“Moderate Rebels” Use Yellow Phosphorus on Kurds in Aleppo 115

Cameron’s “moderate rebels” – Saudi supplied Wahhabi jihadists – have this past 48 hours been bombing civilian areas of Aleppo with yellow phosphorus. The BBC, which went to such extraordinary lengths to fake reports of chemical attacks by Assad, has not reported these genuine chemical attacks at all. Probably because it is too difficult to explain not just why Cameron’s allies are using chemical weapons – and who gave them the chemical weapons – but also why these “friendly” jihadists are attacking Cameron’s other allies, the Kurds, all during a ceasefire.

This video of Robert Stuart is a must see. Let me pin my colours to the mast and say that I am absolutely convinced that the BBC did deliberately and knowingly fake evidence of chemical attacks.

The most egregious BBC propaganda this year has been about the “starvation” of the town of Madaya. The BBC seem to have taken the most glaring example down from YouTube so I can’t embed it. But here on the BBC’s own website you can see the report which claims the Syrian government are deliberately starving civilians in the siege of Madaya. There then appear a string of genuinely heart-rending clips of starving children. The only problem is that none of that footage was shot in Madaya at all, and if you listen very, very carefully you will be able to work out the BBC does not directly affirm that it was. Then we have real comedy at 1 min 30s in, when genuine citizens of Madaya appear to verify their starvation in the shape of four women who are – there is no kind way of saying this – distinctly fat. If double chins are a proof of starvation, then things must be pretty bad.

It is clever propaganda because careful analysis of the text reveals a story very different to the overall picture being deliberately portrayed. Just after the women appear, the reporter slips in that the hardship is caused by hoarding by rebels – i.e. it is actually David Cameron’s moderate forces, not the government, who are causing suffering to the civilians. But you would have to be following very closely and analysing very carefully to pick up on that.

The BBC really has become one of the more outrageous vehicles of government propaganda on the international scene.

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115 thoughts on ““Moderate Rebels” Use Yellow Phosphorus on Kurds in Aleppo

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  • Sami

    Former BBC journalist Tim Llewellyn who covered the Middle East from the 1970s to early 1990s has been forthright in exposing its outright bias in all coverage where Israel is concerned. The horrific tragedy of Syria is inextricably linked to Israel’s desire to have unchallenged hegemony in its neighbourhood, and we all know it whims are the West’s commands.
    Llewellyn disclosed in the early 1990s, that all BBC reporters sent to the ME are briefed in advance even about choice of words when filing reports to always ensure those at the receiving end of Israel’s savage barbarity are labelled terrorists, etc.
    An example of Llewellyn’s critique of the BBC, go to:

  • Rehmat

    On February 15, 2016, former British ambassador to Syria and Bahrain, Peter Ford blamed David Cameron’s ME policy for prolonging five-year Syrians’ agony by joining the US-led coalition to bring an anti-Iran regime change in Damascus.

    “Assad is not going to be overthrown. This becomes more clear with every day passes. Western analysts have been indulging in wishful thinking for five years; it’s time to get real, we owe it to Syrian people to be much more realistic and hard headed about this. The West has to stop propping the so-called moderate opposition, which is not moderate at all by the way, and it has to allow Syrian Army backed possibly by the Russian to deal with ISIS,” Ford said at BBC’s The Big Questions, hosted by Nicky Campbell, an Islamophobe. (watch a video below).

    The US-Israel-Saudi Arabia supported anti-government rebels have been losing territory rapidly under an intensified campaign by Assad’s troops backed by Hizbullah fighters, Iranian military advisers and Russian air strikes in recent weeks, allowing Kurdish forces to seize more territory.


  • glenn_uk

    Sami: Good link about the BBC coverage on ME conflicts, thanks for that. Did you like the BBC’s response to the article? Quote:

    “Although Tim Llewellyn was indeed a BBC correspondent some years ago, we note that he subsequently was active for a period with the Council for Arab-British Understanding (CAABU).”

    So there we have it. That slur is sufficient to bring every point the author makes into question. Turn it on its head – suppose the BBC had countered some critic was Jewish, a “Friend of Israel” or somesuch, then the screeching of “anti-semitism” would have been heard up and down the land.

  • fedup

    Gradually the masks of the liars and propagandists are slipping and let us hope more and more of we the people can see the ugly realities and facts that the rest of us have come to be made aware of and have thus evolved strategies to deal with such liars and propagandists.

    The bunkum bullshitter corporation has long been practising the art of speaking from the both sides of its mouth, in a bid to keep up the charade of remaining a “news” organisation! Fact that reporter or the cameraman crossing their fingers whilst lying through their teeth or camera are not really signs of a bona fide news casting organisation is besides the point.

