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This year’s Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival will be at the Cardross Estate near Port of Menteith again from 21-3 August. As our long-term readers know, while there is no formal link between this blog and Doune the Rabbit Hole, and the festival has no political view, the general tone, tenor and atmosphere of the event is one likely to appeal to people who enjoy this blog, and I shall as ever be running the bars.


I can’t quite describe what makes this little festival more appealing than others. It has an extraordinary sense of community and idealism, and I always find it seriously refreshing and uplifting, with confidence in my fellow human beings restored. The bands are very eclectic, and a reminder that great live music is made all over Scotland by people that largely you have never heard of. A particular selling point is that it is very family friendly, and it is not just that there are one or two examples that enable you to say the age range is 9 weeks to 90, it really is like that.

To say that it is a not for profit event is an understatement. We need people to buy tickets, and you can do so here. If you can afford it, you really will have fun. For those short of cash or free to enjoy hard graft (and it is quite tough), readers of and commenters on this blog make up a high proportion of the volunteers who are needed to make it happen at all.

I do hope many of you will come again this year, either as guests or volunteers. Lifelong friendships are forged, and it is great for me to meet you in real life rather than virtually, though I am more free to pull you a pint than engage in profound discussion. The bar – the Whistleblower’s Arms – will have an even wider range of superb local ales and ciders. I can taste it already.

I am happy to tell you that a month’s consultancy work has mended my personal finances, and I shall be back from Africa next week. We shall therefore avoid the need for a donate button to keep the blog going after all, rather to my relief. I should have been at Julian Assange’s birthday party in the Ecuador Embassy today, and am sorry to miss it. Happy Birthday, Julian. There is a good exposition of the state of his case here, for those interested in fact rather than derogatory mainstream media slogans. Julian, Chelsea and Edward have done so much to improve human understanding and resist the powers of the corporate state, and each has had a normal life denied them.

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  • Ba'al Zevul

    Actually Parris rather likes Corbyn, to be fair. It’s the Blairite who’s dissing him. No wonder.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita e' bella)

    Back on the subject of Greece again!

    All true friends of that country will be happy to learn that PM Tsipras has decided to dispense with the services of the minister and two alternate ministers who voted against the govt a couple of days ago.

    All three are of course on the extreme left-wing of SYRIZA.

    It is of course typical of Maoists and the like that they do not have the decency to resign from the govt after voting against it but wait until they are kicked out (unlike Alternate Finance Minister Valavani, who did have the grace to resign from the govt before voting against it).

  • Ba'al Zevul

    BTW I fail to see how being accused of being from Yorkshire is a personal insult. Unless you’re some sort of racist Manc…

  • RobG

    @Habbabkuk (la vita e’ bella)
    17 Jul, 2015 – 9:55 pm

    Care to give any links to what you’re claiming?

  • RobG

    @Ba’al Zevul
    17 Jul, 2015 – 10:15 pm

    I am sure I’m not the only one on this board who has had enough of the total vermin who have taken over our society.

    Calling a kettle black, and all that.

  • craig Post author

    Calm down folks. Fred is very welcome on the blog. Fred I have no interest in your IP address and would have no idea what to do with it. I hope we can meet for a pint at some stage.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Ba’al Zevul 17 Jul, 2015 – 10:36 pm : ” : Right now on R4 news, an impartial assessment of Corbyn’s chances, with Lance Price (a Blair SPAD) and Matthew Parris (ex-Tory MP). Speaking truth unto nation, or kowtowing to Cameron’s plans for the Beeb?”
    Yes, BBC propaganda reaches the parts other media can’t reach. For a long time, I’ve regarded Radio 4’s “The Now Show” as a weapon in the Establishment’s armoury. They do a particularly fine line in encouraging hatred of Muslims (all in the name of comedy, of course). Today’s broadcast slipped a little stiletto into Corbyn’s back. It’d pass right over your awareness and settle into your unconscious if you weren’t watching out for it.

