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I honestly do not care if David Cameron stuck it in a pig, though it is a stark reminder the ruling class are very different to us. But what is disgusting is the attack on the vulnerable, poor and disadvantaged which he is leading now.

I lifted this picture from twitter – don’t know who originated, but brilliant!

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  • Ba'al Zevul

    Hello, vermin here, saying hello…. et seq…

    Hello. You know how to deal with this, you’ve done it before, but you’ve probably forgotten. Or you can’t see anything but the black dog. You’re not alone. Other people get it too. Now write down what you’re feeling, how often and when you’ve felt it, and why. Especially why. Put that in an envelope, with the date, and keep it for next time. (Next time, read it. It helps to know it’s intermittent) Now do the washing-up or whatever you’ve been leaving until you feel better. A Zen monk’s advice to a woman who was complaining of depression was: “Do a spring clean. Do a BIG spring-clean.” Works every time for me, even in autumn.


  • Peter Beswick

    Hi Clark

    Hope things are at least a little easier this morning if not get off this blog and seek some advice from someone you truly trust.

    Depression I came to realise is not always a mental illness as the government would like yo to think, they give you a short time to feel sorry for yourself after something very sad happens but if it carries on for too long you are mental..

    I like to think there is type A and Type B depression, sadly A develops quite often develops into type B.

    A is akin to bereavement and B far more complex that doesn’t need a trigger at all, can even be an imbalance of chemicals / electrical impulses in the head.

    I suffer from type A, Blair’s joining in with the US destruction of the Middle East sickened me to my soul. Cameron’s desire to exacerbate the current situation makes me sicker. No amount of time is going to help me feel cheerful or neutral about what has been done in my name. No amount of drugs will help me come to terms with my revulsion of Mi5’s encouragement, facilitation and protection of paedophilia for political purpose.

    But that’s enough about me, if you have drifted from A to B or were always B but Real things make your life intolerable you need help. Psychosis is not “normal” but entirely understandable when its becomes normal to laugh off the serving (who’s he serving) Prime Minister has a penchant for putting his willy in dead animals.

    Get help Clark, stay away from blogs, they have an attraction for depressives for all kind of reasons and can do a great deal of harm.

    Craig is trying to do good but that can create casualties. Look after yourself for now and soon, I hope you will be back to helping others in the manner you do so well.

    God Bless


  • deepgreenpuddock

    Obviously, when I was writing that I was sceptical that people capable of such extreme crimes as murder I was aware that my experience is limited, however I would stand by the idea that it is quite rare for such individuals to remain undetected. Obviously I am aware of people like Fred West who evaded detection for an extended period of time

