How to Really Really Upset the Foreign Office and Security Services 300

1) Go into the Foreign Office and read ten Top Secret documents about UK collaboration with torture to refresh my memory. Hand back documents and my notes in a double sealed envelope (have just done this bit).
2) Immediately after reading Top Secret documents, go to see Julian Assange for a whisky in the Ecuador Embassy (am on my way).
3) Tomorrow morning, arrive at Parliament Intelligence and Security Committee to give evidence in secret session. Get handed hopefully still double sealed envelope with my notes to use during evidence. Hand back notes for destruction when finished.
4) Immediately after very secret evidence session, go for (hopefully boozy) lunch with Peter Oborne.

Sometimes I quite enjoy my life. If you can’t annoy the arrogant bastards who run the world for the 1%, what point is there in living?


I left Julian after midnight. He is fit, well, sharp and in good spirits. WikiLeaks never reveals or comments upon its sources, but as I published before a fortnight ago, I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is not any Russian state actor or proxy that gave the Democratic National Committee and Podesta material to WikiLeaks. The claim is nonsense. Journalists are also publishing that these were obtained by “hacking” with no evidence that this was the method used to obtain them.

The control of the Democratic party machinery deliberately to unfairly ensure Clinton’s victory over Bernie Sanders is a matter of great public interest. The attempt by the establishment from Obama down to divert attention from this by a completely spurious claim against Russia, repeated without investigation by a servile media, is a disgrace.

The over-close relationship between the probable future President and Wall Street is also very important. WikiLeaks has done a great public service by making this plain.

The attempts by the mainstream media to portray WikiLeaks as supporters of Trump and Putin because they publish some of Clinton’s darker secrets is completely illogical and untrue in fact. The idea we must pretend Clinton is a saint is emetic.

But the key point is that WikiLeaks is a publisher. It is a vehicle for publishing leaks, and is much more of a vehicle for whistleblowers than for hackers. It does not originate the material. I have often seen comments such as “Why has WikiLeaks not published material on Israel/Putin/Trump?” The answer is that they have not been given any. They publish good, verifiable material that they are given by whistleblowers. They are not protecting Israel, Putin, or Trump. Nobody has given them viable material.

Ecuador is keen to make plain that they are not interfering in the US election and wish to make plain material on the Presidential candidates is not being published from their facilities. Julian has no problem with the statement put out by Ecuador yesterday. It is worth noting that WikiLeaks is established in several countries and nothing has ever been published by WikiLeaks from any facility situated in the Ecuadorean Embassy.

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300 thoughts on “How to Really Really Upset the Foreign Office and Security Services

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  • nena VanHorn

    So they didn’t hack and not the Russins so is it a whisel blower who had these leak?

  • Meathead

    Keep up the good work. Exposing the corruption in high places is a noble endeavor. Many of us greatly appreciate it.

  • Mr. Manfredgensenden

    Well, whomever is involved, keep ’em coming Wikileaks! Having a sociopathic prevaricator for a president will be the ruination of the world.

  • Carol

    I just wish someone would find a way to get this type of verifiable information in a mainstream media publication, because if it got out in one, others would be more inclined to repeat it and then it would multiply to A size where Clinton would not be able to blame Trump and walk away! I just have dreams about this type of breakthrough in the Washington Post, Cleveland PD, etc., a week before the election, like the story about Mr. skulking admitting to voter fraud in NY Clinton’s 49 abominable acts.

  • Dave

    Hillary, in the last debate, claimed that a combination of 17 government and private sector intelligence agencies had absolute proof that the hacks were coming from Russia and that most likely were trying to manipulate the election, to which Donald Trump said, how do you know it’s not China or Iran. The country has no idea.
    Well well well, it looks like Donald was right again!!

    • neo

      Kilinton is trying to trick somebody into giving the source of the information so they can have an “accident” or “commit suicide”…..BUT Assange is not falling into their trap of revealing his source of the leaks….IF the material wasn’t true,then why are they trying so hard to discredit it and even to cutting the internet service ?

