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I am delighted that Shaker Aamer is finally to be released from Guantanamo. This is something I have worked, campaigned and spoken for, along with groups including Cage, which I am proud to support and which the government is attempting to ban.

We cannot give back to Shaker the thirteen years of imprisonment without charge, let alone trial. We cannot undo the physical and mental damage of all the torture. We can see him reunited with his family and demonstrate our support and affection.

Just as nobody has been charged over the illegal waging of a war of aggression against Iraq, nobody faces prosecution over the equally illegal policy of complicity in torture, to which policy I personally was an eye-witness.

The reason Shaker has been detained longer than any other British resident is that he was tortured with MI6 personnel directly in the room, as opposed to waiting outside. If the British establishment were not totally corrupt, his return to the UK would finally make it impossible to avoid prosecutions over torture, up to and including Dearlove, Straw and Blair.

The one thing we know for certain about the stinking cesspit of the British political system, is that justice is not possible.

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122 thoughts on “More Truth About British Torture

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  • Tony_0pmoc

    I was reading Craig Murray’s book in the rain on an Island in The Indian Ocean and I thought it was one of the most intersting books – I had ever read…Rel Page Turner – Murder in Samakand…

    I could tell…

    Then I got home and psoted a few things on Craigs website…

    And he was doing this Torture thing in The House of Commons – Giving Evidence – and I was about To Leave To Go To Westminster – and Witness Craig Murray – and he asked can anyone record this…

    And I had like an hor to think about and try and find a way to record this video broadcast in a most unusual way…can I scrape..if – drag it off my screen…So I did..

    I didn’t know if it would work had no time to test it…

    But the fact of the matter – Is it is An Important Historical Record.


  • fwl

    Habbs: I am not a student of American history although perhaps that should change as there is much to admire and like Israel both countries for all their widely questioned foreign policy do have open media, and many facts in the public domain. You have to admire a country which sees books like Kevin Phillips’ American Dynasty Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush being published by a main stream publisher in 2004 and I was able to buy it in airport bookshop at JFK – that is country worth supporting. You don’t get that in Saudi and although there wad a flowering of a critical and investigative media in Russia it was undermined before it could take root. Confident liberal countries understand what is Loyal Dissent. Anyway, apologies for that long preamble: You said that Bush snr had not been a career spook before becoming President because his appointment as CIA director had been a political one. You are correct in that though what Phillips says about that (after some interesting coincidences about the Bay of Pigs)is that “It is fair to say that by Dec 1975 when White House Chief of staff Donald Rumsfeld was working to derail George H W Bush’S presidential ambitions by slotting him as CIA director,three generations of the Bush and Walker families already had some six decades of intelligence-related activity and experience under their belts.”

    Another thing to admire in the stated, well certainly in New England, is how strong local press and local democracy are with town meetings. Maybe different in Detroit, but we could with some of what they have in New York. Of course there are shadows, buy even the shadows are not so secretive.

    So in conclusion I will draw some dots . . . . .

  • fwl

    ….fat and lazy finger at work again….meant to say we could do with what they have in New England….

  • KingOfWelshNoir

    Lysias, I was just about to post a link to the Intercept surveillance article, but you beat me to it. Words fail, don’t they? Every time you think the revelations can not get more shocking, they get more shocking. I don’t for one minute buy the war on terror narrative, I know this is all about protecting the elites from us, not us from terrorists. But even if i did buy it, it would still seem to me that terrorists can kill people and blow things up but cause no major damage to our way of life, whereas the out-of-control spooks are destroying it from within.

  • Mary

    Glenn Greenwald writes on suppression of free speech in Amerikan universities. The Cons here are following up fast.

    The assault on free speech in American universities continues.
    Totalitarianism Watch:
    by GLENN GREENWALD, The Intercept, 25 September 2015

    Discussion on Medialens.

    Countless US university professors have either lost their tenure or have been threatened with dismissal for criticism of Israel. It is the same in Australia. And Southampton Univ bowed to pressure from the Zionist lobby last March.

  • Mary

    They can’t seem to make up their minds at Kings Place.

    Deal to end civil war in Syria could allow president Bashar al-Assad to stay
    David Cameron goes to UN global poverty summit in New York holding out prospect of a transition arrangement

    The Observer view on Russia’s military intervention in Syria
    Observer editorial
    Putin risks worsening a dire conflict for his own gain, and we sit silent

  • fwl

    Mary of course Southampton should go ahead with its conference. Everything should be discussable. You raise a good point about universities their funding and biases. They need more back bone and detachment from funding. Israeli intellectuals are more than capable of good advocacy without resorting to censorship.

