Barbarians at the Gates 229

A Typical Raiding Party of Corbynistas and Cybernats

A Typical Raiding Party of Corbynistas and Cybernats

A key weapon of the neo-liberal establishment in delegitimising the emergence of popular organisation to the left, is to portray all thinkers outside the Overton window as dangerous; actively violent, misogynist and racist.

WikiLeaks have once again done the world a great service by publishing smoking gun evidence that the Democratic National Committee – which was supposed to be a neutral body overseeing the Democrats primary election – was doing everything possible to tilt the field against Bernie Sanders. Just one of the ways that was done was by secretly promoting to the media the idea that Sanders’ supporters were violent, misogynist and intimidatory thugs.

One of the major events used to further this trope was the Democratic state convention in Nevada. This is a powerful demonstration of a phenomenon that we are witnessing daily in the UK – the use of the mainstream media to perpetrate the trope, despite the existence of irrefutable evidence that the narrative being put forward by the mainstream media is factually untrue. I have posted this video before, but please look at it now, whether again or for the first time. This is video of the actual events at Nevada taken from the heart of the “Barbarian crowd of Sanders supporters. The media characterisation of the events you are watching – a characterisation that was spread in active collusion between the media and neo-liberal politicians – includes accusations which we see repeated again and again, of violence, physical threat, misogynist abuse and spitting. What the actual evidence shows is something which we are seeing again and again as the actual reality – neo-liberal members of the paid political class astonished and indignant that their “position” and authority is not being treated with deference by ordinary people. Watch the video.

It is important to say that there is a lot of other video evidence available. This is the clearest I can find. No evidence appears anywhere online which bears out the stories of violence, abuse and spitting – which is quite astonishing given that the entire mainstream media carried and promoted those stories.

The Labour Party constituency meeting at Brighton gives us a precise analogy to the Nevada Democrats meeting. Again claims were made of violent intimidation, swearing and spitting. Again, in this age where everybody has a video camera in their pocket, there is absolutely zero objective evidence of this behaviour and a great deal of evidence to the contrary. It appears the real sin of the Brighton Labour Party members was to elect pro-Corbyn officers. That election has now been annulled. The National Executive Committee of the Labour Party is playing precisely the role against Corbyn that the NDC played against Sanders.

None of this is new. From the start, the Labour establishment has attempted to portray ordinary members as thugs. 7 months ago Stella Creasy claimed that a violent and intimidatory mob had gathered outside her constituency office, and in consequence she and her staff had been too scared to go to work. Here is a video of the actual incident.

Again the obvious and glaring disparity between what actually happened – this “peace vigil” was led by the local vicar to urge Creasy to withdraw her support for bombing Syria – and what Creasy claimed had happened, was ignored by the mainstream media. The mainstream media has become the home of fact free journalism. If you want to find anything approaching truth, you have to go surfing the social media.

It is highly significant that among the “demands” made in a recent letter by 44 anti-Corbyn female MPs was that demonstrations at their offices should be banned, and anyone who participates in one expelled from the Labour Party. I think that in itself says enough about their sense of entitlement and attitude to free speech.

Just a couple more examples of many score I could give. The “brick through Angela Eagle’s window” story is repeated continually by the mainstream media to show the violence of Corbyn supporters. But in fact the broken window was in a stairwell of an office block, actually on a different face of the building to the one on which Angela Eagle’s office has windows. There is no evidence at all that Ms Eagle’s office was the target, let alone that a Corbyn supporter was the perpetrator. I have been able to find no evidence of the existence of the brick. What is interesting, is that on this common stairwell, not connected to the Labour Party, a Party poster was used to close up the void, thus giving a photo opportunity that all of the mainstream media used and reinforcing the false impression – more than impression, false statement in the entire mainstream media – that it was Ms Eagle’s window that was broken. How did this happen? Emergency glaziers carry boards. I have also seen no evidence of the existence of the brick. Was it a literal brick? Where did it come from? Or was it, perhaps, a lump of Portland cement?

My all time favourite for mainstream media distortion of a story comes, naturally, from the BBC. Labour MP Marie Rimmer has been brought to trial for kicking a canvasser. This is how the BBC reported it. This really is beyond satire.

Screenshot (79)

To us Scottish nationalists, the portrayal of those who challenge the status quo as violent and racist is something that we have lived with for years. That is why I use the expression “vauntie cybernat” at the top of my blog, “cybernat” having become the mainstream media term for barbarian during the referendum campaign.

The smearing of critics of the status quo being violent, threatening racists and misogynists was demonstrated perfectly in the killing of the petition against the BBC’s obnoxiously right wing and obviously biased political correspondent, Laura Kuenssberg. A whole wave of obscene, vile and threatening online abuse was alleged to be associated with the petition, but careful investigation – of which zero was done by the mainstream media – proved this to be an outright lie.

Finally, we come to the slur that Corbyn supporters are anti-Semitic. As I have stated before, one obvious flaw in this charge is that almost all Corbyn supporters enthusiastically cheered on Bernie Sanders. Again, the slightest examination of the facts shows that in many cases the accusation absolutely does not stand up, as with the Ruth Smeeth incident where the man demonstrably did not say what she quoted him as saying. Again the mainstream media had no interest in simply provable actual fact.

What has been extremely reprehensible has been the tendency to the mainstream media to slip in, as the Guardian did with the case of Luciana Berger, examples of genuine and appalling anti-Semitic abuse, without making clear that in these cases the perpetrators (and somebody was convicted) were from the far right and had absolutely nothing to do with Corbyn and his supporters. Much the same is true of references to the murder of Jo Cox.

The Establishment will always attempt to characterise any root challenge to its hegemony and ideology as violent, atavistic and subscribing to appalling beliefs and behaviour. The theme of challengers as “Barbarians” runs through history. We will have to put up with it for some time. The good news is, they are seriously rattled.

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229 thoughts on “Barbarians at the Gates

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  • Manda

    “The mainstream media has become the home of fact free journalism.”

    Absolutely, but that and the concerted tactics used by others begs the question… what about other issues? Time to zoom out and look at the bigger picture?

    • LeeJ

      I would think Labour MPs telling outright lies about Labour members actions would be grounds for deselection. Just a thought.

  • Leonard Young

    Yes, yes and again yes Craig! Today I received notice of my “probationary” acceptance by the Labour party. Right from the word go the email IDENTIFIED me by default as a potential abuser, spitter, hater, telling me that Big Brother NEC was monitoring my every word, move and tic, in case I was proven to be a vile hater, bully or misogynist. My messages would be detected, my social media posts (if any) would be vetted and my associations closely watched. My birthdate, name, address and other personal details would be forensically examined in case I had spat at, shouted at or otherwise questioned others in any way that, unilaterally, the NEC, without appeal, might deem me not to be a suitable person.

    The FACT is that I simply registered to vote. I have ZERO history of any intimidation. Any discussion I have had was conducted in public and with total civility and cordiality. Thousands like me have done nothing more than simply register. Apparently I must have no history whatsoever of any affiliation going back to the beginning of time, to any other party (beginning to feel like a “thou shalt have no other god feeling” here).

    Moreover the NEC declares that, without any consultation with me, I accept all the terms and conditions it imposes, without question.

    These are not the actions of a party that actually wants me to be a member. It is a GRUDGING acceptance, probably in fear of judicial oblivion, that it reluctant thinks I will add to the several hundred thousands that might actually prefer a reasonably decent man in preference to someone else who is tip-toeing around his NHS-busting past.

    The link between this Stasi operation and the videos you have just published are palpable. The media have relentlessly created lie upon lie. What they do not yet comprehend is that for every smear they publish, and every skewed report and misinformation they splash on their pages, it just makes me even more determined to stand firm. This I know is shared by hundreds of thousands of others. They are not “Trot” nutcases. They are not spitting revolutionaries. They are not bullies, and they are certainly not stupid. They are just ordinary people, like those in your videos, who are sick and tired of being sold a dummy and they will not retire into a hole of obedient complicity.

