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286 thoughts on “Independence Meeting Tonight

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  • Jives


    You’re tieless and without your top button done up in that colourless foto…

    Perhaps you,too,are in league with al-Bin-Corbyn to destroy everything,ever,constantly and imminently without end?

    You rascal you!

  • punklin

    Not going to George Square/Hope over Fear. Share the spirit, but can’t be doing with all the nostalgia. Why celebrate a past defeat when you can look forward to a future victory?

  • craig Post author


    Don’t worry, I don’t think anyone is going to be talking about anything but the future. The anniversary is just an excuse for a rally – of which we don’t have enough (rallies, that is). I for one have no intention of mentioning the first referendum.

  • harry law

    Scotland one year on debate. You have to be joking right? All four guest speakers are for Scottish independence. Where is the debate?

  • harry law

    Reminds me of Middle East debates in the United States ‘what next for the Palestinians’ with four pundits of Jewish origin, with no Palestinian input.

  • Mary

    You have a namesake in Ireland who appears to be a stooge. ‘Do not remember them’ stuff.

    ‘In a letter to the Irish Times, Professor John A Murray, Emeritus Professor of History at University College Cork, described it as “an ill-conceived and undignified project”.

    He added: “We could do without another manifestation of this morbid, self-indulgent nationalist propensity.”

    Prof Murray described the use of DNA technology as “macabre” and pointed out that the former British barracks had become a base for the Irish army.

    “This revolutionary change was brought about by the ultimate sacrifice of men like Thomas Kent and it makes the present location, with a suitable monument, a proper and final resting place for the patriot.

    “Never was the phrase ‘rest in peace’ more apt than in this instance.”‘

    State Funeral For Irish Rebel Thomas Kent
    Enda Kenny says Thomas Kent “paid the ultimate sacrifice” in pursuit of Irish freedom, ahead of the midday service in Cork.

    Some background.

  • Mary

    Thanks Brian. Copies to Cameron and Her Maj. She likes the sound of the pipes.

    Good luck Craig.

    ‘It’s a lang road that’s no got a turnin.’

    Translation: Don’t lose heart in dark times, things can’t keep going in the same direction forever

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Just a note from the sidelines: In response to Nicola Sturgeon yesterday querying the commitment of the Tories to devolution, and promising to push for another referendum if they didn’t buck their ideas up, Cameron came away with the statement that more votes had been cast for No than had ever been cast in Scotland for any political party.

    What he omitted to mention was that this was also true of the Yes vote. Funny, dat.

  • harry law

    With an average of the last five polls on Scottish independence [see today’s Guardian]revealing a roughly 50/50 split, Independence/continued union. It is of paramount importance that a substantial and consistent yes vote is recorded, and that the substantial yes vote is recorded over a certain time scale. It would be disastrous for everyone in the UK for Nationalists to win an independence vote on the short term financial,or other short term circumstances. [think price of oil, Corbyn becoming PM, or other such event] I am not against independence for Scotland, but it must be as a result of deeply thought out long term policies, not the result of ‘the perfect storm’ or other short term political advantages for Nationalists,[a Tory government with an austerity programme] which may not pan out over the long term.

  • MJ

    “What he omitted to mention was that this was also true of the Yes vote”

    Second only to the No vote I expect.

  • haemoglobin

    Harry Law

    I for one assume the debate is about how to secure independence, or what shape independence might initially take. The desirability of independence is taken for granted here.

    For these ends, not mentioning the previous referendum would seem to be something of an oversight – there are important lessons to be learned from the last one.

    Absolutely no offence to any of the speakers at this meeting, but there doesn’t look like much of a cross section of opinion on the speaker list. Is this an indication of the SNPs refusal to recognise or work with other political parties and organisations?

  • haemoglobin

    Hi Craig

    No it’s obviously not formally an SNP event, although it may as well be. Ivan McKee is prospective SNP candidate for next Holyrood elections, Dennis Canavan is/was independent but supported an SNP candidate to succeed him when he stepped down from parliament.

  • MJ

    “it’s obviously not formally an SNP event”

    Well no, Craig wouldn’t have been invited to speak if it was.

  • Anon1

    “promising to push for another referendum if they didn’t buck their ideas up”

    Cocky little thing isn’t she.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Haemoglobin – so what? It’s a public meeting. It’s designed ( presumably) to discuss issues around the independence movement. If the organisers choose to approach this from a pro-indendence position, whose major support comes from the SNP, fine. Would you object to the lack of American investment bankers on the speaking list here, I wonder?

  • Mary

    Not cocky. Confident. It’s the Bullingdon boys who are the cocky ones as they sit smirking on the green benches.

  • Charles Haggerty

    hi Craig,you say you’re going to be speaking at the ‘Hope over Fear’ rally in George Square on Saturday.Does this mean that you will be sharing a platform with the convicted perjurer,’Tommy Sheridan’?

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Does this mean that you will be sharing a platform with the convicted perjurer,’Tommy Sheridan’?

    Guilt by association, eh? Craig shares his love of whisky with convicted perjurer Geoffrey Archer, perhaps? I see as-yet unconvicted*, strongly alleged perjurer, Rebekah Brooks, is back in the NewsUK driving seat, btw.


    Many News U.K. insiders say that it is Brooks’ loyalty that is being rewarded, not her competence. She is also the last firewall between the Murdoch family and other criminal allegations more inflammatory than phone hacking — perjury and interference in a major murder investigation.

    Quite a lot about perjury there, unconnected with the NoW’s case against Sheridan. And you won’t see it in your scurrilous slimeball SUN.

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