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The increasing desperation of government attempts to “prove” the Russians responsible for the Skripal attack has become increasingly bizarre. They now claim GCHQ picked up from Troodos a message from Syria to Moscow that “the package has been delivered”, and a further one that “two people have made their egress”.

Because of course, if you were sending a cryptic message back from Salisbury to Moscow, you would naturally route it back via Syria, in the certain knowledge that all such calls from Syria are picked up from Troodos. I am sure the Russians already knew that, even before I published it in detail five years ago.

Given Russian involvement in Syria, that somebody is reporting in Syria the delivery of a package to Moscow, would not lead any sane human being to conclude it was delivered in Salisbury.

As for the phrase “two people have made their egress”, presumably this was said in Russian and I cannot understand the translation at all. Exit, egress, go out, leave to outside – there is only one Russian word to express all of these and that is phonetically from the stem “vihod”, either as noun or verb. There is no egress/exit choice in Russian.

The only possible explanation is that the person actually said “two people have left” and the British government propagandists have translated this as the weird “made their egress” to try to make it sound more sinister and more like a codeword.

Reminding me of my previous Troodos article was extremely apposite. Because the point of that article was to prove that alleged communications intercepts proving it was the Syrian government which was responsible for certain chemical weapons strikes in Syria were not genuine. I am very sceptical indeed about the claims being made today.

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300 thoughts on “Government Propaganda Now Totally Bizarre

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  • Red_Fred

    The following could just as easily have been the actual scenario regarding the poisoning in Salisbury: The “package has been delivered” to the MI6 agent Skripal by Porton Down, for a Novichek attack in Russia, which will be blamed on Putin for “losing control” of the “Russian produced” nerve agent, which could damage his reputation in Russia. The Skripal’s hands could have been contaminated while handling a novichok binary. A miniscule amount could have been ingested when they ate pizza using their bare hands. This is why they took ill after the meal, and not before. This is also the reason they and the policeman survived, as they were not in contact with the activated nerve agent as such, but the binaries at the Skripal home. When the Skripal’s left home a hand contaminated the door-handle. This may also indicate why the Skripal’s require political asylum.

    • frances

      How about; the father was already an active participant in the govt planned drill, the argument at the restaurant was the daughter’s initial reluctance to participate.
      The drill ran as planned, they, in their role as pretend cw victims, ingested some mild toxin to give the effect of poisoning. Which is why they were so quickly taken to the hospital and why they were so quickly “cured.”
      It is also why the doctor said there were no nerve agent patients, because there wern’t, only participants in a drill. And now they obviously can’t have any contact with Russian officials which explains why they are being shipped off to the US, I suspect they are there already. And the dead pets? Perhaps they have been shipped off along with them:)

  • Barden Gridge

    Has anyone detected any signs that advertisers have been holding back with their World-Cup tie-in campaigns?
    Is there “Russia 2018” branding all over stuff like Coke and McDonalds already?
    I think a European boycott of the World Cup is now a certainty. I’m just asking because I’m wondering if some people knew long ago that Russia 2018 was never going to happen.

    • nevermind

      just asking and wondering? why the heck should any sports event cowtow to political idiocy bereft of diplomacy like what we are witnessing? Explain please
      How ‘just asking and wondering’ could amass to a European boycott, just because you are leaving the EU one presumes? please forgive why should flailing politicians bereft of avenues to disguise a soft /Hard Brexit, bereft of solutions to their false flag attacks be allowed to divert and twist like rutting snakes o keep in power, by any dirty trick convenient or necessary.
      I feel for your disappointment, garden bridge, such a gall, just when there was a chance to get past the quarter finale.

      Whoever commands peoples recreational communions, peaceful meetings in mutual joy for a game, or another?
      If any politicians truly love sports and the healthy messages it adds to society, the positive drive it adds to any educational programs, at any age, they would not stop professional sports people, many who know each other, to meet in a friendly competitive contest.

      Who says that everyone has to be poo faced like those who sling unproven facts/words about, hasten to say, without the electorates support at large, so why should sport cowtow to unprofessional bumbling idiocy?