    About twenty five years ago I had a conversation with someone who was connected to the social work scandal in Orkney. I don’t know if you remember it but a family was placed in care after lurid accusations of ritual sexual abuse with the central figure being a Church of Scotland minister. The details are a little woolly now but, after much investigation and discussion and official enquiry it became clear that there was no substance to the allegations and the social workers (the person was also a social worker with connections to Orkney) were found to have been motivated by a form of zealous Christian activism and were particularly susceptible or sensitive to the notion of sexual abuse occurring frequently. The person /social worker told me that ritual sexual abuse of children was very common (I emphasise ‘ritual’ sexual abuse) and was happening in various places nearby to where we were living (Aberdeenshire/ very rural).
    The person even named people I was aware of/slightly acquainted with, who were living in ways that were non- conformist-what then would be called ‘alternative’. i.e unmarried/ and with unconventional lifestyles involving creative activities such as craft working and operating in a non-consumerist way-certainly experimental in terms of lifestyle.
    I remember being quite shocked, and incredulous. The individuals accused seemed to me to be perfectly wholesome, if unconventional and I had no reason to suppose they were capable of the kinds of ‘weird’ stuff that was being suggested. I was also aware that some of these people were libertarian in their outlook and were more tolerant of stuff like nudity, and their attitude to sexual mores was very liberal. For instance one person I knew had been very forward in teaching their children about sex (around the age of five or six). At the time that was a little bit edgy, although i doubt it would raise many eyebrows now.
    Obviously, the ‘information’ remained somewhat under the surface and I was unable to either agree or disagree. I was somewhat incredulous and my instinct was that the accusations were unfounded.
    You may remember that it was eventually judged that the incidents in the Orkneys were found to be unjustified and that the ritual abuse was non-existent. The social workers were found t be well meaning but motivated by a heightened sensitivity to the idea of ritual sexual abuse due to their connection to material produced by ( I think) the RSPCC.
    I also think that the social workers involved were censured or disciplined in some way. The C of S minister who had been accused was devastated, but I think eventually exonerated.
    Ironically, the social worker I knew was VERY caught up in some form of revivalist/evangelical Christian movements. I have a recollection that some of the Orkney social workers were also involved with similar very evangelical religious groups. I am not sure of this point but I wonder if the role of the ‘conventional’ (establishment) minister was not significant to these people in representing an unsatisfactory status quo.
    At the time, a similar event occurred in Rochdale. I am less familiar with that incident but my recollection is that both incidents occurring almost concurrently led to a major enquiry. (if I remember rightly it was led by Mary Warnock-however I may have that mixed up with the HFEA enquiries).the main conclusion of the report was that ‘ritual’ abuse of children, of the kind described was probably not at all common and that the ‘crusading’ religious leanings of the people involved led to a heightened expectation of the existence of such occurrences and an over zealous interpretation of their duties. Of course, these people were well intentioned. They regarded themselves as having an important role in the protection of children and I don’t want to express contempt or disapproval for their outlook. I am sure they genuinely believed they were expressing their perfectly normal and human obligation to act morally and diligently.
    There are some quite major ironies here of course. Firstly it is ironic that Rochdale should subsequently become the focus of the sexual abuse scandal of recent times (i.e. uncovered recently but has been ongoing for a long time-perhaps even as long ago as the original enquiry) where the abuse is no longer ‘ritual’ but more ‘straightforwardly’ exploitative, but with a powerful and very contentious racial and religious component, and a component of ‘official’ (i.e. local authority and police) , if not quite collusion, certainly some kind of ‘light touch’ or negligence or corruption or dereliction of duty in relation to their role.( i should say that I am only going by newspaper reports which are frequently deficient in detail and conclusion).
    The other irony is more personal. One of the individuals I knew and would have fallen into the group of people that was highlighted by the social worker I talked to, was caught up in a child porn scandal and had downloaded images.
    ( you may remember this incident). He was subsequently prosecuted and was imprisoned for a while.
