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The sentencing of a 15 year old Blackburn boy – 14 at the time he committed his thought crimes – to life imprisonment is grossly inhuman. It is not quite as evil as the decision of the appalling Saudi regime to crucify and behead a child dissident, but it is recognisably a product of the same world view. History books will look back on this era as one of astonishing state cruelty.

As I have posted repeatedly, Islamic terrorism in the UK is virtually non-existent. It has killed precisely one person in the last decade. As a massive security industry employing many, many thousands depends for its very existence on this tiny threat, the work of the government, media and security services in exaggerating the “danger” is unceasing and increasingly desperate. It is based on an endless series of stories of thwarted terrorist plots.

The most famous was the liquid bomb plot which in fact had no bombs and no air tickets, and where the traces of “suspicious chemical” found in baby feeding bottles was Milton baby bottle sterilising solution. Then there was the ricin plot with no ricin, and the Manchester “Easter bomb plot” where the “bomb ingredient” found in a kitchen was an ordinary bag of sugar.

In the event of the absence of any terrorism, the focus has shifted to thinking about terrorism, and the result has been the conviction of a series of fantasists who can be held to “prove” the terrorist threat. Of these the very saddest is the State’s crushing of this young child. He had no bombs, owned no weapons, harmed nobody. He was however the “mastermind” behind the dreaded “Anzac Day Beheading Plot” where jihadists in Australia did… nothing whatsoever. Nobody attacked anybody. Some people texted about it.

Aha! But don’t we realise that, but for the tens of billions we lavish on the security services, somebody in Australia definitely would have got beheaded by someone? It was only the arrest of a schoolboy in Blackburn that prevented beheadings in Australia, just as it was only the execution by drone of two men in a car in Syria that prevented something absolutely awful from happening in the UK, somewhere by someone, somehow. “What they are yet I know not, but they shall be the terrors of the earth.”

I don’t understand how stupid you have to be to buy into this stuff. But then I don’t understand what a vicious callous bastard of a judge you have to be to sentence a child to life imprisonment. He is doubtless a very disturbed child and probably very unpleasant to deal with. But he did not harm anyone; pretending he could have is part of the charade of the security state.

I also do not understand why the child’s beheading fantasies get him locked away for life, yet it is apparently OK for the Saudis to behead and crucify anyone they like, and still be grovelled to by the entire British establishment, up to and including the monarch. So far as can be ascertained, the Saudis behead more people than ISIL and for identical reasons, yet I see no Conservative demands to bomb them. One interesting result of the Russian bombings in Syria is that the media are for the first time openly publishing that the CIA and Saudis are funding and arming some of the most dubious combatant groups in Syria.

The power players in all of this, on all sides, are cruel men. Justice Saunders in a British court has just proven that includes the British establishment.

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  • fedup

    Glenn how did your run go? I hope you were sensible enough to let your other half win, or you will be in for a boatload of cold meals and neatly ironed and starched underwear .

  • Ben-Humps the anti-hemp Nations

    “Why should we the people hate each other? Who benefits from such a state of affairs? Are the questions that we need to keep asking over and over again.”

    ‘You can hire half the poor to kill the other half’

    -Jay Gould-

    ‘Nuff said.

  • BrianFujisan

    Excellent Quote Ben.

    Thought crime.. My Wife used to have horrid nightmares after reading horror books…Arrest the authors

    I was at the Cinema on Tuesday night with a couple of Lady friends.. to see Roger Waters ‘ The Wall ‘ some powerful stuff in among the extravaganza… But we should arrest him for telling Children – They don’t need an education

    Where will it end

  • jake

    Jon ( @8.32),
    I suspect you are right with regard to your observations about damage to property, but you’ll notice that the definition mentions serious damage, so there’s enough wiggle room there to exclude, say, a university dining club trashing a restaurant.

  • Jives


    Heavy trolls herein today.

    Interesting,though,to observe where their line managers instruct them to invade.

    Some threads get it heavy,some seem invisible to them..

    Most revealing.

  • Part timer

    If you must know, a Mr Justice Saunders is allocated such cases by the deep state as it is a typical devil that has “credentials” eg a kiddy fiddler, but can maintain a classic respected Mr M’lud Justice exterior façade to the public.

    THE WHOLE ESTABLISHMENT IS COMPOSED OF SUCH DEVILS, ITS THE ONLY WAY TO GO UP is kiddy fiddling,etc. Now you know why the saviles and janners behave with such impunity.

  • Part timer

    BTW-satanyahus 40 second meltdown at UNGA was not a well rehearsed khazari glare at the cattle, it was simply a response to an almighty fart let loose in derision by the Muslim UN Nigerian official seated in the background overseeing the proceedings. Bwahahahahahaha !!!

