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1,102 thoughts on “Silence is Sort of Dirty Bronzeish

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  • Sharp Ears

    The debate on the Lords amendments to the Brexit legislation is about to start. Mr Umunna, in a point of order earlier, stamped his foot. He is outraged by this article in the Daily Express . He read some of it out. He is a fervent remoaner.

    As MPs vote on Brexit TODAY, we say ignore the will of the people at your PERIL
    TODAY, the Daily Express asks every MP sitting at Westminster one simple question: whom do you serve? Our elected representatives in the House of Commons this afternoon begin a series of crunch votes on Theresa May’s Brexit plans. | UPDATED: 08:19, Tue, Jun 12, 2018

    Bercow said that members should speak, vote and act according to their consciences. He said he did not read the Express. Of course he used many more words than these to say the same thing! Wordy or what!

    wordy – long-winded, verbose, prolix, full of verbiage, lengthy, protracted, long-drawn-out, diffuse, discursive, rambling, digressive, maundering, circumlocutory, periphrastic, repetitious, tautological, tortuous;……

    • Ian

      The Mail, Express and Sun today reached new depths of jingoistic, bullying, anti-democratic hysteria, And that is saying something from them. Utter twats. Their desperation is almost as transparent as their declining circulations.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Ian June 12, 2018 at 14:32
        ‘The Mail, Express and Sun today reached new depths of jingoistic, bullying, anti-democratic hysteria….’
        If you mean demanding MP’s support the democratic will of the people, as expressed in the EU Referendum, ‘jingoistic’ it may well be, but I fail to see how it is bullying or anti-democratic or hysterical.
        Those slimeball MP’s need to be reminded they are supposed to serve their constituents and the people of Britain (who expressed their opinions in what was very clearly advertised as a ‘binding vote’) and not their own interests or their financial backers’ or blackmailers’ instructions.

        • Ian

          Haha, ‘will of the people’, – what a joke. And a leading phrase. There is no such thing.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Sharp Ears June 12, 2018 at 13:16
      I just posted this comment on the Express article; I don’t know how long it will last!:
      ‘Does anybody question that MP’s, MEP’s and other prominent people had meetings with I**aeli officials or diplomats?
      That perhaps that country’s citizens influenced the vote, one way or the other? Or, for that matter, Saudis, Qatari’s, IS, Al Queda or whoever?
      No, just the drumbeat of the demonisation of President Putin and Russia, in the run-up to what? More False Flag White Helmet orchestrated CW False Flag attacks and hoaxes in Syria? WWIII?

  • Republicofscotland

    So Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un’s meeting apparently went well. Trump said that military excercises would cease on the Korean peninsula, as they are expensive and provocative, but the sanctions against North Korea, will still stand for now.

    However when it came to signing the bilateral agreement, Kim Jong Un refused to use Trump’s pen with his signature on it, instead he used his own pen. Poison pen? It will set the conspirators into overdrive I’d imagine.

    Iran warned Kim Jong Un, that the US has a habit of finding ways to break agreements, that in my opinion is true. Lets hope this is one agreement that doesn’t fall foul of that.

    Lets hope at the very least, North and South Korea can remain on friendly terms.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Republicofscotland June 12, 2018 at 14:18
      I’m sure Kim Jong Un didn’t need Iran’s reminder, but it does show solidarity.
      Kim knows full well that Trump’s word is not so much his bond, as how his belly guides him; good till he feels like changing it.
      Meanwhile, back on the ranch, as has already been mentioned on this thread, the FUKUS plans another White Helmet False Flag CW attack or hoax in Syria. Plus ca change…

  • Mistress Pliddy

    One hopes that Mr Murray would have thought through this recurring payments thing and its significance for taking the whole blog regularity business more seriously than heretofore, notwithstanding his pre-occupatain with Doune [sic] the Rabbit Hole, West Africa trips, Eden whatnot, etc. Thing is, if one asks for regular payments, it becomes a different ball-game (than the previous take-it-or-leave it attitude w.r.t. long periods of absence) and one has to factor that into one’s commitments.

    Cue, Spencer someone (sorry cannot recall full handle) proclaiming Murray a poor overworked soul and duly dispensing commensurate head-bashing to Mistress Pliddy..

    • bj

      As I understand things, your “Doune [sic]” [sic] is based on a misunderstanding; Doune is a town. 😉

    • flatulence'

      first time I’ve seen him go quiet. I don’t know what Craig is up to, but I know what I’d tell you if you expected me to be at your beckon call for £2 a month. Are you a baby boomer by any chance? Is no one else but you allowed to fall ill or go on holiday? Heaven forbid!

        • MJ

          Don’t worry, misspelling of common idioms is interesting and revealing. Also some of the commonest errors seem to me to be an improvement on the original. Towing the line for instance. Shoe-in however doesn’t cut the mustard. Shoo-in is much better.

          • Paul Spencer

            “beckon call” seems like an appropriate mistake. My favorite came from a fellow 8th-grader – pedesterranean.