    The scam is to keep we the people blissfully ignorant and for all appearances to project the business of governance of our country as “inclusive” and “democratic”. This can only be achieved through the echo chamber of the oligarch owned media and the state propaganda organs, in the absence of which then there is the recourse back to the spying the crap out of every citizen, which is in line with the introduction of 768 internal spy organisations.

    Putting it simply if we the people refuse to remain ignorant and go ahead and think for ourselves, then there is the second line of the attack which is direct suppression and police state rules.

    How many citizens will cotton on to this paradigm shift before it is too late?

  • Njegos

    Years ago my sister worked as a local TV reporter in Granada (southern Spain). It was soon after the US/UK invasion of Iraq and a BBC reporter was interviewing random Spaniards on their views of the war. The exasperated reporter came into contact with my sister and confessed she could not find anyone who agreed with the invasion. As a favour, she asked if my sister (fluent in Spanish) would be prepared to support the war in front of the BBC cameras. All for the sake of “balanced reporting”, no doubt. To her immense credit, my sister refused.

    The little respect I had for the BBC vanished forever on that day.

  • Chris Rogers


    I seriously suggest you follow my SST link provided in posts I’ve made today in relation to Syria – the website host is Ex-US Military with a ME background. Some good material on the site that totally contradicts the shit spewing out by the MSM in the US and UK.

  • Rehmat

    @Mark Golding

    Your ‘Save the Children’ reminds me ‘Save Darfur’ that according to daily Ha’aretz donated $50 million to illegal Jewish settlements in the west Bank and East Jerusalem.

    In June 2015, Pakistan government ordered Islamabad police to shut-down office of the London-based “Save the Children” charity. It also ordered all its foreign employees to leave Pakistan within next two weeks.

    Pakistan’s government took the decision on recommendation from Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. The agency claims that the NGO is conducting spying mission in country’s Balochistan province, which long has been on the US-Israel radar.

    The Save the Children is headed by Justin Forsyth, a British Zionist diplomat who held top posts during country’s two pro-Israel and Islamophobe prime ministers, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.


  • Jermynstreetjim

    ‘Je’ @ 9:54 pm
    9 Mar, 2016 –
    Lets put aside how shabby the BBC is.
    “The non-government group Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has said 23 people starved to death in the town in December, six of them children.”
    I believe them Craig – don’t you?…… ?????

    ‘Je’, As regards the kosher and implied irrefutable credentials and bona fides of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), I think if you are prepared for a moment, to absorb and ponder upon, the eminent and empirically expressed, erudite wisdom of Professor Francis Boyle’s dispassionate analysis of same, you may find yourself less inclined to digest and swallow, hook, line & proverbial sinker, the ostensible, but on occasion, not entirely objective, opinion-forming edicts, enunciated by the likes of this NGO, and other culpable ‘humanitarian’ accredited apparatchiks.
    “When the organizations tasked with preventing conflict are the ones provoking it, the world is in a dangerous place.” …. Professor Francis A Boyle, on the kosherness of ‘NGOs’… ! Francis Boyle, Professor of International Law, former Amnesty board member: “I was involved in trying to prevent their publication of the dead babies report on Iraq that was so warmongering. I couldn’t do it. Certainly, Amnesty works as an adjunct to the State Department”.
    The International Committee of the Red Cross, which tries to make it appear as if they’re the “high holy priesthood” of human rights movements – the ex-CIA agent Ralph McGehee he established they were penetrated by the CIA, I myself found them ferrying guerrillas in then-south Sudan to work against the government of Sudan. I sent them a demarche, they never bothered to respond.Likewise,Médecins Sans Frontières, again Ralph McGehee proving that they were penetrated by French intelligence agents. So I think it’s fair to say that that’s true for all of them.
    RT: So what can nations do when they’re targeted by these NGOs?
    Boyle: They should be expelled, yes, because they’re basically an arm of the United States government. So NED should be expelled, and the Republican Institute, which is also the Republican Party, they should be expelled too you can’t have agents of foreign governments running around promoting coup d’états and things of that nature. And the same with USAID they should be thrown out too we would never tolerate it here in the United States, except when it comes to the Israel lobby.
    RT: When the State Department came up with its plan for “human rights” NGOs in the ’80s, historian James Peck notes the idea was they’d occasionally offer some toothless criticism of US policy, so the public would think they’re fair. Today they’ve given up any pretence of balance, cheering on violent neo-Nazis in Ukraine while simply fabricating lies and false provocations against US targets.
    If history is any guide NGOs will do everything to turn Ukraine into international war. When the organizations tasked with preventing conflict are the ones provoking it, the world is in a dangerous place. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8s_Bjapvu8

  • KingOfWelshNoir

    John Goss – ‘Congratulations Craig on Global Research republishing the above post’

    Hey, finally a piece on Global Research about which Habbabkuk won’t be able to say he’s never heard of the contributor!