    This is a defining moment in British politics. Even if you cannot stand Corbyn, there is a greater imperative. You must turn and face the barrage of misinformation, the lies, the false allegations and the manipulation.

    • John Goss

      I phoned my bank again today. My £25 has not been taken and now I am informed it is ten days (not five as I was previously informed) before it is returned to my account should they not take it.

  • Andrew

    “Leonard Schapiro, writing on Stalinism, warned us that ‘the true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade. But to produce a uniform pattern of public utterances in which the first trace of unorthodox thought reveals itself as a jarring dissonance’.”

    from Yanis Varoufakis’ book “And the Weak Suffer What They Must?”. (Schapiro was a prof. at LSE)

    • Alasdair Macdonald

      Schapiro’s comment is an insightful one. Although he was writing in the context of Stalin, the principle can be generalised as Varoufakis has done. Changing attitudes requires the establishment of cognitive dissonance – when two ideas which are seemingly logically incompatible are held simultaneously, then the brain seeks to resolve this by producing some new attitude. So, when an ‘unorthodox’ thought is presented, resolving the dissonance, results in a change in attitude, in the direction of the ‘unorthodox’. so, the counterpropagandist is simply seeking, by the kind of lie, that Mr Murray illustrates, to shift the attitude back or just to stop the listener resolving the dissonance caused by the orthodox statement. Of course, the process is more complex and factors such as the credibility of the teller to the listener come into play. If the counter statement is made by, say, Laura Kuennsberg, then I might reject it. However, the propagandist is not worried about individuals like me in this instance, but on preventing a fair proportion of the public accepting the unorthodox. Lest anyone think I am imputing greater strength of character to me and those who broadly agree with some of Mr Murray’s views, we are as susceptible to manipulation as other people unless we take the time to reflect.believing our own propaganda is a common failing of radical campaigns.

      • nevermind

        well spoken Alastair, and there are instances were human but sometimes irrational dissonance can throw us all into a spin, best example, a child cries big tears, it just has bitten its tongue, but we do not know, all people around the child look concerned and are for seconds totally enthralled by the emotional dissonance created inn us.

        To get at our personal emotions and try and mess with them is what spooks do, subtle, nicely first but like a crescendo has to start somewhere, the hidden purpose behind is their goal and as long as they can turn up the dissonance dial to get there, they will.

    • Resident Dissident

      Ever struck you that there is not much in the way of alternative voices within Momentum?

        • Jim

          Ever struck you that Momentum has prominent ‘voices’ close to the Messiah such as those of the convicted criminal electoral fraudster I posted on yesterday.
          I would categorise such reprehensible behaviour as coming under the category of violent and barbarian myself, I don’t know about you.
          And Craig’s repeated risible attempted smears of Laura Kuennsberg, David Babbs of 28 degrees, and Joe the petitions organiser are also extremely reprehensible. To me they are a form of violence.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Oily Smith has wheeled out the ultimate smear. I very much doubt Corbyn can survive this:

    “I think Jeremy shares some of the traits of New Labour in as much he has not been bold enough. We have not put pen to paper on policy in almost any area in the last nine months,” he said.

    That ‘we’ was a bit of an own-goal, though, wasn’t it? ‘We’ have been too busy trashing the elected leader of the party for the last nine months to find common ground and do boring stuff like analysis and costing together. ‘We’ have been assiduously creating our self-fulfilling prophesy that ‘we’ will be unelectable. Still, it’s refreshing to see that the concept of ‘we’ (it’s a broad church, isn’t it?) even enters Smith’s maggot-sized brain.

    • Hieroglyph

      Smith is, quite evidently, a relentless opportunist, engaged in piss-poor positioning. Remember when Blair ‘came to Socialism through Marx’? Yup, like that was ever plausible. It’s the same old BS from Smith, feigning left to fool the rubes. And he’s fucking terrible at it. He just can’t hide the fact that he’s on the make, and doesn’t believe a word of what he’s saying. If that’s the best Nu Lab has to offer, no wonder they can’t win elections, post-Blair.

      I guess we can thank Blair. He parachuted in nobodies to safe seats, and they are all utterly hopeless. Corbyn will smite them all with ease. This year, next year, the year after – they’ll be destroyed by the socialist sword of Jezism. Karma.

      • Spaull

        Smith’s latest is to say he will give Corbyn a Cabinet position if Smith wins. The phrase “cognitive dissonance” went through my mind when I read that. He would give a Cabinet position to someone he thinks is incompetent and has presided over a rise in misogyny, anti-Semitism and bullying? How ridiculous is that?

        I don’t think they even realise the extent to which they are blatantly contradicting themselves and tying themselves up in knots.

  • fwl

    Overton window, but it should be windows. Do you remember that children’s programme with its 3 windows each a different shape, which asked the viewer which window it would be today. We need many views, many Overton windows, many perspectives of what may be the range of norms.

    Just been reading The Maisky Diaries and one observation is how he puts himself into the shoes of others as indeed should any diplomat, or any human being. Todays news with it’s one window approach, which excludes so many stories is both patronising and lacking in confidence. It essentially seeks to treat us all like Stepford Wives. For eg RT runs a story that Turkey has accused a US General former NATO chief of orchestrating the recent failed coup. Difficult to find this on British media not even a refutation. At least on some American sites I find a refutation. Silence will only lead some people to have misplaced confidence in Russian or other propaganda. I haven’t checked WSJ yet. I still have some confidence in the WSJ, which (like the Spectator) has the guts to give space to ideas it doesn’t agree with. Anyway lets all try to see things from other peoples’ viewpoint even if we disagree or dislike them. If even journalists have given this up then they should look in the mirror and see if they can see into their self (if we can’t recognise our self then our attempts to genuinely put ourselves into other shoes may be deluded projection). Ok enough hippy stuff for now….

    • John Goss

      Yes, The Maisky Diaries are a good read. I have just emailed the author to see if he is related to the poet Sergey Gorodetsky and on another matter of interest.

    • Paul Barbara

      Why should people not have a well-placed belief in Russian ‘Propaganda’? They are far more honest than Western propaganda’
      It makes perfect sense that a US General should be behind the latest Turkish coup attempt; the Yanks have been behind all the previous ones, through their Gladio network (there’s plenty of books on the subject, but hopefully the following article will be enough to spur interested parties to research the issue more thoroughly): NATO and Ultras: The Turkish Gladio:
      Gladio was also responsible for many terrorist attacks in Europe, which were blamed on the Reds – Bologna train station bombing (85 dead, 200+ injured; kidnapping and murder of Aldo Moro (who had been personally threatened by Kissinger); Brabant massacres and many others. And all in a deliberate ‘Strategy of Tension’ (very much like ‘Terrorist attacks’ now) to keep the Euro Communists out of governments, even in coalitions.

      • fwl

        Round square or arched window none give a full and accurate pictures, but by looking through different windows and considering their frames and how some glass is clear and some is stained we start to acquire a more complex picture, but no one tells us the whole story. When it comes to these sorts of events we might do well to accept that our level of understanding is like that of infants watching Play School. We don’t know much but we have reasonable BS detectors.

      • Resident Dissident

        Why should people not have a well-placed belief in Russian ‘Propaganda’?

        The past history of the KGB/FSB, of which Putin is a former operative and leader.

