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The BBC has appointed arch Tory Sarah Sands as editor of the flagship Radio 4 Today programme. She is best known to the public for a leaked policy memo she wrote while at the Telegraph, including memorably advocating

“Play on people’s fears… stop just short of distortion”.

The extraordinary thing is that if Sands does “stop just short of distortion” she will actually be improving the performance of BBC News. The BBC Trust has upheld a decision against Laura Kuenssberg for a most disgraceful piece of lying, a breach of every journalistic ethic. At the time of the Paris attacks, Kuenssberg had this interview with Jeremy Corbyn.

Kuenssberg “If you were prime minister, would you be happy to order people – police or military – to shoot to kill on Britain’s streets?”
Corbyn “I am not happy with a shoot to kill policy in general. I think that is quite dangerous and I think can often be counter-productive.”

Kuenssberg deliberately distorted this to make it appear a response to the Paris attacks, and what was broadcast was the following:

Kuenssberg “I asked Mr Corbyn if he were the resident here at number 10 whether he would be happy for British officers to pull the trigger in the event of a Paris-style attack.”
Corbyn “I am not happy with a shoot to kill policy in general. I think that is quite dangerous and I think can often be counter-productive.”

What makes the malice in Kuenssberg’s dealings still more evident is that she had in fact asked Corbyn a question specifically about Paris, and received a very different answer from Corbyn: “Of course you’d bring people onto the streets to prevent and ensure there is safety within our society.”

But she broadcast neither the actual question nor the actual answer about Paris.

The deceit, malice and deliberate bias could not be more obvious. The BBC Trust really had no choice in its finding, and it specifically noted that Kuenssberg “had not achieved due impartiality.” That is an extremely important word – it was not just a lapse in judgement, it was a clear indication that Kuenssberg is partial in her political affiliations.

That of course has been blindingly obvious to a great many people for a long time. You may recall the petition against Kuenssberg’s bias that was signed by 35,000 people before 38 Degrees took it down on the complete lie that it had attracted a significant number of sexist comments.

My personal favourite remains Kuenssberg’s frenetic anti-Corbyn broadcast of 28 June 2016 in which she prophesied that Corbyn’s confidence of winning a second leadership election was misplaced. I cannot imagine a more blatant example of gleeful bias. The piece is headlined “Jeremy Corbyn’s Support Begins to Show Signs of Fraying” and was, as a matter of provable fact, gloriously wrong about everything.

Being a completely biased charlatan will do no harm at all to Kuenssberg in the modern BBC. I leave you with the Head of BBC news, extreme Zionist James Harding, and his reaction to the decision of the BBC Trust, the body which “ensures” the BBC’s impartiality, about Kuenssberg’s blatant lack of impartiality. “We disagree with this finding” says Harding, adding that BBC News “formally notes it.” It could not be plainer said – the BBC no longer has any intention of not reflecting political bias. Mr Harding is no doubt delighted to welcome his new colleague, Sarah Sands, ex Daily Mail, ex Telegraph, and who as editor moved the Evening Standard way to the right.

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400 thoughts on “BBC Daily Distortion

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  • michael norton

    If the S N P are so sure they have the people of Scotland with them, why do they think they lost the Referendum?

    • Julian Smith

      A number of reasons, but one was the last minute, and of dubious legality, intervention, with the help of the Record, by the now departed 3 Unionist Party leaders plus the unauthorised former saviour of the world, Gordon Brown which changed the terms of the Referendum by suddenly offering extensive new powers, the closest you could get to Federalism. This gave the switherers just the nudge they needed to believe they would get the best of all possible outcomes by voting No. In my view, this rendered the result null and void, even without the astoundingly and improbably high turnout of postal voters.

  • Sharp Ears

    Agent Cameron applied pressure on Rothermere to get Dacre removed. Well. Well!

    ‘The proprietor of the Daily Mail told its editor that David Cameron pressed for him to be sacked during the EU referendum, BBC Newsnight has learned.

    Lord Rothermere told Paul Dacre the prime minister urged him to rein in his pro-Brexit editor, then suggested he sack him, a source told the BBC.

    The Mail mounted a vociferous campaign for Brexit in the run up to the vote.

    A spokesman for Mr Cameron said he “did not believe he could determine who edits the Daily Mail”.

