How to Really Really Upset the Foreign Office and Security Services 300

1) Go into the Foreign Office and read ten Top Secret documents about UK collaboration with torture to refresh my memory. Hand back documents and my notes in a double sealed envelope (have just done this bit).
2) Immediately after reading Top Secret documents, go to see Julian Assange for a whisky in the Ecuador Embassy (am on my way).
3) Tomorrow morning, arrive at Parliament Intelligence and Security Committee to give evidence in secret session. Get handed hopefully still double sealed envelope with my notes to use during evidence. Hand back notes for destruction when finished.
4) Immediately after very secret evidence session, go for (hopefully boozy) lunch with Peter Oborne.

Sometimes I quite enjoy my life. If you can’t annoy the arrogant bastards who run the world for the 1%, what point is there in living?


I left Julian after midnight. He is fit, well, sharp and in good spirits. WikiLeaks never reveals or comments upon its sources, but as I published before a fortnight ago, I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is not any Russian state actor or proxy that gave the Democratic National Committee and Podesta material to WikiLeaks. The claim is nonsense. Journalists are also publishing that these were obtained by “hacking” with no evidence that this was the method used to obtain them.

The control of the Democratic party machinery deliberately to unfairly ensure Clinton’s victory over Bernie Sanders is a matter of great public interest. The attempt by the establishment from Obama down to divert attention from this by a completely spurious claim against Russia, repeated without investigation by a servile media, is a disgrace.

The over-close relationship between the probable future President and Wall Street is also very important. WikiLeaks has done a great public service by making this plain.

The attempts by the mainstream media to portray WikiLeaks as supporters of Trump and Putin because they publish some of Clinton’s darker secrets is completely illogical and untrue in fact. The idea we must pretend Clinton is a saint is emetic.

But the key point is that WikiLeaks is a publisher. It is a vehicle for publishing leaks, and is much more of a vehicle for whistleblowers than for hackers. It does not originate the material. I have often seen comments such as “Why has WikiLeaks not published material on Israel/Putin/Trump?” The answer is that they have not been given any. They publish good, verifiable material that they are given by whistleblowers. They are not protecting Israel, Putin, or Trump. Nobody has given them viable material.

Ecuador is keen to make plain that they are not interfering in the US election and wish to make plain material on the Presidential candidates is not being published from their facilities. Julian has no problem with the statement put out by Ecuador yesterday. It is worth noting that WikiLeaks is established in several countries and nothing has ever been published by WikiLeaks from any facility situated in the Ecuadorean Embassy.

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300 thoughts on “How to Really Really Upset the Foreign Office and Security Services

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  • Brianfujisan

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    • Paul Barbara

      Exactly why the government (sorry, RBS!) are giving them problems.
      The last thing HMG want in the UK is a truthful media.
      I’ll have the honour of listening to Vanessa Beeley in Bristol on 4th November, at a public meeting.

      • Brianfujisan

        Great stuff Paul..Have you had a scan at Vanessa’s – the wall will fall Blog


        . Fair enough .. hate is indeed a very powerful word. Stay well.

  • fred

    This post gives excellent insight into the cognitive dissonance of the Scottish Nationalist and how they seem to be able to hold two opposite viewpoints at the same time.

    They can see themselves as poor wretched victims of the big bullying state while at the same time brag of how they are a thorn in the side of the British government.


      • fred

        What makes you think I hate anyone?

        Not worshipping is not the same as hating.

        It was a valid observation, ignore it if you must but don’t attribute it to hatred so you can square reality with what you want to believe.

        • Paul Barbara

          Perhaps a better way of putting it would have been to ask you, ‘Why don’t you love your neighbor?’.

    • Harry Vimes

      The term phycisan heal thyself springs to mind here. It is perfectly realistic for someone to be bullied whilst at the same time trying to reciprocate in whatever ways or means available at any particular juncture.

      Trying to present this as some kind of either/or scenario is symptomatic of limited binary thinking and demonstrates it’s own limited cognitive capacities.

  • ronny mouse

    Craig, would JA appreciate postcards from interesting places, or would they be annoying / unwelcome / ignored?

    • Paul Barbara

      I believe they have made a very serious miscalculation in their ‘Yinon Plan’; the Yanks and it’s NATO poodles might be itching for WWIII, but the last thing Israel wants is a hostile nuclear force next door when the balloon goes up.
      So it might be they use their ‘considerable’ influence in America to restrain the Hawks!
      ‘Armageddon’ is said to be in Syria, so, let’s not say we weren’t warned.

      • michael norton

        If Syria “joins in Union with mother Russia”
        i.e. Syria becomes Russia, I suppose it will become legitimate for Syria/Russia to take back those bits of SRIA STOLEN by ISRAEl
        and those parts of SYRIA STOLEN by TURKEY?

  • Kropotkin

    I’m actually a little envious. Assange and Oborne are two people I admire and like listening to–mainly for their intellectual honesty. What a pleasant day you must have had!

