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The Times today carries an article on ISIS’ oil interests, Syria and Turkey. Nowhere does it inform its readers that the owner of the newspaper, Rupert Murdoch, has a vested interest in this subject through his role and shares in Genie Energy, an Israeli company granted oil rights in Syria by the Israeli government. Dick Cheney and Lord Rothschild are also shareholders.

No, they really are. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is a conspiracy.

That Israel should grant oil rights within Syria is of course a striking example of contempt for international law, but then that is the basis on which Israel normally operates. Of course Genie’s share value will be substantially boosted by the installation of a neo-con puppet regime in Damascus which can be bought to underwrite the oil concession granted by Israel. Contempt for international law has been the single most important defining characteristic of neo-conservatism, and the need to uphold international law the recurring theme of this blog. I never thought the UK government would make the withdrawal of its support for the concept of international law explicit, as Cameron has done by removing the obligation to comply with international law from the Ministerial Code. That is truly, truly disgraceful.

But to return to Murdoch’s oil interests in Syria, it seems to me a fundamental flaw that when Fox News, Sky News, the Times, the Sun and Murdoch’s numerous other media outlets bang the drum for Western military action in Syria, there is no requirement for the consumer of this propaganda to be told that the outlet is pushing a policy in line with the financial interests of its owner. Even for those actively seeking information, there is no register of the interests of media proprietors.

It is a wonderful irony that there is a register of the interests of the board members of the Independent Press Standards Organisation, but no register of the interests of media proprietors!

This is not an accident. The Leveson Inquiry did receive evidence and questioned a witness – Dr Rowan Cruft of the University of Stirling – who suggested that a proprietor’s financial interest in a story should be revealed. Robert Jay, QC to the counsel asked:

Robert Jay

This is on your page 8, our page 00885. You say:
“First of all, the code could do more to require proprietors, editors and journalist to declare their financial and also their political interests and to declare these to readers as well as editors.”
I don’t think the code does anything to require proprietors, editors and journalist to do that.

Dr Rowan Cruft
That’s right.

Robert Jay QC goes on first to suggest any duty to declare financial interests should only apply to specifically financial journalists. He then moves quickly on to discuss the implications of declaring political interests of proprietors. Robert Jay QC is a clever man and he managed to avoid any discussion of the financial interests of proprietors whatsoever. Shortly after the Inquiry concluded, he was promoted by the Government to be a High Court Judge.

The Leveson Inquiry totally ignored the real rot in Britain’s media – the massive concentration of media ownership and its subservience to other corporate interests. The revised Code of Conduct which was its result does not contain any reference to proprietors’ interests even in the very limited context of writing about stocks and shares. A financial journalist has a duty to declare any interest which he or his family have in a company he writes about, but no duty to declare any interest of his proprietor – the person who is paying him to write.

If you think this is an accident, you are extremely naïve. It is just a tiny glimpse into one aspect of the UK’s extraordinarily dense web of elite corruption,

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155 thoughts on “No Brake and No Disclosure on Media Owners’ Interests

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  • Tony_0pmoc

    I have no solutions to all the problems we Face on this Planet Earth…except one.

    Just Tell The Truth as Honestly as You Can…

    And Use The LAW..we wrote it over the last few thousand years or so.

    We have got to be brave and Prosecute The OBVIOUS War Criminals….

    In The UK…We can’t do better to at least get some smidgen of Justice Back by Starting with


    How Do You Plead?


  • glenn_uk

    Nice one Tony, particularly on that Hawkwind video.

    You mentioned a GS750 – I was going to buy one back in the day, but the fellow about to sell it to me had a chase with the filth and wrecked it!

    You’re absolutely right on about so much stuff mate. Keep it up!

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Here mate can you hire another Hawkwind Band For The Bataclan – Sorry Hammersmith Apollo..communication cut (bits flying everywhere)…do the fcking O2…oh where she is playing..whty’s her name

    Adele…No we can’t do it there. People would notice (the bangs and stuff)..Well they didn’t in Paris did they?…well only a bit.

    I thought it wise not to mention Boston and Woolwich for replacement venues.