    I still have contact with him and occasionally meet up and it would have to be said that he is a very ‘interesting’. In saying that I must emphasise that I mean exactly that- he is extremely bright and lives a life that is fully engaged in positive activities and movements which most people would approve of. I am not sure but he is certainly engaged in some form of atonement. I am certain he is not capable of violence, other than in the sense that we all carry a potential for violence. (Just last night I was contemplating the violent destruction of the sixteen year old upstairs who has been playing the same mindless non- music for the 17th tortured hour for the fourth immiserated day in a row).
    Conclusions: I accept wholeheartedly your point about the capacity of humans to obscure their thinking, motives, and to spread false trails and actually commit hideous acts which remain hidden.(Fred West, Jack the Ripper, and many others)
    However it is nearly impossible to separate ourselves from these ‘detestable’ people by ‘othering’ .
    I think my intuitions concerning the people I knew who were highlighted by the social worker acquaintance was vindicated. I am a sure as I can be that there was no sexual abuse, and if there was any sexual abuse, it was of the less exotic form than that imagined. i.e it was common or garden abuse related to the expression of power and psychological control and exploitation of weaker individuals. i.e. it is on a spectrum of normality-by that I mean that when we observe sexual relationships they turn out to be unique, and to show (much modified) elements in common, such as ‘exploitation’ and emotional and psychological tensions which are resolved in unique ways. Nevertheless these may still be classed as benign, but being dynamic can merge or move into the abusive and criminal. That is why most abuse and criminality is found within long established relationships.
    The source of what I will call the the heightened expectation of infuriated or exotic ritual abuse is not the same and has more in character with the kinds of comments we see about people like Harvey Proctor , even if not given from an overtly religious perspective. In other words it has more in keeping with the ‘conspiracy theorising.
    about twenty years ago at the time of these controversies, there was much tension or interest in the development of ‘alternative’ lifestyles and it found itself in conflict with well established social conventions. In other words it was a period of change and personal; experimentation which generated a counter reaction with people struggling to absorb these changes and who were committed to the previously established conventions, such as a personal morality more defined by religious tradition and who carried their convictions and heightened sensitivities over to their professional understandings. In many ways this tension is not fully resolved and expresses itself quite frequently in public institutional systems such as statutory education.
    This I hope, all relates to the idea of conspiracy theorising. again at the moment I would suggest that we are in a period of transition in terms of political thinking. Twenty or thirty years ago very few people questioned ‘democracy’ and were moderately content with the FPTP system, What has happened since then is an explosion of enlightenment triggered by some rather momentous political events such as Iraq, and the technical possibility of expressing ones thoughts through the medium of the internet, i think this process is inevitable and possibly highly desirable however it seems to me that the sexual abuse of children by POLITICIANS- is much heightened and probably rather exaggerated due to the sense that politics has been revealed to be ‘intrinsically’ a corrupt activity due to the revelations of the last 10-15 years or so (Iraq/cash for questions/expenses fiddles/coke snorting lords etc ) . Indeed it frequently is corrupt or badly behaved but it seems to me to be false to suggest that the sexual abuse or other criminality committed by politicians is much different in quality or incidence to that which is committed by any other group. Just as my social worker was ‘conspiracy theorising’ about those nasty convention challenging ‘alternatives’ and therefore ‘othering’ them and taking part in a ‘witch hunt’ , so too do we feel attracted to the current sources of our discontent -politicians. The point here is that ‘conspiracy theorising’ is a brought about by more than one aspect of our thinking abilities. It can be both intuitive and delusional, sometimes even at the same time.
    The politics of this country are certainly deficient, inadequate, unrepresentative and archaic and exclusive, but by adopting the ‘othering’ of politicians and adopting this psychological disposition, and painting them with some imaginary blackness, we are detaching ourselves and disempowering ourselves from bringing about changes to the very things that offend and outrage us.