  • Aurora

    “The control of the Democratic party machinery deliberately to unfairly ensure Clinton’s victory over Bernie Sanders is a matter of great public interest.”

    Undoubtedly. But that wasn’t the only or the main material picked up by the Trump campaign.And the release of material clearly hasn’t been timed to influence the Democratic party’s internal politics, but to impact on Clinton’s presidential bid. With the alternative being a racist demagogue with apparently no ethical constraints. You’re happy with how WikiLeaks has been effectively assisting Trump? Or you think it’s simply acted ‘neutrally’, ignoring the immediate political context in which information is released in the name of some kind of journalistic integrity? That needs a much better argument given the stakes involved in a Trump win.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      Clinton gives talks to bankers? Disses the struggling masses in (what she thinks is) private? So what’s new? Not a peep out of Wikileaks about her slavish subservience to AIPAC…or Trump’s for that matter. Whether America chooses the rock or the hard place will make very little difference to the US’s foreign interests. But Clinton’s security is worse (and/or, as I suspect, Trump is computer-illiterate and doesn’t send emails at all).

    • Loony

      Clinton is a liar, a thief and a warmonger. So far as I am aware Trump has no interest in starting wars and killing millions of people. Is it better to be a racist or a mass murderer?

      The system is failing, and if the people do not act to stop an out of control system then the system will kill the people. The time has passed for conventional left/right politics. Now is the time for the people to support any entity or organization that may be capable of putting a spoke in the system.

      Therefore people in the US should support Trump. People in the UK should support Corbyn. People in Spain Podemos, people in France the Front National, people in Italy the 5* Movement, and people in Germany the AfD.

      All of these entities may fail, but it matters nothing. Millions of people have no possible hope and they will cast around for new avenues of hope. The next generation of demagogues will likely be much worse and more dangerous than the current wave. How do you think Hitler achieved power? The Germans were denied all hope and all reasonable people were frustrated and blocked at every turn.

      The world is entering a dark period – denial and delusion will not be qualities valued in dealing with what lies ahead. Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command and we will not be destroyed without at least trying to save ourselves.

      • Aurora

        “The next generation of demagogues will likely be much worse and more dangerous than the current wave.”
        So you say support Trump? Or *any* entity capable of putting a spoke in system irrespective of its political leaning? Far right/KKK is OK? Because that’s Trump’s base political support now.

        I agree it’s a potentially dangerous period. But more so when people start losing their head, enter into hysteria and start backing the nearest available mega-narcissist/demagogue to ‘shake things up.’ That’s how fascism becomes a reality. Literally. And you have absolutely no idea what Trump’s foreign policy would be – apart from a willingness to bomb ISIS into the ground, use nuclear weapons if necessary, encourage nuclear proliferation etc. Added to his disposition to find grievance anywhere and reject diplomacy at all costs, I wouldn’t count on him not starting any wars.

        If voting Clinton is too much, other candidates beside Trump are available. Though I agree with Sanders on the need to prevent his presidency overrides most other issues. You’d see mass deportation, racist and xenophobic discriminatory policies, and political suppression on a huge scale within a very short time span.

        • Loony

          There are no perfect solutions – perhaps there are no solutions. None of this is helped by the fact that the people have been denied access to information and are subject to routine barrages of false information.

          Yes Trump wants to bomb ISIS into the ground, as do the Russians. This is because substantially everyone agrees that ISIS are an irredeemable death cult who must be destroyed. How strange then that actual current US policy is to support ISIS.

          Other candidates are available – for example Jill Stein the Green Party Candidate. As may be expected Ms Stein ticks all the right boxes for the liberal left. As also may be expected Jill Stein has zero chance of becoming President. She has however opined that she finds Clinton’s foreign policy to to be far “scarier” than Trump/s. As she is a candidate she obviously cannot endorse another candidate, but it is clear that she is less afraid of Trump than she is of Clinton.

          The problems surrounding illegal immigration have less to do with racism or xenophobia and more to do with the rule of law. What are the available alternative? You could pass laws to allow anyone from anywhere to settle anywhere they choose so that all immigration becomes legal. Alternatively you fail to apply the law in which case why stop there – why not abandon any law that someone does not like? You could grant an amnesty, but that is akin to rewarding lawbreakers and acts as an incentive to encourage more law breaking. The final alternative is to apply the law and punish people that break the law – in this case illegal immigrants. Deporting them would appear to be a rational and proportionate response to their crime.

          • Aurora

            Are you really trying to argue that, leaving aside all other remarks, someone who’s called for a ban on all Muslims entering the US isn’t a racist xenophobe? You’re OK with that?

            Some of the left (no idea whether that includes you) seem to be indulging the idea that Trump would be a better or no worse prospect than Clinton. It’s completely nonsensical at any level, socially, politically, geopolitically, economically. Here’s Chomsky on the topic:

          • Loony

            So someone calling for a ban on all Muslims entering the US is a racist and a xenophobe, but someone who makes untold numbers of people traverse the Med in un-seaworthy vessels prior to offering them refuge is a humanitarian.

