Obnoxious Neo-Con Plagiarist Robert Webb Quits the Labour Party 80

Robert Webb might well have been the only person in the Labour Party well to the right of Liz Kendall. In 2005 He told the Guardian in an interview the person he most admired was Christopher Hitchens (at a time when Hitchens was the lead propagandist for the Iraq War) and Webb characterised opponents of the Iraq War as “suicide bombers and their apologists”. Today the Guardian gives him an enormous puff for resigning from the Labour Party in protest against Jeremy Corbyn.

A genuinely unpleasant person. I confess to a personal grudge against Webb, but it is a justified one. he was deeply involved in plagiarising my memoir, Murder in Samarkand for the BBC Comedy The Ambassador. The production company involved, Big Talk, had actually invited me to their offices for a meeting to ask me to sell them the rights to Murder in Samarkand. I attended the meeting but I refused to sell them the rights. They went ahead and made the series anyway.

Having been brought up in Norfolk I am a Norwich City supporter, as explained in Murder in Samarkand. Webb’s The Ambassadors featured a Norwich City supporting ambassador to Tazbekistan (which he claimed was unrelated to Uzbekistan) and made fun of the dopey Ambassador’s concern with human rights. Numerous incidents were very plainly taken from Murder in Samarkand as well as the entire scenario, but I could not afford to take the crooked plagiarising bastards to court.

Robert Webb. One of the nastiest men in Britain. If Corbyn as Labour leader achieves nothing more than getting shot of Webb, that is still progress.

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80 thoughts on “Obnoxious Neo-Con Plagiarist Robert Webb Quits the Labour Party

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  • Ken2

    The members decide the leadership not the pig ignorant politicians. Or pig abusers. Blair the totalitarian mass murdering, proven lying dictator who who did not listen to anyone and made up ‘evidence’. John Smith changed the rules of the PLP so Blair could act as a lying dictator. Blair and Brown broke the Ministerial Code. Thrybwere nit fit for Office. Miliband has changed it back.

    Any of the 60 who vote for illegal wars again will be out of a job. History will not repeat itself. They will not make the same mistake over and over again. If they vote for illegal war again, they will path the price. The last one cost $Trillions, Millions of innocent, vulnerable people were killed and maimed and destabilised. that was the pay the price. A 1.5Trillion National debt and the worst humanitarian crisis since the 11WW in Europe. If the sixty vote to illegally bomb again They will pay the price.

  • Resident Dissident

    Clearly Ken2 only believes in Parties where there is 100% support for the views of its leader – all other party members who dissent have to pay the price. I wonder if he might wish to move to North Korea or go back in his time machine (his sort always live in the past any way) to Stalin’s Russia.

  • YouKnowMyName

    For those who might not have noticed, the European Commission has this week asked Seb Coe to look into Hungary’s agreement with RosAtom, for construction of their two nuclear reactors. Another neocon approach to energy security from the EC, selective application of rules, (don’t mention VW)

    Seems the way to hide stuff from the EC is to declare it a state secret for 30 years

  • Ken2

    ‘Mitchell and Webb’ Oxbrige privileged own the BBC. Oxbridge funded 22 to 1. The BBC are in Westminster’s pocket. Cameron dictates their stategy and makes the appointees. That is why the Guardian rallied round the pig abuser. The ‘journos’ are all privileged, ex pig abusers? ‘It’s just a bit of fun’. ‘It’s normal to sanction the vulnerable and let the richest (them) off with tax. Their programmes are rubbish and the ‘journalists’ are even worse.

  • Mary

    Some of Thatcher’s legacy. The type live on. Amoral, corrupt, you name it.

    One of the characters in this sordid story in India Brummitt, allegedly the mistress of the alleged sex pest, blackmailer, bully Mark Clarke, the latter given the Agent Cameron seal of approval and a vote of thanks for the election win. Brummitt is an aide to Claire Perry MP now the rail minister but formerly Cameron’s anti child sexualisation czar.

    There is a Mrs Mark Clarke, apparently a ‘high flying NHS manager’.