    The disclosure casts fresh light on one of the most bitter personal enmities of the Brexit campaign.’


    Newsnight understands the prime minister personally tried to persuade Mr Dacre to “cut him some slack” in a private meeting in his No 10 Downing Street flat on 2 February, the day European Council President Donald Tusk unveiled details of the deal negotiated by Mr Cameron for the UK.

    Mr Dacre told Mr Cameron he would not temper his editorial line on Brexit because he had been a committed Eurosceptic for more than 25 years and believed his readers were too.

  • metanarrative

    Alex Salmond in Commons debate with the amusing phrase “Full English Brexit”.

    A Full English Brexit will be

    Egg(on face), (silly)sausage, tomato(red face) ,bacon(not saved) and (has)beans.

  • Michael McNulty

    As far as I can tell the BBC has avoided all mention of the McCann’s losing their appeal yesterday against Goncalo Amaral, the policeman they tried to sue into silence over his claims they knew what happened to Madeleine. Omission has to be fake news, surely?

  • Republicofscotland

    On April 23rd, the French elecorate go to the polls, looking at some of the candidates, one feels that none are likely to get a majority.

    We have Francois Fillion, the candidate for the Republican party, who called Margaret Thatcher a hero. The polls have him down 20 points, over what the French press are calling Penelopegate.

    Then we have the meteoric rise of Benoit Hamom, who beat a crowd of socialist candidates, to win more than 58% of the vote. His nearest rival is Manuel Valls, he’s currently on 41%, Hamon however is “la gauche de la gauche” , Labour in Britain used to be able to say that about their policies, not anymore.

    Also in the running is a ex-minister of Francios Hollande, Emmanuel Macron, his new centrist campaign “En Marche” (Working) has supposedly captured the imagination of French voters.

    Finally we have Marine Le Pen, of the far right Front Nationale, a insular, populist, anti-immigration, and anti-EU party. However Le Pen is not immune to scandal, and see faces a bill of €300,000 Euro’s, for misspending EU funds.

    The Christian terrorist Alexandre Bissonnette who (allegedly ) murdered six Muslim men in Quebec Canada, is a big supporter of Le Pen and Front Nationale’s anti-immigrant policies.

    Bissonnette, is said to have expressed his support for Trump and Le Pen online, at Generation Nationale, a group whose manifesto includes rejecting multiculturalism.

    • lysias

      They’re saying that there’s a good chance Fillon will now drop out of the race, and that Le Pen is likely to be opposed in the runoff by Macron.

      • Stu

        The Fillon scandal seems like a set up to get him out of the way so Macron can hoover up all the centre right votes.

      • Republicofscotland

        Yes Lysias, it would appear that a spot of nepotism has possibly irrevocably, damaged Fillion’s chances.

        Add in the the French version of the Spectator’s (Le Canard Enchaine) satrical look on Fillion’s spouse receiving €500, 000 Euro’s s as his assistant in parliament, as well as €100,000 Euro’s for a publishing job provided by a billionaire of her husband, and Fillions campaign could be very short lived.

    • bevin

      “On Facebook, Bisonnette “liked” a number of pages, including the official page for Marine Le Pen, Islam critic Richard Dawkins and Donald Trump. However, he also liked pages supporting the NDP (the NDP is the Canadian Socialist International affiliate, Blairite in its policies) and former leader Jack Layton…”
      He also appears to have been a Nationalist. At the same time he was a military cadet.
      These things tell us very little except that he was very confused. You ought to resist the temptation to smear Le Pen -as a Nationalist you should realise that it is not in your interest. It isn’t in anyone’s interest to play these ‘guilt by distant association’ games.

    • Iain Stewart

      To update your information: “Les Echos” has published a poll with Hamon currently around 17 percent, drawing votes from Mélenchon.
      Valls pulled out having lost the PS primary on Sunday evening.

        • Iain Stewart

          You’re welcome.
          “Le Canard Enchaîné” published more revelations today just after the latest poll, so Fillon’s chances are probably dwindling even further in favour of the centrist Macron, whom the EU’s substantial fraud allegations against the FN (around a million euros according to Libération this morning) will no doubt help.

  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile the queen of “flip flopping” Ruth Davidson, who firstly condemned Brexit, then flip flopped when her masters at Westminster got behind it, has been asked to apologise for saying the movement for independence would lead to “fratricidal conflict.”