      Foreign secretary… resign!, go get some help, a shrink/rehab maybe.

  • N_

    Britain and Is?ael both conducted chemical weapons exercises recently. From Haaretz, 15 March:

    “An IDF officer said the scenario simulated a moment when ‘Russia made trouble,’ a massive cyber warfare attack, enemy missile strikes and hundreds of Israelis killed”
    ““Throughout the exercise, we examined various implications of the Russian presence” in Syria, a senior Israel Defense Forces officer said.”
    “The Home Front Command exercise simulated rescues from destroyed buildings, evacuating and resettling people from a combat zone and coping with banned weaponry such as chemical and biological agents.”

    They may call it “Home Front Command”, but there’s only one place at the moment where an evacuation is happening, it was brought about by “the Russian presence in Syria”, and it’s the same place where a chemical attack has been alleged.

    Once chance, twice coincidence, three times enemy action? How many points of similarity between exercise and reality do people need?

    • Robert

      Russia warns of a pending chemical attack on April 6, perpetrated by terrorists.
      Of course, no reason for Syria to gas its citizens, while Assad is winning, the area in question is being vacated by militants, and Trump says he’s going to pull troops. None of this nonsense even begins to make sense any more, and apparently it doesn’t have to – it just has to be said, and parroted by the media puppets.

  • Scottish Intelligence Service

    Trump appears to have taken the bait of another fake gas attack. How idiotic, that Trump who is constantly going on about “fake news”, cannot see past a fake gas attack. Or maybe he is simply playing along with the scam. What chance is there now though, with one of his closest confidants being Jared Kushner, who has already been shown to be acting in the interests of Israel, rather than America. Appalling.

    Those responsible for the fabricated Skripal Affair Psy Op, are wagging the Trump dog. Add in also, Rothschild lackey Macron. Looks like a “coaltion of the willing” is forthcoming.

    If Syria is attacked, watch out for more US Navy destroyers being rammed “accidentally”.

    Likely another fake Isis terror scam was carried out in Munster on Saturday. Deliberately “played down as local white nut” by Merkel’s government. Same as last year, when they played down the Munich Psy Op, which was carried out by IDF / Mossad linked “Richy Goodyear (sic)”..

    As long as America’s Federal Reserve money supply is owned by private Zionist entities, there is little hope for America.

    • Republicofscotland

      Sharp Ears, it’s rather telling that the US voted down a Security Council vote on Israeli violence against the Palestinian people. Yet the US will more than likely vote up any kind of action against Assad, and Russia will vote it down.

      • labougie

        They didn’t vote it down, the US vetoed it against EVERYONE else. Do you get that – EVERYONE except the US voted in favour?

        • Republicofscotland


          Isn’t that what I said though not in those exact words?

          • labougie

            No – you used the term “voted down” which implies that everyone else’s vote had some kind of equivalence. They VETOED it against all democratic opposition. It’s as well to get these things right, unless of course you go for BBC speak.

          • bj

            A vote down would have been just another vote. A veto renders all other opposite votes dead.

  • Chain Break

    As somebody not bound by the OSA and pretty knowledgeable in the area.

    Complete and utter bollocks, post-GOST Russian crypto is unbreakable, hell given the intelligence from Snowden GCHQ couldn’t even break medium-grade crypto (Blackberry), and barely were to grips with A5/1 (GSM).

    Really is utter utter trash, and if the push this narrative further I am sure others will come out of the woodwork and wholly concur.

    • IM

      FSB is fuming over Telegram, and you’d think that Russian Intelligence services would be using some weak breakable crypto/plaintext?

      • Chain Break

        More to the point even if there were (impossible in my opinion) you wouldn’t leak that you broke it ffs!

        Think Enigma in WWII where the allies would rather have ships sunk and innocents killed rather than compromise that they had broken enigma (and therefore put infinite more lives at risk).

  • knuckles

    Motivation behind the false CW fraud in Douma replayed over and over again is a simple one – the horrific abuse suffered by minorities held captives by the western funded ”Islamic” fanatics in Eastern Ghouta will never be heard now.

