Just Who’s Pulling the Strings? 1205

March 4 2018 Sergei and Yulia Skripal are attacked with a nerve agent in Salisbury

March 6 2018 Boris Johnson blames Russia and calls Russia “a malign force”

March 7 2018 Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia arrives in London for an official visit

March 13 2018 Valeri Gerasimov, Russian Chief of General Staff, states that Russia has intelligence a fake chemical attack is planned against civilians in Syria as a pretext for US bombing of Damascus, and that Russia will respond militarily.

March 19 2018 Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia arrives in Washington for an official visit

April 8 2018 Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia arrives in Paris for an official visit

April 8 2018 Saudi funded jihadist groups Jaysh al Islam and Tahrir al-Sham and UK funded jihadist “rescue group” The White Helmets claim a chemical weapons attack occurred in their enclave of Douma the previous day – just before its agreed handover to the Syrian army – and blame the Syrian government.

April 11 2018 Saudi Arabia pledges support for attack on Syria

April 14 2018 US/UK/French attack on Syria begins.

I have always denied the UK’s claim that only Russia had a motive to attack the Skripals. To denigrate Russia internationally by a false flag attack pinning the blame on Russia, always seemed to me more likely than for the Russians to do that to themselves. And from the start I pointed to the conflict in Syria as a likely motive. That puts Saudi Arabia (and its client jihadists), Saudi Arabia’s close ally Israel, the UK and the USA all in the frame in having a powerful motive in inculcating anti-Russian sentiment prior to planned conflict with Russia in Syria. Any of them could have attacked the Skripals.

Today, Theresa May is claiming -astonishingly – that the UK attack on Syria is “to deter chemical weapons attacks in Syria and the UK”. I don’t think the motive for a Skripal false flag could be more starkly demonstrated.

We do not yet know how many children and other civilians have died so far in what the media always pretend are magically “pinpoint” attacks on Syria. Denying the “collateral damage” is part of the neo-con playbook. The danger is that they will not stop but continue to push, testing how far they can go in weakening Syrian government forces to promote their jihadist allies on the ground, before they spark a real Russian reaction. That way madness lies.

It is also worth noting that the most ardent supporters of this military action, outside Saudi Arabia and Israel, are the Blairites in the UK and the Clinton Democrats in the USA. The self-described “centrists” are actually the unhinged extremists in today’s politics.

This attack on Syria is, beyond doubt, a huge success for the machinations of Mohammed Bin Salman. Please do read my post of 8 March which sets out the background to his agenda, and I believe is essential to why we find our nations in military action again today. Despite the fact the vast majority of the people do not want this.

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1,205 thoughts on “Just Who’s Pulling the Strings?

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  • MAB

    The one thing about this that is different though, is at least internally in the UK, May owns this completely. Blair was clever enough to put some distance between himself and accountability by pretending he was asking parliament to approve. May, ever the idiot, has no such separation.
    When this goes badly, because it inevitably will, it is all on her head, and her tame media won;t be able to save her from the consequences this time.

    • HateWarMongering

      Well in that case she’ll resign and another neo-con will get elected (if not Corbyn) and cycle will repeat. I don’t think we’re going to run out of neo-cons.

    • giyane

      Better if she had left it , like the election. But we now know why she had an election, to prepare the way for war against Syria, not Brexit. These false-flag chemical claims against Russia also explain why May has been so cosy with Juncker, because the hydrogen bonds of unity between the UK and EU neo-cons have been stronger than the hydrogen bonds between racist and non-racist elements in the UK. Divide and Rule.

      Now is a time, regrettably, for UK society to unite against the neo-cons. It’s not enough to say this was just a small skirmish to eradicate the evidence or USUKIS chemical rendition of Muslims in the past by Assad. Yes if the Syria war is to end they need to destroy the evidence of their own chemical warfare against Islam. But until the Saudi head-choppers are also destroyed, the war might continue. Gadaffi was a guest in Paris only a year before he was buggered and killed. He was no less a renditioner than Assad.

      I think we also learn from this destroying the evidence of the Lithium based psychotic drugs in Damascus last night why the UK called their chemical warfare extraordinary rendition. Its deadly purose was to stimulate the parts of the brain that deal with violence by the application of violence , and then to burn out those areas of the brain with Lithium. This in effect destroys the parts of the brain that are socially programmed to detest violence. The term extraordinary rendition literally describes the rendering of the mind to pulp.

      Now is not the time to forgive the neo-cons for chemically attacking Islam through this pernicious programme. We should hold them to account for their chemical crimes without evidence because they have held Russia to account without evidence. It’s not and never has been a level playing field. It makes the assumption of USUKIS exceptionalism on the basis of ‘our’ superiority over Islam. Islam is in fact incomparably superior to Western post-Christianity-post democracy.

      The zionists have tried unsuccessfully to denigrate the perfect religion of Islam by rendering its believers moral capacity incapable. They will not succeed, even with the Takfiri Saudi-headchoppers on their side.

      One note on takfirism. The Saudis and the Muslim Brotherhood specifically say that if you do not belong to their sects, you are not a Muslim and you lose the right to either your property, wives and families and your right of freedom and even life. For this reason Allah specifically states that if any Muslim denies the Islam of another human being, they themselves are deprived of the benefits that they deny. Therefore if the takfirist deny the rights of the Syrian Muslims, they deserve themselves to be denied of those rights. Islam is clear, the takfirist deserve to be killed because they had no mercy on other Muslims outside their sects.

