The Russian Plane Made Two Ten Second Transits of Turkish Territory 344


This is the official Turkish radar track of the Russian aircraft they shot down, in red. It briefly transited a tiny neck of Turkish land – less than two miles across where the Russian jet passed – twice. I calculate that each “incursion” over Turkish territory would have lasted about 10 seconds, assuming the plane was flying slowly at 600mph. That Turkey shot down the plane for this is madness, and absolutely indefensible. It is fairly obvious from the track that the plane was operating against Turkish sponsored Turkmen rebels inside Syria, and that is why the Turks shot it down.

But the inescapable conclusion is that the true madness would be for the UK to get involved in Syria and make a complex and volatile situation still worse, and risk being dragged into wider conflict.

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  • Metrojet

    The question not raised yet, how were Turkish jets so close at the time the SU24 was on its mission on the other side of the fence. Surely Turkey should actually ALLOW Russian jets to carry out missions against the terrorists using its airspace, or mebbe its those 1500 destroyed oil trucks that probably rankled the smuggler erdogan. Or were the Turkish jets called in by the ISIS fighters?

  • Metrojet

    Russia and Iran should cut off the gas pipelines for generating power in Turkey and arrange for the PKK to also blow up the Azerbaijan pipeline. For starters. And CM would do well to banish the synagogue of satan apologists here to HuffPo or Haaretz especially the rabid jew Anon1, Stephen “habba” Fry does at least have a sense of humour.

  • Metrojet

    The US will be chased out of Afghanistan in a couple of months as the Russians now supply the unjammable 100% kill rate VERBA picture guided helicopter MANPAD to the taliban.

  • Metrojet

    OMG – its turning out to have been a pre-planned ambush with the F16s lying in wait. It appears to be part of the Pentagons “airplane diplomacy” like the Metrojet murders. USS Vincennes come to mind too. What happens now?

  • Mary

    One of mine has disappeared too Node. It was in reply to Miss Castello’s comment about the CoOp bank closing Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s bank accounts. I surmised that pressure had probably been applied on the CoOp from Zionist supporters within Whitehall. I also mentioned that the CEO was ex HSBC North America who had been fined heavily by the US regulators for various transgressions. Innocuous? Are SIS moderating now?

  • Pan

    O/T (but always On-Topic, as far as some of us are concerned)

    Came across this comment on a previous post (from a regular, not a troll)

    (re: nuclear power)

    “When it comes to power generation, ministers have to think with their heads not their hearts.”

    That has got to be one of the most truly absurd and laughable comments I have ever read here on this blog.

    First of all, the vast majority of our present-day politicians do NOT have a heart (in any sense other than the strictly anatomical one). (The same goes for their spines).

    Secondly, it is quite obvious to anyone who isn’t either sleep-walking or a vegetable, that they are NOT in the habit of thinking (in any meaningful sense of the word).

    The only rational explanation for most of what we see of politicians’ actions, most of the time, is an overwhelming desire for self-aggrandizement and financial reward, coupled with a complete disconnect from the sickening realities of life that the vast majority of the populace have to trudge their way through until they die or kill themselves.

    Fukushima was, is, and will continue to be (until the next nuclear f***up happens, WHICH IT WILL), the greatest environmental disaster so far this century. But it is, of course, only ONE of the never-ending events like the infinitely toxic outpourings of the Niger Delta (into the ocean – hence the entire global water-cycle), or the contamination of the entire Middle East (and far beyond) via the use of weapons containing depleted uranium. (Depleted Uranium being officially classed as a WMD, but used with complete impunity by the militaries, and the effects of which the MSM keep most of us, here in the Great West, blissfully unaware of.)

    Heck, what’s the point in me going on?

    You either GET IT or you DON’T!

  • Mary

    I concur with what you say Node. Some here even found his ‘joke’ funny.

    Anon1’s remaining 12 comments on page 1 include anti Muslim content. Why is that tolerated here?

    The Sun have been castigated for their vile muck.

    ‘Sun’s ‘Muslim poll’ faces growing criticism
    Record number of complaints over story alleging one in five British Muslims had ‘sympathy for jihadis’ as it emerges YouGov refused to carry out poll
    24 November 2015

  • Tony M

    The thing is I don’t think Anon1 can be Jewish and their extremist Zionist position seems deliberately offensive and inflammatory, does far more harm than any advantage or credit it could ever bring. His views correspond more with the far right, not with the rather lovable short haired and booted knowing ironic, often gay stereotypes but with the far more dangerous sharp-suited well-heeled sad old fashioned passionate racist who has sold his (probably) or herself to the repulsive zionist cause for a consideration. Look amongst the likes of the zionist-allied BNP or EDL for Anon’s allegiance. Where no ‘anti-semitism’ is to be found and the ground is fruitless, it needs all the active encouragement the zionists can muster.

  • Mary

    More stench from the Tory muck heap.

    ‘An MP’s local party received thousands of pounds in undeclared payments connected to a businessman involved in the Northampton Town stadium redevelopment, the BBC can reveal.