  • fwl

    I’m not commenting on matters of war of which I no nothing, but am just posting to once again say thanks to various posters or ad hoc links without these I would not have heard of Peter Dale Scott, Zero Hedge, the Saker and SST. And would not have read the Russian Foreign Minister’s interesting and seemingly uninhibited recent paper on Russia Europe and America over the past few centuries. Doesn’t seem to have been widely reported here. If there is one that We need it is to know more about others. Of course we have to figure out what is real and what is grandstanding and propaganda, but to infantalise with too much one sided storytelling is to risk a backlash.

    Where is the plurality of a free and diverse media?

  • fwl

    Hhm proof reading of posts before sending might be an idea. I am always surprised by just how many words are missing or misspelt eg no for know??!!

  • John Goss

    KingOfWelshNoir 10 Mar, 2016 – 7:08 pm

    Agreed. I’m sure he knows more than one who has contributed.

    Global Research is a good source of alternative (that is more honest) journalism. Its contributors may not be polished in the salient tricks of mainstream house-styles and editorial hooks but what they write is often well-researched and comes from a desire for justice to be seen to be done. That is something I fear is lacking in the Fourth Estate as much as in the judiciary.

  • Resident Dissident

    “People like Resident Dissident, unable to find any excuse for the behaviour of western-supported Jihadists Kurd-killers makes a feeble plea for Craig to go searching for information that might support his ‘off-the-wall’ theories.”

    I am not able to and not wanting to make any excuses for Jihadists, western supported or otherwise – never have and never will. If Mr Goss wants to find those making excuses for Jihadists and terrorists might I suggest that he have a long hard look in his own mirror first. Just read his posts after every major terrorist attack on the West if evidence is required.

    My question was to Craig regarding whether he is prepared to confirm whether or not the Syrian Government has been involved in gassing or starving its citizens, to which he has not given an answer. There are plenty of other sources providing “evidence” other than the BBC – though of course the creatures can always ignore such evidence, and even blame Hillary Clinton, as it does not fit with their world view.

    We can of course all accept that Assad bombs Palestinian refugee camps as the creature’s favourite George Galloway has confirmed this to be the case.

  • Leonard Young

    Back in 2011 the BBC ran a broadly approving series on education in Syria, including one programme about the promotion of female equality in education and life. How things change in a schizophrenic manner where the BBC is concerned! The series openly promoted Syria as a torchbearer for emancipation in the middle east.


    The BBC’s schizoid approach to Syria is parallel to its regular habit of supporting any establishment view. That view does not have to be necessarily “left” or “right” as long as it is “establishment”. How to define that word? Does it mean promoting what the foreign office tells it to promote? Craig will know.

    The Beeb has just been voted the most “reliable” source of impartial information as far as the UK electorate can judge. How depressing. What hope is there of proper scrutiny when such obedience is expressed? Later, the BBC suddenly switches sides and approves of all the cash and arms support for what it describes as “moderate” rebels. The fact is that almost no-one fighting in Syria has ever been moderate. It is a blood bath of bitter and psycopathic proportions and the only escapees are the middle class, educated few while the poor are left to suffer Assads bombs, US and UK strikes, ISIS nut cases and assorted factions.

    Meanwhile the situation WE partly created results in our government, and the rest of Europe, doing everything they can to stop people from escaping the nightmare and seeking a better life. And the BBC is utterly complicit in the misinformation that our electorate is swallowing. I despair.

  • Resident Dissident

    Per Craig

    “The most egregious BBC propaganda this year has been about the “starvation” of the town of Madaya.”

    Compare and contrast with Jermynstreet Jim’s link to MSF 6:48pm and even Mark Goldin’s link at 8:49am which refers to Save the Children finding starving children in Madaya.

    Someone has clearly got it wrong.

  • Andrew

    When it comes to foreign news, you shouldn’t accept anything the BBC broadcasts or publishes at face value. Everything is portrayed from the viewpoint of Washington DC and its collaborators in the British establishment. Channel 4 is the same.

    The BBC employs an army of “journalists” to select, edit, shape and dramatize the information about foreign developments that Washington wants us to see and hear, giving it a British accent. Anything which falls outside or runs counter to the official narrative is usually suppressed and/or ridiculed.