    Of course not only has Davidson sold out Scotland on the Single Market, she and her party are sells on Scotland period.

  • Republicofscotland

    Well, I take my hat of to Ken Clarke for tearing into Theresa May’s “Alice in Wonderland Brexit plan.” As he quaintly put it.

    Clarke went on to say, that even Enoch Powell would be surprised at how anti-immigrant the Tories have become, well I can’t argue with that.

    Brexit waffler, David Davis added the point of no return had already been passed, too right it has, it’s all downhill for Britain from here on in.

          • J

            He was a ‘free market’ dictator, well up for raping his own country behalf of the international effete or Criminels Sans Frontières.

          • Republicofscotland


            Again spot on, the Economist once hailed Thatcher for her “willingness to stand up to tyranny.”

            Obama, the US president who has the dubious honour of being the POTUS longest at war, said of Thatcher, “she was the one of the great champions of freedom and liberty.”

            She even sent Christmas cards to both Saddam and Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi in 1981.


          • John A

            Reply to Republic of Scotland’s comment that
            “Obama, the US president who has the dubious honour of being the POTUS longest at war”

            As Obama was at war every single day of his presidency, his record will never be beaten, at best equalled.

    • Anon1

      As a Cambridge undergraduate Ken Clarke invited Oswald Mosely to give a speech to the Cambridge Union; the subject: the Advantages of a European Political Union.

      He doesn’t mention that in any of his long winded rambling speeches.

      Odd that.

  • Republicofscotland

    A&E units in England have failed to hit their four-hour waiting targets for 16 months in a row, increasing pressure on Theresa May to tackle the crisis engulfing the NHS.

    16 months in a row, wow! That’s a figure that would’ve seen the anti-Scottish government media, lambasted night and day.

    Meanwhile Scottish A&E’s have recorded a strong performance, figures show 92.8, were either seen, admitted transferred or discharged with the four hours waiting time.

    Though I doubt the unionist media will report that, night and day.

  • Sharp Ears

    Unlike the other channels, the BBC is making great play of the Sousse inquests, currently being held at the Royal Courts of Justice.

    Film was shown of the military reception at Brize Norton of some of those killed and the coffins being carried off the giant C17 transporter by a party of servicemen in Royal Wootton Bassett mode. There followed film of the procession of hearses.

    A family who were bereaved of three members in different generations were shown arriving at the RCJ and some of the verbal evidence from them repeated by the reporter.

    All part of the war on terror propaganda of course.

    Did you know that the bodies were repatriated 8 at a time in several separate flights of the giant transporter planes? Why was that?

    ‘Capacity of a C17:
    ◦102 paratroopers or
    ◦134 troops with palletized and sidewall seats or
    ◦54 troops with sidewall seats (allows 13 cargo pallets) only or
    ◦36 litter and 54 ambulatory patients and medical attendants or
    ◦Cargo, such as an M1 Abrams tank, three Strykers, or six M1117 Armored Security Vehicles’

    The litter and ambulatory capacity would suggest that the 30 coffins could have been accommodated easily in one repatriation flight.

    It is disgraceful that these sad deaths are being used in this way.
    The report in question just shown on the BBC News Channel is not on the website yet. This is their report yesterday.
    Tunisia attack: Grandmother killed on 10th anniversary of husband’s death

    Today’s Sky News report from the inquest is factual.

    Tunisia inquests: Teen tried to shield grandfather from gunman
    Owen Richards, 16, saw his brother, grandfather and uncle die as Seifeddine Rezgui opened fire at a beach resort in Tunisia.
    14:27, UK,

  • bevin

    Those who fear that the UK economy will be in trouble after Brexit are right. But so are those who realise that the EU economies are in the same sort of trouble.
    The entire capitalist world system is in trouble- austerity means declining demand, which means living standards decline which means that demand declines. It does not add up: to survive capitalism must expand but it cannot expand so long as its rulers use their power to cut the living standards of the masses and keep all productivity increases for themselves.
    And then, in a not unrelated sphere, there is the environment which is rapidly deteriorating thanks to climate change and the other effects of pollution.
    Arguments about Brexit are like discussions of the morrow’s breakfast menu on the Titanic after the iceberg has hit.
    Here’s a fun fact: more plastic was produced in the first decade of this century than in the entire C20th. there are 150 million tonnes of it in the oceans. By 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fishes.