            Is it more disreputable to ban immigrants or to send armed men and materiel thousands of miles from home to slaughter uncounted millions of people.

            Look at Africa – its population is rising by 80 million per year. If just this “new” population were admitted to the EU/US then in less than 10 years the EU and US would be majority African states, and the population of Africa would still be rising by 80 million per year. Are you OK with this?

            How many people are to be admitted? All of them, some of them, or none of them? Who should decide?

            Immigration is related to both foreign policy and rising population, Rising population is linked to the exponential function. They are serious issues. I do not have answers, but I do know that attempting to deal with mathematical problems by the application of emotion will not work.

          • Eridan

            Glenn, I find it ironic that you sit at your keyboard pounding out the same bias denial of all left wingers about how there is no partisan censorship in the US media as you post in the comment section of a blog entry regarding a visit with Julian Assange whose Wikileaks releases are being swept under the carpet by those same outlets. It’s honestly laughable. Also, I doubt you exerted the energy to rebuff any of my factual claims, reinforced by the fact that you didn’t call out anything specific, preferring to glorify in denial in your own echo chamber. Since I know you have a short attention span, please cite exact statements you contest and I will be happy to rebut in small, bite sized pieces you can intellectually digest.

          • glenn_uk

            @Eridan: Curiously flowery language you use.

            I didn’t go for anything specific, because just about everything you said was false. You were then free to take any one of the points you raised and we could have examined it.

            For instance, the supposedly left-leaning nature of MSM in America is a risible notion. The idea that massive corporations would be shouting “Down with Capitalism!” “Workers of the world unite!” and so on hardly rings true, does it?

            Perhaps you could illustrate the left-leaning inclinations by listing those mainstream media outlets which backed an impeachment of Dubbya Bush. Then list those that gave a full endorsement to the candidacy of Bernie Sanders. Then mention some television networks which failed to give an enormous amount of free publicity to Trump, and the MSM slavered all over him, delighted at the eyeballs his clown show attracted.

            Seriously though, if anyone thinks the media is all lefty, they cannot be reasoned with. They’re either lying or deluded. Take your pick.

          • Eridan

            Oh Glenn, you are positively entertaining. Flowery language? It’s called having an extensive vocabulary. I suppose you must be VERY IMPORTANT AND BUSY to the point where you only want to see comments consisting of words that are two syllables or less in short burst sentences.

            I’m not sure where you got the notion that, by left leaning, I was describing the media as some sort of strong arm for communism. As a matter of fact, I’m quite sure that I have been very direct that the media is firmly in Hillary’s pocket. Have you actually read any of the Podesta emails? There are dozens of them detailing the inappropriate familiarity of and exceptionally partisan collusion with the Clinton campaign. Which makes Hillary’s attempt to align herself with Sanders supporters even more laughable considering that the media are large corporations, as are the majority of her donors. That being said, the overwhelming majority of articles that appear daily are hit pieces of Trump, not flattering, regardless of how many times his name is mentioned and when you go to outlets such as Slate, Salon, Mother Jones, Daily Beast etc, their journos practically want him run out of the country chased by pitchforks. As for Bernie, he was endorsed by over 20 longstanding news outlets including the Seattle Times, San Francisco Examine and Philadelphia Tribune. Also, please don’t attempt to bait me with mention of Bush. A RINO, his political views were just as far left as Obama. While you’re at it, show me one media outlet that gives continuous favorable coverage to conservatives that’s not branded a home of ridicule and/or conspiracy theorists. Otherwise, I will assume that the one who can’t be reasoned with is yourself.

          • glenn_uk

            @ Eridan: You misunderstand. I meant “flowery” in the manner in which pronouncements from North Korea are flowery, not that you have what you laughingly consider to be an “extensive vocabulary”.

            Why don’t you just write “VOTE TRUMP!” and refer us to Trump’s website? That would be a lot more efficient that putting your little partisan pieces here. Everybody in the entire world outside the US knows Trump to be a total moron of the first order, and a revolting human being to boot.

            You know all about Trump – his shady dealings, his bigotry, his lies, his appalling behaviour – there’s no need to tell you about it. You know about it, and you like it. So what else is there for us to talk about?

            The fact that the MSM is reporting the truth about Trump – actually doing their job in some sectors for a change – doesn’t mean a massive bias on their part, no more than if they were reporting that the world is round instead of flat. Makes a change from their usual “He said, she said” cowardly nonsense. I suppose it fails to even enter your consideration that they’re reporting the truth about what a terrible candidate Trump is, because he is actually a terrible person.

            No – that couldn’t be. So it must be some diabolical plot, right? The MSM who failed to get H. Clinton nominated eight years ago is suddenly all working for her now! Yes, of course.