    Syrian Christians, Druze, Sunni, Shi’ite, Alawite et al suffering at the hands of western funded proxies will never have a voice outside of Syria.

    Take a bow Trump, May, Macron, Merkel and Netanyahu. Slaughtering minorities in the ME for profit. Sleep tight.

  • Billy Bostickson

    There seems to be a lot of energy, intelligence and humor on this forum.

    That’s all well and good, but why don’t you all actually DO something about it, for example, hire a coach and head down to Salisbury and demand to see the Skripals and talk to them, find the chef at Zizzis, give him a tenner for his thoughts, track down Stephen Davies to get a new statement, look for the escaped cat and interview her, corner DS Bailey in the pub and video record him drunkenly spilling the beans on the whole operation, pay some local lads to nick Hamish de Bretton-Khartoon’s laptop, stuff him into a holdall until he starts squawking like a canary and admits it was all a lie,

    At the end of the day, if you aren’t willing to take collective direct action, the British State will continue to walk all over you, lie to you, monitor you, control you and lead your children to their deaths in the name of phony patriotism, while proudly proclaiming that in Great Britain, there is freedom of speech and the rule of law, which we must defend with our lives, and the living evidence of this can be seen on this blog and at Speaker’s Corner.

    I’d love to join you but I left a long time ago

    • Republicofscotland


      I agree with the sentiment, however on this occasion in my opinion there’s no need to do all that. For the Skripals were exposed to a military grade nerve agent, more deadly than Sarin or VX, yet the managed to jaunt around town and go for a meal afterwards.

      Now they’re on the verge of a full recovery, it is all of course one big farce, a shambles wrapped in a hoax, sprinkled with lie after lie.

      Still your idea of the people holding their government to account, isn’t the British way of doing things, my god man this isn’t France, where road blocks and burning tyres are a sign of the displeasure of the people.

    • Dave Edwards

      Couldn’t agree more.
      The problem is that the average person in UK will not do anything as long as the water still comes out of the taps, the electric is still on, internet / social media normal ops and the TV works.
      The likely cause of these things failing will be from a nuclear war, then it is all too late.

      I also left a long time ago also. Son is doomed though!

      Landed in Budapest Saturday evening. On the way to the terminal we passed two planes, side by side, both Airbuses, made in Europe, one British Airways and one Aeroflot. Funny old world.

  • Aslangeo

    This is getting completely insane

    The problem as I see it is that the current generation of western politicians (and sadly most of the western public) do not understand the consequences of military action against people who can fight back or counter escalate. A war with Russia would be catastrophic, It would only take about 30 nuclear warheads to eliminate the UK, The Russians have about 7000.

    You would have thought that the poor performance of the British armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan – see Losing Small Wars: British Military Failure in the 9/11 Wars by Frank Ledwidge would have cured the UK of any desire for more – 700 odd British troops died for nothing and were responsible for thousand of Afghan and Iraqi lives. I would not even try to calculate the millions likely to die in any conflict with somebody capable of serious retaliation.

    When I read the comment pieces by warmongers in all sections of the mainstream press they seem to think that this would be a cakewalk with zero risk – I hope and pray that their assumptions are never put to the test

    • Carl

      Indeed, and those post 9/11 embarrassments against ragbag insurgents occurred before the savage MoD cuts of the past decade. Yet now we must observe the paper tiger roaring at a nuclear power from behind the skirts of the hegemon.

    • Roman_D

      Probably it’s the way it is. New war begins when new generations loose the feeling what a disaster it is. So looks like it took only almost 75 years to forget WW2. Assume the gap between WW3 and WW4 will be much longer.

      • Paedo Hunter

        we still have to remember the holo hoax though….that’ll never be forgotten… they ram it down our throats for eternity

  • John Goss

    I’ve just blogged on the Skripals and think I may have discovered why Craig’s interview was taken down. It had nothing to do with him being boring. It was all about what Kay Burley said of Sergei Skripal.

