“Moderate Rebels” Use Yellow Phosphorus on Kurds in Aleppo 115

Cameron’s “moderate rebels” – Saudi supplied Wahhabi jihadists – have this past 48 hours been bombing civilian areas of Aleppo with yellow phosphorus. The BBC, which went to such extraordinary lengths to fake reports of chemical attacks by Assad, has not reported these genuine chemical attacks at all. Probably because it is too difficult to explain not just why Cameron’s allies are using chemical weapons – and who gave them the chemical weapons – but also why these “friendly” jihadists are attacking Cameron’s other allies, the Kurds, all during a ceasefire.

This video of Robert Stuart is a must see. Let me pin my colours to the mast and say that I am absolutely convinced that the BBC did deliberately and knowingly fake evidence of chemical attacks.

The most egregious BBC propaganda this year has been about the “starvation” of the town of Madaya. The BBC seem to have taken the most glaring example down from YouTube so I can’t embed it. But here on the BBC’s own website you can see the report which claims the Syrian government are deliberately starving civilians in the siege of Madaya. There then appear a string of genuinely heart-rending clips of starving children. The only problem is that none of that footage was shot in Madaya at all, and if you listen very, very carefully you will be able to work out the BBC does not directly affirm that it was. Then we have real comedy at 1 min 30s in, when genuine citizens of Madaya appear to verify their starvation in the shape of four women who are – there is no kind way of saying this – distinctly fat. If double chins are a proof of starvation, then things must be pretty bad.

It is clever propaganda because careful analysis of the text reveals a story very different to the overall picture being deliberately portrayed. Just after the women appear, the reporter slips in that the hardship is caused by hoarding by rebels – i.e. it is actually David Cameron’s moderate forces, not the government, who are causing suffering to the civilians. But you would have to be following very closely and analysing very carefully to pick up on that.

The BBC really has become one of the more outrageous vehicles of government propaganda on the international scene.

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115 thoughts on ““Moderate Rebels” Use Yellow Phosphorus on Kurds in Aleppo

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  • glenn_uk

    I have to wonder, why didn’t the BBC do a better job? They are far better than this. They can make excellent fiction with special effects – think of Sherlock, Dr Who and so on – and have excellent choreography to ensure nothing obviously false or out of place makes it to the final cut. This is true whether we’re talking about period dramas or faking up some remote setting.

    Possibly, it was done by managers who knew the general idea, but lacked the fine production skills. This would have been to ensure confidentiality of the project, unionised staff are not to be trusted, after all.

  • MerkinScot

    I spoke to a Beeb friend who assured me “truth is the first casualty… etc”.
    It seems, he was not surprised.
    He was not involved in that gig, as far as I know, but is involved in other propaganda efforts at a reasonable level.
    We are still friends because he doesn’t realise the harm he does.

  • RobG

    Craig, we all know it is complete bollocks.

    The question is, why you don’t acknowledge western involvement?

    The CIA/MI6 tie-in to ISIS is well documented.

    Even the trolls on this board have shrunk from some of your latest pronouncements.

    The total death of democracy (which was always a feeble concept) is down to people like you.

    Stand up and die for it, if you have any guts.

  • Courtenay Barnett


    Two death threats and one indication of arson on my home later I am still alive to read this:-

    “This video of Robert Stuart is a must see. Let me pin my colours to the mast and say that I am absolutely convinced that the BBC did deliberately and knowingly fake evidence of chemical attacks.”

    Well – didn’t the BBC not do a job on you Craig – so – is it not plausible what you have stated – given your direct and very personal experience?

  • Courtenay Barnett


    The struggle for “global justice” is a long term challenge.