  • Tony_0pmoc

    When I was 7 Years old..I had My First Holy Communion – Corpus Christi – Oldham…I was told I was receiving The Body and Blood of Christ – and I just completely believed it…So all us boys and girls queued up to Receive The Host on Our Tongue…and we mustn’t touch it in our mouths or we will go to hell for all eternity..and so I did…maybe it got stuck in my teeth…but I did touch it with my fingers..I did swallow it…

    We all had a bit of a party afterwards to celebrate our First Holy Communions…but I realised I had actually committed a mortal sin…I had touched the host…and I knew I was going to hell..and it was such an awful sin that I couldn’t confess it to the priest or even tell my mum

    So I had to live with this hell going through my head for all these years..

    And then I really discovered girls…

    Go Fuck Yourselves You Religious Lunatics.

    I am 15 Years Old and I Have RESIGNED from The Catholic Religion.




  • Tony_0pmoc


    The guy who was featured in some financial bollocks on The Daily Telegraph…

    Well, I was a little bit older than him, and I wanted a new Suzuki GS750..but first I took him for a ride in my Honda 550 4

    It was down Wenlock Way right outside ICL where we were working..In fact the trade in bikes…well it was like a biker family thing and we occasionally did these computers and stuff

    I am almost certain that Max also bought my GS750 and my BSA 650 Goldstar £85..He said it was for his mate.

    I saw My Motorcycle Tarted Up on Sale For £1,750 a few years later but I paid £35 for it.

    Registration number 666 ALE – I even tried to sell the plate..all I got was £85 from my Mate…but that’s O.K.

    I knew Max would be a star. He had such charm and talent and he’s completely honest. He has nothing to hide.


  • Ken2

    Rothschild, Murdoch and Heyward et al are involved in an Oil company with interest in the, illegally occupied, Golan Heights. The shares have fallen from £7.20 to £2.20 because of the slump in Oil price. Investers have been ripped off. Heyward ex head of BP, the worst company in economic history, The Russian were going to put Heyward in jail for fraud?, because of deals with BP and Russian national Oil company. He had to flee Russia.

    Heyward just received an Honorary Technology Degree from RGU. An absolute disgrace. An insult after the workers who have been killed and environmental damage BP has caused, breaking Health & Safety Laws. RGU should have it’s funding cut or be censored. Scottish taxpayers are funding that disgraceful decision.

    Thousands of workers are losing their jobs in the Oil sector and supply chain. Not because of the fall in Oil price but because of UK tax. The Oil sector is taxed at 75% by Osbourne. Oil is not being produced because of the illegally high tax. Osbourne raised it 11% (£2Billion) – to 81% in the 2011 Budget. The producers stopped exploration because of the increase in tax. Osbourne has taken it down 5% .

    The Tories did it deliberately to try and stop Scotland voting for Independence. Thousands of peope have lost their jobs. The Tories are devasting the Scottish economy.for spite and because people voted NO. More Oil & Gas has to be imported putting up the balance of payments and putting up the debt. There is no funding or investment in Renewables or CCS. The Tories have cut it.

    Most of them should be in jail, because of the illegal wars and the damage to the world economy they are causing. Killing vulnerable people and starving them to death. The Tory support is now at rock bottom and falling, as the Oldham result shows it. The Tories might have won the vote but lost the battle. No one wanted more illegal wars, killing people at home and abroad. More unemployment, more people join the Army for economic reasons.

    The Tories have miscalculated, the Blairites are finished, they sided with the Tories. With a better opposition, the Tories could be defeated. Most of them should be in jail. Austerity and illegal wars could be stopped, where the vulnerable are killed and starved.

    The Chilcot Report has taken 7 years.

  • giyane

    talking of political slogans, I ask myself at 6 o clock every morning why I would go to pray in the mosque where the imams preach Qur’an and practise the opposite. What is the opposite? 1/ A nasty form of inverted racism, believing they are instinctively better than the indigenous population, 2/ constant seeking worldly prosperity in their prayers 3/ spying on the privacy of Muslims and publicising their findings in the community, which is specifically forbidden in the Qur’an, 4/lying, viz denying that they have any involvement in the political war in Syria while 5/ occupying comfortable armchairs ( politically and metaphorically speaking ) up the backsides of both Blairite and Thatcherite UK political parties ( maybe LibDems too )

    Slogans, please can anyone explain to me how true adherence to market forces, the religion of the Thatcherites, converts into illegal invasion and theft of sovereign countries wealth and assets aka oil theft in Libya, Africa South America, and now Iraq and Syria. What are market forces except a clean sounding slogan for same old, same old violent colonial Viking rape and pillage on an industrial scale never seen before?