    • Dave

      Offbeat but, the climate scam isn’t green, and its the recycling/ritual mantra that has led to all those plastic bottles in the oceans. Once rubbish was collected/recycled as fuel and burnt and this made waste disposal cheap. Now its recycled as rubbish and remains rubbish despite recycling efforts making disposal expensive resulting in fly-tipping and/or sent abroad to be recycled and dumped in the oceans.

      • michael norton

        Dave, down our local recycling centre they have tightened the rules so much, the staff now wear stab-proof vest and body cameras.
        There is stuff being dumped all over the place, that would have gone to the recycling centre but people can’t fit in with the new rules.

      • Bayard

        “Once rubbish was collected/recycled as fuel and burnt and this made waste disposal cheap.”

        Once we re-used stuff, remember milk bottles? but that wasn’t convenient for the supermarkets so now we have the con that is recycling.

        • Cuilean

          More than half of my family voted ‘Leave’ (extended family circa 30) but in Indyref2, all will reunite to vote YES to Scottish independence and Scotland simply becoming a normal country, governed by the people who live here and have its best interests at heart.

          EU has flaws, but in a stark choice between the EU and a Tory (for a generation) Westminster, which cannot veil its contempt for Scotland; Scotland is undeniably ‘better together’ with EU.

          Scottish fishermen have also woken up to the fact that Westminster’s Tories will sell them out yet again, as bargaining chips, trading off fishing rights in return for London banks continued free passporting to the EU.

    • Old Mark

      RoS- the amount of delusional bollocks on that comments thread had me rolling in the aisles

      Here’s a prize example, from ‘Les Wilson’

      ‘In truth, there will never be a hard border between Scotland and England, it just will not happen. While they can threaten now, they certainly cannot afford to lose THEIR sales in Scotland. It would make their finances sooo much worse.

      Economics will rule that descision, they cannot afford to carry this threat out.

      As far as currency is concerned, they will be begging us to use Sterling, but we can do very well without doing so.
      Question would be how many English pounds to a Scottish pound.’

      To update the Milky Bar Kid- ‘The battered Mars Bars are all on me dya ken !’

      • metanarrative

        Independent Scotland can use Sterling. Begging or permission just don’t come into it.

        • MJ

          An independent Scotland could only use sterling with the permission of the BoE. If Scotland were to join the EU it would be informed by the EU of what currency it must use (ie the euro). It’s all about permission but begging will be ignored.

          • metanarrative

            Agreement by London would be needed for a currency union. Different thing to currency use.

          • MJ

            You can use sterling but getting new money in would be problematic. The EU of course wouldn’t permit Scotland to use sterling. The euro all the way, no worries.

          • glenn

            L: “And it will be possible to enforce negative interest rates.”

            There were a number of retailers in Europe mainland who wouldn’t accept cash, as we discovered on a recent lengthy trip. Not just “big box” stores, I mean small bakeries, restaurants and coffee shops. Your cash is no good there.

            Try getting a credit/debit card without a permanent home address. Think how easy it will be to cut someone out of society completely, once this requirement becomes widespread.

            About that negative interest rate – hey, I’ll borrow £1,000,000 ! How much interest will I get from that a month? What – “negative interest rates” don’t work like that? Gosh darn.

          • Cuilean

            Another myth resurfaces that Scotland must use euro. Only 19/28 countries use the euro.

            9 EU members (MORE THAN ONE THIRD OF EU MEMBERS!) don’t use the euro: UK, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria & Croatia.

            United Kingdom and Denmark are legally exempt from ever adopting the euro. All other EU countries must enter the eurozone after meeting certain criteria. Countries, however, do have the right to put off meeting the eurozone criteria and thereby postpone their adoption of the euro.

            Scotland as the succeeding state to the UK (if it votes for independence before Brexit in order to remain in the EU), won’t be ‘joining’ the EU, as Scots have been EU citizens for over 43 years (!) with inalienable rights as EU citizens) could inherit the legal exemption from ever having to use the euro.

            In all events, no country has ever been forced to use the Euro against its will. Indeed six countries which are NOT in the EU, fvreely prefer to use the Euro: Monaco, Andorra, Montenegro, San Marino, The Vatican City State and Kosovo.

