Why I Love Scotland – and Despair of my Once-Loved England 159

In general I deplore violence. But I do know that if a braying Etonian bully wandered round this country telling people how to dress, it would be very bad for their health. As someone who lived almost half of my life in England, I cannot understand the right wing intolerance, xenophobia and contempt for liberty that now characterises that nation.

And I cannot understand the degree of cringing servility that causes English people to want to be ruled – and told how to dress – by this.


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159 thoughts on “Why I Love Scotland – and Despair of my Once-Loved England

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  • bevin

    Whoops! I see that you answered the Applebaum question yourself:

    “One has to be rather careful when reading the diaries of politicians, high civil servants and so on. They often tend to the self-serving and the “facts” do not always reflect the truth.”

    Yes, and that applies in spades to Applebaum.

    Maisky despite having been “sent abroad to lie foe his country” is far more reliable. And furthermore, just about anyone who has looked into them, and the period, will agree. Applebaum who is currently urging on the Banderistas in Ukraine and the Wahhabis in Yemen is a different kettle of fish.

  • Tony_0pmoc


    You don’t want to despair about your once loved England. We are still here. We haven’t changed. Don’t blame those tossers in control, on us English. We didn’t vote for them. We don’t like them. We want to get them all on Trial for War Crimes against Humanity..including War Crimes against Us English…

    My wife and I had a completely Brilliant day…Yes it was exceedingly cold last night…but we have got a house full with a Baby on the way due anytime soon.

    My wife and I drove into the countryside – very fast actually to a shop – the only one she knows that does that special kind of Easter presents – for our Family and Friends…

    Then we came back home and walked – through the beautiful English village where we live – for the most amazing food, beer and cider – for less than £20…

    We then walked home via a different way – and again met people some of who we knew and some of who we had never met before…and we chatted.

    Everyone was incredibly nice…

    Then I had a technical problem – and even my son was puzzled..we worked on it together – for nearly an hour – until he identified the problem – and said – we need another one of these Dad – (cost £8 + VAT)

    My daughter’s new boyfriend turned up – just before she went to work…

    My wife said to me – she thought she had got frostbite…I said hold my hand – warm up gradually…and now she is fine and we have a roaring fire going.

    Nowt wrong with us English

    Its You Lot. You politicians and civil servants who have lost the plot.

    (I must admit I pissed myself laughing reading this blog – whilst waiting in the car whilst she was shopping – before we went for a walk)

    0-60 in 6.2 seconds. I really do not want to sell it. There is nothing wrong with it.

    Its beautiful. It’s an English Classic.


  • Davrod

    Hab: Yes I sported and still sport. Any potential employer will have to look deeper I’m afraid.

    I thought you might agree re: PMQ’s

  • Kempe

    Kallyard, RoS.

    Well to begin with sales of print newspapers are declining across the board as people switch to online versions. Perhaps you missed the Independent’s decision to cease publication of it’s print edition? This is all to do with a move to new technology and not down to nationalism. Anyway I see two that experienced a modest rise, The Times and the Financial Times. Remind me again how they stood on the independence issue?

    The Guardian was reporting the results of a survey carried out by the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey not expressing its own opinion. This survey is in part carried out by the University of Edinburgh and funded by the Scottish Government. If you don’t like it you’d best take it up with them!


  • Kempe

    ” in England alone, 55.1% of those voting at the General Election voted Tory or UKIP. In no other part of the UK did Tory and UKIP combined get over 50%. ”

    Because if you wanted to vote against Milliband’s labour party who else was there?

  • Republicofscotland

    ” in England alone, 55.1% of those voting at the General Election voted Tory or UKIP. In no other part of the UK did Tory and UKIP combined get over 50%. ”


    Yes I recall that colossus of a man Nigel Farage, hiding in a pub in Edinburgh, soon after he and his racist/bigoted, ideologies, fled South with his tail tucked firmly between his legs.

    However I do see Farage’s angle on it all, UKIP are trying to steal votes from the other nasty party, no not Labour, the cold fish party, the Tories.

  • Davrod

    Craig: So just over half of those voting. But what was the turnout again? And how do we get from there to cringing servility? (I’m going to brush over the idea that tory voters automatically equal xenophobes and cringing servants, I know a few who aren’t but its hardly a representative sample, but then that’s kind of the point)

    Also, does that mean that with just over half of around, what 80-90%? (please advise if wrong) of the Scottish public voting against independence mean that the Scottish are proud unionists?

    Bad, bad stats and sloppy thinking.

