Barbarians at the Gates 229

A Typical Raiding Party of Corbynistas and Cybernats

A Typical Raiding Party of Corbynistas and Cybernats

A key weapon of the neo-liberal establishment in delegitimising the emergence of popular organisation to the left, is to portray all thinkers outside the Overton window as dangerous; actively violent, misogynist and racist.

WikiLeaks have once again done the world a great service by publishing smoking gun evidence that the Democratic National Committee – which was supposed to be a neutral body overseeing the Democrats primary election – was doing everything possible to tilt the field against Bernie Sanders. Just one of the ways that was done was by secretly promoting to the media the idea that Sanders’ supporters were violent, misogynist and intimidatory thugs.

One of the major events used to further this trope was the Democratic state convention in Nevada. This is a powerful demonstration of a phenomenon that we are witnessing daily in the UK – the use of the mainstream media to perpetrate the trope, despite the existence of irrefutable evidence that the narrative being put forward by the mainstream media is factually untrue. I have posted this video before, but please look at it now, whether again or for the first time. This is video of the actual events at Nevada taken from the heart of the “Barbarian crowd of Sanders supporters. The media characterisation of the events you are watching – a characterisation that was spread in active collusion between the media and neo-liberal politicians – includes accusations which we see repeated again and again, of violence, physical threat, misogynist abuse and spitting. What the actual evidence shows is something which we are seeing again and again as the actual reality – neo-liberal members of the paid political class astonished and indignant that their “position” and authority is not being treated with deference by ordinary people. Watch the video.

It is important to say that there is a lot of other video evidence available. This is the clearest I can find. No evidence appears anywhere online which bears out the stories of violence, abuse and spitting – which is quite astonishing given that the entire mainstream media carried and promoted those stories.

The Labour Party constituency meeting at Brighton gives us a precise analogy to the Nevada Democrats meeting. Again claims were made of violent intimidation, swearing and spitting. Again, in this age where everybody has a video camera in their pocket, there is absolutely zero objective evidence of this behaviour and a great deal of evidence to the contrary. It appears the real sin of the Brighton Labour Party members was to elect pro-Corbyn officers. That election has now been annulled. The National Executive Committee of the Labour Party is playing precisely the role against Corbyn that the NDC played against Sanders.

None of this is new. From the start, the Labour establishment has attempted to portray ordinary members as thugs. 7 months ago Stella Creasy claimed that a violent and intimidatory mob had gathered outside her constituency office, and in consequence she and her staff had been too scared to go to work. Here is a video of the actual incident.

Again the obvious and glaring disparity between what actually happened – this “peace vigil” was led by the local vicar to urge Creasy to withdraw her support for bombing Syria – and what Creasy claimed had happened, was ignored by the mainstream media. The mainstream media has become the home of fact free journalism. If you want to find anything approaching truth, you have to go surfing the social media.

It is highly significant that among the “demands” made in a recent letter by 44 anti-Corbyn female MPs was that demonstrations at their offices should be banned, and anyone who participates in one expelled from the Labour Party. I think that in itself says enough about their sense of entitlement and attitude to free speech.

Just a couple more examples of many score I could give. The “brick through Angela Eagle’s window” story is repeated continually by the mainstream media to show the violence of Corbyn supporters. But in fact the broken window was in a stairwell of an office block, actually on a different face of the building to the one on which Angela Eagle’s office has windows. There is no evidence at all that Ms Eagle’s office was the target, let alone that a Corbyn supporter was the perpetrator. I have been able to find no evidence of the existence of the brick. What is interesting, is that on this common stairwell, not connected to the Labour Party, a Party poster was used to close up the void, thus giving a photo opportunity that all of the mainstream media used and reinforcing the false impression – more than impression, false statement in the entire mainstream media – that it was Ms Eagle’s window that was broken. How did this happen? Emergency glaziers carry boards. I have also seen no evidence of the existence of the brick. Was it a literal brick? Where did it come from? Or was it, perhaps, a lump of Portland cement?

My all time favourite for mainstream media distortion of a story comes, naturally, from the BBC. Labour MP Marie Rimmer has been brought to trial for kicking a canvasser. This is how the BBC reported it. This really is beyond satire.

Screenshot (79)

To us Scottish nationalists, the portrayal of those who challenge the status quo as violent and racist is something that we have lived with for years. That is why I use the expression “vauntie cybernat” at the top of my blog, “cybernat” having become the mainstream media term for barbarian during the referendum campaign.

The smearing of critics of the status quo being violent, threatening racists and misogynists was demonstrated perfectly in the killing of the petition against the BBC’s obnoxiously right wing and obviously biased political correspondent, Laura Kuenssberg. A whole wave of obscene, vile and threatening online abuse was alleged to be associated with the petition, but careful investigation – of which zero was done by the mainstream media – proved this to be an outright lie.

Finally, we come to the slur that Corbyn supporters are anti-Semitic. As I have stated before, one obvious flaw in this charge is that almost all Corbyn supporters enthusiastically cheered on Bernie Sanders. Again, the slightest examination of the facts shows that in many cases the accusation absolutely does not stand up, as with the Ruth Smeeth incident where the man demonstrably did not say what she quoted him as saying. Again the mainstream media had no interest in simply provable actual fact.

What has been extremely reprehensible has been the tendency to the mainstream media to slip in, as the Guardian did with the case of Luciana Berger, examples of genuine and appalling anti-Semitic abuse, without making clear that in these cases the perpetrators (and somebody was convicted) were from the far right and had absolutely nothing to do with Corbyn and his supporters. Much the same is true of references to the murder of Jo Cox.

The Establishment will always attempt to characterise any root challenge to its hegemony and ideology as violent, atavistic and subscribing to appalling beliefs and behaviour. The theme of challengers as “Barbarians” runs through history. We will have to put up with it for some time. The good news is, they are seriously rattled.

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229 thoughts on “Barbarians at the Gates

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  • Ba'al Zevul

    One of today’s Gardyloo articles alleged that Corbyn didn’t care enough about the disabled. OK. Who does, for God’s sake? Smith? Can we see his PC test results? A straw man of such obviousness as to make the average scarecrow look like an Old Etonian.

    I am watching the plummeting standards of the rag with considerable interest.

    • Monteverdi

      That Guardian article you refer to was one of the most appalling and cynical anti-Corbyn pieces I’ve ever read in the Graun . It really scraped the bottom of the barrel when it decided to use ‘ disability ‘ as a vehicle to attack Corbyn. It was totally undermined by the letter sent by the non-politically party associated organization Disabled Persons Against Cuts excellent letter of support for Corbyn which especially thanked him for his support on the many issues they campaign on [ see above ].

