Zionist Benn’s Grab For Power 191

Hilary Benn is very serious about his power grab and has been laying the ground for it very carefully. On 18 November BICOM – the British Israeli Communications and Research Centre – published this:

Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn told a Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) lunch yesterday that relations with Israel must be based on cooperation and rejected attempts to isolate the country.

Addressing senior party figures in Westminster, Benn praised Israel for its “progressive spirit, vibrant democracy, strong welfare state, thriving free press and independent judiciary.” He also called Israel “an economic giant, a high-tech centre, second only to the United States. A land of innovation and entrepreneurship, venture capital and graduates, private and public enterprise.”

Consequently, said Benn, “Our future relations must be built on cooperation and engagement, not isolation of Israel. We must take on those who seek to delegitimise the state of Israel or question its right to exist.”

It is worth reading the next article BICOM published. Brigadier General Michael Herzog, head of strategy for the Israeli defence Force, sets out a strategy for Israeli interests in Syria which dovetails precisely with what Benn and Cameron were pushing in the Commons. Note that Herzog says an overall diplomatic solution is not realistic and rather de facto partitioning of Syria suits Israel’s interests. Therefore there should be no waiting for diplomatic progress before western military action.

With his abandonment of any pretended concern for the slow and agonising genocide of the Palestinians, and his strident support for Trident, Benn is embracing the Israeli establishment and the British military and political establishment. In return, the Tories roared his speech to the rafters, while the media, and especially the Genie Energy linked media, are boosting him to the Labour leadership.

The United Kingdom has, temporarily, an opposition leadership which is not controlled, Zionist, neo-con and in the pocket of the arms industry. Benn has positioned himself very carefully to offer himself as the vehicle for the entire establishment to move to correct this aberration.

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191 thoughts on “Zionist Benn’s Grab For Power

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  • Andrew Hall

    What struck me about Benn’s speech was his assumption that action against IS means bombing, that not bombing Syria equals no action against IS. In true neocon style, he says there is no alternative. Indeed he speaks as if he genuinely believes there is no alternative to bombs.

    He cares about civilians, he says. Dave sagely nods in agreement. Of course we all do.

    But if we can take out Jihadi John with a missile fired from a drone straight at the car he is climbing into, why can we not do the same to the IS leaders? Why must we absolutely ensure that “doing the right thing” will kill incalculable numbers of innocents?

    Benn makes the coming slaughter sound very reasonable with his cosy talk of fighting fascism, but leaves those who have watched his speech in no doubt that he has joined the ranks of those who have been driven mad by their own beliefs.

  • Tim

    Israel wouldn’t be without the UK in the first place (see: Balfour Declaration), so it makes sense that BritNats would feel anger at those who question its right to exist. Benn appealing to BritNat Zionist types from the Labour bench is an excellent strategy for him: if he takes over from Corbyn, he’d easily be elected PM because Labour & Tory (& possibly UKIP) voters would vote for him.

  • Mary

    I put the JC version of the gathering on the previous thread.


    Notice Yvette Cooper. Mr Cooper aka Ed Balls was on the stage in Trafalgar Square in 2008 when Israel were ‘celebrating’ their 60th Birthday aka al Naqba for the Palestinians. Also there were the CST contingent keeping order and dealing with any protest in lieu of the Met who trained them!

    Thousands salute Israel
    Around 40,000 people are believed to have attended a 50-float parade in Piccadilly followed by a rally in Trafalgar Square on Sunday which included Israeli music and speeches by Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor and Schools Secretary Ed Balls.

    The event, which was accompanied by a celebration in Manchester, also marked Israel’s 60th birthday

  • Lizi Caa

    You have a bee under your bonnet. Suggest you consult psychiatrist as a matter of urgency.

  • Mary

    Here is the start of Benn’s campaign for the leadership.

    Hilary Benn’s speech on Syria could transform Labour
    Martin Kettle

    Thursday 3 December 2015 11.50 GMT Last modified on Thursday 3 December 2015 13.48 GMT

    The shadow foreign secretary’s electrifying speech not only gave Labour MPs permission to vote for extending military action, it also positioned him as a serious leadership challenger


    Wonder what the modification was. I will see if it is on News Sniffer.

