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UPDATE 07/09 12:00 The Craig Murray defence fund has just sailed serenely past £50,000 in electronic donations in almost precisely 24 hours, even before any of the cheques have arrived. It is a perfect illustration of the grossly disproportionate threat to freedom of speech that is the English libel system, that this is not sufficient and we have to persevere with the appeal.

2,080 people have donated an average of £24. The largest single donation is £4,000. There are also hundreds of £3 and £5 donations which do really add up. I am absolutely stunned by the outpouring of kindness I have experienced – though in fairness I should mention the significant minority who say they are motivated by despisal of the Daily Mail.

I am being sued for libel in the High Court in England by Jake Wallis Simons, Associate Editor of the Daily Mail Online. Mr Wallis Simons is demanding £40,000 in damages and the High Court has approved over £100,000 in costs for Mark Lewis, Mr Wallis Simons’ lawyer. I may become liable for all of this should I lose the case, and furthermore I have no money to pay for my defence. I am currently a defendant in person. This case has the potential to bankrupt me and blight the lives of my wife and children. I have specifically been threatened by Mr Lewis with bankruptcy.

Mr Wallis Simons boasts on his website:

In 2015, I published a series of articles exposing Jeremy Corbyn’s links with anti-Semitic figures, and this led to what is now known as the “Labour anti-Semitism scandal.”

It was my Sky TV appearance on this subject which led to this libel action against me.

It is my view that English libel law remains an international disgrace, a device by which the wealthy and those with wealthy backers, and only they, can stifle freedom of speech. Contempt of Court laws – with a penalty of two years imprisonment – even prevent poor defendants like me from putting their case openly before the public in order to appeal for a public defence fund. I am extremely limited in what I can tell you.

How can it cost just one party six times the average annual national wage to litigate a five minute TV broadcast? The libel system, with its in-built advantage to the wealthy and those backed by the wealthy, is a complete disgrace. Andy Wightman, the brilliant Scottish land reform campaigner, has been going through the same Hell.

I find I am obliged to beg you for funds to help me defend the case. I need to ask every single person who reads this blog to find it in their heart to make at least some contribution, as much as you can afford. The scale of this thing is such that I need to ask those of you who are comfortably off to make a far larger donation than you might normally consider. In practice we are going to need to include some four figure donations to make the ludicrous amounts required. But every single penny mounts up and please do give something.

If you have ever enjoyed this blog – join the fight. If you dislike this blog but support freedom of speech – join the fight. If you support the right to defend Palestine without being labelled ant-Semitic – join the fight. If you despised the anti-Corbyn media campaign – join the fight. If the Daily Mail sickens you – join the fight.

Every donation, no matter how small, will be gratefully received. The case will be heard in the High Court on 7 November. In the event of victory, after costs are met (even a costs award does not cover all actual costs) excess donations will be returned pro-rata unless you specify they should be applied to the future of maintaining the blog.

This is a question not only of the continued existence of this blog, but of the future well-being of my young family. It is unfair on you for me to place all of that in your hands, but that is the situation into which I am forced.

UPDATE 06/09 20:00 In just 8 hours we have received £21,790 in donations to the fighting fund. This is a fantastic start. 836 individuals have donated, making the average donation £26. The largest donation received is £1,000 and the smallest are £3. I am incredibly humbled and grateful that we are starting to have a chance. There have been so many kind messages, of which “you cast a lot of bread upon the waters helping others, Craig” made me greet for a bit. I have particularly enjoyed those from people who declare they agree with almost nothing I say but support free speech! About 60% of donations are from Scotland, but so far we have 22 different countries.

I really cannot express my gratitude enough.

On a practical point, a number of people have said they are not members of Paypal so could not donate. After clicking on “Donate”, just below and left of the “Log In” button is a small “continue” link which enables you to pay by card without logging in. For those who prefer not to pay online, you can send a cheque made out to me to Craig Murray, 89/14 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8BA. As regular readers know, it is a matter of pride to me that I never hide my address. A surprising number of people have asked for a Bitcoin option and we are working on it.

I found this interview by the lawyer who is suing me to be particularly interesting. I may say no more than that without danger of contempt of court.

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352 thoughts on “Save Craig Murray

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  • Shatnersrug

    Hi Craig,

    I’m still not working – I sent a tenner, I wish it could be more, I owe you really, the level of debate, although heated, has always been a pleasure. Please good luck. You are a man that only has kindness in your heart. I can’t imaging what technicality they think they can get you on, but these people work for evil incarnate so being sued by them is probably an honour.

    I hope a powerful and smart lawyer comes forward and helps to rubbish prevent these people from perverting our laws to their hateful cause.