    The BBC performs its function superbly. It may be the most effective propaganda service the world has ever known.

    It isn’t the victim of some dastardly conspiracy. Most people who work for it sincerely believe that the view of the world as seen from official Washington is basically correct. This is what British schoolchildren and students have been taught since the Second World War – even though the real history of British-US relations over the last 100 years has been one of intense rivalry, competition and conflict.

  • Jermynstreetjim

    (Alan Lonergan) ‘Confronting the Chemical Lies in Syria – Mother Agnes Mariam on GRTV’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSCCBnnHgfs.. (Alan Lonergan): Mother Agnes Mariam is a Carmelite nun who has been living and working in Syria for the past 19 years. Now, she is seeking to set the record straight on the lies and disinformation that is driving the NATO powers toward war against the people of Syria. This is the GRTV Feature Interview with our special guest, Mother Agnes Mariam de la Croix.
    29 August 2013 at 11:50

  • bevin

    Now it’s posted at the, very valuable, OffGuardian site

    Resident Dissident, you are deceiving yourself if you believe that you are not supporting wahhabi ‘jihadists’. The story that you are intent on repeating, though it has been comprehensively discredited on numerous occasions, (for example in the LRB by Seymour Hersh) to the effect that the Syrian government has used poison gas in its resistance of the invasion mounted by NATO’s allies, is one of the most potent propaganda weapons of the wahhabi terrorists.

    The facts are crystal clear, so clear that not even a massive misinformation campaign mounted by the NATO governments can obscure them. Syria has not used poison gas and, no longer has the capacity to do so if it wished, thanks to an agreement brokered by the Russian government and supervised by the UN.
    Do you dispute that?

    As to starving civilians, again, the facts are clear: there are two sorts of sieges in Syria at the moment. Firstly there are communities under siege by NATO allies. Most of these are either Kurdish, Christian or Shia and their inhabitants are likely to be executed on masse if the besieging- NATO supplied Resident Dissident supported- forces win.

    Are you blaming the Syrian government because these people would sooner die of starvation than by massacres, preceded by mass rape and enslavement?

    Secondly there are those communities, including parts of Damascus and Aleppo as well as Raqqa where the wahhabi militias are being besieged by the Syrian forces. These sieges it must be said would have been successful months ago were it not that the wahhabi terrorists were being supplied with the latest anti tank and other shoulder mounted missiles by NATO countries and their allies in the GCC. The Syrian Arab Army has sustained heavy casualties in these sieges.
    Are you arguing that the sieges should be lifted and that the wahhabi terrorists should be allowed to make their reign of terror in, for example, Raqqa permanent?

    You are squarely on the side of the wahhabi terrorists. I don’t doubt that you regard them, when they come to Europe, with horror and hatred but clearly you regard it as OK if they act against NATO’s opponents such as Syria, just as you applauded them when they were doing the same thing in Libya.

    [mods@cm-org: blah removed. Don’t impute motives]

  • Kempe

    Craig doesn’t provide a source for this story but it seems to have originated from the wholly reliable, state controlled and utterly unbiased* Russia Today, and even they quantify it as being a claim (ie as yet unverified) by Kurdish militia.


    So far the only other organisations to pick up the story have been the equally reliable** Press TV and The Daily Express!

    As anyone with more than two brain cells is aware that RT is part of Putin’s propaganda machine it’s quite hilarious to see the BBC being accused of bias here.

    * This is sarcasm in case you hadn’t guessed.

    ** So is this.

  • Resident Dissident

    Resident Dissident, you are deceiving yourself if you believe that you are not supporting wahhabi ‘jihadists’.

    No I am not.

    Please don’t lecture me on what is clear and is not clear – my dissent is towards idiots like you – it is perfectly possible to argue a position that both Assad and the jihadists are in the wrong – as well as the Tory Government and the King of Saudi Arabia to boot. There are more that two possible political positions other than your own and those who oppose you – which is of course all that you are able to conceive of with your narrow totalitarian mindset.

    Note to Mods – Anon1 was banned temporarily for imputing motives, I trust you will consider Bevin’s last post in the same regard.

    [mods@cm-org: Anon1 was not banned for imputing motive, that comment was just deleted. His comments were restricted because he subsequently included a fake moderation note in his own comment]

  • Resident Dissident

    “Bevin, they are all war criminals, who should be tried and hanged.”

    Why the trial – is this because you are going soft in your old age,haven’t yet drunk enough, or just developed a taste for show trials?

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