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I confess I found it difficult to get worked up about the Cambridge Analytica affair. My reactions was “What awful people. But surely everybody realises that is what Facebook does?”. It seemed to me hardly news, on top of which the most likely outcome is that it will be used as yet another excuse to introduce government controls on the internet and clamp down on dissenting views like those on this website, where 85% of all traffic comes through Facebook or Twitter.

But two nights ago my interest was piqued when, at the height of Cambridge Analytica’s domination of the news cycle, the BBC gave it considerably less airtime than the alcohol abuse problems of someone named Ant. The evening before, the BBC had on Newsnight given the CEO of Cambridge Analytica the most softball interview imaginable. If the BBC is obviously downplaying something, it is usually defending a deep British Establishment interest.

It took me a minute to find out that Cambridge Analytica is owned by a British company, SCL Ltd, which in effect does exactly the same activities in the UK that Cambridge Analytica was undertaking in the US. I then looked up SCL on Bloomberg.

The name which jumped out at me of course was Lord Ivar Mountbatten, direct descendant of Queen Victoria and scion of the family closest friends with that of the UK’s unelected monarch. The only person listed by Companies House as having “significant control” – ie over 25% of the shares – is Roger Gabb, the wine merchant known for large donations to the Tory Party. I have now spoken to people who know him fairly well who, I must note in fairness, universally say he is a kind and very bright man, but with no technical input in the kind of work performed by SCL/Cambridge Analytica.

SCL is as Establishment as a company can get. The most worrying aspect of this is that SCL is paid by the British government to manipulate public opinion particularly in the fields of “Security” and “Defence”, and still more worryingly SCL – this group of ultra Tory money men seeking to refine government propaganda at the expense of you, the taxpayer – is cleared by the MOD to access classified government information.

I then did a news search on google for “Mountbatten” and “SCL” and it brought up zero results from corporate and state media. I then did a wider search not just of news sites, and found this excellent article from Liam O’Hare on Bella Caledonia. It said everything I had been planning to write, and probably says it better. Please do read it. Liam has actually done this to me before, getting there first. I suspect we may be the same person. Come to think of it, I have never seen a photo of us together.

PS Everyone of my generation will remember this joke. “What’s white and flies across the sea at 300mph?” We had a more robust attitude to free speech in the 70’s, and the maudlin deference to the “Royal family” had much less hold on the population.

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277 thoughts on “The Deep State Breaks Surface

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  • Epi

    Thanks for doing the foot soldier work and finding this stuff. Day after day I keep thinking it is all really just theater. If the media isn’t doing hard interviews, and can’t seem to ever find these Deep State connections themselves, then isn’t it all just theater? You said it took you all of a minute to find interesting connections to SCL. The Mainstream Media can’t find these same things and ask the hard questions? I find that impossible to believe. So I am left to believe it is theater. Love the humor at the end too. Great piece.

    • What's going on?

      Yes, I work in a theatre and so I know a made up ‘narrative’ when I see one. I’m glad Craig is finally starting to look into this.

  • Stu

    The extremely clean cut, square jawed Detective Sergeant who was poisoned has been released from hospital after “significant treatment”.

    It will be interesting to hear what kind of treatment this was.

  • nevermind

    Slightly off topic but my wife came home fuming telling me about an educational news program schools can adopt, a balanced program that deals with the issue of the day.

    Now I’m prepared to wager £5,- to the first person that can show me the balance in this sordid piece of propaganda directed at secondary education, 5th and 6th. form.

    I compare such propaganda to the 1930 Nazi era, a modern equivalent of the Hitler youth.
    Beware, despicable shite warning.

  • Sagittarius Rising

    Jamie Paine, a witness who touched Yulia Skripal on the bench – remains completely unharmed. The text of the tweet has got mangled in copying it:-

    Follow Follow @OneTenTwelve
    .@ITV Britain v Russia tv programme spoke to Jamie Paine who was one of the first people to find #SergeiSkripal and his daughter, he even placed some tissue on Yulia Skripals cheek ..nothing wrong with Jamie
    #RussianSpyPoisoning #SalisburyAttack

    12:52 pm – 22 Mar 2018

  • Stu

    From the Russian Ambassador’s press conference….