  • Mary

    I asked yesterday why his release would take a month. Obama could presumably send him home tomorrow with a stroke of his pen but he has been too busy having photo ops with the Pope.

    Shaker Aamer family call on US not to delay freeing him from Guantánamo
    Washington says Saudi translator, married to a Briton, will be released, but his lawyers and friends worry process may be dragged out for months
    26 September 2015

    ‘The notification of Aamer’s release was confirmed by the US Department of Defence and the UK government, but Congress has to be informed of the intent to transfer Aamer back to the UK, a process that takes 30 days, meaning Aamer will not be reunited with his family until late October at the earliest.

    However, Aamer’s lawyer, Clive Stafford Smith, director of the prisoner rights organisation Reprieve, warned that it could take a lot longer than that. He said: “[The process is that] the UK will send a plane any time from 24 October, but it is important that the UK press for that date as the US often just lets things run.”

    It is feared that Aamer could face a similar fate to fellow Saudi national and long-time hunger striker, Abdul Rahman Shalabi, who authorities said was Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard. Shalabi was repatriated on Tuesday after an 89-day wait despite having being originally cleared for release in June.

    When Aamer is flown home, it is expected that he will be flown into RAF Northolt, west London, and be released from there.’


  • Mary

    Fwl You are pulling my leg.

    You must know that the conference was cancelled in spite of massive protests, a petition and an application to the High Court for a judicial review.

    Loaded JC headline here.

    Judge backs university’s decision to cancel anti-Israel conference
    By Naomi Firsht, April 14, 2015

    UK High Court backs shutdown of Israel conference
    Asa Winstanley
    14 April 2015

  • fwl

    Mary, I hadn’t heard about it tho I am not so surprised. Do you know how pressure was applied to Southampton and why it buckled?
    Was it funding and if so which dpt?

    Good performance by Jeremy Corby on Andrew Marr.

  • Alcyone

    ^Yes agree. Corbyn presents himself and his points of view exceedingly well. Thank God we didn’t end up with Yvette Cooper sitting there.

    Full credit to the people who went a step further and elected him. Full credit to their intelligence and awareness.

  • Alcyone

    Habbbabkuk (Scourge Of The Original Trolls)
    26 Sep, 2015 – 6:12 pm

    Not being fully cognisant with all the detail of the Shaker Aamer case, I found the bits of info you posted very interesting.

    On the assumption that your info is correct, would you happen to know what his responses to those various rather puzzling questions have been?

    Presumably he – or those fighting for his release – have been asked those questions in the past and I just wonder what his (or their) answers were.

    Hi Habby, sorry for late reply. Dropped off the sleep early last night. I need/get 9h a night these days. Amazing!

    To be honest, I don’t know much about AAmer’s background and was just trying to become familiar. But despite wikipedia and a couple of news articles, I came unstuck quite quickly.

    Perhaps, others like John Goss can enlighten us on just some of the basics:

    What was his motive to go to Afghanistan and especially with such young children?

    How did he get separated from his family and pregnant wife in the first place?

    If this gentleman, is completely innocent, and yes, he hasn’t been proven otherwise, it is a complete travesty in the way he has been treated.

    But can somebody help paint a rather more complete picture on this Saudi nationals’ association with Afghanistan and why he would take his young family there and then realising his mistake, dump his pregnant wife and little children to find their own way home, etc.???

  • Peter Beswick

    Bad news is its another Ground Hog day on Craig’s blog the good news is my shed is back and as good as new.

    When those interested learn where Shaker went to school who his friends’ were who he dated before he got married and basically every thing that shaped his character. And then go onto discover (or not) that he was a psychopathic murdering bastard of the highest degree.

    Then those that think it is acceptable to reserve a special kind of Law for such scum. A law not based on ethics, morality, fairness or reason or requires a judge or jury to confirm guilt and is decided by psychopathic murdering bastards of a higher degree, those people will be content to know more about Shaker than they know about themselves and take comfort in having the leaders and legal system that they approve of.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Thanks so much to all for the good wishes and for the advice – means a lot to me that people are concerned enough to offer support.

    Jump up and down – you jest. I can barely move. And I am afraid I no longer drink beer. But good on you guys.

    Over and out for the time being.

    Kind regards,


  • John Spencer-Davis

    Trowbridge H. Ford
    26/09/2015 7:21pm

    I must put this link up. I was not previously aware that the full text of The Rise And Fall Of The Bulgarian Connection, by Edward S. Herman and Frank Brodhead, was available on line.

