Why is Melanie Phillips Mainstream Acceptable? 802

I have often pointed to Melanie Phillips to illustrate the fact that while left wing radical thought is excluded from mainstream media, you can be as completely mad, raving off the wall right wing as you wish, and yet still get invited onto every BBC panel or discussion series in existence. She still justifies the Iraq War. She thought Saddam did indeed have those WMDs and they were hidden in secret underground chambers underneath the Euphrates.

Less harmlessly, Phillips employs hate speech and was praised by Anders Breivik. Sweeping anti-Muslim Phrases such as “the Islamic enemies of civilisation” come easily to her. I was appalled by this particular example of Phillips’ hate speech four years ago. You can see how Breivik found her inspiring:

Romney lost because, like Britain’s Conservative Party, the Republicans just don’t understand that America and the west are being consumed by a culture war. In their cowardice and moral confusion, they all attempt to appease the enemies within. And from without, the Islamic enemies of civilisation stand poised to occupy the void.
With the re-election of Obama, America now threatens to lead the west into a terrifying darkness.

I called this out at the time as incitement to religious hatred. Interestingly enough it has now disappeared from Phillips’ own website: http://melaniephillips.com/america-goes-into-the-darkness. But you can’t hide your disgrace on the internet.

Today Phillips spreads the hatred still wider by telling us the Scots and the Irish are not real nations. Only Britain is an authentic nation (behind the Times paywall). Scottish nationalism, she states, is based purely on romance and a hatred of the English. As for Ireland:

The truth is that a large majority of the states in the world achieved independence after 1922. Even if you pretend an Irish nation did not exist until 1922, that still makes it one of the world’s older states. In fact of course Ireland, like most other states, re-emerged into independence following colonial dominance. Nationality is a human construct, not a fact of physics or geography – there never was a state before colonialism with the precise boundaries of India or Nigeria or almost any post-colonial state you can name. But there were autonomous peoples. And very few would describe them as not a nation now.

Even old states change their boundaries from time to time. Norman Davies has a beautiful phrase about Poland emerging again and again into statehood through the mists of history, but never in the same place twice. Yet despite radical boundary changes and having had political autonomy for only 50 of the last 250 years, nobody doubts Poland is a nation state. Nobody doubts Ireland is a nation state either, except Mad Mel. As for Scotland, not only was it a full nation state for hundreds of years until it entered into a voluntary union, it is possible to trace distinct political and cultural expressions of popular nationhood.

Phillips’ hate-filled opinions would be her own affair, were she not given such powerful platforms from which to expound them. I return to where I started. Phillips is evidence you cannot be too right wing for a media platform in the UK, even if you propound actual religious hate. By comparison, nobody as left wing as Phillips is right would ever be given airtime on the BBC or a column in The Times.

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    • michael norton

      Scotland still has around 23 billion recoverable barrels of oil in its waters.


      Scotland is the biggest producer of oil in the European Union.

      Why not go for Independence today?

  • Republicofscotland

    So Chancellor Phil Hammond, in his budget speech made a big song and dance, about Scotland getting an extra £350 million quid placed into its coffers.

    However what Hammond omitted to say was that, according to the House of Commons library, Scotland’s budget will be further slashed by over £1billion pounds during this term of parliament.

    For those of you, who probably think that I’m reporting another SNP whinge. The most vociferous voice on the matter, comes from die-hard unionist Ian Murray, MP for Edinburgh South.

    Still I’m sure along with Murdo Fraser, Murray will have his Union Jack suit on today, hoping the Queen’s eleven (a Murdo Fraser quote) do well.

  • Republicofscotland

    Alex Salmond, has come out and said that he spoke with Dominic Cummings, a guy that was running the leave the (EU) campaign, last year.

    Cumming’s gave a interview at the time to the Economist, in that interview he said, that no one one in their right mind would trigger Article 50, and begin a legally defined two year maximum period to conduct negotiations, before they actually knew, (more or less) what the process was going to yield.

    Theresa May is on the verge of doing that very thing – Brexit is going to be a unmitigated disaster, for the UK.