    Just as the telephone conversation between Yulia and her cousin Viktoria broke Kay was saying how dangerously ill Mr Skripal was.

    “That is strange because the same day that this telephone call took place Kay Burley in interviewing Craig Murray (10 min 25 sec) said that it could be one of several strains of Novichok that “potentially killed this ex-KGB spy – he’s in a coma at the moment. . .””

    • Stephen

      Hi John, I see what you mean, But I think it was simpler. Craig embarrassed them with the PD CEO review and they wanted revenge. Kay Burley thought she could destroy Craig and all she did was show for all to see her own Hubris.
      They were never going to use it for an insightful piece on the Skripal’s. They just wanted something to discredit Craig.
      I think Craig said something similar to my opinion on RT a few days later.

      • John Goss

        Hi Stephen. Will we ever know? But it would be bad form for Sky to be putting out a story that Skripal was at death’s door when the BBC was reporting on him being fine. That would be really embarrassing for them.

        • Stephen

          too true.
          Lets not forget who owns them and what his other outlets push out all the time.

    • copydude

      At this point in time, few believe we will see Sergei or Yulia again. Sadly, I am inclined to agree. The more fanciful the story becomes, it would be impossible for either to repeat any part of it without errors and contradictions.

      This happened regularly with the official Litvinenko narrative, which was essentially compiled by (Lord Tim) Bell, Pottinger PR agency.

      There were briefings then given by Gordievsky who made many mistakes in the timeline and fairly critical details, such as flight times and even destinations. Hospital bulletins were also altered from one day to the next, particularly in respect of Mario Scaramella. (From heavy to light radiation exposure.)

      Craig asks why such a bizarre story is put about. Such stories do muddy the waters and distract enquiring minds from the central issue. And years later, episodes that didn’t fly can be easily dismissed by politicians. As in WMDs. ‘It was unfortunately single-sourced intel’. Lord Butler even concluded that Blair and the cabinet were, quote: ’the innocent victims of groupthink.’ Well, it’s not as if they would lie deliberately, is it?

      During a commons inquiry, the then Defence Secretary, Geoff Hoon, was asked about his reaction to the ‘Four Minutes To Doom’ story in the Evening Standard. His answer: ‘I was in Czechoslovakia that day.’ (Never saw it mate.) No one will ever take responsibility for deception.

      These stories are planted quite deliberately. They are not the fruits of relentless digging by investigative journalists but an official Government briefing to tame hacks. But they all conspire to build a scenario where it becomes increasingly difficult to tell fact from fiction.

      Which brings us back to the fate of the Skripals. Are they alive or dead? Are they in Salisbury hospital or drinking pina coladas on Malibu Beach? Will anyone ever know?

      Regardless of politics and propaganda, I find this the most disturbing aspect of the affair. If someone enters an NHS hospital and is never seen or heard from again, even by close relatives, it is surely a matter of public concern. The Hospital Trust and the Medical Officer are publicly accountable and must be held to account.

  • Aslangeo

    for people who may not be aware there is an excellent blog by a former Indian ambassador M K Bhadrakumar – who gives the Indian view on the world – he had previously worked in the former Soviet Union – Craig might even know him

    He is quiet concerned –

  • Pyotr Grozny

    Has any one noticed that the latest stories are binary, the boutique Novichok appeared in the Mail on Sunday, the Cyprus eavesdropping in the Sunday Express. They’ve yet to get into the broadsheets. Looks like they are being tousled to measure public gullibility.

    • copydude

      I liked the story about ’boutique Novichok’ too. Good to see you are keeping up to speed with the terminology.

      According to the Mail, ‘it was made after exhaustive scientific tests conducted at a secret Russian scientific establishment, and proved a crucial flaw in the double murder bid. While it allowed the would-be murderers to escape, it also gave doctors and scientists time to identify the Novichok and treat the patients with antidotes.’