        • fwl

          Quite. It’s right to consider all the views and be critical of all. To realise that one is being lied only to believe every word of the whistleblower is naive. Whistleblowers (even when revealing the truth or part of the truth) rarely act in good faith. There us usually an angle, something missing or distorted.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        Why should people not have a well-placed belief in Russian ‘Propaganda’? They are far more honest than Western propaganda’

        You are tediously attached to this idea. Now let’s have another go at it. You’re missing the qualifying clause – when it suits Russian interests. ‘Western’ propaganda ( you conveniently lump it all together, from Japanese to Greek propaganda) is far more honest than Russian propaganda when it suits ‘Western’ interests. Ask any faintly dissident Russian.

        So, if RT is carrying a story denigrating the US, and for which no independent evidence is likely to exist, you swallow it whole, but I say, wait a minute. Turkey is a NATO member, and naturally Russia would like to sow a little discord here. Especially as the story originates with an Erdoğan – controlled paper, and Erdoğan just happens to be mending his fences with Russia.

        Perhaps we could have a look at stories which appear in the Western press, but on which Moscow is strangely silent?

        • fwl

          Yes, I agree, but the coup story does appear in other media and appears to originate with the Turkish president or his people, which makes it a story regardless of whether its rubbish or not. It would though definitely assist some here though if someone were to record Western media stories which should be of interest to Russians, but which fail to make it into their media. In fact there could be a great web site that searches for all the uncovered stories and also all the gaps between our respective Overton windows. Some of that content would be facts or “facts” ie stories which various countries or power blocks conveniently ignore, whilst the rest could consider conceptual differences and behaviour. Maybe then all of our windows widen.

  • John Goss

    I suspect this “pro-Corbyn thugs” meme will end up as a home-goal. The majority has already seen through it. Momentum meetings (party members and supporters of Jeremy Corbyn) are quiet and civilised affairs, where all attending are urged not to behave in a disorderly way, and try to encourage the right-wing of the party back into the fold in respect for our leader’s wishes.

    The chicken coup looks like being a failed attempt. The slur on members who support Corbyn as eing ‘thugs’ looks like it will be another failed attempt. However, those who have made a good living out of turning the Labour Party into a party supportive of establishment elites will not give up their easy life without further initiatives. Eventually they may run short of ideas – God-willing.

    • Resident Dissident

      “will not give up their easy life without further initiatives”

      And what might those be. Don’t you thing calling people backstabbers, making unspecified threats and actually accusing good people of supporting establishment elites might also be something of a slur as well as being a tad disorderly????????

      • John Goss

        I think the backstabbing, as many see it, was the actual disorderly act, aimed at dividing the party and overthrowing the democratically-elected leader. Jeremy Corbyn has tried to do everything to unite it despite such an attack.

        I voted to remain in Europe but accepted the decision. Will the right of the party accept the result the next time he is democratically-elected? I have my doubts. They did not the last time. However, what they wish for in trying to remove Corbyn, may be something that comes back to bite them. They say be careful what you wish for! 🙂

        I don’t like the tone of your ‘unspecified threats’. What’s that supposed to mean? Another of your attempts to try and put your words into my keyboard?

        • Resident Dissident

          “I don’t like the tone of your ‘unspecified threats’.”

          “will not give up their easy life without further initiatives”

          What are the unspecified initiatives – you conspicuously fail to say what they might be.

          • John Goss

            If you know pass me your crystal ball. I don’t want to make any predictions, because I don’t know, but I can observe, like Craig in this post, what has happened so far! On that basis it seems likely that there will be further initiatives. I hope not. I hope the party unites around its leader.

  • Tom

    Exactly. And it’s basically the same strategy being used in the false-flag atrocities that we’re seeing being carried out in Europe – turn the European peoples against each other and against a common ‘enemy’, so that the crumbling USA can continue to rule. They did the same in Latin America and the Middle East.
    That’s also why the British mainstream media, which is infiltrated by the CIA, was pushing Brexit, and why they keep writing articles telling people to be frightened – while at the same time frantically trying to distract people from the gaping holes in the ludicrous official narratives.

    • Paul Barbara

      Agree with most of your post, but not with CIA backing of ‘Brexit’. The EU is an important block in the NWO jigsaw, and our exit has, IMO, thrown a big spanner in the works. Remember, we’re not ‘out’ yet; methinks the PTB will pull some dirty tricks to reverse it.
      Gladio was used in Latin America, and the Vatican covertly backed it.

      • Herbie

        The US and UK really did quite a job on the Vatican.

        And after them being so helpful on the Communist business, right up to Poland in the 80s.

        I mean.

        Look at the simpering thing today.

        You’d almost be forgiven for thinking it weren’t part of future calculations.

  • mark golding

    The ‘gates’ are always opened by treachery and the messages passed by spies in polyalphabetic ciphers. The modern agents are now operatives of the secret service. The keepers of the gate or the establishment are the security service. The demise of pro-Corbyn officers is according to a sound source part of an ongoing operation called ‘Conway’ that will ensure Jeremy is disadvantaged.

    A legal challenge to Jeremy Corbyn’s right to automatically stand in the Labour leadership has been heard at the High Court in London; Donor and former candidate Michael Foster is contesting Labour’s decision to allow Mr Corbyn on to the ballot paper without having to secure nominations from 50 other MPs and MEPs.

    Labour’s National Executive Committee backed the move by 18 to 14 votes.

    The war on concepts is being waged globally, with the aim of enforcing the military-security complex. These global “wars” are against drugs, terrorism, the internet, and whistleblowers. How are they interconnected, what are we facing, and what can we do?

    • mark golding

      Michael Foster is blessed with Mossad watching his back.

      Millionaire Foster appeared at a public ‘hustings’ in the Camborne and Redruth constituency when he objected to mention of his luxurious four-bedroom home by Loveday Jenkin who was standing for the Cornish party Mebyon Kernow.

      It is known from close witnesses that Mr Foster turned to Ms Jenkin and said: ‘You cunt. If you pick on me again I will destroy you.’

      • Herbie


        Anyone who knows anything about politics behind the scenes knows that it’s Game of Thrones cubed.

        Auld Michael Martin, former Speaker, said it was like The Godfather.

        So, curious then that all these nuLab MPs are so thin skinned.

        A ruse, perhaps.

    • Paul Barbara

      The ‘Wars’ on Drugs and Terror are doublespeak; the CIA are the biggest drug merchants and the worst terrorists in the world; the ‘Wars’ against the internet and whistle-blowers is real, unfortunately.
      Clinton’s hubby Bill was Governor of Arkansas when tons of cocaine were flown into Mena airport, with Bill getting his monetary cut, and personal stash of cocaine. It was a very important part of the Iran/Contra/Cocaine affair (though the cocaine part is largely still unknown among Joe Public).

  • Herbie

    Where there’s muck, there’s brass.

    “mouthy MP Jess Phillips, who is spending the summer writing a personal manifesto. And publishers are dead keen to print it.”

    At least she hasn’t complained she was bullied.

    Hard for a “mouthy” “firebrand” to do, eh.


    It’s a media fing innit.

    Really need to cut them out of the peeps business.

  • Paul Barbara

    You couldn’t make it up!
    This is the email ‘500,000 kids dead – we think it’s worth it’ Madeleine Albright is sending out in the States to Demoprats:

    ‘There is no one I admire — or trust — more than Hillary Clinton, and that’s what I’m going to say at the Democratic Convention this week.

    This country needs her to win this election — and she needs you on her side to do it.

    Donald Trump simply has no credibility or standing to represent American interests abroad. His small-minded, unstable temperament, his shocking incoherence regarding the norms and details of foreign policy, and his dangerous ideology are all completely disqualifying.

    Trump barely understood the Brexit decision, which sent ripples of economic anxiety and nationalist sentiment across Europe. He believes more, not fewer, nations should acquire nuclear weapons. He praises authoritarians like Vladimir Putin. He thinks people like President Obama and Hillary are to blame for the rise of ISIS and the collapse of Libya. He considers NATO — a bedrock alliance dating back to 1949 — a security agreement we could casually withdraw from or renegotiate unilaterally. Just this weekend, he talked about leaving the World Trade Organization as well.