    They did a sketch about the Labour leadership contenders : who’s name sounds best with “-ite” on the end [as in Blairite, Bennite, etc].

    Cooperite – sounds like something you’d use to paint a shed. D’you want to match it with a Tory blue? You want a couple of coats of Cooperite on that.

    Kendalite – sounds like a sort of healthy eating initiative. Want the taste of Kendal mint cake but with none of the sugar? Try new Kendalite.

    Corbynite – sounds like a type of building material. Hand carved from the finest Corbynite, it remains a really stupid way to display Labour policies.

    Burnhamite – sounds like a method for really posh people to get rid of foxes. You know, if they’re not allowed to hunt them.

    Am I reading too much into it? I don’t think so. You can hear it on iPlayer at 7’20”.

  • Alcyone

    “That’s very interesting, please do tell us more about the mechanisms by which posting a link makes it easier to find their IP addresses and exactly how much more.

    Always willing to learn from the reality based community.”

    Is this also from the reality-based community. The arrogance of hogging the space. Is someone trying to outflank Mary?

    ” ‘Sorry to wake you Major. You really need to see this.’

    ‘Another one Carruthers?’

    ‘Yes and no Major.’

    ‘Carruthers, who is that?’

    ‘This is Wainwright Major, or should that be minor? The new intern sent by management. I did send a twitter memo in triplicate as per The Process Major. It was Wainwright who made the discovery Major.’

    ‘He’s a bit young isn’t he? He only looks about twelve years old.’

    ‘That’s because he is twelve years old Major.’

    ‘Carruthers, why would management send us a twelve year old intern to start at the bottom of the hierarchy?’

    ‘I’m not sure Major. I just hope it’s not because one of them has discovered irony.’

    ‘Is that possible Carruthers?’

    ‘Only on the wilder edges of quantum behaviouralism theory Major. At least until now anyway.’

    ‘So. Carruthers. Is he any good? You say the lad’s discovered something has he?

    ‘Well Major, he’s shit hot with the computers but his language skills are a little raw. I set him to work on the archives and he found this.’

    “Fuck off and die retard.”

    ‘I myself didn’t spot it at first until the lad cross referenced it with this more recent one Major……’

    “The only thing I have is reason. ”

    …..and the exchange you can see above on this thread, if you’ll pardon the pun Major.’

    ‘Forgive me Carruthers. I’m still not seeing it. The first one looks to me like the dominant core personality we tagged the other day and the others seem straightforward third personality narrative. What am I missing?

    ‘Well Major, it wasn’t until Wainwright pointed out the Touretts in the first example that the penny dropped for me.’

    ‘Go on Carruthers.’

    ‘Right Major. You agree that the first example, that the lad pulled from the archives, is straightforward aggressive as per the core dominant personality we tagged.’

    ‘Agreed Carruthers.’

    ‘But the presence of the Tourettes suggests another, distinct fourth personality, within the gestalt. Are you with me so far Major?’

    ‘Yes Carruthers. But surely that’s a contradiction?

    ‘Only if we make the standard model assumption that what we are looking for, and in this case at, is another distinct personality WITHIN the gestalt.’

    ‘Don’t you see Major? What the lad’s discovered is not a distinct personality within the gestalt itself, which is what we are looking for arising from the standard model, but a sub personality within one of the seperate personalities. It’s the same for the other example too.’

    ‘You mean two of the split personalities have split personalities themselves Carruthers?’

    ‘Exactly Major. This is why we were having so much difficulty in the first place. Because we are actually dealing with derivative personalities.’

    ‘Derivatives Carruthers? Isn’t that something to do with CDO’S, Hedge Fund management and the like?’



    ‘Sorry Major.’

    ‘Look sir, I mean Major. You remember the metaphor that that chap Max Keiser came up with about derivatives?’

    ‘Ah! I know this one Carruthers. You mean the one about the chap going into a hall of mirrors with a dollar bill and all the images of the dollar bill being the derivatives!’

