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I have not heard anybody, anywhere, argue in public or on the media the case for Scottish Independence for six months (except for me). I have not heard any elected representative of the SNP argue the case for Independence for… well since Autumn 2014.

It is not surprising the increase in the polls of support for Independence has stalled, as nobody is putting the argument. The trouble with leaving the matter aside until support becomes overwhelming, is that if you leave the matter aside support never will become overwhelming.


I am therefore considering standing as an Independent in the Scottish parliamentary elections, purely to put the full-on case for Independence. There are plenty of other people who can argue about the minutiae of the glorified council at the bottom of Holyrood Road. The SNP has explicitly stated it wants the votes of unionists as well as nationalists in this election. I don’t.

I want to give people who want to express their desire immediately to be shot of the corrupt and warmongering British state, a chance to say so unequivocally at the ballot box once again.

This is a question of principle. It is not undertaken with any expectation of being elected. I would stand in North East Scotland on the regional list ballot. The question is, were I to do this, are there people out there who would help me?

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  • lysias

    He must have some reason for never providing links. He must also have a reason for almost never mentioning a book he’s read.

  • Clark

    Lysias, if someone wants to hide their IP address they can use TOR or a VPN. Not posting links doesn’t help. Habbabkuk probably doesn’t post links often because he’s cantankerous and because someone might read one and contradict him.

  • Paul Barbara

    @ Ruth 3 Mar, 2016 – 10:05 pm
    ‘Sadly the British state is so corrupt that it riggs elections and referendums’:

    ‘General Election 2015: 200,000 ballot papers stolen by van thieves’:

    What a discerning thief/thieves; now who had the means, motive and opportunity, plus of course the knowledge of the van’s contents, and ability to arrange the ‘driver’?
    Police aren’t too bothered – wonder why?

  • Clark

    RobG, 10:57 pm

    “Anyone clicking on this link is clocked back to RobG’s link on this board, which will include RobG’s IP address at the time of posting.”

    No. YouTube will receive a “referrer” field in the visitor’s request. The referrer will be the URL of this page. If it contains an IP address it’ll be the IP address of this site, not of whoever posted the comment. And the only place that will receive it will be YouTube.

  • Uphill

    My feeling on this subject atm, ‘There is room for everyone at the rendezvous of victory’.

    Greece, Austerity, Brexit and Europe’s other darlings at GFMF2016 -

  • Clark

    Who cares if anyone can find your IP address anyway? IP addresses are like arseholes. They’re all pretty similar, we all have one, we all know that everyone else has one, most people think you have to keep them hidden, and a few sorry folk get really excited if they get to see someone else’s.

  • lysias

    In a piece on his book, Hett cites the highly favorable judgments on his work by many historians. Here, for example, is Ian Kershaw:

    [Hett has] done a very good job of dissecting the murky evidence related to the Reichstag Fire, and [the book is] particularly illuminating on Fritz Tobias and the climate in which he wrote his book. For me, Hermann Graml hit the nail on the head with his comment, quoted on p. 323 of the book, that what is at stake comes down in the end to not much more than that the Nazis ‘did not shrink from the crime of arson’. In my view, therefore, Professor Hett goes too far in claiming on the following page that ‘to control the narrative of the fire is to control the narrative of Nazism itself’. However, his meticulous analysis, which goes a long way towards rehabilitating the line first advanced soon after the war by Hans Bernd Gisevius, is, for me, largely compelling, both in the balance of probabilities on the authorship of the fire, and in the elucidation of the postwar atmosphere in West Germany which made the ‘single authorship’ of van der Lubbe important for the Gestapists to establish.

    And here is Gerhard Weinberg:

    In this book, Hett traces every one of these issues with very great care and shows beyond any doubt in this reviewer’s mind that the decree ending civil rights and the arrest lists were carefully prepared days before the fire, that the reports by technical experts at the time show that van der Lubbe could not possibly have set the huge fire in the main assembly chamber, and that SA storm troopers played the major role in setting the fire. For any who want to trace these issues through the years, the courts, and the way in which some key figures changed their testimony to suit the needs of the moment and fit into the changing context of West German politics, here is the full account. Well-written, most carefully researched, and presented in great detail, here is the real story that skeptics will find difficult to refute.

  • RobG

    Clark, you appear to be on the internet courtesy of a company called PlusNet, who are based in Sheffield in the UK. Their main IP address is 195.166.128.** (last digits removed out of respect for Clark’s privacy).

    See how easy this is?

    Do you see how easily this can be abused?

    Still waiting for Habba to post a link, that he knows will be easily used to nail him.

  • Clark

    RobG, you foolish bluffer, my current IP address is

    Anyone can find PlusNet’s IP address.

  • lysias

    In his piece to which I have just provided a link, Hett furnishes a devastating rebuttal to Evans’s review.

