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There is a very extraordinary meme which Blairites keep raising in the Commons debate, that it is “abusive” or “undemocratic” for Labour MPs to face deselection by their members.

In the SNP, there is never any automatic reselection for anybody. You are selected for one term and have to be renominated for another term, where you can be opposed. Indeed deselection happens quite often in the SNP without drawing any comment at all. If the members aren’t happy with your performance, they will get in someone else.

It is remarkable that Labour MPs feel that they should have a job for life, whether the constituency members are happy with your performance or not. If Labour party members decide they do not want an extreme right winger like Stella Creasy or John Mann to represent them, why is it “undemocratic” to get rid of them at the end of the term for which they are elected? Individuals do not own the party, and nobody is stopping them from running as independent candidates or joining the Conservative Party.

This goes to the heart of the Blairite cause. It is apparently not “undemocratic” for them to take legal advice on whether they can keep Jeremy Corbyn’s name off the ballot in a future membership ballot. It is not “undemocratic” to discuss deselecting the Leader, but it is a heinous offence against democracy to consider deselecting an MP. The odious Blairites are the most self-centred, selfish and indeed sociopathic group ever to have a serious presence in the UK parliament.

228 thoughts on “Deselection is Essential to Democracy

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  • Tony_0pmoc

    Phillip Harmond Live on TV – The Most Smarmy Performance Of Blair Since Blair…

    So That is Why They Killed Robin Cook amongst many others…

    Your Words Philip Anthony Hammond do not conform to the truth contained in the EVIDENCE. They merely conform to your Political Agenda.

    Shouldn’t You Be Telling Parliament The Truth instead…

    or is it more than your jobsworth.

    We ain’t dead yet.

    You are Lying..and We Know you are Lying.

    You know you are lying too – but can’t stand to be sacked and all your dirty linen aired in public…

    Add another one to the list.


  • RobG

    I’ve always disliked the term ‘sheeple’, but watching the Commons now voting I would say that our present MPs aren’t fit for purpose.

    But let’s see how they vote…

  • RobG

    25 years ago I had the chance to stand as an MP.

    I turned that chance down, and lived a very different life.

    I now regret that. I would have given anything today to stand up in Parliament and tell these spineless jellyfish how it is.

    Je ne regret rien, and all that…

  • Alcyone

    RobG (no relative of the truly funny AliG):

    ” military intervention in Syria will bring the West into direct confrontation with Russia.”
    Stop fanning the flames and fanning the insecurities of people re Russia a la The Cold War. The Russians are Coming!

    Grow up!

  • Chris Jones

    MP’s must, on the whole, be utterly unaware of the fascist regime sitting right in front of them in that House of Commons. It’s as if they are brainwashed and unable to realise what is going on in the real world. Not one MP pointed out that Isis is created and funded by the US, Britain,Israel and Nato and not one single MP pointed out that the most of the MP’s in the cabinet are bought and paid for by Zionist Rothchild psychopaths and that they are more than ready to do their bidding for them in order to do the bidding of their banking masters who want to rid Assad and create more chaos and murder in Syria, not less. Tavistock and its friends have indeed done a great job of lobotomising our useful idiot political representatives

  • Laguerre

    I’ve been thinking about the ME problem recently (as an arabist, I’m allowed to). Some months ago, I was wondering whether the Saudi programme of construction of mosques worldwide, with Wahhabi imams, was not at the heart of the problem. My students have been coming up with examples from Africa to China. Since then, the thought has been pretty much confirmed. We now discover that in Brussels, in 1976 Belgium authorised Saudi Arabia to construct the central mosque and fund the staff. Yet now we’re surprised that Molenbeek is full of jihadis, precisely the same kind of people as the Ikhwan who conquered Arabia for the Saudis in the 1920s.

  • Mary

    While they mess around through the lobbies, I was thinking what happened to Mr Yvette Cooper. His type always find a niche.

    Apart from his HoC £88k golden goodbye,

    he has found one at Kings College. So he will be living in the Cooper second home paid for by us.

    There was talk he was going to Harvard.

    The pair of troughers flipped their second home THREE times, reported in 2009. In 2012, they were still at it.