          • flatulence'

            love it. Now imagining a subterranean monster that lives in pavements, a pedesterranean, towing double yellow lines as his daily grind.

  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile a British Justice minister has resigned.

    “Theresa May has suffered a ministerial resignation ahead of crunch Commons votes on Brexit, with Phillip Lee hitting out at the British government’s “irresponsible” approach.”

    Mr Lee added.

    “He said his main objection to government policy was over the “wish to limit Parliament’s role in contributing to the final outcome” and signalled he would rebel on the issue in the Commons later.”

    Of course a government spokesperson issued a very reassuring comment, on the matter.

    “We will get a good Brexit deal that works for everybody in the UK.”

    I hope you’re all comforted by that reply.

    • Jo Dominich

      RoS, Oh so comforted! This Government are seriously delusional – they haven’t got a clue how to negotiate Brexit or even what is being negotiated. Barnier’s comments were really interesting – that the UK seems to want the rest of the EU to change just to accommodate them – the Empire mentality strikes again. The truth is, there will be a No Deal Brexit because the negotiators are rabid Brexiteers of the extreme type developed in the Tory Party and think they still rule the world. Disaster beckons!

  • Sharp Ears

    Could the House of Commons run the proverbial whelk stall? Not on the current showing. They are in complete disarray in the current debate on the HoL Amendment 19.

    ”Meaningful vote’ (amendment 19)
    Majority in House of Lords: 335–244
    What the amendment means: A new clause which says that Parliament must approve the withdrawal agreement and transitional measures in an act of Parliament and—if possible—before the European Parliament has debated and voted on this.

    The clause also sets out specific deadlines for the Government for agreeing—and legislating for—the withdrawal agreement with the EU. If the Government does not meet those deadlines, the amendment says that it “must follow any direction” approved by a resolution in the House of Commons and considered in the House of Lords. This gives the Commons—not the Lords—the power to decide the next steps for the Government.

    What is the Government’s response?: The Commons amendment on the “meaningful vote” simply said Government could not implement the withdrawal agreement before Parliament had approved the final terms of the deal. The Government has offered an amendment in lieu of the Lords amendment, offering to detail how Parliament will have that “meaningful vote” on the deal. And it says if Parliament does not approve the deal, a minister will make a statement setting out how the Government “proposes to proceed” within 28 days.’

    Philip Lee, a junior justice minister, has resigned today.

    Brexit: MPs debate Lords amendments to the EU withdrawal bill – Politics live
    Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments, including MPs debating and voting on Lords amendments
    EU withdrawal bill: full list of proposed amendments
    Phillip Lee’s resignation statement – Summary and analysis
    What the various ‘meaningful vote on Brexit’ plans actually mean

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Sharp Ears June 12, 2018 at 15:47
      ‘Could the House of Commons run the proverbial whelk stall?….’
      I don’t know, but I wish that was what they were doing (I don’t like whelks), and let some decent ‘Servants of the People’ run the important stuff.
      Maybe the seafood industry could step in and offer them all double their MP salaries? On second thoughts, they still wouldn’t take it, ‘cos they’d miss out on the bungs, state and alien-funded trips around the world and their precious ‘expenses’.
      Plus they would actually have to out on their stalls, selling their whelks, rather than in the bars and ‘in their Constituencies’.

    • giyane

      Paul Barbara

      Some folk on here can’t get their heads round the idea that USUKIS have told Iran to annoy Saudi Arabia in Yemen. What follows is a highly amplified imposition of sanctions against Iran. Does anyone really believe all that huff and puff about Russia and Iran. USUKIS are liars and thieves. All they want is empire, but they do so love getting it by divide and rule. Delicious combination of wasting Saudi money, pretending to hate the Shi’a and conning the British public at the same time.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ giyane June 12, 2018 at 17:40
        You do come up with some odd ideas sometimes.
        So Iran is about to take orders from the ‘Great Satan’, already?

        • giyane

          Paul Barbara

          Is it not odd that Saudi Arabia should trash its neighbours and its people on one side, and trash its neighbours and its people by proxy on the other side? Please don’t say I’m odd when I point out the oddity of politics. There are very, extremely pressing Islamic reasons why Saudi Arabia would not trash its neighbours unless being provoked by the great satan using Iran.

          That is the sole function of the MSM , to peddle fake news.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ giyane June 12, 2018 at 19:58
            You have the boot on the wrong foot – the Saudis are under the thumb of the ‘Great Satan’ and it’s Shadow Controllers, who also ordered the Saudis to drop their oil price to ridiculously low levels, in order to hit Russia, Iran and Venezuela (with ‘collateral damage to some US and ‘friendly’ interests – though supportive of US and other fracking interests).
            The same ‘Great Satan’ and Shadow Controllers who convinced Iraq to invade Iran, and later gave the ‘Green Light’ for Saddam to invade Kuwait (as a means of then stabbing him in the back and driving him out, with great loss of lives and equipment).
            In the same way, without ‘orders’ the Saudis wouldn’t be massively attacking Yemen, due to the fact their security and rule depends on keeping their Luciferian ‘Benefactors’ sweet, as well as that the vast majority of their advanced weaponry comes from the West, as does targeting, aerial refuelling and even repainted ‘Exceptional’ planes and their ‘Exceptional’ pilots.
            ‘…That is the sole function of the MSM , to peddle fake news.’
            Can’t fault that, but I would add ‘infotainment’.