  • Republicofscotland

    “Well to begin with sales of print newspapers are declining across the board as people switch to online versions. Perhaps you missed the Independent’s decision to cease publication of it’s print edition? ”



    How true, yip I knew the Independent (a nice name) was moving online.

    Still I’m pleased the unionist rags, paper versions sales are tumbling, as not everyone who bought one of those speelspouters, will automatically read it online.

    It will be a great day when in Scotland at least several of those publications won’t catch my eye in my local news agents, because they’ll have moved online, towards oblivion, as many people archive their links so as not to give those rags the clicks.

    I wonder how much longer the BBC will keep certain newspapers afloat, by buying thousands of copies with licence fee payers monies.

  • Anon1


    “Habbabkuk: Would you rather a candidate that looks good or can do the job well?”

    I think it’s safe to say that in Jeremy Corbyn we have neither.

  • Habbabkuk (for fact-based, polite, rational and obsession-free posting)

    “Bevin, I have in fact read Applebaum’s book, and agree with your characterization of it.”

    And Bevin characterised Applebaum’s book as “bound to be a thoroughly dishonest piece of propaganda designed to misinform and mislead”.

    I wonder why our Transatlantic Friend is trying so hard to deny historical fact?

    Why, he’ll soon be denying that the Eastern European countries were incorporated into the Soviet “Empire” through means other than force, coercion, fraud, show trials and executions! 🙂

    Of course, not really surprising from someone who believes any old conspiracy theory going.

  • Republicofscotland

    “The Times and the Financial Times. Remind me again how they stood on the independence issue?”


    Well Kempe the likes of the Times, and the Spectator magazine, and probably a few others have less well know we shall call them benefactors. Such as the HJS and the IDF.

    This wonderful article posted the other day I can’t recall who posted it, but it does show that some newspapers and magazines are open to solicitations, if you approach the correct journo’s, shall we call them extreme sources.


  • Chris Rogers


    And I quote: “For the accusations of baseless slurs upon the English, let me say that in England alone, 55.1% of those voting at the General Election voted Tory or UKIP. In no other part of the UK did Tory and UKIP combined get over 50%.”

    In all fairness CM, the fact remains that only 2/3rds of those eligible to vote actually did vote, the English turnout for May 2015 being 65.8%, in Wales it was 65.7% and in Scotland over 70%. As such, in England a full 34.2% could not be bothered to vote.

    Now, compare this with Scotland’s InDey Ref, where you had a nearly 85% turnout, 84.6%, and more than 70% in May!

    And consider this, whilst its true the UKIP made significant gains, surprisingly at the expense of New Labour, the fact remains that New Labour, like the Tories were essentially offering Tory-lite austerity, hence why bother voting at all, when all that was on offer by the legacy parties was that that had been offered since 1979.

    In a nutshell, it’s a tad unfair to label all of the English, and regrettably the Welsh as xenophobic/racist cap doffers, however, its fair to say a significant minority are and the electoral voting figures back-up this contention. But what do you expect when all that’s offered and all that is debated is ‘FEAR’, or how Miliband was not PM material because of the way he ate a bacon roll.

    On a positive note, demographics suggest a majority of Scots will be pro-independence, whether that translates to pro-EU is a different matter.

    And I’d be bloody happy to move to an independent Scotland, much as I’m happy to move to Wales, or indeed Ireland. England though I’d rather not move too unless way up North and far away from the London horde.

  • Ben-Sweden is the Saudi Arabia of Feminism

    Is a ‘vote’ sacred? Is it a duty to vote? I think it’s like attending a religious service. Duty bound to be a body present, but the mind is elsewhere. Can you imagine how tiring to hear the philandering Right Reverend extol the virtues of marriage whilst the candidate lists his/her recorded integrities?

  • KingOfWelshNoir

    Personally I don’t believe the story about the Bullingdon toffs burning 50 quid notes in front of down-and-outs. I’m sure it’s a story they like to tell about themselves but if you stop and visualise it, you know it’s nonsense. I live in Oxford and I’m pretty sure if a drunken toff genuinely went up to a homeless man in the street and enacted the ritual reported, he wouldn’t get very far and would probably end up (deservedly ) in A&E.

  • BrianFujisan

    Craig ya wee so n So… i;m with Nevermind with the sick bag…i reading the post, and then the image….. and i had Laugh OUT LOUD,, the picture then END…Yuk.