            There is much talk that Eire is set to attract world banks and financial institutions as it will have the advantage of being the only English speaking EU country, once the UK departs but if Scotland votes for Independence within the EU, and we still use the pound (and rUK cannot legally prevent Scotland from using the pound, nor would it wish to under those circumstances), these banks and institutions will choose Scotland over Eire, as their main relocation hub.

            English banks, too, with offices in an independent Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh, could then continue to obtain free passporting to the EU.

      • Republicofscotland

        Old Mark.

        I’m sure many in here would agree that “delusional bollocks” as you put, can be found on most blogs.

        However you seem to have mist the jist of matter, that there would be no “hard border” between England and Scotland, in the event of Scotland becoming independence and remaining in the EU.

    • lysias

      I heard Raab say that. I usually leave radio on all through the night when I am in bed, and the local National Public Radio station plays BBC through most of the night, from midnight to 5 AM. So I heard Raab say this.

      He also said it about Ireland: no hard border.

  • RobG

    Every week Jean-Luc Mélenchon posts a review on his YouTube channel. Some brave soul puts English sub-titles on them. Here’s Mélenchon’s latest review, from last weekend, before Benoit Hamon was selected as the Socialist Party’s candidate for the presidential election…

    I realise that few, if any, will watch all 30 minutes of this review, but those that do will probably notice two things: A) Mélenchon has a terrific sense of humour, and B) Mélenchon has a firm grasp of geo-politics.

    Do you really think that the French will vote for another neo-con psychopath, whether they pretend to be on the left or right of politics, as opposed to the likes of Mélenchon?

      • RobG

        It’s incredibly difficult to predict anything at the moment, in these absolutely crazy times we are now living in.

        But I will venture that the French presidential election might well produce a surprise (and don’t say that I haven’t told you about it).

  • RobG

    The MSM might not cover this, so:

    President Trump – African American History Month At The White House

    I suppose I’ll have to stress yet again that when it comes to politics I am diametrically opposed to Donald Trump. However, if Hillary had won the presidency it would have almost certainly meant war with Russia (and the frightening thing is that many people thesedays have no understanding of what that means). Trump was the less worse of the only two options offered to the American people.

    Donald Trump is exactly what it says on the tin (far right politics). That’s what they voted for and Trump is carrying through what he pledged during his election campaign.

    I’m still going to give The Donald his first 90 days before I steam into him.

    And with regard to UK politics, as least Trump is totally up front about his politics; whereas Theresa May & Co always try to disguise the fact that they are on the far right; in fact, the most far right government that the UK has ever had.

    • fwl

      I don’t believe he is up front about his views. He is gaming everything. He still denies his father was arrested in a Klan riot in Queens in 1927.

      • RobG

        Didn’t Theresa May, cosying up to The Donald, just want to make you vomit?

        In fact I’m absolutely disgusted by consecutive maggot PMs of the UK who have bent over and bared their arse to Uncle Sam.

        These people are total traitors and absolute vermin.

        But amazingly people still vote for these scum.

        The power of the mainstream media, ay.

  • RobG

    More absolute bullshit from the US security services to try and normalise homelessness…

    Our friend in this video does not of course pose any questions as to why he is homeless.

    The United States is by a long shot the most vile society that’s ever existed on Earth.

    And by definition so are poodles like the UK.

  • lysias

    Salmond just said on RT that there must be another independence referendum in Scotland. I think he was reacting to the parliamentary vote on Article 50.

    • Brianfujisan

      Yes, That is correct lysias. as 58, of Scotland’s 59 MSP’s voted against Brexit Article 50.

      O.t.. It has Begun, Trump’s oil thugs raiding Oceti Camp just now. Bless the Water Protectors.

  • Bob Apposite

    If Craig Murray is against Brexit, why did he help America “exit”?

    And -if he’s a “human rights activist”, why did he bring to power a Sociopath?

    • Bob Apposite

      If Craig Murray is against Brexit, why did he help America “exit” by DOXing Clinton?

      And if he’s a “human rights activist”, why did he bring to power a Sociopath, possibly even the next Hitler?