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Let me explain a few things to you about Syria.

    It is already Over..Bar The Shouting..

    Look Our SAS Guys Don’t Like These Fcking Mussies and They Will Shoot Any Cnt They are Programmed To…

    But they ain’t going to shoot The Russians and Their Special Forces – what is it the FSB -or what the fck they are called…But they might join together and at least think about shooting You Neocon Cnts

    You are Already Running Away..

    About Time We Cleaned Out All The RATS -All The FILTH

    And Got Along Being Independent Nations with all our problems to be dealt with Locally..

    To Motivate and Rebuild Our Own Countries and Sure Excel at Our Best – and Produce what we Can Using All Our Own Hard Work Skills – and Compete With Other Nations All Over The World and Just Get On With It LOCALLY

    We are Not SUBJECT To a NEOCON FASCIST?COMMUNIST Worldwide Dictatorship

    You Fat Dictators Just Fck Off and Die..and Leave The Rest of Us All Over The World To Get On With It – in our own little ways..

    We do not need you to tell us what to do.

    Goodbye and take Your Nuclear Weapons With You..If You Don’t Stick Them Up Your Own Bottoms..

    We will do it for you.

    We are Free – It is You Neocons who are The Problem.


  • Tony_0pmoc

    You don’t understand. Our Daughter Has Just Moved Back Home..Her Cat and Everything after 6 years away..and I am just so happy..We have got our Daughter Back.

    I said to my mate ((when we kind of turned up a bit late and she was a bit pissed…and we could all see her and how she was with him…he looked a bit sad(good looking bloke – but he has lost his mum and everything (long grey hair pretty face)..My Wife Brought Him Back To Life Inspired him with her interest in him asking him about him..and her pretty face, blonde hair and everything..))

    She is The Nicest Girl Here.

    he looked at me, but could not but agree

    My Wife…She just does it Naturally

    Total Angel..

    We linked arms as we walked the mile home ..just my wife and me…and I had a bet with her…I won..Our Daughter HAS Come Home and Mum is Peeling Potatoes for The Next Week.

    I am just so delighted Our Daughter Has Come Home After 6 Years Away and I hope all of us can do our best to once again help her feel safe and warm at home and have some time and space and sanctuary..just chill girl – sleep sleep sleep do nothing much for awhile…as long as it takes to rebuild yourself from within…

    She says – I have already done that Dad.

    I am just so happy that My Daughter is Home.

    Tony xx

  • Resident Dissident

    Could Mr Goss please explain why he believes this boy to be a follower of Islam?

    I agree with most here that the sentence was too long – but I trust the jury who have seen the full evidence regarding his guilt.

  • Ken2

    This is just outrageous. The child has mental health issues. It is just so wrong. Pig Cameron did this. That malicious dirty liar. Children fantasise all the time, and are not fully aware of the issues. Where will this child be detained? Will it increase anxiety or depression? Will this child get the appropriate care or will it just exacerbate any problems. A disgraceful decision.

    A lying politician can cause millions of death and a Report can be delayed for years, while the criminal politician can receive £Millions and walk free. A lying criminal politician executes people without trial breaking international Law.

  • Mary

    It’s official. Britain is a fascist state.

    Sir Simon McDonald PUS of the FCO says that human rights are no longer ‘a top priority’ for Britain. The ‘prosperity agenda’ now takes precedence.

    Today’s Independent.

  • Ken2

    Cameron executed two British citizens (in a country with which Britain is not at war) for an alleged ‘plot’. After the date the ‘alleged plot’ was supposed to take place. 4th July. Executed 22 july.

    Most of the allege ‘plots’ turn out to be nonsense. Using fear to distract, and control the electorate. While ruthless politicians can rob the State funds, to enrich themselves and others.

    Why don’t they all stop throwing bombs and get round a table and talk to find a solution. Use the resources to build up the country instead of bombing civilians and facilities to bits. It is incomprehensible. The UK/US and France are destroying the world. Now Russia is joining the ignorance.

    Where is the Chilcot Verdict?

  • KingOfWelshNoir

    In the same week, a teenager gets life sentence for actually murdering someone, as opposed to fantasising about it. Joshua Williams sentenced for the murder of cyclist Alan Cartwright, while trying to steal his bike.

    How exactly does goading someone in Australia to behead a cop or run one over constitute a plot? That’s like telling someone to rob a bank or, failing that, counterfeit some money.

    #Ministry of Love

  • Jemand (this blog hosts anti-semitic commentary)

    How do you prevent serious violent crimes if you are unable to prosecute a person for having already started the process of conceiving and progressing the stages that lead to committing the final act of the intended crime? Applying the “fantasy” defence to the many scumbags who were convicted of conspiracy to commit armed robberies, drug trafficking and violent assaults would see all of them back on the streets and in their dens to revise their plans for another attempt.

