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I am delighted that Shaker Aamer is finally to be released from Guantanamo. This is something I have worked, campaigned and spoken for, along with groups including Cage, which I am proud to support and which the government is attempting to ban.

We cannot give back to Shaker the thirteen years of imprisonment without charge, let alone trial. We cannot undo the physical and mental damage of all the torture. We can see him reunited with his family and demonstrate our support and affection.

Just as nobody has been charged over the illegal waging of a war of aggression against Iraq, nobody faces prosecution over the equally illegal policy of complicity in torture, to which policy I personally was an eye-witness.

The reason Shaker has been detained longer than any other British resident is that he was tortured with MI6 personnel directly in the room, as opposed to waiting outside. If the British establishment were not totally corrupt, his return to the UK would finally make it impossible to avoid prosecutions over torture, up to and including Dearlove, Straw and Blair.

The one thing we know for certain about the stinking cesspit of the British political system, is that justice is not possible.

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122 thoughts on “More Truth About British Torture

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  • Laguerre

    Ah ha, another conspiracy!

    Quite wrong, as usual, H. I was merely pointing out that it was J-P I who died strangely, and not J-P II. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify what was taken wrongly.

  • Salford Lad

    I find the best solution for dehydration is beer in large quantities. You will soon flush your gallstone on a gallon of beer a day and it is much more entertaining than water.

  • Republicofscotland

    There have been a number of books written about the untimely demise of Pope John Paul Ist.

    Only thirty three days after, Albino Luciana, became Pope John Paul Ist, he met his death.

    It has been claimed that John Paul 1st, had intentions of restructuring the Vatican bank, an act that would’ve upset many influencial men.

    John Paul Ist is said to have left many letters to his successor we now know it was,John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla) asking him to carry on his reformation of the Vatican bank, John Paul II refused the request.

  • Peter Beswick

    Hi Hadafuckonce (but couldn’t keep it up)

    I was hurt by what you said earlier about finding out about me and coming after me with your new found knowledge.

    I was scared I was petrified (as Bobby Davro once sang) so I took myself to bed and thought about how you had bullied other posters with your vile words and I thought “he is just a rotter” and “don’t have any more to do with him”

    I must have fallen asleep because when I awoke there was bloke stood at the end of my bed, I said “who the fuck are you?” he said “none of your god damned business”, I said “you are in my bedroom” and he said “you’ve got a point” and I said “yeh”.

    It was obvious that my quick wit had disarmed him and he put his hand to his forehead and said “this has been a long day, I’m sorry”

    And, not to let him off the hook I said “well you jolly well should be” he looked visibly shaken.

    He said “Pete” no one who knows me well calls me Pete but I let it pass, he said “I am the ghost of Christmas who could give a fuck” I eyed him in a steely way “he said look its not about your tiff with has-no-bolloks” I didn’t say it but I thought “well there’s a relief”. He said “no hasn’tgotalife can’t hold down relationships and his childhood is reflected in his murmurings”.

    This struck a chord with me because I had thought as much but didn;t say because I was still a bit frightened.

    He said “will you come with me and I will show you Hasshitforbrain’s future and how you brought his reign of terror to an end?”

    I said “no; fuck off I’m not interested” and he disappeared. I think he would have put up more of an case if he wasn’t so tired.

    If he comes back tonight I have made a list of questions so that’s been my evening. So far!

  • Peter Beswick

    I think the best thing to do to resolve this unpleasantness is for Hasn’thadahardonfor awhile to give me his address and I can go round and have a word. Can’t say fairer than that.

    Now what about the truth about torture?

  • Mary

    I used to read the blog of Scott Horton, the American lawyer, who challenged abuses committed by the Bush regime’s wars. He leavened the horror with posts of links to classical music recordings which probably helped him to stay sane.

    He still writes.

    From the April 2015 issue
    Company Men
    Torture, treachery, and the CIA

    Six Questions — October 18, 2014
    The APA Grapples with Its Torture Demons: Six Questions for Nathaniel Raymond

    June 4, 2014
    Uncovering the Cover Ups: Death Camp in Delta
    Mark Denbeaux on the NCIS cover-up of three “suicides” at Guantánamo Bay Detention Camp

    and so on

  • fedup

    Peter Beswick best leave the light on when you go to bed tonight! I don’t read any of this tossers comments so reading your comments seems that you are being threatened. Be warned being savaged by a dead ship is a painfully slow death, it can take a good forty, fifty years!