      • Brianfujisan

        IT WAS THE DNC Shafting Sanders that got Trumpet in… I wish they would Stop calling him the donald…The trumpet Aye

      • bevin

        As to sociopaths, the choice, for Americans was between the one that they knew and the one that they didn’t know (but are now getting to understand).
        As to the publication of the DNC emails, Bob, are you arguing that such matters are best kept from the American public? That would certainly seem to have been the dominant media view- the NYTimes and CNN went out of their way not to publicise the contents of the emails, whereas every bad date in trump’s seven decades of chancing and conning was celebrated by a media intent on squashing him.
        Brian argues that it was the DNC’s fiddling of the primaries and stacking of the Convention that led to Trump’s election. In my view the DNC shares that honour with the openly partisan media: millions of Americans thought “If the media hate Trump (let’s call him Toots) that bad, he must be a good guy.”
        They were wrong but for the right reasons.
        In other news :The White House is denying that Trump has threatened to invade Mexico.

        • Brianfujisan

          bevin They were CAUGHT at it LIES..Lies

          so, here I am with Nothing. But Love Surrounding Me ..

        • Brianfujisan


          That’s Media thing… IT’s Not Complex .. It’s what the Bastards want you to Know.. Think…. Hatred..

          • Ba'al Zevul

            I think we can ascribe that to Trump’s privileged upbringing…but sure, I wasn’t serious. Both Hitler and Mussolini had served in their armed forces, in battle, and both had political experience before coming to power. Quite unlike Trump. Who announces his desire to control Chinese expansion in the Pacific region and starts by pissing off the Australians. Pure genius!

  • giyane

    Media Lies? If politicians did not use their parliamentary fora and priveledges as urinals for every kind of devious persomal and state scam, the media would not see any opportunity to be naughty.

    I still have not forgiven Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary – of all positions not to piss neo-con dogma from on high onto the heads of us people who are held to account by the law – for accusing Trump of being a recruiting serjeant for Islamic State. Trump opposes the USUKIS policy of eating its own vomit by using proxy terroristss for colonial ethnic cleansing and land gain FFS.

    What more encouragement do Daesh and Qaida need than USUKIS government funding and political support?Mind-blowing hypocrisy from a Home Secretary who will have to deal with terrorists suspects.
    This is mob rule, when government eyeball level guilt is covered up by populist media Islamophobia delivered from the despatch box of the UK parliament.

    We desperately need to get these Blue and Red Tor neo-cons out of office, but the gormless worms leading the Labour party just open and shut their mouths like dumb goldfish.

  • Sharp Ears

    Trump’s phone conversation with Turnbull at the weekend was terminated by Trump according to Sky and the BBC.

    ‘President Trump and Australia PM have ‘worst call’
    ‘A phone call between US President Donald Trump and Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull has called into question a refugee resettlement deal.

    The Washington Post reported Mr Trump called the conversation “the worst by far” of his calls with world leaders that day, and cut it short. Mr Trump later tweeted that he would “study this dumb deal”. Struck with the Obama administration, it would see up to 1,250 asylum seekers to Australia resettled in the US.

    Australia has controversially refused to accept them and instead holds them on offshore detention centres on the Pacific nations of Nauru and Papua New Guinea.

    Mr Turnbull said he was disappointed details of the call, which he described as “very frank and forthright”, had been made public. However, he said Mr Trump had assured him the deal would go ahead. He told a Sydney radio station that “the report that the president hung up is not correct”.
    Trump stands firm over travel ban
    Australia asylum: Why is it controversial?

    Last Friday, Mr Trump signed an executive order temporarily banning the entry of refugees and people from seven Muslim-majority countries. Australia has since been seeking to confirm its arrangement would go ahead. On Monday, days after the immigration ban was implemented, Mr Turnbull said he had spoken to Mr Trump and thanked him for agreeing to uphold the deal.

    On Wednesday, US presidential spokesman Sean Spicer also said Mr Trump intended to uphold the deal.

    [..]The president said Mr Turnbull was looking to export the “next Boston bombers” to the US, the newspaper said, and ended the call abruptly after 25 minutes. “I don’t want these people,” he is quoted as saying.

    • Anon1

      Could it have something to do with the $88 million donated by the Australian government to the Clinton Foundation?

    • fred

      “The president said Mr Turnbull was looking to export the “next Boston bombers” to the US, the newspaper said, and ended the call abruptly after 25 minutes.”

      The Boston bombers were born and raised in America, their father was Chechen and mother Caucasian.

      • John

        > fred
        > February 2, 2017 at 09:45
        > The Boston bombers were born and raised in America, their father was Chechen and mother Caucasian.