    Shcoll .Well said

    Tony @ 7;45..thank you Priceless Wisdom


    Did see the Guardialing had called in the main man… YUK again

    “The case for Britain staying in Europe is overwhelming because leaving the largest commercial market in the world, the biggest single political union in the world right on our doorstep, in the 21st century would be a huge leap of uncertainty and difficulty,” he said.

    “In addition, I think there is a very strong argument that over time people will internalise which is that this isn’t just about the UK and Europe, it’s about the UK, because if the UK voted to leave Europe it would completely change the debate around Scottish independence. Therefore you actually are talking about the future of Britain, you’re not just talking about the future of Britain in Europe.”


  • Macky

    Craig: “For the accusations of baseless slurs upon the English, let me say that in England alone, 55.1% of those voting at the General Election voted Tory or UKIP. In no other part of the UK did Tory and UKIP combined get over 50%.”

    Yet you try highlighting the following on your own blog; usual experience is that the residential trolls will shriek “anti-semitism”, and most times moderation will duly oblige & remove the Post;

    “Some 53 percent of Israelis have expressed support for the extrajudicial killings of alleged Palestinian attackers on the spot, even after their arrest and when they “no longer pose a threat”, according to a new poll”


  • BrianFujisan

    More on the evil war criminal –

    “If anyone thinks Corbyn’s success in the Labour leadership race came chiefly from trade union support, they weren’t paying attention – or they are wilfully blind. It is difficult for the Guardian to understand Corbyn’s success precisely because it adamantly refuses to concede that he has been riding a wave of popular support. They would rather suggest he has made some kind of dark, beer-and-sandwiches pact with the trade unions. – See more at:


  • Habbabkuk (for fact-based, polite, rational and obsession-free posting)


    “Personally I don’t believe the story about the Bullingdon toffs burning 50 quid notes in front of down-and-outs.”

    Of course it’s bollocks. See my post at 16h59 above.


    “I’m sure it’s a story they like to tell about themselves”

    Incorrect. It’s a pure invention.


    “I’m pretty sure if a drunken toff genuinely went up to a homeless man in the street and enacted the ritual reported, he wouldn’t get very far and would probably end up (deservedly ) in A&E.”


    I can see the thought appeals to you, KOWN, but the majority of the street people would be in no physical (or even mental) condition to inflict the physical chastisement you’re fantasising about.

  • Resident Dissident

    “She is a careerist kleptocrat married to another: the dreadful Sikorski. She is an enthusiast of neo-Nazi emigre movements employed by the CIA and a proundly dishonest person.”

    She must be on the right track if she gets up Bevin’s nose so effectively. I note that you have now joined Cameron (and also Corbyn I should add who used Cameron’s mum to make his point) I now call a Goss (i.e using someones’s family in order to make cheap political points)


  • fwl

    KOWN, good to see you posting again.

    Baal, would be brilliant if Corbyn appeared at PMQs in Buller rags. He could say he found them in a charity shop. I forget now but was it George Thomas, who had tories braying when he wore old school tie, which he had found in a charity shop and was innocently sporting.

  • Resident Dissident

    I should add that like Corbyn I am a bit of a scruff – I know this because my lovely Russian wife tells me this quite often, sometimes in language rather more brutal than Cameron’s. I have always had to battle a slight mistrust of those who are immaculately turned out.

  • Herbie

    “She must be on the right track if she gets up Bevin’s nose so effectively. I note that you have now joined Cameron (and also Corbyn I should add who used Cameron’s mum to make his point) I now call a Goss (i.e using someones’s family in order to make cheap political points)”

    Applebaum has been a political actor in her own right since at least the 90s when she worked at The Economist, and latterly WaPo. A regular on the BBC, spouting precisely the sort of gibberish that led to the financial chaos and slaughter a go go, we know so well today.

    It’s very curious that a Labour supporter, as Res Diss claims to be, would defend her at all.

  • Habbabkuk (for fact-based, polite, rational and obsession-free posting)


    Is your problem with the word “Eminences”?

  • glenn_uk

    Habbabkuk: “Don’t play the fool, it doesn’t suit you.

    Nonsense Jim – it suits me down to the ground!

    H: ” You know perfectly well what Anon1 meant by “can’t look after himself”. “

    No, do explain – you know your mutt far better than I do. Did it mean that Corbin is incapable of looking after himself, as stated, or something else?

    H: “BTW – I imagine you have gone for job interviews in your time. Did you dress neatly?~Tie straight?

    Actually, no – not for the last couple. They were looking for ability, not superficial appearances. That’s -so- last century, and a lot of politics (as set by readers of the Torygraph for instance), are well and truly stuck there. As comments from sundry toffs and their lackeys today has amply demonstrated.