    ‘Exactly Major. The pertinent bit of your description of the metaphor is that it relates entirely to the dollar bill. The whole smoke and mirrors of multiple values being created from the value of the original. What we are talking about here is the concept of derivatives at a higher level than the dollar bill.’

    ‘Go on Carruthers.’

    ‘Talking theoretically Major, and in general rather than specific terms, we have moved beyond the standard model of distinct personalities within a gestalt and speculated the existence of distinct personalities within those distinct personalities. Derivative personalities.’

    ‘With you so far Carruthers.’

    ‘Now Major, transfer that concept to the dollar bill metaphor. Instead of confining the financial derivatives markets to just money alone try imagining a scenario in which whole economies and economic systems, banks, sovereign debt and whatever have derivatives of themselves built inside them. If the hedge fund managers ever got wind of such and concept armageddon would be like the teddy bears picnic in comparison to the sheer havoc and Kaos which would ensue.’

    ‘Whatever we do Major we must not let the Germans get wind of this. ‘

    ‘Don’t you mean the Americans or the Chinese Carruthers?

    ‘With respect Major, the Americans, whilst crazy and gung ho enough don’t have the imagination or nuance to make such a thing work. The Chinese could do it but their advantage over the Americans is that they would be too astute. They’re not stupid.’

    ‘And the Germans, Carruthers?’

    ‘They’re proper engineers Major. They have the experience and the arrog.. .. er, the self confidence to make it so.’

    ‘You were nearly politically incorrect there Carruthers.’

    ‘Sorry Major. But if the Germans got hold of this there would be multiple Greek debt crisis ‘ s and they would end up owning derivatives of multiple economies across derivatives of Europe and more living space than you could stick at.’

    ‘That’s quite impressive Carruthers. Should we shoot the lad or give him a medal.’

    ‘Well Major. I do have a medal going spare. It says “CNUT” on it.’

    ‘Dunt wan’ no medal mester. Listening to you two I’d rather ‘Ave a tin helmet an’ some brown keks.’

    Did anybody read that shit?

  • fred

    “Calm down folks. Fred is very welcome on the blog. Fred I have no interest in your IP address and would have no idea what to do with it. I hope we can meet for a pint at some stage.”

    I know you have no interest in my IP address just as I know posting a link doesn’t open up any windows which would allow anyone else to find my IP address or anything else about me. Dotted quads are boring things.

    I’m here for sensible debate, when the character assassinations, name calling and ridicule starts that’s when I call a halt.

  • Alcyone

    “I can’t quite describe what makes this little festival more appealing than others. It has an extraordinary sense of community and idealism…”

    Precisely what is idealism, Craig. What is its process….and outcome?

  • RobG

    Fred, I hope you don’t think I was trying to ridicule you, etc. You asked a perfectly reasonable question, to which I tried to give a reasonable answer.

    One can only try.

  • Herbie

    Have a great time doune the rabbit hole.

    I’m sure there’s many a jig could be done to this:

    George Osborne sacks the too tough City regulator with the intention of replacing him with a softer regulator, but still boldly states:

    “Mr Osborne said: “Britain needs a tough, strong financial conduct regulator.”

    whilst replacing a stronger with a weaker…

    Doune the rabbit hole indeed:

  • craig Post author


    Idealism is nothing to do with process or outcome. Why you feel I should write about anything in terms which you dictate I have no idea.

  • BrianFujisan


    it’s Probably hard to explain…. But It’s very much a peoples fest, catering for all…the wee yins running wild… Dress code such a kaleidoscope of Wonders….NO Police…well i counted 2…it’s Stunning what they turn a field into. ..with Amazing Music…. and awesome confabs at the Bar ( cheers Craig )

  • nevermind

    10 points to RD for spotting my mistake, nevermind will have to sit in the dunces corner…….
    our resident cyber stalker opines in his schoolmasterly way.