  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile, one of more prominent isolationists Nigel Farage, is thinking of making a comeback, in an attempt to enter parliament.

    “The former Ukip leader is considering standing as a candidate if a by-election in sparked in South Thanet.
    Nigel Farage has said he would ‘probably’ stand again in the Kent constituency he fought at the 2015 general election if a fraud investigation leads to a by-election.”

    Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/03/12/nigel-farage-threatens-to-run-for-parliament-again-6504893/#ixzz4b7NFHrTI

    Staying on parliament, for a moment, I’m reminded of Sir Issac Newton, astronomer, philosopher etc. Who was also MP for Cambridge (one wonders were when he found the time) Newton spoke only once in parliament, to say. Would someone please close that window, it’s a bit draughty in here.

    • Dave

      The Elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets was deposed and barred from standing again by an ‘election court’ following court action by 4 residents claiming serious fraud during the election, but who runs these ‘election courts’ and how do they determine the evidence, because no charges, let alone prosecutions were brought by the police against the Elected Mayor or his campaign staff, before or after the ‘election court’ decision!

      • Republicofscotland

        Thank you Dave for that info, you obviously know more about it than I do.

        • Habbabkuk

          Well, RoS, he obviously doesn’t, otherwise he would not be asking ” who runs these ‘election courts’ and how do they determine the evidence”, would he.

          He appears to know even less about the matter than you do.

        • Dave

          The Conservative chairman of a GLA, probably police committee, raised the matter of lack of police charges and prosecution, probably to counter the controversy over police investigation into conservative election fraud/overspending.

          But the point about the ‘election court’ is it can nullify an election and bar people from office for alleged malpractice without evidence, charges or prosecutions from a police investigation. So how do they decide it? And remember the Elected Mayor is the new model of governance promoted by EU Heseltine, Blair, Cameron and now May. I think the ease with which they can be removed is the reason they are being promoted.

          • Bhante

            So what did he say or do that is unpopular with the ruling elite; or is that secret too?

  • michael norton

    A SECOND Scottish referendum looked increasingly likely today as it emerged United Kingdom Government ministers privately accepted they might not be able to refuse Ms. Nicola Sturgeon’s demands.
    Project fear wont wash this time for Indyref2.

    James Mitchell, a professor at the University of Edinburgh, said: “If it’s Nicola Sturgeon against Ruth Davidson, it’s game over.”

    Scotland will be free before the end of the year.

    • michael norton

      Mrs. May will want this sorted as soon a possible, if the vast majority of people now living in Scotland want to leave the rest of the United Kingdom,
      this should be enacted with haste.
      Then we can all get on with our day jobs.

    • Republicofscotland


      I often think that the Express, should have a red strapline/masthead, instead of a black one. Afterall it’s articles are more inline with the Daily Star or Sun newspapers.

      As for the actual article, I doubt Theresa May would deny issuing a Section 30 to Nicola Sturgeon, and the Scottish electorate overall, if that is their wish.

      Coming back to the Express newspaper for a moment, it was former owner, Lord Beaverbrook who said of the Express newspaper.

      “I run the paper purely for the purpose of making propaganda, and with no other motive”.

      It’s heartwarming to see Richard Desmond (the current owner) carrying on that tradition. 😀

      • fred

        “As for the actual article, I doubt Theresa May would deny issuing a Section 30 to Nicola Sturgeon, and the Scottish electorate overall, if that is their wish.”

        She could delay it till after 2021 easily enough though.

        • Republicofscotland

          “She could delay it till after 2021 easily enough though.”


          It’s very unlikely that May would go down that path. Mind you look at the utter mess we’re in over Brexit.

          “Senior Tory sources have argued that blocking another referendum would provoke a massive public backlash in Scotland that could drive up support for independence.”