    If you want justice for the Libyans – Iraqis – Kurds – Caribbean slave descendants:-

    There are main lines of assumption and the BBC embraces falsehoods deemed to be “truth”. The mythology surrounding Wilberforce and the history of the abolition is an example( but read first Dr. Eric Williams “Capitalism and slavery”) :-

    1.Britan was not the European nation first to pass anti-trade legislation – it was Denmark.
    2. Wilberforce and Pitt excluded from their active circle any abolitionists wanting immediate abolition – and thus the “gradualist” movement worked considerably to Britain’s advantage. Both Wilberforce and Pitt were the activists in this approach. Britain had slaves working in the fields and they looked good ( Wilberforce and Pitt included) in actively blocking competition from other European competitors. Then to top the legislative exercise off – pay the slave owners 20 million pounds in compensation for the loss of their “property” for the people who were worked as slaves with no pay or compensation. But Britain oh so proud of this as well as of the fact that Elizabeth 1 had funded John Hawkins to go for the “niggers” in Africa to make great wealth for Great Britain.
    3. It is assured that the BBC will never give the counter arguments to the reporting on an event like this – the 200th anniversary of the 1807 Act!
    4. so the beeb celebrates along with the apologists for the British engagement in the crime against humanity that the beeb will never on a balanced basis ever report.

    We – all of humanity – still has a long, long way to go,.,…………………………

  • Herbie

    The BBC has become a terrible thing.

    Horrible and pitifully miserable, almost beyond belief.

    You’d never know the thing had its own independent Royal Charter, separate from govt.

    I mean, look, they took the rap for the Iraq war dossier thing, took the heat off Blair.

    All a scrapin and a bowin.

    Now they’re taking the rap for national paedophilia. They started it. In the 60s, you see.

    Jolly decent of them, eh.

    And all those sad, tired old celebs.

    Gave the Catholics a break, and kept the state run childrens services out of it.

    Who is/are the BBC.

    I mean, has it been infiltrated by governers who seek its demise.

    How would you know. They’re appointed by govt. They’re there to an objective, and it sure ain’t the peeps illumination.

    Why make political life more difficult than it needs to be.

    We’re a long way from the days when the artists had evolved a bit of control.

    And reporters on the scene were telling it as it was.

    Anyone remember old Marmaduke.

    What is the BBC.

    These days it’s a brand.

    I suppose it doesn’t much matter who runs it, so long as it’s profitable, one way or another.


    I hear there are many other ways of getting news and information, these days:


  • Karel


    I followed the advice of BBC about the disturbing images and closed my eyes exactly at 1min 30 sec into the film as I cannot stand the images of obese women. I am surprised that they get so little exercise while scavenging for food. The moderate rebels must be also rather fat if there is so much food around.

  • BrianFujisan

    Mother Agnes Never got much support at Ghouta, A True Heroine.

    ” It is, you know, in the frame of the big Damascus —, those neighbourhoods, you know, they barely have any Syrian. Why? Because they are destroyed. Okay. And, if they are not destroyed the civilian, especially with the beginning of the counter-attack of the army, because the army has counter-attacks, I think the 21st August or the 20th —, we don’t know why or how you have so many civilian in one place. Second, how is it possible in — and in such a, you know, frame, where families are suffered, barely you have a civilian living there, how is it possible that to have so many children together. This is, you know, scary, so did they deliver them? Why? And you see them all together. And we ask for an enquiry. Why? Because we want to know who gathered those children and who killed them. Okay. Second, we have heard in the same day, because it was before our eyes, more than 40 ambulances of the army coming out from those outskirts to the hospital in M. And we have been told that they were soldiers that were suffocated by the guards, by the chemical. So where is the truth? Okay. We call — And then, I will tell you something. Why this rapidity to issue an accusation immediately to enter in a war that will, you know. This war cannot chastise the Government or I don’t know who is the perpetrator. Let us — suppose…

    ” So what is the justification of such a mass murder, committed to punish we don’t know which perpetrator because how is it possible to issue accusation before a real compliant inquiry. This is against all the laws. You cannot and that’s what the Vatican is saying, that’s what all the spiritual, who are leaders of Syria, are saying, that’s what peace, nobel peace laureates are saying. But are we going to be heard? Because now this Coalition, they were 150 and we see that they are maybe 6 or 7 countries…