  • Mick

    You know, Benn could always have written the speech himself and believes in what he said last night, which in my opinion was a very good and well reasoned speech.

    The idea that only the SNP, and other MPs who voted against, are capable of making principled decisions is ludicrous. Although, unsurprisingly it didn’t take long for some here to link Benn with Israel and therefore make his speech both a coup against Corbyn and part of a Zionist plot.

    It was quite something to see the leader of the HM Opposition completely shown up by his own Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs. Corbyn cut a pretty pathetic figure, slumped beside Benn. Also was it not Mary who waxed lyrical about Tony Benn’s great oratory in the House? It would appear on the basis of last night that the apple didn’t fall from the tree. Also for those criticising Benn, did you all catch Dennis Skinner applauding him from his usual seat? He actually listened to the content rather than jumping up and down about Liebour, Blarite, Zionists etc etc.

    Yesterday was also the first time I found myself in complete agreement with a speech from Nigel Dodds of the DUP. Strange times.

  • RobG

    RE Benn: that’s more or less my take on it, Craig.

    If Labour ‘lose’ today’s Oldham byelection we could be in for a putsch in the PLP.

    It’s quite terrifying just how contrived it all is.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    …a very good and well reasoned speech.

    It was, as impassioned rhetoric goes, a very good speech. But I must have missed the inclusion of reasons for further extending our limited aerial bombardment without any real game plan. I do accept that by “reasoned”, you mean something entirely different from “contains reasons”.

    The reasons appear to be:
    (a) To buy time while we think of something else to do
    (b) To maintain our threadbare status at the UN
    (c) To piss off the Russians
    (d) Also urine-related, to engage in a pissing contest with the French, who are selling Rafales to the Gulf like hot cakes, while Typhoons are barely moving.
    (e) To fuck with that pacifist terrorist supporter Corbyn and lever Hilary in
    (f) Syria’s nearer to Akrotiri than Iraq, hence easier
    (g) To remove the evil despot Assad, who kept the country stable for years
    (h) To ensure the Tories hold on to the faux-patriotic UKIP vote
    (i) To weaken Hizb’ullah and make Lebanon a vassal of Israel
    (j) Oil

    Have I forgotten any? I don’t think so. Didn’t hear them from Hilary, though.

  • Republicofscotland

    Jesus, you get sick hearing about these kowtowing spineless b*stards forever grovelling or kissing Israels arse, as they try and squirm their way up the greasy pole of power, and appeasement.

    Instead of focusing on what’s good for Britain MP’s like Benn and there’s plenty of them, can’t bend over backwards far enough to accommodate their Zionist Neocon masters like Rupert Murdoch or Jacob Rothschild, both, are on the board of Genie Oil.

    As you mentioned Benn’s speech was met with rapture from those who want bomb Syria and the Middle East for that matter back to the stone age, Scotland needs to free itself from Westminster.

  • bevin

    Labour needs to have a thorough and open discussion of the question of Palestine. In particular the fact of Israeli fascism, which is quite open and avowed, needs to be understood: it is this that Benn is praising.
    A very good place to start such a debate is by reading Perry Anderson’s editorial in the current NLR:
    “….The Arafat regime saw the leadership of the uprising as a potential threat and, once installed in the West Bank, disposed of it. The traditional notables were brought back into a power structure built around the Fatah apparatus, parachuted in from Tunis and expanded with the proceeds of collaboration. [2] In the last year before Oslo, when the IDF was still in full military control, the civil administration in the Occupied Territories numbered 27,000, nearly all Palestinian. By the new century the pay-roll of the Palestinian Authority had risen to over 140,000, of whom some 60,000 composed its security empire. Twelve competing repressive apparatuses—gendarmerie, secret police, presidential guard, military intelligence, special forces, coast guards and more—made the West Bank among the most highly policed populations on earth: one agent per sixteen persons. [3] Trained and equipped by the CIA and Jordan, this bloated security complex, in which torture is routine, absorbs a third of the budget, costing more than expenditures on education and health combined. Its sights are trained not on the occupiers, for which it is no match, but on its compatriots.