  • Jon

    Lordy Deepgreenpuddock, your posts are longer than mine these days! (I am trying to cut my own back). I’ll read the above over lunch 😀

  • fedup

    Giyane your 24 Sep, 2015 – 5:32 am contribution is lucid and I can understand your misgivings towards the imams, or “leaders of the faith” who are in fact far too compromised by the various pressures that are brought upon them to be of any use to man or beast alike. These carpetbaggers probably are far too afraid of Hamza fate/treatment. Hence their attempt to keep away from any kind of dangerous/controversial/anti oppression topics.

    The model here seems to be following closely the model in Saudi. So long as the imams are toeing the line they are kept in bread and gravy.

    The simple fact that Daesh is only a danger to all Muslims in the mid east is never the topic of any debate. Furthermore, given the barbarity of the elements of this pseudopolitical bunch of organised mercenaries, who are supported by weapons drop and intelligence data, as well as tactical and strategic support by their sponsors ie US, et al to further destabilise and wreak destruction on an already destroyed area spanning the countries that we see in ruins.

    It is the first time you have mentioned the oppressed minority of Muslims in the west and that is a refreshing and welcome change. The fact to remember is why are we made to hate one another? By whom? and How?

    Happy Eid to you and yours, and all those Muslims whom may encounter this site, including the other god fearing souls regardless of their religious beliefs. Good times and happy times ought to be shared by all, and hopefully encouraging everyone will get into spirit of happiness and love, God knows we need every bit of happiness and love these days.


    Clark mate I didn’t mean to upset you in anyway, I don’t know you, or anything about your background, so I can assure you that I do not hate you. Evidently my unintentional insensitivity made you feel worse, I am sorry about that, and hope you will beat the blues soon.

  • deepgreenpuddock

    thanks for the ‘deep green puddle’ thing. A puddock is indeed a puddle dweller and I fully concur that the puddle I occupy is murkily green.
    ill try to answer some of your points.
    The Jimmy Savile case is interesting. I think it would be accepted now that he was an extremely devious character but I am sure that the warning bells were ringing quite plainly before any revelations.
    Much earlier than any revelations about him, and when he was at the height of, or before, his period of popularity there were glaring signs- from his odd suggestive mannerisms, his writings full of innuendo (he had a newspaper column), frequent references to sex and ‘ladees’ (an expression that in itself is suspicious, his ‘bachelor’ status) and his peculiar relationship with his mother. (He expressed extreme devotion and exaggerated reverence for maternal love It is certain that he never managed to break from that emotional attachment and was in a fully dysfunctional state of dependency. He had exaggerated interest in his body and exercise/fitness ( long distance running), His failure to form long standing relationships was highly significant. In effect I suspect he had Narcissistic personality disorder and it was blindingly obvious.
    the scandal is not the fact that he had a not very uncommon condition, but that he was given licence to express that freely and that Institutions and individuals who were in a position to know better were tolerant of it.
    Indeed it is an important subject that has a lot to say about how this county has operated. I don’t doubt that Thatcher perceived him as an appropriate target to exploit, to enhance her populism, by adopting a ‘working class, made good’ personality i.e.ex-miner turned to other successful activity/got on his bike etc . It was a myth that she wanted to exploit to her electoral advantage. I also don’t doubt that other than hoping she would acquire some popular support for endorsing him, she did not give a jot for or about him. He was useful, therefore tolerated.
    The tolerance fir him by the BBC is also interesting in that it indicates just how poor their judgement of talent is. however that is perfectly understandable, as the people in the higher levels of the BBC, due to their background, perceive themselves as unaccountable and unimpeachable arbiters of public taste.the interesting bit is that many people have awakened to that situation.

    I find the mainstream media total cover-up of the paedo scandal just as disgusting as their attacks on Corbyn.

    The media are total vermin, just like the Establishment.

    You live in a police state, pal, and the likes of you seem to just love it.

    The other bit of your post is really rather intemperate and not quite rational.
    We do not live in a police state although there are obvious inadequacies which many people are alive to. I am not loving these inadequacies, injustices anomalies and short comings but I do try to understand them. It is difficult and I understand your frustrations.
    I am not sure that is what you are doing when you call people vermin but I would refer you to the last long post where I suggested that such comments are unhelpful because they distance you/us or dissenting voices from ‘others’ and actually express disengagement and lead to disempowerment.

  • Giyane

    Thanks to Fedup and Deepgreenpuddock and all who have reached out a friendly smile to Clark.

    Fedup , for sending out an olive branch which I greatly respect and appreciate. Thanks.

    Deepgreenpuddock for taking the time to de-mythologise the straight-jacket of the psychological workings of our minds to try and assist Clark, whose origins were with a rather extreme evangelical Christianity if I remember correctly.

    Othering, or as I have learnt it, projecting, is a basic human mental device for exercising patience with intolerable circumastances. A quick blame is a quick fix, but because we are the camera with which we film the world around us, what we attack is what we observe and what we observe is what we are. So essentially attacking ourselves.

    Been there, done that, got the scars and paid for the mistakes.

    But if I may tread on Fedups sore toes, I would like to say that with the Asian Muslim community at some stage they have to leave the quick fix of hating their British 250 years oppressors.