      • Ba'al Zevul

        The comments – I later found – nailed the lie comprehensively. There’s no doubt that a lot of Guardian readers are intelligently aware that the paper’s pretty pure Blairite propaganda nowadays. High hopes….Viner was appointed editor-in-chief on 20 March 2015, the first woman to be the editor of The Guardian in its 194-year history,[3] and assumed her new post on 1 June 2015.[2][24] She intends to make the “media organisation” a “home for the most ambitious journalism, ideas and events” which is able to reach “out to readers all around the world. [Wiki]….dashed.

      • Leonard Young

        Luckily, hundreds of comments below that article condemned it comprehensively. Usually Guardian comments show a mixture of approval or disapproval. In this case there were overwhelming criticisms about the tone of that piece and the sincerity of the person writing it.

  • Alcyone

    Well-knit picture of what’s in the air on both sides of the Atlantic.

    It’ll be interesting to hear your view on Trump though. Is this a case of The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea?

  • MJ

    “The good news is, they are seriously rattled”

    Yes. First there was Russia lobbing a spanner in the works by attacking “ISIS” in Syria. Then there was the brexit vote. Then there was Corbyn, galvanising a UK population fed up with all the garbage. And now there’s the prospect of Trump beating major-league crook and establishment place man Clinton to the presidency.

    Our collective punishment is clearly a long hot summer of carnage. Nice, but I don’t think it’s going to work.

    • Alcyone

      “Nice, but I don’t think it’s going to work.”

      So what will work if anything?

      • MJ

        Dunno, too many genies let out of the bottle all at once. Stopping Trump is probably priority number one. Either an assassin’s bullet or a nice big terror event on US soil leading to the election being suspended.

        • Alcyone

          You’re enJOYing the political excitement aren’t you MJ. Have you ever considered that you might be a part of the problem?

          • MJ

            These are certainly exciting times. I don’t consider the overthrow of the ruling elite to be a problem but, if it is, I hope to be a small part of it ta.

      • jmh

        You have misunderstood the comment “Nice, but I don’t think it is going to work” She was referring to the “collective punishment” for our resistance, as what was not going to work, and I suspect that the word “Nice” was actually a reference to “terrorist attacks” against helpless civilians as our collective punishment imposed by the deep state as a form of control. Also, I think her comment about trump, was her expectations of what the powers that be might be planning as a response to the threat to the establishment that he poses.

  • Steve Hayes

    Yes, the neo-liberal elite is seriously rattled. They find it incomprehensible that people are no longer prepared to simply accept their rule. The systematic attack on Jeremy Corbyn is a clear illustration of their fear that they are losing control. They repeatedly assert that he is unelectable precisely because they fear he is electable. People do not lie when they are confident that the facts support their position. The neo-liberal elite are more than seriously rattled; they are afraid.

    • Spaull

      It was about a week before the Brexit vote that I realised Brexit was going to win. I supported Remain on much the basis that Corbyn outlined. But I could see that a mood was becoming entrenched that the arguments did not matter. All that mattered was that if the political elites wanted it, the people were going to vote against. In the end, it was far more about that prevailing attitude than about the EU itself.

      Encouraginly, I am seeing the same attitude in response to the attacks on Corbyn. We are seeing a snowball effect where, with each new ridiculous allegation, a few more people have their eyes opened as to what is going on.

      It won’t be long until we are all singing in chorus, “the King is in the altogether…”

  • Loony

    That corporate media is unacquainted with the truth is hardly a new observation. What is becoming increasingly clear is that they are terminally stupid.

    Their ludicrous mendacity is bringing about the very outcomes they are so fearful of. Against their advice the British voted for Brexit and very shortly the US electorate will propel Trump into office as POTUS.

    That Corbyn enjoys popular support is obvious – and that the media is seeking to undermine and denigrate him is equally obvious. Whatever happens to Corbyn there is a serious risk of the Labour Party being destroyed. The media encourage all of this at a time when in Europe the forces of the Front National and the AfD grow stronger every day. Hollow out the Labour Party and you are left with fertile ground for the rise of some right wing alternative in the UK. (If you think UKIP is right wing then just shows how the media has got inside your heads and hollowed out your brains)

    The media is doing every thing in its power to create the conditions necessary for civil war in a variety of European jurisdictions and seems to be almost literally gagging for a race war in the US.

    A civilized society would put these people masquerading as journalists (or maybe journalists masquerading as people) up against the wall.

  • bevin

    “The mainstream media has become the home of fact free journalism….” Precisely: our Fact Free Press.

    I’m not sure who is rattled though: the ruling class are certainly frustrated and conscious of the guilt that they feel for creating so much more poverty. But the real problem is for the new Administrative Class of the Imperial Civil Service-the caste of pollsters, publicists, PR Consultants, pundits, lobbyists and political aides whose living depends upon their ability to substitute themselves for real people.
    Pollsters tell the Parties what members living in the communities to tell them; publicists and pundits serve the purpose that canvassers, on the doorsteps after work or at the weekend, making arguments explaining policies, used to discharge; the full time staff, running the elections and keeping the machine going are doing jobs that, in this age of computers and internet communications, a few volunteers could easily do, at very little cost.
    The people who run the parties and control the political debates are redundant. Here we are. And we don’t need them. And they see the approach of an age in which they will not only be forced to find real work but, doing it, they will be as powerless and alienated as everyone else.
    It is a lot of fun in a society in which the masses are manipulated, lied to, misled and exploited, to be on the ‘inside’, to have influence and patronage to dispense. And Corbyn-or to put it more simply, popular democracy threatens all that.

    One more thing about the Barbarians: they kept on coming, They didn’t retire to their German allotments after a few setbacks at the hands of the Legions, then re-emerge, twenty years later, old men and women rejoining the party- they couldn’t be put off. They weren’t pacifists either. In fact I am inclined to suspect that they were extremists. Tut tut.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      The people who run the parties and control the political debates are redundant. Here we are. And we don’t need them. And they see the approach of an age in which they will not only be forced to find real work but, doing it, they will be as powerless and alienated as everyone else.

      Hmmmm. I wish. But when the last worker on the planet is feeding uranium to the universal global manufacturing machine, there will be 63 billion managers, politicians, PR people, ‘journalists’ and financiers finding ways to minimise his wage and grab it for their important needs without getting their hands radioactive. They’ll find a way. They always do.

  • RobG

    Craig said: “The theme of challengers as “Barbarians” runs through history. We will have to put up with it for some time. The good news is, they are seriously rattled.”

    Perhaps that’s why ‘they’ are distracting us with those other ‘barbarians’ who have swarmed into Europe?