      Islam is particularly severe on those who are particularly severe. Russia should destroy the takfirist of Idlib and finish this war now.

      • Yusuf Islam

        “Islam is in fact incomparably superior to Western post-Christianity-post democracy.”

        I thought Islam was a religion, something personal. No?

        Have a cup of tea for the tillerman.

        • Yusuf Islam

          And there lies the millenia-old problem: my religion is better than yours and all that childish nonsense.

      • Ultraviolet

        I don’t get why people claim this is tied to the EU, given that Merkel is dead against intervening militarily in Syria.

        • Akos Horvath

          When did she say that? What has been reported is that while Germany will not take part in this illegal action directly, it supports her allies. And of course Germany is indirectly involved in every single illegal American military intervention, by virtue of Rammstein and Landstuhl. The EU’s largest economy and most populous country allows the yanks on its soil to attack and the second and third largest EU countries are directly participating. Of course the EU is involved. The yanks are the bosses and the wusses of the EU follow their marching orders. Ours is not an independent sovereign continent.

      • sam sung

        ” Islam is in fact incomparably superior to Western post-Christianity-post democracy.”

        That’s why a glance at a world map adumbrates a zone of poverty, ignorance and deprivation that eerily corresponds to the Dar-al-Islam.

        • Yusuf Islam

          Quite right, good point, but would you include India & Nepal in that classification, predominantly Hindu? The vital difference though would be India’s democracy with the underbelly of a near lack of education and health facilities for the many, though not the privileged few.

  • Caratacus

    Despite being well-stricken in years and blessed with a healthy cynicism for all things political, I did hope that good sense may prevail. It was not to be. Clearly, the neo-conservatives are in charge and the “leaders” of the vassal states are doing the bidding of the money changers.

  • Lisa

    Good timing for the attack on Syria. Just before Russia has published the evidence they have about the false flag chemical attack. Just before OPWC investigators have started their work. Probably Lavrov’s announcement was the deciding factor for the missile launch by US/UK/FR. The evidence on the ground must be destroyed immediately. The best Russian retaliation will be presenting their proof, not some vulgar sinking of a US ship.

    • Ultraviolet

      That’s where I think this is going. Moon of Alabama is reporting that this was a carefully co-ordinated strike on nothing. That gives Russia an excuse not to retaliate militarily. If, as the Russians seem confident about, the OPCW then reports that there were no chemical weapons used in Douma and the videos were staged, things will get even hotter for the West than if they were struck militarily in retaliation.

      Possible consequences:

      Trump explodes at having been misled and fires all the neocons in his administration.
      Macron’s popularity plummets.
      May has to resign.

      • Dave54

        Yes, spot on, 102 cruise missiles at $1.5 million each, what a waste of borrowed money…just to test the russian S400 missile shield…

      • Yalt

        “A carefully co-ordinated strike on nothing” was exactly my impression as the news was breaking last night. The Russians were contacted in advance, the Russians did not respond. It seemed odd…

        Donald Frederickovich! What can I do for you?

        I need to blow up a building.

        Still no retail clients, hmm? Your building is on river, yes? Perhaps you should put in watersports park.

        Vlad, I…

        Look, Donald, I cannot call in airstrike on Chicago. You think Syria is bad? We find you matchmaker in Ukrainian Village and he makes your problem go away more quietly.

        Syria is why I’m calling. I said some things on twitter….

        And now you need “research facility” and maybe “command and control post.” I understand. I call Bashar, maybe they need demolition help. I get you coordinates—my girl will call your girl in thirty minutes. Do you need casualties or can we evacuate?

    • Salford Lad

      Logic states that there is no evidence on the ground ,if there LIKELY was NO CHEMICAL attack. We cannot prove a negative.
      If rumours are true and 11 SAS operatives were captured and are in Syrian custody, this may be the evdence of British collusion in the production of the hoax chemical attack that the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov intimated.
      There is a record of Russia setting free Western embedded special forces, already evidenced in Ukraine after the closure and surrender of Ukrainian forces of the Donbass cauldron at the battle of Debaltsevo.
      No doubt backroom deals were done to secure release.
      Syria is possibly holding the SAS group and may not be cooperating in a deal. We can only pray that a larger deal has been done and the attack on Syria is just a token one ,to give the motormouth Trump an exit to assuage US public opinion.
      The die is cast and the Rubicon is crossed, We can but await and pray.
      Either way Teresa May and her Tories are electoral toast, should we survive this unneccessary war.. The Blairites also who castigated Jeremy Corbyn for his request for evidence to be produced in the Skripal case cannot be allowed to slink away without accountabillity for this horror.

      • SA

        Salford Lad
        We can only hope that this exposure will happen, and happen soon and in a convincing way. Unfortunately the Empire of Chaos will shift the attention to some other well orchestrated diversion. This is thier modus operandi as they also own the media.

        • Paul

          I wish I were sanguine that, even if the evidence is produced, the story would get covered.

      • marvellousMRchops

        “The Blairites also who castigated Jeremy Corbyn for his request for evidence to be produced in the Skripal case cannot be allowed to slink away without accountabillity for this horror”.

