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The sentencing of a 15 year old Blackburn boy – 14 at the time he committed his thought crimes – to life imprisonment is grossly inhuman. It is not quite as evil as the decision of the appalling Saudi regime to crucify and behead a child dissident, but it is recognisably a product of the same world view. History books will look back on this era as one of astonishing state cruelty.

As I have posted repeatedly, Islamic terrorism in the UK is virtually non-existent. It has killed precisely one person in the last decade. As a massive security industry employing many, many thousands depends for its very existence on this tiny threat, the work of the government, media and security services in exaggerating the “danger” is unceasing and increasingly desperate. It is based on an endless series of stories of thwarted terrorist plots.

The most famous was the liquid bomb plot which in fact had no bombs and no air tickets, and where the traces of “suspicious chemical” found in baby feeding bottles was Milton baby bottle sterilising solution. Then there was the ricin plot with no ricin, and the Manchester “Easter bomb plot” where the “bomb ingredient” found in a kitchen was an ordinary bag of sugar.

In the event of the absence of any terrorism, the focus has shifted to thinking about terrorism, and the result has been the conviction of a series of fantasists who can be held to “prove” the terrorist threat. Of these the very saddest is the State’s crushing of this young child. He had no bombs, owned no weapons, harmed nobody. He was however the “mastermind” behind the dreaded “Anzac Day Beheading Plot” where jihadists in Australia did… nothing whatsoever. Nobody attacked anybody. Some people texted about it.

Aha! But don’t we realise that, but for the tens of billions we lavish on the security services, somebody in Australia definitely would have got beheaded by someone? It was only the arrest of a schoolboy in Blackburn that prevented beheadings in Australia, just as it was only the execution by drone of two men in a car in Syria that prevented something absolutely awful from happening in the UK, somewhere by someone, somehow. “What they are yet I know not, but they shall be the terrors of the earth.”

I don’t understand how stupid you have to be to buy into this stuff. But then I don’t understand what a vicious callous bastard of a judge you have to be to sentence a child to life imprisonment. He is doubtless a very disturbed child and probably very unpleasant to deal with. But he did not harm anyone; pretending he could have is part of the charade of the security state.

I also do not understand why the child’s beheading fantasies get him locked away for life, yet it is apparently OK for the Saudis to behead and crucify anyone they like, and still be grovelled to by the entire British establishment, up to and including the monarch. So far as can be ascertained, the Saudis behead more people than ISIL and for identical reasons, yet I see no Conservative demands to bomb them. One interesting result of the Russian bombings in Syria is that the media are for the first time openly publishing that the CIA and Saudis are funding and arming some of the most dubious combatant groups in Syria.

The power players in all of this, on all sides, are cruel men. Justice Saunders in a British court has just proven that includes the British establishment.

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  • Peter Beswick

    Oh Tea! O/T OTT

    I wouldn’t like to Mod this, or any other blog for that matter, never likely to be asked makes my life easier.

    However some things that occur to me are that some spoilers on here do so for very different reasons; some are professional spoilers (paid for by the tax payer), some are unintelligent, some are mentally ill and some reveller’s in self righteous indignation etc (& some with multi reasons). As National Security issues are promoted more in the MSM and government there in a corresponding increase in the public anxiety level, the result, the message of the blog gets increasingly spoiled for all kind of reasons.

    Another thing that occurs is that going O/T occasionally or exploring “far out” ideas or group Brainstorming can have spectacular results.

    I was a member of a loose group of concerned people who had genuine concerns about the David Kelly Death, we all knew the public were being fed lies but sifting the facts from the disinformation and hangouts was not at all straight forward. Someone would throw in an idea and it would be analysed and debunked quite quickly on other occasions the idea would need more group research including FOIR’s to eliminate on other occasions the crazy ideas refused to go away, it was then the truth started to emerge.

    For too long the body being moved, the scene being rearranged and witness lying appeared to require further evidence to provide proof of the suspicions including having access to photographs taken in the am and pm for comparison as proof of cover up. When Hutton had the photos locked away for 70 years and the police refusing quite proper FOIR’s and lying in others the proof appeared elusive.

    But it was there all along we didn’t need the photos we didn’t need the truth from the police or Hutton what we had eventually made enough sense to put together a “beyond reasonable doubt” case of cover up and therefore need for a proper investigation of the whole matter (the death and the cover up). That only came about by some “crazy” ideas being floated, some of them are still unfathomable to the cover up deniers.