    • Ben Monad

      Do you mean when the Moors sensed the Visigoths were weak and ripe for invasion?

  • glenn_uk

    Great post, thank you.

    I’d mentioned last week that it was curious how the “violent supporters” accusation was being played against Corbyn now, just as it had been against Sanders over the last few months. Good to see that notion being given affirmation by real evidence like this.

    The bleating by Eagle over a supposed brick through her window was bad enough. Astonishing to hear here – for the first time – that it didn’t actually come sailing through into her office at all!

    Did this woman seriously consider herself fit to run a country (let alone a constituency), if she’s turned into a blubbering jellyfish for weeks by a broken window?

    Who was that rent-a-mouth who whined to the BBC yesterday that all this anti-Semitism was completely absent before Corbyn came to be leader of the party. Yes indeedy – Corbyn just produced it all himself!

    I fear they’ll succeed, all the same. Corbyn is utterly, utterly unelectable, these neo-con, neo-Labour Blairite stooges will proclaim to any camera they can find. Why is that? Because they are disloyal Red Tories who hate democracy and have contempt for the electorate, that’s why.

    • MJ

      “I fear they’ll succeed, all the same”

      I think they’ll succeed only in getting themselves deselected before the next election. Then they can pursue careers in PR or join the LibDems or something.

      • glenn_uk

        I sincerely hope you’re right. We’ve all seen what The Establishment can do when it wants to, though.

  • Ben Monad

    Craig; If you are claiming the Left ground as Sanders Identity politics I do see a comparison.

  • Republicofscotland

    Good article Craig I can relate to the Rimmer case, and of course the skewed BBC headline, all indy supporters know fine well the establishment and media bias. Remember the unfounded accusations by Susan Calman, which were aired to death.

    On Corbyn, I see the latest attack that has hit the headlines, and is hanging around like a bad smell, is the one where an aide entered a office to see if that person had vacated it yet.

    As for the dirty underhandness of the DNC, I’ve long since suspected that the upper echelons of American politics, is a closed shop so to speak. The attempts to smear Sanders only reinforces my suspicions.

    One could say the treatment of Corbyn and Sanders, with regards to their respective parties committees, is not to dissimilar.

    • Ben Monad

      When I witness the chaos they loathe the public to see while they continue, intransigent in their failed focus, I sense some hope for reform, even if on a distant horizon. When Killary had to discharge Wasserman from her DNC chairmanship then immediately hired her on her campaign, It showed me something about her that was Trump-like…..flinty forehead or concrete skull….doubling down on stupidity is not good.

      • Ben Monad

        I may have to make a protest vote like the futility of tilting Windmills. GREEN.

      • Republicofscotland

        Apparently hard headed Wasserman, tried to weasel her way out the claims by blaming aides for the Wikileaks. The fact that Clinton parachuted her into another position, shows, in my opinion that Clinton sees Warsserman as a part of the team, what does that say about Clinton?

        More to the point what does that say about the DNC ? when Clinton can be allowed to keep Wasserman as a campaign aide.

        Does anyone believe that by removing Wasserman, those types of shenanigans will not occur in the future? I for one do not.

        • glenn_uk

          She obviously had to go, but it wouldn’t do if the Clintons left her to the winds after such craven, unprincipled subservience.

          Who would be willing to forego every scrap of personal integrity in the service of the Clintons, if such people were not seen to be rewarded?

          Even disgraced warmongers Dick Cheney pleaded for clemency for his stooges, when the justice department could no longer ignore their crimes, such as in the case of “Scooter” Libbey.

  • Paul Barbara

    Unfortunately, Bernie Sanders has folded, and now backs Killary ( ), instead of demanding she be tried for at least (for openers) her illegal use of a private server for sensitive State emails). If she was charged, surely she would not be allowed to continue on the Democrat ticket for Presidential Nominee, thus, I should imagine, propelling Bernie into the position. Or, if that is not the case, throwing his support behind Jill Stein, and taking up her offer to join her on the Greens ticket.
    As someone in the comments above suggested, it’s the choice between the Devil and the deep blue sea, or better, the frying pan or the fire; deep blue sea has a comforting note to it!
    A few more sites for the Clinton’s heinous crimes:
    Haitians Protest Outside Hillary Clinton’s Office Over ‘Billions Stolen’ by Clinton Foundation: -clintons-office-billions-stolen-clinton-foundation/ 
    Exposed: How the Clintons likely stole billions from the world’s poorest: ds-poorest/ 
    To say nothing about the string of ‘fortunate’ deaths of people who could be a threat to the Clinton’s crimes, and their links to massive drug imports (Mena), Iran/Contra and MK-ULTRA.

  • Eric Smiff

    Sorry Craig. Corbyn, Sanders and the SNP are establishment false flag operations. We saw the senator backing the most vile Neoliberal candidate in history, Bill Clinton’s wife.

    Corbyn’s role is to divide the Labour Party in perpetuity. His only support are fantasists living in the era of former Prime Minister Michael Foot.

    • nevermind

      Good article which I have posted on to the Momentum FB site.
      @Eric, whatever the establishment with the help of security goons are trying to achieve, its not working anymore.
      I do not believe that Corbyn has a neoliberal agenda, nor that he is unelectable because he lost the warmongers and financially incompetents.
      Far from it, with every stab his electability shows to be a real threat to those whop for far too long have mired this country with stale self serving and mediocre achievements, who have tried their damnest to disrupt and interfere in education at every possible occasion, just to get their smiling head into the media, collect points on the backs of children’s education.
      There are talks with like minded parties happening Eric, talks at local and national level, let s wait what the leadership contest decides.

    • Loony

      Speaking of fantasists, as you do, perhaps you could set out the dates when Michael Foot was Prime Minister.

      • Alcyone

        LOL! I sympathise with the view that Craig deserves a somewhat higher level of comment than we get these days.

    • glenn_uk

      These agents sure do lay down the “deep cover” stuff early.

      Sanders has been a deep undercover dude right since he was a schoolboy, campaigning for civil rights.

      Corbyn has been in deep undercover…

      I can’t be bothered. it’s late. Good job at undermining these “false flag” knee-jerkers, though.

  • writerman

    I think the Establishment are playing a very dangerous game here, perhaps unwittingly releasing feelings and provoking people beyond endurance by lying about their motives and labelling them ‘barbarians’ simply because they are refusing to be led any longer by their betters. It’s all rather disturbing, almost like the birth of a new kind of fact free politics, or the beginnings of a powerful religious schism. Powerful forces are being released. The time we’re living in reminds me of the period prior to the English Civil War.