        Yes – they should all leave and join this new ‘Centre’ party on a pro war pro EU BBC/Guardian loving ticket and let the public wipe them out in true democratic style with a F*CK YOU at the ballot box

        • BarrieJ

          I hear the new party is to be called Likud UK.
          With 64% of Labour and 88% of Tories signed up to Friends of … I’d imagine it would get huge support in Westminster.
          They’d be fighting like rats in a sack to lead it, just imagine the income from donors.

        • BarrieJ

          I think if the British public knew what our glorious heroes from Hereford had been up to in the name of corpocracy, they’d be somewhat less than proud of them.
          Doubtless in that job you have to be a psychopath to sleep at night; hardly surprising suicide rates are so high amongst veterans.

          • Spencer Eagle

            It’s not surprising that members of the ‘regiment’ are given very special treatment in civilian life, in all but the most serious of criminal cases they never receive jail sentences.

  • Gaius Charaea

    “We do not yet know how many children and other civilians have died so far in what the media always pretend are magically “pinpoint” attacks on Syria.

    But we DO know how many civilians deaths have been caused by Putin backing the genocidal puppet Assad, with the Iranian shit stirrers yapping at his heels. It’s in the high hundreds of thousands.

    And I thought Assad’s father was a desperate dictator.

    It’s embarrassing that people like you wish that brushed under the carpet, along with his flagrant use of chemical weapons against those same “children and other civilians”.

    Shame on you.

    • Emily Tock

      The last supposed CA attack in 2017 in Syria has proven to be ‘unattributable’ and Mattis himself has said, the US government has no proof of that alleged attack, nor has any evidence been provided for this latest alleged attack, so I’m not sure what you are ranting about. Perhaps you meant to wonder about all the Iraqi children killed by US coalition forces? or perhaps all the children killed by US forces in Afghanistan? or perhaps all the children killed in Yemen by US/UK supported Saudi Arabia? or perhpaps all the children killed in Gaza by US supported IDF forces? I think perhaps you are confused.

      • Doghouse

        Spot on Emily. And we mustn’t forget the hundreds of thousands of parents and children buried under the Iraqi rubble, and the similar amount rotting in the debris of Libya. Nor forget that Gaddafi was scheduled to be the recipient of an award at the UN for the tremendous success he had made of his country but he couldn’t attend on account of his country being invaded. Nor forget that a plaque was recently unveiled in the Hague celebrating the destruction of all of Russia’s stockpile of chemical weapons, whilst the likes of US and Uk still possess an abundance. Then perhaps ponder the fact that the man appointed to Head the British stockpile of chemical weapons at Porton Down is in fact, by way of training and experience, an international salesman! Coincidence, or the right man for the job? Hmmm….

      • thewoodsbeyondthetrees

        Not forgetting the US use of depleted uranium and white phosphorous during the bombing of Fallujah, Iraq, and the appalling legacy of birth defects and huge rise in the incidence of cancers.

    • certa cito

      ‘But we DO know how many civilians deaths have been caused by Putin backing the genocidal puppet Assad’

      Agreed Gaius.

      At risk of being labelled a troll by the esteemed regulars here, the Skripal poisoning is more likely a Russian deed than a Brit. Brit and her 5 Eyes imitators have layers of risk assessment, mitigation and management hurdles to clear before a proposal can progress to operational. They’re stacked with lawyers whose default position is to say no to everything. It means that very few proposals can progress. I’m no soccer fan, but Brit agencies these days are so risk averse they play like their soccer team. Russia however has no comparable legal impediments and when things go pearshaped it’s very obvious. The Skripal assassination attempt is a botched operation that betrays a lack of risk assessment. It’s plainly not a Brit thing then. Probably Russian, probably handed to contractors for whom risk is secondary to money. The Russian soccer team is probably a mess too.

      • Bayard

        “At risk of being labelled a troll by the esteemed regulars here, the Skripal poisoning is more likely a Russian deed than a Brit.”
        You are presupposing that the poisoning was carried out by a “state actor”. There is absolutely nothing that says it has to be a “state actor”. There is, of course, food poisoning as an equally likely explanation.

    • Buz

      Mrs May said in her press conference that confirmation of the attack on Douma was confirmed by NGOs and aid workers.Do you think she means the Oscar winning White Helmets?

      • bj

        An aid worker in the UK stated, in a leading newspaper, that no patients were treated for nerve agent effects in Salisbury Hospital.
        Apparently Aid Workers in Syria have more clout with May than those in the UK itself.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Gaius Charaea April 14, 2018 at 08:22
      Are you aware that Britain had planned to remove Assad with the use of mercenaries at least as early as 2009, or that the US had planned to bring down Assad’s government at least as early as 2001? These plans when attempted constitute the prime War Crime as defined by the Nuremberg Tribunal. Hitler had a far more justifiable cause to attack Poland than the West has in attacking Syria.
      We are ruled by apparently unaccountable war criminals.
      ‘Former French Foreign Minister: The War against Syria was Planned Two years before “The Arab Spring”:
      Why has Rolland Dumas’ testimony not been brought up in our Parliament?

      ‘Global Warfare: “We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran..”:
      As you can see by the list of countries, the plans were deadly serious, and were voiced in 2001. Do you approve of such War Criminal behaviour?