  • Erin

    Hi Mr. Murray: Your article is posted at r/The_Donald/, and I’m sure I speak for many of us who greatly appreciate the incredible vision and work Mr. Assange has brought to the world! Can you get word to him a salute of love and admiration so many of us at r/The_Donald feel for him? Thank you! Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if many others have sent messages through your link here. God Bless and keep you both.

        • Aurora

          Or people posing as alt-right lunatics, who knows?! WikiLeaks has allowed itself to be coopted by the alternative (even madder) right by the questionable timing of its justifiable exposure of the Clinton team/DNC tactics to win against Sanders (and possibly, too, smear Assange, but to be honest I hadn’t heard the new smear anyhow, maybe it hasn’t gone mainstream enough yet, or I missed it). I’m just waiting to see where this weird triangulation goes, though, however unintentional it may be. Or not. Actually I’m sure a lot of people on the left are watching on concerned.

          • Bill

            Would the timing of the Wikileaks material (announced in advance) have any relationship to the timing of the “bimbo eruption” surrounding Trump? Doesn’t it strike you as odd that an ELEVEN YEAR OLD tape would come out A) in the final weeks of the campaign B) the day before Wikileaks provided a previously announced tranch of documents damning not only Hillary, but the entire DNC, AND that continuing false allegations of impropriety against Trump have managed to nearly drown out the tapes of collusion in violence and voter fraud the Clinton campaign has engaged it? Seriously … do a YouTube search for James O’Keefe and Project Veritas. Be an informed voter, not a Clintonite.

            Aurora, the media is in the tank for Hillary … and always have been. Day one. Even Fox news can’t counter the barrage of Banana Skins coming from the left.

          • Aurora

            Bill, I’m suspicious of the timing of *any* leaked material on principle. However, like most people I imagine, I find it totally unlikely that so many women would wish to lie about being victims of a form of behaviour (assault) from Trump that he himself claimed to engage in. You also miss the point that his ‘impropriety’ extends to his well-publicized derogatory comments on countless women. Voters are free to judge those remarks as they see fit. It was clearly one of the risks of the Trump candidacy that an ‘outsider’ and non-politician would be exposed to this kind of surfacing material. A risk the GOP primary electorate chose to take.

      • DonHarris

        Can’t you be above sentiments and conspiracy theory for once?Telling the truth based on his findings from the main actor is now being on the side of Trump. I have never seen a team as petty and sentimental as the Clinton’s,even down to your president Obama.

  • Janet

    Thank you for writing this..Have been worried about Assange. Would like to thank everyone associated with wiki leaks for publishing truth on corruption in America. We need you!!! God bless you…you are all making a difference…you are the real hero’s fighting for truth…thank you for being a light in a dark time in america..
    God bless you and keep y’all safe

  • Colin Campbell

    Thank you so much for this. As an ordinary person who grew up in a council estate in the 60-70’s, who has traveled and worked around the globe and today is economically independent I have met so many wonderful kind people. In business I have met disgusting money orientated people and told one Chairmen and MD’s to fuck off when they are disgusting. I know there are good and bad. I read all the time and have worked out the 1% for myself not knowing who to trust for information. Even today the BBC that I once loved to me should be disbanded as misinformation is worse than none.
    I applaud you for your stance. I understand you work within trying to get real change.

    How do I and others get momentum for change? Reading and understanding is one thing but our governments are either in the elite(USA) pockets or idiots. Neither a good option. Briton no longer matters nor has intellectual capacity to engage the masses and encourage civilian disobedience.

    Thank you for doing your part. I will find mine.

    • Bill

      Colin … what side of the Atlantic are you located on? The answer you give changes the answer I can provide.

    • Bill

      Hillary’s sloppy handling of CLEARLY sensitive information has cost them people (CIA, NSA, DIA etc — it’s actually quite the long list) and I can’t imagine they are very happy about that. Yesterday, during the 3rd debate, she revealed nuclear secrets.

      That is a felony and, with Russia and China BOTH rattling their sabers and the world listening in to the debates, can be nothing less than treason.