    24 September 2015

    28 September, 2015

    Today the Mail have continued from yesterday’s article.

    Feldman, Shapps, Feldman, Clarke, Spelman, Pidding……all in it together

    Sex, suicide and chilling threats: How the scandal engulfing David Cameron’s chum has sparked civil war in the Tory party
    The Tories have descended into a morass of scandal and sordid allegation
    ‘Tatler Tory’ Mark Clarke stands accused of bullying to the point of suicide
    Police launched a sexual harassment inquiry, on top of claims of blackmail
    One alleged victim claims he used the motto ‘Isolate, Inebriate, Penetrate’

  • Ken2

    US/UK funded Daresh with taxpayers money. Was that legal? Russia is now bombing them? Is that legal. are all the innocent lives being lost legal? Is the Geneva Convention government signed up to Legal? They make the Rules and break the rules. Who sanctions them? They lie and break the rules that they make. Russia is bombing the people the US/UK and France funded. The US/UK and France are bombing the people Russia funded. Another fine mess. Causing the worth humanitarian crisis since the 11WW in Europe. They will start a nuclear War.

    In the 11WW in Europe.

    26 Million Russians died (1 in 6?) Russian sacrifice saved the West, .
    8Million Germans (1 in 4?)
    6 Million Poles
    6 Million Jews
    2 Million Americans
    1/2 Million French
    1/2 Million British

    More died in the rest of the World, including the Middle East.

  • Resident Dissident

    “We remember it well. Revolting crowd of BBC luvvies.”

    yes lets sneer at BBC luvvies – while remaining as silent as ever about the perpetrators of terrorism.

  • Resident Dissident

    “US/UK funded Daresh with taxpayers money”

    No they didn’t. It is quite clear that you have no problem in supporting Assad and Putin – so please spare us the ridiculous lectures.

  • Ken2

    Seb Cie should publish the names of the British illegal doping athletics and his part in the cover up. The cheats being funded with £Billions of taxpayers money. Sport is big business. Bribery and corruption. Cheats should be banned not used for government propaganda and back handers. .

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    “Webb is but a long line of Oxbridge c**** straight outta Central Casting…..
    …Just another Oxbridge plant waiting for his spook-call when required.”

    Jives is very venomous about the alumni of the UK’s two most venerable seats of learning.

    Has he considered the possible pyschological effects of his harsh words on two of this blog’s most venerable and veracious “commenters”, namely Lysias and Giyane, both of whom are Oxford graduates (allegedly)?

  • Resident Dissident

    Pity Mary turned off HIGNFY last night – she would have seen Hislop supporting her view on Blair – but then of course if you ignore others there is no danger of having your preconceptions shattered, which of course is the creed of bigots eberywhere.

  • Ken2

    UK/US funded Daresh. They are the Al Nusa and Alk fighters that US/UK funded Russia is now bombing them. The West is bombing the Syrians that Russia is funding. Innocent people are being killed and displaced. Russian tried to barter talks with Assad/Syrian to find a diplomatic solution. The West refused. It still about Oil and seizing assets and resources from other countries illegally.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Resident Dissident 21 Nov, 2015 – 9:14 am : Only the pig ignorant and their Stalinist friends think that if you do not support Corbyn then that makes you a Tory – other political viewpoints are possible when you drop your totalitarian mindset.

    So who do YOU think best embodies Labour values – Blair, Brown or Corbyn?

  • Ken2

    Try and read the 60 dissenting MP’s will pay the price. The membership elected the Leader. That is who the membership want. That is Democracy. North Korea us not a democracy, neither was Russia in the past. The US have been sanctioning and starving the North Koreans for years. China helps them out. China is not a Democracy. Democracies are classed countries where people have universal suffrage and free votes. To chose their leaders, like the Labour Party.

    Any member can leave. MP’s are suppose to support the policies of the leadership. The Labour Party not not as democratic before. It not one member, one vote for the leader but block votes, including by the (unelected politically) Union leaders, who funded the Party. Ed Miliband has changed the rules of the Party. It could be hoped that is an improvement.