      And the US had already stated that they would attack Afghanistan before the winter snows, BEFORE 9/11?
      Do you remember the Iraqi WMD lies, and the fact that WMD inspectors had said there were none that they could find?
      Do you remeber the 15 year old Kuwaiti girl who tearfully explained on US National TV pprogrammes how she had personally seen Iraqi troops take babies from incubators and leave them on the cold floor, and steal the incubators? Turned out the 15-yyear old girl was the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the US, had been nowhere near Kuwait at the time, and had been rehearsed in the presentation by one of the major PR firms in the US?
      One could go on – almost every war or internal crackdown at least in the last two centuries has been done under the umbrella of a False Flag attack hoax or lie.

        • Les Campbell

          Tony Blair. Was never Bush’s puppy dog. It was always the other way round. The American people have been slaughtered in every war since WW1 along side the enemy of course.
          When Tony Blair got rid of the Law lords and set up the Supreme Court he made it an advisory body. It has no power. The Realm gave up its powers in exchange for money and land. It is totally compromised rotten to the core. Of the trilogy that used to form the basis of the common law of the land all that remains is Parliament. When was the last law passed by Parliament? I can’t recall. This Government is not sovereign it cannot control a majority in the House. That is why the Queen did not wear her crown at the state opening. The cabinet office routinely uses the Royal prerogative to pass any law it wants. It doesn’t even turn up to debate and vote in the house. Our lap dog press says nothing. Questions nothing. But it does deploy its staff to harass, bully, defame and threaten independent journalists and blogs. WE MUST RESTORE THE COMMON LAW OF THE LAND.
          There exists a deep state. It’s roots are in the City of London. It’s tenticles spread through secret societies. Hidden from site. Left vs Right. Conservative vs Socialist. Men vs Women. Black vs White. These are just illusory games the deep state plays with us with. It’s never been a class war. It’s all a distraction. When Jeremy Corbyn was made to apologise for a mural depicting caricatures of the banking elites. That was a ritual humiliation. And instantly it was dismissed as NOT GOOD ENOUGH. The bankers have devised a system where they are totally above the law. Even identifying them is a hate crime. Punishment could lead to 7 years imprisonment. Loss of pension rights. Loss of employment.

          • Christine

            How very very interesting and informative are your comments. In effect what you are saying is that we live in a totalitarian state. Nothing is to be challenged. The question is how can any of this be changed? Can it even be changed? Why the escalation of deterioration in this way in a relatively short time? Why are our rights being steadily eroded? I know I said question and it has turned out to be questions so I better stop with this last one. Why is the quality of leadership both here and in the USA so abysmal? ( I could go onbut there are probably more questions than answers!)

      • mike bad english

        What if someone has the idea to build a pipeline from the persian gulf to the mediterrain, to avoid the dangerous oiltransport by tanker around the street of hormus? I have allways, since the beginning off all gulfactions by the US, questioned this my self by looking at the global map?
        sorry for the bad english..

    • Sven Lystbak

      It is interesting that in the Syrian conflict the government is held responsible by MSM and many others for each and every death whereas in the Ukraine it is the rebels and Russia that is held responsible.
      I think it is a fact that in Syria many of the victims of the fighting are government soldiers and civilians in government held territory.

    • Akos Horvath

      It’s people like you who are responsible for those 600k deaths, half of which btw are on the government side. You are the ones who fund the headchoppers, just like you did in Afghanistan with Bin Laden and co. It’s the same script. Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University was interviewed the other day on MSNBC and he said exactly this. Surprised he was given airtime. Check it out on YouTube. I actually think Brexit is good for the EU, because the yanks’ most loyal attack dog will be out of our community and this might help distancing us from the Anglo world’s regular acts of criminality. Although that French clown Micron is currently exhibiting his Napoleon complex, he might not be president that long.

  • Rod

    If it transpires at some later date that the Syrian regime is not responsible for the chemical attacks on its own people and some other actor is the culprit seeking to fulfil their own agenda and further, if this travesty widens the conflict where the greater powers have to face each other off, what will the British exit strategy be ?

    If Britain and its allies are so concerned about the common people of Syria, why then did the not show the same concern for the refugees from Myanmar ?

    • frankywiggles

      And why is Britain supplying an endless conveyor belt of bombs to drop on innocent civilians down the road from Syria in Yemen?

      Answer: because Theresa May cares as much about “the Syrian people” as Blair and Cameron did about “the Iraqi people” and “the Libyan people”.

      And yet throughout this new farce everybody must connive in this glaring fiction that she and the other warmongers in Parliament and the media are great humanitarians, weeping for the innocents of Syria.

    • Bill McLean

      Gaius Charaea – ………..and we do know how many deaths the Brutish and Americans have caused around the world (in excess of 1.5 million). Consider Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Palestine, Yemen and western attacks on them, and that’s all fairly recent and current, history tells a similar story! See if you can enlighten yourself just a wee bit rather than slinging insults like the west slings missiles!

    • Ultraviolet

      I think if it turns out there was no use of chemical weapons by Assad, the minimum British exit strategy is the resignation of May. The preferable one would be the resignation of the Government.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Rod April 14, 2018 at 08:24
      Indeed, and why, if may and her cronies care so much about dead babies, do they continue to sell arms to Saudi Arabia, and why do British Forces help the Saudis with targeting information?

