The Unionist/Zionist Media Nexus In Action 166

For those of you who believe that we have a diverse media, I present without much comment these tweets between Murdoch, Guardian and Independent television employees. It is interesting that their two less famous sympathisers who are included in these exchanges are both primarily motivated by support for Israel. Simon Myerson’s twitter ID self-describes him as “Ocean_Going Zionist QC”. Tomas Doran’s twitter ID self-describes him as “Friend of the Jews.” Of course Freeman, Daisley and Cohen have all been specifically cited on this blog in the past for their dreadful anti-Palestinian propaganda. All of these people are also fierce opponents of Scottish independence.

It is not the content of the twitter spat that is important – it is the links between these mainstream journos who pretend to represent opposing views, but combine to attack anybody who actually does so.

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166 thoughts on “The Unionist/Zionist Media Nexus In Action

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  • fedup

    Rob you are welcome mate, and enjoy the film and watch it more than once, you will be surprised how much you miss in the fast moving parts with viewing it only once!

  • nevermind, it might be interesting

    Thanks for your kind reply Chris, it is a bane to be surrounded by a system that takes the mickey out of voters.
    Why should we not be able to ask for referenda? how come only the Dutch have this right to make a decision on the rights to accession to the EU, why not the English Scots, Welsh and irish.

    Its an important issues whether we would like to accommodate Ukraine in its current turmoil, a country led by right wing fascists and their puppets, how come this is not an issue in this, oh so European, country? Cameron is towing the US/Nuland line, BBc in tow?

    This whole EU vote show is just a lead into the TTIP scenario. He made out to have tried, but at hard he would like to be inside the EU, with privileged acces and no change whatsoever….

    and also be the first to open the door to TTIP, his love child going by his vocal ejections, just sign up to it as his last clarion call, the time before apprentice Osborne, there must be some lucrative jobs on offer for him.

    Unless the system of appointing Commissioners is rectified and their lobbying activities are curbed, the books passed by an auditor, fat chance…the CAP is reformed, on the 20th anniversary of the first ask for such action, and the rights for national referenda are accepted by all countries, regardless of all other treaties taken above our heads, its pitchforks at dawn, capiche?,,,,;)

  • lysias

    A majority of Irish voters voted against independence in the two parliamentary elections of 1910.

  • RobG

    I said a few posts back: “‘Found under a stone’ does not adequately describe the CIA, who are the biggest criminal and murderous organisation that has ever existed on Earth.”

    I notice the trolls here who are all directly, or indirectly, paid by the CIA are unable to address this.

    Interesting that they are more frightened of me than I am of them.

    I could go into my usual stuff about bringing these vermin to trial, but posters here will probably just boo me down. The public may or may not wake-up.

    But make no mistake, you vermin are all going to be brought to justice.

  • glenn_uk

    RobG: “I apologise if you think I’ve attacked you wrongly.

    Ah, you almost had me there with that non-apology apology.

    “If” I think you’ve attacked me wrongly, indeed. What a miserable excuse for a response. If you dispute the point, say so. If you don’t, say so. This slithering around is such base behaviour.

    Screw you, RobG. I don’t recall you condemning the excesses of Cromwell’s brutality against the Irish (or the Welsh, for that matter). Thus you ought to hang your head in shame as his supporter by default.

    I hope you appreciate your logic being applied faithfully right back at you.

    But why am even talking to you, instead of following Alcyone’s rather wise advice at 21:40 ?

  • glenn_uk

    Chris Rogers: I like reading your posts. Your taking the trouble to make them is much appreciated, by myself at the very least.

  • fwl

    Can anyone explain how do you get a whole paper of journos on message for each and whatever message their supposed to be on?

    Is is lack of security and just enough intelligence to know which side their bread is buttered on?

    Don’t they get drunk, whistle blow, let of steam, blog and tweet the contrary position?

  • Tony M

    Marina was actually a drink, made by Struthers of Lochwinnoch, launched in the seventies, as the new or re-vamped waterside marina in the village of the same name was proudly declared open, selling alongside their Koala Kola and many other flavoured, coloured, sugared fizzy waters that quenched many a throat during those scorching seventies summers. A Cartesian well was involved too. The problem with Marina, though it tasted great, in a not quite pineapple way, was the colour, a thick looking yellow liquid, which looked to all the world like a bottle of piss, and a bottle containing piss, looked rather too much like a bottle of Marina too. It was a time when practical jokes were all the rage, and how we laughed. We found too that motorcycles ran poorly or not at all when it was added to their tanks.

    Rivals included such as Dunn & Moore’s Lemonade, Alpine soft drinks, all flavours delivered to your door by Bedford lorry, and Barr’s strange brews. Garvie’s counted as foreign as found mainly or only in its native north of Glasgow strongholds and was quite out of the ordinary except in those parts. The Coca-Cola and Pepsi mafia too were limbering up in the shadows, but yet to make much inroads.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    21/02/16 11:41pm

    Thanks, very interesting and much obliged to you, I shall read carefully – might prove very useful.

    Kind regards,


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