      Possibly that was the merchandise that Quatar wanted for their $1 million “birthday present” (pre-payment) to Bill Clinton.

      Our Department Of (deeply biased) Justice will not touch that. The FBI cannot, without the blessing of the DOJ, touch it. The CIA (ext) cannot publicly touch it. But the NSA records EVERY SINGLE BYTE of Internet data.

  • Steven

    It is not surprising that the US main stream media and the Dems are wishing to promote the information published as being sourced from Russian hacks. It helps their campaign to put another leftist in the White House. I hope we are all done with leftists in this country. I am voting for Donald J. Trump and I pray that you will as well.

    • glenn_uk

      You haven’t had a “leftist” in the White House since – arguably – Eisenhower.

      The last half dozen or so have ranged between lunatic right-wingers (Dubbya, Daddy Bush, St. Ronnie of course) and corporate centrists like Clinton, and Obama.

      Perhaps you’re the sort of steady individual who think Obama is a Kenyan Marxist Muslim ?

      There have been a lot of you around these parts in recent days – hopefully you’ll go away when Trump gets a drubbing next month.

      • Bill

        Early voting commenced in North Carolina yesterday. There were a LOT of folks wearing red and a LONG line to use the 10 voting machines … well over an hour. The line began at 7:00 am, hour before opening, and had not shortened at 4:30 when I finished voting. The polls were open until 11 pm.

        I can’t speak for elsewhere and I CERTAINLY don’t know how deep the corruption goes (, but NC is looking good so far.

        I think your confidence is premature.

        One thing happened while inside and waiting for the line to snake along that is instructive:

        I was wearing a red cap embroidered with “Make America Great Again”. A woman with a 1,000 yard stare asked me whose slogan that was.

        The voter fraud is real … there is no way that even a modestly informed voter would not know the source of that cap … it’s been ALL OVER the news for the past several months. That woman had been hauled to the polls from an assisted living facility for the mentally challenged and put in line with instructions to vote for Hillary Clinton.

        That is illegal and, since I live in a fairly small town (more two story churches than one story bars) is blatant evidence of just how deep the Democratic machine reaches.

        • glenn_uk

          The Republican get-out-the-vote mechanism has collapsed, the Democratic voting machine has not.

          It’s basically as simple as that. Look at the Repug strength in any state you’d care to mention, then compare it to the D’s.

          No conspiracy – just a lack of enthusiasm, a deeply flawed and unpopular thug of a candidate. Sorry, I know the truth hurts sometimes – but that’s all there is to it. Enjoy your meltdown.

  • Steven

    This information should be published in the US main stream media above the fold on the front page. It never will but I sure hope that Fox News and Fox Business will get it on their shows and web sites.

  • Anonymous User

    Correct me if I am wrong please but I have been looking through the emails each time they drop but I have noticed for the past few days they seem to resemble emails I have already read from previous drops if not the exact same ones. Anyone else noticed? Are we certain Julian is actually well and that wikileaks has not been compromised? Power to the People

  • JJM

    Are there some who would risk a major confrontation with Russia by pressing a false narrative of Russian hacking to advance their political desires? YES – In the pursuit of POWER, some have no qualms regarding collateral damage.
    I am sure that many non-friendly nations are actively trying to HACK into our national interests, but why potentially expose themselves, presumptuously, supporting an obvious Capitalist? If the claims comes from HiLIARary, I can easily believe with 95% confidence that the story is fictional.

  • Lee Tousignant

    Do believe the DNC staffer shot down in the street was responsible for all the DNC leaks. The DNC had a different narrative to present to the voters and they did not want any contradictions. Hence the cry… the Russians are coming! This article appears to substantiate this, at least to a close approximation.

    You Tube has a video showing President Putin poking fun at the DNC suggesting the DNC is too full of itself. That DNC internal concerns are not of Russian concern. That Russia will work with whoever is President of the United States. That his words regards Trump are a total fabrication.