    Conservative MP for Northampton South David Mackintosh received an undeclared payment of £6,195 from Howard Grossman.

    Three individuals with links to Mr Grossman each paid £10,000 into his general election fighting fund.

    Mr Mackintosh has declined to comment on the payments to his association.

    A Conservative Party spokesman said: “We are looking into the matter.”‘

    This is the donor’s record at Companies House.
    9 of the 41 company connections are active. Remainder dissolved or liquidated.

  • Mary

    Turkey Russia jet: Marine killed in pilot rescue bid
    1 hour ago

    ‘A Russian marine has been killed on a helicopter mission to rescue the crew of a jet downed by Turkey near the Syrian border on Tuesday.

    He died when his helicopter came under fire from rebels in northern Syria, where the plane crashed.

    Rebel fire from the ground killed one of the jet’s two crew members after they ejected.

    The head of Nato said it stood in solidarity with Turkey as the Kremlin warned of “serious consequences”.’


  • Mary

    Have you heard of Newton’s Third Law?

    ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’

  • Pan


    Disgraceful selective censorship – HERE of all places!

    Very discouraging.

    Is Craig paying any attention to this?

    Has someone got him in an armlock?

    Mods doing a crap job in more than one way, IMHO.

  • Pan

    From a previous post (I’m still trying to catch up!).

    From hard-working, much-disparaged Mary (about whom I know nothing, other than she has a dry wit, is defatiguable, and all that despite apparently suffering from poor health).

    “It’s like a quadrille here. We, the genuine commenters, leave items of information and comment. Then there is a delay and, after that, the trolls come in to rubbish what we have said and disparage us. Then the process is repeated. That is all they can do over and over.”

    I looked up “quadrille”:

    “A card-game played by four persons with forty cards, the eights, nines, and tens of the ordinary pack being discarded.”

    That’s why I love language – sometimes just one single word can SAY so much.

  • Pan

    ” … sometimes just one single word can SAY so much.”

    To which I should have added, “when used creatively and figuratively”.

  • Habbabkuk ( combat cant))

    Node (01h59)

    “I request that either my comments are re-instated or the relevant ones of Anon1 are deleted. Anything less and you are surrendering the blog to bigots.”


    It’s been delicious watching you whine.

    Not that you are being serious, you’re just getting at Craig and his moderators – it’s the Macky and Ben “Bull-dyke” Outraged technique.

    How do I know this? Because while you accuse others of bigotry it would be difficult to find a bigger bigot than you.

    Your only saving grace is that you don’t post very often. Thank you for that and please keep it up.

    On the respective merits of the two jokes: Anon’s was based on historical fact and truth (Arab suicide bombers), yours on classical anti-Jew talk (50p piece, Jews are tight).

    Conclusion – get lost, loser.

  • Anon1

    Do stop whinging Node. I’ve had posts deleted as well. Some of my best in fact.

    Perhaps the at or removed your joke because it just wasn’t funny?

  • Mary

    Cheers Pan! 🙂 and thanks.


    I also support OUR NHS in which I worked and to which I owe my life. In August I was told that I was completely clear of the thyroid cancer thanks to the surgery and then intensive radiotherapy treatment. I am strong again – just have some breathing difficulties as I lost a vocal cord so cannot maintain a lungful of air. My voice is very strange!

    I am here because I support Craig’s stand against injustice.

  • fedup

    I strongly request that whoever deleted my comments explain why it is apparently OK to make sick inflammatory jokes about Muslims but not about Jews. I posted the Muslim ‘joke and the Jewish version side by side in the same comment. The context was clear – the jewish joke cannot be declared offensive without conceding that the initial Muslim joke was equally offensive. If I had returned to find all traces of BOTH ‘jokes’ deleted that would have been fair enough, I’d made my point. But whoever deleted one and not the other is guilty of selective censorship. They are effectively proclaiming that this blog favours (for what ever reason) Jews over Muslims.

    Node this has been an ongoing theme and an underlying unwritten rule of this place. There is a preferential and favourable treatment for the racist scum such as anon, jemand, kempe, villager, ….. et al. These wasters of foods and resources somehow can get on with their clearly racist conduct comfortable in the knowledge that they will be protected and their opponents will be admonished/censored.

    A while back there was even a suggestion for the blog to stop debating zionistan and Mary was told by Jon if she would stop posting her attacks on zionistan!!!!!!

    The standards of moderation are frankly comical!!! as seen in the latest;

    The Religion of Peace continued to shower the world with peace and love yesterday:

    ☆12 dead in a suicide bus bombing in Tunisia.

    ☆7 dead in multiple suicide attacks against hotels in Egypt.

    The obvious hostility towards Islam stems from the fact that it can be an organising force, which as we all know any organised opposition to zionist supremacists is verboten hence the constant stream of attacks on Islam.

    As an aside everyone check out the anti Jewish propaganda of the third reich and compare those to the current anti Muslim propaganda that is going unchallenged and is widely tolerated.

  • Pan

    25 Nov, 2015 – 9:07 am

    “The troll’s problem with me is that I support Palestine.”