    I’ve known Hillary for decades, and I know that the choice we have to make in November could not be more clear or more consequential. If you’re with her and trust her as much as I do, show her — and show the world how much better we are than the disturbing and dark vision Donald Trump offers.’

    Will even ‘Old Nick’ himself be roped into endorsing ‘Killary Hildabeast?’

  • Alex Birnie

    Does anyone know the outcome of the trial of Marie Rimmer? Is the trial over? Guilty or not guilty? I can’t find a source for this….

    • Brianfujisan

      I’m Sure that is still in the courts Alex.

      But Great post from Craig

      And From some Commenters.

      But To me THEE key weapon of the neo-liberal that Box in the corner of most folks Livingrooms – More Who controls it – Thank Fuck for Sites like Medialens..Always at war with Media Bias and Lies

      On Medialens –

      John Pilger wrote this month of our work:

      ‘At a time when journalism has become anti-journalism – the facade behind which powerful vested interests control much of our lives – Media Lens is a beacon, a whistleblower, unflagging in subverting lies, spin and hypocrisy, inspirational in its truth-telling.’ (Pilger, email to Media Lens, July 15, 2016)

      In a blog piece, Craig Murray rightly noted:

      ‘The demonstrable public contempt of the public for the political class has been mirrored these last few days by the demonstrable contempt of the political class for the public. This has been obvious in the response to the Brexit vote, and in the Labour parliamentary party’s move against Corbyn. Both are evidence that the political class feel that they should not be directed by a wider public.’

      This explains why the corporate media have avoided mentioning that Corbyn won last year’s leadership election by a ‘landslide’, winning 60% of the vote, more than all the rest of the candidates combined. Despite noting that Angela Eagle is the likely leadership contender, the media have also ignored a February YouGov poll that found that 60% of Labour members would vote for Corbyn in a new leadership race, with 15% supporting Hilary Benn and just 6% supporting Angela Eagle.

      Murray continued:

      ‘Everybody knows that the Labour parliamentary party is well to the right of both the membership and the trade unions, and has been itching to get rid of Corbyn from day one. For those who have constantly stabbed him in the back for a year to criticise his effectiveness in fighting their opponents is ridiculous.’

      lies media tell

      ensure souls in peaceful Pews

      Cannot pray in peace

  • Gracchus

    Interesting to consider the Alistair Goebbels repetitions of general aspersions against bullying thrown at Corbyn and his backers in context of actual steps taken to counter specific acts of bullying and threats.Marie Rimmer takes specific action against a specific person based on a specific incident. [Oh, I forgot, Conor McGinn did make a specific reference to a threat allegedly made by Corbyn to tell his Daddy that he was being naughty.]

    Given the broader context, news this morning that Naz Shah has instigated the police to arrest someone who had threatened her is even more interesting. Now, I dont think that Shah or Corbyn handled the charges of anti-semitism directed against her correctly. I have not read nor heard everything Shah has written and said, but the map of US with Israel superimposed and the suggestion that Israel be moved there to solve Palestinian problem is a) not anti-semitic b) a semi-facetious statement that raises a genuine historical and political issue. If this was the substance of her ‘anti-semitism’ — i.e. anti-zionism that the Zionist attack as ‘anti-semitism’ [as always ! I can remember the Meir Kahane JDL attacking any Jew who opposed Zionism as a ‘Jew-hating Jew’] — then there should have been no apology. The Ken Livingstone and Jackie Walker suspensions were similar moves that seem entirely motivated by Zionist suppression of historical truths — the Zionists are not so much concerned about the history, of course, as they are about creating a political culture in which it is extremely difficult if not impossible to criticise Zionism [it takes balls of steel to be Jonathan Cook, no doubt!]. It was wrong for Corbyn to conciliate these attacks. Indeed, the bullies here are the Zionists who attack anyone who criticises Israel and Zionism as anti-semitic.

    Back to Marie Rimmer and Naz Shah — when specifics are at stake, people take action. When aspersions are made, the MSM sprays them about and there is no accountability — bet Seema Malhotra won’t be coming down through the mists of generalised aspersions again any time soon!.

  • SmilingThrough

    It may be worth recalling the role of The Guardian when some Labour MPs split to form the SDP in 1981.

    It publicised the activities of the Gang of Four long before then in much the same way as it has done that of the PLP plotters since Jeremy Corbyn became leader. In the 1983 general election four Guardian writers, including Polly Toynbee, stood as SDP parliamentary candidates.

    After the 1987 election and the SDP merger with the Liberals, Toynbee split again by backing David Owen and his David Sainsbury-funded SDP rump.

    Toynbee, after a spell at the BBC with her old friend John Birt, then re-emerged as a supporter of Sainsbury- and Levy-funded New Labour.

    Nor should we forget the determination of some of those Labour MPs in 1981 to wreak maximum damage on their party before leaving, again reminiscent of some of the things said and done by PLP mewmbers against Corbyn and his many new members now.

    Lobster magazine — — recorded in 2011:

    “A piece in The Guardian (19 March 2011), ‘Thatcher papers reveal how she stoked rightwing rebellion in war against “wets”’, notes that Thatcher’s private secretary, Ian Gow MP, met with Labour MP Neville Sandelson, six months before Sandelson joined the SDP when it went public. Gow’s report includes this paragraph: ‘Sandelson says that his remaining political purpose is to ensure the re-election of the Conservative Party at the next Election, because only by another Conservative victory will there come about that split in the Labour
    Party, which he considers to be an essential pre-ondition for a real purge of the Labour Left.’
    Sandelson was then one of the Labour MPs, about to defect to the SDP, who had voted for Michael Foot rather than Denis Healey in the
    leadership election contest of 1982.”

    • Tony M

      ‘Sandelson says that his remaining political purpose is to ensure the re-election of the Conservative Party at the next Election, because only by another Conservative victory will there come about that split in the Labour Party, which he considers to be an essential pre-ondition for a real purge of the Labour Left. Sandelson was then one of the Labour MPs, about to defect to the SDP, who had voted for Michael Foot rather than Denis Healey in the leadership election contest of 1982.”

      Fascinating recap of the fall of the Labour government of right-winger Callaghan, in which Healey, also on the very right, was under some sort of influence that saw him besotted by neo-liberal economic ‘thinking’ and a willing pawn, if not offensive weapon of the bankers and speculators. There was too a quite un-necessary IMF loan, with harsh conditions, he started privatisations of profitable public-sector companies, such as BP where the rapacious private-sector reaped the rewards of vast public money invested. Setting a pattern for future privatisations under the Tories, such as in telecommunications as it entered the digital age, where the private sector hi-jacked the R & D, the intellectual property, the long-term public investment, just as much that was revolutionary was coming to fruition.

      Labour Party circles in Scotland still peddle the myth the SNP were responsible by the Callaghan/Healey government’s demise, they ignore the deep and wide chasm within Labour itself, the festering infiltration by the right and resultant treachery and betrayal, their own tangled web of lies around and the economy and oil, and the twisted outcome of the rigged ’78 Scottish Devolution Referendum. I’d never heard of this Sandelson, but as you can see he stuck with keeping up ‘left’ front until the very last moment, and no doubt some such as he will be easily lost in Jeremy Corbyn’s support inside the party, waiting.

      I never shop at Sainsburys, never have never will, this creepy oligarch has been subverting democracy in this country for decades. Polly Wolly too, of the Guardian (spits), has long been a thorough and contemptible hypocrite. At the other end of the media scale Lobster Magazine too these days, has earned my ire, with their patronising disdain, not for the SNP, but for Scottish Independence itself, with a strident dated anglo-unionist taint to some recent contributions, that I’d quite written it off as beyond credible or informed.