      Interesting how it fits with the story. It accounts for the 4 hours when the Skripals alledgedly ‘both turned off the GPS function on their mobiles’ . . . as one always does on a Sunday morning. The 4 hours when ‘the assassins fled the country, pausing only to send an uncoded message to Moscow via Syria.’ And the widely reported happy chance that there were doctors with chemical weapons expertise at Salisbury Hospital and a cupboard full of secret boutique Novichok remedy, de rigueur for any NHS matron’s dispensary.

      My source tells me that with boutique Novichock, the molecules are bound together with monosodium glutamate, which explains why you can put Uncle Ben’s Quick Cook Chinese rice in slo-cooker and still get every grain separate after 4 hours on low. But is this ‘weapon’s grade?’

      I’m hoping Craig will run this past his own contacts at Porton Down.

  • Aslangeo

    a quote from a comment elsewhere

    “The unity is quite depressing though. As someone who remembers the build up to the Iraq war; France and Germany and a decent, if ineffective segment of the UK and US elite openly opposing it. This sentiment seems to have totally evaporated even as they were proved right.”

    • Patrick Mahony

      The lies are so pervasive, the media manipulation so total, I think there is no hope for peace. The gamble seems to be “the West” think Putin will be deposed…but if he isn’t it’s curtains for London.

      • Aslangeo

        Putin being deposed , don’t make me laugh who would do it.

        The military , no way the last time there was a military coup in Russia was when emperor Paul was murdered in 1800. The military and security people are very patriotic as they would be in any other country.

        The oligarchs – they may have had power in the 1990, but the anti system oligarchs have been ruined and the current group of tycoons owe their position to the system. The threat of having their wealth confiscated by the west without any due legal process is unlikely to endear the west to them

        An inside coup by a Kremlin insider who is pro western is also highly unlikely to succeed as this person would need to overcome opposition from the Siloviks if such a person exists at all. The coup would also need to overcome popular opposition

        Popular uprising – Putin has just won an election that was representative. The two pro western candidates Sobchak and Yavlinsky polled less than 4%. The main opposition forces are either
        communists or hardcore nationalists. The Russian public mood is growing deeply anti western, and it is genuine and not so called regime manipulation

        Navalny keeps being talked up by the western media. He is actually pretty nationalist and unlikely to be any better from a western point of view

        A colour revolution is unlikely to succeed Putin or a similar successor is here to stay and the Russian public is a lot less western friendly than ever before

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I would just like to say, how much I appreciate the Research, Words & Courage, of people such as Craig Murray, Paul Craig Roberts, John Ward, b (of Moon of Alabama), all the people who run Off-Guardian, The Three Girls – Eva Bartlett, Caitlin Johnstone & Vanessa Beeley, The Saker and many others.

    You guys are awesome. You are heroes. I don’t know how to Thank You. You are keeping the World alive, by telling the truth, as best as you can.

    With regards to the people who are trying to kill us all, I have complete and utter contempt, as has almost everyone I know. They have totally dissociated themselves from them. The News is just a media show. People carry on as normal, getting on with their lives and planning for the future.

    Our politicians and media, are a complete embarrasment, best ignored, which is exactly what the vast majority of people do. Its an entirely sensible reaction to the presence of complete and utter psychopaths.


    • Dave

      A fake Salisbury chemical attack followed by a fake Syria chemical attack. What a coincidence!

  • Abulhaq

    With the old hawk John Bolton appointed as Trump’s national security adviser a world war starting in Syria takes a big step closer.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Yeh, but everyone knows John Bolton is a complete and utter total psycho, and even Dick Cheney, didn’t actually Nuke, Iran, but there is a lot of evidence, he tried to. the B52’s were loaded and ready to Fly – I think it was from Minestota, or close somewhere in The USA, and someone in High Command in The US equivalent of The RAF, said well, this is not a particularly good idea, and so Dick Cheney didn’t achieve, Nuclear World War III, though he obviously wanted to.

      I find it hard to come to terms with Religious People, especially when they Believe Everyting in The Old Testament.

      Even I asked the Question at School when I was 5 years old.

      My Teacher, was not impressed. I got strapped.

      She was teaaching us The catechism

      But a little girl was really nice to me. She helped me tie my shoe laces for the PE class

      Her name was Hannah Hrubiak. She was 5 too.

