The Art of Pigsticking 510

I honestly do not care if David Cameron stuck it in a pig, though it is a stark reminder the ruling class are very different to us. But what is disgusting is the attack on the vulnerable, poor and disadvantaged which he is leading now.

I lifted this picture from twitter – don’t know who originated, but brilliant!

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510 thoughts on “The Art of Pigsticking

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  • Clark

    I’m going to bed. That means I’ll be awake again tomorrow, much to the disappointment of nearly everyone who’s had the misfortune of encountering any aspect of me.

  • giyane


    Fit migrants. i was passing on the opinion of Kurdish people who are currently being attacked daily by Daesh.

  • RobG

    John Spencer-Davis, your considered and interesting response to Deep-green-puddle-stuff got mixed up with other replies here. I’ll try to respond on the ‘morrow.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    23/09/2015 11:59pm

    Goodnight, Clark.

    Naw – don’t let ’em get you down.

    Kind regards,


  • fedup

    Fit migrants. i was passing on the opinion of Kurdish people who are currently being attacked daily by Daesh.

    Perhaps you should be more consciouses in the future for the sake of the rest of us mortals around here.

    It is not just the Kurds that are being attacked, by the same mercenaries that are masquerading as God Fearing Muslims. Ever seen the homes of the Syrian refugees wandering the lands, that have become the trenches of the deviant mercenaries, that use these once cherished homes to attack the Syrian army?

  • Tony_0pmoc

    It is The Internet. The First Modern Digital Computer Was Designed at Manchester University and Built By Ferranti (My Older Brother Richard Was Educated at Manchester University and Worked For Ferranti at The Gem Mill in Oldham Designing Hardware and Turning it Into Production and Making It Work)

    I Worked at ICL – and Don’t Actually Remember His Dad – But was Working There at The Same Time and Places – Conrad Berners- Lee

    The US Military Designed The Internet so that they could maintain Communications in The Event Of a Nuclear War…

    Us British Not Only Designed The Computer…We Designed Virtual Addressing, Virtual Machines and Made them Work – and Then We Designed and Made Live The Distributed Array Processor..and They Asked Me as Senior Trial Supervisor….well to test it…

    Well how the Fck could I test this..This Thing Was Processing Not Just in Parallel – But Like a Matrix – Like The Human Brain…It was The Most Powerful Computer In The World – the Size of a Fridge – and Beat The Largest Cray In The World in Performance – On The American’s Bench Tests..Let Alone Ours.

    I was 28 when they fired me and went on to other things..Still Here.

    Tim Berners Lee – who is about the same age as me – gave the internet away for free.

    If I had been so talented – I would have done the same…. the thing is..when you are working like this with all these talented people – its just normal – its just what you do..


  • Jon

    Hi Clark, good to see you here. Don’t let the infighting here get you down – take a break from reading this site, from time to time. It works very well for me! I hope you are well.

    In the meantime, if you want cheering up, search for #piggate on Twitter – it’s dreadfully childish, but it’s been hilarious over the last few days. I hear there is now even a petition on the Downing St website to ask that the bestial necrophilia loophole is closed, so Dave has the fresh embarrassment of discussing his (alleged) old hobby in the Commons. He may have to have “a prior engagement” on that day, if the cheeky signatories get their way.

  • John Goss

    “Happy Eid”

    Giyane, I have many Muslim acquaintances, was drinking tea this afternoon with one, a former work-colleague and he mentioned the Eid celebrations and the animals that would have their throats slit, and their lives brought to an early end for no good reason, other than religious ceremony, though he did not put it like that of course.

    Like Jeremy Corbyn I am a vegetarian for good reason and believe that all life is sacrosanct, especially the lives of those creatures who have no voice in parliament, in the media, the laboratory or hardly anywhere. I support the less better-off humans from their perpetual abuse too. Anybody who knows me knows how I have campaigned against torture and abuse in Guantanamo (why does nobody pressurise Cameron to ge Shaker Aamer home to his family and twelve year old son he has never seen?) For the same reason as the US-funded madmen who decapitate their fellow humans I stand up for animals when there is an alternative means, many alternative means, of stuffing our faces.

  • Peter Beswick

    Hi Jon

    Do you know Clark? Or at least do you know if he has behaved like this before?

    His webpage is disturbing to say the least (click on his name under identygram )

  • glenn

    Well said, John Goss. For some unfathomable reason, there’s a tendency to assume that concern for animals is mutually exclusive with concern for human rights. That’s why you felt obliged to demonstrate your involvement for the latter, no doubt.

    Someone said they ate grass-fed sheep offal, or some-such. That’s wonderful, and of course vastly less damaging to the ecology (and cruel to the animal concerned) than factory farming. But one might wonder, where did all this grassland come from? Might it be from very longstanding destruction of forests? Huge areas of land in this country are taken from wildlife, stripped of their natural place, and given over to production of feed for animals (which are protean factories in reverse), or given to grass-land.

    The trees were cut down to feed the industrial revolution, in large part. But re-foresting these areas was never going to be popular where good land-grazing was to be had.

    It rather sickens me to hear our country lazily described as a nation of “animal lovers” because people get silly about pampered pets. No we’re not – we don’t give a flying toss about animals on the whole. We don’t care about their miserable living conditions, we don’t care about their unpleasant slaughter, and we certainly don’t care about the habitat we rob from wild creatures.