    ” And everybody in Syria, you know, is under this scare. It’s like in a scary movie, everybody is just wondering what will happen. Where is the United Nations? Where are all the principles on which our civilization is lying? Where are the principles, the laws of the international, humanitarian law? Where are we heading? Who is ruling us? There is no more International Community. We don’t have any hope in the United Nations, so there is no references, no! It means that the innocents are completely, you know, delivered without any defense to the occurrence of those powers, super powers. I think that we are entering in a barbarian era. It’s like another big invasion. It’s an invasion and we have nobody to defend us.”


  • Duchy of Savile

    Courtenay Barnett, We – all of humanity? What do you mean, we? It’s got nothing to do with us, it’s a servile blackmailed Nomenklatura bred for crime by CIA. It’s a British regime that’s pissed away all legitimacy and forfeited any claim to responsible sovereignty. None of us would choose to elevate these worms. Nothing keeps them in place but furtive repression and coercion. It’s not humanity, it’s not ‘the state.’ It’s this state. This state has got to go. We’re going to put their heads on sticks.

  • bevin

    The BBC like The Guardian, has always been available for the government to use for propaganda purposes.
    But both have in the past been restrained by the knowledge that credibility is something that take a long time to build up and can easily be lost. For operations whose stock in trade is trust from their audience, lending themselves to crude propaganda has always been considered very risky.
    In fact they have only done so when they could count on the audience’s readiness to be propagandised. In wartime, during the General Strike, for example.

    What is shocking about both institutions today- and The Guardian website is something to behold right now- is that they are pissing away their credibility just for the sake of it. Nothing approaching the national interest is at stake in Syria.

    They have come to enjoy whoring themselves.The money no longer matters. It excites them to tell bigger and bigger lies and promote ever more extravagant campaigns against their enemies.

    In a sense their behaviour is understandable, both are becoming irrelevant in an age in which they are survivors stranded in a mediascape in which power is sliding down from the top to the bottom.

  • BrianFujisan

    Cheers Bevin..Well said. It’s such a horror show Though. How many Hollywood Rubbish is Actually the Deliberate conditioning Of long term Plans. much erosion of Human Compassion Going on.

  • Resident Dissident

    By all means criticise the BBC’s reporting but perhaps Craig might wish to confirm whether or not the Syrian Government has been involved in gassing or starving its citizens so as to distinguish himself from the creatures who believe that ALL such reports have been faked?

  • YouKnowMyName

    The Guardian has conveniently responded to Craig’s article here with a headline today on their UK digital front page


    I didn’t bother to read the article as, unlike the Labour Party article, the Ikea clothes article, the London rent article and the Sanders/Clinton article which integrated have attracted 2500 comments from humans and spuppets alike, the BBC is half-trusted piece does not allow comments – not even moderated comments.

    Wonder why?

  • Laguerre

    RD. “By all means criticise the BBC’s reporting but perhaps Craig might wish to confirm whether or not the Syrian Government has been involved in gassing or starving its citizens”

    Difficult to understand your tendentious point. It is well proven (in video form) that the Syrian rebels do go in for extensive faking. It’s been proven one time after another. Craig’s question is whether or not the BBC actively joins in.

  • Chris Rogers


    We all know that RD is another of the resident ‘disruptors’ on these boards, and despite overwhelming evidence of media-bias, spin and lies being dispatched daily on all key issues, as ever, he backs the establishment version, which as we know is essentially the point of view of the 1%.

    No doubt RD will now spin that the Wall Street Witch with blood on her hands came out on top of yesterday evenings Florida Sanders-Clinton debate, which essentially is how The Guardian is spinning it – thankfully the ordinary commentators don’t subscribe to the biased reportage anymore.