    What I think I am suggesting is the Mods firm up (for a period of time) on O/T comments, personal attacks and madness but allowing some wild uncontroversial hares to run, whilst the real state danger in the world continues to increase. To that end Craig’s blog may well produce a few gems that can help (however slightly) turn some political thinking which has created the situation the world is in today.

  • MerkinScot

    Judge Jeffries, age 143, approves American extradition request for entire primary school.
    According to an unnamed source :

    ‘………the shadowy figure known only MerkinBinParis was clearly seen to stride across the playground, arms akimbo, shouting “Who wants a game of Japs and Americans?”
    That there was a clear and present danger of planning for the deaths of hundreds of our people is not disputed. We had to take action after what happened on 18/10/2014.

    However, MerkinBinParis was not simply a primary six pupil.
    He was battle hardened having learnt the use of sword and dagger in primary two – indeed he had recently returned from fighting the Redcoats in the upper playground.
    He was also said to be a Hero of The Warsaw Uprising having received training in guerilla tactics from a member of Mrs. Cohen’s Jewish class (it was not known which foot he had led with on that occasion).
    It is also said that he had no moral compass and didn’t play by the rules.
    Rumour has it that he was expelled from the all-school Bannockburn Stramash after mowing down a contingent of P.1s while declaring “Rumble, rumble, I’m a tank”.
    At a previous milk break he had shown the mendacity learnt from his mentor Carlos the Bawbag.
    One traumatised seven year old told us “our troop was making its way past the mixed infants entrance when from the midst of a crowd of girls skipping to ‘ma maws a millionaire’ a boy stepped out and plunged a dagger intae our skipper’s heart. Thatz no fair.”
    A drone strike was considered and then abandoned after mobile phone monitoring revealed that the suggested date for the ‘Kill the Heedie’ conference was actually an in-service day.
    Kezia Dugdale, age 33, from Aberdeen said “ I blame the SNP for 100% of everything”.’

  • Peter Beswick

    For Starters

    Two wild, possibly controversial hares but finely balanced on opposite sides of the sanity scale;

    1) Give bad kid a 5 year SiS apprenticeship of indoctrination and real killing skills and then let him out as a useful member our glorious security services.

    2) Get all bad ISIS terrorists to change their bandanas to the ones worn by the US good terrorists then there will be no need to kill anyone else and tell Russia to go home.

  • Beth

    MerkinScot—Very funny. Made me wonder if thoughts like this ever occur to the po-faced newsreaders talking so earnestly about a 14 year old ‘terrorist’. We really need a programme like not the 9 oclock news or spitting image (esp for pig gate). Where has all the satire gone?

  • fedup

    MerkinScot good on you, you made me laugh out, and I needed that.

    Although truth be known, you are now on the Prevent list, with your detailed knowledge of all the plots, and counter plots and the unfolding violence, probably you will be under house arrest and get detention after the Xmas break.

  • Peter Hargreaves

    Interesting piece on this case BUT we simply do not have all the facts other than he entered a GUILTY plea and he was well represented by experienced counsel (James Pickup QC). We don’t know the facts and the case was heard in closed court. Furthermore, no sentencing remarks published by the judiciary.

    He certainly seems to be one seriously disturbed youth and whether there is hope of rehabilitation is not clear. Perhaps there is. However, the sentence enables the authorities to keep tabs on him for life. That may be right in public protection terms.

    I assume that he could appeal the sentence. Let’s see if he does.

  • Jemand

    “The boy, who was 14 at the time of the offence and cannot be named due to his age, admitted to inciting an Isis-inspired terror attack by encouraging an Australian teen to murder police officers attending the annual Anzac parade in Melbourne at the Old Bailey in London on Thursday.”

    “The boy, from Blackburn, Lancashire, admitted that he plotted with 18-year-old Australian Sevdet Besim, instructing him to behead police officers and citizens gathered to watch the Anzac Parades in Melbourne this year, which marked exactly 100 years since the battle in Gallipoli began on the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey.”


    According to the article, the 15yo boy admitted to incitement to murder and plotting a terrorist attack. But Craig claims it was only a “fantasy”. How can admissions of incitement to murder and a terrorist plot be “fantasy”? There is not a single report that the boy was denied competent legal counsel, so why the admissions of guilt and not a rigorous defence on the basis of “fantasy”?

    Can Craig reconcile the guilty plea with his assertions of this boy’s innocence? Let’s hear him explain.

  • Fi


    Well done for defending your position so well.

    I hope you don’t give up commenting here, as looking in on this blog is an old habit I’ve found hard to shake and it is one that leaves me increasingly depressed. I don’t seem to be able to get up the impetus to even attempt to argue on comment sites these days.