    The point was the word Europe. its not latin America, so the US should keep out of our affairs really, if there is nothing positive for Europe in stall, please go and sort your divided society out, stop pissing into Europe’s tent.

    So, back to polishing that medal turd, down to 1500 grit now. Very much enjoyed your carruthers.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Craig to Alcyone, 12.49am: “Idealism is nothing to do with process or outcome. Why you feel I should write about anything in terms which you dictate I have no idea.”

    If I am any judge of a shallow but vindictive personality, the two-faced cowardly type which will be complimentary and helpful to your face then make spiteful remarks from behind the cloak of anonymity, Alcyone is Villager.


  • Alcyone

    “Idealism is nothing to do with process or outcome. Why you feel I should write about anything in terms which you dictate I have no idea.”

    It is our conditioning that dictates, Craig, not me.

    Does one need to be soaked with alcohol to be free? That certainly is a process of escape and the outcome is delusion. And then one says “superb local ales and ciders”! Now, that is simple insanity.

    Admitedly, frankly, I never got this, can we call it, British cultural macho-bravado trait of getting drunk.

    But music, now that is something else.

    “Wasn’t born to follow”


    “Joe Satriani – Flying In A Blue Dream (Satriani LIVE!)”

    Enjoy and be free! Remember, there’s no backdoor to heaven.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    “Do not repeat after me words that you do not understand. Do not merely put on a mask of my ideas, for it will be an illusion and you will thereby deceive yourself.”

    ― Jiddu Krishnamurti

  • Republicofscotland

    Alex Salmond MP for Gordon, and SNP foreign affairs spokesperson, is demanding that the UK government explains why British pilots bombed Syria, after Westminster voted against military action.

    The organisation Reprieve have in their possession documents showing that UK pilots are embedded in coalition forces which took part in the bombing of Syria.

    The MoD has insisted that there are currently no British troops in Syria.

    Mr Salmond outraged at the possible under handedness of the UK government has tabled urgent questions be answered in the House of Commons, come Monday.

    No doubt Defence secretary Michael Fallon, will deny all knowledge of the affair.

  • glenn

    Node : “If I am any judge of a shallow but vindictive personality, the two-faced cowardly type which will be complimentary and helpful to your face then make spiteful remarks from behind the cloak of anonymity, Alcyone is Villager.

    It seems pretty apparent, Node. If Villager wanted to disguise himself, he’d have to drop the full-throated, tail-wagging endorsement of anything and everything that Habbabkuk says for at least five minutes. And I’m not sure he could do that.

  • Dave Hansell

    Dawkins wept! Do try and keep up at the back there.

    Of course it was a stinking pile of crap. That was the whole bloody point.

    Five minute Janet and John break, Squad.

    It was a stinking pile of crap because it was an outlne/parody/PT of a position which was a stinking pile of shite.

    [Pause at this point for the benefit of any Karl Rove wannabees ( and no I am not going to do anybody’s bleedin’ homework for them. If anyone, or whatever their handle is, wants to properly understand the content, context and concept of the term reality based community they can get off their bone idle backsides and do it themselves if they’ve got the gumption) who think reality is what goes on inside their heads rather than outside it who may want to deliberately misinterpret the above.

    To emphasise: “A position.” Got that any pedants out there? “A” the indefinate article. That is not “the” definate article. And “position”. That is distinct (ie seperate) from anyone who happens to be taking that position at anyone time.. End of pause]

  • Dave Hansell

    Don’t know what happened there. Bloody thing posted on its own.

    To continue,

    The position in question was a pile of shite because it claimed to be arguing on the basis of rationality and reason but when challenged over assertions made on a point with real life data the position taken denied vehemently that it had made the assertions in the first place and when presented the words used came back the intellectually robust response of




    An earlier poster commented that they had tried rational argument with this position but come up short. Just like I did.

    Fred was all over the place here. And there was no reasoning with the position taken.