    As for BBC propaganda, well we saw enough with the Ukraine to understand its incapable of telling the truth, or even a half truth. Suffice to say, as documented on Sic Semper Tyrannis (http://turcopolier.typepad.com/sic_semper_tyrannis/) the R+6 is Syria are not staving innocent civilians, quite the opposite indeed, for as soon as areas are cleared of IS-threats humanitarian aid is quickly dispatched. Again, the residents Trolls dare not post on sites where their flagrant lies and spin are outed quickly by commentators and the hosts of these Blogs and news outlets alike.

    Just a shame the BBC fails to open up its articles for responses from its audience, but then the truth would be out and we can’t have that can we!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to keep saying it. Why anyone believes a word from that scumbag organisation I cannot for the life of me understand. Every day it self-evidently becomes more and more like Orwell’s Ministry of Truth. As far as I care, it can be dismantled, scrapped, sold off, privatised or, best of all, blown up. It would be no loss whatsoever.
    Neither do I trust so-called highly respected organisations such as MSF, Amnesty, Human Rights Watch and the like. All are western stooges all to ready to criticise foreign governments who don’t tow the capitalist line whilst never seriously looking inwards at their own governments behaviour. But then, as the sayings go, you don’t bite the hand that feeds you; you don’t shit where you eat etc.

  • John Goss

    “The BBC, which went to such extraordinary lengths to fake reports of chemical attacks by Assad, has not reported these genuine chemical attacks at all. Probably because it is too difficult to explain not just why Cameron’s allies are using chemical weapons – and who gave them the chemical weapons – but also why these “friendly” jihadists are attacking Cameron’s other allies, the Kurds, all during a ceasefire.”

    It’s even worse than that. RT today is reporting that despite a ceasefire which is holding the US has pledged to supply ‘moderate rebels’ with more weapons. To fight who? I tried to find a link to this but Google as a search engine is as much a tool of the Neocon establishment as the BBC. So you have to take my word for it. The source is RT.

    People like Resident Dissident, unable to find any excuse for the behaviour of western-supported Jihadists Kurd-killers makes a feeble plea for Craig to go searching for information that might support his ‘off-the-wall’ theories. 😀

  • Chris Rogers

    @John Goss,

    The fact remains one does not have to look far at all on the Internet to actually find out what’s going on – which is one reason I keep including links for SST, rather than The Saker. At SST the blog author and his community are most right-wingers in the mood of David Davis, and as such have a great respect of telling it as it is without spin or lies. A quick review of SST, which is favourable towards the R+6 in Syria, is quite open in its acknowledgement that the Russians are keen on getting humanitarian assistance to all areas it has helped liberate – of course the MSM don’t bother with these facts, instead they refer to moderates, who are about as moderate as Hitler, as some kind of heroes, despite them killing untold numbers.

    Any how, as Mould states in the X-Files: “The Truth is Out There” for those who can be arsed to look, otherwise, just believe the MSM, which is so biased nowadays to make much of its out put virtually unreadable for anyone with an a single brain cell tuned to lies and propaganda.

  • Chris Rogers

    @Mark Golding,

    But are we not led to believe that Ms. Hellory Clinton is a friend to the poor, to the starving and to the young globally, despite Syria being part of her neocon warmongering – her part in regime change in Central America is well known, as are the deaths associated with it of children. But we don’t hear too much of this be it in Libya or Central America.

    Best let the R+6 finish the job off of dislodging IS from Syria ASAP, thus allowing much needed humanitarian aid to all that need it, including the starving kids. Of course the West would rather prolong the suffering, but there again that’s not unusual – just go ask the Irish on that little matter.

  • J Galt

    I find the BBC an extremely useful organisation, it moulds my beliefs.

    I simply listen to the BBC “News” and then believe exactly the opposite.

    OK on the few occasions when for whatever reasons they tell the truth I’ll get it wrong but hey-ho I’ll be right most of the time.

  • Uzmark

    Well I trust the BBC. Only this week I looked at their website to see what time the rugby is on this weekend

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