    • SA

      If I remember correctly what could happen if history is any guide, is that there would be an enquiry that will take 5 years and whatever the findings that TM will say sorry but we got the wrong intelligence. This is the real tragedy that the ICC has no clout when it comes to prosecuting the bug criminals, only the small ones get punished.

  • HateWarMongering

    Authoritarianism and Monarchy is better than a system of government that gives the false impression of its Democracy. It’s not a Democracy. Once you’ve elected (what in your view) is the lesser of the two evils, sit back and watch the show, how your democratically elected leaders respond more authoritarian than ever.

    Here is a actual definition of Democracy:

    “a system of government in which the elitist citizens exercise power directly to form a governing body”

  • Gerry Stonestreet

    Thanks Craig. This looks more and more like an open and shut case, all beautifully choreographed starting with the bellicose statements by Williamson and Army chief of staff weeks before the Salisbury ‘poisoning’ just to prepare the ground. Just hope the British people are not the gullible idiots that May takes them to be.

    • Yossi

      Hope won’t cut it I’m afraid. The majority take little interest in seeking out alternative news sources. Even if they did what would they be able to do about it? The deep state controls everything. The majority will only get aroused if they begin to suffer financially.

      • Michael McNulty

        I don’t believe the majority of people are idiots. I believe those who think the people are being fooled are themselves the ones who have been fooled.

  • Jack

    So May, Trump, Macron illegally bomb another country and..no one in the media cares, in fact they support it! what the hell is this society going? Are western people totally brainwashed by the constant propaganda?

    If Russia did the same, well then we would hear all about “russia violated intenrational law” bla bla. But now? Now EVERY western state either sit silent or BACK this war of aggression?

    The same lies as was used for Iraq is now used again, how is it friggin possible?!
    Absolutely heinous!

    • Ultraviolet

      That’s not the surprise. It’s what Governments do.

      The surprise for me is that not a single MSM outlet, even the supposedly progressive ones, is questioning the Government line one iota.

      In the last month, I think we have just witnessed the collective suicide of the MSM. They will never recover from this.

      • Yossi

        Could you let me know the names of the supposedly progressive MSM outlets? I am just astounded that so many people continue to comment of the bleeding obvious. We have had no mainstream free press or media for years. The deep state owns and controls all news outlets. Why would they never recover – recover what exactly. Outside of our little bubble (this site, MediaLens, Orlov, Jonathan Cooke, Off Guardian etc) nobody gives a damn, unless it affects their financial status, ability to fawn over the Royals, Match of the Day, X Factor, etc).

        • Jack


          I agree absolutely despicable, I have no words for this.


          I agree with you, there are no media left, what we have in the west is pure propagadanized media for the gov. like a dictatorship.
          One thought that after all the wars past years, IRaq specifically, would wake up people, instead they seems to be more brainwashed than ever since during Iraq people in millions demonstrated, today? Same leftists SUPPORT the attacks.

        • Ultraviolet

          Guardian and Independent.

          For many of us, they surrendered any pretence at progressivism with their vicious assaults on Corbyn. But the Indie, and to a lesser extent the Guardian, still carried the occasional pro-Corbyn article, which maintained the pretence for enough people.

          But what has happened in the past month, on the anti-Semitism smear, Salisbury and now the attack on Syria is that comments below the line in both papers have been almost universally not just opposed, but positively derisive of the official line, AND of the failure of the media to challenge it. The only exceptions have been persistent and feeble trolls calling anyone disagreeing with the official line a Putinbot. There have been no sane voices seeking to defend the official line, so indefensible has it become.

          Not only that, but the same derision of the official line is also the dominant feature of Mail comments, so it is not just on the left that people are getting fundamentally fed up with the propaganda.

          This is unlike anything I have ever seen before.

          • Jack

            The Guardian stopped the typical anti-war (and similar topics) thing years ago, they are progressive though, since progressive mean being pro-war apparently. Sick world we live in.

            Compare what that rag of paper types today vs. pre-war 2003 on Iraq. Have they no shame one wonder…

    • Sharp Ears

      Look at the photo of Macron bowing to MBS

      Emmanuel Macron, Mohammed bin Salman agree to deals worth $18bn
      French President Macron and Saudi’s Mohammed bin Salman also agreed on the need to curb Iran’s ‘expansionism’.
      11 April 2018

      May was the first to rush over to Trump,. Remember her in the red suit and the holding of hands? He even patted the back of her hand.

      Then there was Theresa with MBS in March.
      ‘British Prime Minister Theresa May shakes hands with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on the steps of number 10 Downing Street on March 7, 2018 in London, England. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has made wide-ranging changes at home supporting a more liberal Islam. (LOL) Whilst visiting the UK he will meet with several members of the Royal family and the Prime Minister.’

  • Konrad E. Wolter

    The “target” is russia ! Saudi Arabia and the US knows about the russian low price petrol/gas offers to Europe.

  • TJ

    ISIS launches offensive in southern Damascus after US Coalition bombs Syria

    The entire government from PM to the lowest civil servant has just publicly given material support to terrorists, this is an offense under The Terrorist Act. and is also High Treason. Everyone in this country should be in fear for their life from these terrorists that call themselves a government, and I hope will act appropriately to remove the threat the government poses to the Crown, the Realm and people of Great Britain.

