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Palestine Speaking Tour?

I am back from India today, and will be speaking at the SNP Club in Edinburgh tomorrow (Friday) at 7.30pm on Iraq and Syria (all tickets gone I am afraid, but it is being livestreamed by Independence Live). UPDATE: Live stream in new post The UK, USA and Middle East Conflict

I have invitations from Friends of Palestine in both Bath and Norwich to address them. I was wondering if any other groups are interested and we can put together a little tour. While I think the Shai Masot affair sparked the invitations, I would want to set out also my thinking on why a two state solution is impractical and we should support a single, non-racial, democratic and secular state in Palestine, in which all the peoples living there would be welcome and equal. Any interested groups should contact me via the button at the top of the blog. It is important to add I don’t charge any fee above travel expenses.

I am aware that the last week I have been so busy speaking and travelling I have not been writing except about my speaking and travelling, and Nadira’s new film. I am sorry if this looked self-obsessed to you (it did a bit to me). I hope things will calm down for a while now.

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