      This was in Oldham – Corpus Christi Primary School.

      I was taught well.


    • giyane

      The diplomatic elites, like the Queen, are now old enough to bypass a whole generation. Of course this will be reflected in coldwar morbidity because the stupid old farts learnt their skills in the Cold War and they’re too senile now to learn any new ones. they have to display wisdom about something, so the only game they know how to play is an old one. The same thing is happening in the Tory party. World bankruptcy in 2007 would, one would think, lead to a scrappage of the bonkers drivelling of Mrs Thatcher, but no, all of the old Ponzi schemes have been re-Ponzied. The purpose of Brexit is to allow the independence of the pound to allow re-re-Ponzi-ing when the day of financial reckoning comes. The old fogies know nothing else, and yet they have to appear to be wise.

      As to war in Syria, how much more glaringly obvious and blatant does the UK have to go in its lying before its allies have to whisper under their breaths, ‘ The Emperor has no clothes’?

  • Billy Bostickson

    Their complicated plan for overthrowing Assad
    had come to naught, which made them sad
    But nasty Trump and clever Mistress May
    together had a great idea one day
    to stage a farce near old Stonehenge
    to slake their unholy lust for revenge
    they framed the narrative
    got the papers to parrot it
    run out of steam, can someone continue?

  • Sharp Ears

    Russia and US in fierce row over Syria at UN Security Council
    20 minutes ago
    The US and Russia have traded barbs at a UN Security Council meeting on the alleged chemical attack in Syria.
    Russian envoy Vassily Nebenzia said the incident in Douma was staged and that US military action in response could have “grave repercussions”.
    US Ambassador Nikki Haley said Russia had the “blood of Syrian children” on its hands.
    Earlier, the UN human rights chief said world powers were treating chemical weapons use with a “collective shrug”.
    US President Donald Trump has said “major decisions” on Syria will be made in the next two days.

    The US madmen (Trump, Mattis and Bolton) and the madwoman (Haley) are in charge. Woe is our planet and G-d help us.

    Ms Haley said that if the UN Security Council acts or not, “either way, the United States will respond”.

    • Roman_D

      Last time US striked Syria Russia could get out more or less without loosing it’s face. This time Russia is cornered. During one of the latest interviews Putin told a story from his childhood about how he cornered a rat and decided not to corner anyone as the rat attacked him having no other choice. This appears to be exactly same situation…

  • Chain Break

    In the end it boils down to money and folly.

    A lot of people were threatened with”going out of business” if we had any sort of viable peace with Russia… at any costs that cannot be allowed.

    That there is a chimp in the Whitehouse doesn’t help… my god and I thought Bush Jr was crazy… he’s nothing on Trump.

  • Charles

    Bringing this forward again here, not because the detail needs airing again but to emphasise the number of people caught up in the sham.

    Normal, honest people just doing their jobs and they have dishonesty heaped upon them. Then presumably threatened to keep their mouths shut.

    Lies, misinformation, incredulous accounts. Then more lies.

    Dr Stephen Davies has a story to tell, let’s hear it! The staff at the hospital and police have a story to tell, lots of people know that the official story is a pack of lies. Let’s hear the truth

    The police bosses deliberately dumped bullshit on DS Bailey. Is he happy with that ? Are his colleagues?


    But if those normal people do not speak out the same bullshit and lies could precipitate WW3 in the next day or two. If anyone has information get it out. It may save your children’s lives.


    The Air Ambulance was on the scene first, before the first responder vehicle, the Air Ambulance paramedic (if identified as the 4:16 sprinter) is disturbing in the extreme.

    And then a wanton deception to hide the time of the Air Ambulance log of the patients’ condition @ 4:19 took place. And the Air Crew are happy with that?

    Thank you to Patrick Mahony who took the opportunity to copy the Helicopter Incident Log before it was deleted

    ” Patient fitting, land assisted to hospital.
    Time and Date: 16.19
    Where: Salisbury, Wiltshire
    Hospital: Salisbury District Hospital”


    The timeline…

    4.08pm: Figures that appear to be Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia are seen walking down Market Walk towards the bench where they were found.