    ‘Cabinet husband and wife cash in on two homes loophole
    12 April 2012|
    Cabinet husband-and-wife team Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper have been accused of exploiting Commons expenses rules to buy a £655,000 home and get their children into a top state school.

    The pair, who were both promoted by Gordon Brown, have registered their four-bedroom North London house as a ‘second home’ under parliamentary rules, which entitles them to allowances of up to £44,000 a year to subsidise their £438,000 mortgage.


    Ayes 397 Noes 223

    A depressing end to the day.

  • Alcyone

    Tony Opmoc:

    ” I skipped the final course – cos I saw what it did to my colleague. ”

    ” I wanted a girl to love..who would love me just the same and one day – maybe we will make babies together.”
    Very ‘cool’ post Tony. Good for you and keep it up!

    All the best!!

    Humanity (and relationships is what it’s all about.

  • writeon

    This whole thing is terribly depressing. I think Corbyn is way out of his depth with this job he’s taken on. In a different world, he might be frontbench material, but not in this one. His moves are unfathomable. By all means talk about democratic principles, but in the rough, harsh world of Westminster politics, to allow Labour to have a free vote, when the Tories are not, is to unbalance the whole parliamentary scale in Cameron’s favour. It’s ridiculous.

    Then there’s the entire issue of the legality of what MPs are voting on. They are, I would argue, facilitating an act of armed aggression against Syria and thrashing international law by legitimizing an attack on the territory of a sovereign state. The UN resolution does not sanction an attack on Syria, a unilateral action by the UK. The resolution states that any measures taken against Syria should be in compliance with international law and the UN Charter. Attacking Syria breaks the cornerstone of international law, that states are sovereign and one can’t just attack them when one feels like it.

  • Alcyone

    Tony, you’re not falling for our resident Joker, RobG’s line are you?

    Please don’t disappoint me!

  • Habbbabkuk (scourge of the Original Trolls)


    “Benn talking himself into a frenzy. Talking himself out of a job”


    On the contrary, Ken.

    He is trying to talk himself into a job – that of the next leader of the Labour Party……

  • Laguerre

    By the way, the Saudis were obliged to exterminate the Ikhwan in 1930. I would imagine the same will happen with Da’ish. The question is whether this is the real objective of the British government, or isn’t it more regime change, as Ash Carter says outright. Regime change means war with Russia. Is that what we want?

  • Dave

    The only gripe I have with calling Labour’s right-wing shits ‘Blairites’ is that I think ‘Thatcherites’ is much nearer the mark and far more appropriate.

  • Habbbabkuk (scourge of the Original Trolls)

    Benn |Junior may yet succeed where his father failed.

  • Hieroglyph

    Hague discussing boots on the ground, and map redrawing. Guy’s a total psycho. Odd that he resigned from the Forn Sec. role, wasn’t it? Can’t imagine why.

    Well, 223 isn’t too bad. Shows some life exists in parliament that isn’t pond life.

  • Habbbabkuk (scourge of the Original Trolls)


    “Je ne regret rien”


    Careful with your spelling there, mon cher ami, you’ll have Lysias on your back if you don’t watch out.

  • RobG

    Alcyone, you now seem delighted that the RAF will be killing innocent people in Syria as well as Iraq. You now seem delighted that we are going into a direct war with Russia.

    I’m glad it was a free vote, because everyone of these feckers can be identified for what they voted for.

    Maybe you can explain why a handful of dilapidated RAF planes are now going to be bombing in Syria, as well as Iraq, and why Washington, and its poodle Britain, want to play nuclear chicken with Russia?

    I know what’s next: ‘boots on the ground’.

    America has been pouring ground troops into the Syria conflict ever since the Russians intervened at the end of September.

    You people are complete, total and utter fecking psychos.

  • BrianFujisan


    Ayes 397 Noes 223

    A depressing end to the day.

    STILL ILLEGAL… Cameron’s 4th war crime.. Sickening…

    Fuck this – I hereby declare Scotland An Independent Nation.. Be rid of the war Mongering Bastards

    Cameron gets to play with his planes

    Bits of Children, amid the Flames.

  • Alcyone

    Habby I hope you’re wrong about Benn Jr who imho simply hasn’t the charisma. If it happens, it’ll be a shame that his dad will not be around to approve.

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