    This terrific book looks at the refraction of the John Paul II shooting through the Western media, in particular the contributions of the new terrorologists such as Clare Sterling, Paul Henze and Michael Ledeen. Who in essence made up a lot of crap about the would-be assassin being employed by the Bulgarian Secret Service, and sold it very profitably to the MSM.

    Kind regards,


  • Tim


    Even if Aamer were guilty his treatment on Guantanamo was a breach of civilized standards of behavior. Obama has made clear what he thinks of the camp. He’s given little credit by those who don’t understand that you can’t just wish it away.

    I know nothing about the case, but the image of Afghanistan held in Saudi Arabia, which gave the Taliban diplomatic recognition, was not that we have here. Saudi popular support for jihad there did not stop when the USSR withdraw.

    And by “release” to Saudi Arabia you of course mean “enter a Saudi re-education programme”

    No point flogging a dead horse after the stable door has bolted.

  • Habbbabkuk (scourge of the Original Trolls)


    Thank you for your post and don’t worry – I was hoping, when I wrote, that Shaker’s chief protagonist on this blog – ie, Mr Goss – might be able to answer (and to dismiss, if possible) the questions you put.

    Of course he hasn’t responded.

    Motto : when faced with difficult and/or embarrassing questions about someone or something you’re rooting for, just insult the questioner, or divert, or – if everything else fails – take cover and don’t answer. Happens all the time on here.

  • Habbbabkuk (scourge of the Original Trolls)


    Thank you for your latest post on Bush Senior at 09h32 – it was enjoyable reading and, I believe, very fair.

    Rather courageous as well given the majority feeling on here about the satanic USA and Israel.

    I recommend that all non-commenting readers should take careful note of what you said.

  • Habbbabkuk (scourge of the Original Trolls)

    “If this is a conspiracy theory, it is one that, like many others, is supported by documentary evidence.”


    Like many others (conveniently unnamed, of course) but unlike those peddled so energetically on here by a certain Transatlantic Friend.

    His postings re Airey Neave, Lord Louis Mountbatten, Richard Nixon, Sir Edward Heath and His Holiness Pope John Paul I refer (and those re only his most recent ones)

  • Habbbabkuk (scourge of the Original Trolls)

    “Can’t tell about my dealings with the security services.”


    Thank you, “Peter Beswick”, for confirming (albeit indirectly) that it was indeed you who claimed that you had fallen foul of the security services.

    You have spared me some time and effort because I shall not now have to scroll back through previous threads to find out for myself if my recollection was correct.

    Of course, failure to give details leaves open the question of whether there is anything in what you said or if you’re merely paranoid and/or an attention-seeker. Never mind.


    Just for the record, I have been in contact with extra-terrestrials but am afraid I’m unable to talk about my dealings with them.

  • Mary

    Back to the subject of universities. This is a lovely anecdotal piece in memory of Edward Said, who died 12 years ago.

    Edward Said Remembered
    September 25 was the 12th anniversary of his death
    by Edward C. Corrigan / September 27th, 2015

    Edward Said was an amazing individual and an incredible speaker, writer and academic. He is gone, but the power of his ideas lives on. I was fortunate to meet Edward Said on a few occasions.

  • Mary

    How dare they!

    ‘NZ university to host Israeli Army spokesmen – Gaza blitz ‘explained’. Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) opposes Victoria University hosting Israeli Defence Force solders, who participated in war crimes in Gaza. The soldiers are touring the world on behalf of the Israeli Government in an attempt to justify Operation Protective Edge and other Gaza massacres since 2007. The talk is frankly billed by the promoters as “a fascinating talk about Israel’s challenges in urban warfare”. Urban warfare research and weapons- testing on civilians are essential elements in the development of Israel’s burgeoning arms export industry.’

    How could they?

    Palestinian man killed in West Bank. Israeli Occupation forces shot dead 21-year-old Diyaa Abdul-Halim Talahmah, during a raid near the village of Khursa.

    Palestinian man dies from wounds inflicted by Israeli checkpoint troops. A Palestinian man, Ahmad Izzat Khatatbeh (26), shot and critically wounded by Israeli checkpoint troops in eastern Nablus last week, died from his wounds on Thursday. Medical sources told Ma’an that he been shot three times in the shoulder, chest and abdomen at the Beit Furik checkpoint.

    They even kill and injure the Palestinians’ sheep.

    Settler kills sheep in Nablus. An Israeli vehicle drove into a flock of 300 lambs, killing 40 and injuring another 20.