  • Matt

    If that does constitute a plan then it has backfired significantly, with the strike being the least that could be done consistent with “something must be done” and before the whole thing unravelled.
    The look of May hanging on a string while Trump dithered and the possibility that Parliament would have denied the action given such low public support – certainly not in the script.
    And May had had to explicitly deny regime change as a goal , at least for this action.
    I’m sure they’re hoping now that this can all be quietly forgotten.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    I should think most regular posters on here are aware that I am not (or, at least, do not consider myself!) a person to rush to judgement, nor do I easily accept false flag theories. I have thought about this a lot, and been reluctant to accept that the British state would be capable of a deliberate assault amounting to attempted murder of people within the UK and under its protection, for reasons of state. (No doubt many people will see me as very naïve.)

    I am astonished that more people are not remarking on the extraordinary convenience of the timing, as Craig Murray has pointed out above. Russia is a big, powerful state. Getting into a disputation with Russia is not like one with Iraq or Libya or Syria. Quarrelling with Russia would require an extremely powerful pretext. I don’t regard myself as clever or informed about geopolitics. What I see is that Syria is returning itself to a more peaceful state – authoritarian, no doubt, but at least it seems to be calming down. It does not seem to me that that suits the West at all, while someone who is not a Western ally remains in power. Against that backdrop, there is a very high-profile chemical weapons poisoning in Salisbury, there is a frenzied effort to pin the responsibility on Russia, including quite spectacular falsehoods, and hard on the heels of that is an apparent chemical weapons atrocity in Syria, and airstrikes without any enquiry about who is responsible, when it is pretty clearly very disadvantageous to the Syrian authorities and advantageous to their opponents to have this happen at this precise time.

    More and more this appears to me as a kind of choreographed ballet, the target of which is public and Parliamentary opinion. I regret to say that it now appears to me to be more likely than not that the Skripal poisoning forms a part of this ballet, which obviously means that it was perpetrated by, or with the connivance of, the British state. That isn’t something I can just say lightly. But I think it must be so. J

    • Tom Joad

      May 12: Next Iran sanction waiver.
      There was a developing rift US againts, vs Europe (UK / France / Germany)/ Canada and Russia for.
      This has now changed .

    • Paul Barbara

      @ John Spencer-Davis April 14, 2018 at 08:51
      There is of course no evidence whatsoever that the Skripols were actually poisoned, but I’m afraid that there are people in our government and security services who would not think twice about killing British citizens to further their agenda.
      You rightly express astonishment re the timing, but how about the following for timing?
      ‘…It is also quite startling to realise that a special room had been set up to receive the dead – starting work on July 6th, the day before the 7/7 massacres.
      Here is a statement about what happened on that day, and where the bodies went:
      Based in Northamptonshire in the UK, the company [De Boer] had already completed several contracts for the Metropolitan Police …The De Boer team spent months visiting permanent mortuaries and attending meetings with London Resilience to suggest a suitable structure and interior design… Six months later on July 6, 2005, a document arrived at De Boer’s UK headquarters finalising what had been agreed for a future crisis response. Within 24 hours the plan was being realised .and implemented with the creation of a temporary mortuary in the grounds of the Honourable Artillery Company near Moorgate Underground Station in central London.’ (source, ‘London’s Response to 7/7’ David Donegan  Office of the Strategic Health Authorities at NHS, in www.crisisresponsejournal.com no longer online, held in J7 archives:  and quoted here)
      Good timing or what? Thus an ‘emergency mortuary’ was established on a Military site in the City of London – its contract for the work received on the day before the catastrophe. Not only did this military site receive all of the bodies (and it claimed to start receiving them on the morning of 8th July), but it set up ancillary sites adjacent to the four blast sites on the morning of July 7th…..’

      No autopsies were carried out on any of the victims – which would have given valuable information about the kind of explosives used (oddly enough, it was never clarified – originally it had been said to be peroxide and black pepper!).

      The floor of one of the tube carriages was blown upwards – clearly if a bomb was inside the carriage, the floor would have been blown downwards.

      No CCTV pics at all of any of the so-called bombers either on a tube train or on a tube station was shown – just one shot of one of the alleged bombers coming out of a Boots chemist on Kings Cross main line station. Very odd, seeing as CCTV is all over the underground and inside the trains.

      • Spencer Eagle

        You are right about 7/7, I always considered it to be the work of the British security services. The smoking gun being the explosives claimed to have been manufactured in a bathroom and used for the attack. The damage in all instances, especially the bus and surrounding facades, was consistent with a high order military grade explosive. At the height of their bomb making skills the Provisional IRA could never have fielded four improvised bombs on the same day and got them all to go off – it just wouldn’t happen. We are meant to believe these men returned from two weeks in Pakistan with more bomb making skills than the Provo’s had amassed in 50 years – it is a smoking gun. One other anomaly is the position of the bombers on the tube trains, none of them sat in the most crowded areas, not something someone allegedly extensively coached in suicide bomb making and deployment would surely do?

    • Codcarton

      Astounding what a little bit of fear of a big, strong adversary, who unlike Libya and Syria, can push back against the hegemony, does to shake down one’s prejudices, hey John Spencer-Davis?

      • John Spencer-Davis

        If that’s meant for sarcasm: no, not really. I’m not at all personally afraid of a conflict with Russia: if it happens, it happens. Damn all I can do about it.