  • michael norton

    I think The Barbarians in this story are the Saudis
    “Hot lesbians” ad lands Canadian oil sands group in hot water

    “In Canada lesbians are considered hot! In Saudi Arabia if you’re a lesbian YOU DIE! Why are we getting our oil from countries that don’t think lesbians are hot?!”

    Underneath, the catchphrase read: “Choose Equality! Choose Canadian oil!”

  • John Goss

    “What has been extremely reprehensible has been the tendency to the mainstream media to slip in, as the Guardian did with the case of Luciana Berger, examples of genuine and appalling anti-Semitic abuse, without making clear that in these cases the perpetrators (and somebody was convicted) were from the far right and had absolutely nothing to do with Corbyn and his supporters.”

    The manufacture of anti-semitism as a tool to disgrace opponents, whether it exists or not, has a long history and some powerful people behind it. In the current ludicrous High Court hearing to get Jeremy Corbyn’s name taken off the leadership ballot brought by ex-working colleague of David Cameron, wealthy businessman and donor to the Labour Party, Michael Foster, it is clear that some people think money is more important than justice, and justice can be bought.

    The same Michael Foster tried to label Jeremy Corbyn as an anti semite because his brother supported Palestine rights.

    This is the big danger of giving someone too big a voice to press his or her personal cause because he or she donates to the party. This money is not the money the party needs. The party is better run by money from those it purports to serve, whether through Trades Union political levies or through the 173,000 plus supporters’ donations to the Labour Party whose rights it claims to espouse. “Ye are many, they are few.” 173,000 times £25 is a lot more than these puppeteers ever contribute. In fact there is not one donation been made this since Corbyn became leader from any Israeli donor – if you believe Foster. I bet there are a good few among the £25 donors.

    Meanwhile for those not familiar with the anti-Corbyn nature of this “cash for justice” member of the Labour Party here are some facts.

    • Paul Barbara

      And the Labour supporters can’t get compensated for their £25 as a Tax Deduction.

      • John Goss

        It’s good point Paul. I suppose the wealthy donors have a way round this, a bit like the Tony Blair Foundation and Atlantic Bridge set up to create a maze of financial manouvreings and dead ends for those trying to get information on donors and where the money goes.

  • michael norton

    Barbarians at the gate of Nice.
    More Islamists in Nice than any other french City.
    French police arrested two men in connection with the Bastille Day massacre in Nice which left 84 people dead, a source close to the investigation said Tuesday, bringing to seven the number of people detained since the July 14 attack.

    “They were placed in custody while investigators seek to determine if the Tunisian (attacker) Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel had logistical support,” the source told AFP.
    Prosecutors believe Bouhlel had long plotted the attack in which he ploughed a 19-tonne truck into a crowd which had been enjoying a fireworks display on Nice’s seafront Promenade des Anglais, injuring more than 300 people.

    The French State does seem to be very far back on the left foot.

    As France is one of the most powerful countries in the World, a nuclear power, incredible percentage of working people are in some way or other in the public pay, massive security forces, massive government over-structure,
    yet it mostly seems to be useless.

    I suggest that the monolithic structure has a “frozen mind”

    these Frenchies are stuck in the past, they cannot think out side of any boxes.

    • Paul Barbara

      When I was a kid in the East End, it was commonplace to see horse-drawn carts trundling through London streets, their eyes focused by blinkers so they would not be spooked by vehicles in their side vision.
      But in 2016, it is really disappointing to find the horses gone from the streets, but their blinkers recycled and happily worn by the ‘Sheeple’!

      French officer claims interior ministry made her alter Nice attack report an-harassed-CCTV 

      ‘Richard Gutjahr, Same Guy That Filmed France Truck Attack, On Scene At German Mall Shooting’: k-attack-scene-german-mall-shooting/ 

      Police vans blocking off promenade withdrawn just before attack ans-blocking-promenade-withdrawn-hour1/ 


      Yet the great majority of video pics show the white truck with a peculiar pink tinge, and serious dark discolouration on the front – but same bullet holes!

      Operation Gladio :

      Muslims are the new ‘Reds’!

      • glenn_uk

        This is the way you work, I take it – with a total lack of honesty.

        We went through this “unblemished lorry” BS in a previous thread. Plenty of posts were given showing the extensive damage, you didn’t bother replying to that.

        Yet up you pop again, producing the same nonsense. Eventually people stop replying – and job done as far as you’re concerned, right?

        Exactly the same playbook as for the Sandy Hook massacre. Make your ludicrous “False Flag!” allegations again and again, ignore the responses, and eventually people will tire of denying your rubbish.

        You have no integrity or honesty, Paul. You are a shameless liar.

        • michael norton

          I don’t think it is a total lack of Honesty.
          It is a total lack of clarity.
          It is unbelievable that a nineteen ton lorry can plough through a crowd of three hundred people at 90 k/hour and not have one body part or one drop of blood on the windscreen.
          We have yet to be authoritively informed
          if the driver stopped the lorry to get out to shoot at policemen & standers-by, as first claimed.
          If he had stopped the lorry and got out to engage in a fire fight with the police, it is extremely improbable that he would climb back up into this vehicle and continue his carnage.
          so, if it was true, the driver stopped the lorry of his own violition to engage in a fire fight with the police, why did they then fire fifty bullets into an empty, stopped vehicle?
          If on the other hand after the driver had ran over hundreds of people and he was stopped by fifty bullets fired through the windscreen, the vehicle would have crashed at speed.
          This would have resulted in a completely smashed in front of the lorry and whatever the lorry ended up in would be smashed to bits.
          The driver would still be in the cab and the cab would be filled with blood, body parts and lorry debris.

          We have been shown no evidence for either outcome?

          • glenn_uk

            There was plenty of evidence, and some of this gruesome detail was reproduced on a previous thread.

            The fact that you screwed up your eyes, stuck your fingers in your ears while yelling “lalalalalalallalalala” all the while, doesn’t make that evidence go away.

            Stop insulting the dead and traumatised people, just for your personal amusement, there’s a good fellow, eh?

  • Gracchus

    TO John Goss

    Yes indeed, it did go into moderation. I suspect I know why but not certain.

    • John Goss

      There are certain words that cannot be mentioned to do with a religion. The same standards are not applied to other religions making this form of moderation biased. I have two comments awaiting moderation one saying what I have mentioned here.

      • John Goss

        This is one of the comments without the Daily Mail link.

        “What has been extremely reprehensible has been the tendency to the mainstream media to slip in, as the Guardian did with the case of Luciana Berger, examples of genuine and appalling anti-Semitic abuse, without making clear that in these cases the perpetrators (and somebody was convicted) were from the far right and had absolutely nothing to do with Corbyn and his supporters.”

        The manufacture of anti-semitism as a tool to disgrace opponents, whether it exists or not, has a long history and some powerful people behind it. In the current ludicrous High Court hearing to get Jeremy Corbyn’s name taken off the leadership ballot brought by ex-working colleague of David Cameron, wealthy businessman and donor to the Labour Party, Michael Foster, it is clear that some people think money is more important than justice, and justice can be bought.

        The same Michael Foster tried to label Jeremy Corbyn as an anti semite because his brother supported Palestine rights.

        This is the big danger of giving someone too big a voice to press his or her personal cause because he or she donates to the party. This money is not the money the party needs. The party is better run by money from those it purports to serve, whether through Trades Union political levies or through the 173,000 plus supporters’ donations to the Labour Party whose rights it claims to espouse. “Ye are many, they are few.” 173,000 times £25 is a lot more than these puppeteers ever contribute. In fact there is not one donation been made this since Corbyn became leader from any Israeli donor – if you believe Foster. I bet there are a good few among the £25 donors.