    There is a very convincing article, entitled “The Godfather, Part III: The Real Story,” about the Mafia-Church plot which assassinated Pope John Paul I

    What about the bank of Vatican and the banco ambrosiano? Roberto Calvi hanged under the Black Friars bridge?

    Archbishop Marcinkus? Then came the anticommunist Pope whom destroyed the Polish government, and rebuffed the Nicaraguan Archbishop for his communist sympathies.

    Others can be forgetful but what about you?

  • Peter Beswick

    I’m torn between the risk of another visit and the setting of a beacon for a Hellfire misile.

    I know I’ll head for Swansea.

  • Peter Beswick

    I’ve not heard the phrase savaged by a dead ship before but I think I know what you mean but forty or fifty years? I haven’t got that long.

  • Peter Beswick

    clearly someone hasn’t heard Rugby or the sheep shaggers revenge and the tartan sycophancy

  • glenn

    “Glenn, I wish I was in Swansea with you at the minute. Some party, I imagine.

    Hehehea! Heh he hehe hhe hee…

    Tell Cameron, “Your boys took one hell of a beating!”

  • fedup

    There is a big hubbub brewing in the oligarch owned media. At last someone has come out and called the shovel a spade. Oh the humanity of it all, pissing in the font will be far less egregious than deviating from the standard narrative, that has been seamlessly held by the oligarch owned media and compromised state media in the West.

    Corby has come out and said;

    In comments that will raise questions about his suitability to lead the Labour Party, Mr Corbyn appeared to blame George Bush and Tony Blair for using the September 11 attacks in New York to allow them to go to war

    Telegraph is besides itself,v the notion of having a uniform chorus is so much taken for granted that the Telegraph has not come to realise, everyone but the blind dog in the fish quay know about this, and Corby is only reflecting what is public domain data!

    Jeremy Corbyn has claimed that 9/11 was “manipulated” to make it look like Osama Bin Laden was responsible to allow the West to go to war in Afghanistan.

    In comments that will raise questions about his suitability to lead the Labour Party, Mr Corbyn appeared to blame George Bush and Tony Blair for using the September 11 attacks in New York to allow them to go to war.

    Telegraph is not alone, DM and the rest of the useless pamphlets of the oligarchs masquerading as the meidjia are aghast! What will these do when bLiar is at last made to face charges of his crimes against peace, and war crimes?

    These indignant meidjia never have read the article late Robin cook wrote explaining AlQaeda was the name of a database, and not an organisation on the lines of SPECTRE bent on world domination!

    Meanwhile back at the ranch;

    Student wrongly accused of being a terrorist after he was seen reading a textbook on terrorism for his degree

    Mohammed Umar Farooq was studying for a masters’ degree in terrorism, crime and global security at Staffordshire University, in Stoke-on-Trent, when the accusations were levelled at him.

    The 33-year-old said he had been sitting in the library reading the textbook in March, when he was approached by someone he thought was a fellow student – an individual who was later revealed to be a university official.

    Mr Farooq said the official asked him about his views on homosexuality, Isis and al-Qaeda, according to The Guardian

    The rest of the story is here.

    The summary interrogation of the Muslim reading in the library by a university official, was then concluded in;

    His replies, Farooq said, were largely academic but he stressed his personal opposition to extremist views. However, the conversation in the library was reported by the official to security guards, because it had raised “too many red flags” .

    Here to follow up on the story

    Needless to point out the racist treatment of the Muslims and immigrants has had the desired effect, and is now swept under the carpet.

    Iranian man arrested after walking into police station and demanding to be sent home because he’s fed up with the city

    Note the softening up of the reasons that compelled the immigrant to walk and ask to be arrested and deported back to his homeland; “fed up, bored, the city, ……”

    Detective sergeant David Henshall, who was on duty at the time of the incident on Monday, told the Independent an “agitated and angry” man around 25 years old began “shouting and screaming” about wanting to go home.

    DS Henshall said he had never seen anything like this happen before but he thought people would be interested because the focus was on “people coming into the country” rather than trying to leave at the moment.