  • giyane


    “I have resigned from the Roman Catholic religion, permanently” at 15. God gave us brains and it is best to use them when they are fresh and young. Well done done.

    As to motorbikes, I had a BSA Bantam with a spring style seat, one year older than myself at 1953. I couldn’t afford to run it so sold it to a friend. Maybe now worth £5000 ?

    I remember an old Punch cartoon between 2 insurance salesmen “You win some, you lose some. What kind of sales talk is that? ” The reality is that the loss and rejection of old indoctrinated garbage from our upbringing is a far greater human gain than the holding onto beautiful possessions. N’est-ce pas?

  • Mary

    Lysias How do WE know that the husband and wife went to Saudi Arabia? That is what the FBI were putting out. Their smooth solicitor popped out of the woodwork quickly didn’t he.

    The rifling through their home was disgusting. That was facilitated too.

    San Bernardino and the Monopoly Media
    by Eoin Higgins / December 5th, 2015

    On December 4, the owner of the home that the alleged — alleged, innocent until guilt is proven is still the law — San Bernardino attackers, Syed Farook and his wife, was opened to the media. The scene was pandemonium as a swarm of reporters, cameramen, and members of the public ransacked the home.

    MSNBC reporter Kerry Sanders was tracked by a live shot though the Redlands home, rifling through photographs and documents on live television. MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell showed some discomfort as Sanders found pictures of children and showed them to the cable channel’s audience, but the channel kept broadcasting anyway.

    In possibly the most egregious violation of privacy in this circus of shit journalism, Sanders found the driver’s license of the mother of the male shooter and held it up to the camera for over thirty seconds. Stay tuned for the inevitable vandalism/attacks/harassment of the gunman’s family as a direct result of that action.


  • giyane

    John S Warren:

    “I might speculate that there is a good reason for such ‘constructive’ or deliberate ambiguity”

    Indeed you might. You might speculate that the reason for the ambiguity is that the whole Islamic State operation has been devised, set up, sponsored and permitted to survive by a coalition of non-Muslim predatory nations, US UK Israel, and subjugated Muslim nations, Turkey Kurdistan,Jordan Saudi Arabia and Qatar, not to mention Libya Pakistan and Chechnya.

    I the wording had been more precise , some wag like Malaysia, might have called for the bombing of Tel Aviv, Washington London Paris Ankara etc etc, who are the head of the snake in a mission to steal oil from Syria under the cover of gruesome and weird un -Islamic behaviour.

    I’m ready if you are.

  • giyane

    As Craig utterly correctly points out, the anonymity of the sponsors of terror is quintessential to the purposes of the neo-cons, not just in the MSMedia, “but no duty to declare any interest of his proprietor – the person who is paying him to write.” but also in the very institutions of global dominance, UN, NATO etc

  • Mary

    The Guardian are upping the ante on the Leytonstone incident. Full welly mode.

    Police investigate London tube stabbing as terrorist incident
    Attacker who reportedly said he was reacting to Syria intervention is arrested after severely wounding man and injuring two others at Leytonstone station

    ‘Since the Paris attacks just over three weeks ago there has been concern about how long it would take British police, who are usually unarmed, to reach and subdue a terrorist attacker.

    Counter-terrorism detectives were expected to trace the suspect’s address and search it. They will have special interest in any computers or phones for evidence of whom the suspect had been in contact with and what websites they had been viewing, as they look for any signs of radicalisation. They will be looking for any signs the suspect was not acting alone. The video footage of the attack will also be important evidence for investigators.

    The prime minister, David Cameron, has said that seven plots against the UK have been foiled in the last year. At least one of those is alleged to have involved plans to use a knife to cause casualties.