    Going on to the next step and deeply respecting animals and nature – that’s a more advanced form of caring for all life, IMHO.

  • Jives


    Nobody here hates you,its just yet another confusing wee blog in the vastness of the datasphere where tempers and emotions are distorted and magnified,often.

    Be strong and best wishes =)

  • BrianFujisan


    If you have any clear skies..Check Venus..Pre Dawn i have never seen such Brilliance in my life..

    and it was a pleasure to meet up again…

    Stay Strong

  • Mary

    The young royals were partial to a bit of ‘pigsticking’.

    Princes William and Harry go hunting in Spain ONE DAY before launching wildlife campaign
    HE’S set to launch a campaign to save endangered wildlife tomorrow, yet today Prince William will be spending his afternoon hunting wild boar in Spain.

    Reformed characters now. Parading with Knowles on DIY SOS for a bit of good PR. Housing for heroes only mind.

    Making good old houses along with the royal war mongers. Demobbed/PTSD soldiers who had ‘served Queen and country’ were to be housed with ordinary civilians. A reward for fighting in illegal wars.

    “Attention all you plebs.”

    1′.45″ in for 5 mins.

  • giyane


    In a word, yes. I’m finding it very hard to earn a living at the moment because the lies from the NWO are like the stench of pig-slurry being spread over the fields.

    In short, the proper name of Al Qaida has turned out to be Al Jewida, sent to Syria by General Petraus to ethnically cleanse the country for the creation of a Greater Israel.
    The proper name for IS is Greater ISrael. Kurdistan is run by mossad member Barzani and nobody in Kurdistan can do too much against bhis humiliation of them, by not paying their wages, for fear that he will open the borders to let the savages of IS in.

    The vast majority of Muslims in the UK are a decent, oppressed minority, but I have encountered and been manipulated by a highly political few whose only job in their lifetimes has been to serve the interests of the CIA, i.e. JIA Jewish intelligence agency .

    More gullible Muslims than me have been brainwashed into the campaign to oust Assad and this unfortunately includes the imams. The imams are trading jihadists for power from the Zionist UK state. They know full well that the jihadists they send to Syria are serving the Zionists, but they want power. The imams are trash and they use the information they receive from MI5 to silence the objectors to their betrayal of Islam for power.

    My Kurdish JIA friend told me 12 years ago that USUKIS would give them a caliphate in Syria. This is not an accidental war in Syria. It is a planned program of swine poo spreading. my only objection is to the stupidity of the imams who try and gain power for themselves by serving Zionists, which is not allowed in Islam and they know it, and to the stupidity of the ordinary Muslims who allow themnselves to be drawn by the promises of sex and money to kill the Syrian people and empty the land for israel expansion.

    In this context the perverted act of David Cameron placing his prick in a dead pig’s mouth, was a symbol for placing himself in the service of Israel. A perfect metaphor for the world as we know it and for the reality of the war on Islam.

  • John Goss

    I have not looked at Clark’s webpage for a long time. It did not change for years. But Having looked at it just now I can see that Clark is desperately in need of our support.

    Let me say Clark, having met you, and having had many a disagreement with you, I am not your enemy. The enemy is elsewhere. We all have our opinions. They differ often, and concur sometimes. My guess is you had a good time at Doune the Rabbit Hole and now you are pretty much alone again. But I don’t know this.

    I don’t know what help I can offer but you do need to speak to somebody. Your web-page is a total misinterpretation of how people view you. For a long time you have helped monitor and moderate Craig’s blog but your own makes very depressing reading. Most people who have been commenting here for a few years know that you have made a substantial contribution.

    It is not easy when you are feeling low to lift yourself up. As human beings we should help one another. So I am going to ask people not to treat your obvious anxiety and depression seriously. There are times for debate and times to support people with whom we do not always agree. For Clark the time for support is now.

  • John Goss

    “So I am going to ask people not to treat your obvious anxiety and depression seriously.” Please take out ‘not’. I meant to do when I rewrote the sentence, but forgot. I was going to write something like “not to taunt you” but I have not taken your advice of writing a comment elsewhere and transferring it when it has been edited. 🙂 Chin up Clark.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    John Goss 8:27am

    I heartily agree. Clark, your postings on here are thoughtful, mediating and of high quality and it is obvious that you have recently made a huge contribution to Doune the Rabbit Hole – indeed, Craig said as much. I am certain all good wishes will be with you from our little online community here. John’s said the rest a lot better than I could.

    Take care,


  • Jon

    Hi Peter,

    I’ve not met Clark, but he and I had many email conversions back when we used to moderate this blog. He has been a patient and scientific contributor for some years, especially on climate change, nuclear power and rational thought. Clark is one of the good guys 🙂

  • fred

    “In the meantime, if you want cheering up, search for #piggate on Twitter – it’s dreadfully childish, but it’s been hilarious over the last few days.”

    It was funny, till about Monday mid-day, it was funny to start with then it got incredibly tedious. People began to think that just saying the word “pig” or anything pig related was hilarious. Jokes are funny when you first hear them, good ones you can laugh at again but no joke is so funny you can listen to it constantly for three days.

  • Jon

    Fred, I even had a flash of compassion for Cameron! It didn’t last long admittedly, and for the reasons Craig mentions above, he does not deserve it.

    I wonder though that most of the noise is not political – people are just fed up of politicians, and the mockery reflects the frustration that they’re all the same. Folks are letting off steam.

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