    “Q: [From Channel 4 News’ Jon Snow] I have a picture of you giving a prize to the Cambridge Analytica boss Alexander Nix. Can you confirm that Russia is involved with them, and that Russia got involved in the American elections?”

    So we have a British company, which has contracts with the British government, who’s board includes a member of the Royal family and former members of British intelligence and which is contracted by American billionaire…. Must be Russia.

    The wilful blindness of our media is staggering.

  • Andrew Carter

    Imagine that a UK tourist or football fan goes missing whilst on holiday in Russia; the authorities disclose that he/she is gravely I’ll, but will release no details and refuse consular access. We then learn that a secret Court hearing has decided that, because no representative of their family in the UK is present in Court, they are presumed to be resident in Russia

    There would be outrage.

    But this is precisely what happened in the Royal Courts of Justice in London today: to quote Mr Justice Williams –

    “20. The evidence before me does not enable me to ascertain the habitual residence of either Mr Skripal or Ms Skripal. I am therefore to treat them as habitually resident in England and Wales and thus jurisdiction arises under Schedule 3 paragraph 7(1)(a).”

    I am ashamed to be a citizen of this once proud nation, and an erstwhile member of its once-unimpeachable legal profession. What has this country become?

      • Mark Gibson

        ” I am ashamed to be a citizen of this once proud nation, and an erstwhile member of its once-unimpeachable legal profession. What has this country become?”
        You must have an amazingly ‘blue sky’ version of the past to raise this as a question.
        I’m 62 and can recall horrifying physical attacks & pointless aggression from the ’60’s onwards mainly by gangs of young men attacking those labelled as “other” ,( any reason seemed apt – race, class, area, cultural designation, sexual orientation etc.etc.). Add to that the domestic abuse, mistreatment of children, rape, bullying etc. that has been rife throughout my life ,( and certainly before), and the notion that this is some kind of new phenomenon makes no sense whatever .
        The idyllic fantasy of a “once unimpeachable legal profession ” also vapourises upon inspection. As part of an establishment that has only ever protected its own and usually at the cost of the general public the law has been corrupt since the dawn of time and in our lifetimes has swept injustice under the carpet for its masters on untold occasion. In recent history – Hillsborough enquiry is still incomplete after 30 odd years with the guilty let off lightly and the innocent abused by the media mercilessly and yet with no legal recourse . That is one of many times that the law has been used to prevent justice by drawing out its money grabbing process for inhuman lengths of time . Unimpeachable is just about the last descriptive term that could be applied to our legal profession.
        As for feeling ” viscerally disgusted, betrayed and embarassed ” by the state of our nation , there is probably not a day in the history of the UK that would raise a happy glow to the soul of any person willing to look behind the facade of respectability.
        I’d suggest that most of us happily ignore the gross cruelty and injustice that occurs to ‘somebody else’ until some event impacts upon our own psyche and that the one significant difference between the past and present is that a lot more information is available to a lot more of us nowadays. Personally, I celebrate the lifting of the blinkers ( ongoing).

    • Kempe

      They’re not tourists or footie fans though, they’ve been living in the UK for several years and Sergey at least has dual citizenship.

      The blood tests are necessary for their continued treatment and the identification of what poisoned them. Why would anyone object?

      • N_

        If the judge had told the government to give the family a chance to be heard before he decided on the application, he would have found out whether the patients would if conscious have objected or not and he would have been able to consider what he heard. The Official Solicitor doesn’t know the patients from Adam.

    • N_

      The judgment by David Williams is an absolute f***ing disgrace. That he has no evidence before him regarding where Ms Skripal lives does not mean he should treat her as living in England and Wales. (As for Mr Skripal, even I know his exact address in Salisbury. Was it really not stated on any documents before the court?) Williams knew damned well that Ms Skripal is a Russian citizen who flew in from Russia the day before she was attacked, and that she must have stated her address when she applied for her British visa.

      He’s been a high court judge for less than a year, but that’s no excuse.

      He’s also a member of the Society of Labour Lawyers. Which may mean that he’s going to get the blame.

  • Mark Russell

    Just watching “Contagion” on BBC4 and being enlightened. Seemingly the BBC Pandemic App collects data from 10,000 “volunteers” to help determine the spread of an outbreak. On the face of it – a good use of technology to help construct a health response in a crisis, but also a good example of how technology can be manipulated for good or ill. Same with drones – BAE originally developed the technology to assist in SAR and Mountain Rescue – but the military application took precedence.