        Ho ho ho. How much research is this based on ? Ten minutes of listening to the BBC news would be my guess.

        • Ba'al Zevul

          Does the fact (according to five minutes on Wikipedia) that one brother was born in the Kalmuk Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic and the other in Kyrgyzstan have any material bearing on Trump’s emission being bollocks? Neither Tsarnaev had any connection with Australia. Tamerlan’s application for naturalisation was set back because of his already known radical connections. Dzhokhar was a naturalised American citizen. Fred’s mostly right.

          PS, when asserting that someone’s wrong, it is only courteous to indicate what grounds you have for that belief. Ho,ho,ho doesn’t cut it.

  • Anon1

    So Diane Abbott “fell ill” just moments before yesterday’s historic vote, but had recovered enough shortly afterwards to be tweeting away to her followers. Hmm…

    • Anon1

      It now emerges that Ms Abbott was on the lash in the Red Lion shortly before the vote she was too ill to attend.

  • Anon1

    I see that the SJWs across the pond are on the rampage, burning and vandalising property and trying to shut down free speech. Doing what the regressive fascist left do when they don’t get their way.

    Oh, and I see the BBC helpfully described the rioters as “activists” taking part in a “protest” against “far-right fake news”.

      • Anon1

        It wasn’t a protest, Mary, you are using the language of the fake news. It was a violent riot by the left aimed at closing down free speech.

        Now let’s hear evidence that Milo is a racist. I want a specific documented incident of his racism, not an acre of cut and paste from a 3-second Google search.

        Over to you.

        • Sharp Ears

          Discussed in full elsewhere following his appearance on Sky News newspaper review, November 2016.

        • Sharp Ears

          ’24th May 2016
          DePaul University Descends Into Chaos Over Milo Yiannopoulos Visit

          Yiannopoulos himself ridiculed the protest as relatively weak while throwing out his own incendiary jokes.

          “This is a very low standard of protest. At Rutgers, they at least brought paint,” he said. “You know, I worked out why there are so many black girls here. I think it’s because I f***** their brothers.”

          Later, he guessed that the disruption would last another 20 minutes, quipping that “the statistics for black incarceration are about to go up.”

          Read more:

          Sufficient? Do you find his ‘chimed’ amusing?

          • Phil the ex-frog


            Habbakuk recently suggested perhaps you, amongst others including himself, are driven to defend positions you might not necessarily agree with by the stupidity of the lefty comment writers here. This struck me as not dissimilar to an audience member spontaneously recruits by an illusionist. Anyway, true or not I wonder what it is you think you are defending here.

            Not widely reported someone was recently shot at one of his undoubtedly designed to create confrontation gigs. You think that Yiannopoulos is not racist. OK, what is he doing?

    • fred

      I think the protests against Trump started genuinely enough, moderate people who don’t normally protest afraid the values they hold dear are being eroded. However it didn’t take long for various factions to try and harness their energies, the extreme left grasped the opportunity to jump on the band wagon and grab the reigns. It’s a shame, a genuine grass roots protest stood a chance of doing some good but what chances there were are being wrecked.

  • Anon1

    Where’s Norton when you need him?

    £24 BILLION to shut down North Sea Oil.

    The time for independence is right ?

  • Sharp Ears

    Interesting that my post about this country’s appalling record of historic child sexual abuse (which included two links) on this page, p 3 of the comments, has been deleted.

    Isn’t it the case that when comments continue beyond p1, comments on all topics normally go up?

    • Anon1

      Probably it involved too much copy-and-paste.

      You could just supply a link and a brief summing-up along the lines of, “We already knew the archbishop was a lefty and an atheist, but now it appears he may be a nonce too”.

  • Anon1

    So what now for Guyana-born multi-millionairess, Gina Miller, now that she has achieved nothing except piss away a fortune on legal fees?

    Why, she now wants to advise the government on negotiating our departure from the EU !

  • michael norton

    Great news the Economy of the United Kingdom continues to tick along gently, gently – no surprizes.

    Breaking Bank of England says UK will grow faster than expected in 2017

    The Bank of England has made another dramatic rise in its growth forecast for this year.

    It expects the economy grow 2% in 2017, up from a November forecast of 1.4%, which was itself an upgrade from the 0.8% forecast made in August.