    For a long time I’ve felt like we were living in what increasingly looked like a ‘post-democratic’ era, now I think, and they are linked, we’re living in a ‘post-factual’ phase, post-rational even, where symbolic ‘battle-lines’ are being drawn, which, going forward, could have very serious consequences.

  • James lake

    An excellent summary of the complete absence of reporting standards in the mainstream media.
    I like many others do not trust the mainstream media, TV or newspapers. What I want to know is How did this decline happen? And why?

    • John Goss

      The power elites are all interlinked and the mainstream media are their mouthpieces. They always have been but recently it got a whole lot worse and now is transparent to most people with eyes. No different from North Korea really, news is just portrayed to us as being open, and the God’s honest truth, but people are at last catching on, thankfully.

      • lysias

        Propaganda is only effective at persuading people for as long as it conceals the fact that it is propaganda. For some reason, the power elites have given up on doing that.

        Propaganda also has another purpose: telling people what lies they have to tell to escape the punishment of the power elites. Vaclav Havel in Communist Czechoslovakia wrote about that purpose.

  • Dekin

    I just find this chap a poor writer. A struggle to read. For saying such I will be called a fascist, but hey ho, that is the way the wind blows. For such weighty matters to fall into the hands of a dullard is a shame.

    • RobG

      One of my favourite poems, and I’ve always thought it to be a much underrated one of TS:

      Lines For An Old Man

      The tiger in the tiger pit
      is not more irritable than I.
      The whipping tail is not more still
      Than when I smell the enemy
      Writhing in the essential blood
      Or dangling from the friendly tree.
      When I lay bare the tooth of wit
      The hissing over the arche’d tongue
      Is more affectionate than hate,
      More bitter than the love of youth,
      And inaccessible by the young.
      Reflected from my golden eye
      The dullard knows that he is mad.
      Tell me if I am not glad!

      — T.S. Eliot

    • glenn_uk

      Seriously? Anything that’s a struggle for you to read indicates poor writing?

      Perhaps you could advise us on sources providing easy-reading on such matters.

  • Anon1


    “A key weapon of the neo-liberal establishment in delegitimising the emergence of popular organisation to the left, is to portray all thinkers outside the Overton window as dangerous; actively violent, misogynist and racist.”

    Do I have to look up all the times you have characterised those who oppose your establishment neo-liberal views as racist, xenophobic, nasty, far-right, etc., etc.?

  • bevin

    “…When I first came to Philadelphia, I was charmed with the literary liberty, which its inhabitants seemed to enjoy. I saw pamphlets in every window, and news-papers in every hand. I was, indeed rather surprised to find, that those pamphlets, and these news-papers were, something like a certain Judge that I had heard of, all on one side: but, said I to myself, this must be the fault of the authors and editors; and it leaves, the more room for such as have a mind to write on the other side. With this agreeable but delusive notion in my brain, I sat down contented under the calamity of reading daily, in common with my poor fellow citizens, about eighteen or twenty long columns of the vilest and most insipid trash that ever was stamped upon paper.

    “Long did I hope, and expect, to see something like a manly and effectual opposition to this flood of falsehood and partiality; but I hoped and expected in vain….”

    It is, as Cobbett recognised, part of the system. A free exchange of ideas would be fatal to this class ridden society.

  • michael norton

    Several of the perpetrators of recent attacks in Europe, from Nice to this weekend’s suicide bombing in Germany, have been reported to suffer from psychiatric problems. Yet for Dr. Samuel Leistedt, mental illness does not explain their actions.

    Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the man who killed 84 people at the end of Bastille Day celebrations in Nice, used to have “episodes” during which he “destroyed everything” in sight, his father told Tunisian media after the attack.

    The young Syrian refugee who blew himself up near Ansbach, Germany on Sunday, injuring 15, was said to have suffered from depressive episodes and had stayed in a psychiatric hospital after a number of failed suicide attempts.

    These horrific acts have raised the question of whether there is a relationship between mental illness and terrorism. But for Dr. Samuel Leistedt, a psychiatrist and professor at the Free University of Brussels who specialises in terrorism, the situation is more complex.

    FRANCE 24: Is there a link between terrorism and mental illness?

    Dr. Samuel Leistedt: It’s fundamental to understand that a terrorist is not mentally ill in the strictest scientific terms. There are no real signs of mental illness among those we have been able to study. Even if we’ve observed highly narcissistic and paranoid personality traits, it’s not enough to qualify as pathological.

    That said, we can make a real distinction between actual terrorism and what we refer to in psychiatric jargon as the “pseudocommando”. Although these are two completely different things, they can both manifest as attacks and mass killings, whether carried out using explosives, a knife or weapons of war.

    We use the term pseudocommando because unlike the terrorists involved in some of the more recent jihadist attacks, who were often trained in Syria or Iraq to learn how to use weapons, the pseudocommando often acts alone and without much preparation. He’ll obtain weapons, but will not have necessarily done any physical training – he’s not a warrior.

    A pseudocommando can present serious personality disorders, with narcissistic and paranoid tendencies. These are people who will often kill themselves before being caught. A typical example of this kind of profile is Nordine Amrani, the Liège killer, who killed five people in an attack in December 2011 [Amrani, who acted alone, was heavily armed. Among the five killed was a baby. He also wounded more than 121 people before ultimately committing suicide]. The Norwegian Anders Behring Berivik, who killed 77 people in July 2011, also falls into this category, because despite adhering to extreme-right ideology, he acted alone. The question was raised at some point whether he should be committed to an institution. But it’s yet another example of a highly narcissistic personality.

    FRANCE 24: What can we make so far of Nice attacker Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel’s profile?

    Dr. Samuel Leistedt: We can’t yet determine if he belongs to the pseudocommando category, because he was apparently in contact with the Islamic State group, even though he never travelled to Syria or Iraq. What’s more, it seems as though there was extensive preparation beforehand.

    The difference between a pseudocommando and a terrorist is that a terrorist functions as part of a network. Pseudocommandos are isolated, if not lonely. Often, there’s a catalyst for their actions – a divorce, the loss of a job… They don’t let anyone in on their project, and obtain weapons on their own. It’s an isolated and immediate act.

    FRANCE 24: According to initial reports, Bouhlel appeared to be extremely psychologically unstable…

    Dr. Samuel Leistedt: It’s an exception. Generally terrorists don’t have this type of profile. Depression, ill-being are not the rule. Very few display traits of psychiatric disorders. This man was presented in some media as a psychopath. It was a false analysis. For the moment, that’s not what is emerging. Psychopathy has a very precise definition. A psychopath would not have reacted at all like the killer in Nice: a psychopath doesn’t take, doesn’t kill, doesn’t explode.