          • michael norton

            “I’D DO IT ALL AGAIN”
            Nigel Farage says he could run for Parliament for an EIGHTH time if election expenses row causes a by-election in South Thanet

            The former UKIP leader said he would “probably” run again if a fresh vote was forced

            George Galloway is also thinking of running in the seat left by the death of Gerald Kaufman

        • Zed

          It’s funny you should say that RoS, because I was just finished reading this:


          “I just want to state what I believe should be so obvious, but somehow isn’t, at least to billions of people all over the world: “Those British blokes running the mainstream media outlets and global propaganda network really cannot be trusted. For centuries, no other country brought more grief to the planet, destroyed more lives, ruined more nations and cultures, and stole more natural resources from the ‘natives’, than the United Kingdom.” All this was done with a straight face, all explained and justified by the most advanced propaganda apparatus on earth, all ‘morally defended’. The entire twisted concept of British-style ‘justice’ was first introduced at home, and then exported to many corners of the globe.”

          Somewhat more accurate reporting than CM’s efforts, methinks.

    • bevin

      “The Islamics do seem keen on targeting trains and train stations…”
      This is religious bigotry with a tinge of racism.
      Fair enough! If you really do see the world through the eyes of a religious bigot that is your problem. You’d have made a great Orangeman and a passable Nazi.
      It strikes me, however, that Railway Stations, being places where crowds gather and into which it is easy to get access, are attractive to terrorists for fairly obvious reasons. None of which has anything to do with their supposed religious beliefs

      • michael norton

        Bevin who do you think is attacking people on trains and in Railway Stations, do you think it is the Orangemen or the Nazis?

        • Zed

          “who do you think is attacking people on trains and in Railway Stations”

          Football supporters in my experience. Never get on a football supporters train or go near the destination station.

        • bevin

          What you should be asking is “Are they Catholics or Presbyterians, Buddhists or Taoists…?”
          It is reasonable to assume that, given the fact that Islam expressly forbids terrorist attacks, they are not muslims, which is what I suppose you to mean by ‘Islamics.’
          We all know where these terrorists came from: the collusion of imperialist government agencies with wahhabi* minions of the Saud family, which supplies the militias just as the Hessian Prince used to supply soldiers to powers, such as the UK, ready to pay for them.
          You cannot blame Islam for that and the reality is that most of the victims of these terrorists (sponsored, armed and given PR cover -see White Helmets) by our governments are themselves muslims, hundreds of thousands of whom have been killed by terrorists working for-since you like religious designations- persons calling themselves Christians.
          It is they who are attacking people in Railway Stations and elsewhere.
          The wahhabis are a tiny insignificant school among muslims who owe their favoured position entirely to the Saud family, a criminal organisation which trades its control of the resources of Arabia for protection. And has done so since 1915.

          • Bhante

            “You cannot blame Islam for that and the reality is that most of the victims of these terrorists (sponsored, armed and given PR cover -see White Helmets) by our governments are themselves muslims, hundreds of thousands of whom have been killed by terrorists working for-since you like religious designations- persons calling themselves Christians. It is they who are attacking people in Railway Stations and elsewhere.
            The wahhabis are a tiny insignificant school among muslims who owe their favoured position entirely to the Saud family, a criminal organisation which trades its control of the resources of Arabia for protection. And has done so since 1915.”

            There is no connection between so-called “Islamic” terrorists and religion. Islam is according to certain reasonable accounts (which I cannot vouch for due to my ignorance of the matter, but I accept them to be reasonable accounts) fundamentally a peaceful religion – but as ALL religions it is abused and distorted by extremists who cannot understand its teachings in their true meaning. According to the renowned judge emeritus (of the International Court) and scholar of international law Christy Weeramantry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Weeramantry (who is a Buddhist) real Islamic Sharia law is a model of justice and peaceful conflict resolution – totally unlike the intolerant and brutal savagery that is practiced in the wrong name of “Islamic Sharia Law” in so-called islamic regimes like Saudi Arabia.

    • RobG

      In November 2015 we had the ‘Paris attacks’ (on Friday the 13th, no less, because of course Muslims take careful note of western superstition). One thing I found interesting about the wall to wall media coverage was that they kept saying that the Paris attacks were the deadliest in Europe since the war. Not true, but there was no mention of the Madrid train bombings in 2004, which killed 192 people. It seemed like an obvious comparison to make in all the coverage of Paris. Perhaps the reason it wasn’t mentioned was because the Madrid bombings took place shortly before a general election in Spain. At the time Spain was heavily involved in the American-led war in Iraq. The change of government, and public outrage at the Madrid bombings (the day after the bombings there were millions of people out on the streets protesting), meant that Spain pulled-out of the Iraq war.