  • Billy Dasein

    Amongst others, I’ve been reading your blog for the best part of this year, since I absented myself in disgust from mainstream propaganda. I find your analysis of our world to be amongst the clearest, most authentic and fearless. I stand in full solidarity with you, Craig, in the face of this shocking assault from those who stand in the way of progressive social change the world over. I’m heartened by the comments here – they all say there is hope. Thank you for your bravery. xo Billy

    • Billy Dasein

      Oh, forgot, not working (caring for dad) but found a tenner in paypal and like shatnersrug I’d give more if I could xo

  • Colum Doherty

    The bastards will do anything to shut down the plebs having free speech. Best of luck my friend.

  • Julian

    I too stand beside you, I’ve sent you some dosh, and I will put out an appeal on my fb page later today.

    I think the lesson for all left-wing bloggers is to get some professional indemnity insurance. No matter what the blog is as the right is trying to shut down debate, via google, facebook etc concealing posts and direct attack.

    is this being paid for by the person himself or the Daily Fail?

    • Geoffrey

      Mark Lewis is presumably on a no win no fee basis, and we can presume from their writing that both individual and his lawyer are committed to a cause. Mark Lewis and Seddons his law firm may also be acting pro bono .
      Perhaps they believe that it is acceptable for British citizens to fight for a foreign army against the interests of the country of which they are a citizen.
      This is unlikely to be something that the Daily Mail would encourage.

  • Sharp Ears

    The Zionist lobby is also very active in Canada. Yves Engler reports frequently on Dissident Voice. This is his latest.

    B’nai B’rith’s Shameful Attack on Niki Ashton
    by Yves Engler / September 6th, 2017
    B’nai B’rith are a cynical bunch, claiming to speak for J**s in general, but in reality defending Israel no matter what that country does.

    The group’s recent attack against NDP leadership candidate Niki Ashton was a brazen attempt to use the decimation of European J**ry to protect Israel from criticism and follows a formula used so often most now see its hypocrisy.

    Last May the self-declared ‘human rights’ organization slammed the NDP leadership contender for “Standing in ‘Solidarity’ with Terrorists” because Ashton attended a rally for Palestinian prisoners on a hunger strike where someone had a photo of an individual B’nai B’rith calls a terrorist. But, that attack failed when Ashton refused to back down and actually became more forceful in her support of the Palestinian cause.

    Above that article, Ramzy Baroud, also a frequent contributor there, writes about the sad death in his sleep of a young man who lived in a Gaza refugee camp. .

    Three Years after the War: Gaza Youth Speak Out
    by Ramzy Baroud / September 6th, 2017

    Ramzy is part of the Palestinian diaspora and lives in the US. It is estimated that 6m Palestinians live abroad in the diaspora.

  • Barry Keightley

    Sorry but we are in Swaziland just now and I have lost my wallet. I will send you £20 when we return to England on 14th October.

    A thought, :
    what exactly is the “libel”you are accused of?
    If ( I hope when) you win the case can you sue him for bullying and harrassment?

    Wishing you every success

  • Pete

    Wishing you the very best for this case, you’re humanity, experience, and good sense is a beacon light in a world infested by professional liars. I was going to say, “do they ever stop to consider their own massive contribution to antisemitism?” But of course they do- it’s totally deliberate. Antisemitism doesn’t need Zionism- the former long preceded the latter- but Zionism needs antisemitism and will do anything to encourage it.

  • John Gibson

    We are all keen to see you accumulate your fund so may I ask that you post frequent updates

    Many thanks
    John G

  • Neil

    Cheque sent first-class post, posted at local sorting office, so you should get it tomorrow.

    Utterly disgusting the way they are trying to shut you up. There isn’t a single anti-Semitic bone in your body, quite the reverse.

    Military Zionism has always been based on lies, deceit and deception, right from the very start. Worth noting that military Zionism was a fringe movement within Judaism. It horrified religious Jews at the beginning of the 20th century, and only succeeded later thanks to Hitler, the Holocaust, and the support of external military powers, first Great Britain, then the U.S.

    Currently reading “State of Terror: How terrorism created modern Israel” by Thomas Suárez. Skyscraper Publications, 2016. ISBN 978-1-911072-03-4. The story of the military Zionist terror gangs leading up to 1948 makes the IRA look like pacifists. Strongly recommended.

    I hope the people suing you get their financial fingers very badly burned. They deserve nothing but condemnation (though I do, genuinely, feel sorry for the lawyer with his MS – a neighbour of mine suffered from MS for years, and died a few years ago. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. He actually seems like a decent guy, apart from his horrifying military Zionism.)

    Lots of love to you and your family!

  • Peter C (sometimes Peter N)

    Just donated fifty-odd quid. Had gradually saved up the money to buy a copy of Thomas Ashley-Farrand’s “Mantra: Sacred Words of Power” audio CD course. Guess my spiritual evolution will have to wait a while longer. Sigh. :0(

    I agree with the other comments that you might do even better if you open a fund on one of the crowd-funding sites – though still keeping this fund raiser going. Going the crowd-funder route will extend the reach of your appeal by a good bit. Good luck, Craig. Keep up the good work.

    (If you haven’t tried Sanskrit mantras I’d strongly recommend looking into it – good stuff.)

