priorities, and yes weakness possibly, of the establishment are revealed. At street level nothing much vexes the met like any proposal to counter a royal occasion.

  • Techno

    As the Royal Family has no power over anybody anymore, hating them just seems like immature spite to me. Maybe if you were complaining 500 years ago you would have good point. Even the argument that they live off taxes is dubious, due to the amount of goodwill they provide globally and the tourism revenue they generate at home.

    The point about Britain interfering in the affairs of other nations is souund though.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    I was pretty amazed when I picked up “A Question of Balance” by HRH Duke of Edinburgh and almost the first quotation in the book was from Mikhail Bakunin. I was grudgingly impressed, although the book was more or less what I expected.

    Kind regards,


  • Clark

    Techno, 12:40 pm; the royal family seem to be the main liaison with those UK/US allies, the despotic Gulf monarchies. A UK royal visits the Saudi royals yearly to arrange new arms deals. And the Saudi royal family is the prime mover behind the generation of “islamic” terrorists, who then by means unknown crop up just where the US/UK alliance wants to have its next war.

  • fedup

    As the Royal Family has no power over anybody anymore,

    See how well educated the great unwashed are?

    Pitiful, just pitiful example of regurgitating the carefully thought out mims as their very own wll researched findings and conclusions.

  • Johnstone

    Alcatraz is a tourist attraction but no longer has any inmates.

    None of the tourists hanging round the security gates of royal palaces in the UK ever sees them in any case, so how can you use tourism as justification for retaining an antiquated, elitist and feudal institution like the British royal family?

  • Mary

    Spot on Craig. No child shall be harmed.

    The SOSs (snake oil salesmen) are delighted.

    ‘Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted: “Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their baby girl. I’m absolutely delighted for them.”

    Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg tweeted that he and his wife Miriam wished the family “all the best”.

    And Labour leader Ed Miliband wrote: “Congratulations to the duke and duchess on the birth of their daughter. Wishing them lots of joy and happiness – and hopefully some sleep!”‘

    So is Archbishop Weilby delighted, seen recently canoodling with el Sisi on behalf of the Coptic ‘martyrs’. No mention of the millions of men, women and children with brown skin that this country has shredded, burned or blown to smithereens.

    ‘The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said: “It’s wonderful news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a healthy new baby girl.

    “Like many here and abroad, I’m delighted for the royal couple on this special day. May God bless them and both of their children with love, health and joy.”‘

    Gross hypocrisy and crawling.

  • Matt

    Craig I couldn’t agree more. Each child is born equal into this world and the offspring of these unelected parasites should be no different. The sooner we abolish these outmoded fools the better.

  • Mary

    The Krishnamurti syrupy toffee above follows these posts from the same contributor on the previous thread. No irony.

    “I thought people were not allowed to comment using Anon as a pseudonym!”
    What a little prick. Read it both ways. A prick as little as his pea-brain.
    I think the last time I encountered such holistic littleness was in primary school.

    Lysias, you the ganglion on the prick?

    Sure your proclivities aren’t in paedo-country?

    Dig away PC Plod, you bumbler. Take a break from your eager dross.



  • John Spencer-Davis

    I think it’s a bit much to describe a new-born baby as a “little tosspot”. And there is no certainty as to her future politics.

    But I agree: the palaver about it makes me feel ill. New child. For the family, it’s a great joy. What difference should it make to anybody else?

    Kind regards,


  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    You are usually capable of writing a polemic without resorting to gutter language.

    What went wrong this time?

  • Republicofscotland

    Spot on Craig,the new blue blooded sprog will be cosseted all its days,at the expense of the taxpayer.

    I would like to think a independent Scotland would give the Royals the boot once and for all.

  • Giyane


    “What went wrong this time?”

    That was Craig’s way of telling you two pervs to stop drooling and back off.

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