      But not a whisper of any of this from the presstitutes.

      Little Johnny: Daddy, do we really live in a democracy?
      Daddy: of course, son, because they tell us we live in a democracy.

      • RobG

        Oh, and as a footnote to my above post: In early December 2015, amid all the media hysteria about the Paris attacks, the UK Parliament held a vote on whether or not to take part in the airstrikes on Syria. There was a lengthy debate beforehand in the House of Commons. There were lots of rousing speeches. The spirit of Winston Churchill was invoked. Some doubters asked the then Prime Minister David Cameron how we would be able to tell the good rebels from the head-chopping ones, and were there enough of the good rebels to overthrow Assad? Cameron produced a sheaf of papers, an intelligence report that identified who were the good guys and who were the bad guys. Cameron was asked how many good guys there were. Under oath, Cameron replied that the good rebels were about 70,000 in number, easily enough to overthrow Assad. It was another dodgy dossier, like the one used to start the 2003 Iraq war. Surely they wouldn’t fall for it again..? The MPs voted by 397 to 223 for airstrikes in Syria.

    • Soothmoother

      And a big thank you to all the folks back in Scotland who voted for me. If it’s such a drag, she should resign now.

    • Habbabkuk

      THERE YOU GO !!

      Habbabkuk has the best ideas !!

      If young Ms Mhairi Black does quit Westminster to pursue politics in another manner, does that offer hope that we shall see her vecpmong a regular and vociferous commenter on this blog?

      • RobG

        Leaving your spelling mistakes aside (we all make them, particularly on a board with no edit feature), are you saying that Westminster is not totally corrupt?

        Just wondering…

        • nevermind

          He is not denying it, Rob G. so there must be something he knows about Westminster corruption.

          @ all. Would the EU Brexit negotiation team be right to refuse talking to a Government that in future might be judged illegitimate?
          I mean they would want to talk to someone who might not get impeached within the next two month.

          • michael norton

            Hopefully the E.U. will play silly buggers and no deal, whatsoever will happen.

      • Alcyone

        There’s an even better match in my insight. I think Craig and she, and others, should get together and launch a new party that will also replace the SNP in the unlikely event that Scotland should gain independence, or shall i be saying, when they do.

    • Republicofscotland


      I’m more surprised at the begging tin at the bottom of the page, where the Guardian ask you to make a donation.

      In recent years the BBC has spent a £128,000 pounds per year of licence fee payers monies, buying a whopping 80,000 copies of the Guardian every year.

      The Guardian’s readership is miniscule, and in reality it should be behind a paying firewall.

      I wouldn’t normally link to this paper but it has a good article regarding the woe’s of the Guardian.


      • RobG

        What’s going on with the Guardian of late is so cringeworthy as to be beyond belief. People far better qualified than I comment on it, most notably Off-Guardian – https://off-guardian.org/

        The Daily Mail is the Daily Mail – it’s exactly what it says on the tin – yet it allows cracks in the edifice, such as Peter Hitchens’ editorial pieces, which are some of the most honest you’ll find in the present day climate. A good example can be found here…


        The Daily Mail also do a very good health section, and they’re one of the few MSM outlets who report on Fukushima.

        Nothing is black and white in this crazy, fucked-up world, and whilst the Daily Mail are amongst the worst offenders when it comes to pumping out hate and vitriol, I will also acknowledge some of the good stuff that they do.

        But when it comes to the Guardian: RIP.

    • Bhante

      Westminster is so corrupt that Mhairi Black would rather pursue ‘revolutionary’ politics outside of the present system.

      Don’t resign Mhairi! One non-corrupted and dedicated activist inside the system is worth 1000 activists outside the system!

  • michael norton

    Mr Brown said controls have to be in place which address the “seriousness of the problem”.