    I wonder if the BBC recognises their incongruous position? Aye, right.

    • N_

      Thanks for this, @Mark, although I wish you’d said a bit more because this is very interesting and there’s a lot to follow at the moment 🙂

      It wouldn’t surprise me if in the near future biological weapons join chemical weapons on the list of what everyone is having to pay attention to. This feeling is supported by state TV’s training people for responding to the spread of an epidemic which might for example have been caused by a biowar attack.

      • Mark Gibson

        If this is linked in with what Cambridge Analytica are up to worldwide but especially in the States there is a very sinister form of mind control being applied . If the powers that be wish to manipulate public opinion and emotional response they now have all the tools required viz. big data , media control, to create an environment of fear . Yesterday it was Moslem terrorists, today its Russian chemical weapons , tomorrow we’ll be back to criminal immigrants – whatever the Emperor’s new clothes may be the object is always control of the masses with their obvious consent – don’t want terror ?, then have constraint.
        ” A people that trades freedom for security deserves neither >”. ( dodgy ,out of context Ben Franklin quote but does the job).

  • marvin

    ZUCKerberg owes every user of FACEBOOK and every person peripheraly affected of His Data Betrayal a million dollars as reparations. Yes, a million ……. dollars.
    ZUCKerberg wants to censor who uses FACEBOOK —- but says WE cannot censor who comes into Our house?!
    Take the locks off his doors. Take those WALLS down from around ZUCKerberg’s houses. NEVER allow him to file a “breaking & entering” complaint because ZUCKerberg wants anyone to be able to “break & enter” America.
    By the way …..ZUCK thinks he can just “share” our house/Nation …..
    he never served in uniform so he should “share” all his money with those who were wounded saving HIS FREEDOM and PROPERTY.
    Since ZUCK does not recognize Our property rights to Our country then he relinquishes all property rights to “his” money.

    • Republicofscotland

      Snowden showed us all that PRISM had access to all Facebook accounts.

      Who funded Facebook? Was it In-Q-Tel? Or others. One would need to be pretty naive to think that the US security services didn’t have access to Facebook or Twitter, or other social media group sites.

  • Tom

    Absolutely. The Deep State has been in overdrive. Trying to smear Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg is typical of their tactics – demonise a popular figure and ‘punish’ the plebs for demanding justice by threatening to take away their toys (in this case Facebook). At the same time clear the field for their vile client press and broadcasters. They did the same over the Westminster paedophile scandal when they went after celebrities who might have cuddled someone 30 years ago rather than the establishment child molesters that they still haven’t held an inquiry over.
    I thought the same about that Ant fella – or else he is in the Masons and they have to give him free publicity if his show is losing viewers.

  • John Edwards

    An interesting piece of editing of the clip from the British Ambassador to Russia’s briefing shown on the Foreign Office Twitter account. First he says that our specialists have identified the nerve agent as of the Novichok series and that the OPCW are investigating this finding. The clip then jumps to show him saying “There is no doubt the agent was produced in Russia”. This is presumably to give the misleading impression that Porton Down are saying that. He then says we have information that the Russians had an assassination programme blah blah blah. My conclusion is that the claim that “There is no doubt the agent was produced in Russia” is based on the new information de Pfeffel revealed on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday which may or may not be reliable.

    • N_

      Yet when the Home Office appeared in court they did not adduce any evidence, nor did they even state, that the substance used was a “Novichok”. A Porton Down “chemical and biological analyst” stated only that samples had tested positive for “the presence of a Novichok class nerve agent or closely related agent”. No wonder the government didn’t want counsel for Ms Skripal, whether instructed by her family or by the Russian consulate, in court.

      Only if the OPCW has been completely nobbled will it conclude that the substance used was a “Novichok”.

      Note that the OPCW will do all of the following:

      a) take new samples and test them;
      b) retest the old samples;
      c) take DNA and report on whether the old samples actually are from the Skripals or not.

      • N_

        Thanks, @fred.

        I note that ambassador Laurie Bristow says “there is no doiubt” that the weapon was “from the Novichok series”. Funny that. That’s different from the evidence from Porton Down that was cited by the judge.