            I understand that you don’t want to be “baited” by Dubbya, but he was your boy for eight miserable years. And don’t tell me you would have preferred another candidate like Gore or Kerry instead.

            Enough said. You have your rather curious world view, and are satisfied with it, and no facts will persuade you otherwise – the fact that you’re a Trump apologist is all the evidence anyone needs. If you really believe a single word he says, perhaps you could sign up for Scientology – they appreciate vast reserves of credulousness in their recruits too.

          • Eridan

            Glenn, North Korea? Really? Is that the best you can do? Why don’t you just call Trump Hitler while you are at it, as that seems to be the default insult when a member of the party of (in)tolerance can’t come up with a better retort. I’m not a cyberbully who demands that someone cast their vote for whom I tell them to, unlike some. I’m alsot a Trump supporter, not apologist. One who quietly chose my preferred candidate a year ago, and then spent the better part of 2016 repeatedly seeing and hearing fellow supporters being called racists, bigots, xenophobes, sexists and baby eating monsters simply for choosing a political preference by anonymous brown shirts shilling for Hillary. I’m simply not going to sit quietly anymore, especially when the majority of statements by her supporters that I come across daily are simply an ignorant regurgitation of the daily buzz phrase, wholly lacking in substance and steeped in propaganda.

            When I started reading your line about shady dealing, lies, horrible person etc, I was absolutely sure you were referencing Hillary, as she is absolute physical embodiment of all those things plus more. The difference between you and me is simple. Whereas you obviously have a firm and complete bias against Trump, I’m willing to bet that you have never actually taken the time to really research his history or listened to him speak. I, on the other hand, not only had to live through almost eight miserable years with Hillary as my indifferent and inept senator, I actually know her history having worked in politics for several years in the DC beltway, so I assure you that my knowledge of her personalty and capabilities is vastly greater than your own.

            Also, again. Stop pressing your ridiculous assumption that I had any desire for a Bush presidency. During his campaigns I voted once for Nader and one abstention as I was living out of the US at the time. I notice that you did not back up your assertion that there was ring wing friendly media that was not labeled as “fringe” journalism, so your argument there falls flat. Since you certainly dismiss any statements that I make because it does not conform with your myopic views, be gone beggar. Assuredly you have other people to impose your special brand of wisdom upon.

        • Eridan

          I’m afraid that you have been grossly mislead by the agendy heavy, restrictively controlled and state approved talking points of the left leaning and owned US main stream media outlets. Each side, of course, has it’s own lunatic fringe of supporters. However, the overwhelming majority of Trump supporters are no more racist KKK members than the majority of Clinton supporters are radical marxists. Most of Trump’s supporters are fiscal conservatives with centrist social leanings. I do find it interesting that you embrace such a vehemently negative overview of the opposing side without actually taking the time to actually know of what you speak. Furthermore, you have painted yourself in the all too familiar picture nowadays of one who decries that a Trump presidency is a descent into fascism when, in reality, it is the Clinton campaign that clearly represents a closer ideology.

          In fascism, state control is the stranglehold over it’s citizens. Under a Clinton presidency, the bigger government the better. Clinton has a proven track record of being a warhawk. As we speak, tensions with Russia are escalating and Trump is the only one calling for dialogue whereas Hillary is content to continue on Obama’s path of provoking an aggression in area where their exceedingly ill advised foreign policy has already created a vacuum of chaos. She would also have quite in depth knowledge of demagogue leaders considering she helped install more than one herself. As far as her diplomatic disposition being superior to Trump’s, her own State Department staff acknowledge that during her tenure as SOS, she often ran afoul of her hosts, on several occasions exhibiting rude and offensive behavior towards them. She has a long documented history of belittling and abusing her subordinates. As for any elevated levels of propriety regarding the US nuclear program, it might have been better had she not revealed the top secret US nuclear response time to the entire world during the debate last night. You don’t count on Trump not starting any wars, and I counter that with him, at least there is a chance. Hillary is on a projected path to take us directly into one.

          Her health care proposal is a thinly veiled single pay system where the American people lose what little choice and control they retained after being broadsided with the humorless and inappropriately named Affordable Care Act. Her jobs proposal is a slightly reworked outline of a similar plan that she used to woo the voters of upstate New York during her bid for Senate with the promise of creating of 200,00 jobs that actually resulted in a loss of 25,000. The US cannot afford a drop of that magnitude on a national level. As far as mass deportations, if you had ever bothered to take the time to actually read Trump’s plan, you would learned that his first goal is to stop the mass flooding of illegal immigrants into the US in the first place. These are laws that already exist on the books. He is not attempting to implement new laws for his own amusement. The current US immigration policy is simply not being followed at the moment. The US is also under no obligation to take any immigrants at all and has, on several occasions in the past, completely halted immigration. That being said, he does have a clearly defined multi-layered plan to address stricter vetting processes and enforcement of legitimate documentation. There is also no “mass deportation” planned except as it relates to the deportation of undocumented and violent offenders.