    Recent research by consumer body Which? suggested cities in Scotland have the highest rates of nuisance calls in the UK.

    Ministry of Truth

    Is one of the callers Alex Salmond?

  • michael norton

    Swiss cafe Massacre, same day as Dusseldorf train axe attack – coincidence?
    Forensics cops look for clues after the gunmen fled towards a railway station

    They are now being hunted by police after fleeing the carnage in the direction of Badischer Bahnhoftrain station.

    The identity of the three victims had yet to be determined, authorities said.

    Investigations are still ongoing but a police officer told The Associated Press: “This is a local incident.
    It has nothing whatsoever to do with Islamists or terrorism.”

    • michael norton

      I must say it is very comforting to know that these incidents have nothing whatsoever to do with Islamic Terror

      • Republicofscotland


        You sound rather disappointed that it has nothing to do with Islamic terror.

        A interesting point on Switzerland however is, that skiing in Switzerland became widely popular, when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his wife Louise moved their to Davos in 1893. Prior to that virtually no one skied in Switzerland, Doyle’s wife had tuberculosis, and they thought the climate would do her good.

        Skiing soon became the in-thing to do and Doyle’s wife Louise lived on to 1906.

        • michael norton

          O.K. RoS if all these attacks by people driving buses / cars / lorries, using machete /axe / Knife / guns / gas bottles
          are not Islamic, who is doing it and what would be their purpose?

        • Bhante

          If Wiki claims to think it is Islamic Terror then it would appear that their chief copywriters the CIA/NSA/GCHQ would like us to believe it is Islamic Terror. Doesn’t mean there is any more truth in it than the rubbish propaganda MSM.

    • RobG

      Michael, I lived in London during the IRA bombing campaigns in the 1970s and 80s, as I’m sure you did as well. The present hysteria about ‘Islamic terrorism’ seems a bit OTT to me, and seems designed purely to bring in the police state (which is already here). It’s quite breathtaking how people readily swallow all the bullshit and lies (which includes quite blatant false flag events) and are quite eager to give up all their civil liberties, civil liberties which have been hard fought for over the last century or so.

        • Zed

          Maybe the Christian Nation should have read the Book of Proverbs, eh?


          I also will laugh at your calamity;
          I will mock when your fear cometh;
          when your fear cometh as desolation,
          and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind;
          when distress and anguish cometh upon you.
          Then shall they call upon me,
          but I will not answer;
          they shall seek me early,
          but they shall not find me:
          for that they hated knowledge,
          and did not choose the fear of the LORD:
          they would none of my counsel:
          they despised all my reproof.
          Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way,
          and be filled with their own devices.

          Hey, maybe that explains why the Christian Nation is so filled with fear? Maybe there really is something in this God stuff?

      • Bhante

        RobG March 12, 2017 at 22:04
        “Michael, I lived in London during the IRA bombing campaigns in the 1970s and 80s, as I’m sure you did as well. The present hysteria about ‘Islamic terrorism’ seems a bit OTT to me, and seems designed purely to bring in the police state.”

        The key event was the Omagh market bombing in 1998, which links the two. Subsequently released official documents prove that MI5, the CIA and the Gardia all knew about the details of the attack well in advance but did not stop it or issue any warnings. There is every reason to believe that Habbabkuk/Anon1’s colleagues in MI5, who had infiltrated the Real IRA and who had been monitoring them very closely, were most probably the instigators of the attack. Immediately after the attack – which was during the parliamentiary summer recess – parliament was recalled to rubberstamp regressive police-state measures that had obviously been prepared many months in advance, but which would have been impossible to push through without the false flag Omagh massacre. This legislation foreshadowed the US equivalent the Patriot Act after the US false flag.

        Even before this legislation was passed, the publications department of the EU Parliament published a report on the technology of political control which concluded that EU member states – in 1998 – were already on the road to police state technology and legislational environment, and that the technology of the surveillance state at that time was already far beyond the wildest dreams of the former East German STASI.

        Prescient! Just think of the technological and legislational changes since 1998!