        Meanwhile for those not familiar with the anti-Corbyn nature of this “cash for justice” member of the Labour Party here are some facts.

        The Daily Mail link I removed can be found in the above link.

    • nevermind

      your language is vile, who are these’ islamists’ and who would you want to deport? you fail to say whether you are speaking fro the french or yourself in the west country.

      Your stance is that of Pegida and the EDL, Michael. Are you part of the nationalist drive of Orban, Wilders and le Pen?

      • michael norton

        Police smashed the glass doors of the mosque in Hildesheim, south of Hanover, during the raid on Wednesday.

        Authorities believe young Muslims have been radicalised within the Islamic building which has been branded a “hot spot” of radical Salafists – an extreme version of Sunni Islam.

        A total of 400 officers were involved in the operation.

        Maybe these people?
        However this is Germany.
        ne third of German jihadists who travelled to Syria and Iraq last year to join terror group Islamic State (ISIS) came from the area, according to an intelligence service report.

        Flats of eight board directors of the DIK (German-speaking Islamist association of Hildesheim) society were raided during the operation.
        Imams at the mosque have allegedly preached about “hate against non-believers”, Mr Pistorius said.

        Germany remains on high alert after a Syrian refugee suicide bomber killed himself and wounded 15 days before in the town of Ansbach in Bavaria.

    • michael norton

      One of the effects of this terror, which has not been accepted yet, will be the highly negative influence on the Economy of France.
      I see the family of Prince William are about to go on holiday to France.
      This will be for a “calming influence”
      many normal families will be re-considering holidaying to France, this year, because of the 200 plus Islamic deaths.
      Ordinary families will not have the protection that will be afforded to the family of Prince William.
      So France is highly likely to have a reduced take from tourists, while this nonesense is allowed to continue.
      Increased surveillance / bureaucracy at Calais, leading to 14 hour queues, will also slow down tourisim to France.
      Then there is the perplexing case of Hinkley Point C.
      Possibly the biggest ever potential earner for the French State, unbridled income for the next half a century.
      But if a supplying nation is under a State of Emergency for years because of terror.
      Is this the place you want to entrust the design, the construction, the running and the nuclear waste disposal to?
      Only a lunatic would think, that now with France teetering on the brink, is the perfect time to buy
      a double-barrelled nuclear monster with no resolution for the biggest pile of nuclear waste.

      The largest public sector in Europe, the shortest working hours, it is a wonder the French Economy has not already imploded.

      • nevermind

        France’s economy has been flat lining for years, hence the support the UK gave to the EU, much of which propped up their failing economy and agriculture specifically.

        Tell us who you would like to mass deport and from where, please, you can’t just throw this in for fun, what is the meaning of your EDL slogans here?

        vous parlez pour les Français, Monsieur?

        • michael norton

          Électricité de France or EDF

          is one of the very largely French State owned and heavilly influenced by the French state monoliths.
          At the present moment because AREVA is essentially bankrupt, the French State is forcing EDF to take over AREVA.

          Now, quite recently under NULABOUR Leader Gordon Brown ( I saved the World) he coerced Lloyds bank

          to take over the failing Halifax Bank of SCOTLAND.

          The re-formed giant almost collapsed, taking the British Economy with it.
          These Socialist hair-brained schemes to get one just about surviving megga firm to take over a failing megga firm,
          nearly always end in financial catastrophy, nothing is ever learnt.

          • michael norton

            As for who to deport from France, why it will obviously be up to the French Government.

          • michael norton

            O.K. if we put emotion to one side for a while,
            what is the modern driver, why it is the economy stupid.
            If the French Administration allows the economy of France to implode because of Terror, then either France will collapse
            as a functioning state or a different administration will take over.
            President Francois Hollande has stated many times, if the level of unemployment is not lower at the end of his administration ( than when he took over) he will become history.
            The only possible way Hollande can stay in power will be to increase the state of emergency to such a pitch, that he will claim now is not the time for elections.
            Has he got the bottle for this step.
            I doubt it.
            So, most likely Hollande will not be the socialist candidate at the forthcoming French Presidential Elections.
            It will probably be between some other pathetic Socialist twerp, Sarkozy and Le Pen.
            France is in for a real rollacoaster whoever takes over.

        • nevermind

          ‘Mass deportation’ and shutting off borders’, you were talking about, even Sarkozy would not come up with such slogan.

          So all those who would like to spend money in France and holiday will be faced with shut borders? what utter nonsense.

      • michael norton

        Air France warns of concern about France as a destination
        Air France-KLM has warned there is concern about “France as a destination” as recent terror attacks affected sales in the second quarter of the year.

        The airline group reported a 5% fall in revenue to €6.22bn (£5.2bn) compared with the same period last year.

        Air France also joined other European airlines in warning of the impact from the “high level” of geopolitical and economic uncertainties.

        In the wake of the attack in Nice, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has criticised the government for not doing enough to provide security.

        The centre-right opposition leader called for any foreign nationals with links to radical Islam to be expelled from France.

          • nevermind

            clear as mud more likely.

            ‘Mass deportation’, Michael, that is what you talked about, not the weeding out of known criminals and IS operatives. You are not giving us much new stuff here. Sarkozy has been electioneering with the crisis since Bataclan.

            And whether Sarkozy overcomes his financial scandal and becomes president, has nothing to do with it. Marie Le Pen, your favourite for shutting all borders, is also standing and she’s far more popular. help us all.

            President Sarkozy has not said that he would like to stop all propaganda reaching the worlds sympathisers, did he?

            So our spooks and satellite companies, both for the same reasons will continue to allow young feeble minds being bent by murderous video’s and promises of payment for services. They are both collaborating with the terrorists.

            You see, what is becoming clear to us all, not just the authorities and Governments, that these young men do not have to train in Syria or Iraq anymore, all they need is the daily downloads from IS/Daesh, courtesy of our spooks and the providing satellite profiteers, and they are motivated enough to kill priests, anyone.

            These two wanted to go abroad, but did not manage to get there, were sent back, so they got their encouragement and resolve from the providers of satellite transmitted online content, a fact!

  • Reinvestigate 911

    Great piece Craig. Shows how the same (age old) tactics are being used time and again: Corbyn, Sanders, Kuennsberg/BBC bias, Scots ref. I would add a few more angles:

    1) the use of agent provocateurs within progressive movements (e.g. ClassWar/WOMBLES on Stop the City demos) has been used repeatedly and

    2) those of us who are non-violent yet refuse to accept the official 911 fairytale have been attacked in similar ways and labelled as “domestic extremists”. 9/11 truth campaigners are the antithesis of domestic extremists who refuse to use violence and abuse despite the millions of lives lost on the foundation of the 9/11 lie.

    3) We have seen Corbyn supporters labelled corbynistas and a cult. We have seen Momentum labelled as infiltrators hijacking the party. Similarly 911 truth campaigners have been smeared as a cult infiltrating the left (as opposed to being drawn from it) and labelled as ‘conspiracy theorists’ and insane.

  • Paul Barbara

    @ glenn_uk
    July 27, 2016 at 12:35
    ‘This is the way you work, I take it – with a total lack of honesty.

    We went through this “unblemished lorry” BS in a previous thread. Plenty of posts were given showing the extensive damage, you didn’t bother replying to that.

    Yet up you pop again, producing the same nonsense. Eventually people stop replying – and job done as far as you’re concerned, right?

    Exactly the same playbook as for the Sandy Hook massacre. Make your ludicrous “False Flag!” allegations again and again, ignore the responses, and eventually people will tire of denying your rubbish.

    You have no integrity or honesty, Paul. You are a shameless liar.’