    Palestine needs all the support it can get, considering the dark forces working against it.

    “Now I just think [Habbakuk] is pathetic.”

    Doesn’t everyone?

    “I am strong again”

    Very glad to hear it.

    “My voice is very strange!”

    But it rings out loud and clear in writing – on the side of truth.

    “I am here because I support Craig’s stand against injustice.”


    All the best.

  • Michael Mazur

    Putin is being provoked, but he’s better than the lot of them put together.

    No ww3 here.

    What’s behind the infantile behaviour of Erdogan, Obama, and Hollande, is that they are peeved at being shown up to the whole world by Putin the Statesman as the dangerous buffoons they really are in conducting aggressive war against an Syrian innocent people these near 5yrs.

    He’s shown everyone in a mere two months that ISIS is now almost destroyed, exposing that ISIS is the west’s creation.

    The bombing on board the Russian Flt 9268 on 31/10 was of the same character as the shooting down by Turkey of the Russian fighter bomber yesterday.

    Yes, Obama, Erdogan, Hollande, and Netanyahu, are very annoyed at Putin’s runaway success in Syria, and are frantically trying to stop him completing the task with these distractions – which cost lives, I hasten to add, because he already has invitations from Iraq and Afghanistan to clean up their countries, and they don’t want him proceeding to either, probably Iraq, next.

  • Mary

    Support for Palestine on the other side of the world too.

    SodaStream target of Palestine Human Rights group in NZ
    November 25 2015

    There is a long standing campaign against SodaStream. Scarlet Johannson was procured as their poster girl. Probably harmed her image.

    Scarlett Johansson: I have no regrets over ad for West Bank drinks company SodaStream
    Despite row with Oxfam, star is ‘not swayed’ by condemnation over drinks plant on West Bank in Israel

    ‘SodaStream is headquartered in Lod, Israel[8] and has 13 production plants; its principal manufacturing facility was located in Mishor Adumim in the West Bank, creating controversy and a boycott campaign.[9][10][11] In April 2015 the company acknowledged that it is now beginning to label those products as “made in the West Bank” rather than subsuming those production sites under the label “made in Israel.”[12]

    In October 2014, SodaStream announced its 2014 revenue and profit had declined significantly.’ LOL

    Much more detail on the transgressions and on the boycott.

  • Tony M

    [ Mod: Caught in spamfilter, timestamp updated ]

    As Turkey is violating Greek airspace regularly with impunity, to the annoyance of Greece, and Turkey/NATO know a significant part of the Greek debt is for exorbitant rate borrowing for purchase of military hardware, including aircraft and anti-air equipment, purchased from France and Germany. Surely if diplomatic efforts have failed to stop this, Greece effectively and many would think rightly, could intercept and hinder these disturbing incursions? Or would that be committing natocide?

    I think very dangerous the complexity of the UN SC wording, and some interpreting it to mean it is open-season, for anyone other than Russia, Syria and Iraq to go bombing anywhere and anything in Syria and the surrounding area. Those stealing the oil, in vast operations of tankers and ad-hoc pipelines are stealing partly from the Syrian government, but mostly, stealing from from the Syrian people. Turkey, like Britain, nothing more than a catspaw for the US-dominated NATO, doing the dirty, bloody work for the repellant US regime and its more terrifying deep-state elements, door-mat snivelling client-states laying down their good sense and name for the race hate and the greed of the Zionist elite. Russia and Syria seem to have been happy enough with the French show of malice and revenge against monsters partly of its own creation, its not clear if their action was helpful in sending US-mercenary gang ISIS into a tail-spin or had their own narrower objectives, either ways Arabs are dying, their homes, towns, whole society destroyed, Israel is happy too, but its demographic timebomb ticks on and cannot be defused.

    Take on all that’s been said about, historic shifting of the Border, the larger area still recognisably once part of League of Nations mandated Syria. That the Turkish idea of their airspace incorporates a completely unilateral, bogus, exclusion-zone of their own imagination. At the Saker link above, and here, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, say ‘objective’ radar data show the Russian pilot’s plane did not enter Turkish airspace, can the CNN (that well known purveyor of poop) snapshot also be called objective, might better evidence become available with time? It is axiomatic too that the Turkish fighter jets MUST be violating Syrian airspace constantly in their supporting role to centre-stage pep-pilled prima donna ISIS the Terrible.

  • Fredi

    Regarding moderation is it acceptable to point out that our unrepresentative neo colonial ‘rulers’ appear to be conducting a western foreign policy of somehow supporting both Zionist supremacy and Wahhabi expansionism simultaneously.

    Whilst imperiling their own nations security and economic stability to do so.

  • Andy

    Suddenly, the team that see Antisemitism everywhere are blind to the hypocrisy of the moderators actions. I recall habba constantly vilifying the mods at various times over the last few years but now he seems to be an uncritical observer, despite the clear evidence of double standards. Well done Anode1, if there was ever any doubt about the duplicity of habba and his team, you just removed it comprehensively.

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