  • Ben

    Trump is a fireplace faggot meant for the flames of division..sorta like Progressives fanning their embers of empathy. (Intellectually lazy..take a nap)

    But he is correct about the penultimate enabling of ignorance seen in devolutinary Islam…you know…the adherents to past history and repugnance for modernity?

    It’s way late for conscious redemptive awareness. It is a clash of civilizations not unlike the competition between Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons.

    I’m no doubt beating my forehead against a wall when I request y’all begin to. demonstrate some common sense derived from contemporary events.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Spamfiltered on An Apology-

    Re. Tony Blair’s recent meetings with Jared Kushner, after whose highlighting in the press, Blair’s spokesthing flatly denied that he was offering his body expertise, wisdom, services to Trump in respect of yet again battering the USA’s head against the wall that is Netanyahu…

    FAKE NEWS? Er, no, actually, says the State Department


    Despite the strenuous denial so worded as to make it look that Tony wasn’t in the least interested in pimping his dubious contacts list to the White House, that is apparently exactly what he was doing. Once a pathological liar, always a pathological liar.

    Yes, Tony has lots of Arab friends. Who pay him. No, Tony knows fuck-all about bringing peace to ******-Palestine. He couldn’t do it in nine years, and wasn’t in fact charged with doing it. NSA, if you’re monitoring this, please note and inform the boss…Kerry’s a lot nearer the problem, if less popular over there. And works harder.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      That denial in full –

      The story in the Mail on Sunday (5th March 2017 – BZ) is an invention. Mr Blair has made no such ‘pitch’ to be the President‘s Middle East envoy. Neither has he had any discussions about taking such a role or any role working for the new President.

      He has been working on the peace process for 10 years. He continues to do so. He does so in a private capacity. He will continue to do it in that way. Period.

      – The Office of Tony Blair

      From the Mail on Sunday today (linked above)

      American State Department and White House officials told Downing Street and the Foreign Office that this newspaper’s account (published 5th March 2017 – BZ)was accurate: Mr Blair had offered to help Mr Kushner’s Middle East peace effort – and the Trump administration had ‘taken his approach seriously’.

      As suggested earlier on Blair Miles, there’s a subtle distinction, in spin terms, between ‘working for Kushner’ and ‘working for Trump’. But to anyone outside the PR Machine Of Tony Blair, there’s no difference at all.

      (Our normal IndyScot wrangling service will now be resumed.)

  • RobG

    Here’s a novel thought (which you are not allowed to think): the USA is a pariah state which we should all boycott.

    Everyone in the security services should be put up against a wall and shot (sorry, Clark). Likewise with the bankers.

    These people are all total scum who add absolutely nothing to human society.

    The revolution against this is happening here in France, but of course you will never be told about it in the western media.

    We are at an absolutely crucial point in western history, but most people are now so zombified by their smart phones, etc, that they barely know what planet they are on.

    Ground control to Major Tom…


    • Zed

      ‘Here’s a novel thought (which you are not allowed to think): the USA is a pariah state which we should all boycott’

      That’s not that novel; Che Guevara said it in his “Message to the Tricontinental”. I’d post the link but I think that would get me moderated.
      Just say that Che told the truth when he said “the great enemy of mankind: the United States of America”

      But Rob, it’s easily found.on any reliable search engine

      • RobG

        Zed, It’s novel in the sense that we are now presided over by a bunch of little tossers who are unelected.

        A bunch of little tossers who think they are above the law.

        I will repeat again, everything these little tossers are doing is being carefully noted, and they will be held to account, in a proper court of law.

        • michael norton

          we think that Francois Hollande fits most of your criteria Rob
          but he was elected, however who set up D.S.K. for the fall in America, to clear the way for Hollande?

        • Bhante

          RobG March 13, 2017 at 00:40
          Zed, It’s novel in the sense that we are now presided over by a bunch of little tossers who are unelected.
          A bunch of little tossers who think they are above the law.

          There is nothing new about that either! What is different is that it is now all out in the open for anybody to see as soon as they open their eyes.