    4.15pm: Police car speeds up the shopping centre at 20mph with lights flashing.

    4.16pm: A hero paramedic sprints towards the victims on foot clutching a first aid bag.

    4.18pm: A first responder vehicle drives up to help colleagues treat Sergei and Yulia.

    • Barden Gridge

      That 16:19 time on the deleted log is interesting.
      I found the flight path of the Wiltshire Air Ambulance on March 4, 2018, and it was 40 miles away to the north at that time:

      In fact, the track of the helicopter disappears for 27 minutes between 16:03 and 16:30.

      Maybe 16:19 is the time when the Air Ambulance was first called.

      But if the speeds indicated are correct, it doesn’t look like it was in much of a hurry:

      If the air ambulance was called at 16:19, why was it flying at a leisurely
      87 kts
      71 kts
      70 kts
      for much of the way?

      It was half-way to Salisbury before we see
      136 kts
      121 kts

      It has a cruising speed of 150 kts:

      Why call the air ambulance when it’s 40 miles away and you’re just over 2 miles from Salisbury District Hospital?
      Why would the air ambulance then take its time getting to you?

  • Stephen

    It now looks like it will be a 100% dead cert that Trump will attack Syria within the next few days possibly even overnight.
    The FBI have just raided his person lawyer’s office for documents on the Playboy woman pay off.

    It looks very suspicious timing as if it is designed to force Trump to try and change the news cycle by attacking Syria.
    Clinton’s “Wag the Dog” comes to mind.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    We had never been to Cyprus before. We really liked the airport and The Taxi Driver. He was a really friendly guy, and they drive on The English side of The Road (Spain can sometimes be a nightmare)

    Anyhow, we going to Cyprus again. We not only really liked The British (from all over The UK and Ireland) we also really like The Cyrpiots…They are just so nice and friendly, and their sandy beaches and cystal clear sea, are just superb. Sure The Red Sea, maybe a little better, for diving and snorkelling a friend of our is out there in Egypt (She is very Liberal)

    So whilst Thersea May, presumably back from her walking holiday in North Wales, about to to take charge of the missile attacks on completely innocent Syrians (Syrian Girl is awesome)

    My wife and I are going to Cyprus Rocks Again


  • Tony M

    Sorry to drag every one away from the spiral into ww3 resulting from Zionist exceptionalist insanity being given its head.

    Apparently the increase in violent crime is down to insufficient police officers, stands to reason doesn’t it, more authoritarianism, the police should be cracking more skulls, dropping people from a height against concrete floors, restraining arms and legs, compressing people’s chest till they can no longer breathe and pass out, is what is needed. The solution is apparently more police, more state sanctioned and never recorded violence, more represssion. When clearly the increase is down to poverty, hunger, despair, insecurity fear and distrust of the state and the sink or swim capitalist mentality being taken to heart, by its own victims. Social security was never about the security of the individuals and families affected, but the security of all of society. The value of your house or the flashness of your car is of no account when you’ve had your head severed by an axe.

    So I’m slightly off-topic, but it seems to be par for the course here to do so: In the ‘I, Daniel Blake’ thread sometime ago, I’d guess no more than 1 percent of the thousands of comments bore any relation to the actual subject matter of the benefits system and the relentlessly euthanising tendencies and practices of government policy towards the sick and disabled, which like policies in Nazi Germany, and in the US long before that, gave rise to the gas-chamber meme. All I see here are the gibbering middle-classes, the over-privileged who’ve had every indulgence all through their lives and never known so much as moments hardship, never gone hungry, never lined the inside of their shoes with cornflake box cardboard to keep the rain out and their socks dry long enough to make it to school, in their comfortable bubbles prattling on and on in these same hand-wringing tones about how everything is so terrible but doing absolutely bugger all about any of it.

    We need to start hanging politicians, former prime-ministers from John Major onwards, from lamp-posts.