          • giyane

            Paul Barbara

            The Saudis get certain benefits from working with West, such as security for their families in the UK, security advice, and not being blown back to the middle ages like Iraq. That does not mean that they are doing what they are told, and it does not mean that the West does not use any means of subterfuge to damage Saudi Arabia.
            The crusaders’ lies are well understood, except of course by fellow crusaders.

  • Anon1

    Oh look, another win for Trump. 80% of the media and 50% of his own party against him and he *still* can’t stop winning. Today the bookies have him as a dead cert for 2020. At this rate he will have to be bumped off.

    Understandably our liberal media are absolutely furious about Trump’ success in Singapore. Truly, they would rather a nuclear war than give Trump one ounce of credit. Had their sainted Obama achieved even half of what Trump has on North Korea they would be wanking themselves into a frenzy over it. Instead we have a relentless stream of negativity on all channels from the same people who laughed and jeered at Trump when the talks appeared to break down some weeks ago. Now they say he is legitimizing a dictator. You can’t win. Fuck them all, especially Sopel and Snow.

    • bj

      Liberals just are in a competition with the neo-conservatives to see who’s the most reactionary.

      That’s been manifest for some time now.

      Fuck them all,“. Agreed.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Reply Anon1 June 12, 2018 at 20:00
      ‘..than give Trump one ounce of credit…’
      Many of us would far sooner give him an ounce of REAL ‘Novichoks’, rather than credit. Heck, some of the Scots on here could smear some on his golf clubs next time he visits.

  • Anon1

    No comment from Craig? I’d be feeling a bit short changed had I forked out for a £150.00 GBP monthly subscription.

      • Charles Bostock

        Sharp Ears is quite correct – and the commenter at the top of the page is expecting too much.

        The button on CL is marked as “recurring donations”. A “subscription” would imply some sort of contractual relationship; that is why there is no regular pattern to threads.

        That said, the difference is perhaps only semantic?

        If Mr Murray solicited and received subscriptions, these might be classed as earned income by HMRC and he might have to pay tax on them.

        However, donations are likely not to be considered to be earned income, hence no income tax.

        Quite cunning 🙂

    • DissidentX

      V O’B

      Every time I see you post I feel like asking you whether you come from the Zappa Universe (there, I’ve finally done it now).

      Should I be getting on my feet and doing the funky Alfonzo? Or apologising, if you really are Viv O’Bliv?

      • Vivian O'Blivion

        Defrocked I’m afraid. A travesty of justice. The funds from the pancake breakfast were only resting in my account.

  • Anthony

    Interesting how bomb em all halfwits have suddenly become converts to the cause of peace in this sole instance.

    • giyane

      Being targeted by dodgy nukes clears the mind wonderfully. Trump has probably sold him some effective control gear, like missionaries issuing condoms, rather than expecting NK to dismantle their nukes.

    • Jo Dominich

      Ah, well, Trump is after the Nobel Peace Prize isn’t he? Strong motive that one!

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘Early on June 11, pro-government forces, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, repelled a militant attack coming from the US-held area of Al-Tanf in eastern Syria on the ancient city of Palmyra, according to the Russian military.

    Syrian troops reportedly detected a group of militants with motorcycles and vehicles equipped with machine guns near Tall Ghurab. Five militants were killed and a vehicle and a motorcycle were destroyed in the clashes which erupted.

    The Russian military added that attempts by militants to carry out operations from the Al-Tanf area appear on a regular basis.

    On the same day, Major General Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the defense ministry, said that The US-backed Free Syrian Army and the US Special Operations Forces are “preparing a serious provocation involving chemical warfare agents” in the province of Deir Ezzor. The goal of the provocation is to create a pretext for a new missile strike on Syria’s state facilities by the US-led coalition and to justify an attack by US-backed forces on Syrian Army positions in the Euphrates Valley.

    Recently, the US has supplied the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) with 250 trucks including Hummer armored vehicles, heavy weapons and pick-ups, the Russian state media says citing a SDF source….’
    ‘…The increased ISIS activity poses a security threat to the SAA-held area, especially if the US-led coalition finds the needed pretext to carry out strikes on government forces.’

    Still most of the British ‘Left’ don’t get it – US and it’s Coalition cronies are assisting IS, not fighting them (except when a group doesn’t play ball). Their intent is Regime Change and a Balkanisation of both Syria and Iraq (with others to follow).
    Those ‘optimists’ who maintain that the ‘Empire’ is on it’s last legs are barking up a gum tree.
    Like those who believe and proclaim the Devil doesn’t exist, they suit the perps down to the ground. If they’re on their last legs, or better still, don’t exist, no need to try to counter them.