  • Janet

    Surely the pursuer follows the court of the defender…or in English, the plaintiff follows the court of the defendant?

    But you knew that already?

    All the best.

  • Alex Holmes

    Have just sent 50.00 to your legal fund Craig. I have also shared a meme with this blog on it to 12 pro-Indy sites. I wish you guid’luck’n’aw’ra’very’best!

  • James Connor

    May you continue to be a Thorn in the Establishments’ side. A wee donation from hundreds like me will help take on the forces of darkness.

  • Aidworker1


    I’ve only donated £50 so far – let me know if you need more.

    I don’t know if you can speak to George Galloway (as other people have said) but he has vast experience in this type of case.

    Your blog is the most important on the internet!!

  • John Spencer-Davis

    I have posted this to a number of Facebook groups supporting Jeremy Corbyn and on the left. I append it here in case it is useful to anyone to post to forums they may be a part of. Thanks. John


    I link to an appeal for financial help from an eloquent and influential advocate for Jeremy Corbyn, Craig Murray.

    Craig Murray is a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, who did not think much of the circumstance that Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Geoff Hoon et al were denouncing Saddam Hussein as a torturer, and insisting that war was the only solution to a regime of such barbarism, while they were cosying up to the Uzbek torturer and murderer Islam Karimov, and condoning the US rendition of political prisoners, many innocent of any crime, to his regime for boiling alive among other horrendous atrocities. Murray was first suspended and then sacked by Jack Straw for his noisy objections to this sickening hypocrisy.

    Murray is now being sued for libel by the Associate Editor of the Daily Mail. He is representing himself as he has no money for lawyers. The appended post explains that he is appealing for funds, and contains links which go into detail about the case. I am glad to say that his post has resulted in extraordinary generosity from his readership and others, but he is facing a bill of at least £140,000 if he loses the case. I would urge you to read his post and see if there is anything you can do. Thanks. J


  • Tony_0pmoc

    From reading a little more about this, it seems to me that Craig Murray is completely innocent, and merely told the truth, but more than that it is Craig Murray who is being attacked, and his character defamed. He has been serially accused of being anti-semitic, and it is completely obvious that he isn’t. I would suggest very strongly that he appoint the best lawyer for the job to counter-sue. He may not come cheap, but at the current rate Craig Murray, may well be able to afford him.

    Ask George Galloway to be on your side for The Prosecution.

    He is such a nice man, he may even do it for free…and you will probably win.


  • yesindyref2

    OK. I had to think about this one, didn’t see the program or bother watching it for actual content, But shouldn’t people be responsible themselves for what they say? That’s the first question.

    But the second one comes soon after – shouldn’t broadcasters be responsible for what their viewers are seeing and hearing? They have guests in a high pressure potentially nervous live or even pre-recorded situation, and they must take responsibility for the protection of what are, after all, their guests. They are the “professionals”, their guests are amateurs (pardon the expression). They are not just “carriers”, they are instigators.

    So for me prime responsibility lies with the broadcaster, or printed / blogged media to look after guests.

    In which case SKY, ITV / STV / BBC / Channel 4 / anyone who has any sort of chat show or political panel or guest show, plus the pronted media, producers, presenters, editors and journalists, should be contrbuting to this fundraiser, and as the broadcaster, Sky itself should underwrite the whole thing – any damages, full costs including travel and accomodation, out of pocket expenses, and any loss of earnings.

  • yesindyref2

    Forgot to say (I always forget something which is why I use the edit button a lot in forums).

    This is actually an existential threat to the whole industry of live broadcasting, reality TV, game shows, chat shows, the lot, which represents an enormous percentage of TV broadcasting.

  • Chris H

    A bit more for your fund – I’ve posted your appeal to my local Labour Party fb page and my own so I hope the word spreads that we need to protect freedom of speech. As someone else has said; your blog is always enlightening and needs to continue.
    Best of luck

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I found Craig Murray’s blog, about 10 years ago, and there has always been massive differences of opinion, and almost all of us, have at sometime been banned, deleted or become so extremely annoyed that we ban ourselves for a few months, because some of the individuals who post here (basically we really do not like and we can’t stand to share the same webspace and we can’t really tell them what we think)…

    However despite all our differences, we all have Massive Respect for Craig Murray, for allowing us to post on his blog. A lot of the time some of the fights on here must have driven him nuts, and some people got so involved that they actually volunteered to be moderators. Now that particular job, has got to be the toughest in the blog world – moderators (unpaid) are like piggy in the middle – and they are always going to get blamed…and they are going to get so involved that it takes over a large part of their lives. It’s easier being a bog cleaner and you get paid for doing that.

    But the response here, has quite plainly united us all…

    We might squabble amongst ourselves – but this is outrageous.

    On this basic principle – Freedom of Speech – we are all together.

    They’ve Attacked Craig Murray.

    We Defend Craig Murray. (Regardless of our Different Political Views.)

    Its a bit like a small country being attacked.

    We unite and fight back.


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