    If Scotland Yard counter-terrorism command’s suspicions about the attack at Leytonstone are confirmed, it would be the first violent jihadi attack on Britain’s streets since May 2013, when a soldier, Lee Rigby, was murdered outside a London barracks by two terrorists who hacked at his neck and repeatedly stabbed him.’

    Vikram Dodd’s recent output

    Published: 4 Dec 2015
    Paris attacker travelled to UK to meet terror suspects

    Published: 2 Dec 2015
    Murder inquiry launched after teenager stabbed to death in north London

    Published: 2 Dec 2015
    Four men arrested in Luton on suspicion of terrorism offences

  • giyane

    When people ask how previous colonial situations, like the African slave trade could have occurred under the noses of a Christian European population that believed in the equality of all humanity, the answer surely lies here, in the legal wordings and international statutes of nations. We the people are not consulted while major dispossession of human rights and theft of resources are carried out under our communication-rich noses.

    We are due for another Reformation. Nothing less than the tearing down of the buildings of the incumbent power, once the monasteries, now international capitalism, will suffice. Fancy being kettled all day in a London space with no toilets for even suggesting the idea?

  • Pan

    5 Dec, 2015 – 11:00 pm

    “Of course it’s a conspiracy theory. People need to be made to realize that conspiracy theories can be true. To believe otherwise is to accede to the psyops of the CIA”

    The ‘psyop’ to which you refer has a name – “CIA document 1035-960 – Countering Criticism of the Warren Report”.

    An internet search ( ) will pull up a ‘pdf’ download link.

    I believe that people who are already aware of the true origin and purpose of the term “conspiracy theory” should simply STOP USING IT!

    A suitable alternative phrase is “conspiracy analysis”.


    Unfortunately, there are still multitudes who live in Fairyland, where groups of powerful people never get together behind closed doors to discuss how they shall go about furthering their common interests, legality and morality be hanged!

  • giyane

    Do the imams of Asian mosques who send jihadis to Syria to fight the Syrian Muslims not know that the Muslim African slaves of the black Slave trade were reportedly enslaved by Muslim Arabs? Yes they know, but they don’t care.

  • Pan

    Incidentally, it is useful to be able to cite the official “9/11 Commission Report” when confronted by blowhards who wish to portray “9/11 conspiracy theorists” as nutters…

    Page 88 – “The operational leader of the 9/11 conspiracy, Mohamed Atta…”

    Page 128 – “On November 4, 1998, the U.S.
    Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York unsealed its indictment
    of Bin Ladin, charging him with conspiracy to attack U.S. defense installations.”

    Page 160 – “…Mohamed Atta, Ramzi Binalshibh, Marwan al Shehhi, and Ziad Jarrah would
    all become key players in the 9/11 conspiracy.”

    Page 172 – “After the Hamburg recruits joined the 9/11 conspiracy…”

    Page 215 – “KSM says that though he told others involved in the conspiracy to stay away
    from mosques…”

    and so on, and so on…

  • Pan

    In other words, the fact that 9/11 was a conspiracy is NOT under question.

    The real question, currently left unanswered to everyone’s satisfaction is “WHO conspired?”.

  • Tony M

    More than slightly OT.

    I remain convinced CCS or carbon capture and storage is fraudulent, based not on science, but on the abandonment of all scientific principle and reason. A complete ignorance of the process of combustion, that Victorian-era physicists, practical steam power engineers, even more ancient quasi-scientific minds would rightly collapse in laughter and scoff at. A potato up the exhaust pipe, a blocked chimney.

    It seems to be some sort of test for politicians, commentators and public, that if they’re capable of believing such an idea is even theoretically possible exept in rarefied conditions, much less practical, they can be safely dismissed as not at all scientifically minded, or possibly even half-wits. Without consideration of forced induction, i.e. supercharging, requiring energy inputs, or forced exhaust, requiring more energy inputs, then more yet energy input along the hundreds of miles of huge-bore pipes, to pressurise and tranport the waste gases along. One CCS equipped coal-fired power station, might require an additional two more non-CCS stations, or other power sources to power the one CCS one.


    a useless, wasteful, or impractical project — especially one authorized by a government agency as a favor to partisans, to employ unemployed people, or in return for corrupt payments.