  • Njegos

    I see we are starting to get a bit off topic and I realise that this will be quickly deleted (unless making fun of Jeb Bush squeezes in under “mockery of the establishment”) but I thought I’d provide a bit of light entertainment:

    “The Name Blame Game”

    Bush campaign HQ in South Carolina. Balloons, leaflets and cold trampled pizza lie on the floor. Torn campaign posters have fallen from the walls. An overweight Hispanic looking cleaner is sweeping up the debris.

    A distraught Jeb Bush is slumped over a table, sobbing uncontrollably. A volunteer tries to console him.

    JB: I knew it. I knew it. It was the name. THE NAME, goddamnit!!!!!

    V1: (Volunteer pats JB on the back) There, there Jeb. It’s not your fault. The people weren’t ready for you. (trying to sound convincing) It’ll be different in 2020.

    JB: The name. The name! That’s why I lost. (jumps up and tries to kick a chair across the room. Slips on some spilled brightly-coloured energy drink purchased by the campaign to dispel Trump’s accusations of being a “low energy” candidate. Lands hard on his back)

    V1: No, no. It wasn’t the name. Everyone said you had name recognition.

    JB: (Slowly picking himself off the floor). Exactly you moron!!! Did you hear what they were saying? “Jeb: Dumb but not as dumb as Dubya”, “Jeb: At least he can pronounce ‘nucul….nucul….(closes eyes and frowns) nu-cle-ar’ ” (briefly flashes a proud smile), “Jeb: He knows where Eye-rack is”, “Jeb: Am-Bushed by the Donald”…….

    V1: (Racking brains to come up with a positive memory of the campaign) But you showed…um…alot of….um….you were really….um…..the way you handled…..er..…your display of stoicism and dignity! (heaves a sigh of relief)

    JB stares uncomprehendingly at volunteer. Starts bawling his eyes out – onlookers avert their gaze.

    JB: And I treated that scumbag Rubio like a son and look how he stabbed me in the back. Oh, the name, the name…

    V1: Look, all is not lost.

    JB: What are you talking about, jackass? I’m finished. Washed up. Kaput. The latest poll says that I would finish behind Adolf Hitler! And I’ve got campaign debt up to my eyeballs…….

    V1: So why don’t you change your name?

    JB: (stops wailing) What?!?

    V1: Didn’t you notice the last names of the frontrunners? tRUmp, cRUz, rUBio? What do they all have in common?

    JB: (Sits up straight and raises his hand as if he were back in primary school). Sir, they are all the names of people who kicked my backside good and hard!!

    V1: Not just that. They are all spelled with RU. This is America! Re-invent yourself!

    JB: Eureka! I’ll call myself bRUsh!!! You have just earned a pay rise dude. (Reaches into his pocket and hands volunteer a coffee machine token).

    Another volunteer runs in out of breath.

    V2: Have you heard the news? Carson is changing his name to caRUson.

    JB collapses and starts weeping again. Then perks up.

    JB: Hang on. Like the Republicans would ever choose a black boy. And Kasich – try sticking an RU in there somewhere. Yeah, right. He is well and truly f**cked. (Bursts out laughing)

    Volunteers look nervously at one other. Fat Hispanic looking cleaner approaches the group. Bush addresses him.

    JB: Hey there Jose or Juan or Pepe or whatever they call you. Meet the new candidate Brush. (stands erect and salutes invisible flag – actual one lies on floor smeared in pizza, high energy drink and footprints)

    CL: (looks strangely at JB) Brush? I no clean toilet. (volunteers try to stifle their laughter)

    JB: (irritated as hell by the new and unforeseen name association, starts shouting) Goddamnit, that SOB Trump was right! (shakes fist at cowering volunteers) Screw you all! You want re-invention? I’ll give you turkeys re-invention. (suddenly points to bemused cleaner) See, that’s what happens when you elect Cuban senators like Rubio. The Latinos take over the economy and the standard of English goes right down the…..(tries to think of synonym for toilet. Puts on corny Hispanic accent) Say, Mr. Undocumented Loser Who No Clean Toilet – you suspenders are dangling. Mr. Castro, he no teach you how to dress? (breaks into uncontrollable laughter. Volunteers wince with embarrassment). Say Jose, which mega-narco-slum did you slither out of? Cuidad Juarez? Tegucigalpa? Taco Bell? (JB laughs harder than ever. Volunteers cover eyes and shake heads) Hey guys, whaddya think? I’m out-trumpin Trump and it feels gooooood, yee-hah!!!