    Presumably the detective concerned has never heard of the smuggling gangs now smuggling the immigrants out of the UK. This of course is for those whom can afford to pay the smugglers. Other immigrants whom cannot muster the dosh have to come up with their own plans to scape

  • Peter Beswick

    Well that was quite a surpise, I just went outside to let the dog out(he’s not just a dog he is a special member of the family) And I could swear a Hellfire misile flew by just missing our house by inches but struck the shed at the bottom of the garden (not going to get to play on mars now thanks very much) but before I could finish my tut bloke from end of bed emerged from the shed;s splinters, I’m sure he had been using my window. he said something rude, i think he was talking about the Welsh or it could have been the Scots but he was mad as anything.

  • Giyane

    John Spencer Davis

    Sorry to hear about your kidney stone. If they give something to break it down, you’ll be the proud father of a few tiny grains of sand. Worth it though after all that pain. Try jumping up and down to speed the process and take your mind off the labour? pains.
    Good luck.

  • lysias

    I’ve often wondered if The Godfather: Part III got such bad reviews because the powers that be didn’t want publicity given to its plot. The critics said Sofia Coppola acted badly, but I didn’t think so.

    A mystery about the election of John Paul II is that it was done by the same College of Cardinals that a few months before had elected John Paul I.

  • Peter Beswick

    If anyone can help me with wot happened this evening I would be grateful but time for bed, blokes still pulling spinters out but said he wants a word.

    Jeez some people are easily upset.

  • John Goss

    Close game Glenn. Congratulations. There were a lot of sour faces walking out of the pub I was in, and a lot of happy faces staying. While I was there, with a Romanian friend, I got talking to an Irishman (Ireland are playing Romania tomorrow I think) and there was a lot of pleasant feeling on all sides, absolutely no animosity. On the bus coming back there were four lovely guys speaking Afrikaans (I guessed that from the Springbok caps they were wearing). The two men also played rugby.

    I record this because there was no silly chanting, like there is at soccer matches, no jibes or jeering. There was happiness and sadness but the English, knowing they had played so well put a brave face on their disappointment, and the Welsh did not rub it in. Great match. I’m a soccer fan myself, but wish the fans were as respectful and dignified as rugger buffs.

  • lysias

    A good book on the highly suspicious death of John Paul I is In God’s Name, by David Yallop. John Cornwall was inspired by the Vatican to try to answer the conspiracy theories in A Thief in the Night, which I found unpersuasive.

    Speaking of conspiracy theories, the CIA and various neoconservatives tried to blame the KGB, allegedly working through Bulgarian intelligence, for the shooting of John Paul II by Agca.

  • lysias

    I’ve seen no mention on this forum of the GCHQ’s KARMA POLICE program, revealed today by The Intercept. Profiled From Radio to Porn, British Spies Track Web Users’ Online Identities.

    Since it involves the GCHQ tracking the website browsing habits of “every visible user on the Internet”, I think people here should be aware of it.

    The source is a Snowden document. If this is a conspiracy theory, it is one that, like many others, is supported by documentary evidence.

  • RobG

    Thanks for that, Lysias.

    Amongst other things in the Intercept piece this bit stood out:

    “The scope of GCHQ’s surveillance powers explain in part why Snowden told The Guardian in June 2013 that U.K. surveillance is “worse than the U.S.” In an interview with Der Spiegel in July 2013, Snowden added that British Internet cables were “radioactive” and joked: “Even the Queen’s selfies to the pool boy get logged.””

    It’s a beast that is totally out of control. The antitheses of this are the government agents who now infest comment threads like this.

    Start a petition to get shot of these vermin once and for all.

  • lysias

    Corbyn has written to Cameron asking him to intervene to stop the Saudi execution through beheading of Ali Mohammed al Nimr, who was arrested at the age of 17. Corbyn: PM Must Try To Stop Saudi Execution. Glenn Greenwald points out the contrast with the U.S. State Department, whose spokesman claims to know nothing of the case.

  • Ben-Hemp Rules

    Way too much talking. Talking is therapeutic, especially in regard to political diatribe and it’s sister, rhetoric. Words only accomplish deeds when inspiration from the words becomes action.

    It’s time for genuine rout outraesponses from the public at large or even a silent majority of malcontents, as to desirable outcomes for the discontented, or even those unaware they are discontent.

    It’s time for something beyond bullshit hyperbole and repetitive opinions about outrage over discontent, ad infinitum ab absurdum and so on, and so on….etc…..

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