        He also says “We have no information to indicate that this agent could have been produced elsewhere except in Russia. So we have no doubt that the nerve agent was produced in Russia”. Did he show such crap logic in his thesis on Ezra Pound?

        Interesting that he talks about Syria.

  • N_

    Important new information in today’s court judgment in the Skripal case: an analyst from Porton Down is quoted as saying that “the samples tested positive for the presence of a Novichok class nerve agent or closely related agent”.

    Why then did the Theresa May tell the House of Commons that the substance has been positively identified as “a military-grade nerve agent of a type developed by Russia (which) is part of a group of nerve agents known as ‘Novichok'”?

    Porton Down do NOT say that.

    I leave aside the fact that Stephen Davies, consultant at the Salisbury hospital, has said that no patient in Salisbury has shown symptoms of being poisoned with ANY nerve agent.

    Whichever way you look at it, the prime minister lied to the House of Commons.

  • Sagittarius Rising

    Another tidbit re Hillary Clinton and allegations that ‘Russians’ hacked the US Election through Facebook:-

    Penn writes that Clinton blaming her election loss on Russian meddling led her ‘elite voters’ into a state of denial.

    He writes: ”Today you can sit down with an impressionable elite – a Harvard-educated lawyer, for example – and they know with absolute certainty that somehow Trump was laundering money with the Russians in exchange for help in the election.

    ‘They have no evidence for these claims and yet they ‘know’ it just as strongly as elites once believed the earth was flat.

    ‘So did the Russians need money? How, when $2.4billion was spent on the election campaign, would $100,000 worth of Facebook ads make a difference?

    ‘It’s illogical, and yet perhaps 40 per cent of those reading this paragraph have come to believe it, based on reports of completely classified un-knowable information. They just know it.’


    The irony of course being that it was not Mr Trump who was meddling, paying for services rendered but Hillary Clinton and the DNC who were via Christopher Steele.

    • Bob Apposite

      Um, LOL.
      Trump spent millions on Cambridge Analytica to do “meddling”.
      And it looks like the Russians “signal-boosted” that meddling.

      And, they’re reporting not only do they know the Russians hacked the DNC, they know exactly which Russian.

      • Canexpat

        Bob. Where are they reporting that? I thought it was almost established that the DNC was not a hack but a leak. Binney has claimed that the data transfer was too fast for a hack. There is also Craig’s testimony about his visit to Washington.

      • Sagittarius Rising


        That is not the case on either count. Yes, indeed Mr Trump did spend money on CSL / Cambridge Anayltica – in much the same way that any electoral candidate would spend on someone as a means to boost their chances. There is nothing remotely sinister or underhand about that.

        What is sinister is SCA / Cambridge Analytica’s tactics / use of personal data and its previously secret links to Christopher Steele.

        The Russians did not ‘signal boost’ or any other kind of ‘boost’ – due to Christopher Steele’s hand in matters as an aid to Hillary Clinton’s chances, this establishes that it was HM gov who was itself behind the 2016 US election interference – with the bonus that because Mr Steele is ex-MI6, he happens to know rather a lot of Russians – so as to make it look like ‘Russians’ were behind that tampering.

        They were not – that is the point – nor is this in any doubt. Mr Steele got rumbled, and it is also the case that Mr Steele has been indicted in the US, which could not happen without HM gov tacitly acknowledging its role in matters.

        Furthermore, HM gov itself is not exactly squeaky clean about its own dealings with Cambridge Analytica – when it would rather prefer to blame Russia for meddling in Brexit. Given that Mr Steele was fixing it for HM gov in the US Election, which backfired, it is then almost certain that it was our very own Mr Steele who was trying to fix Brexit as well – which also backfired as far as HM gov is concerned.

  • Sharp Ears

    The hospital CEO appeared on BBBC South Today tonight and spoke.

    The Detective Sergeant’s statement was read out..’surreal’ etc etc. A third person was there who I assume was the medical director.

    For some days I have been saying that the CEO and the doctor who wrote the letter should appear in front of the hospital. Today this was the best they could do.

    3 mins in

    link expires tomorrow 7pm

  • mike

    Hi Theresa,

    Not many people believe a word you are saying. Those who do probably went to school with your Foreign Secretary.