          I’m also not even going to waste my energy on the claims of racism and xenophobia. Hillary, like all Democrat politicians, only has use for the minorities in America when it’s time to come to the polls. You only have to look at the absolute degradation and decay of Chicago, Obama and Hillary’s hometown, to see exactly how little support and restoration these urban centers are given. As far as political suppression? Please. Look at the overtly biased media lathering themselves up into a frenzy to vilify Trump and whitewash Hillary’s sins. It was Trump supporters who had their signs stolen, their cars vandalized, their children accosted at rallies by paid operatives working on behalf of Hillary’s campaign. The same paid agitators that have been identified at the sources of the Chicago riot where several people, including law enforcement, were injured, and the freeway blockade in Arizona. So again, a little information goes a long way. Support Hillary, if that is your choice, but be careful of the rhetoric you pass along if you are not intimately familiar with the subject matter.

          • glenn_uk

            Is this some lengthy tract from the Trump campaign or something?

            If there’s just a single point you’d like to discuss, kindly make it – everything you’ve written above is a slanted half-truth at best, but mostly one sided “reporting” if I’m being generous (mostly unsupported slurs and lies, if we’re being honest) which has to come from a partisan hack.

          • Eridan

            Well Glenn, that wasn’t at all a condescending response. If by partisan hack, you mean informed voter, then I confess. Since I’m being generous, I will accommodate your attention level for brevity only and offer to continue upon requests of my documented sources. Unlike some, I don’t trade in slants and speculation for my views.

          • Loony

            You have summed it up pretty perfectly.

            That Trump is flawed is undeniable, but given the circumstances and given the candidates he represents the only hope there is. The sad thing is just how many people seem incapable of analyzing facts and rely instead on the empty rhetoric they have had inculcated into them by a corrupt and vapid media.

            Mussolini defined Fascism as “the merger of state and corporate power” – Note how all corporate power is right behind Hillary and that should tell people all they need to know.

            Another Italian Leonardo di Vinci observed that “It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end” Now is the time to resist,as it will only get harder going forward.

          • glenn_uk

            @ Eridan: You’re not informed, you’re misinforming.

            I took a slightly closer look, and there’s hardly a word of truth in your post above at 19:38. There is, however, plenty of the usual partisan right-wing BS that’s been doing the round for years. “Liberal media” charges, which is actually laughable to those not steeped in alt-right propaganda. A redefinition of fascism which actually forgets to mention the primary levers of power in such a setup – the largest businesses and banking interests.

            There are assertions aplenty in your four paragraphs, yet nothing – not a single example of anything provable – to back it up.

            Your use of the phrase “Democrat politicians” actually betrays you. That was rather silly of you. Anyone who claims to know about US politics knows it would be “Democratic politicians”. But people who know even more than you’d like them to are very familiar with that particular and deliberate corruption of the name “Democratic Party”, we’re familiar with Frank Luntz. Don’t tell me you just made a wee slip of the keys there.

            Yours is simply a puff-piece for Trump combined with a hit-piece on Clinton. If you expect to be taken seriously, you’ll have to do a lot better than that.

          • Aurora

            1. When I say ‘base political support’ I’m actually referring to the quasi-organised ‘institutions’ sustaining Trump at an ideological level – alt right sites, Breitbart News etc. – way beyond Fox News and the GOP mainstream. Yes, we’re talking about right wing conspiracy theory, white supremacism etc. It’s the direction he’s been going and seems likely to end up if and when he loses the election.
            2. I made it clear, I thought, I’m not a Clinton supporter, I’m an anyone but Trump supporter for the next few weeks.
            3. Fascism is a rejection of democracy, usurpation of the political system to impose authoritarian role as part of a ‘national emergency’ and (paranoid) defense of the nation from hostile external forces. Trump’s threat to reject the legitimacy of the electoral process and his talk of ‘making America great’, building walls, impeding the entry of all Muslims, criminalizing the black and latino population, and strengthening the internal security forces ALL indicate a path to fascism in a very literal sense.

          • Eridan


            1. Alt right news sites and commentators are the only ones covering him with even a shred of positive introspection. You cannot form your judgment on millions of people based the fact that main stream media is propping up Hillary like a third world dictator with one hand and vilifying Trump for the slightest infraction with the other. Trump supporters come from all demographics, just like Hillary’s supporters do. What’s more, he doesn’t denigrate or debase entire chunks of the population like Hillary and co.

            2. Unlike yourself, the majority of his supporters actually do support him in the absence of another choice. I’m not sure that you can fault someone for standing by their convictions. His rallies draw tens of thousands of people each. Half of the crowd that shows up are content to stand outside the convention centers and watch on screens because there is no room inside.

