That Astonishing Tory Ferguslie Park Super Triumph 176

A Google news search returns 5,240 results for “Ferguslie Park” over the last 24 hours. As compared to 0 mentions in the previous 24 hours.

The media have, with an incredible level of unanimity, seized upon a Tory being elected to represent Ferguslie Park, “the most deprived area of Scotland”, as the leading evidence of a Tory resurgence into areas of Scotland “they could not previously venture into”. I have heard this recounted on every available broadcast platform this evening.

I have two bits of news for the unionist media. Firstly, Ferguslie Park is in Paisley. Most of you think it is in Glasgow. Secondly there is no ward called Ferguslie Park. There is a place called Ferguslie Park, and it is less than half of a ward called Paisley Northwest. Now here is the result of that stunning Tory super-victory amazing spectacular miraculous shocking earth-shattering mould-breaking Tory triumph in Paisley Northwest.

My, how the ground shook. In future years, everybody will recall just exactly where they were at the moment the Conservatives polled 13% in Paisley North West, when that vast uprising of 657 voters swept their candidate to victory on the 10th set of transfers into the fourth available slot in a multi-member constituency.

Now, this will come as a shock to some people. Paisley North West is not a dreadful slum, and contains some distinctly prosperous areas. Much of the ward looks like this.

Here are some statistics for the entire ward.

65% of households in Paisley North West are owner occupied
67% of the population of Paisley North West are employed, self employed or full time students
5.1% of the population of Paisley North West are unemployed
23% of the population of Paisley North West are pensioners
4.9% are housewives/husbands/carers or not in the labour force

In a local election poll with a low turnout, there is a disproportionately high turnout from pensioners and from the wealthier districts. Very few indeed of those measly 657 Tory votes came from the Ferguslie Park estate.

The real story is that in a ward with 65% owner-occupiers and 67% economically active, the Tories could still only manage a measly 13% of the vote. That the large majority of £350,000 owner occupiers do not vote Tory. The real story is that the SNP took 44% to the Tories 13%. But no, the march of Ruth’s 13%ers has apparently changed the course of history. As Tom Robinson once sang, “It’s there in the papers, must be the truth”.

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176 thoughts on “That Astonishing Tory Ferguslie Park Super Triumph

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  • SMD

    Thank you Craig Murray for giving us the ‘real’ facts not the ‘fake’ ones.

  • Graham Rae

    Excellent stuff. Keep up the great and vital work Craig. The MINUTE I saw that Ferguslie thing, I KNEW it made no sense WHATSOEVER. I am BEYOND SICK of this media spin these bloody vultures put on everything. All their bloody media outlets should be truth-telling-overhauled or shut down.

  • yesindyref2

    Yeah, thanks for the detail. I did try in a hurry, but could only get as far as the Lab 1, SNP 2, Con 1 (with the rounds elected). Compared to 2012 Lab 2, SNP 2, so the Cons took a Labour seat. Well woopy-doo.

  • Unstoppable Juggernaut Watch

    Thank you. This is the funniest thing I’ve read in weeks. Please keep us informed as more wheels fall off the sad bandwagon.

  • MBC

    Just heard that there were two John Macintyres and most folk voted for the Tory by mistake.

    • Anon1

      Couldn’t they see the name of the party written next to the candidate’s name? You’re not crediting Scotch voters with much intelligence.

      • fred

        I must say Anon1 I’m surprised at how well the Nationalists are taking the Tory 142 seat gain in Scotland.

        I’d expected them to be frantically blaming it all on media bias, voter fraud and people voting for the wrong person by mistake 🙂

      • Dan

        2 people with same name, I’ve heard the story,
        Yes the Tory is the first on the ballot paper so if people make mistake they will more likely vote for the first one, so a few people it’s believable but 500 people sorry that’s not believable most of them were voting for real.

        But bottom line previous election had 2 of 4 seats go to SNP this election had 2 seats go to SNP, the some of the unionist vote went to Conservatives.

  • Sharp Ears

    So weird. I found I had typed Thatcher when looking for news of May.

    She has been in the Midlands, no doubt congratulating the John Lewis man (“Never knowingly undersold”! – hope he can account for every penny of his £1m campaign) and inspiring the infantry.

    ‘Speaking during a campaign visit to Wolverhampton, where the Tories yesterday won the contest for West Midlands metro mayor, Mrs May said: “I’m very grateful for the support that we received in the local elections… but the question people now face in the General Election is: Who should lead the country for the next five years – me or Jeremy Corbyn?

    “Not a single vote has been cast in that election yet, and none of the votes cast yesterday will count on June 8 in the General Election.