    A recent commentator observed that nothing has changed in the evil strategy of UK politics in the last 200 years. the UK elites have always used Muslims against Muslims. We all have sexuality so it’s no good dumping our desires onto others and accusing them of perversion. This is just adding our sexuality to theirs and exploding theirs in size and minimising ours.

    Same way the Muslims have to understand that not only were they persecuted by our UK kind at all levels of society, but also they were betrayed by their own Muslim kind. they have political ambition and we have political ambition. please don’t put yours on my pile and say that you are perfect and we are criminal colonisers.

    A Gujurati friend explained to me that in Burma/Maymur the Indian Muslims exploited the locals so hard that even today Muslims are detested and persecuted.

    Please, all people who love truth, don’t be scared of mental growth. it hurts like hell but it’s worth it. We humans are all the same. when Tories want re-create Victorian social polarity and put themselves over others, they are going back to the dinosaurs. In the construction industry in which I work the gaffers in their brand new 4 x 4s don’t even want to see the engineers, let alone the proles. they want to re-create the vast gulf between the rich and the poor of Victorian times.

    It’s very depressing and disturbing to see the wealth of Saudi Arabia corrupting them and their followers into a divided society where they can put 14 million people into refugee camps, while they enslave their Indonesian house workers.

    We have to keep calm and be patient with their mental illness. We have to know that we are sane and they are mad, and fight their mental illness with knowledge, experience and compassion.

    We will solve the Syrian crisis if Muslims of compassion join with UK etc citizens of compassion and use our authority of compassion to tell the zio-fuckwits and the takfiri-fuckwits and the global corporate fuckwits they are going to spend a few days in asylum in a mental establishment to allow the intoxication of power to detox.

    we will definitely not allow the fuckwits to take over. Now or ever.

  • Clark

    Thank you to the various people who have made supportive comments. I am not about to suddenly kill myself, but this has been going on for a long time – I need to make a rational decision about it. I’ve update my home page accordingly.

    Please do not trouble Craig Murray about this; he is often busy helping people with important practical matters, and he is not one of the people who delights in abusing me.

    Any of you can further hurt me, and anyone else with a similar disposition, by replying with insults to questions about issues. Your words have emotional effects; that’s just the way it is – indeed, our subconscious chooses words for that purpose. Trolling is easy whereas finding solutions is hard. But many, it seems, don’t like a challenge.

  • Clark

    There are various things I could write about the comments to me on this page, but the most immediate that occurs to me is this.

    Alcyone, please keep your “help” to yourself; more than anything else, you seem to delight in insulting other commenters. You seem highly hypocritical to me, with a very over-inflated ego.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    24/09/2015 11:41am

    Golly, what a massive post! And I am not even halfway through your last one yet.

    I have read your latest with great interest, however. Thank you.

    I can only say I will try to respond as time permits.

    Kind regards,


  • Republicofscotland

    “^ Yes, and when you click Skip to main site, it doesn’t work!

    Email required!!!???”

    Actually Alcyone, it does take you somewhere, it takes you to the Conservatives homepage….its a windup.

  • fwl

    Clark I don’t know you but have read your posts. I was taken aback by the change in tone. In the words of Yun Men in response to being asked what is Buddha “a dry piece of shit” ie all this stuff conceptual life is just shit but there is something more which I am sure you know. There is so much too life but we keep forgetting and paying too much attention to the shit. Don’t let the shit get you down. Just smile……..and other foolish good wishes……smile…

  • KingOfWelshNoir

    Clark, I’ve always found you to be a really nice and gentle bloke online, and I am very sorry to hear of your suffering. As someone familiar with the savage pain of depression I know there is almost nothing that one can say that means anything. I used to remind myself of the ancient Persian myth about the king who asked his courtiers for a sentence that would make sad men happy and happy men sad.

    They presented him with a ring inscribed, This too shall pass.

    Maybe you know it.

    Otherwise, in the the phrase popularised by Midnight Express, Gecmis olsun – may it pass quickly.