    • bj

      Those ‘optimists’ who maintain that the ‘Empire’ is on it’s last legs are barking up a gum tree.
      Like those who believe and proclaim the Devil doesn’t exist, they suit the perps down to the ground. If they’re on their last legs, or better still, don’t exist, no need to try to counter them.

      An unnecessary and silly (because non-sequitur-ish) remark.

      I for one am not an optimist, in general, but I do believe the empire is on its ‘last legs’.

      I do however also realize that the decline and death of an empire is likelier to take a generation or two than a season. And the dying may be quite nasty.

      As for the devil, you had better explained whether you mean that literally or metaphorically; having said that, is also to have given you my own view on it.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ bj June 12, 2018 at 23:45
        They are increasing the pressure exponentially in Syria, they are actively supporting terrorism throughout Africa in order to justify their presence there with increasing military forces, they have rolled back Left-wing governments in Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Honduras, Ecuador and ramping up the campaign against Maduro in Venezuela, increasing support for the Saudi-led ‘Coalition’ in bombing and invading Yemen (though there is a lot of Congressional opposition to the plans to take the Houthi’s major port), ramping up the hostilities in Ukraine with new arms sales – to me that does not signal that the ‘Empire’ is on it’s last legs.
        I wish it was, but then comes the ‘Sampson Option’ (I know that was thought up by their Mid-East ‘Friends’, but they operate on the same Luciferian agenda).
        I believe the Devil exists literally; you may choose to believe otherwise.

        • giyane

          Paul Barbara

          Political Islam has a Luciferian agenda for other places, not for where they live themselves. Erdogan inhabits a world of miniskirts, music and nightclubs like the West. The concept of oppression is all-pervasive in the Qur’an with the ultimate destination of hellfire. Political Islam seeks refuge in the atheist West for this life, and rewards in paradise for having routed Muslims into refugee camps. Political Islam is nothing whatsowever to do with Islam. Political Islam is deepest hypocrisy and condemned in every paragraph of the Qur’an. It takes quite a lot of torture rendition chemical brain-washing by the Nazis of the West to induce the gibberish that is political Islam. And the resulting madness is far beyond the scope of the devil’s limited.prowess.

      • Sharp Ears

        It was interesting that President Chump said that his deal with Kim would ‘save a lot of money’ and then repeated it. The US| EmPyre is running out of $s.

        • Sharp Ears

          Commentators are querying whether there is any equivalence and whether the US is going to get out of S Korea and take all of its military junk with it.

          Sentosa Island is a casino and theme park based resort with a dark WW11 history. Perhaps Trump sees opportunities to expand his own business empire there.

          ‘Holding the summit on Sentosa Island suggested a deliciously disturbing twist. Now a resort destination drawing some 20 million visitors a year dotted by theme parks, beaches and Singaporean state propaganda, it had been known as Pulau Belakang Mati, “island of death from behind.” During the Second World War, summary executions of members of the Singaporean Chinese population were common on the island, as were instances of brutality towards British and Australian servicemen after their surrender to the Japanese in 1942.’

          Evolution of the US-ROK Alliance: Anti-Americanism

    • duplicitousdemocracy

      Not to say there might be a few surprises, but Syria, Iran and Russia are generally aware of what the US, French and British are up to. Training new mercenaries at al tanf (which has probably got something to do with the unrest currently in Jordan) and the generous Mrs May making up the shortfall that the Americans have recently stopped paying to the White Helmets.
      Almost every eye witness from Ghouta and other places claim they barely saw any WH’s and they certainly weren’t looking after the civilians. Our politicians still haven’t worked out why the WH’s are in, and have only ever been, in areas riddled with Al Nusra. Are they really this stupid or is it simply utter contempt for the rest of us?

  • Anon1

    Some words of wisdom to ponder as the hour of our rest approaches:

    “Anyone can make war, but only the most courageous can make peace.”

    Donald J. Trump

    • Anon1

      Or as George Soros put it yesterday, “Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong”.

      • giyane

        What Soros counts as wrong you can count on being right. He’s just one of those archetypal wastes of space that thinks money = power. Peace comes in spite of political zealots, never because of their efforts.

      • flatulence'

        I’m not sure even Orwell could have imagined a bully state like America fueled by war with its lunatic head of state winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • giyane

    Romantic love entered Europe about a 1000 years ago just as monotheism was being squeezed out by the Roman Catholic church. One thousand years of blissful ignorance which has given us colonialism HIV and LGBT rights

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘I**ael Sold Advanced Weapons to Myanmar During anti-Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing Campaign’:
    ‘..The representative of the UN High Commission for Refugees in the region said then that the ultimate purpose of Myanmar’s government is “ethnic cleansing of the Muslim minority.” Since last August more than half a million Rohingyan refugees have fled to Bangladesh, and some of them have testified to methodical rape and murder by the Myanmar military….’
    Like other ‘Exceptional Regimes’ such as Britain and the US, money and leverage count far more than lives lost, especially if they happen to be Muslims. We even send our missiles free and unasked for, when trying for ‘Regime Change’.