  • Paul Barbara

    As an ex-Catholic, still professing to be a Christian, I probably should not say this. But I am absolutely disgusted by the Western warmongering, on trumped-up ‘False Flag’ casus belli, of plunderous wars of aggression.
    The UN, like it’s predecessor the ‘League of Nations’, is a washout controlled principally by the ‘prat who pays the piper’, ie the Federal Reserve and associated central banks.
    The US, basically, is running rampant around the world (whoever controls them), playing the ‘Law of the Jungle’, disregarding international laws and conventions, along with it’s ‘cronies’ (UK obviously a prime example). It routinely vetoes Is*aeli abominations against Palestinians, and connives in the supply of chemical weapons to it’s proxy mercenary headchoppers in Syria.
    And it is pushing Russia and China seriously by encroaching on their territories.
    So, what to do already? Vell, if I was a ‘global strategist’ (which obviously I ain’t), if I were in Putin’s shoes I would consider ‘surreptitious’ (though known about) transfer of nukes to Iran.
    What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. If the US (and it’s cronies) want to flout international conventions re Chemical Weapons (although covertly), then why on earth should Russia refrain from returning the complement?
    I put this comment up in the knowledge that it could affect my eternal soul, but I’ll risk it. HOPEFULLY, the PTB will realise this is a quid pro quoi possibility, and will refrain from further False Flag machinations against Syria, Russia and anywhere else.
    Que cera. In rest my case.

  • Craig Lockhart

    I’m led to believe that an alliance of the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia is in a proxy war with the alliance of Russia, Syria and Iran in a power struggle over oil amongst anything else. Whose propaganda to believe? Neither. The truth will come out after the event, maybe. It was allegedly the CIA who stirred up the rebellion in Syria in the first place. Looking to you for more insights.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Craig Lockhart April 10, 2018 at 00:59
      But a power struggle over whose oil? Syria’s oil clearly belongs to Syria, and Iran’s oil clearly belongs to Iran. Their ‘coalition’ is in defence of their countries and in defence of their national assets – hardly any ‘equivalence’ there with the Western thugs who want to steal their oil and Balkanise their countries, as well as destroy them.
      The following three links show very clearly what the end game is, and who arranged the Syrian bloodbath and destruction:
      ‘Former French Foreign Minister: The War against Syria was Planned Two years before “The Arab Spring”:
      Roland Dumas, as an ex-French Foreign Minister, is surely a reliable enough witness to be called to answer questions in Parliament? But over the years, having contacted many organisations and about a dozen MP’s (including my own, ‘Labour’ MP Jim Fitzpatrick, one who always backs the wars and attacks, and who couldn’t wait to add his name to the ‘blame Russia for Skripal’ business, who refused to even check out my links, never mind bring the issues up in Parliament), none of whom has responded.
      ‘Global Warfare: “We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran..”:
      4* General (Retd.) Wesley Clark, ex-Suppreme Allied Commander, Europe) was given the above info at the Pentagon in 2001, by a 3* serving General on the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
      “Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East’:
      The Yinon Plan is self-explanatory; I think it was written in 1982.
      The West knows full well that these CW attacks or hoaxes (the headchoppers use both) are False Flag attacks by the Wests’ proxy mercenary headchoppers, because they arranged for them to get supplied with the CW, with the obvious intention of creating a ‘casus belli’ of sorts, anyway an excuse for Western intervention in Syria, whose oil they covet, and whose territory in part is coveted by two neighbouring regimes, and who want to use Syrian territory for oil and gas pipeline routes. Also they want to Balkanise it, so it is no longer a threat to I*rael.
      Hope that helps!

  • Steve Rhodes

    Since it seems likely that the fallout from the hysterical response to Yulia and Sergei being poisoned by person or persons unknown is going to adversely affect the British public, are we not entitled to hear from one of the ‘victims’ before she is ‘disappeared’ by the CIA?

    It would be very helpful to us, if we are to have to suffer the effects of another Cold War, to know a little more about what actually happened to her and her father, rather than what we are being told happened.

    Maybe Craig should interview her?

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