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Hilarious live broadcast from Labour’s Leadership Election result. A defeated and humiliated Blairite hierarchy are the large majority of those Labour elite who qualify to get in. A hilarious bitter coded speech from the Labour General Secretary in which he sarcastically said that he looked forward o seeing the three pound supporters stomping the doorsteps like the longstanding members who had done so from years (huge whoops from the Labour establishment), and then said the ground campaign would make no difference unless they met people’s “aspirations”, the Blairite codeword No. 1 for letting the rich be stinking rich so the poor can “aspire” to get there too.

Very, very funny. 95% of the people in that room believe in nothing whatsoever that Corbyn believes in. He should beware polonium in his tea. BBC man saying he had just been told by a “senior Laboour figure” Corbyn could be ousted within a year.

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  • John Spencer-Davis

    I got a sense from Iain McNicol’s remarks that Corbyn had won. Also from Margaret Beckett’s expression. I’ll believe it when I hear it, though.

    Kind regards, John

  • harry law

    Controversial former Labour MP George Galloway has announced he will re-join the party he was expelled from 12 years ago “pretty damn quick” if Jeremy Corbyn wins the leadership battle.
    The 60-year-old politician backed frontrunner Corbyn in a 3-minute interview he gave to LBC late on Thursday.
    “The chance of a fresh start, a Labour start, is quite an intoxicating idea,” he said. “If Jeremy were to win, everyone on the left will rejoin the Labour party.” I think George could get a shadow cabinet place from Jeremy.
    But he would need to abandon his London Mayor ambitions, because of party rules.

  • fedup

    Craig don’t waste your time with tossers who are busy point scoring the cheap[est way by attacking the messenger akin to throwing out the envelope that carries a million pound cheque into the bin because it was filthy and untidy looking.

    You have hit the nail on the head there, these bastards have for years learned to game the system and use every opportunity to exclude the standard issue citizen from getting near any of the power constructs. These bastards should be put to trail for setting up a pyramid scheme political party selling nothing but empty promises and rhetoric whilst serving their billionaire bankster sponsors. If these were a company by now trading standards would have shut them down, for false advertising and fraudulent business practices, sale of substandard and dangerous goods and services.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    I believe it now.

    Lots of hard work ahead. There’s been one Shadow Cabinet resignation already, I understand. Probably lots more to come.

    Jeering and purging won’t assist, I think. Reasonableness backed by resolution would seem the way forward.

    Very pleased for Jeremy Corbyn, Tom Watson, Sadiq Khan, and Marvin Rees.

    Corbyn sure looks like someone who couldn’t lead anything, doesn’t he? (Smile.)

    Kind regards,


  • fedup

    “The chance of a fresh start, a Labour start, is quite an intoxicating idea,” he said. “If Jeremy were to win, everyone on the left will rejoin the Labour party.”

    I know of at least eight people whom left the Labour party in disgust and are ready to rejoin if Corbyn wins!

    In the other thread I mentioned even some of the Tories are thinking of voting for Corbyn given the years of mismanagement of this country in the hands of the neo-tossers running the joint for the benefit of the few at expense of many.

  • Techno

    Any party that allows people to vote on the leader before they have done their fair share of grassroots work is idiotic.

  • John Goss

    Jeremy Corbyn will be protesting on a rally this afternoon about the terrible treatment of refugees created by Cameron and Blair’s wars. As I mentioned before he is one of the few MPs you see on rallies concerning social needs, educational and health needs and anti-war demonstrations. To those who have questioned his qualities of leadership let me say he dispelled any such nonsense with a statesman’s acceptance speech. Jeremy Corbyn has his finger on the pulse of the nation. We want to get rid of war. The best way to do that is to get rid of NATO, get rid of the trans-Atlantic alliance, get rid of private encroachments into education, health, transport and utilities.

  • Jon

    Ha, Clark, you too! Good stuff, I voted as well. May consider joining the party now – never thought I’d say that, after Iraq.

    I was rooting for Stella Creasy for deputy, but Tom Watson is still an excellent man for the job.

  • fedup

    Any party that allows people to vote on the leader before they have done their fair share of grassroots work is idiotic.

    How dare the ordinary people having a say in the process of selection of their potential prime minister?

    These nobodies should better put up with the choices made for them and shut up the lazy bastards that they are!!!!

    Well Congrats are in order for Mr. Corbyn on winning the leadership fairly and squarely despite the purge of any obvious supporters (sixty thousand) )whom wished to vote from him from the process.

  • Robert Crawford

    I bet wee Lizzy is not purring now.

    The crossed hairs (metaphorically speaking) will be focused on him now.

    The big wigs throughout the world will not like this result for DEMOCRACY.

  • fwl

    Well done JC. Are we going to get a Russian policy now?

    A Russian low flat tax policy!

    Interesting days indeed. If the mainstream media sticks the boot into hard then they find themselves putting the nails into their own coffin ad people turn to alt media.

  • YouKnowMyName

    Aidworker1: BiasedBritishCensorship? Yes, for the past several years, I think it was OK in the 80s – but since then. . .

    that’s why I’m just listening to David Mellor & Ken Livingstone on LBC

    Ken Livingstone has insisted that there is no way that senior Labour figures can oust Jeremy, in view of him winning the vote in every possible way, in every category of Labour supporter

  • Republicofscotland

    Well congrats to Corbyn seem to be the order of the day, the Blairites will, make life very difficult for him. The Red Tories will grind to a halt as indecision overcomes them, on how to oust a leader with Labour principles. It’s all a bit to surreal for me.

    I hope Corbyn doesn’t become another casualty in the mould of Cook or Smith, well, at least Ian Murray of the branch office in Scotland now knows who his boss is.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Damn. Now I’ll have to join Labour.

    I reckon at least 10% of the membership only decided to vote for Corbyn after Blair stuck his whiffly little nose into the debate. Confirmed by Kendall’s risible showing. So, well done, Tony!

    Still, politics is the art of the possible, and Corbyn’s going to have to make compromises all the way. And assert the primacy of congress resolutions over the whims of the shadow cabinet. At least Watson has a clue on the subject of media. He will be indispensible.

  • Mary

    The worms are turning. Three cheers!

    I have just come in and saw a clip where they (the three stooges) were hugging and kissing JC. Then Tessa planted one on him. Vipers. Beware Jeremy.

    Welcome back Clark.

  • Republicofscotland

    “How can a well-educated man get so many typos into just two fairly short paragraphs?”

    Bert Labour have just elected a left-wing leader in god knows how many years, and you’re first comment, centres on a few grammatical errors…..priceless.

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