    Yours faithfully, Reality

  • mark golding

    Laterally Deep State:

    John Bolton’s appointment to security advisor was predictable as US/UK national security machine prepares for confrontation with Iran. Bolton will play a key part in manipulating events in Iran and thus laying the path for proxy war. This cannot be avoided as Israel has threatened direct war with Iran and communicated that fact to Britain. War with Iran might engage Russia and China and the reason why our own Chiefs of Staff have planned for ‘preemptive’ nuclear strikes.

    • nevermind

      Thanks Mark G.,I just heard this as well, this is very bad news as he will chime in with the rogue state in the ME, that is just what he does, he is like R. Perle, a single minded supporter of the PNAC who does whatever is necessary to achieve their goals.
      Bolton is a bully who must have suffered discrimination in the past, a sad, daNGerous man. He would authorise any action against Iran, and, by that fact, its Jewish population who has its rights enshrined in Irans constitution and feels fairly safe.

      The most possibly corrupt Mr. Netanyahu could only applaud such a massacre of its own blood and kin, as long as he can get a few more years to siphon off some LNPG/Oil monies from foreign territory’s without borders and bully his neighbours, the Palestinians and the world.

    • Agent Green

      Preemptive strikes against Russia (or China) would fail. At which point Britain and probably most cities in the US would be vaporised.

  • Hieroglyph

    One thing I’ve learned, when the MSM all pile in on a company or individual, we must be wary. Facebook has long been a media darling, so I do wonder why they are in the line of fire. Is Zuckerberg threatening not to play ball any more? Is this just another bit of TDS? I don’t know, but I’m suspicious. Facebook hasn’t changed, so one wonders what else has.

    Btw, isn’t it interesting how often the Brits are involved in various corrupt schemes? Curious.

  • Chris

    Please do tell us, what is white and travels at 300 miles per hour across the sea.I guess your answer is the Royal family. I guess you came from a different school than me. I grew up half my early life, or one quarter, in school in the seventies and until ’86 but I never heard that joke – it sounds more of a riddle than a joke to me – I mean what boat can travel at that speed?

  • Chris Abbott

    SCL are pretty clear about what they get up to on their website. Some jobs in London on offer. Maybe someone who understands the requirements can tell us what these jobs would involve. How do they link to Five Eyes etc? Mr Murray, you have clearly hit a nerve, and made the British deep state show its colours. Keep going please.

  • Edward

    It’ll be interesting to view a list of who votes for this.

    Britain’s political parties are poised to grant themselves special powers to use personal data to find out how people are likely to vote, despite the Cambridge Analytica scandal, The Independent can reveal.

    Legislation set to clear Parliament within weeks will allow the profiling of voters to help infer their political opinions, privacy campaigners have warned.

    • Mark Gibson

      ” A schedule in the new legislation will give additional rights to process personal data – gained from fundraising, surveys and casework – to “elected representatives”, or “a person acting with the authority of such a representative”.
      Having worked for my local party this type of data has been used in a very straightforward manner – you know who wants your leaflets, who has not voted yet , whose door to knock , which potential voter needs a lift to the polling station and so on. No dark arts or sophisticated manipulation .
      As all the major parties are behind this it would appear to me that this is simply a move from the past into the digital age and an update on previously held legal requirements and meeting upcoming EU data requirements.
      The bigger issue is the flagrant abuse of regulations seen in the Brexit campaign ( massively over budget by Leave) and the use of professional marketing firms by the Tories ( not even in the same country as the canvassed borough) . Not much point in having toothless regulations that our corrupt legal system can twist to suit the highest payer – that’s the real story . This has fake news and misdirection written all over it.

  • Spencer Eagle

    It’s becoming clearer by the minute it wasn’t the Russian. So who was it and more importantly why?


    Cambridge Analytica and Bolton:

    ….”The next day, I met with two of the employees Nix identified as the firm’s “message people” to understand what that communication might look like. Tim Glister is a former copywriter and one-time literary agent from Newcastle; Harris MacLeod a Nova Scotian who worked as a political journalist in Ottawa. Both spent much of 2014 working for Cambridge Analytica’s marquee American clients. Harris worked for John Bolton’s super-PAC, which was attempting to bring more attention to national-security issues in three select Senate races ahead of a prospective presidential campaign by the hawkish former UN ambassador…..”
    Bloomberg report from 2015:

    SCL Group has offices in DC area. Note this is called “SCL Group” when you do further searche.