          (Most refuse to open their eyes though, like an ostrich with its head in the sand – the reason being that the reality so profoundly threatens the world-view they have accepted and been accustomed to all their lives. I think many people who see horrific events unfolding before their eyes like the Omagh massacre, 9/11, Paris, Nice etc will probably close their eyes in terror, because it is so overwhelming they cannot bear to see it. The geopolitical truth has the same kind of effect on people, which is why so many are prepared to nod along with the blatent MSM lies and – superficially – believe everything they are told. Not to believe means a complete shattering of the world-view, and that is tough. The shooting down of the flight over Ukrain is a perfect example. It is so obvious that the plane was shot down by the Ukrainian military and covered up by the Dutch, the Americans, the Australians, and the British – but to accept that truth means accepting that the whole world is upside down.)

    • Zed

      “We are at an absolutely crucial point in western history, but most people are now so zombified by their smart phones, etc, that they barely know what planet they are on.”

      Actually Rob, that also coincides with something I came across earlier today:


      ‘Our Planet Earth is heading straight towards the most dangerous collision in its history. It is not a collision with some foreign body, with an asteroid or a comet, but with the most brutal and selfish chunk of its own inhabitants: with people who proudly call themselves “members of the Western civilization.”’

      Hey, feel free to read on, but it’s not for the likes of some I could name.

    • Bhante

      “We are at an absolutely crucial point in western history, but most people are now so zombified by their smart phones, etc, that they barely know what planet they are on.”

      Couldn’t be more true. What happens now will drastically affect the entire planet for the foreseeable future.

  • Dave

    You would assume that at least one MP would highlight in Parliament the truth about false flags as propaganda for war or extra spending on security in a time of austerity, but as only 15 MPs opposed the destruction of Libya, I suppose they think there is little advantage in doing so.

      • michael norton

        Carlos the Jackal to go on trial again in France
        Ministry of Truth

        Carlos the Jackal, the Venezuelan man behind a series of attacks in France in the 1970s and 80s, is on trial again over a deadly shopping centre attack.

        He is already serving two life terms for several killings in the name of Palestinian and communist causes.

        Carlos, whose real name is Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, was given his nickname when he was one of the world’s most wanted terror suspects.

        He spent years on the run before being captured in 1994 in Sudan.

      • Zed

        Norton bores us by saying “It is claimed 192 people died”.

        Did you know that in 2013 1,713 people were killed in reported road traffic accidents in Great Britain?


        Now you have something else to worry about. You might get killed in a road traffic accident. Or you might catch some deadly disease, or maybe have a heart attack because of all the adrenaline your body keeps making from the fear that seems to overwhelm you daily.

  • michael norton

    Apparently what Mr. Corbyn was reported to have said about Indyref2, was taken out of context.

    Scottish Turbo-charged austerity

    Speaking to the BBC’s Today programme on Monday morning, Mr Corbyn attempted to clarify his remarks.

    He said: “If the Scottish Parliament decided they wanted to have a referendum then it would be wrong for Westminster to block it.

    “But let’s be absolutely clear, I do not think there should be another referendum, I think that independence would be economically catastrophic for many people in Scotland.

    “It would lead to a sort of TURBO-CHARGED-AUTERITY with the levels of income the government has in Scotland and because of the very low oil prices and the high dependency on oil tax income.”

    Something for the S. N. P. to think on, doesn’t sound too good

    sounds nasty

    • Zed

      It’s funny you should say that because it was Gordon Brown who gave us turbo-charged-austerity, wasn’t it?

    • Fence


      ”Dependent on oil tax income” is a nonsensical argument.

      If the Torkips push for a hard Brexit over the next 2 years, an independent Scotland would be perfectly positioned to capitalize on the international exodus of financial services from the City.

      Then little England would be ”proper fucked”.

      Scotland has the potential to become a power player in Europe straight from the beginning of Independence.

      Scotland will need to build the wall.

      • Bhante

        “Scotland will need to build the wall.”

        Yes – and tax all financial transactions that cross the wall! (0.0001% should be enough).

  • Doug Scorgie

    March 11, 2017 at 18:43

    “You once told readers you were a black (by which I suppose you mean Afro-Caribbean) lawyer living in Wimbledon. Do you stand by that?”