    FRANCE 24: The Syrian refugee who blew himself up on Sunday in Ansbach, Germany had spent time in a psychiatric hospital. Are people who are mentally vulnerable a target for Islamic State group recruiters?

    Dr. Samuel Leistedt: In Europe, Daesh [an alternative name for the Islamic Sate group] recruits from a fertile ground of people who are disenfranchised professionally, socially and who also have family issues – a situation that is particularly common among migrants. They are targeted by Daesh, who seek to use these individuals as moving bombs.

    FRANCE 24: Are there any warning signs?
    Dr. Samuel Leistedt: Warning signs are very complicated. Yes, there are some, but how do you intervene within a legal and democratic framework when someone hasn’t committed a crime? There are dangerous behaviours, but it’s very difficult to intervene beforehand. How can you tell if someone will decide to take action?

    I personally work with research groups that study attacks on Belgian and French soil to better understand as well as prevent them. It’s important to understand what kind of killer we’re dealing with, because the way we extract information from an investigation depends on these profiles. It’s also important in how we judge a criminal in court.

    • nevermind

      “Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the man who killed 84 people at the end of Bastille Day celebrations in Nice, used to have “episodes” during which he “destroyed everything” in sight, his father told Tunisian media after the attack.”

      His father said that he has had appointments with doctors and that they have prescribed him psychatric drugs, waving the arabic signed script in fropnt of the camera’s, WITHOUT these, he explained, his son had violent episodes were he smashed everything.

      Who needs the media making it up when we can make it up ourself eh.

  • Anon1

    It’s a shame Craig hasn’t found the time to put together a blog on the recent surge of Islamic violence in Europe, the latest involving an 84-year-old priest filmed having his throat slit while two nuns were forced to watch.

    Has he run out of excuses/justifications? Does he just ignore it now?

    • michael norton


      The governor of Bavaria has urged the German government to address public concerns about security and immigration after a spate of terror attacks.

      Germans are “riled up” and “full of fear”, Horst Seehofer told a press conference, after four violent attacks in Germany in less than a week.

      In the latest, on Sunday, a Syrian immigrant detonated a bomb, killing himself and injuring 15 people.

      A gun attack in Munich was the deadliest – with nine people killed.

      The Barbarians have been invited in by Frau Merkel.

      • Why be ordinary?

        The guy in Munich hero worshipped Zander’s Brevik and targeted people who looked non German (he got really p**sd off when someone called him a Turk. Why does Islam carry the can for this one?

      • Republicofscotland

        “Germans are “riled up” and “full of fear”,


        That is the idea, the German public will now as in France expect more protection from the government. Which will come in the form of more armed police, more restrictions and more infringements on civil liberties. Free speech and movement in Germany, will become just that little harder.

        • RobG

          After the Munich attack last week the city was in full ‘lockdown’ for 24 hours, despite the fact that the gunman was shot dead within a matter of hours.

          Munich was a re-run of Boston two years ago, when fully militarised police shut down a city and conducted house searches without warrants. All this for just some young punk with a gun.

          In Boston, America got its first full glimpse of the coming police state. The same thing’s now happening in Europe.

          • glenn_uk

            Rob: If they didn’t, and the perpetrator was allowed to run around and kill more people, don’t you think the people/press etc. would be screaming for the President’s head?

      • Why be ordinary?

        And the Munich attackier was Born in Germany eigneten years ago, Long Before Merkel bekäme Chancellor

    • RobG

      It’s a shame they never capture any of the perpetrators of these events, and instead shoot them all dead. You’d think with the “recent surge of Islamic violence in Europe” the top priority of the police would be to capture some of these nutters alive, in order to question them and find out if there’s some kind of a network, etc.

      The incident today apparently involved two guys with knives. The police could have easily subdued and arrested them by means of a tasar, or whatever. Instead both were apparently shot dead.

      Dead men can’t talk.

      Oh, and lickspittle Hollande arrived on the scene and immediately declared it to be an ISIS attack, despite the fact that the police have said it wasn’t.

      • Anon1

        Do you believe this was a “false-flag”, RobG? Tell us your version of events.

        • RobG

          I don’t know what it was, who does just hours after the event? (except for the presstitutes and monsieur Hollande, the most unpopular president in French history – ie, he has nothing to lose).

          Anyhows, as tommy trinder points out below, this thread will probably be deleted for being ‘off-topic’.

          Ironically it is on topic, because what’s going on with Corbyn and Sanders, and shootings/terror events in Europe and America is all connected, I would venture.

    • tommy trinder

      the site intel group rita katz amaq news that is the source for isis confirmation and video footages.
      who is rita katz and how come she always has the scoop?
      weird no
      these words are pending soon to be deleted

      • Laguerre

        You don’t know who Rita Katz is? She’s an Israeli – yes, Israeli – who runs the SITE Intelligence group, which in 2010 was composed of her and an American assistant. Going since around 2005, she managed to corner the market in Bin Laden videos – they only came through her. And of course, it was impossible to get beyond her to the source. So nobody ever knew if they were real or not. It is self-evident that SITE didn’t have the personnel or resources to actually monitor all those jihadi websites. You can draw your own conclusion. The obvious interpretation is sort of confirmed by my own experience that at the beginning they genuinely did monitor jihadi sites because they did then provide the links. I once spent a highly entertaining evening reading such a jihadi site from their link. It was called Floojaweb and it confirmed to me that these sites had no protection, and anyone could post a few Allahu Akbars and say anything they wanted which could then be attributed to the jihadis. I should think Katz appreciated this very well, and soon developed her strategy beyond what I saw.

        There are lots of exposés. This is one (which I haven’t watched all through):

    • Loony

      Ignoring, or spinning, or dissembling with regard to Islamic violence appears to be the current preferred MO of corporate media.

      They tried all these same tactics with regard to the EU – and the British people ignored them, as would many European people if given the same chance that came to the British.

      At some point there will be a reaction to Islamic terror, and the silent spineless media will be as culpable as the terrorists themselves

      • Anon1

        “Ignoring, or spinning, or dissembling with regard to Islamic violence appears to be the current preferred MO of corporate media.”

        Channel 4 News was particularly bad tonight. I hope they fully understand the consequences of what they are doing.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    I received an e-mail from Owen Smith MP today, and I publish it and my response below.

    Please be so kind as to share as widely as possible, and show to every member and supporter of the Labour Party that you can think of or reach. Many thanks, John

    Reply dated 26th July 2016 to Owen Smith MP’s e-mail of the same date

    Mr Smith,

    No, I will not click here to watch your election video. I am not interested in your leadership challenge. You should not be running for the Labour leadership at all. The Labour Party already has a leader, elected less than a year ago with a vote so far above that of his nearest challenger, that you should be heartily ashamed of what you and your colleagues in the Parliamentary Labour Party have done. Given the ridiculous antics that you and your fellow MPs have indulged yourselves in over the past month, I am astounded that you have the temerity to e-mail the membership at all.