    CL: Baghdad.

    JB: (looking puzzled) Baghdad?!?

    Cleaner waddles right up to JB and gives him a big hug.

    JB: (baffled but now very pleased with this unexpected result of his latest self re-invention. Gives smug smile to the volunteers) Now remember what you saw today guys. This is what I call the magic of tough love!

    CL: (evil glint appears in cleaner’s eyes) Majeek soospenders too, Meester Toilet.

    JB: (The penny finally drops) No, no, no! You’ve got the wrong Brush. You want my d*ckhead brother, the moron who invad – (screams desperately at the volunteers while trying to squirm out of the cleaner’s tightening embrace) For f*** sake, get him a map of the road to the Crawford Ranch, QUICKLY!!!!!!

    CL: Fool me once, right Meester Toilet? (laughs heartily) Meeshun accompleeshed! Allahu Akbar!!!!!

    Cleaner reaches down and yanks hard on “dangling suspender belt”. Enormous explosion brings down entire Bush HQ. Thousands of Bush campaign leaflets scatter all over the city.

    To be continued…

  • Chris Rogers


    As ever you are full of it, a serial, or should that be ‘recidivist’ troll.

    Now you claim that the Left stated that the UK’s intervention in Syria, all 12 aircraft according to MoD official figures in December, would result in millions of deaths and casualties. Oh really!!!! Are they equipped with nuclear weapons by any chance?

    Bollocks reference number one, but lets continue with your dribble that the Left claimed millions would die, which is false, no doubt hundreds will die, have died and many of them non-combatants.

    The UK’s bombing of Syria has done fuck all, has not changed the balance, does not act as a deterrent. Actually, in military terms it’s a joke, a joke if only because our planes – Tornado’s and Typhoon’s are incapable of sustained bombing runs because of the hours of maintenance required from each hour of flight, and the cost of ordinance, which is prohibitive – still, its easy to drop a few bombs for a PR stunt to kiss French and Yank arses – from a military opps angle, absolutely worthless.

    You then make the claim that the R+6 offensive against ISIS and the so called ‘moderates’, which the UN detail as actual terrorist organisations, is resulting in massive floods of refugees – nothing is further from the truth, particularly in the Aleppo pocket, which, despite what the MSM instructs you never fell to ISIS or moderate forces, rather the city was split, with the vast majority of citizens in the zone defended by Assad’s government troops – indeed, those civilians stuck in the ISIS pocket, many used as human shields have been making their way to the forces of the R+6, where they have received much humanitarian aid from Russia.

    As for alleged civilians fleeing the R+6 advances, I think you’ll find the only persons fleeing are ISIS and Moderate forces and their families, many others are actually moving out of the field of fire and then back again once terrorist forces have been removed – again humanitarian aid has been supplied.

    And to substantiate these actual facts, you may like to visit Sic Semper Tyrannis, which is hosted by Retired Colonel R Patrick Lang, who was with US Military Intelligence and US Army Special Forces – he’s an actual Middle Eat specialist having actually been posted in the ME. Unlike you, the man tells it as it is, does not propagandise, does not lie, and does not suffer fools gladly – so he’s not one for you point scoring or other shit you pull.

    On SST:http://turcopolier.typepad.com/sic_semper_tyrannis/ you actually get analysis and not PR opinion, and that analysis, by someone who knows the big swinging dicks, and is disliked by the neocons, is both unbiased and is 100% different to the bollocks you spread.

    Obviously, as the moral coward you are, you are shit scarred of strutting your stuff on such a stage, however, one regular poster actually uses your ‘username’, alas it’s not you, so perhaps you can utilise ‘Habbabkuk the bullshit artist’ to differentiate.

    One has mentioned this to you and the other disruptors previously, but note you don’t visit and you don’t post – which is rather strange given how allegedly informed you are – perhaps you are scarred of getting eviscerated by your betters, that is those who actually fully comprehend what is going on, which I’m afraid you certainly do not.

    Now I comment on there with my own name, I also used to regularly comment on Naked Capitalism, which is another website blog you’d be eviscerated on.

    Still, do keep it up, but truth is always stronger than BS and spin, which is what your limited and incorrect posts on Syria amount too.

    No doubt Col. Lang Rtn. is most unqualified to make his assessments and offer analysis in your opinion, perhaps he’s a Putin Bot or Corbynista member, despite being an old school Republican who detests both the modern Democrats and Republican Movement – strange that!!!

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