        I am resistant to a very marked tendency to disbelieve a very great deal that the West says about geopolitics and to denounce virtually every incident as a false flag and the responsibility of the West. Insofar as I have prejudices, that is in fact my default position, and I am highly conscious of it. I also do think I see a great deal of it here. I try very hard to compensate by concentrating on common sense and evidence. I withheld judgement on Salisbury as a false flag because I could see that Russia did, in fact, have a motive. Not a very sensible motive, to be sure, but there is one: the encouragement of others not to act in a treacherous way.

        The events in Syria are demonstrating that Western powers also have a motive, and it’s a strong one: provide an acceptable pretext for ‘regime’ change in Syria, and as a part of that, mobilise Parliamentary and public opinion to accept the need for confrontation with Syria’s powerful backer. J

        • Bayleaf

          Sociopaths are believed to make up around 3 to 5 percent of the population. Let’s call it 4%, or 1 in 25.

          They lack conscience and have an inability to feel remose. No doubt many of them occupy the halls of power and are members of the the security and armed services.

          For them there will be no qualitative difference between murdering a foreign person or a Briton, as long as the murder furthers what end they seek. Veiwed pragmatically, they are correct.

          The belief that “they” wouldn’t do that kind of thing to one of their own compatriots is, I believe, mistaken. It is a fundamental weakness in the other 96% that will be exploited mercilessly by the sociopath.

  • Rhys Jaggar

    Maria Zakharova is quoted on RT as saying: ‘the US, UK and France started bombing Syria just when a peaceful future was possible for the people of Syria’.

    Whilst I am not a professional diplomat, that does appear to be rather high up the Richter scale in terms of public condemnation….

    I wonder whether a UN resolution ‘condemning three Security Council Members for committing acts of war against a UN nation not threatening their borders, their people nor their economies.’

    Of course it would have three vetoes, probably KSA and Israel would vote against it too, but the number of votes supporting it would suggest how close the US is to pariahdom…..

    The Russians appear to be playing a cool and calculated hand, hence they will only do this if it is seen as valuable diplomatically…

    The missile strikes: were they the equivalent of a kidnapper firing a gun in the air to frighten people without killing them or are there a lot of dead bodies?!

  • Stephen McKinnell

    I think that their response was carefully measured so as not to cross a line that Putin had said must not be crossed or their would definitely be a military response from Russia. Consequences that might have escalated things beyond anyone’s control had the line been crossed.

    I may be wrong, I think Putin is no angel, but just maybe we ought to be thankful that he’s the one fighting Russia’s corner at a time when the West is led by weak, rather pathetic individuals.

    • Sharp Ears

      Regev. No. Just more anti Palestinian rhetoric and holocaust memorial. https://twitter.com/MarkRegev?lang=en

      Yesterday 1 Palestinian and 150 were injured in the Friday Protest March.

      Netanyahu. No. It’s all about Iran.

      Is**el says US strikes on Syria are ‘appropriate,’ issues further warnings
      Jerusalem says Damascus’ actions put Syria, its ‘(military) forces and its leadership in danger,’ singles out allowing Iran a greater foothold in the country
      The Times of Is**el-1 hour ago
      Is**el on Saturday said that the combined US, British and French strikes on Syria was an “appropriate” response to the alleged chemical gas attack and warned that Damascus’ actions put it in danger of further strikes, including against its leadership. “Last year, (US) President (Donald) Trump made it clear …

  • Casual Observer

    Given the haste with which Trump et al shot their mouths off last week, some kind of action was inevitable.

    So far it looks as if this mornings attack was limited, with none of the attackers penetrating Syrian airspace with manned aircraft.

    However, with events being driven by Trumps Twitter outbursts, and the moral posturing of the weakest UK PM for a lifetime, it looks as if the foreign policy of the ‘West’ regarding Syria is entirely in the hands of any medievalist who has video equipment, and can gather a cast of suitably made up victims.

    There’s also the aspect of the OPCW being on the ground in Syria at this time. Presumably with the destruction of the so called ‘Lab’s’, it is hoped that any evidence of a capacity to produce or not will have been made difficult to discern.

    Obviously the attack is effectively cocking a snook at Putin, and much as Trump and May had to be seen to be doing something following their posturing, the same will now apply to the Russians. No doubt they will have carefully considered how best to respond, probably economically, and with measures designed to ensure that NATO is kept running around responding to incursions that never happen.

    Then there’s China. If they decide to act in concert with Russia, the opportunities for making the Beach Boys flex their muscles in an impotent manner expand greatly 🙂

    Whilst I’m quite happy to accept that the US State Department lacks any depth of historical knowledge of insight, I am rather shocked that our Foreign Office have let the ball get so far away from them.

    • bj

      “it looks as if the foreign policy of the ‘West’ regarding Syria is entirely in the hands of any medievalist who has video equipment, and can gather a cast of suitably made up victims.”

      Well said.

  • Abulhaq

    A sovereign state is attacked. No war has been declared. Forget international law. After all, Arabs are subhuman. They need to be taught the virtues of civilisation..

    • Yusuf Islam

      Saudi Arabia certainly does. Any idea when their society will match up with their impressive towers and skyscrapers?