            3. I’m not sure exactly when it became abhorrent to take pride and want to invest in your own nation first. When a country is 20 trillion in debt, our public schools rank far down the list internationally for quality of education, our infrastructure is crumbling, as evidenced when trains begin to derail killing passengers because of shoddy maintenance, our health care system is bankrupting the lower middle class, workforce participation as at an all time low not seen since the Depression, it’s madness to keep our illegal immigration floodgate open. I also find it ironic that with 11 current investigations of voter fraud underway and concrete proof that millions of Sanders ballots went unaccounted for, the same people who supported Al Gore in 2000 when he contested the election are now the ones taking umbrage that Trump has stated that he wouldn’t commit to accepting the results until the time came. I’m sorry if your sensibilities are offended by his stance on stopping immigration from countries populated with large swathes of radicalized terrorism until our currently poor vetting process is redefined with more aggressive background checks. Or if you take issue with him enforcing our existing immigration policy with Mexico, which actually does call for the expulsion of violent offenders. Also, if you could cite an example of him criminalizing the black population?

        • debra

          You are quite mistaken, in your assumption, that Trumps base support is in any way connected to the KKK. His base support is average joe/jill, working class people, who are tired to being dissed, robbed, and lied to, by our own elected officials.

          I also see you must listen the the ultra left-wing mainstream media since you have repeated their assessment of Trump, nearly verbatim.

          Yes, he is arrogant, speaks his mind, not politically correct, has made some off-color remarks(that were private), But he is still 100% better than Hillary Clinton and gang – including any republicans who have sided with her. Wars make her money – and she is always after the money, and she does not care who dies for her to get it!

          • Aurora

            As I explained above, I’m referring to the places from which Trump is drawing his political ideas, his allies outside the mainstream Republican party, not the mass of his voters. I’m well aware that many have been screwed by the mainstream neoliberalism that Clinton advocates. The idea that Trump will serve them well is ridiculous though. He exists for that same economic elite, albeit in his own deluded white supremacist way.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        If anyone’s got all the stigmata of an incipient demagogue, Trump has. Perhaps his appeal for you lies in his loud, random ranting and constant self-contradiction. And he whines. And his rhetoric is pretty shit too. Are you Trump?

        • Loony

          Tou don’t seem to understand constant self contradiction. Here is Dmitry Orlov setting out how it all works

          Of course he is a Russian and so it remains permissible to speak about Russians in the most patronizing and condescending terms. Your masters will let you know when the 2 minutes of Hate against the Russians has come to an end.

          • Ba'al Zevul

            I am intrigued by only one aspect of your posts, Loony. And that is, why you heroic e-defenders of Mother Russia have such a hardon for Trump. Could it be because he has zilch experience of (a) government, (b) diplomacy, (c) the military, and would be so naif as to let Russia walk all over him and his country’s allies?

            Are you Trump?

          • Loony

            I guess people are always intrigued by what they (deliberately) don’t understand.

            Nothing I have ever written could reasonably be interpreted as a defense of Russia – whether heroic or otherwise.

            Trump will win for the same reasons that the British voted for Brext, that the Labour Party voted for Jeremy Corbyn, that Podemos/Cuidadanos have smashed the ability of the PP/PSOE to ever form a government, and that the 5* Movement, the AfD and the Front National are gaining ground in Italy, Germany and France. I lend my support to all of them.

            Whether you like it or not the times they are a changing – and constant self contradiction is a weapon of the dispossessed and it is being deployed. Maybe you should have thought about the end game before you prostituted your intellect to the maintenance of a death cult system.

    • AsIf Uknow

      Trump is nothing.
      He is a FAKE!
      He is a LONGTIME Clinton friend, he’s been their donor for decades & he is HilLIARy’s insurance to: make sheeple vote for her criminal butt & to destroy the GOP’s monster, the TeaParty.
      All Trump has are stupid WORDS!
      Hillarys DECADES of ACTIONS should be far more concerning to your scared little mind.

      • Ben

        By your very description of him as master manipulator, how could he be NOTHING?

        Admit it. You are repeating what you hear just like the rest of us.

  • Ben

    So you buy the cover story and reject the notion that Kerry threatened Ecuador with ‘dire consequences’ if they didn’t shut Assange up?

    I don’t think anyone is portraying hillary as a saint….

    I am gratified that your subject matter strayed from the routine.

  • Ben

    Watched all three debates without an expectation except maybe Trump would expand on shallow slogans.

    Nothing in the first two.

    Finally in the third he made some words deeper than a puddle.

    It’s going to be a lot closer than the polls indicate. If it comes down to the wire like 2000 and SCOTUS is needed we will have a 4-4 split (Scalia not replaced as of now). That will be almost as interesting as a Trump POTUS

    • lysias

      If there’s a 4-4 split in SCOTUS, that will mean that whatever the court below whose decision is appealed to SCOTUS ruled continues to be the law. In Bush v. Gore in 2000, that would have meant that the decision of the Florida Supreme Court that the vote-counting in Florida should have continued would have been upheld instead of being reversed.