  • fwl

    I remember a certain commentator (with a tendency to use words from books like skein) recommending several history books on France.

  • Clark

    RobG, would you like me to post a comment at your blog so you can confirm my IP address easily?

    (would RobG be honest enough to report my IP address correctly?)

  • RobG

    Clark, if someone clicks on a link that leads to any of my own web space I can quite easily find out the IP address of the ‘clickee’.

    Ask anyone who owns web space.

  • RobG

    Clark we cross-posted.

    Feel free to post a test over at my place (which records IPs automatically), and I’ll re-post it here to confirm your IP (although I’m about to crash out for the night, so you might have to wait until the morn).

  • Clark

    RobG 3 Mar, 11:59 pm

    “if someone clicks on a link that leads to any of my own web space I can quite easily find out the IP address of the ‘clickee’”

    Obviously. If Habbabkuk visits your site, his/her IP address will appear in your server logs – though you won’t be able to tell Habbabkuk from any of your other blog visitors. Obviously your server needs the IP address of any visitor so it can send the page back to their system.

    That has nothing to do with your previous claim, that posting a comment with a link here can help reveal the IP address of the commenter. It doesn’t. Admit it.

  • BrianFujisan

    Hullo Clark.. Good to see from Next door you aer feeling better..getting plenty activity going 🙂

  • Clark

    Readers, RobG is trying to deceive you. I have visited his blog before which is one way he could determine that my Internet Service Provider is PlusNet. Another would be to visit my web space which obviously is provided by PlusNet (note the domain

    But RobG implies that he managed to discover my IP address because I posted a link to his blog in my comment of 3 Mar, 11:13 pm above. That isn’t true. He couldn’t have found my IP address that way.

    Posting a comment on a site reveals your IP address to that site’s admin (though you can hide it by using TOR, a VPN or a proxy), but including a link in your comment doesn’t make your IP address traceable by any other site.

    RobG, please cut the bullshit.

  • Squonk

    If a website is accessed from a HTTP Secure (HTTPS) connection and a link points to anywhere except another secure location, then the referrer field is not sent

    As this site is https then no referrer field should be sent to any site linked here unless it is also https secured. Even then it should only contain the URL of the page here. The referrer field is generated by the clients browser and various browser plugins can alter its behaviour including blocking it entirely.

  • philw

    Baal “No-one had to fail most of the struggling African states. Tribal warfare and the diappearance of colonial laws ensured that. Right now, China and the West are falling over themselves to grab African resources, vast sums of international aid are swallowed in the infinite sands of African corruption, and the effort to make them ‘tow’ (sic) the line seems to be no further forward, despite a lot of pious noises. Yugoslavia effectively Balkanised itself after Tito died. Only a strong man could hold it together, and it was an artificial entity in the first place. Much the same could be said, incidentally, about Syria. Libya, I will concede you, and Iraq.”

    You are so naive (or is it racist?). “Tribal warfare and the ‘diappearance’ (sic) of colonial laws” caused the collapse of Sudan, Somalia, DRC, Sierra Leone, etc? ‘Vast sums of international aid’? My arse! China was prepared to make deals with governments. The West finds it easier to get rid of the governments and barter arms for minerals with the local strongmen. And I suppose the west had nothing to do with Kosovo or Bosnia? That was just Yugoslavia ‘balkanising itself’? Syria has nothing to do with the West channeling arms to Daesh? Its just a form of devolution I suppose?

    How come so many states have collapsed since the fall of the Soviet Union? Its the American Way or no way now. Unipolar, Capitalist, Globalised. Divide and conquer. Set Sunni against Shia, Hutu against Tutsi. Where there is peace let us bring discord.

    The chances of a socialist Scotland being left in peace are zero. Try for St Kilda.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    “RobG, please cut the bullshit.”


    Mission impossible, I fear, but seconded.

    Not sure why RobG is so exercised about seeing my IP address. Was he not the gentleman who has on several occasions told us he knows who I am and that he would reveal all?

  • Chris Rogers


    Despite the Resident Troll extolling the virtues of Prof. Evans views on the Reichstag Fire – funny how he spend shouts in an effort to rebuke posters continually, the fact remains, and despite the good Prof. Evan’s credential, that one Prof. Ian Kershaw (A highly regarded revisionist German Historian globally) happens to concur with Hett as far as the conspiracy is concerned regarding the Reichstag Fire, as do numerous other historians.

    Again, the Resident Troll excels in casting aspersions about any matter discussed on these boards, indeed, he must have the greatest IQ of anyone I know given his expertise on all, and every subject matter discussed on these boards. And yet, when you invite him to visit other Blogs of a similar nature to join in discussions, discussions he vehemently disagrees with, he never engages, but just lurks here as a thorn in the side of Craig and many other posters.

    Funny that is, but hey, no doubt he’s paid well to engage in his crass nonsense continually. Its almost as if he’s an addict!!!!!!!

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