    “In the minds of European politicians, there isn’t a mandate to take into the Brexit negotiations.

    “I’m taking nothing for granted over the next five weeks. I need support from across the United Kingdom to strengthen my hand, and only a vote for me and my team will ensure that Britain has the +++strong and stable+++ leadership we need in order to ensure we get the best deal for Britain from Brexit.”‘
    She is still conflating Brexit with the GE

    • Peter stevenson

      Isn’t it great when these people having trashed Scotland’s resounding NO to Brexit are asking us to support May’s floundering attempts to hide the mess she has put us all in. Nice to hear “Britain” used although we all know it just means England as usual.

  • Malcolm Clark

    great to see you are still alive and well and relevant!
    I think your time in Uzbekistan will be a useful lense through which to view the forthcoming authoritarianism. best wishes

    • D_Majestic

      ‘Forthcoming authoritarianism’ indeed, Malcolm Clark. Wonder who is behind the curtains, stage right?

      • fred

        No it’s true, a state appointed snooper for every child, minimum pricing on alcohol, armed policemen on the beat, children being asked when they last had anal sex. It’s happening as we speak.

  • MP

    Thanks a million for this, Craig.

    I have re-posted on the Grauniad along with A.D.’s analysis.

    I see Severin is getting some stick BTL there now also. About time.

    These London-centric hacks haven’t got the slightest clue about Scotland but that the Grauniad has morphed into a cheerleader for the tories is sickening.

    • Catherine Perrie

      My God this information has let us see just how low Newspapers have sunk And the TV reporters are even worse never mind Ruth who tried to spin it for all it was worth Just disgusting Liars all of them

  • Ged Connor

    As someone born and raised in Ferguslie I’m grateful to you for once again giving us the true facts in a concise and easily understood way. Everyone who reads this should share the hell out of it!

  • utterheb

    Thank you. Shame on the BBC, but.. then again, no real surprise there.

  • PK

    Very interesting. I believe Paulo Nutini stays in this ward. Somehow “millionaire rock star’s ward returns single Tory councillor” doesn’t have the same effect

  • Wullie Boyne

    SNP not in charge of one Scottish council in fact the Unionist parties have the majority in almost everyone

    • defo

      No flute band practice on tonight then Willie boy. “Everyone” ?
      Not in me they don’t, I’m freehold. 🙂

  • Hilary

    Thank you so much for this article. How do we find truth when we are constantly sold such lies? What you are doing is so important- keep the truth coming.

  • Archibald Seddon

    Probably also worth noting there are two John McIntyre’s on that ballot paper, and only one of them Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party. Potentially confusing?

  • Eleanor

    Thank you so much for providing a very necessary filter. I never believe or comment on a story now until I have seen at least one alternative.

  • Rob K

    Stop haein a go at pensioners no seein richr fa tae vote fur. I was at Pollock and Hamilton and I still ken whaur my cross goed. Good article though. ROY.

  • John Brown

    Thank goodness for the Internet as one channel for some truth to escape amid all the anti SNP lies and distortion

  • David

    If TeenieMayBash put her own bum oot the windae and pumped hot air at the scycophantasist press pack they’d write about it as a warm display of affection.

  • john gerard

    Well done, Sir. It just shows the sloppy pigs mess that is passed off as journalism

  • Sharp Ears

    I’m waiting with bated breath for Treeza to put forward a policy or two. None so far especially nothing on foreign policy especially on her and Fallon’s collaboration in the USUKIsNATO war on Syria and the supply of UK manufactured weaponry to Saudi Arabia for use on the Yemeni people.

    It’s only about Brexit from her.

  • Scott

    Thanks for the detail – honestly, I’m probably the same as everyone else, and had only seen, “TORIES ROCKET TO VICTORY IN FEEGIE PARK!”

    It’s nice to know that it’s a crock.

  • Lynn O'Keefe

    Thank you for revealing the true facts and figures behind this “Great Tory Victory” rather than the spin being put on it by the Tory party and the media!

  • Alex

    Very revealing stats. But reported in the usual biased way glad every one is not influenced by the shaded truth from the media

  • Andy Law

    Good stuff Craig – the vagaries of the STV system, but remember that it, and the AMS for the Scottish Parliament, gave the SNP a leg up too.

  • Peter stevenson

    Great info. Thanks. So it’s Truth against Ruth.Lets hope the Tory/media get the stuffing they deserve on the Election Day with their pathetic anti Scotland spin.

  • Dawn Hopkins

    Strange Maggie took down the miners now May wants to do the same with the NHS.

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