  • Timothy Mosher

    Thank you Ambassador Murray
    I’ve posted your site here in the U.S
    It’s hard to find a truthful voice here without all the American MSM spin

  • Troy Cartwright

    I don’t care. Clinton is not a saint. She is also NOT DONALD TRUMP.

    Let’s be real. The only logical approach to the US election is ANYONE BUT TRUMP. And I do mean that. Trump is a buffoon and he as potus would be dangerous, far more dangerous than Hillary.

    So get over it and let’s move on. The choice is either her or a woman molesting, pathological liar, racist, fraud, con artist, buffoon.

    I have no idea why Assange chose now. If he thinks trump is a better choice then Assange is a moron. Of course Hillary has dirt but she also has a brain, the right temperment and superior judgement to that asshole Donald.

    Does Assange WANT WWIII? A buffoon as potus is a guarantee of war.

    Damn. This is not rocket science. The lesser of the two evils, TWO EVILS, is Hillary.

    • michael norton

      what bloody idiocy.
      It is the warmonger killary who will initiate WW3
      not the Donald.

      • glenn_uk

        Michael Norton – you’ve got no idea what’s going on inside your own bathroom, let alone this country, less still the US.

        Why don’t you sit this one out, instead of insisting on making such a fool of yourself at every opportunity.

        • not glenn

          Well said! If only you were on my team glenn, from your posts you and I share the same view of these peons who think they have freedom rather than the privileges our corporate policy grants them. If you’re interested please get in touch- there’s a couple recent key positions we need to replace in our black hat auxiliary org – ps write us, email is not advisable.

    • Loony

      You people are hilarious in in a kind of deranged grotesque way.

      If Clinton had not acted to rig the Democratic Primaries then it is highly likely that Sanders would have been the Democratic Party candidate. Sanders would have offered something for all those demanding change to coalesce around. But oh no it had to be rigged and it had to be Clinton.

      You don’t like Trump – blame Clinton. Trump is a creation of Clinton. Trump is going to win because of Clinton.

      You have to go back to 1976 to find an election that did not feature a Bush or a Clinton. The whole thing is a farce and people are fed up. The corpse of Paul Revere;s horse would probably beat Clinton in a straight race that is how farcical the entire thing is.

  • David L Richards

    Two points. First, how can Mr. Murray possibly be 100% certain the Russians were not involved? Has he examined the computers that were hacked? If Assange told him that, how can he trust Assange? Is it possible that Assange is being duped, and whatever source there may be, Assange does not even know that source is connected to the Russians? Second, why is it only Clinton emails that are being leaked? Is there anyone reading this who does not think there would be plenty of juicy material between Trump, his various campaign managers, Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, etc., but Wikileaks apparently either doesn’t want to leak that material or doesn’t have it. When you purposely disseminate the dirty linen of one candidate (assuming it is dirty linen) shortly before the election, and not that of the other candidate, you are attempting to rig the election far beyond any reason Donald Trump has to believe the election is rigged.

  • Aunt Jane

    Thanks for the article! Lies lies and d****ed lies! But that’s the Hillary campaign. Besides to a progressive Democrat, anyone not supporting Hillary is a criminal!
    Always suspected Assange was setup to begin with!

  • HayzelEyez

    This was posted two days ago. Is Julian still well and in the embassy? Please keep us updated seeing that no one else will.

    • Ben

      This is Kerry’s work if surmised correctly. The Markets don’t like uncertainty and disorder. I believe the angst over Trump has mobilized hitherto invisible forces to avoid the re-boot a loose cannon will necessitate. May he choke on his hair-do.

      • Ben

        Of course the hair-do choke was intended for Kerry. If ever the Corporatist Dems had a Waterloo, I salivate over the possibility that this may be it.

  • Russian Stooge

    I see Julian has the endorsement he always wanted, David Duke has declared him a hero!

    Pity those on the left who were led up the garden path.

  • Donna Laba

    Thank you for the update. Those of us who appreciate the work done by Wikileaks and Julian’s sacrifice to deliver the truth, are concerned about his welfare. I hope that one day my government will recognize his contribution and give whistleblowers the honor they deserve.

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