    Keep up the good work.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    03/10/2015 1:30pm
    03/10/2015 2:38pm

    It is perfectly obvious that “Fi” is either a sockpuppet or a meatpuppet.

    Expecting us to believe that this unknown person pops up for four sentences for no other reason than to praise another poster is both stupid and offensive.

    Don’t insult our intelligences, Jemand, and please do not sockpuppet or meatpuppet on here any further.



  • Kempe

    By all accounts he’s an extremely troubled young man despite all the efforts of the vicious British state to rehabilitate him.

    Whether the prison service can succeed where others have failed remains to be seen; I’d have thought not.

    I can see no problem with arresting and charging anyone who is plotting or inciting someone else to commit a serious offence. If anything is “Pythonesque” it’s the idea that the police have to sit on their hands and wait until a crime is committed, or an attempt made to commit it, before reacting when they could’ve prevented it.

  • Resident Dissident

    Mr Goss you are not answering the question – the boy’s ethnic background is an irrelevance to the question asked – I was asking about why you believe his behaviour makes him a follower of Islam.

  • MerkinOnParis

    “But now I am starting to feel like I am becoming radicalised through oppression.”
    Jemmy, can I be your friend on Facebook?
    I feel your pain.

  • Jemand ( [*censored*] )

    Incidentally, several of my posts, were deleted, including a “thank you” to Fi whose comment was subsequently derided as sock puppetry by a self-discrediting John Spencer-Davis.

    I don’t do sock puppetry. The mods would know from the IP addresses whether something suspicious was afoot. So I recommend JSD to direct his questions to the mod regarding the authenticity of otherwise of Fi’s comment.

    And so to Fi, again, thank you. I have a screen shot of my original, deleted, post, including others, that I will avail in good time.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    FAO Moderators

    Sorry to trouble you. Regarding Jemand’s posting 5:05am 04/02/2015.

    Is it possible for you to confirm that you deleted a thank you note from “Jemand” addressed to “Fi”, which was timed and dated after 2:38pm on 03/10/2015?

    Seems a strange thing to delete. There is no harm in a thank you note.

    If you are unable to confirm this, is it possible for you to state that this is because no such posting was ever made, or because you do not monitor comments you delete and are therefore unable to say whether or not such a posting was ever made?

    Many thanks,


  • fedup

    John my comment was deleted too, I was having a good laugh at the unravelling of the purported atheist and its sudden conversion to Judaism and thereafter seeking to get the board of deputies involved as well as becoming radicalised by oppression!!!!!!

    This specimen that had been cultivating a web of lies around its imaginary character and then throwing it all away and unmasking itself, as the zionist supremacist cretin, is indeed a laughably comical state of affairs.

    Yet the same liar and fantasist is expecting others to buy into its lies and deceit! This is the degrees of contempt the supremacists hold against us.

    Also note that “rationalisation through oppression” is only allowed for the chosen ones and the supremacists, however others whom become radicalised their transformation is only due to Islam!!!!! The inconsistencies and outright lies splattered around this blog are then complimented with an aggressive and sustained campaign of intimidation and rage so manifested on this thread and elsewhere.

    Also note the absence of the other usual characters! I mentioned it earlier, profile management can change; Moniker, IP, Geolocation, and many other facets of the transactions on the net, but it cannot fix stupid!

  • Jemand ( [*censored*] )

    “[Jemand] Please could you post a copy?

    Many thanks,


    – – –

    Oh, John, you don’t have to thank me. I have no intention of linking to the said screenshot sooner or later than I am able and inclined to – and not for your benefit or embarrassment. You lost the privilege of consideration with your obnoxious abuse directed at me.

    Kind regards,


  • John Spencer-Davis

    04/10/2015 2:30pm


    Okay. Whenever you’re ready.

    I don’t mind at all being embarrassed. I am quite happy to say that I think you are lying about it.

    I think it rather belatedly occurred to you, that it looked pretty odd that you never bothered to thank this “Fi”, being the only person to support you for ages, and you are attempting to fix that retrospectively, by making up this tarradiddle about your thank you note being deleted by the mods.

    Nobody said anything to you about a thank you note. It’s very peculiar that you felt it necessary to correct the matter before you were asked about it.

    So I believe you are lying about that, certainly. All you have to do to prove me wrong, is to present evidence to the forum, which you say you have, that will satisfy us that you wrote and posted a thank you note to “Fi” at an appropriate time after “Fi”‘s posting, which was then deleted. And then I can be thoroughly embarrassed, as you say.

    Let’s see if you do it.


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