  • JimKirk

    And in other news another Whsitleblower has emerged claiming the Brexit team broke the law. The obvious question emerges, to what extent were similar illegal strategies and networks used to secure the last General Election victory for May? There as you know, Craig, we have another Saudi link given the bombing during the last election cycle but what with this Cambridge Analytica thing, and Saudi money there too in those political campaigns, the situation as far more troubling. A war for these people is just what they need perhaps.

    • BarrieJ

      I’m not absolutely sure at the time of writing but I believe I’ve read that SCL/Cambridge Analyltica have been involved in the last three General Elections, indeed if I recall correctly they boasted of their impact.

  • Tom

    “Theresa May is claiming -astonishingly – that the UK attack on Syria is “to deter chemical weapons attacks in Syria and the UK”.”

    Hilarious. As soon as Skirpal came out I said it was a pretext for an attack; but what does the UK think Assad has to do with chemical weapons attacks on the UK? If they’re going to use that line they should fly a few Tornadoes over Moscow.

  • Patrick Mahony

    Last night’s action throws up another possibility. Assad and Putin are part of the sham. Either the much vaunted S300 and S400 are completely useless, or they are fantastic and they chose not to shoot down any “Allied” aircraft.
    So did Assad and Putin acquiesce to the equivalent of Big Daddy defeating Giant Haystacks in a completely contrived pantomime to placate the Western warmongers/boost their own MIC spending/avoid WW3 or are they paper tigers?
    Until an “Allied” jet is shot down or an Iskander hits Akrotiri I say they are part of the sham.

    • Radar O'Reilly

      Russian TV mentioned that the incoming low-flying cruising-toy paths were mapped to avoid the S400 defended zones; Russia has suggested to respond by selling rather a lot more S300 systems to those countries that feel that they need them, those countries who’s names end in -iriya and -ran, etc.

  • Laguerre

    Actually, I’m not sure I agree with Craig here. Last night’s attacks were, to use an American cliché, a “nothingburger”. Nothing very much happened, it was a repeat of last year’s 59 Tomahawks, but with a handful of British and French planes added in. The course of the war has not been changed one bit. So how would MbS’s interests be advanced? In fact, the reverse. I noted on R4 this morning an increasing number of interviewees questioning public policy towards the Syrian war. If this trend continues, the attacks may even have a positive effect of getting people to recognise that the war is nearly over, and its course cannot be changed now. That’s what Richards the ex-general said, and he’s no peacenik.

    • bj

      Militarily, strategically (in the military sense), they were probably a nothingburger. Politically, they it is highly likely this will be disastrous for the drive to divide Syria, and for its proponents.
      They showed themselves to be pathetic failures are every carefully orchestrated act in this low budget operetta.

  • Conjunction

    I am always interested in anything Craig Murray has to say.

    But I would like to point out he is doing exactly what he is accusing the British government of doing: putting forward assertions with absolutely no hard evidence.

    • Paul

      It is one thing for a private individual to interpret the available evidence, another thing entirely for a sovereign state to violate the UN charter and launch an attack–not just without probative evidence–but just as OPCW was arriving to investigate.

      So no, the false equivalence of Craig and the UK government doesn’t pass muster.

  • Sharp Ears

    The Vicar’s Daughter has just given a ‘briefing’ at No 10. She looks stressed and her breathing is more laboured than usual. Perhaps she having a breakdown.

    ‘I’ll take some questions…. ‘ Laura.’ La Kuenssberg steps in to question the logic. Then ‘ Tim’ – Sunday Times. I couldn;t listen. Then Adam Boulton – Sky News….and on and on.

    All the stooges are there.

    • Sharp Ears

      PS I found out yesterday that Boulton is married to Anji Hunter, BLiar’s PR lady. Cherie referred to her as his second wife! Boulton earns in excess of £400k pa. Anji is his second wife. The first was a rich posh girl from the Melchett family, Baron Mond etc.

  • HateWarMongering

    US has stockpiles of Chemical weapons
    US has stockpiles of Nuclear weapons
    US is responsible for 100s of mass shootings since the rise of Trump
    US is responsible for 10000s of shootings since the rise of Trump
    US is responsible for 1000s of deaths through the support of the NRTA (National Rifle Terrorist Association)

    I wonder which countries are up for humanitarian intervention in the United States? LOL at the Hypocrisy!

  • Strangely

    OPWC investigators on Skripals say the results are in agreement with Porton Down’s – there’s stuff but don’t know source. The report doesn’t say exactly what it is, just that it’s pure.
    Now consider if elements in UK DID fabricate the whole tale…how?
    Cyclists will know…..
    Consider Lance Armstrong, at the time the most drug tested athlete in history, 7 times Tour de France winner…..He fooled everyone. For years. He managed to avoid detection while the full glare of publicity was upon him.
    Consider how easy it would be for UK elements to fabricate a sequence of events for a surprise false flag attack, months of planning, no-one watching…..

    It’s just laughable as I sit here right now watching the Witch May saying that the missile attacks are legal and justified and, as Craig says, “that the UK attack on Syria is “to deter chemical weapons attacks in Syria and the UK””

    • bj

      Also –I’ll say it again– Team Sky (yes, that Sky) in cycling are the biggest user of Chemical Weapons of our times. I refer to Chris Froome, and as a matter of fact all of the drug assisted wins of said team.

  • Abulhaq

    Muhammad bin Salman…l’éminence diabolique in this hellish affair.
    Jump Trump! And he and his little friends did that thing. Mashaallah!

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