  • Geoffrey de Galles

    Just for the record, please:- In retrospect, upon reflection, I find deeply suspicious a photograph that appeared circa March 6 (i.e., just two days after the Skripal poisoning) in, as I recall, The Sun newspaper. It shows Skripal’s house in Salisbury, during bright daylight, with a police range-rover parked right outside and a police wo/man in attendance. What is remarkable, though, is all of the white smoke pouring out (and upwards) from the chimney pipe. Presumably this photo was taken on March 5, while Skripal and his daughter Yulia were hospitalized in the wake of the events of the day before. So then who the fuck was burning something that produced so much white smoke — quite likely paper — while the residence was in the charge of the local police? Are we to suppose the fire had been burning for some 24 hours and yet produced such a steady stream of white smoke? What on earth, did members of the police force inside the house fear getting cold?

  • Mrs E Somers

    I agree with everything you have said Craig I think if you take a deeper look into SCL you will find that they helped David Cameron & Crosby to win the 2015 G.E & would not put it passed them to have helped him into No10 in May 2010 there was a lot of smears & insults going around I found that out on the door step while campainging for Labour b4 the 2015 G.E in Hallam Sheffield Carlidsle & Wirral West

  • Scottish Intelligence Service

    “In 2005, SCL went public with a glitzy exhibit at the DSEI conference, the UK’s largest showcase for military technology.

    It’s ‘hard sell’ was a demonstration of how the UK government could use a sophisticated media campaign of mass deception to fool the British people into the thinking an accident at a chemical plant had occurred and threatened central London. Genuinely.” 1


    The fact that SCL is involved in Psy Ops, is another fact to be added to the “Skripal case”. I know the Cambridge Analytica thing may be separate. However, there is an important issue to note: The UK, US and Nato systems are paying for Psy Ops.

    On to the Skripals: If the Skripals had been poisoned with a “Nerve Agent” at 1.40pm in their car, they would have most likely not have been able to go to Zizzi and the pub. The BBC stated that nerve agent traces were found at Zizzi and the pub. That alone raised a red flag, that the whole thing was another Psy Op, a made up lie. The same as the fabricated terror attacks supposedly carried out last year.

    ” Mr Skripal and his daughter arrived at the Sainsbury’s upper level car park at the Maltings shopping precinct at 13:40 GMT
    Police said the pair went to The Mill pub before going to Zizzi restaurant at 14:20 GMT, staying until 15:35 GMT

    At 16:15 GMT emergency services received the first report of an incident
    Police found the pair on a bench outside Zizzi in an “extremely serious condition” 2


    I wonder if they managed to pay the bill at Zizzi? lol Both Skripals incoherent from a nerve agent attack, were able to stumble outside and get to the same bench. lol. You could only make this up! It cannot be true. A corrupt spook who has been shown to be corrupt, involved in a corrupt plot?……..never.

    If the corrupted government are happy to carry out fake events in order to sway public opinion in favour of the establishment objective, then shame on them, and one should question anything the BBC and Sky news, or any other establishment newspaper publicises today.

    The only moral justification for carrying out fake events is that, “no one is actually harmed (in the UK)”, apart from the shopkeepers etc, in Salisbury. However, people are harmed when bombs fall on the likes of Syria, after some UK “Isis” terror Psy Op or a fake gas attack in Syria. A fake event that the BBC promotes as real. So, these operatives who are carrying out these Psy Ops, do in the end, have blood on their hands. Utterly shameful. We could end up in a nuclear conflict over some Psy Op. Lies must be shown to be lies, by the likes of Craig and other people as much as possible, to prevent a nuclear conflict.

    Most importantly, after the Psy Op, the target populace is put in fear. The populace then “needs protection” from the made up enemy. It’s the same formula over and over.. One must never forget that the BBC announced World Trader Center Building 7 had collapsed, 20 minutes before the building actually came down on 911. Meaning, the BBC was in on the script. Just like the Westminster, London Bridge and Manchester fabricated terror scams.

  • Barry Still

    Aaaah, yes, LM’s plimsoll I seem to remember! Thank you for your inciteful articles, and fighting to help keep the voice of reason out there in the public domain.

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