  • Peter Beswick

    “How do you prevent serious violent crimes”?

    Don’t set an example to our school children of starting wars and killing millions of people on the basis of lies because the US says that what needs to be done.

    Drop the control of the public through fear, hate, lies and greed.

    Spend the money that is currently spent on spying on innocent British subjects whilst allowing in anybody and everybody who wants to come to Britain that the state has no idea of who they are, their real names, criminal convictions or mental health history. Stop spending money recording every decent member of the public’s telephone calls, internet use, GPS position (via mobile phone) and financial transactions and spend it on better immigration control, better mental health services and a new law enforcement and justice system. The old one is dead and starting to smell.

    Make the Establishment obey the law because if it doesn’t apply to them it sure as fuck doesn’t apply to anyone else who decides to step outside it and do what ever they like, when they like, where they like.

    Unfortunately the politicians who have created the current situation are not capable of putting it right. The Party Politics that has developed in this country is the cause of most serious and violent crime, that and mental health issues. We have to change our society and our political system, either that or put up with it.

  • Peter Beswick

    We no longer have a justice system we have a system that detains people who are undesirable to the Establishment, it has nothing to do with what the public want or need.

  • Silvio

    @ Jemand (this blog hosts anti-semitic commentary)

    Is this the type of stuff you think is anti-semitic commentary? Just checking.

    American Empire Exposed
    Thursday, October 1, 2015
    Putin and Obama’s UN Showdown Helps Expose Obama’s Treasonous Lies Protecting ISIS


    For decades now al Qaeda/Islamic State jihadists have regularly been America’s secret go-to proxy ally, hired gun mercenary thugs used effectively to destroy wherever they’re unleashed, especially where US Empire chooses not to put GI boots on the ground. Then came the biggest false flag coup in human history – 9/11 – when we’re supposed to believe that 19 box-cutting al Qaeda “terrorists” murdered 3000 Americans when no solid evidence confirms it. Instead they were used as neocon stooges hired to be the fall guys for the 9/11 attacks. Half of those so called terrorists have subsequently been found alive, some are even currently suing the US government.

    In fact overwhelming evidence has now been uncovered to prove unequivocally that Israel and its Mossad conspired with the Bush-Cheney neocons along with a little help from their Saudi friends as the real 9/11 terrorists. The entire plan to destabilize and redraw the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) had already been hatched by the 9/11 architects with their Project for a New American Century (PNAC) long before the towers ever fell. Calling for a “new Pearl Harbor event,” the Zionist neocons conspired with Israel to launch an imperialistic blood-for-oil crusade under the false flag cover of their forever war on terror to take down every Arab nation not part of the US-Israeli crime cabal.

    General Wesley Clark’s passing discovery a week after 9/11 of the Bush-Cheney foreign policy calling for a 7-nation regime change was simply the PNAC agenda still criminally operating today with the neocon/Obama obsession to remove Syria’s Assad from power. 9/11 became the diabolical excuse to invade, occupy, and murder millions of people to destroy Iraq and Afghanistan, respectively the world’s third largest oil producer and the world’s largest heroin producer. By the way, the feds’ international drug smuggling operation has been criminally funding US military Black Ops in 135 countries around the world, 85% of which is illegally laundered by IMF and the World Bank. Neocon lies of infamy and incessant false propaganda were used to remove two former US Empire allies Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi who both made the fatal error daring to defy the unholy sanctum of the US petrodollar. As Israel’s proxy ally the neocon-led US proceeded to systematically turn those two once prosperous, oil-rich nations into permanent, war ravaged, failed states along with half a dozen other hapless MENA nation fatalities.

    Link to source (with embedded links):

  • Peter Beswick

    When the police officers turned up at the Hutton inquiry and lied, they were doing their duty. Their duty to God and the Queen, to the bankers and the Establishment.

    They were happy for the public to pay their wages and pensions but when it came to doing their duty for the public, well the public could just fuck right off.

  • doug scorgie

    2 Oct, 2015 – 5:55 pm

    “Please note that my replies to Mary’s lies and abusive provocation have been deleted by the mods.
    I’ve lost all faith in Craig and will now comment here knowing that he is not the person I once supported.
    “This blog has become a platform for jew-hating, terrorism apologists. And Mary has become Craig’s alter ego, speaking those things he purports to abhor.
    “For those of you who post in good faith, for better or worse, keep the fight going.”

    Well said you aborigine hating tosser!