      So, if this year’s election ends up being equally close, then what will matter will be the makeup of the state supreme court in the state on whose electoral votes the result of the election will ride.

      • Ben

        Of course you are right about the mechanics of the Law, but imagine sTrumpettes accepting as final, a lower court ruling against their candidate.

        When facts take a back seat, the Law is in the trunk (boot).

        • bevin

          As Black Agenda Report put it: if you are looking for the fascist candidate go to the tent in which Wall St and all the big corporate interests are rallying, go to the sound of the war drums.
          In this election it is the Clinton campaign which big business is backing and every warmonger in America is joining in the hope that she will establish that full spectrum domination which will allow them to the milk the whole globe.
          Mike Whitney made the same sort of points in yesterday’s Counterpunch. There is no need to speculate over what Clinton will turn out to be: for quarter of a century she has led the push for war, fought against welfare claimants and for mass incarceration and built a personal fortune by influence peddling on a massive scale.
          Trump is a vulgar grifter. Clinton is a threat to the human race.

          • glenn_uk

            I don’t agree, Bevin – I don’t think you realise what a danger Trump is.

            Personally, I’ll be much happier for the lessor of two evils to get in this time – the neo-con beats the out of control fascist any day.

          • Loony

            According to Benito Mussolini Fascism means “a merger between state and corporate power” What do you think bank bail outs were all about?

            Why do banks pay Clinton $250,000 per speech? Why does Goldman support Clinton? Why is 90% of US media owned by 6 corporate entities and why does the media support Clinton?

            How does a Goldman trader make $100 million in 6 months of work?

            These questions all point to an answer that you already have Fascism – do you want more of it? Are you in fact a fascist masquerading as someone incapable of appraising evidence?

          • Ben

            Glenns comment in response to Bevin is exactly wrong.

            We need to have a pole-shift of gravitas toward change.

            BTIM incrementalism does not suffice. We have reached a zeitgeist wherein
            logic and reason have fallen prey to suspicion and distrust of source; thereby negating ALL data as false, regardless of the number of citations. Clinically, this is the definition of insanity.

            Therefore, it is best to sit back and watch what happens. it may not turn out any worse than the Status-Quo.

  • EricStoner

    Why would Russia try to interfere with her election as President; the Clinton’s are the gifts that keep giving.

    It was the Clinton’s they bribed to get control of 20% or the US uranium. It was Hillary that traveled to Russia, several times with an insecure iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, (take your choice though she said “only one”) giving them access to real useful intelligence.

    In the blackmail game, why would the Russians burn this “gold” material on trying to keep her from getting elected? Wouldn’t it be more valuable to them with her in office?

    They’re embarrassed, as they should be, and are throwing out BS for their cult members to suck on along wth their thumbs.

    • glenn_uk

      RoS – have you actually looked at Trump, his supporters, his bellicose bloviating and rabble-rousing, never mind his long track record of molestation, crookedness, mafia connections, tax dodging, bigotry and thuggery?

      Michael Moore has. He knows what he’s talking about, and he’s no sell-out. I hope you’re not dismissing Moore because you think you know a lot better than he does?

      Moore was a backer of Sanders. But Sanders is no longer in the race – it’s between Clinton and Trump. Trump would be – by far – the worst choice (which is why Sanders is now supporting Clinton, for instance).

      Listen to what decent, well informed people like Moore are saying – please. Don’t just dismiss them because you think you already have the answer.

      • Loony

        So Moore is no sell out and was backer of Sanders. BUT: The DNC conspired to rig the election such that Sanders had no chance of winning and Clinton had every chance. Moore now backs Clinton. Ipso facto Moore is either a sell out or a fucking idiot.

        • glenn_uk

          The DNC stitched up Sanders, granted. So now you want to vote for a bigoted fascist?

          Moore is a “fucking idiot” or a sell-out, according to the logic of the always brilliant Loony. Well that settles that.

          Loony, I’m done with your idiocy.

      • debra

        Glenn-UK, about your comment to Eriden concerning his use of “Democrat Party” not being correct.
        Yes the correct term is Democratic Party, but if you knew U.S. politics as well as you claim, you would also know,
        the term “democrat” instead of “democratic” is intended to be derogatory!
        You’re welcome, from a female Yank who would Never vote for HRC

        • glenn_uk

          Debra: I agree that you can refer to a “Democrat”, but it’s never the “Democrat Party” – unless you’re in some right-wing sewer like Fox “news”, or listening to Rush “pig-man” Limbaugh. Of course it’s intended to be derogatory, which was precisely my point.

          Are you going to vote for The Groper then, a crooked carnival barker, ?

  • Arbed

    I can’t think of anything that turns my stomach more than a conspiracy to set up a false accusation of “online grooming” and “sexual molestation” of an 8 year old girl against Julian Assange, to smear an innocent man for this vile crime purely of discredit publication of truthful documents revealing your own Party’s political corruption.