    Habbabkuk, I never told you or anyone else that I was a Lawyer. Please prove me wrong by supplying evidence. I am not Afro-Caribbean as you suppose (why did you suppose that?).

    I moved out of Wimbledon two years ago to a new home by the sea.

    I do like to be beside the seaside.

    If you prove me wrong I will send you a generous cheque. Just supply your name and address.

      • Bhante

        Computer error. He’s probably using Windows 10!

        Hey, shouldn’t he be giving us a warning under the data protection act that he is keeping data on us on his computer, and give us a chance to correct it? Oh, dear, exception for “National Security”!

  • Doug Scorgie

    March 11, 2017 at 18:17
    “Corbyn was vehemently opposed to a second indyref not that long ago. I wonder what’s changed his mind? It could be that even he (although he’s somewhat anti-EU) realises that Brexit is going to be a unparalleled disaster, and that at least the Scots could escape the sinking ship, that is HMS Britain, before it hits the Brexit iceberg.”

    Corbyn is still opposed to Scottish independence but he seems relaxed about a second referendum.

    He has said that if the Scottish parliament seeks a second referendum then Westminster should not stand in the way.

    He is one of a minority of MPs that truly believe in the principle of democracy. Most MPs pay tribute to democracy but hate it if gives the “wrong” result. eg Corbyn’ s two successful democratic elections for leader of the Labour party.

    The thing to note about the first Scottish Independence referendum is that democracy was undermined by the establishment’s “project fear” which was enthusiastically advanced by the MSM particularly the BBC.

    The Scottish people were misinformed.

    Democracy requires that the electorate are well informed on the relevant issues.

    • michael norton

      looks like Ms. Nicola Sturgeon is nailing her colours to the mast of Independence within two years.


  • Republicofscotland

    I see Holywood veteran star Richard Gere, has lashed out at Israel over its illegal settlements. In a interview with Haaretz, Gere called the settlements an “absurd provocation.”

    It would appear that Richard Gere, is a “Officer and a Gentleman” afterall. 😀

  • Sharp Ears

    The appointment of David Friedman as US Ambassador to Israel does not bode well for the Palestinians.

    US Ambassador to Israel: “Great Advantage” to Netanyahu

    David Friedman is known for his support for the most extreme elements in Israel’s settler movement
    by Jonathan Cook / March 13th, 2017

    The choice of US ambassador to Israel has never before incurred such scrutiny or provoked such controversy.
    Usually, the appointment is approved by the Senate’s foreign relations committee by consensus. But David Friedman’s confirmation vote last Thursday split largely on partisan lines, with Republicans backing him and all but one Democrat opposing him.

    Tens of thousands of liberal American Jews signed a petition opposing his nomination, and major Jewish organisations and hundreds of rabbis also objected.


  • Sharp Ears

    Intel Buys Mobileye in $15.3 Billion Bid to Lead Self-Driving Car Market
    MARCH 13, 2017

    In the world of driverless cars, household names like Google and Uber have raced ahead of rivals, building test vehicles and starting trials on city streets.

    But when it comes to what is under the hood, an array of lesser-known companies will most likely supply the technology required to bring driverless cars to the masses. And in a $15.3 billion deal announced on Monday, Intel moved to corner the market on how much of that technology is developed.

    The chip maker’s acquisition of Mobileye, an Israeli company that makes sensors and cameras for driverless vehicles, is one of the largest in the fast-growing sector and sets the stage for increasing competition between Silicon Valley giants as well as traditional automakers over who will dominate the world of autonomous cars.


    • Bhante

      I really cannot understand what the attraction is to anybody – apart from CIA/NSA/MI5/Mossad/ISIS – of driverless cars. Why CIA et al like it of course is easy to understand. Considering the massive rates of car accidents compared to other kinds of violent deaths, it is not difficult to understand why road “accidents” are by far the preferred medium for political assassinations in the West, even without the driverless car. However they need meticulous planning and an expensive team of highly trained professionals. Come the driverless car, by contrast, all it needs is a computer program. Intel’s role is obvious. Just like their role in personal computers.

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