  • Mary

    Mods Jemand’s slanderous comnment is still there. Please delete.
    ‘Craig’s many political enemies will use any reason to silence him on speaking about things that embarrass them. I should expect them to relish using Mary’s many posts as longterm recurrent evidence of anti-semitism.’

    Craig. It is not a ‘spat’. It is an attempt by a racist troll to smear me and denigrate my contributions to the blog. He hopes that mud sticks.

  • Gerry

    There are many instances of the SIS deliberately provoking their own patsy in the UK. However, this one was most definitely not one of those instances. This young man was failed by the security services for sure, but he was not a victim of them in the same way as the past cases that you cite in comparison. This guy was on the radar for a long time and had past form with our security services at a local level. To be fair, I think this is the first instance I have found myself in agreement with the actions of our intel services.
    this young guy is clearly a victim, and my fear is that he will be twice victimised and leave detention having been pushed further to the fringes, and having gained enough experience to make his intent less obvious, will be in a far more vulnerable position. The life sentence is actually only 5 years and serves to act as means of recall rather than time to be served. Makes for an interesting headline though I guess.
    As far as the Saudi’s are concerned, you should maybe take a look at the soon to be unredacted 28 pages of the 911 report that would seem to implicate the Saudis, or at the very least the use of their US embassy to fast track almost all of the alleged hijackers of 911 over to the US. The fact that the US themselves fast tracked the visas from Saudi soil indicates just how complicit these 2 nations are. Judging from the reactions of the congressmen who have so far seen these 28 pages, this is information that changes the whole perspective of the 911 attacks, and shows just how dirty our security services are willing to play their false flag games.
    I do agree with the main thrust of the article though. We need to change our political thinking back to being based on “what is” rather than the current “what if”. We are already quite far down the road where people are willing to trade their freedoms for security, and as a wise man once said, they deserve neither.
    The young man referred to in the article required earlier intervention and I believe that there was ample opportunity for that intervention to happen. WE failed him, and then WE punished him for the result of our failure. We need to stop using these damaged individuals to further our political agendas, and we need to amend our foreign policy in order not to provide those who seek to radicalise our young people with more than all the ammunition that we need. That it has come to this in our so called civilised society is disturbing and should shame us all.

  • Mary

    Gove (Secretary of State for Justice! and Lord Chancellor!!)

    Prisons to be sold in Gove’s new revolution
    Michael Gove: Victorian jails could make way for housing

    Michael Gove is to free prisons from Whitehall control in the biggest reorganisation of the penal system in a generation.

    The justice secretary will give governors new powers over budgets, education and even the perks offered to prisoners for good behaviour.

    In his first interview since becoming justice secretary, Mr Gove has revealed that he is also looking at extending the scheme under which inmates are allowed out of jail on licence in preparation for their

    He also confirmed that he was considering selling inner city Victorian prisons on lucrative land ripe for housing development… paywall

    The same is happening to community hospitals all over the country, further damaging the NHS. District general and larger hospitals will have nowhere to discharge patients who need interim care, thus increasing the likelihood of (to use that horrible phrase) ‘bed blocking’.

    Thatcher sold off much of the state silver. The crowd in power are finishing the job.


    Michael Gove: ‘I’ll never get rid of the tights, wigs and robes. What magnificent bling!’

    Pretty boys.

  • John Goss

    “Could Mr Goss please explain why he believes this boy to be a follower of Islam?”

    Nice attempt RD because by law because of his age his identity is kept secret. I’m not normally a gambling man but I’ll have a bet with you if you like on this. The answer is because if he had been white English he would have walked as in the case of Barry McKinnon who did and Talha Ahsan, both Asperger sufferers, who served further torture in a US stone coffin on top of the previous six years plus wrongful imprisonment in the UK. It is the way our government operates. Or do you go around with your eyes shut?

  • John Goss


    Nice attempt RD because by law because of his age his identity is kept secret. I’m not normally a gambling man but I’ll have a bet with you if you like on this. The answer is because if he had been white English he would have walked as in the case of Barry McKinnon who did and Talha Ahsan, both Asperger sufferers, who did not. Talha served further torture in a US stone coffin on top of the previous six years plus of wrongful imprisonment in the UK. It is the way our government operates. Or do you go around with your eyes shut?

  • glenn

    @Fedup: “Glenn how did your run go? I hope you were sensible enough to let your other half win, or you will be in for a boatload of cold meals and neatly ironed and starched underwear .

    Thanks for asking Fedup, but it’s not until Sunday morning/

    Not a question about “letting” her win, unfortunately. I do my damnedest to prevent it, but she wins rather easily almost every time (the only exception being last year, when an entire Summer of intense study prevented her from training).

    To let someone win at anything would be insulting to them, imho – luckily, that doesn’t really come up for consideration in these events!

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