    The ‘Assange PedoPlot’, as it’s now called, was instigated by a mysterious front company “Todd and Clare” but it’s been traced back to a US data intelligence company on whose board sits Larry Summers and which is linked to a SuperPAC set up by John Podesta.

    The founder of T&C Network Solutions / Premise Data Corporation, David Soloff, was recently photographed in Clinton’s office and tweeted he’d also spent time with Tim Kaine.

    Link to documentary evidence:

    The sleuthing:

    • debra

      Arbed, I read about that just 2 days ago, also read that the lawyer, Allred, who is bringing these women out of the cobwebs with claims against Trump, is also tied to many of the same groups.

      Discredit Julian, Discredit Trump = Clinton & DNC

  • Kempe

    “Why has WikiLeaks not published material on Israel/Putin/Trump?” The answer is that they have not been given any.

    Back in 2012 Julian boasted that Wikileaks possessed over a million leaked documents that would affect every country in world.

    So where’s the dirt on Israel and Russia? There must be shed loads of it.

    • Ben

      I think Trump has some surprises….

      Note the rant against ‘International Bankers’ and see if you don’t read some code words.

      • fred

        When asked if he would honour the result of the election he said he would decide after the result. In other words if he wins he will say the election was fair and above board and if he loses he will scream “fix” and complain of media bias and vote rigging.

        That is hardly original, it’s an exact copy of the Scottish Nationalists, can’t he come up with some ideas of his own?

        • Ben

          You understand the relentless diatribes of influence Fred.

          For my part I am not so concerned with the outcome as I am the Process.

          Process has brought us more of the same just because it’s orderly and sane.

          Unfortunately, change only occurs under extreme duress; like when there is no alternative.

          Trump may force an alternative and you should consider INDYs your alternative.

    • RobG

      It might be because people like you live in an alternate reality, an alternate reality where the USA is not a mass murdering entity and is some kind of ‘democracy’.

      The facts tell otherwise.

    • Loony

      Sometimes there are no good choices. Maybe widespread civil unrest is preferable to widespread global unrest/war.

  • Aletha

    I am first, very grateful that Julian Assange is alive! And what a way to show everyone ? ❤

  • Ba'al Zevul

    As long as you can only hear him (an essential method of character assessment), it’s perfectly obvious that he’s moderately drunk most of the time, that he remains a 14-year-old spoiled rich kid, and if anyone contradicts him *Brit allusion coming up* he’ll thcream and thcream until he’th thick or until he gets his his way. Avert your eyes from the TV screen, folks, just listen to the bugger and tell me I’m wrong. At least Hillary might pass as adult.

  • Niall

    Hehe, you deserve all the enjoyment you can get, Mr Murray. On the source of the leaks: I’m getting a real flavour of ‘dislike’ (to put it mildly) of Clinton by her own people from some of the emails. What if the source is a Clinton insider?

    • Ben

      Comments like this show the need for some context from within.

      Trump’s dislikes have tracked Hillary’s throughout the campaign.

      Cognitive dissonance is not just native to the US.

  • elephant4life

    But, but, but….Obama, Hillary, and the alphabet agencies say it’s an evil Russian plot to help Trump. They told the truth about Benghazi to protect the last presidential election, why would they lie?

  • Sherman Butler

    The answer,from whistle blowers, and possibly high up sources. Anyways they have protection to protect their sources. Convenient, I need verification, proof positive before the election to just bring it home.

  • Karen

    Julian Assange..the citizens of the USA owe you a debt of fact the world…of we manage to hold on to our country in Nov. , it will be largely due to the truth you have published. John 8:32 …then you will know the truth…and the truth will set you free.

  • Pete

    Great article, not only does it help to relieve some of my concerns for the safety and well being of Julian Assange, it also goes a long way to informing/reminding people that Wiki Leaks is simply the “Vehicle” in which truth is published.

    People need to understand that the world is filled with corruption, but more so there are a small number of “Powerful, Rich, Elites” who also happen to be “Corrupt” and that is the biggest problem our world is facing and must over come.

    Assange, Wiki Leaks, Anonymous, Putin, Trump and many others are doing there best to accurately inform the people and helping us all to find the way out of this evil system we are currently trapped in.

    Keep up the great work!


  • bevin

    “You guys don’t see that Trump not conceding defeat at the polls on November 8th will trigger widespread civil unrest throughout the country…”
    Let us hope that this is so. But it seems very unlikely to me. Unlikely not that there will be unrest but that Trump will be responsible for it.
    Widespread civil unrest is something that the USA is due for after more than forty years in which living standards for ordinary people, of all colours and conditions, have been eaten away. Not since the early 1930s has the average family been so insecure as it is today.
    It now looks as if Hillary intends to reward her donors on Wall St by beginning to chip away at social security:

  • lg

    release all the information available. the american people have a rigjt to know and we also have the right to make sure our governing bodies investigate and prosecute any wrong doing by all elected officials. hillary and bill clinton must be investigated and prosecuted!!!

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