    Now anyone keeping up with what has been going on across the threads of this blog over the past week or so, instead of metaphorically sitting there with thumb up bum and brain in neutral, would have picked up what was going on. To reiterate, I used to work with a bloke who was like that all the time. You never knew which one were talking to at any one moment.

    To be fair, Fred seems to have upped his game recently (and others please, Ba’al if you are there, note the absence of the words “To be continued” at the end of that particular chapter) and no one should really give a FF one way or the other whether or not the exercise has had an impact or influence in that regard. The relevant point is that it is so.

    On a general note about keeping up standards. Piss taking seems to be something that most people on these islands, whether Scots, Welsh, Irish, English or Yorkshireman, take to like a duck to water.

    Stating the bleeding obvious, which is what Alcyone has done here, is eroding the piss taking standards across the site. Unless of course he/she is serious. Which begs the question about bringing seriousness into a PT. It’s like taking a knife to fist fight.

    To be fair to Alcyone, and given that irony is my favourite form of humour, recognition and kudos goes to making a complaint about the length of a post in a comment and including that post in its entirety within the post itself.

    That was and most Zen like.

    Which raises the thorny question about the form that recognition should take.

    I do have a metaphorical medal (2nd place) which says CNUT on it. Which is one of only two on this entire site. The other one belongs to Nevermind. It was given the other night in a hissy fit by this blogs answer to Arthur Mullard. It is now very shiny and has come up beautiful with the application of beeswax and Buxton spring water.

    I am,however, loathe to part with such a precious item, particularly given the circumstances in which it was awarded and who it was who gave it away. I know Nevermind is looking for a suitable home for his.

    Perhaps it/they should be given to Mary to donate to a suitable charity. A donkey sanctuary perhaps?

    The site of those medals hung around the neck of a scrumptious hee haw has a kind of circular Zen feel to it given where they originated from.

    Although I think it would have to be stipulated that the Donkey should be a young one which has not yet been given a name.

    Leaving the opportunity for anyone on this blog who may wish to suggest a suitable name for the said beast?

    Any suggestions?

  • Dave Hansell


    [Speaking as a Yorkshireman]

    I’m not sure whether this will help or hinder in regard to your conversation above. It may even confuse the issue in your mind.

    You may not be aware of this but Yorkshiremen are just Scotsmen with every ounce of generosity squeezed out of us.

  • Republicofscotland

    Tim Farron Libdem leader has said that “Most decent people think, people deserve a second chance” referring to his backing of disgraced MP Alistair Carmichael.

    I find that comment rather insulting to those who seek integrity from their elected MP’s something Mr Carmichael appears to lack.

    Mr Fallon went on to say with regards to the people of Mr Carmichaels constituency seeking removal of him, “A handful of people want to purse it, but I think that it speaks more about them than they’d want to be said.”

    In my opinion Mr Fallon, whose feet are just under the table as leader of the LibDems so to speak is, defending the indefensible.

  • Resident Dissident

    Oh dear, Mr Hansell appears to be making a bid to become another Tony Opmoc but without the benefit of a sense of humour!

  • Dave Hansell

    That was almost funny res dis.

    Have you thought of getting yourself an agent rather than sitting there in the dark handling yourself?

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    “Although I think it would have to be stipulated that the Donkey should be a young one which has not yet been given a name. Leaving the opportunity for anyone on this blog who may wish to suggest a suitable name for the said beast? Any suggestions?”

    Sad Ass

  • Frazer

    Back on topic..Craig..I shall endeveour to turn up at Doune if I am in the UK..Jamie has done a sterling job of planning and getting it all together as usual..might see you all for a pint or several, assuming of course they have decent beer and none of that chemical crap !

  • Dreoilin

    “Oh dear, Mr Hansell appears to be making a bid to become another Tony Opmoc but without the benefit of a sense of humour!”

    I don’t know about Tony Opmoc, but Mr Hansell is certainly very fond of himself (and the sound of his own voice, so to speak).

    “Speaking as a Yorkshireman”

    How about you don’t speak at all? Just take a break …

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