  • Alcyone

    27 Sep, 2015 – 5:28 pm

    Even if Aamer were guilty his treatment on Guantanamo was a breach of civilized standards of behavior. Obama has made clear what he thinks of the camp. He’s given little credit by those who don’t understand that you can’t just wish it away.

    I know nothing about the case, but the image of Afghanistan held in Saudi Arabia, which gave the Taliban diplomatic recognition, was not that we have here. Saudi popular support for jihad there did not stop when the USSR withdraw.

    And by “release” to Saudi Arabia you of course mean “enter a Saudi re-education programme”

    No point flogging a dead horse after the stable door has bolted
    Tim, ironic you talk about flogging at all in the same breath as one of the most devious nations on the planet in this 21C. Of course they are several centuries behind aren’t they?

    First off, I didn’t use the word ‘release”, although as Anon pointed out earlier, I believe he was in fact cleared for release way back in 2007, yes to Saudi Arabia. The reeducation programme–can you tell us how long that lasted typically? I remember reading years ago that the Saudis would then turn them into AQ?IS style jihadists, so it bodes well for the man that he understandably did not jump at that offer. Of course one can understand his desire to be reunited with his wife in the Pizza and burger mecca of Battersea, London.

    ” Obama has made clear what he thinks of the camp.”

    Look I can perfectly understand what this man has been through in the environs of Gitmo–I can well imagine it is no beach resort, and I’m glad Obama agrees with me.

    Now to my main point:

    “I know nothing about the case, but the image of Afghanistan held in Saudi Arabia, which gave the Taliban diplomatic recognition, was not that we have here. Saudi popular support for jihad there did not stop when the USSR withdraw.”

    I didn’t anything in Saudi Arabia happens by ‘popular support” !!!?

    And, you’ve missed out the main protagonist here: Pakistan. Saudi was the first country to recognise the Taliban because it is Pakistan that created the Taliban….or more precisely the ISI, which rarely gets a mention here because for the most part it is well beyond Israel, and Israel is the bend of our nose here (no disrespect to Craig meant here, whatsoever).

    I suspect most Saudis, back in 2001 — pre9/11 knew better where Bangkok was as opposed to Kabul. Did Aamer go to Afghanistan pre- or post 9/11? Anyone?

    Enough now, whatever, nobody has answered some very basic questions that Habby and I would like to get answered in order for us to better understand what was going on. Actually, ideally I would quite like to see an interview from the early days, after his arrest, by his wife, if such a journal exists. Maybe someone can help? Maybe Capt Banal Komodo, who was wishing us all a Happy Eid the other day and who will report on duty Monday morning?

    PS Excuse the clumsy wording, but I’m tired, way past my bedtime. Thanks

  • Ken2

    A majority in Catalonia didn’t vote for a Referendum on Independence. They majority of voters in Catalonia voted against, pop 7.5Million+ 2Million voted YES – 5.4Million voted NO – 80%. The majority voted NO

    There is far higher (voters) support for Independence in Scotland pro rata as a % Just needs a 5% wing. Support rising.

    Catalonia/Quebec and Scottish (Independence movements) are quite different. Different administration, different economies, different culture, history, different Laws, different legal system,different grievances. Too many differences to be similar.

    Catalonia 1/5 of Spain (pop 40 million). A level of autonomy.
    Scotland 1/10 No autonomy.

    Catalonia/Quebec is being used to try and discredit the Scottish Independence Movement i.e. the sublime message – too poor, too wee, too stupid, to succeed. ‘Don’t bother’. There is stronger support in Scotland. Again all odds. Support is rising. It just needs a 5% swing. There have been Independence movements all over the world. The majority have been successful.

    Catalonia has control of it’s own Media/Press. i.e greater publicity. Rallies etc take place on public holidays. Everyone can attend.

  • nevermind

    Well, its all good and chumping to want democratic rights for others, does this not preclude that one has to have an understanding of what democratic rights entail?
    How about helping our youth parliament representatives to campaign on this issue, because the Greens and New ‘People’ party of Corbyn dare not mention fair proportional voting just in case it upsets their applecart.

  • Mick


    Scotland, under devolution, has about the same level of autonomy as Catalonia. Certainly, it would be grossly inaccurate to suggest Scotland has no autonomy compared to Catalonia as you did in your post of 8.20 am.

    This table illustrates the powers of Catalonia quite well: – when compared to this – – it is quite obvious your statement relating to Scotland’s lack of autonomy is inaccurate.

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