  • Ken2

    Right of Kendall is pretty much Tory territory. Mr Webb will find his own way. Or even the LibDems. They need a few members.

  • Resident Dissident

    “So who do YOU think best embodies Labour values – Blair, Brown or Corbyn?”

    None of the above. I am a believer in a broad church – political parties that support a single narrow viewpoint have a pretty awful history.

  • Ken2

    Predicted text is having a field day. Technology.

    * previously the Labour Party not as democratic. It was not one member one vote, that has been changed. Change or die, Sleeze bags could get under the radar and act as dictators despite the £Billions of advice that they got and ignored, The membership/MP’s could do less about it, because they valued their posts.

  • Resident Dissident

    “MP’s are suppose to support the policies of the leadership.”

    Where does it say this in the Labour Party constitution. Even JC says he wants oipen debate and a new politics – clearly you are not listening.

    The Party has a clear set of values in its constitution of which you are just demonstrating your complete (pig) ignorance. Those joining or supporting the Labour Party were meant to agree with them.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Resident Dissident 21 Nov, 2015 – 11:09 am :None of the above. I am a believer in a broad church – political parties that support a single narrow viewpoint have a pretty awful history.

    I didn’t ask which one was perfect. One of them must be nearer than the others to your concept of Labour values.

    In my opinion, Corbyn best embodies Labour values. What’s your opinion?

  • fred

    “Try and read the 60 dissenting MP’s will pay the price. The membership elected the Leader. That is who the membership want. That is Democracy.”

    But unfortunately that isn’t what happened. A lot of people who had never voted Labour in their lives paid their £3 for a vote and elected him.

    Those long serving Labour Party members who did vote for him voted for him because he was a dissident, because he wasn’t afraid to vote against the party whip if he thought it was the right thing to do.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Resident Dissident 21 Nov, 2015 – 11:34 am :

    I gave my answer.

    No you didn’t.

    I voted for Yvette Cooper and Stella Creasy.

    Now you have. Thank you.

  • fedup


    You disgusting cretin, how dare you to be so unkind to rats?

    There should be a law against people like you impugning so badly on the reputation of rats, those poor rats have no one to protect them from people like you likening them to that yellow belly lower than a snake belly (I have forgotten my Western cowboy vernacular and swears any help would be greatly appreciated)tosser Webb or whatever his name is.

    That was lovely, I had a good laugh there mate! Thanks, his posture is so becoming him!!!! It is uncanny!


    None of the above. I am a believer in a broad church – political parties that support a single narrow viewpoint have a pretty awful history.

    What a cup out and wriggle, broad church my foot, more like any organisation that can be hijacked to push for the be interests of the subhuman neo cons, and zionists without stinting any efforts.

    The last part of the sound bite is an accurate assessment of the neo labour that destroyed the socialist tenets of the Labour party right under the noses of its members, whom then left the party in their droves!

    Broad church hahahahahahaha Yeahp I buy into that homily hahahahahahaha people are so easily fooled, as any one of the “master race” knows that very well!!!!!!

  • Andy

    Had a look at that Guardian article – unbelievable piffle, and looking at the comments, 80% are Tories shouting abuse. The Guardian has been taken over by the Mail ,and not just in the btl comments.

    Every day the paper as an anti-Corbyn article. Cameron could be caught taking a million £ bribe from Al-Qaeda and the Guardian would put a story about Corbyn wearing socks that didn’t match his tie at the top of it’s website.

  • Mary

    A torrent of comments from RD this morning on this and the next thread. 10 here since 9.14am.

    Interesting how they take turns on the comments sections of this blog.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    “A torrent of comments from RD this morning on this and the next thread. 10 here since 9.14am.

    Interesting how they take turns on the comments sections of this blog.”

    Glad you’re interested but could you spell out the nature of the problem, Mary?



    We realise that your post was just a placeholder (Craig will know what that means!) until you find a suitable pretext for working Israel/Palestine into the thread. Watch this space!

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