    Compliments fly when pigs meet!
    Thanks for your comment; pity you didn’t be more specific when you said the problem with the white truck and no blood was discussed.
    If you give me the link and time, I’ll gladly check it out.
    Till then, have a nice day, and I hope you enjoy Gorgeous George’s film (oh, I forgot – your too busy watching ‘Britain’s Got Talent’).

    • glenn_uk

      You assume (with no evidence) that I watch “Britain’s got talent” – is this from the same reliable sources for the rest of the BS you post, i.e. the voices in your head?

      • Bevernbridge

        Maybe he bases his assumption on your apparent lack of perception …

        Have you ever read ‘Nobody Died At Sandy Hook’ ? Warning : it does have a potentially ‘insulting’ title.

  • Mark Golding

    In a separate legal action, it has also emerged that a group of Labour members is taking the party to court over its decision to bar 130,000 people from voting in its upcoming leadership election.

    The move comes after the NEC ruled that only members who joined the party before 12 January will be able to cast a ballot in the leadership race.

    Those who joined the party since that date were given a 48-hour window to pay £25 to become a so-called ‘registered supporter’ to be able to vote in the contest.

    Will Owen Smith get the crown? I believe Mr Smith is a nobody, a man without conviction, whose principles are skewed and easily massaged; a ‘cut-out’ for the security services and prone to buy-out.

    Owen Smith MP – A member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament according to the ‘Today’ programme yet one voted to renew Trident:

    Who voted to smash Libya:

    ..with nil judgement on the Iraq war and thinks Iraq is improving:

    Here our community of hope, understanding, judgement and wisdom may fail to upset the status quo and Jeremy Corbyn is passed on to the nirvana of his own belief.

    • Mick McNulty

      I suspect the PLP knew some of the things they were doing were certainly questionable, maybe unlawful and perhaps risked legal action. But they also know the law moves slowly and likely some of those determined to bring a case would need time to crowd-fund the money, and that might take a month. By that time they were hoping to have smashed the left into pieces that couldn’t be put back together again, meaning a court’s decision against them could not have made any difference if the left had perished. It was shoot first and ask questions late,r but they failed to kill the left stone dead. It pulled itself together very quickly and though it’s early days yet it is looking very strong.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      The only way Owen Smith will win is if Jeremy Corbyn is kicked off the ballot by a High Court judge – which might happen tomorrow, although I doubt it. Not even a British High Court judge will take kindly to some millionaire telling hundreds of thousands of people they can’t vote for the person they want to vote for. Touch wood.

  • Keith Fletcher

    Craig, I hope to be able to comment on your blog and receive a less hostile reception, having been recently a regular commentator on Richard Murphy’s Tax Research blog until he started to become increasingly antaganostic and abusive to many of his regular commentators who disagreed with him on farly fundamental points of opinion. In my case he decided to block me for in his words being an “idiot” and a “troll” for questioning whether markets were ever fair and able to promote equality, although I think he was more annoyed that I had made reference the day before to two articles which highlighted the “playbook tactics” of the Labour leadership coup plotters (which he declined to publish then blocked me the next day).

    Anyway, as I see you have today also been drawn into his increasingly erratic shotgun approach to moderating his blog recently I thought it would be interesting to see if my views get such a hostile reception here as they did there. Which actually is a pity as he has many good ideas on tax especially, but it’s difficult to have a debate amongst commentators when he is so adamant to block any that dissent from his own world view.

    My potentially contentious point was to draw attention to some fairly well publicised sources that clearly show that the method of removing the next labour leader was being considered in detail even before Corbyn was elected. And that the coup plotters followed the playbook almost to the letter, although not in the same order.

    The fact that they felt so bold as to even brief a telegraph reporter that their plot was soon to be enacted (but timidly seeking anonymity) seems now to have got lost in the noise of the on-going debate. I have no skin in the game as I am neither a Labour party member or voter (it would be a wasted vote in my constituency), but for the purpose of a balanced debate these articles seem worth consideration, although Mr Murphy clearly felt not as it served his argument no good at all.

    I look forward to spending more time on your blog in future, I am an occasional visitor but have now made it a favourite.

    • paul

      Snap, I was instructed never to comment again there again.
      Richard is a decent guy but he picked the wrong horse and proceeded to paint it and himself into a corner with a good deal more energy than warranted.

      • michael norton

        Barbarians in England
        RAF Marham abduction attempt: E-fits released of suspects
        The first suspect is described as of “Middle Eastern appearance”, between 20 and 30 years old, approximately 6ft (1.8m) tall, with a well-groomed beard.

        The second man, who is of similar appearance, is slightly younger, about 5ft 10in (1.78m) tall and was clean-shaven with short, dark hair.

        • michael norton

          Pope Francis has warned that a recent wave of jihadist attacks in Europe is proof that “the world is at war”.

          “The word we hear a lot is insecurity, but the real word is war,” the pontiff said.

          “We must not be afraid to say the truth, the world is at war because it has lost peace.

          “When I speak of war I speak of wars over interests, money, resources, not religion. All religions want peace, it’s the others who want war,” Pope Francis added.

          • YouKnowMyName

            Well it is true about “the war,” it is mostly an “information war” with some events bubbling-up to small-scale shooting & deaths, possibly planned or likely random evil-serendipity. There is however design behind the information war.

            I’m typing this from the third papal see, over a 32kbit/s link, there are impressive 15th C battlements all around, from some forgotten war that was important then. The actual design of the castle was useless in a short time as armaments, threat, defence changed over time.

            The current info-war armaments, threat, defence will also change, but very quickly & current info-war protagonists will also find themselves labelled the “anti-Pope”, “non-possomus”, by the people, I’m sure!

      • Keith Fletcher

        It’s odd Paul because he seems to be getting increasingly paranoid and opinionated on matters outside of his core expertise then reacts to those who disagree even calmly logically and politely with such aggressive replies that I can only assume are an indication of his true character when put under pressure. He seems to be increasingly out of touch with grassroots opinion and feelings on many areas where he has convinced himself he is right. His latest tirade at Corbyn and Mcdonnell being a good example of why they may have been right to keep him at arms length when picking their advisors.

        • paul

          I’d describe it as depressing rather than odd.
          He will not:
          Acknowledge that the coup was anything but a spontaneous and selfless bid to save the party.
          That c and m have done any good whatsoever.
          That the vapid and spineless plotters have refrained from coming forward themselves(where are the last lot of leadership candidates?)
          That the plp and their managers enormously resent the membership.
          That they have sweet fa in terms of policy.
          That their faith in PR dirty tricks has failed and revealed them to be the vapid,ruthlessly inept cowards they are.
          That honest Owen only started nicking c & M’s policies after May had legitimised them

          Don’t even get me started on the fairytale coalition guff that’s been floated.

          • Keith Fletcher

            My suspicions are that Richard is interested primarily in the agenda’s and people that will further his own causes (tax justice and a return to a keynesian form of mixed economy being the obvious ones), rather than (or at least more than) those concerned with fundamentally changing society and the ownership of capital in a much more progressive direction. Hence why he seems to have switched allegiance from Corbyn to Smith, perhaps in the hope of more lucrative opportunities for his own work and business interests.

            There would be far less demand for his ideas (and books) on tax justice if income and wealth was more equally distributed in the first place, which is why I became intrigued that anyone who proposed or supported more radical social and economic change soon got shot down on his blog. I’m not sure why he even takes so much interest in the fate of the Labour party when he isn’t a committed democratic socialist and seems just as keen to promote his ideas to most other parties that will give him airtime.

            I suppose whatever sells more books and speaking opportunities is good for some people, no matter what the long term outcome. I know I’m probably being overly critical but it is not pleasant being accused of idiocy and trolling for moderately expressing perfectly reasonable and logical thoughts. Hey, I’m sure I’ll get over it though as having a much more interesting time here!!