    • giyane

      Paul Barbara

      Erdogan is acting for Saudi Arabia to start the long war against china and the Far East using Saudi trained Rohinga jihadists. China has a powerful culture leaning towards patience, industry and peace. Turkey has never transformed itself from being a nomadic Viking horde. Myanmar is to be the battleground where the Turkish hordes start terrorising the East for the deeply corrupt West. In the end Turkey has to make up its mind if it wants to be on the New Silk Road delivering Chinese goods by land to the West, or in Europe fighting for Trump and the West against cheap Chinese imports. Erdogan will choose the latter because he’s nuts.

      • certa certi

        ‘Erdogan is acting for Saudi Arabia to start the long war against china and the Far East using Saudi trained Rohinga jihadists.’

        Rot. Turkey and KSA are competing for leadership cred using Rohingya refugees. Turkey sent warships to rescue refugees en route to Indonesia, mightily impressing Muslims across the region. ‘Far East’ ??? What a piece of discredited West vs East claptrap that term is.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ giyane June 13, 2018 at 02:24
        I was aware the Turkish guy who is now protected and living in America had that idea, but I wasn’t aware Erdogan shared that aim, or that the Rohingya are part of that plan. It would not surprise me if the West is trying to stir up trouble there, but for years Burma had a brutal Military regime in place, which attacked border groups who were not causing any trouble.
        To me, it appears the Rohingya have been living in the area for a very long time, and haven’t been engaged in terrorism or armed insurrection. It seems to me a classic case of Ethnic Cleansing, and a very brutal one at that.
        Do you know what the Myanmar Regime (civilian in name, but under the thumb of the military) have against these people?

  • Sharp Ears

    ‘The UK is conducting a “business as usual” relationship with Israel, seeking no assurances from the country regarding the use of British arms in the recent ‘massacre’ of Palestinians in Gaza, according to a UK historian.

    Mark Curtis, the Middle East Eye journalist and historian, has taken to social media to highlight three major issues with the support that the UK government is currently giving the Israeli state, each of which demonstrate the UK’s “complicity” with a country facing numerous accusations of human rights abuses.’

    Mark Curtis

    New information from parliament on UK support for Israel, none of which likely to appear in UK ‘mainstream’ media due to the de facto media blackout on critical reporting of this special relationship. See next 5 tweets
    9:17 AM – Jun 12, 2018

    UK seeks no assurances from Israel over use of British arms in killing of Palestinians

  • Sharp Ears

    Bibi is having his collar felt. Not.

    Netanyahu questioned for 1st time in ‘submarine affair’ corruption probe

    ‘Despite such developments in the police investigations, Mr Netanyahu has faced little in the way of public scrutiny: opinion polls show his popularity has risen in the past few weeks. The favourable ratings are believed to be a reflection of recent successes such as the US’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, the opening of the American embassy in Jerusalem and tough action on Iranian forces in Syria and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip.’

    • Charles Bostock

      Arab (and African) strongmen, tin-pot dictators and petty despots never have their collar felt.

      It’s all or nothing with them – they either get away to a comfortable retirement far from the scene of their crimes, or they end up being dragged through the streets behind a lorry, hung or sodomised with a bayonet.

      Israel of course – being a democracy under the rule of law for all its citizens whether Je***h or Arab – is the sort of country where politicians, be they ever so high, risk getting their collar felt.

      • Jo Dominich

        Charles, Israel is not a democracy living under the rule of law for all its citizens. It is a rogue state who are run by a terrorist government.

  • James Charles

    “An interesting brouhaha involving David Aaronovitch, Peter Oborne and Miles Goslett over Goslett’s book about the death of David Kelly has taken place. It began with Aaronovitch doing his now standard ‘no conspiracy’ shtick on Goslett’s book. Peter Oborne replied, pointing out in some detail that 13 Aaronovitch simply hadn’t dealt with Goslett’s arguments. Miles Goslett made 14 similar points and noted that Aaronovitch had written in regard to weapons of mass destruction in Iraq: ‘If nothing is eventually found, I – as a supporter of the war – will never believe another thing that I am told by our government, or that of the US ever again. And, more to the point, neither will anyone else. Those weapons had better be there somewhere.’ 15
    A fine sentiment which seems to have had zero impact on his subsequent thinking and writing.
    As I noted in a review of his book on conspiracy theories, the basic 16 problem is that he simply doesn’t know the material well enough. This may not matter to the readers of The Times, who probably know it even less well, but it means that when he engages with people better informed than he is, he gets his butt kicked – as he has done in this latest instance. ”

    • Anthony

      No matter how consistently wrong, dishonest and hypocritical Aaronovitch been proved, he will always be called upon by the BBC to volunteer his deep wisdom of foreign policy matters. It’s a hard and fast BBC rule that *only* those who have been proved consistently wrong, dishonest and hypocritical should be called upon to comment on political and economic affairs.