  • fwl

    So just to be clear is Genie concerned only with those parts of the Golan Heights occupied by Israel since the 80s? In which it might be compared to Russia deciding to sell rights in Crimea ie controversial but not in itself indicative of an intention to expand further into Syria.

  • Pan


    Someone here recently asked if there exists an “etymology of idioms” reference book.

    The following is probably the closest thing:

    Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (currently in its 19th Edition).

  • Ken2

    US Law is different. They make facts about the case public knowledge – total disclosure. In order to get any relevant witnesses or evidence to come forward. They discloses much more evidence before trial, for evidence gathering purposes. In the UK evidence can be withheld to protect the accused (so called) rights to a free trial. Trial can be fixed anyway by the corrupt Police and the Official Secrets Sct.

    More Americans are killed by TV’s falling than ‘terrorists’ attacks. 26,000 Americans kill each other every year (gun crimes) + police attacks + accidents + suicides. More Americans kill each other every year, than in any ‘terrorist’ attack. The US Gov is paronoid and whips up ‘terrorist’ frenzy as a form of State control aided by the compliant and corrupt Press.

    The house invasion comply’s with US Law. Ooen evidence. US rights.

  • Tony M

    International capitalism must in time collapse from its own internal contradictions. We are not going to be content merely to choose the wallpaper of our prison colony cells.

    Giyane I’d love to hear from you an analysis of events in the middle-east and wider world, shorn of every last trace or reference to religion. I’m not suggesting 7th Century ideas and thinking aren’t still disturbingly relevant and powerful in the region, or whether that condition can ever be cured, or that any alternative would necessarily be better at this time. I’m suggesting though it’s a dreadful handicap to the people of the region ever unitedly challenging the anullment of their human rights, taking of their lives and expropriation of their common assets. It’s a heavy and ready to hand stick to beat them with.

    I’m arguing too that race is non-existent, Arabic people are a fusion of African, European and Asian peoples over millenial time scales. As we all are similar mongrels of sorts.

    What do the common people of the Arab world, not the princes and priests want people who respect their common bond of humanity with them, around the world, to do or say on their behalf, at this time of sorrow and trial? You are at liberty of course to decline, as I am to wonder if you are the right or best qualified to be asked such a question, to speak for them?

  • Tony M

    re: ‘etymology of idioms’ reference book.

    “Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (currently in its 19th Edition).”

    Thanks Pan, it was me, I’ll try to look out for a copy. Sounds intriguing.

  • Mary

    Friends of P Charles, P Andrew, Cameron, Fallon, Hammond et al.

    A Sri Lankan housemaid is soon to be stoned to death, as the world turns a blind eye. In the coming days, a Sri Lankan woman is to be led to an outdoor pit in Saudi Arabia. Her arms and hands will be tightly bound, her body buried up to her breasts. Saudi men will then surround her and begin to hurl rocks at her head to kill her slowly.


    December 4, 2015

  • Habbbakuk (combat cant)


    “So just to be clear is Genie concerned only with those parts of the Golan Heights occupied by Israel since the 80s? In which it might be compared to Russia deciding to sell rights in Crimea ie controversial but not in itself indicative of an intention to expand further into Syria.”


    Exactly, and that was what I was asking Craig (who wrote “in Syria” and “within Syria”) to clarify.

    He has not done so and nor have any of the usual Eminences and Original Trolls.

    Of course, to mislead – even indvertently – is something only the MSM do, never blogs such as this.

  • Resident Dissident

    “International capitalism must in time collapse from its own internal contradictions.”

    Well at least we know it will not be replaced by the International Marxism that you favour and which collapsed a few years back. Hopefully we will have the sort of mixed social democratic economy so hated by your old comrades.

  • Mary

    The Andrew Marr Show

    Lovely little collection this morning. They are reviewing the papers at the moment and guess what the subject is …..terrorism here and in San Bernardino. Silva is particularly odious.

    Andrew Marr is joined by Iain Duncan Smith and Tristram Hunt and actors David Morrissey and Toby Jones.

    Polly Toynbee of the Guardian, Rohan Silva, businessman and former adviser to George Osborne, and Deborah Haynes, defence editor of The Times, review the papers.

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