    However, I am very glad of the opportunity to tell you exactly what I think of you and your colleagues, and why. I am also going to formally request a response to this e-mail. First of all, I would like to draw your attention to a report in the Times dated 28th November 2015, of which I am certain you will be perfectly aware, titled “Secret bid to oust Corbyn” which describes senior Labour figures and MPs as “desperate to keep Corbyn off the ballot paper” in the event of a leadership challenge, and states that the firm GRM Law has issued legal advice on the matter at the request of these senior Labour figures and MPs. Secondly, I draw your attention to a report in the Telegraph dated 3rd May 2016, titled “Revealed: plot to oust Jeremy Corbyn by using veteran Labour MP Margaret Hodge to spark leadership contest”, which includes the following: “A plot to oust Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader has emerged, with veteran MP Margaret Hodge said to have been persuaded to stand against him to spark a leadership contest…The veteran MP could be used as a stalking horse before dropping out to allow moderate MPs to remain unscathed as they launch their leadership bids”. Thirdly, I draw your attention to a report in the Telegraph dated 13th June 2016, titled “Labour rebels hope to topple Jeremy Corbyn in 24-hour blitz after EU referendum” which includes the following: “Labour rebels believe they can topple Jeremy Corbyn after the EU referendum in a 24-hour blitz by jumping on a media storm of his own making… By fanning the flames with front bench resignations and public criticism they think the signatures needed to trigger a leadership race can be gathered within a day”.

    I assume that in the light of what began on 26th June 2016, you are not going to insult my intelligence by suggesting that these newspaper reports, and a number of others like them in newspapers and social media, were fantasy, and I assume that you will not likewise insult it by suggesting that you were unaware of these reports and the movements behind them. One of the two MPs who submitted a vote of no confidence to the Parliamentary Labour Party Chairman on 24th June 2016 was Margaret Hodge. A series of front bench resignations began after Hilary Benn MP deliberately invited his own dismissal in the early hours of the morning of Sunday 26th June. Among those front bench resignations was yours from the Shadow Cabinet. You participated in the vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Parliamentary Labour Party. I will be pleased to be more specific about other similar reports if necessary.

    In the light of what I have stated above, it is impossible to credit that the events of the 24th to the 26th June 2016, and subsequently, did not take place in order to force the resignation of Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour leadership and thereby assure that he was not able to garner sufficient support from the PLP and MEPs to be eligible to seek re-election, as per the legal advice provided by GRM Law in November 2015, two months after his emphatic victory in the leadership election. It is also impossible to credit that an intelligent person with your political connections and experience could fail to be aware of what was going on during those days, and therefore, whether you care to admit it or you do not, it is as plain as day to any objective observer that your resignation from the Shadow Cabinet and your participation in the vote of no confidence make an utter mockery of your assertion, as reported on 13th July 2016, that you were not part of any plot or coup against Jeremy Corbyn MP. That assertion is flatly and obviously false. I also draw your attention to the tweet by Andy Burnham MP on 26th June 2016, which honourably stated: “I have never taken part in a coup against any Leader of the Labour Party and I am not going to start now.” Mr Burnham evidently knew what was going on. Do you seriously assert that you did not? You are taking all of the members and supporters of the Labour Party, including myself, for mugs, Mr Smith, and I do not like it. I also draw your attention to the tweet by John Mann MP on 13th July 2016, which stated: “I was approached six months ago to back Owen Smith to be Labour leader. I politely declined the offer”. I quote again the Telegraph from May 2016 regarding Margaret Hodge MP: “…could be used as a stalking horse before dropping out to allow moderate MPs to remain unscathed as they launch their leadership bids”.

    I don’t need to know any more about your leadership bid than I have outlined above, Mr Smith. Unlike Andy Burnham MP, you have acted in the most dishonourable and disgraceful way, and have enthusiastically participated in a wholly undemocratic attempt to deny the members and supporters of the Labour Party their right to choose, again, the leader that they overwhelmingly chose in late 2015. You have also had the hypocrisy to state that you will fight a clean leadership campaign, when your campaign has been dirty and tainted from the very beginning, for the reasons I have summarised. Your subsequent actions have also been so, but that is no surprise given the way you started, and there is no need to go into that: what I have said is enough. You should be ashamed to show your face at any leadership husting, and I urge you to do the honourable thing even now, at this late stage, and say that you will have no further part in this cynical affront to Labour Party democracy and to the members and supporters.

    I will be publicising your e-mail to me and my answer to it as widely as possible, so that as many members and supporters of the Labour Party I can reach can see the sources I have cited and what an ordinary member thinks of you and your e-mail and your leadership bid. I will also be copying it to my own MP.

    I await your reply.

    Yours sincerely,

    John Spencer-Davis


    E-mail from Owen Smith MP dated 26th July 2016

    Labour’s future, radical politics


    I grew up in South Wales during the miners’ strike. That’s when I came alive politically.

    I saw the power of politics to change lives, for better and worse. We are seeing it again with a Tory government inflicting such damage through austerity. That’s why we need a radical, united Labour Party and why I am standing for Leader.


    Jeremy Corbyn has reconnected our party with its radical principles. But it’s now time for a new generation with the energy and ideas to turn those principles in to action.

    Under my leadership, we will be a powerful voice for social justice.

    Together we can defeat this government.



      • nevermind

        Excellent John, that broadside must have hit him right were it counts, how deliberately well put. How long did it take him to reply?

        • John Spencer-Davis

          I’ve only just sent it!

          The e-mail underneath is his original to me, which I replied to.

          • Ba'al Zevul

            That covers the situation very well, John. But I’m afraid it will be water off an ambitious, unscrupulous f*ck’s back. Roll on representative democracy.

          • John Spencer-Davis

            I’m not dim enough to think he will care, Ba’al. If one floating voter or one Owen Smith supporter sees it and decides to abstain or vote for Jeremy Corbyn instead, my job’s done. Thanks.

    • glenn_uk

      They probably got as far as the “No”, which immediately followed the “Mr Smith” in your reply.

      But FWIW, at least it sounds as if you are eligible to vote. I also received this letter, and later today a congratulation on successfully having spent £25, which will allow me to confirm my vote from the last time around.

    • Rhisiart Gwilym

      Great stuff, John. But you left out the crucial fact that Smith has been a shill for Big Pharma rackets, and for the commercialising of the NHS. And of course, leopards don’t change their spots. You were properly polite in your reply to him. But I would call him an obvious political crook on the make.