    • Sharp Ears

      Thanks for that. I like to see As get his comeuppance.

      Also in the Lobster on page 5

      The Lobby
      After the Al Jazeera films*, the existence of the Israel lobby in this country can no longer be called into question. As the machinations of its Parliamentary Labour Party members against Jeremy Corbyn are almost en clair, I wonder when the British major media are going to acknowledge this fact.

      *The first of the three films is at

      and one for Craig on page 3

      Straw Man
      Peter Oborne recently reminded his readers at the Daily Mail of then Foreign Secretary Jack Straw’s comments to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee in 2005. When asked about UK involvement in torture during the ‘War on Terror’, Straw said: ‘Unless we all start to believe in conspiracy theories and that the officials are lying, that I am lying, that behind this there is some kind of secret state which is in league with some dark forces in the United States, and also let me say, we believe that U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice] is lying, there simply is no truth in the claims that the United Kingdom has been involved in rendition full stop.’
      Mark this one as a briefing by Jack Straw: I was conned by the spooks.’

  • Republicofscotland

    Well it all panned out pretty much the way I thought it would yesterday in the HoC, especially when it came to discussing the power grab by Westminster on powers returning to Scotland.

    With just fifteen minutes remaining on the debate to discuss the matter, the only person who was allowed to speak about the subject was Tory Cabinet secretary David Lidington, not one Scottish MP was allowed to speak.

    When it came to vote on the matter, Labour abstained, and the government won 321 votes to 40. Labour were once the party of devolution, not anymore.

    On the debate as a whole is was a farcical scene, on the EU Withdrawal bill, as badly rushed Brexit legislation, was rushed through time and time again without proper scrutiny.

    What’s more worring, is that, it looks like MP’s in the chamber will not have a say on the final deal with Brussels. Though the Conservative government has intimated that talks (informal) would take place. In my opinion yesterday was a dark day for open democracy and devolution

  • Republicofscotland

    “Private Eye is reporting Jacob Rees Mogg’s investment fund has set up a new feeder fund in Dublin to avoid consequences of Brexit, like an end to passporting.”

    I also recall reading somewhere that in times gone past a brass plate was all that was required to move into the EU market place.

    However I’m now under the impression that the EU (when it comes to Britain) now wants to see a bonified, physical office/department and not just a brass plate, with a company name on it.

    • Sharp Ears

      What a barsteward. The hateful Tories.

      I have just come in from 2 hours cutting a hedge which borders the road. Although I put a traffic cone out and the road, which is a rat run, has a 30mph speed limit, hardly anyone slowed down or kept away from the edge of the kerb. There are yellow lines on both sides og the road so there were no parked cars to slow them down. I have been calling out four letter words and making V signs to these obnoxious fellow citizens. I bet that most of them in their new or nearly cars are the usual Surrey Tory types. If I had had fallen or my 10 step ladder had slipped I would have been killed without doubt.

      Then I heard a blaring horn. Lower down the road another motorist was overtaking a cyclist into the path of an incoming car when there is only room for one car on each side of the road. Overtaking cyclists into the path of incoming cars is a frequent occurrence. I don’t know what is the matter with these people. Selfish. Thoughtless.. Egocentric – thinking only of oneself, without regard for the feelings or desires of others; self-centred. Exactly.

      • Charles Bostock

        How can you be so sure that none of the offending motorists was a Labour or LibDem supporter?

        • Dave Price

          Homework for you tonight Chas/Habbs: review the logic of ‘most’, ‘none’ and ‘some’.

      • Republicofscotland

        Careful Sharp Ears, hit and runs do occur, sounds like you need to speak to your local council or MP and try and get some traffic calming measures put in place.

        Maybe it would be a good idea to cut your hedge on a Sunday or after the tea-time traffic rush hour.

      • Sharp Ears

        Quite telling that Habbabkuk comes on after an absence to have a go at me. Is it because I have always supported the Palestinians and any other underdogs under the heel.

        • Garth Carthy

          I don’t know why Bostock comes on here at all. What purpose does he think he is serving? What is he achieving? Nobody listens to him, do they?

          • Charles Bostock

            Probably serving and achieving no more and no less than you, Garth. As for listening, well, I managed to gain your interest it seems.

    • Sharp Ears

      I missed all that. Hope Craig comments.

      Bercow and all the stooges have just finished wearing on about 13.18. PMQs finished at 13.00. SNP are the bad boys and girls. It’s like the school playground when there is a ganging up.

    • Vivian O'Blivion

      A minor point in comparison to the blatant effort to deny democracy last night, but the collective psyche of Con / Lab / LD trough guzzlers is not even capable of conceiving the possibility of change. They will cheerfully spend billions refurbishing the old pile of stone and it’s antiquated, adversarial architecture. It is beyond the realms of their stunted imaginations to consider a modern, purpose built Parliament with a proper debating chamber and electronic voting in a more central location (for the sake of argument, Leeds).
      Time to GTF from the whole edifice for good.