  • Peter Beswick

    KOWN, Clark is out of immediate harms reach, I suspect he has a little way to go for his disquiet to pass, somehow I don’t think it will ever completely disappear.

    The world has become too horrible a place for sensitive souls to find enduring comfort in it, if ever that was the plan.

    I mentioned that blogs have an attraction for depressives, one reason for that, I could be wrong, is that sensitive beings enjoy company and debate but their feelings of oppression make them feel safer in the introverted world on the blog instead of more intimate social gatherings.

    Blogs are anything but safe and like any politicised social clubs, subversive infiltrators can be found, more so than the local conservative club that has had its membership bought and paid for years ago.

    Blogs have become the goto place for unsanitised, truthful news and as such the propagandarists attack them with zeal. Their techniques and numbers are legion the plants,trolls and shills can normally be identified and dealt with but the newer breed of disruptors are more difficult to countermeasure because they are not clearly differentiated from regular unbalanced people.

    Craig’s blog is very important to the world of truth and consequently a target by multiple agencies to spoil the output. I believe Craig is facilitating a very important conduit for news and ideas to be examined under a critical light something that the MSM will not permit and if it does, it does in the guise of hangouts.

    We are lied to day in and day out, that fact is enough to destabilise anyone but when pure unadulterated madness is used to disrupt the truth casualties will ensue.

    I think Clark will work out that he is better than the liars, has more right to a say what he believes than them; their masters the warmongers do despise the likes of Craig who wants to make sense of things and make it a calmer and less violent passage through life.

    I’ve known a number of decent and honest journalists who would deny any responsibility for the crap that their paymasters churn out but they are caught up in the machine with the rest of us.

    The good news is hate destroys the possessor not the target. I don’t believe anybody personally hates Clark but as I say there are literally thousands who hate truth seekers and don’t care who they harm in getting their masters will done.

    The bad news is the masters, the propaganda drivers don’t hate anyone, they see it as their duty to kill and destroy so their kind can enjoy the finer things in life, its not an emotional response, they have no emotions, just pure sociopaths but they need the pure idiots to do their disgusting work for them.

    The other bad news is that there is no short supply of idiots.

    The other good news is that Craig’s blog continues to let chinks of truth shine through, the wreckers failed, Clark won. Now for the next battle.

  • Jon

    KOWN, I am reminded of the music of Danny Schmidt, in which that king is referenced. His music is enormously beautiful, full of stories and philosophy, and for anyone who enjoys acoustic and folk, I recommend his records very much.

    The story goes
    Or the way that I was told
    There was a king that always felt too high
    And then he fell too low
    And so he called
    All the wise men to the hall
    And begged them for a gift
    To end the rises and the falls

    And here’s the thing
    They came back with a ring
    It was simple and was plainly
    Unbefitting of a king
    Engraved in black
    It had no front or back
    But there were words around the band that said
    Just know: This Too Shall Pass

  • Mary

    An ill advised riposte from Smoothface. On video.

    ‘David Cameron jokes about Lord Ashcroft’s book
    1 hour ago

    David Cameron has joked about controversial claims made about him by the former Conservative Party treasurer Lord Ashcroft.

    They include allegations about the prime minister’s student days.

    Up till now Downing Street has said it does not see the need to “dignify” them by offering any comment.

    But, speaking about them for the first time, Mr Cameron told a business audience in west Oxfordshire it was Lord Ashcroft who had suffered.

    “I’ve had an interesting week. It’s a week in which thousands of tress have died in vain, sales of Supertramp albums have gone through the roof and one man’s reputation lies in ruins.

    “I don’t think Michael Ashcroft will ever recover.” ‘

    Read more
    Lord Ashcroft ‘not settling scores’ with David Cameron book

  • Mary

    Agent Cameron is too busy to sue Lord Ashcroft. LOL

    Too busy = strutting on the world stage at the UN and meddling in broken African countries.

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