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2 thoughts on “Screenshot (66)

  • Andrew

    I don’t care how long it takes but we need to leave English rule behind,ask yourselves why they really want us to stay in the union,were just another country for them to bully and pay more money in to them and get less out and until every Scottish citizen reallises this is the way it is and wakens up were doomed.

  • Emily Berry

    We voted yes in 2014 but now realise that the snp are eu fanatics and we would be trapped in a fascist banker-run racket which is thankfully falling apart. We do not want to live in a eu superstate run by unelected commissoners which is destroying the lives of millions of it’s citizens.
    What is the undemployment rate for the under 35s in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece? 50% or is it 60%?
    And aren’t their banks completely insolvent?
    If there is another indyref will certainly vote no because of the above but also because the Scottish economy is a disaster. let’s face it – it was all a hoax. Sturgeon and co are really working for the bankers. BTW a million Scots voted to leave the eu. Where is our voice in Holyrood? Sturgeon has no right to claim she speaks for the whole of Scotland. The shine has come off the snp and they clearly do not believe in democracy – just glory and wealth for themselves.