      • Republicofscotland

        Indeed Vivian, I read recently that the work to refurbish the parliament is anywhere between £3.5 billion pounds and £5.7 billion pounds.

        Now don’t get me wrong, the Westminster House’s of Parliament are wonderful examples of gothic architecture, produced by Barry and later Pugin, and they must be preserved for the enjoyment of future generations.

        However, as they stand, in my opinion I’d say due to the long over due refurbishment required, that a new venue should be sought to conduct parliamentary business.

        I’m not alone in thinking, and it’s not a slight against the parliament in any way, that the Westminster House’s of Parliament, would make a fantastic museum, with it long and varied history, and it would in my opinion produce a profit from tourism.

        Some of which could be reinvested back into the buildings, and some which could be reinvested into the city.

        Just a thought.

    • duplicitousdemocracy

      Why do you only despise paedophiles that have Pakistani, Bangladesh or Indian heritage? I despise them all but you seem to give a free pass to the more European looking. You’re a bit like Yaxley-Lennon, skin colour or religion of the perpetrator has more importance than each and every life wrecked by these cretins.

      • Loony

        Is anything you write capable of being taken seriously? Consider this:

        In the UK approximately 170 women per year are killed by their partners. In the UK Professor David Wilson is a recognized expert in the study of serial killers. On average serial killers account for far fewer murder victims than those murdered by way of domestic abuse.

        Do you go around accusing Professor Wilson of being far more interested in a certain category of murder victims and claim that for him the modus operandi of the perpetrator “has more importance than each and every life wrecked by these cretins”? Do you claim that Professor Wilson gives a free pass to those who murder their husbands and wives?

        There is no need to provide an answer as it is 100% guaranteed that you do not go around smearing Professor Wilson. All you do is provide useful cover and distraction for an ongoing series of heinous crimes – ask yourself why you do this.

        • Charles Bostock

          I was replying to DuplicitousDemocracy (silly handle!!); And I could have added “if he so wishes” to make things clearer.

      • Antonyl

        UK paedophiles used to be single “Christians” although the act is counter their religion; now the trend is gangs made up of “Muslim” men, the act sanctioned by their religion. Age 9 or older and female? Worth 1/4 of a boy / man but permissible for sex, best if non-Muslim.

        Should the above be more important for a UK based blog than events in …….Gaza? Obviously yes.

      • bj

        You’re totally wicked.

        And all that to defend the “most moral army in the whole world”.

        It cannot defend itself from the truth, and therefore they have you.

        • Charles Bostock

          Who was defending the IDF?

          I thought I was making the simple point that Anon1 has as much right to comment about British Muslim child-grooming gangs as another most eminent “commenter” has about people getting shot by the IDF.

          Surely you wouldn’t be embarrassed to agree with that?

          Please reassure me that you actually read comments carefully before “replying” to them and/or that you do understand English properly.

      • Dom


        You’ve clearly touched some raw nerves on here pointing that out. That’s not how they like to see themselves.

        • Charles Bostock

          The thing is, Dom, that he hasn’t actually pointed out anything. Try re-reading his comments at 1.37pm.

      • Anon1


        Of course every society has its share of paedophiles, but what we are seeing from elements of the Muslim community is organised gangs specifically targeting vulnerable white girls for rape because they are non-Muslim and therefore considered to be worthless and nothing more than meat. 1,400 in Rotherham alone and justice denied to them because we don’t want to upset the foundations of the wonderful diversity we are creating for ourselves. Is that why you don’t want to hear about it? Or is it because you can’t hear about anything but Israel? I mean your blog is nothing but Israel. Even your avatar. Does it upset you when the conversation is not about the J–s?

      • Charles Bostock

        You’re right but you know that too much blind faith in RT is bad for the truth. Have confidence in yourself and your own experiences!

        • flatulence'

          there are violent extremist Buddhists. A woman has married a ghost. Bostik is a motivational speaker. I have seen it all.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ flatulence’ June 13, 2018 at 19:07
          ‘..there are violent extremist Buddhists..’
          There are, actually. The rulers, police and military of Sri Lanka; perhaps you are unaware of their brutalities against the Tamils in the ‘civil war’ from 1983 to 2009: ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields (Documentary) – Real Stories’:

    • Paul Barbara

      @ bj June 13, 2018 at 13:21
      How remiss of GCHQ! They forgot to warn the players and England fans to avoid at all cost touching any door-knobs, unless wearing full CBRN protective gear.
      And have they not warned them all to not defect, when they realise HMG and the MSM have been lying to them about the horrors of Russia?
      But above all, to avoid drinking any form of alcohol whilst in Russia!!

  • quasi_verbatim

    Quisling channels Lady Macbeth as she stands ‘right behind’ Blackford.

    But I see no corpse and seas incarnadine. Just fat cats taking the day off before returning to the trough.

  • Republicofscotland

    In the past two months an incredible 19 members of the Conservative party have been expelled or suspended for Islamaphobic comments, which has led to Tory peer and Muslim Lord Sheikh, to call his Tory party to address the matter.