    • EspritDeCorpse

      John. A very well-written, powerful and well referenced letter. Just a small point (i’m sure you’re already aware); over the last few years, it has been virtually impossible to get a MP to read their correspondence, let alone think about it and reply. If you replied just by email (campaign or local constituency), it will likely be ignored completely. A written letter (a physical thing!) is more likely to get through the net but, best of all is to address one to him in Westminster. That seems to get the best results. Also, obviously, post on his Twatter/Facebook pages etc. if that is possible.

      • John Spencer-Davis

        EspritdeCorpse, thank you kindly. I understand what you say and indeed I could and perhaps will do that, but it will be wasting my time and effort.He is under no obligation to respond to me as I am not a constituent. If he had any honesty and integrity, he wouldn’t be doing this anyway.

        If one single person reads it and abstains or votes for Corbyn when otherwise they would have voted for Smith, it has been worth it.

  • tommy trinder

    Nice Attacks, Destroying Evidence at Crime Scene: French Government Orders Destruction of CCTV Video Footage

    The explanation given by the French Ministry of Justice is that they don’t want ‘uncontrolled’ and ‘non-authorised (non maîtrisée) diffusion of the images of the terrorist attacks. The Judicial Police have noted that 140 videos of the attacks in their possession show ‘important pieces of the inquiry’ (éléments d’enquête intéressants). The French government claims it wants to prevent ISIS from gaining access to videos of the attacks for the purposes of propaganda. They also claim that the destruction of evidence is intended to protect the families of the victims. The comments section of the Le Figaro article is replete with outrage and disgust by the fact that the French government, instead of preserving evidence for the purposes of a thorough, independent investigation, is in fact behaving rather more like the chief suspect in the attack – ordering the destruction of vital evidence.

    There is something rotten in France’s Judicial Police. Shortly after the Charlie Hebdo attacks on the 7th of January 2015, the judicial police behaved suspiciously before and as they did after the ‘suicide’ of Limoge’s deputy Police Commissioner Helric Fredou. Fredou was found dead shortly after the arrival of the French Judicial Police to his office in Limoges shortly after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. His family were not allowed see his body for 24 hours after his death; they suspect foul play. The Judicial Police claimed he had shot himself in the head, though his mother said she did not see evidence of this. The police commissioner was said to be suffering from depression, a claim denied by the family doctor. Fredou was found dead in his office before the publication of a report on the relationship between Jeanette Bougrab, a former press secretary of Nicolas Sarkozy, and one of the deceased in the attack, Stéphane Charbonnier

    He was found dead in his office before the publication of a report on the relationship between Jeanette Bougrab, a former press secretary of Nicolas Sarkozy, and one of the deceased in the attack, Stéphane Charbonnier known as ‘Charb’. The relationship between Bougrab, who is close to all the leaders of the French Zionist movement, and Charb, was one of the most controversial aspects of the Charlie Hebdo massacre story. Fredou was also investigating the background of the Kouachi brothers who were accused of the massacre. They had lived in the town of Limoges.

    • Mick McNulty

      I never did believe any of that Paris shooting claptrap. Je ne suis pas un Charlie.

    • RobG

      Well said tommy, and very accurately said.

      The spooks who infest this board will be wetting their nappies.

      But don’t worry, we’ll change the little ones.

  • Anon1

    They prayed in Arabic at the altar of the church as they slit his throat.

    I think we all need to accept this religion is different.

    • nevermind

      Thanks John, I have shared.

      It is not religious Anon, you are generalising again, they are vile murderous radicalised scum. Denounced by true Islamic scholars, these mugs with a knife are the canon fodder, murderous organised and well paid criminals. Those who who run IS, their indoctrinators and backers had a long experience in matters of terror, they are never attacked by IS, such bias, tut.

      The west could stop the propaganda instantly. Satellite companies who do not agree to check their channels being used for IS snuff uploads should have their license withdraw, bank accounts frozen or ultimately if all fails, have their damn scrap taken out.

      All three major satellite companies transmitting these videos of victims having their throats slit in a French church, from the church to the ME and then back into Europe and the world in multiple copies and targeted, these companies are all guilty of supporting the incitement of copycat crimes, they are as vile as the blood money that runs through their fingers in form of new IS/ Daesh subscriptions and advertisement.

      These companies could share the GPS data, in seconds, with forces that are flying active missions, they could shut the particular channel /bandwidth and they could stop all propaganda reaching Europe’s ‘excitable’, but they are playing hard ball and threatening Governments with legal actions. Traitors to the cause the lot of them.

      maybe you should have a whinge at those corporate lawyers trying to protect their petty profits, when the rest of Europe is suffering from their inaction and fickle responses.
      Take Eutelsat out of the equation and instantly stop the propaganda videos, being watched by bored teenagers and spooks, who equally do not want to stop this ‘traffic’ because otherwise they’d snooze over their keyboards.

      • Anon1

        Shorter Nevermind:

        Oh yes it’s not religious Anon…. you are generalising again…. denounced by ‘true’ Islamic scholars…. it’s the media’s fault for reporting it…. nothing to do with Islam…. just criminal scum…. blame satellite channels…. move along….

        For how much longer can you keep this bullshit up, Nevermind? At what point does it cease to be our fault and start becoming the fault of the violent death-cult you have made yourself an apologist for?

        • Paul Barbara

          Anon1 July 26, 2016 at 19:08 They prayed in Arabic at the altar of the church as they slit his throat.
          I think we all need to accept this religion is different.’:
          Who trained, armed and supports them? Same US as trained, armed and supported Reagan’s ‘Freedom Fighter’ Contra murdering thugs, who (and there is a slight difference, I’ll admit) also sang ‘Christian’ hymns while raping kidnapped teachers and other innocent civilians they had kidnapped in Nicaragua.
          I was in Nicaragua for three and a half months whilst the Reagan/Bush Sr. ‘Freedom Fighters’ were doing the above, as well as shooting down helicopters full of civilians including kids, and blowing up civilian buses, burning cooperative farms, sabotaging infrastructure.
          You would do well to do a bit of research on Gladio, NATO’s secret butchers, who deliberately targeted innocent civilians, including bombing Bologna train station (85 dead, 200+ injured; Brabant massacres (inncocent shoppers gunned down in random supermarket shootings – and for what? To stop the drift to the Left in European politics, by committing these atrocities and BLAMING the Reds. Funny how no MSM has picked up the similarity between so-called ‘Islamic Terrorist attacks’ and the Gladio attacks in the ’60’s, ’70’s and ’80’s. Three Turkish coups, and the Greek Colonels coup, were Gladio-run, and it looks like the latest Turkey coup attempt was also done by the same Gladio crowd (not the same actors, but the same organisation). Those were REAL terrorist attacks, but now, after a few ‘real’ ones, they can get away with fake hoaxes, with a real one every now and again.
          ‘At what point does it cease to be our fault and start becoming the fault of the violent death-cult you have made yourself an apologist for?’ Nevermind is no apologist for the Murderous Mercenaries of the Empire, just someone who has a far better idea of what is going down than you (or at least, than you appear to!
          Cui bono? All these glamorous, sexy (not to me!) pics of handsome, bearded gun-wielding Jihadis with tanks and heavily armed Toyota trucks recycled over and over again – did we ever get anything like it in the IRA campaign? Of course not. Thatcher;s policy was denying them the oxygen of publicity, which was correct on the terror side, but she extended it to the political side, not wanted a compromise peace agreement.