          • paul

            Keith, I wouldn’t go that far, I think he just fell for honest owen’s bullshit and is too stubborn to back down.
            He has successfully banished any notion that the PLP has been nothing but the very loyal opposition for the last 6 years and projected that onto the leader of the last 10 months.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      At some point I will put on here and elsewhere all the articles I have found about exactly what they were planning to do and how they were planning to do it before 26th July. So far I have found about ten, stretching back even before the election of Corbyn. In the mean time you might be interested in my response to Owen Smith which I published above and which is apparently circulating around Twitter at the moment. It gives three sources prior to 26th July.

      I have seen at least five people, including Owen Smith and my own MP, saying they had no involvement in the coup or there was no coup. It makes me utterly sick to read those comments because it is so obvious that they are either bare-faced lies or the people writing them down were so astonishingly ignorant that they did not deserve to be MPs.

    • michael norton

      I think the Pope does have a point, most wars are ultimately about land or resources.
      I have no idea what so ever if the war being waged by IS in the Levant/Iraq is about religion.
      I expect to some of the foot soldiers it might be about Islam.
      However to the higher ups i expect it is more about property and having the power to terrify people into doing what you want,
      similar to Stalin /Hitler /Pol Pot and their Ilke.

      • Paul Barbara

        Il Papa speaks with a forked tongue, though on this occasion he’s stating the obvious; he did very well under the Argentine Junta, and stands accused by two surviving priests of betraying them to the Junta (though one has, in the spirit of Christianity, decided to ‘forgive’ and let bygones be bygones).
        And the Vatican and Opus Dei were instrumental in financing the Gladio forces in Latin America (under the false banner of fighting the ‘Godless Communists’, but in reality the downtrodden peasants and workers).JP II had no time for ‘Liberation Theology’, but was happy for the Vatican Bank to launder vast sums of drug money – for a fee.
        Admittedly, here Bergoglio is right – most wars are indeed about land and resource; hardly ‘rocket science’, as the church has a history of backing just such wars of rapine and plunder. I’m a Christian – ex-Catholic.
        King Saud was ‘serviced’ in the States by a mind controlled MK-ULTRA sex slave, Cathy O’Brien – for further info read ‘Access Denied – For Reasons of National Security’. The Saudi Royals drink, take drugs and engage in whatever sexual activity they fancy, but woe betide anyone in their reach who tries to expose it. In that, they are no different to the Western Royalty and ‘Leaders’. Their ‘piety’ is total BS – do what we say, not what we do.

    • Paul Barbara

      Ah, yes, the murderous attack by Israel on the USS Liberty – I campaigned on it a lot.
      Whilst Paul Craig Robert’s article is useful, it misses out an EXTREMELY important point – LBJ not only covered it up, he actually colluded in it. Another EXTREMELY important point is the first planes to be sent from the 6th Fleet were NOT to beat off the Israeli attackers, but to nuke Egypt (nuclear armed planes were also on the way from a US base in North Africa). It had been assumed by the time they got to the area, the Liberty would be sunk, all crew murdered, and the blame was to be placed on Egypt. The planes were recalled 3 minutes from target. I know not all the survivors accept this, but if you watch this: “USS Liberty: Dead In The Water”: , and better still read Peter Hounam’s ‘Operation Cyanide’, it becomes crystal clear.
      LBJ had summoned the Deputy Israeli Ambassador, Ephraim ‘Eppie’ Evron (who was probably the Mossad Chief of Station) to meet him less than two weeks before the attack. Here is what he said, after talking about his recent trip to Canada: ‘I, Lyndon Johnson, have to get congressional approval if I want to act as President of the United States. I’m just a six-foot -four Texan friend of Israel.
      But you and I, the two most powerful people in Washington, are going to get the Congress to pass another Tonkin resolution’.
      (I just copied that word for word from ‘Operation Cyanide’, page 267. We now know, of course, that LBJ massively increased the war in Vietnam on the lie of the ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ incident, which declassified documents now show never occurred. I also read Eppie Evron’s recollection of the talk in a book written to detail exactly the recollections of key people involved in the Six-Day War, in a meeting held twenty five years after the event, designed to ascertain what lessons could be learnt; I forget the title.
      I’ve read a good number of books on the Liberty, including James Ennes’ ‘Assault on the Liberty’.
      Here’s another good article on the Liberty: ‘The Most Incredible Story Never Told: The USS Liberty, Israel & LBJ’s Order to Destroy the USS Liberty:
      Also: ‘USS Liberty Memorial’:

  • Dude Swheatie of the Kilburn Unemployed

    My experience of right wing welfare reform in the UK and piecing together facts from various sources gave me, in 2007, a prime example of how change of context was being used to distort facts and public perception.

    A report in Disability Now! magazine around the turn of 2006/2007 stated that a backbench Labour MP had done statistical research of Incapacity Benefit (IB) claimant deaths. That research indicated clearly that such deaths peaked in winter as might be expected on account of the fact that IB claimants below the age of 60 did not receive winter fuel payments as the over-60s did. Lo and behold in early 2007 Work & Pensions Secretary John Hutton twisted the facts around to omit reference to a seasonal peak in such deaths and the lack of winter fuel payments to IB claimants. He said, probably with the aid of a ‘respray job’ by his newly appointed investment banker turned ‘welfare reform’ guru David Freud, that the Government’s research indicated that after two years on IB the claimant was more likely to retire or die than get another job.

    A more recent development in right wing welfare reform is to meddle with the regulation of counselling and psycotherapeutic professionals to make them complicity in the delivery of psychocoercion and the ‘work cure’, as I argue in a blog post now entitled Global corporate lobbyists and right wing politicians only hate regulation when it is not on their terms. Screwing the disadvantaged is their staple diet

    Yes, the Conservative Government of this country has blood on its hands regarding benefit sanctions deaths, but the Tony Blair administrations and a dodgy American health insurance company called Unum have that blood on their hands, too, for laying the foundations of the ‘welfare reforms’ this Government is playing about with. And Iain Duncan Smith’s legacy of Universal Credit and its sanctions enforced ‘conditionality’ will only make matters worse.

    Universal Credit includes housing payments and shifts the focus away from low pay to low income. Under Universal Credit:
    1. low paid jobcentre workers registered for Universal Credit would be sanctioned by other jobcentre workers who are not their workplace colleagues, and
    2. claimants would also experience such long delays in receipt of first payment that there would be a sharp rise in rent arrears-induced evictions

    • Ba'al Zevul

      Looks like you’re doing an extremely good (and hard) job there, Dude. I used to know Kilburn quite well, but that was when work was freely available (and benefits even more grudgingly awarded, it has to be said). I can only imagine what it’s like now. Best of luck!

    • John Spencer-Davis

      Yes, that’s a great post and your work is so valuable, thanks. I saw your post earlier about psychotherapy and the DWP and thought I must reply and give you my thoughts on it.

  • Chris

    It’s true that the establishment is conspiring against Corbyn and Sanders supporters, but the cybernats actually are the animalistic savages they’re portrayed as.

  • Gracchus

    The article by Kit in Off-Guardian on DNC collaboration with Clinton is well worth a read:

    “It doesn’t matter who hacked what, or why. It doesn’t matter whether or not Trump knew, or Putin knew, or Assange knew. It doesn’t matter where it comes from.

    What matters is the e-mails show a reporter for the New York Times editing an article he wrote about Bernie Sanders at the direct request of Clinton’s campaign.

    What matters is the DNC staff using terms like “tacobowl” to refer to the Hispanic voter base, and planning to to attack Sanders religion (or lack thereof).

    What matters is the sort of person we have running for the most powerful position in the world, the sort of people they employ, the sort of underhanded tactics they use, and their casual attitude towards the corruption of the democratic system.”

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