    Repression is lacquered with cooption. As in all rentier states, patronage—disbursed or denied—is critical to the system, not least within the security empire itself. [4] About a fifth of all households depend for their livelihood on jobs or favours distributed by the regime. Corruption permeates all rungs of the administration, from mega-embezzlement at presidential and ministerial levels to petty shake-downs on the street. According to IMF estimates, between 1995 and 2000 close to $1 billion ended up in the pockets of Arafat and his circle, with direct Israeli collusion. [5] Monopoly contracts and trading privileges were handed out to expatriates, officials taking their cut. Floating on foreign funds, NGOs became self-service ATMs for their managers. Protection rackets and extortion by Fatah gangs are commonplace. [6] The reputation of the judiciary is lower even than that of the police. In villas around Ramallah a layer of bureaucrats and businessmen, enriched by theft or contraband (cement even smuggled from Egypt to help build the Separation Wall for Israel), prospers above a landscape of penniless labourers and unemployed, after Oslo shut out of migrant jobs across the border. By the time of the second Intifada, average incomes in the Occupied Territories had dropped by two-fifths, and the number of the poor had trebled. [7] The rising of 2001, this time with suicide bombings, was an explosion of frustration and despair at what had become of the pretence of an emancipation…..”

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Being an asshole must be a point of pride. Your euro-selective outrage reveals your true character

    Was that for me? Was it because I at no point mentioned our role as buttplug to the USA? Sorry.

  • Curious

    Further to Craig’s previous article:


    I note that the Russian parliament authorised Putin to strike Syria on the 30th September. On the same day the share price of Genie Energy (whom Israel has given permission to illegally drill for oil in occupied Syria) went through the roof.

    But that seems odd to me. If Putin backs Assad, why would this cause shares in an Israeli-American oil company to rocket?

    Has a deal to divide up Syria been reached? Maybe someone can figure this out.

  • Tom Welsh

    One really doesn’t even need to bring Israel into it. The British Parliament has just voted to launch an unprovoked war of aggression against Syria – which, as we know, is the supreme international crime. If, as the Syrians and Russians have pointed out, they had had the decency to ask permission from the Syrian government first, then it would have been a welcome gesture – if little more, in view of the tiny forces involved.

    But the whole policy behind the attack on Syria – the “Assad must go!” campaign – is completely unhinged. (The people behind it are extremely sane, though frighteningly cruel and cynical, but they don’t really care about Assad or the Syrians – just oil, gas, money and power).

    Benn reminds me quite strongly of Maximilien Robespierre. Both heartless, violent prigs, who rose rapidly through power partly because they were not handicapped by any human emotion. It must be said in Robespierre’s favour that he was at least trained as a lawyer, whereas Benn has never done anything remotely useful. (You may plausibly argue that lawyers don’t do anything remotely useful either).

    However Benn ought to think carefully about something Robespierre said, as a result of experiences that Benn has not yet had (and perhaps never will):

    “The most extravagant idea that can be born in the head of a political thinker is to believe that it suffices for people to enter, weapons in hand, among a foreign people and expect to have one’s laws and constitution embraced. It is in the nature of things that the progress of Reason is slow and no one loves armed missionaries; the first lesson of nature and prudence is to repulse them as enemies.

    “One can encourage freedom, never create it by an invading force”.

  • lysias

    Of course the role of Israel has to be mentioned. Washington has wanted to get rid of Assad fils ever since Hezbollah humiliated Israel in 2006.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Have I forgotten any? I don’t think so. Didn’t hear them from Hilary, though.

    (k) To move one step closer to doing the same thing to Iran

  • Ben-Hump the anti-hemp nations.

    Sorry for being vague komo. No I was talking to someone else 🙂

  • Republicofscotland

    According to some radio reports, it took less than an hour for the Tornados and Typhoons to be fired up and sent to Cyprus, where they were soon loaded with Paveway and Brimstone bombs, to be despatched on the women annd children in Syria.

    God I’d love to grab one of those war hawk b*stards by the scruff of the neck and show him or her for that matter, the aftermath of one of those massive explosions, the blood the bone the screaming the desperation of it all.

    But you know what those heartless shits probably wouldn’t know what compassion was, if it jumped up and bit them on the arse.

  • exexpat

    Was Benn senior aware of how awful his son’s politics are? Has junior always been a maniac?

  • exexpat

    Maybe he’s still stuck in a rebellious teen phase? Doing the exact opposite of what dad wanted?

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