          • Mick McNulty

            Another thing is that real nationalist movements like the IRA and ETA took decades, even two to three generations, to accumulate enough weapons and regular sources of funding. ISIS gained over ten times as much in one tenth of the time, and neither group had anti-tank weapons and 4WD convoys. And they never changed their name – no resistance movement does that, it’s who they are – and that alone indicates that ISIS is US, UK, Israel, France etc, etc, etc.

    • MJ

      Kill’em all I say. Don’t bother to pray in Latin at their altar or nuffink. Jus’ bomb’em.

      I think we all need to accept dat it’s business as usual!

    • Laguerre

      Wow, a nun said they prayed in Arabic. You don’t find that a little improbable? that she attributed to them what she herself would be doing? (or if it wasn’t one of the nuns, one of the two faithful catholic ladies of the congregation)

      • Anon1

        I think “Praying in Arabic” means shouting “whallaaahoakbar” numerous times whilst performing or witnessing an act of extreme violence.

        • RobG

          But how do you know, just hours after the event, that what you’re saying is fact?

          I had a look at the Daily Heil & Co shortly after the news of this attack happened today, and they were pushing out the ‘Islamist terrorist’ line without any confirmation whatsoever (they do ‘this’ on their headlines when they know they’re pushing out total bollocks).

          Can you give a credible source of information to back-up what you’re saying?

          Why do ISIS only attack civilians, and not military and political targets? (and of course they never attack Israel) Why the timing of these attacks, which means nothing to real Islamists, such as Friday 13th in Paris, Bastille Day in Nice and 22nd July in Munich (anniversary of the King David hotel bombing and the Brevik massacre in Norfway)?

          Can’t you see that there might be a hidden hand at work here, and your emotions are being completely exploited?

          • Loony

            The media do not tell the truth, and it is known that the US fund ISIS. It is therefore reasonable to suppose that there will be some western black-ops involvement. It is purposeless seeking to define the scope of such involvement as it necessarily takes you into conspiracy theory territory. Almost certainly some of the wilder conspiracies are also promoted by western black-ops operatives.

            However Islamic terrorism obviously exists. They attack civilians because there are lots of them – so target selection is easy. Civilians are not well defended so the chances of success are high. Inculcating the belief that anyone is a target spreads terror whereas just attacking say soldiers would not.

            Attacking the weak – children, the old, Priests, women spreads both revulsion and resentment. These are good emotions to generate if your aim is to provoke a civil war.

          • tommy trinder

            how do you know it happened
            “The temptation to form premature theories upon insufficient data is the bane of our profession.” — Sherlock Holmes

            what we bbc see
            what we sky saw
            what we programmed seem
            is but a plato cave flickering pixelated tavistock dream

            we heard the news man speak on camera
            then voice over
            establishing shots and cut away photo
            like a tv show
            laid the back story out
            a life investigation all done and dusted
            2 hours after the event.

            sherlock holmes took weeks even months documented over hundreds of pages in the pursuit of uncovering the facts of the matter at hand.

            with the help of site intel group informational meme cementing the story is concluded at the point that it is activated.
            black and white good and evil crystal clear story arc blue skies all the way.

            The cardinal rule of criminal detection was carved in stone more than a century ago.] It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence, … It biases the judgment.” — Sherlock Holmes

    • tommy trinder

      anon 1
      site intel group and rita katz have a very active twitter hub.
      if you are concerned about this terror problem and want the facts as they happen or sometimes before precrime they are about to happen best to bookmark this amazing lady.
      some say she was born a boy but do not allow blind hatred or gender fluid horror to put you off the hunt.
      amaq news is also run out of her office if you need broadcast rights clearance for these sis video real life as it happens events.
      mobile phone or cctv footages.please contact the office for payment rates per second or discount rates per minute.
      nobody is doing more to service bbc,itn,sky,cnn and fox and global radio group,reuters and ap than these site trail blazers.
      informational wars shape the country of the mind knowing your enemy means less tension.
      site intel group can supply all the international map plan talk strategies you need to be the life and soul at bbc parties

  • michael norton

    Meanwhile the former president Sarkozy, who is expected to enter next year’s race for the presidency, used the incident to accuse President Hollande’s government of not taking a tough enough stance against terrorism.

    ‘We must be merciless,’ he said. ‘The legal quibbling, precautions and pretexts for insufficient action are not acceptable.

    ‘I demand that the government implement without delay the proposals we presented months ago. There is no more time to be wasted.

    War of Religion is on the way.

    • Anon1

      We will fight them with our hashtags, virtual candles, and illuminated buildings.

  • CanSpeccy

    A key weapon of the neo-liberal establishment in delegitimising the emergence of popular organisation to the left, is to portray all thinkers outside the Overton window as dangerous; actively violent, misogynist and racist.

    Great to see your firm rejection of the fraudulent NeoLib/Con campaign to smear Donald Trump.

    • MJ

      Yeah, Donald Trump eh? Possibly the least suitable US citizen in the country’s entire history to be president, with only one exception: Hillary Clinton. The big-time gangster or the idiot. What a choice, wish I was American! Logic dictates however that you have to go for the idiot. He will do less harm, just.

      For me Trump’s most interesting policy is building a wall across the Mexican border. Wha? It’s a very long border Who’s going to provide the labour?

    • Resident Dissident

      That doesn’t mean that some things outside the Overton window are not dangerous; actively violent, misogynist and racist. Donald Trump and Putin spring to mind.

  • bleb

    Thanks Craig.

    I have to admit that this piece of “Portland [communications] PR cement” went flying over this barbarians head on first reading:

    “… Was it a literal brick? Where did it come from? Or was it, perhaps, a lump of Portland cement? …”


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