    Such is the extent of Islamaphobia within the Conservative party that the Muslim Council of Britain wrote to Sajid Javid, calling for a urgent independent inquiry.

    Javid inturn immediately rejected any attempt to investigate Islamaphobia within the Conservative party.

    We read and heard much about the antisemitism, that haunts the Labour party, from all corners of the media. However those who rail about it, are very tacit indeed on this particular shortcoming in the Conservative party – one wonders why.

    • Republicofscotland

      Meanwhile on the back of the disgraceful way in which the British government handled the debate regarding devolution and the EU Withdrawal bill, and with the SNP MP’s walking out of Westminster’s PMQ’s an extra thousand people, joined the SNP this afternoon.

  • Sharp Ears

    The oleaginous Mr Speaker and Mr Blackford today. About half way down the page.

    It is a shame we no longer have any satirists like Peter Cook or Willie Rushton. They could make a good sketch out of it.

    PS. Bercow, Con MP Buckingham, is a member of CFoI. He has visited I*rael with them and with Christian Aid. No irony there.

    He is not averse to receiving free tickets for sporting events – tennis, cricket, football, etc.

    This entry was intriguing. Purpose?
    •Name of donor: Gleneagles Hotels Ltd
    Address of donor: Auchterarder, Perthshire PH3 1NF
    Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: whilst undertaking a visit in my capacity as Speaker, for a member of staff and myself, one night’s accommodation and hospitality with a total value of £2,815
    Date received: 8 September 2016
    Date accepted: 8 September 2016

    • Charles Bostock

      Peter Cook and Willy Rushton and the rest of that gang (eg Christopher Booker) hardly seem to be the sort of person whose passing I would have expected Sharpie to regret Public school and Oxbridge point to a privileged background and the sort of work they did was no less spiv-like in nature than what many people in the financial world and HoC get up to. They never spoke up for any noble cause like giving OUR NHS more money every year without limit, like opposing the Israeli occupation of the West Bank or like promoting racial harmony. To b sure, people thought them funny at the time but to wish that they were still around and “producing” …well, YCNMIU !!

  • Charles Bostock

    I’ve been away for a couple of days.

    The change has done me good but it does mean that I haven’t been able to follow up on a couple of issues.

    In particular, what happening with the Philip Cross non-affair? Have Messrs Galloway and Murray started their legal proceedings yet?

    • Radar O’Reilly

      The much better news is that I might be able to watch Juan Diego Flórez on some TV channels tonight, probably.

      He famously performed at the Last Night of the Proms in 2016, tho’ tonight he’s a bit further east than the Albert Hall.

      That’s a lot more interesting than the minutiae of the current information war on wackypedia and elsewhere. Some might enjoy the footy more.

  • Sharp Ears

    Recommend a read of the tweets from Damian from Brighton. He comments on the state of the Tory party, Theresa May, the Kinnock lot, today’s PMQs and the Guardian puff piece from Wintour on the Saudis finishing off Yemen.

    Damian from Brighton‏ @damian_from · 9h
    The @guardian has been teetering on the edge for some time now but by publishing this PR piece on behalf of a regime committing war crimes against civilians on an industrial scale, it has finally crossed the rubicon.

    Yemen: Saudi-led coalition begins battle for vital port
    Heavy gunfire heard as exiled government says all peaceful means to remove Houthis from Hodeidah have been exhausted

    I read this on today’s RT website about the Saudis bombing a Doctors Without Borders cholera care centre. What evil. Using British weaponry and aircraft.
    Saudi-led coalition strikes newly built Doctors Without Borders facility in Yemen

    h/t for Damian’s Twitter – TLN

  • reel guid

    Good. The SNP MPs left the Commons chamber and showed their entirely justified disrespect to the institution which yesterday, without any justification, showed contempt for the people of Scotland, contempt for the nation of Scotland and contempt for democracy.

    The SNP MPs did this for democrats everywhere, but especially for the people of Scotland. This looks like business. 2014 was just half time. The second half is about to begin.

    • Charles Bostock

      “The SNP MPs did this for democrats everywhere, but especially for the people of Scotland.”

      And for the suffering people of Catalonia, surely? We musn’t be parochial, must we.

    • Anon1

      Ian Blackford (RBS investment banker) behaved like a little child and thoroughly deserved be removed from the chamber along with all the other grievance monkeys. They are only there to line their pockets and disrupt.

      • JOML

        Powerful and thought provoking comment there, Anon1, or was it entirely predictable from someone who knows their place? ?

        • Anon1

          I believe even Craig has conceded that they are only there for the sense of self-importance it gives them and the gibs. Seeing as very few of them appear to actually want the responsibility of independence (another point that Craig concedes), it’s only logical that they should be seen to be behaving like petulant children. The entire purpose of the SNP is to be permanently disgruntled with and blame everything on ‘Westminster’ (the English) so as to hide their own failings and have the mugs in Scotland carry on voting for them.

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