    The Bank said the latest upgrade was partly the result of higher spending and investment contained in Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement.

    As expected the Bank kept interest rates on hold at 0.25%.

    The Bank has been criticised for being too gloomy when it drastically cut its growth forecast after June’s vote in favour of Brexit.

    Since then the Bank has upgraded its forecasts for growth.

    • bevin

      “the Bank kept interest rates on hold at 0.25%.”
      You think that that is normal?
      A house of cards would look solid besides this sort of Potemkin economy.

      • michael norton

        Mr. Bevin, I think you may find that the bank rate of the Eurozone is even lower than that for the Bank of England.
        I think you might also discover that the Euro is vastly over priced.
        A big fall is soon coming to the Eurozone.

  • Anon1

    To understand the social sciences, or #fakeeducation, visit the postmodernism generator and create a 1st class (Hons) dissertation in seconds!

    Fun and educational, the computer program will create a completely meaningless string of bullshittery, readable, with citations, that will impress all the #fakeprofessors of postmodern marxist pseudo-science!

    Try it for Giggles. I just created a masterpiece on “Dialectic theory in the works of Burroughs” in, literally, nanoseconds!

    Never will you need to attend lectures again! Your time can be freed to focus on activism and protest against the white male patriarchy that oppresses us all!

    • Anon1

      Here is a real seminar from Manchester University:

      Pluralising the walking interview: researching (im)mobilities with Muslim women

      Within writing on walking practices, walking has often been presented as pleasurable, relaxing, and even liberatory. Research using walking interviews has recognised that different kinds of bodies can be excluded from mobile methods, impacting upon place-based knowledge production. However, the social and cultural politics of the walking interview remains underplayed, an omission that is acutely apparent in a context of urban diversity. This paper investigates the ways in which walking practices intersect with social difference, particularly in relation to faith, ethnicity and gender. It argues for the need to pluralise mobile methods in order to more subtly address social distinctions, and further offers empirical observations on the embodied experiences and socio-spatial practices of Muslim women in the city of Birmingham, U.K. Saskia will contextualise this paper in relation to the wider AHRC Connected Communities project from which the empirics were drawn, and her current research on Muslim women artists in the Cultural and Creative Industries.

      • Node

        Here is a real seminar from Manchester University:

        … and here is a real poem from the Collected Works of Anon1

        Oh Take Me Home to Enoch’s Land

        Verse One:
        I met my love at a BNP rally
        too many emotions for me to tally
        The beeding left are driving me mad
        But you did not think me bad

        Oh take me home to Enoch’s land
        Don’t happen much anymore
        Oh how I miss taunting the poor
        Misty water-colored memories

        Verse Two:
        Nigel you are the apple of my eye
        Another blink of an eye
        Donald my sweet take me home
        And always remember the words of my poem

        Oh take me home to Enoch’s land
        Don’t happen much anymore
        Oh how I miss taunting the poor
        Misty water-colored memories

        Chorus to fade

    • nevermind

      Fake education is all the rage for the Gove fanatics. Its more important to cut up education then it is to teach children under this Government of electoral cheats, they have debased academic education by allowing all and sundry to teach, as long as they are quietly running along with their agenda, all those who demand that children get educated by educated teachers, are sidelined and black balled as trouble makers, unionists or not.

      Britain is being subjected to a dumb down exercise of immense proportions and its electorate is too stupid to see that they have no say in it whatsoever.

      Bad Ofsted reports and constant interruption of schools are all down to the Conservatives chaotic education policies which will guarantee many more immigrants with expertise getting jobs here, to the detriment of all those Brexiteers.

      Banks want a clause to be excluded and they hire who they want, they are telling the Government what to demand in their hard Brexit regurgitations,

      Get yourself a EU citizens passport for better and more furtive services when you travel or visit relatives.

  • michael norton

    Penelope Fillon said in 2007 she ‘never worked for husband’
    Penelope Fillon apparently told British newspaper the Sunday Telegraph in 2007 “that she had never worked for her husband”, according to journalist Elise Lucet of France 2’s Envoyé Special television programme, which was due to air excerpts of the interview on Thursday evening.

    That’s quite hard to reconcile with Penelope gaining hundreds of thousands of Euros of public money, an income greater than a British M.P. would have got,
    for a little bit of phone answering or door opening or tea making.

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